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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  September 7, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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an agreement to end the conflict between israel and the palestinians. it could dramatically improve america's credibility in the region and could make it possible for israel and the sunni dom-nated monarchies to work together to combat their common foe and ours. the extremist forces are now menacing the entire region." why do you think this is the path to take? >> the israeli/palestinian conflict is important in itself. i don't suggest it will solve all the problems in the region but it will be a central and major step forward and the fact is, of course, that most of the sunni monarchies in the region are very much concerned about both iran and the threat it poses to them as the israelis are worried about iran and the threat it poses to them and also to the extremists that are now rampaging through the region. it's complicated because much of
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the support for these extremist groups comes from within some factions within those countries. but i do think thats rerugs of the israeli/palestinian conflict first and foremost for the people of israel who would get reasonable and sustainable security and the palestinians would get a state which they should have, it will help in a way contribute to the effort against the extremist forces in the region. >> you pointed out continued fighting will breed more extremism. do you fear that will snowball if it's not fought right now? >> i think you have to put this in historical context as i did in my articles. the sunni/shia divide within islam has been going on since the establishment of islam 1, 00 years ago. this has been going on for a very long time and with many of
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the same actors. its eight an interesting thing. in 1920, a sunni tribal chief in northern iraq ignited a rebellion against the british by killing a high-ranking british military officer. that sunni tribal leader's grandson is now one of the leaders in theert along with isis in northern iraq. at the same time, a shia rebellion began in the south of iraq, and it was led by a shia tribal chief, his grandson muqtada al sadr is one of the head of the muslim militia in iraq. we have to keep that in perspective and there are other conflicts in the region that are ancient and historical, persia
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versus arabs which doesn't get much attention in the united states. it puts us in a situation where we have poor choices. look at syria, we're against the assad regime and we're also against isis, which is a principal force fighting against the assad regime but we have to move forward with our allies and deal with isis, because it is the immediate threat at this time. >> and speaking of that, moving forward, and allies, we know that the secretary of state and secretary of defense are both due in the middle east in the coming weeks, trying to rally support for the isis fight closer to the ground. what countries are most likely to get on board there and what kind of assistance does the international community need to provide them? >> well i think britain and france clearly are and i think that some of our other allies in the region will as well provide intelligence, logistical assistance, many of them have forces capable, not troops on the ground, but other types of
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special forces and air power and other factors that can be used as occurred in libya a couple of years ago there. i don't think you'll likely see the introduction of ground troops from either of the countries that i mentioned or indeed from the united states, but while i think it will be very difficult without ground troops, we have to encourage as president obama has done the formation of a broadly based national government in iraq. the central problem in the region is that there is no tradition of power sharing in governments unity. we tend to tell people that elections make you a democracy. well, an election is an essential step in a democracy, but you have to have power sharing and give everybody a sense of power in the country. >> ambassador mitchell thank you for joining us this morning. great to see you. >> thank you, sir.
