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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 2, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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investigating a possible hack. they have leaked customer payment information. the company said it is looking into unusual activity relating to customers, home depot is promising to alert customers as soon as it can determine what happened. that is it for me. stay right with cnn. "the lead" with jake tapper "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- isis terrorists claiming to be acting in the name of a merciful god seem to have without compassion beheaded a second american in as many weeks i'm jake tapper. his name was steven sotloff, a miami heat fan by all accounts, a kind and curious soul. he was missing for a year. now the worst has apparently happened. isis releasing a video claiming to show his execution just as the group vowed to carry out in retaliation for u.s. strikes in iraq. the politics lead. the isis executioner in if the sotloff video was speaking right to president obama just days
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after the president admitted he didn't quite have the a strategy yet to fight isis in syria. how should the president respond now? and also in world news, while the pentagon still has plans to deal with isis on the drawing board, the u.s. dollars carry out a strike on a different terrorist target, no not in the syria. thousands of miles away in somalia. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with a horrific world lead. it is not as if the world needed more proof of the savagery of the terrorists of sifs but they have given it anyway. a video appearing to show a second american beheaded by these terrorists days after president obama says he doesn't have a strategy yet for fighting isis in syria, that american's name is steven sotloff. isis threatened to kill him if the u.s. did not stop its air strikes against isis in iraq. while the u.s. has not confirmed the authenticity of the video, there's very little to doubt that isis would follow through
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on that threat, especially after it released a video showing the execution of fellow american journalist captive, james foley. straight to the correspondent jim sciutto. jim, first of all, while this is a big political story, terrorism, national security, it is about the loss of one young man, 31-year-old steven sotloff. have we heard yet from the sotloff family? >> heart breaking for the family. we have. it's a simple sad statement. the family knows of the video and is grieving privately. i avoided watching the james foley video for the simple reason that i felt i didn't want to have the another person tear terrorized by the group isis which is their intention. i watched this video this afternoon. a few things struck me. it struck me one, how it is aimed very much directly at the u.s. its title "a second message to america," the first being "the beheading of james foley-" but it the addresses president obama directly. as a second american is murdered
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on camera, this is a direct confrontation between isis and the u.s. >> the image is haunting and familiar. an american in an orange jump suit on his knees. his killer all in black standing above him brandishing a knife. 13 days after american james foley was killed, a new video appears to show journalist steven sotloff brutally beleaded by isis, as well. the masked isis executioner who appears to be speaking with the same voice and british accent as foley's killer made clear the murder was aimed directly at the u.s. >> suggest that you continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. >> sotloff, 31 years old, grew up in south florida. he was freelancing for several publications, including "time" and the "christian science monitor" when disappeared while reporting from syria in august, 2013. staring straight ahead, his head shaven, sotloff himself speaks
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to the camera before he was apparently killed. likely under duress saying he has to pay the price for u.s. intervention. next to him is another hostage identified by isis as david haynes, a british citizen who isis says may be its next victim. >> my son stephen is in your hands. >> only last week, sotloff's mother released a video pleading for her son's life. >> i ask you to please release my child. >> today, the president's point person on iraq brett mcgurk vowed a firm american response. >> it's just a reminder of the barbarism of this organization and i think president obama has shown that when organizations do these types of things to american citizens, they do not go unanswered. >> watching this video and again, it is alarming. another thing that is striking is just how calm steven sotloff is as he delivers what he must have known were his last words. calm even at the alarming point
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when the knife goes to his neck. and lost in the politics, the military options, all the debate about this is very much a personal story, a family lost their son and had to have that loss broadcast around the world in the most horrible way. >> tragic and terrify. i have to say, jim, obviously, we are seeing a very sophisticated propaganda network at work here with what isis is doing. >> no question. we talk about how they are successful as a military organization. u.s. military officials will say they biv like a military, they hold ground like a military. at the same time, they have a slick propaganda organization. you see all of that played out in this video. just the brutality of it. you see the aftermath of a beheading in the simplest terms, the fact it was american, the fact it was a journalist. one, it draws a lot of angeles because it's an american journalist but also it scares journalists from going there so isis can dictate its own message and the way they get it out
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across the world via the internet and how it's shared by facebook and twitter. they do this well and it's powerful for them. >> it's terrifying for us and most of the western world and yet effective for sick people out there that it is recruiting. thank you so much. i want to bring in counter-terrorism analyst phillip mud and analyst paul cruikshank. paul, let's start with you. he's talking specifically to obama, but obama is not the only audience here. >> he's not the only audience. this is also a message for the radical supporters around the world that they're fighting back and not going to take the u.s. strikes in iraq lying down. >> specifically, phil, let me ask you. he does the terrorist does specifically mention continuing your bombings in an merrily, samara and the mosul dam. this could be interpreted as alt response to the fact that the u.s. bombing campaign in iraq is
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being effective because this terrorist is specifically mentioning these -- the bombing campaign. >> and >> i think that's true, jake. if you look at al qaeda initially in pakistan and how they talked about u.s. operations, publicly and privately, they talked a lot, for example, about drone strikes. if you look how these folks are talking now, these terrorists are talking about u.s. strikes in iraq, my belief as an analyst that the cia was, when the adversary starts complaining and talking about how much pain we're inflicting on them, that's an indication they're in trouble. this is clearly an indication this is causing them a lot of pain. if you look what happened around the mosul dam, this is causing them in some cases to pull back. >> paul, the gentleman speaking who has what has been described as a south london accent, do we think it is the same person in this video that was in the previous video? and where is the uk government in identifying who this is?
