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tv   New Day  CNN  September 8, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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day." it is monday, september 8th 6:00 in the east. >> that is heavy duty politics going on as the president and his crew pitched a plan with isis. key meetings leading up to wednesday a mission with new urgencys. a second story. for furor at home until after the mid-terms him we begin with senior white house correspondent jim acosta and the new strategy to defeat isis. jim. >> good morning. with a speech set for wednesday one day before the 9-11 anniversary, the president is looking for strength on isis. after a few fumbles on isis. president obama says he has a new game plan, he says to go on
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offense. >> we will shrink the territory that they control and ultimately, we will defeat them. >> but on an interview on "meet the press," he insisted they will not return to iraq. >> this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. >> reporter: that tough new approach on isis came with airstrikes, targeting the group in western iraq. that air power the president hopes will tip the balance to iraqi and kurdish forces as well as potentially pod baccarat syrian rebels battling isis on the ground. >> we are going to be helping to put together a plan for them so that they can start retaking territory that isill had taken over. >> reporter: the isis reset were welcomed by democrats who worried the president was being too cautious. >> i want to congratulate the president. she now on the offense. >> reporter: gop critics are far from comp vinced.
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>> the pentagon was going through what if scenarios, the president wasn't. i don't know if you can't see reality from a fairway. >> reporter: that golfing residence is not lost on to president. mr. obama said he sent the wrong message when he recognized foley's execution only to head to the golf course minutes later. >> i should have an tis
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is cognizant of people what might want to impress isis.
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there isn't a huge concern that isis could launch an attack on u.s. posts around the world just yet, still isis is viewed very much as a regional threat, preventing it from becoming a global one is high on kerry's ace gen da this week to shore up and combat isis. >> thanks so much. chris. all right, let's discuss how they get it done, kate, let's bring in our political commentators, kevin madden, executive vice president of jda front line and democratic strategist senior provider for usa action. gentleman, thank you for joining us on this monday. kevin, i'll start with you. the question is this, everybody is congress is saying need the hear what the president has to say, have to know what the plan is. how much new information can there really be? everybody knows what we're dealing withful what is congress looking for on your side of the aisle? >> i think they are looking for
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new affection about how the president plans to go about this as far as a more comprehensive plan and strategy that will bring in some of the international part first and change conditions on the ground. i think the most important thing that congress is looking for is a sense of clarity, a sense of urgency from the president. because i think that is what many of their constituents want. you have to think about congress the thing they care about most is their standing back home. there is a lot of anxiety and a lot of questions about there president's long-term strategy for dealing with the isis threat is. they want the sense that their commander in chief understands it is an urgent problem and she moving to take action. >> do you think fair criticism of both sides of the aisle, certainly yours is they were criticizing the president for, leading from behind, long-term declaration of war, certainly congress's responsibility. why don't they just meet and
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take ahold of the reigns themselves? >> well, you know, i have said this before that, we don't elect a congress in chief. we elect a commander in chief. congress i think has done as much as they can in their role here as part of the advice and consent. but they're looking for the president, presidential leadership to step up. make the case to the american people. make the case to his political allies and make the case to our international allies around the country that he has an actual plan and that what he's going to do to take action. >> paul, how much of this is your fault? because you specifically, which is why i wanted you here in person, how much of this is about the message that even though it does seem a little like semantics. there is not new what's going on with isis. it's just a few name. how much of this as a whole did you create? >> i think the president needed, past tense, to put this together in a coherent message. wednesday night he will speak to
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the country. he's got ten people on board. he is already acting if iraq. right. we were reporting now. he's our military, our bombing fear the dam. the next part of this now, so he is doing his part. the next part of this does shift to congress. there is one really important policy question. do we bomb isis inside of syria as well as iraq? right now the president's plan is contain the military action. i love national security nerds call it connection. should we be bombing if syria? many of his critics, senator john mccain, some in my party is saying yes. are you right. they need congress and the country behind this, mission creep is what the white house is worried about. >> mission creeps on the military side. my fear here is the military is the easing part. bombing, who's on the ground. that's the easy component. the reason that isis exists is because you didn't do the right
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thing in iraq with malachi. when bremer went in there, not to get into in the weeds. the sunnis were disenfranchised. that's the problem. that you their military commanders who are in that army are now leading isis. so why aren't we talking about a? the military part is easy. the people on your side of the aisle that want righteous committee, why aren't they saying we have to do the long-term part? >> there are. there are a lot of folks coupleing their criticism with the president's lack of a plan narl with a lack of progress on the political side t. president has been very good about the rhetoric of saying we need to have -- we need to bring a government that's much more stable together in iraq so they can deal with this on their own and they need to bring if other forces on the ground like the kurds and to support them militarily that america can't do this alone. but the big calgary that the
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president has had politically and convincing a lot of the critics he's on the right path is that this is not new. these have been emerging problems for over a year and the president only now. >> over a year? we have been doing the since the '90s in this part of the world. >> exactly. my main point is isis in the eyes of the american public. the president is talking about building an international coalition. this is a problem he had been dealing with an international coalition should be built. we should have these strategies being implemented. not the president saying over a week ago he doesn't have a strategy yet. yesterday saying he finally does. that's been the big problem. >> kevin says icrisis. it rhymes, that's always a problem for the other side if politics. how do you deal with that? >> this is a tactic put together now to deal with the immediate military problem. this exists because prime minister pal kye was put in place by us, in our bush administration folks. he turned iraq into a shiite
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militia. he made it a sectarian force t. soviet union nice were disenfranchisedch we dealt with this. general petraeus led the sunni awakening. sunni rejected isis a decade ago. the obama administration believes they will do it again. he weighed in, maliki didn't want to leave office. they have a new iraqi prime minister. he has i think to this week to put together a pll-sectarian government. this is the answer that within i talked to my friends in the white house, they say we will use our kinetic power. we will bond. >> that is not to be taken lightly. but the solution has to come from the region, from the iraqis, especially from the soviet union nice, that's what they're looking for the few iraqi prime minister. >> that's why everybody wants to find out about this coalition, if this is a per version of islam, not true islam. why is it up to us? let me ask you something else, let's switch to another topic of
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the day. very important as people start their new day. immigration. it's 3rd down, the president decides to punt. how is this not a gross failure of leadership he says i'm not going to do anything for ten weeks until the election is over? >> we haven't had fundamental immigration reform since 1936, i think we can wait several days. he was candid on "meet the press" yesterday saying, the politics has changed. i'm quite sure the house wanted to act as soon as they got the legalitys right. then we had this crisis on the border, where all these unaccompanied children came. it changed the politics. the immigration reformers, savvy ones are saying, it's okay to put it off. if the democrats have a bad night on election night we don't want immigration reform blamed. why not deal with the after the election? maybe in a lame duck session. this is me seeing a dreamer. get republicans on board and pass a real law. >> of course, you know, the only
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thing on the other side, kevin, that the republicans are upset. oh, he's putting it off ten weeks. come on, let's be honest. there is no chance the republicans will agree with the president let alone immigration reform when the whole platform is, we tried to stop him, right? >> no, look. i think everybody up on capitol hill wants immigration reform. they want the current system broken. where we have differences is on the details. republicans, of course, believe that we should take a series of bills approach, a sequential approach to securing the border ten dealing with so many of those here illegally before having one big, one size fits all becomprehensive approach. i think the biggest problem that we have now to really having comprehensive immigration reform, or dealing with this problem is the level of the lack of trust that now exists between this president and the congress overall. the president is basically saying what he wants to do is
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take action after the voters have already paid tear voice heard on an issue like this. >> that is something they have done before. it does feed the cynicism of so many folks up on capitol hill who have a hard time working with the president. >> the cynicism goes to they do nothing but obstruct. we have to leave it there for this morning. thank you for the insight. we appreciate it from you. >> a lot of headlines this morning, let's get over the mick. >> here are your headlines, the cease-fire in ukraine, less than two days after a cease-fire was declared. the heaviest fighting has been near the airport donyetsk. they say the cease-fire has held for the most part. president obama says the u.s. military will help combat the deadly ebola virus if africa
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with equipment and support for health workers. president obama says if the international community doesn't step in to help the virus could mutate and spread to other countries, including the u.s. and pose a serious danger. so far ebola has killed 2,000 people in five african areas. instead of telling grand jury members what charges they believe officer wrilson should face that,ry leaving it open ended and encouraging the grand jury to investigate. as you recall he brown gunned down michael brown setting off weeks of protests if ferguson. how about that serena williams? selling her place in tennis history. she overwhelmed care lean wozniacki in straight sets to win her sixth open women's title. that gives her a total of 18 career grand slam titles tying
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with her fellow tennis greats. who happened to be on hand to give her the award. the men will duke it out for the big prize later today. hard to boat that. that's quite moment. she is really, really good. >> i think that's the understatement of the year. >> the most dominant figure in tennis. >> if tennis history. >> the sixth u.s. open. that's not even the grand slams. >> a lot of adversitys, she's older, at one point it seemed like there was no motivation to play, no one comes near her. she got hurt in the doubles. >> there is other news. >> there is other really good news. >> we rarely give you breaking good fuse, let's do it and enjoy, everyone. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their sec child. the latest on the happy announcement from london. so what do we know, erin? >> reporter: that's right, kate,
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buckingham palace making a happy announcement just a short while ago it's not clear how far along the duchess of cambridge is. it's a three month mark, but we understand she is suffering from acute morning sick ness, suspect she experienced during her first pregnancy and had to can sell an engagement if oxford. the congratulations are already rolling in. prime minister dave cameron taking to twitter just a short while ago, tweeting many congratulations for the duke and duchess of cam bridge. i am delighted by the happy news they're expecting another baby. it was just over a year ago that we were celebrating the birth of prince george. this child will be fourth in line to the throne. pushing prince harry to fifth in line. i'm sure he will not mind at all. >> thank you so much. anyone be it the woman or the husband or the pan going through
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it. anyone who has had a up the of morning sick ness can just imagine how horrible it is to have the condition she suffers. she suffered that with george early on. >> another little one that needs your attention and wants mommy and you are feeling poorly. >> i am feeling for you sister is all i will say. >> boy or girl? >>ly go owe. >> are we playing the game? >> boy or girl? >> girl. >> i'm going with girl, too. >> i thought this was a boy. >> it's not? . what am i going to all that blue stu. >> what am i going to do with that christopher name. >> strong male genes. >> all right. >> another story for to you look at t. owner of the atlanta hawks is stepping down. we have his explosive racially charged e-mail that cost him his team. plus you will hear exclusively from the team's ceo.
