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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 4, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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with dina lohan. i'm sure some of you are wondering if my breasts are real, okay? let me just explain to you, thank you. this one is. >> can we talk? because i've got some sad news from the world of showbiz to share with you. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." pop culture lead, she was a comedy icon and trailblazer. for 50 years, her witt was a lethal weapon and you never wanted to walk by her unless you looked your very best. now the world has lost joan rivers at the age of 81. the politics lead. he has gone from the man who might be president to the man who might be a prisoner. the verdict is in against virginia's former governor at his dramatic corruption trial. and the world lead as the
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nato summit begins, president obama and his british counterpart put up a united front against isis, but behind the scenes, do they really agree on the best way to take on these terrorists? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with the pop culture lead today. she was viciously funny, brutally honest, she blazed a trail for women comics over her half century in showbiz. today the sad news comedienne joan rivers passed away at the age of 18. she suffered complications during throat surgery last week and transferred to mount sigh nay hospital and put on life support. her family remained mostly mum about her condition. shortly afterward we got word of her death a few minutes ago really. her daughter released an emotional statement saying my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. i know her final wish would be we return to laughing soon.
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let's go live to miguel marquez outside mt. sigh night hospital in new york. have fans been showing up to pay their respects at the hospital? >> certainly a lot of media showing up at the moment and fans and people are starting to gather here wondering what is going on because of all the commotion. when you tell them joan rivers has died, there's that look of shock and you know, i guess they expected to some degree but were hoping it would turn out differently. there were reasons to hope over the last eight days as a vigil was held outside of the hospital at mount sinai. she went in for that outpatient procedure at yorkville endoscopy here in manhattan on thursday morning, wednesday night the night before, eight days ago, she was performing at the laurie beechman theater and joking in typical fashion about her own death, the possibility of it. she was out to dinner after that and then went for a very early procedure here at yorkville endoscopy early on thursday
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morning. by 9:30 a.m., there was a problem and emergency services had been called. her heart stopped. she had stopped breathing and she was here. we heard bits of good news along the way and then clearly finally the family having to make the hard decision to end that service -- the help that she was getting in breathing and medical help she was getting. melissa rivers saying she passed away at 1:17 eastern time surrounded by melissa, grandson friends and family, as well. other reporting out there that she had her nails done, both her toe nays and fingernails and her hair. this is a woman who went in the grand style that she would have wanted to. i should note both the new york state health department has said it has launched an investigation into yorkville endoscopy and the new york city medical examiner's office says they will have a manner and cause of death in the case of joan rivers at some
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point. jake? >> miguel, what exactly are they looking into? i've heard lots of speculation about what might have caused her death. what are the health investigators going to be trying to figure out? >> well, i think there's a big question as to what exactly happened in the procedure that should have been simple. one and done in and out and not have been a problem. it was an endoscopy of the throat. this is a facility that concentrates on digestive disorders. it doesn't sound like she had that going on. she joked about her many elective surgeries over the years and meticulous about going into surgery and any sort of surgical procedure that she might have done, she was known to have her own anesthesiologist and a raft of doctors she could go to for advice and for assistance. why she chose this particular place, what exactly they were doing, those are the big questions they'll be trying to get to. >> we'll have more on ta as it
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develops. miguel marquez, thank you so much. whether you remember her as the funny lady who kept johnny's chair warm long before the days of jay leno or the host who made celebrities turn the same color as the carpet on which they walked, our nischelle turner takes a look back at a legendary career. >> can we talk? >> joan rivers could always talk. >> do you know what it's like to go in the morning to take off a fassel masque and realize you're not wearing one? >> with sometimes outrageous jokes, nothing was ever off-limits. >> i hate old people. oh, if you are [ bleep ] old, get up and get out of here right now. >> born in 1933, rivers says even as she was growing up in the new york suburbs, she wanted to be an actress. >> i never had a choice. i always say it's like a nun's calling >> she joined the second city comedy theater in 1961.