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>> i've watched both videos. it's a very, very distinctive voice. seems to be from london to me. it seems to be the same guy in both videos. the british government, the british ambassador here in washington said a few weeks ago that they were close to identifying who this is, but we've heard nothing since then. we do know there have been about 500 brit who have gone over to fight with the various jihadist groups in syria. it may be quite difficult to whittle down who exactly this is. >> for those who haven't been paying full attention? who are the beatles, a group of british terrorists referred to as the beatles and i hate to take their name in vain. who are they. >> according to "the guardian" newpaper, they're a group of british jihadists who joined isis. >> okay. phil, we also see another british citizen being held and threatened in this same video.
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so do you think that this is going to continue to happen every couple weeks, a horrific beheading? and what could be done to stop this? >> a couple things to think about. we have to put this in context. look what happened to the hundreds of nigerian girls in northern nigeria, you look at the assassination of a woman in somalia simply because she wasn't wearing the right headdress. you look at the application of brutal justice what they call justice in the tribal areas of pakistan. killing security personnel, assassinating them, amputating people's hands for theft. you put this in context, you realize that this is what these groups are. this is not about u.s. bombing in iraq, this is about how they visualize the west and what they think is appropriate behavior, whether it's a yazidi villager or american journalist. the only thing that can be done in my judgment and it's going to take potentially years is the slivers of these organizations whether they're in yemen,
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somali, iraq involved in recruiting and training foreign fighters are relatively small. it's hard for them to bring inning foreign fighters and send them backing to europe or the united states. isolating who the leadership is, i suspect they're probably in syria right now and conducting operations to capture and kill that leadership is the only way out of that. building intelligence and conducting those operations repeatedly over time as we've seen in somalia in the last 24 hours, that can take four or five years. we've been at it for six or seven years. >> if the united states does go into syria, that could be a red line for isis that could even be more escalation from this group. syria is their strong hold. they may see that as an existential threat and may retaliate against u.s. interests in the region. they have 1,000 europeans in their ranks. training camps last seen on a scale of tens of millions of dollars. they have frightening capabilities if they want to pull the trigger with attacks back in the west, jake.
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>> as your answer to the last question suggested, isis has been doing this on a larger scale to shiite muslims and yazidis and other groups throughout syria and iraq for months and months. >> that's right. i think this will be revolution they're too violent. if you look at the dialogue between isis and al qaeda where al qaeda says be careful going too far, what happens when people like this take power, they're so consumed with proving that they are the true believers, that they have the true path, that they alienate the very people they have to recruit. what i'm saying is if past is
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the precedent, villagers will start to say it's nice that you provide security. . the iraqi government didn't. but when you start to kill people, frankly, not americans but yazidis, shias and others we'll not up for it and start to take you out. i think that's what will happen over time in iraq. it will take awhile and maybe tens of thousands of people will die. >> phil mudd, paul, thank you so much. while we wait to hear a u.s. strategy for battling isis in irsyria, the u.s. military has been unloading on isis targets for weeks. . is it working? and president obama is leaving out of the country on a trip a few moments ago without commenting on the sotloff video. we'll ask a senator from the president's own party, what should the president say when he lands? way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle.