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>> parents, you want to listen up for this run u one. there is a mysterious respiratory illness, experts say it will get a whole lot worse. kids are ending up in the e.r., even icu. we will tell you what you need to foe coming up. bile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. .
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welcome back.
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now the story of rage after sending a racially charged e-mail back in when the itself 12. in a cnn exclusive. our martin savage talked about this whole situation with the hawks' new ceo. mario is joining us from atlanta. what more did you hear from the ceo? >> there is a lot. they know they have a lot to do as a result of the digging out on this. the ceo has been on the job for only months. bruce levinson admits he wrote in twenl 12. he used inappropriate and offensive language. yesterday when he wrote another letter of apology and announcing he will be putting up his portion of the team for sale, he said this, he said, you know, if you were angry at what i wrote, you should be angry. i'm angry at myself, too.
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it was inflammatory nonsense. a lot are saying it was racially insensitive. >> reporter: it's the e-mail that cost the team. majority owner bruce levinson fired off these insights why they weren't attracting people. looking around our arena during game, it's 70% black. my theory the black crowds skaers away the whites. my theory is i think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or at a bar being the minority. he says i have even bitched the kiss cam is too black. for the nba, it's an embarrassment that is they are overcoming the racially laced dia? tribe with donald sterling. levinson was one of his strongest critics, sunday
3:24 am
levinson issued an apology and announced he is selling the emtoo much dumping the pr nightmare into the lap of the hawks' brand few ceo steve kunin. in an exclusive interview, he told me he was dumb founded when he read the e-mail. he describes it as being racially insensitive. it's far more than that. it's a racist e-mail. it's a business bigoted e-mail. it is breath takingly stupid as far as a business communication. what were your thoughts when you read it? >> i couldn't believe it. i think you said breath takingly stupid. i think i had an audible gasp. there are no words to describe. there is nothing but mortified and angry. >> reporter: it came to light after the general manager daniel barry played what was considered by some front managers as a racially insensitive remark. an internal investigation was
3:25 am
launched and levinson's bomb shell e-mail was found. >> zero tolerance i think has become a bit of a buzz word. we wanted to live by that. bruce was confronted from this e-mail from 2012 and he decided that instead of fighting it or doing some of the things have you seen in the past he thought it was best to, for the city, for the team. for his family to walk away. >> he realized first he had to apologize to the fans and second peace the team. have you spoken to any of the team? >> i spoke to the players tonight. there was a meeting. i addressed them. >> what was that like? >> it was like walking into a funeral. he's a youthese are our young m who wear our city's fame and wear the logo on their chest. they are supposed to be supported by their ownership and ownership failed in supporting them. >> c in n tried to speak to
3:26 am
levinson. he has yet to be seen public since the sale announcement. >> when was the last time you spoke to bruce levinson? >> i think it's best few walk away. >> what did he say? >> you are right. >> steve kufi ni has a tremendous job of pecking up the fan base forward after all of this. it's going to be an incredible challenge for a man who just started his job. mick kay lo. >> two months into the job. my goodness, we want to bring in andy schultz with more in our "bleacher report" this morning. that's an important thing to talk about t. distinction between some outlets are saying he self reported. not so much. heed a mied to what he did. >> that was an immediate red flag. who would self report they are a racist? it was an internal investigation because ofing the manager had said and the players report that
3:27 am
alarmed one of the owners. they had an internal investigation that led to an nba investigation. levinson decided this is eventually coming out. i'm going to get in front of it. apologize it. >> especially look he had been so vocal about donald sterling. back up a step or two. give us an idea what's going on within the hawks' organization. what was he trying to accomplish with this e-mail to bin with? >> obviously, he wants more fans to come to the game. >> that's a way to do it. >> like they say, if you build it, that i will come. if you build a winner, the fans will come. the hawks haven't been good in decades, it's right next to cnn center in the heart of atlanta. there aren't people at the games because they haven't been good since the '90s. there is really no, if you don't have a winner in the nba, the fans won't come. it had nothing to do with race. guy to the hawks race, i say it
3:28 am
is probably the worst atmosphere. i think it has to do with there is not a lot of fans there and they don't have a product on the court to cheer about. levinson is way off base. >> i'll say it again, the few ceo, twos into the job, has his work cut out for him. thank you for showing me pictures today. good to see you, andy. crushing isis. the president ready to map out a plan to defeat the militants. one of his main allies turned critic joins us live. plus, quite a medical mystery that has doctors and the cdc worried. hundreds of children were sick with this respiratory infection. what you need to know next. and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here.