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as her comedy career was taking off, she married producer edgar rosenberg in 1964, who would manage her career and become the focus of so many of his wife's jokes. the pair had one daughter together, melissa. in 1965, rivers saw her career get a huge boost when she appeared on the tonight show with yawney carson" for the first time. >> he gave all of us our starts. my life changed. i went on the show the first time, seven years of struggling, coming out of second city. on the air he said you're going to be a star and the next day, my life was different jug. >> it was the start of a 21 year professional relationship with carson and the show. she made regular appearances, eventually becoming the show's substitute host in 1983 but rivers' decision to launch her own show on the brand new fox network in the fall of 1986, ended her relationship with carson and "the tonight show." >> the minute i became competition, it became out to
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kill me. out to kill me. and that's what came down forever. never spoke to me again. >> the show was canceled in 1987, just a few months later, rivers' husband edgar committed suicide in a philadelphia hotel room. >> i was in the house and some idiot called the house and they said where's your mother. somebody from philadelphia and ma sis sa said she's not here and they said please tell her your father killed himself. how's that. >> rivers regrouped by doing what she always did, putting her life out in the open. >> if you laugh at it, you can deal with it. that's how i've lived my whole life. >> her career surged again when her withering take on red carpet fashion full of celebrity putdowns exposed her to a whole new group of fans. >> i think i'm working the best i've ever worked now because it's all been done to me. what are they going to do? are they going to fire me? i've been fired.
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audiences are not going to like me? a lot of audiences haven't liked me. i've been bankrupt. my husband's committed suicide. it's okay. i'm still here. so it's okay. >> there is no doubt that joan rivers' appeal crossed generations. steve knee elam is live at her star on the hollywood walk of fame in los angeles where mourners have been lining up to pay their respects. stephanie, what's the scene? >> it's very true. when we got here, there was nobody out here, jake. but now there is a gaggle of media here now. and people coming by and learning the news that joan rivers has passed away. we've been telling people and we've heard squeals and many different languages of people just so sad to know that joan rivers has passed. we're standing by her star. there's already been one bunch of flowers put here by a man who says he knew her. you can see it will probably grow. we've seen this before with robin williams, we've seen other flowers come out here for comedians so loved.
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if you think about it, jake, the dream of hollywood, joan rivers was an emblem of that, moving out from new york to california to have a talk show, reinventing herself several times in the decades that she has been working pretty much nonstop. so people coming out, paying their respects and just shocked to know she didn't pull through. a lot of people really hoping she would pull through and make it back. a lot of people really sad to know this hasn't turned out the way they wanted it to and paying a moment to remember joan rivers. >> thank you so much. coming up, some believed one day he would be in the oval office but now it seems as though the former virginia's governor will be in the gray bar hotel and she was the queen of insult comics. of course, he's the king. comedy legend don nickles will join us next with his thoughts on his friend joan rivers. >> can we talk here for a second? no big deal to have a woman in the white house.
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. welcome back to "the lead." we're sticking with our pop culture lead which happened not long ago, the death of comedienne joan rivers. theet network released a statement reading in part she's been a much beloved member of the e!" family for 20 years. today our hearts are heavy knowing joan will not be bounding through the doors." you were no one in hollywood until you were ininsulted by joan rivers. the same could be said of the comic legend done nickles, who toured with joan rivers. don, thanks so much for joining us. you toured her, you go way back. tell us about the first time you met her. >> that's a long time ago because i'm -- now that i'm 27, it's hard for me to remember. but i just remember that it was a job, we had a job together,
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one that i could -- we went to tennessee to a casino and they had a big fire. we went outside with herrer dog and family and we stood out in pajamas and a fire truck. she kidded around i kidded around. the point, she always had a great sense of humor. a lot of people don't know she was a very smart lady. i mean it, knowledgewise. i mean, she could talk about any subject you could think of. she was good at -- and a very good friend to me and i to her. what else can i say? >> she was something of a trailblazer. i can't imagine that when you guys were coming up -- i know it wasn't easy for anybody back then, or even today, but certainly for a woman, it was especially tough. did she have to be tougher than the men comedians? >> i would say so. in the old days, there was team carol from vaudeville.