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which is the targeted strikes and that will can and should continue. that, of course, is based on good intelligence and good cooperation and working with in this case a good fighting force, the kurdish fighters have been very capable and determined. the iraqi forces are showing more strength and we're having some success. virtually every goal our
1:19 pm
military has set out with regard to the initial stages of the strikes have been successful. i think all of those elements have to be coupled with a few more though. one of course, is coalition work. the united states stop a terrorist organization as well as a well fortified military. i'd say the financing question is critically important. senator rubio and i have sent a letter to the state department outlining a series of steps that they can take to cut off the funding for the islamic state and to label the islamic state, what they are, in addition to being an army in a sense and a terrorist organization, they're also an international criminal organization. they should be so labeled as a so-called transnational criminal organization. >> senator what will you're
1:20 pm
saying makes a lot of sense. a lot of people sitting at home are probably wondering it's the united states working with the kurds and iraqis to where are the other european countries? where is the arab league? where is jordan and the uae and saudi arabia? how come we are not seeing a number of other countries rallying to the support of the u.s., the kurds and iraqis? >> you're right, jake. we have not seen enough of that yet but i know our government, both the administration overall but in particular
1:21 pm
as well as the turks because we know the turks worked with us on a lot of things. sometimes they get us mad, at least i get frustrated by them by some of the things they say and do. but on this one, because you have some of these jihadists coming from the united states or europe through turkey, they need to be much tougher about interdicting not just jihadists but the smuggling that the islamic state does and the oil sales, really oil and gas sales that both the islamic state has engaged in in the region. and we need to make it very painful economically for any organization, any nation that deals with the islamic state or trades with them. >> senator, when president obama spoke last week and gave his statement that we don't have a strategy for dealing with the threat of isis in syria, he was compared unfavorably with the british prime minister david cameron who spoke the next day and seemed to give a very
1:22 pm
forceful address about the threat there have islamic extremism and what the uk was going to do. what do you want to hear from president obama about the beheading of steven sotloff and about the threat from isis? >> well, jake, i think those -- the comparison between the two is not grounded, in fact. i think if you look at what the president has been doing, all the elements are there, at least the initial elements of a broader strategy which may not be completely worked out yet, but there's no question that the president was very prudent and i think very effective at putting in place the air strikes, based upon good intelligence, but you can't just unleash a strategy without knowing what you're getting into. so i think he's made prudent steps on the military aspects of this and i think that will continue but coupled with a number of other elements. number one, making sure that the iraqi government is doing what it should have been doing for the last couple of years, have a
1:23 pm
government of inclusiveness and national unity for a lot of reasons, principally because that will dampen the effectiveness of isis when it's recruiting sunni fighters or other jihadists. number two, i think the administration will continue and focus on making sure that the efforts that they've begun which is to build a coalition of other nations, get other support and to shut down the financing of the islamic state. so i think all the elements are there, and i think the president has been honest and direct about what our goals are and i think we're making some progress, but we have to continue and be vigilant because this threat is not simple political a threat to the region. i think it's beyond the region now. >> senator casey, bob casey from pennsylvania, thank you so much. come up, isis says it killed steven sotloff in retaliation for u.s. strikes in iraq and we will next take you to iraq to
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. continuing with our world lead, a gruesome video appears to show isis beheading a second american journalist, steven sotloff they say in retaliation for u.s. air strikes on isis targets in iraq. the terrorist in the video with the british accent says a british citizen is next. joining us now from erbil, iraq, is cnn's anna coren. thanks for joining us. i want to read you some of the comments that the terrorist in in video gives. he says i'm back, obama and i'm back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the islamic state and insistence in continuing your bombings in an merrily, samara and the mos is dam. you obama have yet to gain, et cetera, et cetera. i guess the question i have for you, ana, is this terrorist very specifically is referring to american bombing campaigns in iraq in the country you're in,
1:29 pm
amarlie, samara and mosul dam. does that suggest to you that these campaigns are working to a degree in killing off and defeating isis? >> jake, i think there's no doubt that isis is under pressure, and this is why we are seeing them react the way that they are. they mention amerlie, they mention mosul dam. this is where the u.s. air strikes have been extremely effective. the focus of that air campaign has been around mosul dam, that critical piece of infrastructure that the kurdish forces, peshmerga managed to claim back at the beginning of last week. after isis had captured it earlier last month. but it does certainly allow that ground offensive to come in by those kurdish forces and push isis back. we were up, mind you at mosul dam over the weekend, jake. we did see isis digging in.