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. >> 32 minutes past the hour. president obama is preparing to address the nation wednesday, paping out a few strategy to defeat isis militants in iraq and syria. the president's plan is expected to include a plan by u.s.-load coalition forces that could last three years. he is expected to discuss details of the plan with congressional leaders tomorrow. we're going to ask a former congress woman what she thinks
3:33 am
the president should do in a few minutes time right here on "new day." palestinian president mahmoud abbas is threatening to break an agreement with hamas. he is accusing the group of operating a shadow authority in gaza. his comments come two weeks after a cease-fire ended. 50 days of violence between israel and hamas. a professor at princeton believes he knows what might lead to autism. he research suggests that brain injuries in the womb is the root cause. dr. sammiuel alit wang is talki the cerebellum. he is trying to use this knowledge to better treat patients with autism. really interesting. >> especially as more and more case, performer children are being found on this spectrum. it's important. >> it's an important investigation to be having. talk about this parents are on
3:34 am
high alert this morning a. respiratory virus affecting kids, making them violently ill. most youngsters in the e.r. because of it. right now the debilitating disease is popped up. it could spread to parts of the mid-west and beyond. what is so skeecary? there is not much you can do to prevent it. >> reporter: for this teenager, it was a near death experience. >> he just passed out. had his eyes roll back in his head. i had to call 911. >> reporter: the culprit is a virus. there are no official numbers nation wide. one hospital treated 900 children for severe respiratory illness. at this hospital in kansas city, missouri, more than 400 children have been admitted with the
3:35 am
signs of the virus. of those, 60 have been in intensive care. all of this in less than one month. an official said these cases might be just the tip of the iceberg. why is this type of enter ovirus gotten so out of hand this year? >> why one virus or another crops up is inexplicable. it's a pivotry to me. >> reporter: he has good fuse, ent ent enteroviruses aren't deadly. some develop a cold or a rash. >> don't dodle. if you think your child is sick, it's time to call. >> elizabeth, thank you so much for that. something definitely to coup an eye on. >> the parent mode is usually panic. this will fuel more of that. >> i'm sure. let's go to meteorologist adrian
3:36 am
petersen, for better. not a strong sounding name. it's done a lot of damage. >> a lot of flooding in california. if you are traveling through vegas or phoenix, look at the potential delays. all this moisture is making its way into the southwest. a lot of thunderstorms. watch out for. that switch gears, all the way over to the southeast. very easy to see, a lot of storms boiling up over here, it will produce amounts of rain around atlanta as well, into the northeast, it will bring scattered showers as well. those are mini storms. we will be watching this as we go towards the middle of the week. severe weather for chicago tomorrow, ohio valley as you go through wednesday, why? tons of warm air in the south. lots of cool air behind it. so much cool air you get that clouds and severe threat for weather. look at these temperatures, we're talking a 30 degrees temperature drop going down to 40s in the upper mid-west. so much so you will see that
3:37 am
cool air spread into the northeast by friday. you could be looking at record low highs. so highs that are just record cold. >> wow. >> for the thank you. >> the roller coaster continues. summer is over. >> i don't get it. record low highs. explain it to me later. >> low highs? >> is that what we have decided? >> yes. >> categoryize under arguments i can't win. all right, so speaking about potentially unwinnable situations, lavish --
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welcome back to "new day," everyone, president obama is gearing up to present his case to fight isis. key meetings are leading up to wednesday when the president will outline his plan and speak to the american public. hi he expressed his goals sunday on "meet the press.". >> what i want people to understand is over the course of months, we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum of isill, we are going to systematically degrade their capabilities. we will shrink the territory that they control and ultimately we will defeat them. >> what is the president's plan going to be? let's bring in former congress woman from california jane harmon, she is president of the willson center. great to see you in new york. you have been critical of the
3:43 am
president on this issue saying that he needs to say more, he needs to go further him he need to come out and present his plan. what do you think the president now need to do come wednesday? he said his goal is to defeat isis. we have that deer. but how? >> well, let's understand this isn't going to take ten minutes or less than 60 days, which is the window he has for commander in chief authority under the plan. this is a good time to present that plan. he is obviously fully engaged. tomorrow is his opportunity to persuade congressch wednesday, good move, he is speaking to the american people. i would make this an election year issue him i would measure my own member of congress by whether he or she is ready to engage in the issue for or against. i mean, that's congress's right. it's the american people's
3:44 am
right. it's their choice whether they want a long-term strategy. i would think the answer is yes. they have to understand the strategy and what the costs are. >> it's interesting you say that we heard in many conversations, i had with members of congress even reaction to the president's trip overseas, a bit of a split decision if you will on capitol hill. does the president have the authority or not? many members of congress say they think the president has the authority he doesn't need to get their approval to move ahead. >> he has all the authority he need, that's his phrase, to do a short-term action against isil. it's not just syria. it's islamic state in iraq and lavant. they can threaten lebanon and i think saudi arabia and the gulf east have their heads in the sand if they don't join this
3:45 am
coalition of willing against isil. i applaud the uae for denouncing isil. the nato summit does not include anyone with the region but turkey. i think that's a shame. >> can it be a success in the long run without a buy in from anyone in the region? >> remember, this is an anti--muslim group. most of the people they're killing are muslims for being insufficiently radical and supporting their taliban. >> the president's struggle if he cannot get this coalition of anyone in the region. >> he cannot get them. he doesn't have them yet. but if the american people are firmly on his side and the long-term strategy is explained, it can't just be kinetics. not just military power. there has to be a persuasion piece. in the end, you have to persuade somebody deciding to sign up including some kid in the west not to seen up because this is a
3:46 am
group that is vicious and cruel and there should b. you've discussed it on this show, a second awakening of the sunni groups in the region. they defeated al qaeda, a much less vicious group in iraq along with the surge of person troops. the key turning point and they could do it again here. i think we need to get to that tipping points and obama is doing the right things this week him he is fully engaged. i think that is very, very welcome. let's play one more bit from the interview. this is what the president was asked about combat boots on the ground. >> but this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. what is this is similar to the kind of counterterrorism campaigns that we have been engaging in consistently over the last five, six, seven years.
3:47 am
>> this is not the equivalent of the iraq war, then what is this? >> i think that's what the american people want to know. they want a clear plan of what is the end game here? >> well, stay tuned. we will all learn it together. there are special forces on the ground that's been publicly reported in the hundreds. but i think that the intention is to have a muslim face on the ground. i think that's a good idea after all this. >> they said this weeks ago. what do you think changed? he was so vague. we don't have a strategy. even though that's debate what happened he meant on that. now, we are going to defeat isis. i'm going to have a -- what do you think changed here? >> well, the man, don't we know him after almost six years is careful and deliberate and clear united states and i think. >> to a fault? >> maybe to a win. let's sigh. i think he has put in place building blocks to get to this moment and to quote former white house chief of staff rahm
3:48 am
emanuel, don't let a crisis go to waste. this is an opportunity i wish he had done sooner which is fully engage with congress an calgary members in both parties to make a clear decision and explain it to their constituents. i do think this should be an election issue and i do think a voter anywhere. i'm a vote fer venice, california ought to measure my candidates by whether they are fully engaged. neither of them are in congress, fully engaged and explaining to voters where they stand on it. i think the american people have a right to know that. >> as one member of congress said to me last week, we are paid to vote. that's what our job is. >> congress has sadly been awol in this debate until a few members in both parties and step up congress. it's time. i applaud president obama for moving out there this week tomorrow and wednesday and trying to engage congress. >> congress is no longer on break. they have that opportunity to begin that debate.
3:49 am
it's so great to see you. thank you for coming in. she wanted a swanky good-bye. she definitely got that and she definitely got one. hundreds of a-listers slowing up to say good-bye to joan. we will hear more about that coming up. >> her dress is on fire, that's why, thank goodness i'm married. (vo) get ready!
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ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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you can read, u.s. money time. >> the markets are lower. in you can can hold back this bull mark. stocks have been climbing 2,000 days up 200% since the march low. if you invested a grand then, it would be worth $3,000 today, general motors is making a most self driving cadillac. ceo mary barra announced they will unload this with a semi auto pilot mode in two years. it will wirelessly communicate with other cars and using
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sensors. prices at the pump are falling. the national average price per gallon regular gas 3.44 down about 20 cents on the start of the summer, experts tell us prices could fall another 10 to 1520 cents, guys. >> let's get to the funeral that everyone was watching. for the one was expecting, however, it was nothing short of a show biz affair a-listers brid farewell to joan rivers. there were wise cracks coming from her daughter, melissa. a fitting tribute for an over the top woman. michelle kernan has all the details. it's so, it's a bit difficult to talk about a funeral, a star-studded affair. that's how joan rivers wanted it. >> that's how she wanted it. >> that is what she got. we love she got her wish. when she passed on thursday, melissa, her daughter said her mother's greatest joy in life
3:55 am
was to make people laugh. she knows it would be difficult to do now, her wish would be we return to laughter soon. it seems joan's friends started that process yesterday when saying good bye. >> i want my funeral to be a huge show biz affair with lights, cameras and action. i want it to be hollywood all the way. >> reporter: legendary comedienne joan rivers got exactly what she wanted sunday, a star-studded funeral. hollywood's most notable from film, theater and television packing new york's temple emanu-el. honoring the woman who didn't cease filling rooms with laughter from the time she stepped on screen in 1965. >> i fixed if the lordped a woman to cook, he'd give her aluminum hands. >> she would be so thrilled to see how many blocks are filled with people who wish her well. >> reporter: once inside, white
3:56 am
orchids lined the altar, close friend howard stern delivers i delivered the you'llology. >> all people knew-er from entertainment. they loved her, because she was a wonderful human being. >> reporter: the new york choir paid tribute with hits including "what a wonderful world." movie star hugh jackman with a rendition of quiet please, there is a lady on stage. >> i weepd and it's tough to make me cry. i wish i could hug her. she really made me want to be a better comedian. >> reporter: according to friends inside, river's daughter mellissa was composed, even making the audience laugh when she read a letter in which she pretended to be her mother's landlord. >> i think mellissa has handled it with dignitary and refinement and the way the pots joan would have wanted this to be. >> reporter: the final sendoff, pipers playing the classic "new york, new york" as mellissa and
3:57 am
a long list of celebrities exited the synagogue. a farewell song with a big apple native who proved she could make it anywhere. of course. this is new york fashion week in new york which joan considered her super bowl. so we know the e! network has supposed to air tonight. on friday i was told the network isn't sure whether they will air those shows or put in place. >> they're not going to replace her. >> never. >> she embodies that show. i'm with you on that. >> honoring her for a reason. she was an original. we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum of isil. >> i want to congratulate the president. he is now on the offense.