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president obama meanwhile this has a lot of people talking this morning. pushing the pause button so to speak on immigration reform. >> many people there his supporters would say they feel betrayed. the president will delay executive action until after the midterm elections. >> that decision has critics on both sides of the aisle including some pro-immigration groups accusing the president of playing politics. >> let's talk politics and more with cnn's candy crowley, host of "state of the union" along with erin mcpike. erin, why did the president make this decision? >> frankly to help or at least not hurt democrats in tough senate race this is fall. the white house is saying as much but not quite opening it. i want to play what the president said about that in an interview with nbc's "meet the press" yesterday. pay particularly close attention to what he admits at the end of this clip, listen. >> i'm saying is that i'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country but it's
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going to be more sustainable, more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we've done on unaccompanied children and why it's necessary, and you know the truth of the matter is that the politics did shift mid summer because of that problem. >> now republicans jumped all over this as you might imagine. house speaker john boehner said "there is never a right time for the president to declare amnesty by executive action but the decision to simply delay this deeply troersial and possibly unconstitutional unilateral action until after the election instead of abandoning the idea all together smacks of raw politics." >> candy crowley, the broader i were indications of this decision, we're less than three months and counting to november midterms so what does this say for some of the tighter races for democrats, do you think? >> certainly in the south when
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you look at arkansas or north carolina, kentucky even, this can seem to be helpful. close races, anything can help or hurt. this might help. if you look at the udahl race in california. he was not pleased about the decision and said so in a press release. i think the administration calculated they were a lot less worried about depressing the latina vote. latino groups are furious about this. the white house wasn't worried about depressing the latino votes in the midterms as much as it was worried about activating the tea party vote and felt it would do that because it's a midterm election, it's about who turns out. lot of the senate races are close and so i think that's what they looked at and they didn't want to get blamed, come out and make this decision and let's say the senate control does go other to the republicans, the white house didn't want to get the blame for that. >> once the election is passed
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does it become full steam ahead on immigration reform? >> i think so. if you look -- the president says i'll act before the end of the year and what most of these groups expect him to do is stop some of the deportations of some of these otherwise law-abiding citizens. it's full steam ahead. how will these groups react? they'll be happy and if you look in the past, we saw this happen in the gay community when they felt the president was too slow to make change, too slow to step out. when he finally did, for instance coming out for same-sex marriage, all was fordpich and i think again the political calculation is the latino vote which largely votes democratic, will come home when this is done after the election. >> we will wait and see. erin mcpike and candy crowley thank you. watch candy crowleyu.s. in under an hour "state of the union" coming up 9:00 a.m. eastern
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12 minutes past the hour for you. good morning to you. melissa rivers says her mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. >> which she did. >> you know that's the truth. >> oh, yeah t is true and there will likely be tears and laughter at the day's funeral, given all those we have spoken to over the past few days. she was outspoken. she was irreverent and beloved, we're talking about joan rivers and her memorial funeral is happening at the press teamious semple emanu-el in manhattan. >> there have been so many rumors out there about what this funeral is going to be like, such as will there be a red carpet for people to walk on and for her casket to come down on. what have you heard? >> reporter: we know joan rivers really wanted her funeral to be a show business affair and leave it to joan rivers to have an opening act at her memorial service, which is exactly what
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we've learned we now know the gay men's chorus of new york city will be performing here at the funeral. they say that joan rivers has been a great supporter of theirs, that they're mondayored to perform here this morning and worked closely with the rivers family to pick out pieces they'd be performing, pieces that will reflect joan rivers, "what a wonderful world" "hey big spender" and "there's nothing like a dame." all the people to come here for joan rivers this is an event for family and friends only. joan rivers has some celebrity friends, donald trump tweeting he'll be in attendance and columnist cindy adams wrote in "the post" shmorning sharing more details of what to expect. adams will be speaking along with melissa rivers, deborah norville and hugh jackman will
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also be speaking. adams continues to say there are other celebrity guests invited saying that judge judy, barbara walters are both expected to be in atendance. term emanu-el can hold roughly 10,000 people and they'll probably recognize a lot of faces filing in to remember a true comedy legend. christi, martin? >> i know it's private but i'd love to see it. but i of course that's what the family wants. there have been so many tributes laid out both in new york and on the walk of fame for joan rivers, that has to impact the family. what's their reaction to all of this outpouring? >> yes, absolutely. and from the beginning, joan requires was in the hospital in critical condition before she died. we heard throughout the week from melissa requires kept releasing statements almost from the first day thanking fans
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around the world for the outpouring of love and sxouppor for joan. i've been over joan rivers' apartment in new york city standing outside, watching people come by leaving flowers and cards. we saw melissa rivers come out of the apartment yesterday and stopped for a moment to say it was amazing to see some of the tributes and we know that this is an incredibly difficult time for the rivers family but it must help a tiny bit to see how many people who never knew joan were touched by her and want to leave some token or tribute in her honor. >> that's got to give them some comfort. alexandra field thank you so much, the funeral will take place at 11:00 a.m. eastern at the term emanu-el on the upper east side. the funeral is private, again, not open to the public for the media but i have to think that at some point we're going to hear of some sort of public memorial or some way to honor her is going to be formed.