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women were doing pretty good. they would do 15, 20 minutes of a set act and it always went well, but after that, you didn't hear too many people that were funny, you know? and tote i fields was a talented woman. joan rivers had her own style and young people loved her. she was blessed with that besides beinging about -- she was a very caring lady and i'll miss her terribly. >> she spoke at a friar's club gala last year. what do you remember? did she get you with any of her zingers? >> that was different. she wouldn't dare do that. no, she was very -- she was very respectful to me. and she always -- we always used to kid around. we had more fun in the dressing room than when we were on the stage. working with her was a great chemistry. we were supposed to open
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together in westbury, long a land in may. now that's gone away. it will just be my own show. she won't be with me. she always had a chemistry that always worked for me when she was working with me. >> you both have a great place in the pantheon of american comedians because you both were individuals who had come out and offer brutal honesty, both of you. and while other comedians were more interested in cozying up to the audience, you and joan took on i think what might be a brave and more difficult task. >> well, jake, okay, you want to put it that way. i think for myself and for join
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>> indeed. >> it's been an honor talking to you. don rickles, thank you so much. >> thank you, jake, good luck. >> coming up next on "the lead," he was once looked at as a potential savior of the gop. today he sobbed in court as guilty verdicts were read. breaking news in the trial of former virginia governor. plus, russia says what war? can the violence really end when one side won't acknowledge the carnage? senator john mccain will join us from the capital of ukraine coming up next. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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on every tempur-pedic. you're going to love their football field-size selection. this calls for a little touchdown dance. don't miss the fall kickoff sale at mattress discounters. ♪ mattress discounters welcome back to "the lead." some breaking news now in our politics lead. there was a time that will every mention of his name came attached with heated speculation about a potential white house run. those days are, of course, long over now for form ser virginia
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governor bob mcdonnell. not to mention his wife maureen. moments ago they were found guilty on multiple counts of conspiracy, bribery and extortion in a public corruption against them. let's go straight to the to the national correspondent suzanne malveaux. this fall from grace is unbelievable. four years ago, he was giving the republican response to the state of the union. >> it's hard to believe this is happening. this is once a political powerhouse couple no convicted felons, bob mcdonnell now found guilty of 11 of 13 counts, including conspiracy and corruption. his wife maureen, the former first lady guilty on nine. these two we saw in the courthouse today. they cried as the verdict was read and never look the at each other. >> the former governor analyst wife arrived separately in court today but heard the verdict together. >> when public officials turn to financial gain in exchange for official acts, we have little choice but to prosecute the case. >> the jury found that the
1:25 pm
mcdonnell's misused the power of the governor's office to benefit wealthy virginia businessman johnny williams. the evidence, a treasure trove of gifts and loans, showered upon the mcdonnells by williams, including expensive golf outings, vacations with yachts and spas for the couple, a $19,000 new york city shopping spree for naur reen mcdonnell, 15,000nd catering for their daughter's wedding, a $6,000 rolex watch for the governor, all in exchange prosecutors say for helping promote williams' diet supplement company star scientific. >> present our evidence. >> mcdonnell took the stand himself testifying for five days. telling the jury he didn't need williams' money and he didn't give him nel special favors. his defense team strategy, publicly trash their marriage. if they were at odds privately, how could they be in this corruption conspiracy together. >> i love my wife.
1:26 pm
>> while mcdonnell in front of the cameras professed his love for his wife, his attorneys presented evidence of a fiery troubled relationship. in this e-mail to his wife in 2011, the governor wrote, "i'm completely at a loss as to how to handle the fiery anger and hate from you that has become more and more frequent." the letter continues "i am so spiritually and mentally exhausted from being yelled at. i don't think you realize how you're affecting me and sometimes others with your tongue." >> i did not try to hide or deceive anyone. >> it's kind of a risky strategy because even if the jury thinks they did have a broken marriage, that doesn't necessarily mean they weren't conspiring to receive gifts. >> the government revealed personal e-mails between the governor and his wife showing they were in fact in regular contact, not to mention all those vacations they took together, all things it the jury had to weighing in their deliberations. it really is an extraordinary case when you look at this of
1:27 pm
incredible political down fall for mcdonnell who was one of those being considered as mitt romney's presidential running mate in 2012. now, jake, potentially facing decades of time in prison. along with his wife. >> a stunning story just to take a brief aside, i want to welcome you back from your maternity leave and your beautiful blessing solai. hope to see a lot more of you. >> hard to believe her but it's good to be backing >> very happy you're here. >> suzanne malveaux, thank you so much. i want to bring in senior legal analyst jeff toobin and larry sabato. it's great to see you. i have to say, i'm surprised. i'm stunned. i saw the case outlined and it seemed like a concrete case but you never know what's going to happen when it comes to a jury. months and months of shocking, soul-baring testimony on the courtroom. jeff, are you surprised at all? >> no. jake, here's a lesson for you.