3:58 am
>> it's the e-mail that cost a team. >> i think i had an audible gasp. now we are moving forward in trying to make the atlanta hawks a team that you can be proud of. >> doctors say they are seeing hundreds of cases of children with the enterovirus d-skating. >> breaking news. buckingham palace, the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their second child. >> good morning, welcome back to "new day." the president is putting his finishing touches on a plan to destroy isis on a new address on wednesday. before that, he will have to get people with him. he has to get congress with him and make the case out there in public because there is word out of the white house it could last three years. poly, their new fears home and abroad ahead of the 9-11 anniversary giving the plan all the more urgency.
3:59 am
we gen with senior white house correspondent jim acosta. jim. >> reporter: good morning, chris. with a speech set wednesday to the american people one day before another 9-11 anniversary. the president is eager to show he is ready to take the fight against isis. after a few fumbles on isis, president obama has a new game plan he says to start going on some offense. >> we're going to shrink the territory that they control and ultimately, we're going to defeat them. >> reporter: but if an interview on "meet the press," the president insisted once ago enu.s. combat troops won't return to iraq. >> this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. >> reporter: that tough new approach came with an expansion of u.s. strikes over the weekend, targeting the terror group for the first time in western iraq around the haditha dam. as well as potentially pod baccarat certain rebels battling isis on the ground. >> we are going to be helping to
4:00 am
put together a plan for them so that they can start retakeing territory that isil had taken over. >> reporter: the isis reset was welcomed by democrats, who were worried the president was being too cautious. >> i want to congratulate the president, he is now on the offense. >> reporter: gop critics are far from convinced. >> you know the pentagon was going through "what if" scenarios. the president wasn't. he hasn't developed a strategy. i don't know whether you can't see reality from a fairway. >> reporter: that golfing reference is not lost on the president who acknowledged he stumbled after the beheading of american journalist james foley. mr. obama sent the wrong message when he recognized the edges cushion only to head to the golf course minutes later. >> i should have anticipated the optics. that's part of the job. >> reporter: he insists he did not ever to them as a jv team. that's a fact, fact checkers
4:01 am
deemed to be false. he will be sitting down at the white house tomorrow. at this point he and white house officials will be indicating he will not be seeking congressional authorization for a mission to expand airstrikes in syria. at this point they don't think they will have to do. >> we have to hear what the plan is. selling it to congress will be easy, for the, selling it to people is going to be just as hard. >> exactly right. also this ahead of the september 11th nivs the state department is tightening security at u.s. embassies around the world amid concern the possible attacks set by isis as well as other tear groups. let's bring in global affairs reporter. how serious are they taking these threats? >> well, not really just yet, kate. as you know since the attack on benghazi on 9-11, many in the middle east posts have been beefed up. the u.s. does not believe isis
4:02 am
has the capacity to launch an attack on u.s. posts around the world, preventing them from gaining that capability will be very high on the agenda during secretary of state john kerry's trip to the middle east this week. he'll be meeting with leaders to shore up support for that international coalition to beat back their group. but as 4r5i6r79 proechs, officials tell me the biggest fears are extremists who aren't affiliated with the known terror group, operating on their own. they're not necessarily getting picked up with intelligence chatter. the u.s. is concerned those type of people pay undertake some type of attack to impress isis and the state department has ordered all embassies, consulates to review their security and check all the intel coming in, meet to assess any security threats. for now, all u.s. embassies and consulates opened for business on 9-11. >> that could change. >> committing an attack to impress isis. that is a chilling, chilling
4:03 am
idea. elise, great to see you, thanks. >> it's a frightening speculation. let's talk more about what's going on with a congressman from california ed royce. do you have any information about credible attacks planned around the -11 anniversary. >> is there any real reason for people to be worried? >> no, we don't have information about credible planning for attack. we do know there are several thousand europeans with passports who are fighting on behalf of isis as well as over 100 americans, a couple hundred australians. so this is one of the concerns. >> so based on what you worry about with these passports, tell us how that threads into what you want to hear from the president. what does he have to say to you in terms of a plan the get your support? >> i think the reason we need a
4:04 am
tragedy is the pane focus on an anti-terrorist mission is to make sure the terrorists do not have a base of operation, a sanctuary with which they can plan attacks against the united states. of course, isis right now has established that capability. they do have the terrorist training camp in which chechnyians and others are training these fighters from around the world in how to create explosives, how to carry out attacks, so, in terms of a strategy, it's important to hit that base, take it out, it's important that the fighting be done not by u.s. infantry but, instead, by the kurdish forces, the iraqi security forces, free syrian army. we anticipate that some kind of strategy would be laid out. also important that other countries, european, fa to part first, certainly the arab league, come on board and there was some interesting endorsements this morning from the arab league for a strategy,
4:05 am
comprehensive strategy to fight isis. but all of that takes presidential leadership. that i think is what we want to hear a strategic plan laid out you know that defines those goals. >> chairman, you know all of this much better than i do and most people watching right now. how is the fight against isis any different based on the criteria you offered up. water going on with al qaeda the taliban the terrorist network in yemen. i mean, it seems like you put a few name on something and made eight new idea. it really isn't, is it? >> reporter: actually, it is al qaeda. this is an extension of al qaeda. it was another al qaeda franchise. it's the same movement and, yes, there is one of the frustrating things is that in this case, isis was not hit for seven months when we saw them gathering and moving across the certain border into towns in iraq and as they moved across
4:06 am
iraq the original recommendation of the president was use armed drones, strike them while they're out on the open desert. they're an inviting target. we all saw what happened during the first gulf war when air power was used effectively. so we certainly are not going to support u.s. infantry on the ground, but airstrikes, airstrikes have been used for a long time by al qaeda. they should have been used -- >> is it because you -- -- owe. >> we are afraid of the quagmire, that's why we don't want u.s. infantry and we are tired of those most immediately affected in the region not carrying the burden. why isn't it the responsibility of the arab league and other countries in that region to provide the infantry? so what we say is, yes, we'll help our -- we'll give you the anti--tank missiles, you know, to the kurdish forces and so
4:07 am
forth. no more having the united states put its infantry in there. we have the expertise where we can add value is with air power and we want to see our allies in this fight with us. nato's got to, some of these nato members into ed to step up. so does the arab league. >> apalestinian to that, let me see if i can get you to be the president's advocate on a couple points that are key, would you back the president if he goes into syria? that gets sticky. assad has big air defenses, second, assad has big headlines that should come as no surprise, this could take three years, it could take 13? we have been doing this since the '90s, will you tell the president it will be a long time, it will be expensive? >> first of all if a bipartisan way, the ranking drt democrat on our committee urged early on action be taken to take out isis
4:08 am
with the use of air power and arming the free syrian army. okay. the reason we did that was because isis was growing exponentially. the reason we need to take them out as i said is they will use that as a base to train for other terrorists to expand the attacks. so, yes, that is necessary. that's a necessary step is to use air power to do that? >> and three years? >> well, i don't think that -- i don't think any of us know how long this will take. what we do foe is that, you know, if attacks have been made against isis with air power when they were on the move, they could have been prevented from taking this territory. there are only 17,000 isis fighters, so my presumption is kurdish forces, once they are given the kind of weaponry that they've requested, iraqi security forces, free syrian
4:09 am
army, if they're armed, there is talk of, you know, the president laying out a plan to do that. we will see on tuesday he'll be, the president will layout his plan and next week the secretary of state will come before the committee i share in order to go into more details on that plan and we can understand i think the full ramifications. but i think the american public wants to hear the plan, members of congress want to hear it laid out in terms of a comprehensive strategy and that has not existed up until now. >> as you know, it's a very complex situation. if we had a strategy to do it. we would be different tan we werep we had a trouble for over a decade-and-a-half. chairman ed royse. see you back on "new day" after you hear from the president and secretary of state. >> thank you. a lot of news this morning, let's go to mikaela for the headlines. >> nine minutes after the hour.