1:30 pm
yes, the air strikes were happening. yes, taking out the artillery, the mortars, the convoys of vehicles that were traveling across these plains, but at the same time, you know, isis is not retreating back to mosul. iraq's second largest city that they have complete control of only 40 clicks away. they aretill there and still fighting but there is no doubt, jake, that the usair campaign is changing the situation on the ground and that isis zillions under pressure. >> ana, if the u.s. decides to increase the number of targets across iraq, what are the ground difficulties of taking on isis? >> well, look, certainly here in kurdistan, the regional government up here is calling on the united states to develop a much more intensified air campaign. they are very grateful for what the united states is doing but feel there needs to be many more at the moment, it's only containing isis. for it to be really effective,
1:31 pm
it's a hard one, jake, because of those isis strongholds around those major cities. it's one thing to take out isis militants around amerli. this is a farming hamlet of less than 20,000 people out in the middle of nowhere where the u.s. air strikes are extremely effective. it's a different ball game in the strongholds like mos is, like tikrit, like fallujah where there are millions of people. we're fundamentally talking about urban warfare. >> please stay safe. a week ago, president obama said he did not have a strategy to take on isis in syria, but could this new video dramatically change the administration's approach to the ba ling the brutal terrorist group? we'll talk to one of the president's toughest critics, congressman peter king, coming up next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to continue with our world lead.
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president obama learned of the apparent beheading of american journalist steven sotloff by the terrorists of isis while preparing to fly off to europe to deal with a different growing krys, the escalating tensions between russia and ukraine. cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta just touched down in talon, estonia, where we expect president obama to land tonight in the advance of a nato summit in europe. jim, the white house seems to have been caught a bit off guard by the release of this video. >> well, it sure seemed that way earlier today, jake, when white house press secretary josh earnest was asked about it at the briefing just a few hours ago. we can tell you that the president is en route to estonia right now and won't be landing for another several hours. we just landed here in estonia. the white house communication staff on board our flight were not in great contact with the white house communication staff taking off with the president. so there isn't a lot of communication happening right now between the folks traveling
1:37 pm
with the journalists such as us and the president right now. what i've been told by one white house official you can expect the president will be kept up to speed on what's happening with the sotloff investigation. as we know, the national security staff put out a statement earlier this afternoon saying that they're looking into the intelligence community is looking into that tapetom verify its authenticity but if they do find it to be authentic, they're appalled by the killing of steven sotloff. jake, president obama is going to be here to reassure nervous europeans about nato's commitment to their defense. that is what the president was planning to do all this week with the exception of the nato summit in wales. he'll be talking with nato allies what to do about the isis threat. last week he said he doesn't have a strategy yet for dealing with isis in syria and part of that, the white house says, the president wants to talk with the nato partners to try to formulate that the strategy in the days ahead. once again, we are on a presidential foreign trip that has been overshadowed by
1:38 pm
unforeseen world events. it's happened again on this trip. >> jim acosta traveling with the brez. thank you so much. the president has faced heavy criticism from not just republicans but democrats, as well for in the words of senator dianne feinstein, democrat from california, taking too cautious approach against the growing isis threat. some lawmakers were stunned at his admission the administration doesn't have eight strategy for carrying out strikes at isis in syria. now that the jihadists appear to be making good to spill more american blood, should the president wait on permissioning from congress to step up the campaign? joining me is peter king, congressman king, let me first get your reaction to this video that seems to show the execution of steven sotloff. >> jake, this is absolutely disgraceful, it's horrific, it shows how barbaric isis is and what a threat it is to all the values that we hold dear.
1:39 pm
and it should demonstrate conclusively this is a group that cannot be negotiated with and that every effort must be made to crush them and destroy them. >> you called the execution of journalist james foley two weeks ago a declaration of war. now that another american an innocent american has apparently been killed, do you think president obama should still seek out formal approval from congress to move forward with air strikes in syria, or is it in his executive authority to do so just consulting with congress but not getting their approval. >> i have believed from the start that president obama has the constitutional authority to carry out air strikes, to take whatever action he feels is necessary. now against isis. if he came to congress, i would vote for it, don't get me wrong. i'm say i believe he has the right to do it. if he wants to take action before congress comes back or take it without getting congressional approval, he has the right as commander in chief, the constitutional right to carry out those attacks.