1:28 pm
in case you are governor of a state some day or any of our viewers who might become a governor some day. if some stranger, someone you don't know who wants to do business with the state suddenly gives you $170,000 in gifts, that's not because he likes you. that's because he wants something. and it was so obvious in this case that this sleazy businessman with his ridiculous product, the tick tack man as he was known by the governor's sane was trying to get benefits from the state, some of which he got. the jury didn't take long. this was not a hard case but it was a sleazy and repull sib one. >> i'm surprised whenever somebody powerful gets convicted. maybe that's the cynic in me. larry, you've been following bob mcdonnell for his whole career. just a traus fall from grace for a man that theoretically could
1:29 pm
have one day sat in the oval office. what went wrong? what was his problem that is going to now result in his possibly going to prison. >> well, he didn't have the money to support the lifestyle that i guess he and his wife expected out of the governor's mansion. he had a middle class background, was stretched financially. that's certainly no excuse and by the way, jeff is absolutely correct. those of us who followed this case as it developed and then in trial day to day were not surprised in the slightest. i didn't know he was going to be convicted of so many of the counts. but i just didn't see how a jury could possibly ignore the evidence that was presented. the prosecutors did a terrific job and frankly, they did a terrific job because they had the evidence. >> jeff, what do you think the sentence is going to be? >> well, this is a tough call. i think, maureen, who is obviously a very troubled woman, will probably get some form of probation or community service.
1:30 pm
given her role in all of this. mcdonnell's going to go away i think. remember, this is the eastern district of virginia, one of the toughest places for judges who are tough sentencers. i would bet mcdonnell, the former governor, is going to get in the range of about a year in federal prison. >> larry, sentencing is january 6th. very quickly, you agree? >> i think he's about right. you know, clearly when you get convicted of this many counts and felonies, i don't see how you don't get jail time. so i would expect that for bob mcdonnell. remember as we all said, he threw his wife under the bus during this trial and it was a london double-decker. well, maybe in this case, he'll be able to step up to the plate, take the punishment and let her go free. >> an icarus-like fall. thank you both so much. coming up, president obama and prime minister cameron just joined forces to pen an op-ed how to respond to the threat
1:31 pm
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1:36 pm
against isis but the op-ed was awfully light on strategy. in fact, the president has been very frank about not having a comprehensive strategy at least not yet for now as barbara starr reports, the u.s. mission is largely defined by a series of what if questions. >> sierk government troops and kurdish peshmerga fighters use machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades trying to drive isis out of one more town in northern iraq. it's a ground war, president obama says, u.s. troops will not be part of. but u.s. officials say the strategy to degrade and destroy isis working with other nations is taking shape. >> there's a division of labor that needs to happen, including focusing on the fighting capacity of isil, focusing on its support network, the foreign fighters, financing, the propaganda, focusing on some of
1:37 pm
its local supporters. >> reporter: a major goal to get sunnis in northern and western iraq to cut their ties to isis. and this time make it not look solely like a u.s. military operation. >> even if we use our air power, someone on the ground needs to hold the territory that we freed up. >> could the next step be killing isis leader al baghdadi with a targeted air strike. >> he is believed to be inside syria. so far outside the scope of u.s. military action. u.s. military and intelligence officials say for now, there are no targeted kill missions. president obama would have to approve them. even so, killing al baghdadi won't end isis' grip. >> if we remove abu al baghdadi, there's probably somebody who is going to immediately step up and take his place. >> the head of the u.s. national counter-terrorism center says at
1:38 pm
this point, there is no credible information isis plans to attack the u.s. homeland. >> as formidable as isil is as a group, it is not invincible. >> but 350 additional u.s. troops are going to the u.s. embassy in baghdad out of concern isis could try to launch a suicide bomb attack there. >> for now, u.s. officials say there is no direct threat to the u.s. embassies in baghdad, but this now puts more than 1,000 u.s. troops on the ground inside iraq. jake? >>ing. >> barbara starr, thank you. let's bring in retired army lieutenant michael babaro and he now, would on oil and gas projects in the country. he just returned from the kurdistan region this week. good to see you. one of the things president obama and prime minister cameron are trying to do is drup up international support. this has been vexing me since the crisis began. what is the problem?