4:10 am
a warning from the palestinian authority president to hamas, mahmoud abbas is threatening to break up a unity agreement if hamas doesn't change its operations if gaza. hamas is accusing the grown-up of running a shadow government. he says he wants a single authority in gaza. hamas' comments come after two weeks and 50 days of violence with israel and hamas. iran's supreme leader, ayatollah khomeini is in good condition after what they called a routine operation. no details were given on the reason for the surgery. it is rare for the iranian government to release any information about the supreme leader's health. he has been eastern's top leader for 25 years. the coast guard halted the wreckage for a plane that crashed in the care bone near jamaica. the plane was unresponsive for
4:11 am
four hours friday at one point the pilot was seen slufred over the controls a. real estate developer and his wife from western fork were on board and are presumed dead. for the word when or if crews plan to resume that search. we have a little breaking news to tell you about this morning, if you will. breaking news, the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting their sec child we have learned. erin mclock len has the pressing details. what are we learning about the announcement? >> sorry, kate, the announcement was made by buckingham palace early this morning. the duchess of cambridge will be expecting her sec child. the pam las source telling cnn they took the decision to make the announcement sooner than that because the duchess of cam bridge is suffering from acute morning sick ness, something she
4:12 am
experienced during her first pregnancy. she had to can sell an appearance later today in oxford. she is being treated we understand at kensington palace by dmpls acute morning sickness is actually fairly common to be experienced by a pregnant woman t. concern there dehydration. okay, it is incredibly treatable. congratulations rolling in from around the world. prime minister david cameron taking to twitter saying many congratulations to the duke and duchess of cam bridge. i am delighted be i the happy news they're expecting another baby. of course, we don't foe if kate is expecting a boy or a girl just yet. but that has not stopped people from speculating. one agency saying odds are in favor of it being a boy. kate. >> there are the odds. so it begin, the betting on what the baby will be this time around. it was such a tough go last time
4:13 am
around him you would hope she would be blessed with less sickness. >> it's tough to bring royalty into the world. i like the odds maker saying you have a girl, you have a boy. anybody thinking i would follow this in advance is sorely mistaken. another racial controversy, another nba owner loses his team. the owner of the atlanta hawks admitted he e-mailed sending these messages about hawks' fans and what kind of fans people want there and not in black vs. white. he says they were sensitive and offensive. worse than that, we will tell you what he wrote all ahead. .
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
another case of racially charged remarks emerging from another nba team owner. this time atlanta hawks' controlling owner bruce levinson announced he is selling his stake in the team after a reported e-mail in 2012 in it he writes in very blunt terms about his fan's base the e-mail reads in part this, he says this my theory is that the black crowds scared away the whites and there are simply not enough black fans to build a significant season ticket base. levinson was among the team owners who spoke out against the former clipper's owner donald sterling last spring. he says they spoke out to wolf blitzer about it. let's bring in two time champion
4:18 am
and analyst and mo ivory attorney and radio host try to get a sense of all this. what is your first reaction? i know you read the e-mail levinson sent. what is your reaction to what he said and how this is has played out? >> okay. it's almost like just another like here we go again kind of attitude. as soon as you get one fiasco behind us, here comes another one with the same kind of racial stereo types and dealing and race and talking about one pirt group as opposed to another. it saddens me, frustrates me on another level. >> mo, what's your take on this? i think i read you for the under the remarks neither surprising nor panful. do you think that he should have stepped down? do you think this gets to the level that he's made the right move? what do you make after owl this? >> i feel this was a business decision. >> you do? >> i do. based on you know something that
4:19 am
happened to come out in perfect timing. listen, it's profitable to be a racist in the nba right now. when you fall on the confessional table of bigotry you get commended by the nba commissioner. i think it's ridiculous. he sat with his accountant and said, look, there is this e-mail of me saying some things that most people think anyway him it might be a good time to sell him i bought low. let me sell high. this is a business decision. the statements is not like anything we heard before. it might not be anything that other owners haven't said in that quote fraternity of conversation. what it really is, is an opportunity for him to make more money to become wealthier than he has ever come before and be the sacrificial, oh, i did this i'm so association at least i self reported. look i'm a big ought who will say i'm a bigot. the hawks have sucked for a while. he's been trying to sell the
4:20 am
hawks for a while. this is the perfect timing for him to sell the hawks and at the same time say oh my gosh i'm sorry for my words. i think it's peculiar how come the nba hasn't come down hard on him, will is no sanctions. we haven't heard of anything or a press conference with adam silver's outrage. i mean it's kind of like he found out about this -- >> what do you think, mo, the league should do? you said you don't like how adam silver has reacted to this? >> yeah. i think if the leak means zero tolerance, that's it. why did it take two months for ad adam silver to say something in 2014. every owner will be treated the same way, why wasn't there an immediate suspension and immediate sanction? no, they waited until they did an investigation until the clippers sale was complete.
4:21 am
listen, we have an identified lineup of potential nba buyers, people interested in nba team. now is the time for bruce levinson to strike. >> we lost malik, i think the signal went down a sec. mo, let's continue the conversation. what do you think the raises to the level of the sterling case? do you think these are on par with each other? do you think the league is now becoming more sensitive and aware? it sounds to me you are not impressed with how the league has handled this, though. >> not at all. i don't think we have to compare who are the bigger racists. they're racist comments based on stereo types around forever. fathers don't bring sons to bob games. i've gone to hawks' games sense i have been living if atlanta 20 years. i seen plenty of black fathers bring their sons to hawks' games. it's a continuing stereotype. all the cheerleaders? i know a ton of houx' cheerleaders. black people love to stay at the bar longer than other people.
4:22 am
i go to the hawks' games and don't drink. it's like the ridiculous stereo types that continue. this is a business deal. this was the right timing for bruce to say, listen, i did the i will be the bigger guy. i will come forward and i will self report and then i'm going to make millions or maybe even billions off of my share. i want to see whether are the hawks going to do now after my share is sold? what are the nba going to do after punishing another other than that is found out? listen, it's all a part of the game of.. >> what do you think, malik is back with us, do you think this could be more of a business decision on the part of levinson than him realizeing he's wrong? >> well, i mean, mo is very passion fat and brought up a ton of accurate, accurate issues. there story for me has only broken yesterday. so i have been doing research on it. a lot of people i talked torkt they agree with her, this is
4:23 am
perfect timing for a sale and to self report, protect the other business interests of levinson, he has that communications group and the fact that he announced it on the opening week of the ffl season. she is very good with that, very accurate in those assumptions and with the league, i heard her talking about why hasn't adam silver done something since july? i agree with her, i have to remember, there is a legal process to everything, one the issue was still hot on our plates, whatever, and it wasn't settled yet. he had to finish one him i'm not making excuses for him. he has to pinnish one and you have to go through the due process, gather the facts, do the investigation, find out what he's going to do, there is legal recourse if he does something wrong in that time. while i do agree there is something that should have been done or addressed earlier, there is a process to those things. he has been trying to sell this
4:24 am
team for a long time since 2011 when he sold the atlanta thrashers, he was trying to sell this team and the deal went through. it was announced and then it fell through. so i think he has been trying to get this done for a long time. you see the clippers sold for, wow, let me see what i can cash in. >> that will definitely be an interesting part of the conversation and debate, quite honestly as this moves forward. mo raidss an important point. what do the hawks do in light of there? what do they do to change that if you will that attitude if they can? let's see what happens going forward. but it's good to have that conversation. mo, malik, thank you. let us know what you think about this. there are a lot of opinions going around. go to day let us know. a virus is putting hundreds of children n.e.r. officials say that could be just
4:25 am
the tip of the iceberg. that's their word. so what is the virus, what can you do to protect your family? we will be talking to an expert about it coming up. and the president in his interview with nbc news admits political theater doesn't always come natural to him like when he played ball u gulf after the death of james foley? isn't that a part of the job? it will be a part of inside politics. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner.