1:40 pm
when is i say declaration of war against the united states, these foreign people who were murdered because they happened to be americans is because they were americans. and in the statement today, again, the executioner specifically addressed his remarks to president obama who is the president of all of us. he's president of the united states. so this clearly is an attack upon the people of the united states of america. >> what do you make of the fact that unlike with the beheading of american marine journalist daniel pearl by khalid sheikh mohammed in pakistan in 2002, in which pearl invoked the fact that he was jewish and that seemed to be one of the motivations for al qaeda for doing that, steven sotloff also jewish, but that's not mentioned at all. do you think that's part of the fact that this is less religious and more political against the united states as you were suggesting? >> yeah, i would, again, i guess we have to look into it more.
1:41 pm
but i would say yes, that this shows that it's not being based against jews or against any particular religion but against the western and against western values and against everyone who is not a radical muslim jihadist. i think that's the signal they're sending that they are at war with the world that's outside their very narrow world. i would say the fact that judaism is not mentioned, certainly they had to have known it. by not making reference to it and emphasizes the fact that he was an american and emphasizes the personal attack against president obama, this was again an attack on the united states and i believe against all western values or judeo-christian values. >> congressman peter king, appreciate your time. coming up, did the u.s. take out another terrorist kingpin? while all eyes are on isiss in iraq and syria, a top secret air strike aimed for the key leader of an al qaeda offshoot is the plan who plotted this attack on a shopping mall now dead.
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i'm jake tapper. we are following the breaking world news today. a new video from isis terrorists apparently showing the beheading of a second american journalist. as the pentagon tries to come up with a strategy to take on and take out isis in syria, the u.s. military is at the same time targeting the man linked to last year's bloody mall massacre in kenya. the pentagon confirmed today it carried out air strikes aimed at leaders of al she bob, a key group in somalia responsible for the mall attack and an assault on the country's parliament.
1:47 pm
it's also a terrorist group that has had scary success recruiting from right here in the united states. justice correspondent pamela brown joins me now. >> jake, u.s. officials say the strike was undertaken because of intelligence showed ahmad go dayne and his top lieutenants were meeting. u.s. officials aren't confirming whether they were able to kill goldane but say the operation resulted in the destruction of the vehicle they believed he was in. the u.s. military launched several missiles near mo deshoe aimed at senior al she bob leader including ahmed abdi go dayne. >> actionable intelligence led us to that site where we believe he was. >> the strike according to somali officials was deb tating. it's a blow intelligence officials say could possibly weaken the al qaeda-linked terrorist group at least for
1:48 pm
now. >> most of these kinds of strikes generally have at least a temporary impact on the group. in this case with al she bob, this is likely to have some impact on the group's strategic and operational capabilities. there's going to be a little bit of a power play among senior al she bob leaders now about who runs the organization. >> the strike comes just a day after al she bob fighters attacked a shy security prison in mogadishu holding dozens of fighters. the attackers detonated a car bomb and fought into the building. undergodane's leadership, it expanded its reach across africa and intelligence officials now fear beyond. in 2012, an attack on a u.n. compound in mogadishu left 159 dead and 2013, a brazen assault on the west gate shopping mall in nairobi left at least 67 dead. >> this action was taken because of the history of terrorist attacks and violence that this organization is responsible for. and continues to be responsible
1:49 pm
for. >> adding to the threat, al she will bob is a powerful magnet for foreign recruits. >> there has been and there continue to be at least a small number of americans including from cities like minneapolis that, have gone to fight or provided finances to al she bob. >> these include americans such as troy kastigar who before and after his death fighting for the group in 2009 has appeared in recruiting videos shared widely on the internet. >> if you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. this is the real disneyland. come here and join us. take pleasure in this fun. we walk amongst the lions. >> he was a close friend of douglas mcauthur mccain, the first american top die for isis in syria. as with hundreds of western fighters in syria, the fear they will bring jihad home. >> the obama administration has targeted al she bob leaders in somalia at least twice this past year, including an air strike in january. again, u.s. officials say they
1:50 pm
are still satisfaction the operation before they confirm whether or not he was killed. >> what more can the u.s. be doing to take on these growing terror networks all over the world? joining me is national security analyst bob baer. let's start with you. are you surprised about the timing of these military strikes against this extreme gist group in somalia, given all the focus in recent weeks has been on isis? >> no, jake. it takes months to set up a strike like this. you start have to intercept phones, recognize voices, put assets into theater. put drones up. military aircraft. it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of precision an attack like this. it's essentially an assassination and it could take months to a year. whereas we're just starting to look at syria, it could take an entire year before we could ever get around to strikes.