1:39 pm
why is it so difficult to get all the other countries facing the thread of isis whether directly like saudi arabia, jordan or down the road like germany, france, why is it so difficult to get them on board of. >> i think it requires a couple components that are absent. first is american leadership, hands on leadership. the region is extremely complex, competing interests. only the united states can get in there and i mean work it, not ep sodic visits to baghdad or erbil but get in there and work it. it requires american leadership, not from the rear but leadership to form the coalition. the second thing it requires is a clear mission. we've heard everything from destroy to confront in the op-ed with prime minister cameron. what is the mission? if you're a coalition member, you're not going to sign on for this broad range of obscure options. you want to know how long and what are the ends, ways and means. so this is important. the third thing is, our policy
1:40 pm
must reflect the reality on the ground. the op-ed talks about supporting those on the front lines fighting isis. our policy says everything goes through baghdad. the flights to kurdistan, humanitarian and military are all landing in baghdad, being inspected by and delayed by maliki to great frustration of the kurds. >> you wrote an op-ed in june about the mission and you said "this action, about bombing isis targets in iraq, this action will be relatively ineffective in producing the desired effect seriously degrading the network. you can't air strike yourself out of an insurgency and no amount of air strikes will turn the current tactical situation in iraq and produce decisive effects." what needs to happen if air strikes won't be enough? >> well, there's a myth in washington that air strikes, drone strikes, we can solve anything or any problem, and it requires something to dislodge isis from the occupied areas. air strikes won't do it. especially when we announce in air strikes we're only going to
1:41 pm
hit here and not going to do this. isis is very smart. their leadership will adapt and they'll move into the cities. they'll hunker down and change the way they move around and go for the targets they think they can get to. >> you think there need to be u.s. ground troops. >> no, not u.s., enabling those on the front lines, the iraqi security forces and the kurdss. we need to do more to train, equip and mentor them. the kurds will fight and are fighting but they've been clamoring and requesting heavier weapons. they're outgunned and overmatched. >> i take your point on the kurds and it's not as though the u.s. has not been trying to create a fine efficient iraqi army more than a decade now. obviously at the first tine of trouble, a lot of them ran away. >> i was part of that effort. i understand it firsthand. we've done this assessment some two months ago of iraqi security forces. let's find the goods ones that we can build on, start training them, giving them some equipment. they can't do the it by
1:42 pm
themselves. >> i assume there are u.s. special operations doing some mission. >> i assume so also. >> what theoretically should they be doing? >> collecting intel and passing it to the kurds and to the iraqis, helping with some targeting, and advising their special operations forces. both the kurds and the iraqis have very competent counter-terrorism forces. we ought to be enabling them as much as we can. >> lieutenant general, thank you so much. appreciate your views as always. coming up, he has called him a kgb colonel who wants to restore the russian empire. what does senator mccain think of putin's terms for a cease-fire in ukraine? the senator will join me next from ukraine. and the justice department investigating the ferguson police department for claims of excessive force that were filed years before we heard the name michael brown. stay with us. experts who work with regional experts
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welcome back to "the lead." more world news now. word of a possible cease-fire in ukraine with leaders from both russia and ukraine scheduled to begin peace talks tomorrow. nato tells russia to pull out their troops, which is strange because if you ask vladimir putin, there are no russian troops in ukraine. so after six months of distrust and thousands of lives lost, is this cease-fire deal real? >> joining me now arizona senator john mccain. he is in key eb, ukraine. thanks so much for being here. this is your fourth trip to kiev since protests started roughly a year ago. now there are talks for a cease-fire. i know you just met with the prime minister and the mayor of
1:48 pm
kiev. what is the latest? does it look like a cease-fire will happen? >> it really doesn't, jake, because what vladimir putin wants is a frozen situation where he has control of the east and continues his efforts towards a land bridge to crimea. and there have been hundreds of ukrainian soldiers killed in the last week. the hospitals are full. a week or so ago, he moved in militarily with some thousands of russian troops, armor, other capabilities that including drones, by the way. and the ukrainians simply cannot -- they're brave and they'll fight and they're not asking for us to fight for them. but they're just overwhelmed and it's really tragic because we refuse to give intelligence information and weapons to ukrainians to defend themselves.
1:49 pm
it's really shameful. >> what specifically do you think the united states and other western countries should be providing for the ukrainians beyond intelligence? what specific weapons? >> well, as, as i just mentioned armor has poured into eastern ukraine. and that requires saent armor capabilities. we also have to give them some long-term training, jake. their military capabilities declined rather significantly over the last several years. they've literally got volunteer fighting now who obviously are not trained and the russians are very good at killing. and could i say i also believe that we have to understand that if vladimir putin succeeds here, takes eastern ukraine, a land bridge to crimea, next is moldova and next is the baltic states. and what he has suffered in
1:50 pm
response to this naked aggression has been minimal. >> you've talked -- you've been very critical of the obama administration and president obama for not doing enough in terms of isolating putin and obviously not doing enough in terms of providing lethal aid to the ukrainians. isn't the big problem right now though the fact that the europeans, western europeans aren't -- haven't demonstrated a willingness to put sanctions on russia with any teeth because their economies are so intertwined? aren't the leaders of europe, our allies really the one who's need to be pushed to punish putin further? >> oh, yeah. they have been minimal in their response. they've talked a lot and done very little. a little bit of good news the french suspended the sale of a couple of warships to the russians, only suspended.