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our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add.
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. >> thank you for coming back with us here on "new day." here are your headlines. the cease-fire in ukraine is
4:29 am
haled. they warn, however, it is shaky and the next few days are crucial. sleling and explosions broke out sunday less tan two days after kiev and pro-russian separatists reached a deal t. heavy fighting has been in the airport in donyetsk. they will go for an all for all prisoner exchange with ukraine on wednesday. an experimental ebola vaccine tested on monkeys appears to work after just one shot. the national institutes of health released a study sunday t. same vaccine is being tested on humans, upon can is tested with the vaccine showed strong resistance to the virus just five weeks after one shot. however the study found the resistance faded after ten months, but could be reenforced with booster shots. meanwhile, doctors if nebraska treating dr. rick sacra say he is making progress. it's too early to say if he will recover. at least 100 people were airlifted from raging flames
4:30 am
from the national wildfire innio se yosemite national park. remember. there is a drought going on there. it has swallowed up a over 700 acres of land. my goodness, such a beautiful place when you look at the vistas even with the smoke all around. >> very tough to fight fire. >> it sure is. >> dangerous work, too. we'll keep watch tack one. time the get to "inside politics" with lots to talk about. >> happy monday. there is a lot to talk about. 57 days to election day a. very big week for the president if washington. it could impact those campaigns. with me to share the reporting and insights. let's start with the president's big week. he will bring the congressional leadership down.
4:31 am
he will give a speech to the american people on wednesday, explaining where he thinks the isis threat is going and the american response. last week we had senator dianne feinstein, a democrat and a chair woman. she was saying her president, the democratic president is being too cautious. she still has a lot of questions. she sees a change for the better. >> i want to congratulate the president. he is now on the autopsy. he has put together the coalition of nine nations, his people are in different regional countries as we speak consulting and trying to bring in other countries in the region. i think that this is a major change in how isis is approached. >> she says she wants to see a more muck lar response, she sees a change coming. but she still has questions. before we talk, let's go to ted cruz, republican from texas. he has a different approach. he said in a statement yesterday, we do not need another bank speech. we need a strategy. the president did not have one
4:32 am
last year or next week. margaret what are we looking for from the president? is he ready to talk more clearly about we may do airstrikes from syria, here's what it will take or is this an incremental step? >> it's not incremental from the in fact he wants to layout a much more broader approach, but to answer that sort of $64,000 qui which is what the u.s. is doing in syria, the truth is somewhere in the middle. which is often the case with president obama. what is he going to ask congress for? does he want to leave himself enough wiggle room he can continue acting on his own? the real challenge is to explain to americans, why did i call them junior varsity and now it's the biggest threat. >> that's a great point. they were a junior varsity. now it's an emerging threat his own people say could take five, ten, 15 years to deal with. how much impact does it have on the president, a little good
4:33 am
cop, bad cop from dianne feinstein, now she is being sweet saying i into ed to see proof. i need to see you take these guys out. >> we got a phone call in the last week, the president is in a tough spot t. countries has no huge appetite to re-enter one more conflict. but at the same time, you see the session two beheadings which have outraged people around the world and the president is forced to act. but again, there is not any appetite in this country to the put ground troops back if that region. so the president is somewhat handcuffed. if you remember, there is only so much this president can do frankly in the next two years. if he were to have reports there, most experts believe this will take years and years, after this president leaves the white house to really address the root of this issue. >> you mentioned the beheading.
4:34 am
there is no question the bar barrism has changed public opinion, having more liberal democrats, the american people seeing this is a huge appetite. remember the president has a ton of things after james foley. he gave a stern statement and minutes later he was on the golf course. he told nbc news that was a bad call. >> i should have anticipated the offense, but part of this job is theater. a part of it is you know, how are you. >> how are you? >> it's not something that always comes naturally to me. >> that's the understatement of the year. >> thinking about the offense is not something that comes naturally to him. forgive me. that was bad call to go golf sock quickly. it's not the first time. >> it's not like he doesn't get the offense. he hates he has to deal with it.
4:35 am
it is increasingly frustrated. you see his term winding down. oh my god, i'm over it. pummelled by the international crises he has very little ability to sway. the man wants to go out and be left alone. >> the other big thing is the president confirming he will wait until after the election to do anything on immigration. in june, republicans said they're not going to deal t. president said i'm going to act. i'm going to use my executive power. friday he said he would act soon. that was friday. webster defines soon as prompt. he says here was his explanation for chuck todd. >> i'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country but it's going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration, what we have done on a unaccompanied children and why it's necessary. >> so what has changed and i'm not sure, how do you sell the idea in the public is not paying attention to this when the
4:36 am
public understands? if the public understands? >> two things have changed. one is the unflux of the children across the border. you see the polling in key senate races the real pressure from these democrats. i'm not convinced the president thinks the immigration will tip the elections. i think if democrats lose control of the senate, president obama doesn't want to be blamed for it because he pushed immigration. >> as you touched in, we are starting to see 57 days that we're starting to see the election. it looks like it's starting to move how you expect it. this is an nbc poll, you look at arkansas the republicans ahead, in couple the republicans ahead in the holding of a seat there. in arkansas, the republicans will pick that up. colorado the democrat should be a d. gardner should be an r, democrats ahead barely, let's look at new york times polling again, the republicans ahead in
4:37 am
arkansas and couple. the democrats slightly ahead in colorado the republican ahead if alaska. that's a change from what we seen a couple months back. the president doesn't want to take a bad scene and make it worse. >> the democrats in the senate, president obama, fromesque, it's your numbers, they can only stay on so much this year. this is something you can control. don't make it worse for us. the prtdz deferred to their wishes as least on the timing of. this you know, it's a tough year for democrats in the senate, john. those polls reflect what is happening out there. especially in so-called red america and the fact is, is that when these polls look at folks who will vote, likely voters. it looks more grim for democrats. it's not a lost cause. the republicans still feed six seats to get back to the senate. there is no question at this point, it does look increasingly likely that, you know the gop
4:38 am
will find it. >> to jonathan's point, if you go race by race, they to the if they acted on immigration, it could create a national wave, the republican turnout overwems the democrats, maybe in a place like minnesota, you got a close race with iowa and in blue states. you don't create the one issue, you do state by state. >> yes. but for latino advocates and for the people that really care about this clause, it's like their consistently ongoing ponds in this calculus, how to win primaries and elections. >> and obama promised those folks immigration reform in the first term. >> they're furious. the republicans have a right to change their policy nationally. there is a great opportunity for republicans, they both seize it. >> that's right. you saw chris christie in mexico doing his transition and president obama acts with executive power on to have 15th
4:39 am
or something, this probably won't matter in the long run. if he doesn't. >> it could help democrats by the way going to 2016. a national immigration. >> thanks for coming in, back to you guys in, no. it is to margaret's point when you talk to these latinoing aistists, they remember they have been promised over and over again, their turn is coming. every time a political crossroads come, they lose. >> exactly right. third time is a charm i guess. >> or the fourth or fifth time. >> the mayor doesn't have to worry about the immigration debate. here's something people have to worry about, especially parents. kids are going back to school. everybody knows back to sick ness, something is new out there. it is nasty. a respiratory virus that put dozens in the hospital and has doctors scratching their heads, we are talking to an expert next to help keep your kids healthy.
4:40 am
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a respiratory virus is sending children to several hospitals across the states. it causes symptoms a bit like a cold except for worse. it's an enterovirus d-68. it's hard to identify. one top doctor in missouri says in his 30 years of treating children he's never seen anything like it. fresh back from holidays, we put you right to work. this concerning. it is frustrating to see how many sick kids. why sit so nasty? >> what we don't know is exactly how the virus works. but it seems to be affecting the upper respiratory tract. that's putting kids in intensive care because it's making it difficult for them to breathe.