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norbert is losing steam this morning and i am talking about a
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hurricane. >> where are you going with that one? >> off the coast of mexico, strong winds and drenching rain triggered mudslides, damaging homes and cutting off some communities and forcing hundreds to flee to higher ground. not as bad as it could have been. >> the hurricane expected to bring high surf and showers to southern california. it will gradually weaken as it moves over colder waters over the next few days but take a look at what is happening in phoenix and listen, i don't know about you folks but i lived there for five years and it is frightening to see one of these coming at you, this wall of dust, it's called a haboob. it reduces visibility to almost zero and there's more bad weather in store for arizona, too. cold wave of moisture from hurricane norbert will move into the valley there possibly bringing a ton of rain. it really has nowhere to go in the deserts. there could be some flooding problems. >> very apocalyptic. >> that's true. the the southeast is bracing
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for the torrential rain and people in the area are very concerned about the prospect of that flooding. >> jennifer gray meteorologist, how bad does it look to be? >> you lived there, only takes an inch or two to create a lot of flooding in this part of the country, where other places may think an inch of rain no big deal. in phoenix it is a huge deal. here's norbert, 75-mile-per-hour winds, barely holding on as a hurricane. will be weakening into a tropical storm in no time but it is expected to make a bend back to the east and it is going to purpose in a lot of moisture across the southwest, and that's what's going to bring all of this rainfall. we could see anywhere from two to four inches of rain around flagstaff and around three to five inches around san diego or just to the west, this is through monday but i want to show you something else, because we have a great picture out of new york city this morning, we have a lot of showers and storms roll through the midwest and the northeast, the last couple of days and now we're waking up in
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new york city looking very, very nice. temperatures are cooler, they're crisp out there and temperatures are going to continue to fall as we go through the next couple of days. midwest is going to be well below normal as we get into midweek, just take a look at these temperatures. we're going to be in the 40s and 50s by wednesday and thursday in marquette. chicago's high temperature on thursday 66 degrees and we'll even see a high temperature of 70 in detroit, even the northeast will feel the nice changes, high temperatures in boston 69 degrees on tuesday, we'll be down to 72 the high temperature on tuesday in new york city. 75 in d.c., guys. finally starting to get i guess a little hint of fall maybe, some people ready for it, others not. >> completely. >> absolutely ready for it. >> and ready to run again. i feel like i haven't been able to do it. >> true. and we'll feel it in the southeast as well, not quite as much. >> jennifer gray, thank you so much. we've learned that search
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a jamaican military search team spotted what could be deprix from a single engine plane, the one that crashed on friday. >> it headed from new york to florida. >> the u.s. coast guard confirms what a jamaican military spokesman calls a "high impact debris field." we'll keep you updated. new shelling and explosions are threatening a cease-fire in ukraine. artillery and gunfire rang out. gas station was set on fire. since april pro-russian rebels have been battling the ukrainian government forces. both sides violating a cease-fire truce on friday. yesterday at the u.s. open first kei nishikori shocked the world outlasting the top seeded
5:29 am
djokovic in four sets with this win, nishikori became the first asian-born player to reach a majors championship match. everybody thought he'd end up playing roger federer. unh-uh. marin cilic fook down federer. two players who never played a major final will square off in the u.s. open championship, tenth seeded nishikori versus 14th seeded cilic. monday night football, men's, what do i do here? what do i do? we did want to leave with you good video. >> we do. this antsy lion in botswana and he wants to be out of his cage but only for, well this. take a look. >> oh, my goodness! >> that is wonderful. >> do not try this at the zoo or at home, folks. >> don't always expect lions to do this to you. let's hope for all of today it is just like this for you.
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>> i know t is so sweet. thank you for being here this weekend. it's an early wake-up call. we love having you here. >> not a problem. >> you make some great memories. "inside politics" with john king starts now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. with us to share their reporting and insights, peter baker of the "new york times," molly ball, robert costa of "the washington post" and politico's manu raju. we know president obama's soon means after the elections. trying to protect the democratic majority in the senate trumps his repeated assertion that every day that passed without action was bad for america's security and economy. now the president tells nbc the rush of undocumented children across the


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