1:51 pm
>> fib me for a naive question but why has the u.s. not been able to confirm that he was killed yet? >> intercepts are always as you tough. someone may have been carrying his phone. she's people have gotten used to exchanging phones, things like that. switching chips in and out. all sorts of things that could go wrong. they don't want to claim a target until it's actually been proven. that may take a couple days. >> let's turn back to the big breaking news story today, the beheading by isis terrorists of american journalist steven sotloff. what was your reaction when you heard the news and saw the images? >> my first reaction is, isis, the islamic state has had a couple setbacks in iraq and feeling a bit cornered. they have no choice in their minds to strike back. they will grabbed the first american they have. so you know, i was expecting the
1:52 pm
sotloff execution soon after the strikes that have occurred in iraq. and i think there will be more. now, the big question is, where do they go from here? >> where do they go? i've been told from national security experts that this, the concern of isis trying to strike here in the homeland here in the united states is a very serious concern. what are your sources telling you about any sort of cells of isis in the united states? >> the people who collect tactic it will intelligence on the ground day to day and this isn't washington, but day, people collecting this stuff say they're here. isis is here. they're capable of striking. they don't know what their plans and intensions are. but it's a definite concern. i mean it, jake, i hate to bring up boston but completely isn't resolved either. people collecting tactical intelligence are still looking
1:53 pm
for people come police to us in that ake attack. >> when you say they're here, they're here but u.s. intelligence doesn't know who they are or where they are? or they're watching them right now? >> they're both, they think they've come across the mexican border in some cases. some are american citizens that have come back from syria. they can't prove it. they're waiting to get enough intelligence to actually run them in and then there's the unknown of how many people have come back they're not even aware of. but again, the people who do this for a living are very alarmed. >> well, i would say so. bob baer, formerly of the cia now with cnn. thank you so much. up next, another american contracts a nightmare virus. the cdc admits ebola is out of control in west africa. just how can that be stopped? dentures are very different to real teeth.
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another american doctor on the frontlines of the battle against a deadly disease that has already killed 1500 people in west africa. that doctor now finds himself side by side with the people he was there to help. an aid worker in liberia has tested positive for ebola, according to a u.s.-based missionary group. two other doctors from the same group, kent brantly and nancy writebol also contracted the disease. both miraculously beat it. those two cases aside, the u.s.'s top doc says the outbreak is "spiraling out of control." tom frieden briefed president obama this morning on the threat before telling reporters the medical community, the world over need to do more to combat the disease and soon. >> that window is closing. we need action now to scale up the response. >> the commander in chief even put out a video message speaking directly to the people of west after an ca an suring them they're not alone in the fight.
1:59 pm
right now, there is no known cure. but doctors are hoping human trials set to begin this week for an experimental vaccine can provide a little hope. turning now to the money lead. if you have an iphone, the cloud is the digital depostory where all those instagrams of your dinner played and snaps of your kids go unless you turn it off. all your photos. inevitably wind up there in the i cloud. apple says security vublths in its online storage system are not to blame for the massive leak of stolen celebrity photos to hit the internet over weekend. cybercriminals dumped a ksh of pictures including indicate upton and others. some tech web sites suspected that vulnerabilities in apple's servers allowed them to hack celebrities accounts. in a statement, apple insists nothing is wrong with its cloud security and they blamed brute force attacks that rely on trial, error, and googling. still, apple might not be
2:00 pm
completely in the clear. i cloud only recently put a limit how many times users can attempt to guess a password. make sure to follow me on twitter @an jaketapper and at the lead cnn. check out our show page for video blogs, extras and more. i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer right next door to me in "the situation room." wolf? >> happening now, isis beheading video. it apparently shows the brutal murder of a second american journalist steven sotloff and warns a british hostage been next. isis warning to obama. the group says if u.s. air strikes continues, it will strike the necks of americans. will the president now expand u.s. action to syria? and americans in isis. some are fighting with the jihadists abroad. will they bring their terror training back to the united states? i'll ask the chairman of the house homeland security committee, congressman mike