4:45 am
they can't breathe. exactly. so it's concerning because we don't have a simple test for it. it seals to be spreading quite rapidly f. you think the first spike is detected mid- to late-august. we don't have a vaccine. the only control methods, hands washing. washing surfaces, and telling kids not to touch each other. >> it doesn't seem aggressive for parents when they see the kids ending up in the icu. talk to me about the spread. it seems as tow the mid-west is getting hit hardest. why? why would that be? >> stories like this and viruses in general make the medical profession look bad. we have to be aggressive and going i don't know, when you look at the range of experts that have spoken on there, they end up saying we don't know. so we don't have, if you want to study bacteria, you can grow it in a dish. if you want to study viruses, you have to grow phlegm in cells. they're not alive, they're
4:46 am
strands of rna which replicate. so figuring out what they are doing to our bodies is much more difficult. >> the timing. you said it's around the middle, second, third week of august. kid all went back to school. that could spooem speak to why it's spread sock quickly. they are sickening other children s. that what's happening? >> it's probably that plus a number of things more complicated. it could have something to do with temperature, humid, dryness in the air. the change of the dna or gen ittics. seasonal. something like that, it probably is something to do with the school year. there are probably a lot of things going on. >> some kids most vulnerable. kids with asthma. you say flu shots will help? >> what you don't want is a double infection. >> what can they do? >> the main thing is wash your hands, remember, that's really
4:47 am
tough. kids are affectionate. people want to kiss their kids, that's hard to follow. washing surfaces, if you are running a gym or a school, washing surfaces is a good idea. good hygiene. >> the elderly, do they need to be concerned as well? >> it seems to be affecting kids more him it may be with child behavior. practicing good hygiene is good for anyone, it's likely to get to fork. i think that's probably right. >> we will be watching it. good to have you back with us. thank you for explaining it all. now she has won her 18th grand slam title, serena williams has cemented her legacy as a ledge en. is she the best ever? she spoke with our rachel nichols ahead. stay tuned. . . the performance review. .
4:48 am
4:49 am
4:50 am
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or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. ♪ welcome back. you are witnessing greatness. "new day" in general but serena williams a legend after this weekend. she powered past straight sets aat the time u.s. open claiming 18th grand slam title. 18. what does that mean? she joins the lofty company of the best ever. everett and others. the discussion must begin. is serena williams the best ever? tough question. rachel nickels, unguarded with rachel nickels got to speak to
4:52 am
serena right after. what a moment for her. >> absolutely. got to think she's in the discussion certainly best ever. 18 titles. that ties her with christy. 22 the number best ever stef fi graph. serena is going to be able to hit that mark. you rim remember we talk about martin that. they had each other as rivals. nobody has been able to step up and rival her, be her equal. they have stepped up and said they think she is better than them. they surprised her after the match. lovely moment. take a look at the moment. serena was over the moon. >> congratulations. this was your 18th grand slam win. that ties you. let that sink in. what is that like? >> i know. it's really -- i don't know. it doesn't seem right.
4:53 am
christy martin that and serena. it feels great. you hear these names growing up. you don't think one day your going to say oh serena. you don't think about yourself like that. you think i'm going to work hard, do the best i can. then you start chasing titles, start chasing legends. >> chrissy surprised you on the court. >> yes. i wasn't expecting that at all. >> they gave you a nice gift. that number 18 charm bracelet. want to hold it up there? >> number 18 charm bracelet. >> very nice. what was that moment like? >> it was great. i didn't expect it. i was really happy to see the two amazing women come out and support me like that. >> last few weeks make this official. you have now had the craziest year in tennis ever. how high have the highs before for you and how low the lows? >> definitely super crazy. i expect so much out of myself. so definitely highs.
4:54 am
the greatest, getting the 18 here at the open. i think it was fitting actually. and the lows, i worked through. that's what helped out. >> listen. i love tennis. i don't know any other sport that matches mind and body the way that sport does. >> a physical chess match. >> when you look at her -- box does she not check the best? >> she is amazing. she is sort of seen as maybe hey, she can challenge her. it wasn't close. serena wiped the floor with her. after wards, she said we're still going to get drinks together. caroline said serena is buying. these two are good friends. we haven't seen this in the past. she and her sister have decided to stick to themselves in the past. she has created a great
4:55 am
friendship. she was engaged to rory earlier in the year. it was serena of all people there for her over and over again on the phone, texting her, making sure caroline was okay. it's brought out a nicer touch in serena over the course of the summer. she's a credited caroline for bringing tout softer side of her on tour as well. it was a nice moment. >> it is nice to see greatness playing out in front of us. best of her generation. as you said, she's got more gas in the tank. look forward to seeing her. great interview. you got her in the right moment. how do we see the full interview with serena williams? this friday night on "unguarded" with rachel nichols. thank you. another nba owner forced out because of racial insensitivity. owner of the hawks steps a side voluntarily.
4:56 am
is there more to that than just remorse? what he wrote and why he stepped down may not be related. we'll explain straight ahead. plus how the fight against the brutal isis militants has the president saying now he's got a plan. what is the plan? will it work? before we go to war, isn't it worth asking if this is our fight in the u.s.? where's the muslim world? answers straight ahead. they'll show you a special glue we've developed that bonds metal to plastic. and that makes the things you're trying to move... lighter. the less weight... the less energy. and what you save can be used for speed. for efficiency. or just for fun. this is the human element at work. dow.
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5:00 am
making the case. president obama says he has a new strategy to defeat isis. this week he has to sell it to congress and to you. this as he punts on immigration reform, no action until after the midterms. cnn exclusive. owner of tlak hawks selling his stakes in the team because of racially charged e-mails he sent and made public. this morning the franchise ceo speaks to cnn. what happened behind the scenes? breaking baby news. we have a spare to the heir. prince william and kate
5:01 am
announcing they're expecting again. prince george set to be a big brother. your "new day" continues right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and michaela. it's 8:00 in the east this morning. a critical weekic canning off in the battle against isis after harsh criticism coming at the president suggesting he doesn't have a strategy. he's set to unveil his plan. unveil that strategy. he's going to meet with key congressional leaders likely tuesday. he's then going to address the nation wednesday. >> remember the big issue here many many the u.s., immigration reform. it's a priority, just not now. the president says he will not take action until after the midterms leaving people in his own party extremely upset. let's begin with senior white house correspondent jim lacoste and strategy to beat isis.
5:02 am
>> that's right. senior officials say the president and his aids have begun working on that speech set for wednesday, one day before another 9-11 anniversary. it's a message design stod show the country the president is eager to take the fight to isis. >> after a few fumbles on isis, president obama has a new plan, he says, to start going on offense. >> we're going to shrink the territory they control and ultimately going to defeat them. >> in an interview on meet the press, he suggested once again u.s. combat troops won't return to iraq. >> this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. >> that tough new approach on isis came with expansion of u.s. air strikes over the weekend targeting the terror group for the first time in western iraq around the haditha dam. that air power the president hopes tips the power to iraqi and kurdish forces as well as moderate syrian rebels battling isis on the ground.
5:03 am
>> we are going to be help tofg put together a plan for them so they can start retaking territory that isil had taken over. >> democrats worried the president was being too cautious. >> i want to congratulate the president. he's now on the offense. >> gop critics are far from convinced. >> the pentagon was going through what if scenarios. the president apparently wasn't, hasn't developed a strategy. i don't know if you can't see the reality from the fair way. >> the president acknowledged he stumbled after the beheading of american journalist james foley. he admitted he sent the wrong message when he recognized foley's execution to head to the golf course minutes later. >> i should have anticipated the opti optics. that's part of the job. >> he insisted he did not refer to isis as a jv team to new yorker early they are year. that's a claim checkers deem to be false.