1:51 pm
but first of all, we have to lead. second of all, we can do sanctions and hope that the europeans will follow. but right now, we've got to give them some weapons to defend themselves. we've got to give them some intelligence capability. if you give me a second, i'm not making this story up. after of this thing started, we debated and debated and they decided to sendened mres to ukrainians but they didn't want to fly them in in america airplanes. i'm not making this up. so they rented russian -- excuse me, german trucks to bring the mres in. everybody said, if you assist the ukrainians, it will provoke vladimir putin. i think it's pretty obvious what has prevocced putin is our total weakness because he feels he has a free hand. again, there are hundreds of ukrainians that are now dead. there are many hundreds, the
1:52 pm
hospitals are full with these behave young people and they deserve our assistance. and they're not asking for our boots on the ground. >> all right. senator john mccain in key eb, thanks so much for joining us. coming up, to some they look more like characters from call of duty than a small city police force. now that the smoke bombs have cleareded, the ferguson cops may have to answer to the feds for some appalling accusations from years ago. stay with us. >> everybody out of the street. over 12,000 financial advisors. so, how are things? good, good. nearly $800 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. how did edward jones get so big? could you teach our kids that trick? by not acting that way. ok, last quarter... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications
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performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. welcome back to "the lead" on this busy news day. i'm jake tapper. now our national lead, the justice department is launching an investigation into the ferguson, missouri, police department, not over the police shooting of michael brown that unarmed black taker whose death sparked weeks of protests and violence and other unrest, but for all together other accusations of excessive force
1:57 pm
leavied against the department dating back years. according to "the washington post," that includes federal lawsuits against a half dozen officers, more than six internal investigations and a disturbing claim that officers hogtied a 12-year-old boy who was stopped by police on his way to the mailbox. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown is here now with more. this investigation seems fairly broad covering everything from police stops to the treatment of people that they have in custody. >> doj officials will be looking at the ferguson police department from top to bottom. and attorney general eric holder says he weighed several factors in making this decision. a history of mistrust of police in ferguson, review of documented allegations and his own personal visit to ferguson. holder defended the timing of this investigation saying it's entirely separate from the michael brown shooting investigatio investigation. >> as tensions continue to simner ferguson, missouri --
1:58 pm
>> expressing our outrage. >> the justice department announces its civil rights division will investigate the ferguson police department from top to bottom. >> our investigation will assess the police department's use of force including deadly force. it will analyze stops, searches, and arrests. and it will examine the treatment of individuals detained at ferguson's city jail. in addition to other potentially diskrim another policing techniques that have been brought to life. >> in the nearly four weeks since sense officer darren wilson killed unarmed michael brown, federal investigators will now begin looking at the department's officer training programs and review operational proceed urnz practices to find out if they violate any federal laws or the constitution. >> this investigation will be conducted both rigorously and in a timely manner so we can move forward as expeditiously as possible to restore trust to rebuild understanding and to foster cooperation between law
1:59 pm
enforcement and community members. >> other african-american residents complained ferguson police have a history of singling them out and using heavy handed tactics. >> we deserve to have a community that prospers that trusts their public safety officers. >> a report by missouri's attorney general conducted before the shooting found ferguson police were twice as likely to arrest african-americans during traffic stops as they were whites. >> it's not about black or white. it's about right. >> under holder, the justice department has been much more aggressive about investigating local police and in the past five years, the doj has launched 20 investigations into police departments nationwide, more than twice the number compared to the previous five years. this most recent one comes as the grand jury weighs evidence in the michael brown shooting criminal investigation. whether or not officer darren wilson will face charges will hinge on their decision >> we reached out to the ferguson police department today for a comment and have not heard back. doj officials say officials on the ground in ferguson welcome
2:00 pm
this investigation and pledge cooperation and in a statement from michael brown's family, it says in part, we believe that transparency in law enforcement is the only way to build trust in the community not just in the killing of can michael brown but for other who have suffered, as well. >> thank you so much. that is it for me. i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> thanks very much. happening now, terrorist suspect, a boston man being investigated for possible ties to isis. is he helping drives the group's social media campaign? we have new information. federal probe, a major new development in the shooting death of michael brown. justice department now targeting the ferguson, missouri, police department. and the sad breaking news. the comedienne joan rivers dies one week after being put on life support. was it the result of a botched medical procedure? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."


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