5:04 am
in the meantime, he will be sitting down with congressional leaders at white house about his isis strategy tomorrow. at this point, white house officials are not yet saying whether the president will seek to get authorization from congress for air strikes in syria. they have not reach had the decision just yet. kate and chris? >> jim, thank you so much. at the white house for us. let's talk about this as well. president obama's decision to delay action on immigration reform. executive action. that decision is drawing criticism the president. let's discuss this with democratic congresswoman, also a member of the congressional hispanic caucus. great to see you. thanks for the time. >> good morning kate. >> what is your reaction? what was your initial reaction when you heard the president was delaying this move? >> well, let's remember it's not just latino community but many
5:05 am
immigrant communities waiting for something to happen. so the first fault lies with the house of representatives, the republicans who refused to bring up anything on the house floor. we've all been frustrated, all immigrant communities are very frustrated about this. as well as the business community, faith community. when president obama said to us in particular the hispanic caucus, i'm going to get something done. you'll know by august. it is a disappointment. it's a frustration. more importantly, there are probably 60 or 70,000 families of all stripes that this affects with possible deportations between now and after the election. >> did you get any heads up that the white house was going to be making this delay? >> well, we understood from the president and from secretary johnson of homeland security that in august, they would be reviewing a six page memo we sent to them with administrative
5:06 am
issues that they could fix or work on or change that they could help these families that have been really suffering because of this. let me give you an example. let's say that you are an american citizen and you fall in love with someone here, and they happen to be here without the right documents. you marry them. they want to be with you. you file for them. they go to another country to put in paperwork because they must be out of the country. then they must stay there ten years until they're eligible to come back and be with you even though they're married to an american citizen. things like that can be changed. maybe let them wait ten years to get that status. so, you know, there were things that were very practical on this list. the president said he would address it, choose on that list, help us with that. in fact now he's delayed us with. no heads up on. that. >> you call some of these very
5:07 am
practical which in political terms would mean should be easy to pull off. why then do you think the president is delaying it? the white house says they think the issue is just too big to allow people when they say -- they mean republicans -- to grand stand votes on it. is that good enough reason for you to delay action? >> look, there are various communities from an economic standpoint, business community has been saying listen, we need to fix this broken immigration system. from a family value's perspective, the faith community says enough is enough. don't deport these people, don't pull apart families. more important from homeland security perspective. people who work on this say listen, if we could make sure that people who have economic reasons and family reasons that they want to be in this country, if we could get them off the chart and give them the right paperwork, we could concentrate
5:08 am
limited resources on the people who really mean to do us harm. for all thesen are, we should be getting it done now instead of after the election. yes, of course we're disappointed with the president as the entire immigrant communities, all communities are disappointed with the house of representatives for refusing to bring this up. >> that fight will continue. i want to stay focused on the news of the president's decision. lit me play devil's advocate on the flip side. if you're frustrated the president is not acting on practical measures like you said. why then if this slue is so important and if the president thinks this could risk control of senate for democrats, why can't you wait eight weeks or so until after the election to allow the president to do it? >> well, we have no choice. the president has at his discretion to that. he's decided to that. we are going to have to wait. the problem is that in the two months we're talking about, there could be up to 60,000
5:09 am
mothers. a lot of this is about women by the way. women. usually the man has papers to work here. most the time the children are born here. it's the mother that is being deported to wherever it is. korea, ireland, mexico, whatever. that is about -- so important, so nuclear to the family, the mother. so what we're talking about is families who are torn apart. so it might seem like it's not a big deal to some people. to every family it should be important. >> i want your final take on this. your colleague described the president's move as being playing it safe. i would also argue that this could be a gamble, kind of a political way of saying fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. does the president risk losing the trust of the latino community after so many times of making promises and not following through? do you think he risks hurting the democratic parties's support
5:10 am
by the latino community? >> again i'm going to emphasize, it's not about latino families. it's all immigrant families. there are plenty of other communities waiting for this. the answer is they understand and we will let them know it's -- while the president has disappointed, the real reality is that these house republicans have refused to work with us, to move a bill that a would solve this issue. for the faith community, our community -- >> has he made that job harder though? >> for the business community. i would say it's always difficult during a political time to get out and get out the right message and go out to make people understand. we're revving up the machines to let all immigrant communities and our faith community helping us from all angles to let us help people understand it's house republicans refusing to move the bill through the house of representatives. >> congresswoman, it's great to
5:11 am
see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> of course. michaela. ten minutes past the hour. here's a look at headlines. european union is planning to move forward with sanctions against russia despite the ceasefire with ukraine. european security officials say the agreement is holding yet it is shaky shelling explosions broke out sunday. the heaviest fighting has been near the airport in donetsk. there's reports rebel leaders will go ahead with the all for all prisoner exchange with ukraine. president obama says the u.s. military will help fight the deadly ebola virus in west africa with equipment and support for health care workers. the president says if the international community does not help the virus could mutate and spread to other countries including here in the u.s. and pose a serious danger. ebola has killed more than 2,000 in this most recent outbreak. and historic gift for harvard.
5:12 am
$350 million donated today to the school of public health. it was gifted by hong kong billionaire and alumnus. he went on to build a multibillion investment empire. this is the biggest donation in that university's history. the biggest solo donation. foundations have come together to give gifts. this is record. $350 million. >> what harvard needs, more money. >> if they could make the price of education across the board -- >> one place they're hoping is public health. they pointed to the ebola outbreak as a need. who knows. >> you never know. >> ebola, isis, so many horrible stories going on. we don't have to make the news all about sickness, terror, death.
5:13 am
let's celebrate life. the only thing better than hearing about a baby is a royal baby. we have the exciting announcement from bucking ham palace. >> control your enthusiasm. >> reporter: it's my home the next seven months. the parents only found out recently that kate was pregnant. she's suffering from this early -- acute morning sickness she had last time around with prince george. she had to cancel an engagement. they want to be open with the public. they came out with the announcement today. she's not yet 12 weeks pregnant. probably about eight weeks. we don't know whether it's a boy or girl. there's sen schism in this country. we have the scottish referendum coming up. this is a big boost for the campaign in scotland. the palace assures me this has
5:14 am
nothing to do with whatsoever. the couple is excited, queen is excited. i'm sure the public is excited. maybe a bit of a stretch last time. kate was here for it. >> i remember very well. she was so moved by the situation. she decided to have a baby herself. that's how strong the influence was. >> you know -- i don't like to fashion myself as the duchess. >> you started wearing a tty tiara. >> my husband sent me a text this this morning, does this mean another trip to the uk for you? hopefully i'll be joining. i need to do shopping for this baby. >> baby is a great excuse to shop by the way. tough for the man of the house to say no when for the little girl. >> hopefully michael is at work. we'll hear from max about
5:15 am
this very much. we got caught up in ourselves once again. just to set the record, mick and kb have girl in the offing. >> i would like the ability to change that at some point you know. >> rep says we have discussed enough. we move on. the owner of the atlanta hawks writes that too many blacks are scaring season ticket holders. is he doing the right thing or right for business? we have an exclusive conversation with the team's ceo. you'll want to hear it. security fears on the anniversary of 9-11 coming one day after president obama is set to give the speech outlining his strategy to combat isis is. we'll speak to security experts about the latest threats against the u.s.
5:16 am
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5:19 am
. it appears comments about race are costing another nba owner his team. his name is bruce elevenson. he plans to sell share of atlanta hawk afs he admitted to sending a racially slurred e-mail. in our cnn exclusive, martin savage talked to the ceo about it. i get to talk to martin live from the cnn center in atlanta. my goodness. here we are again. >> hello. i was talking to him late last
5:20 am
night. he was saying there's no real rule book, guideline to what you do next as what to do next with the nba team. he says the first thing he has to do is be transparent which is why he granted the interview. bruce admitted he wrote the e-mail two years ago that triggered this. he admits also it was, well, offensive to many people. he doesn't blame them for being angry. others say it wasn't just racial it was racially insensitive. >> it's the e-mail that cost the team. in 2012 bruce fired off incites of why they weren't attracting more season ticket holders. looking around our arena during games, it's 70% black. my theory is that black crowd scared away the whites. he goes on. i feel southern whites simply
5:21 am
were not comfortable being in the arena or at a bar where they were the minority. he says that i have even [ bleep ] the kiss cam is too black. for nba, it's embarrassment as the nba is looking to get over donald sterling's criticism earlier this year. >> i'm his partner. i can't be partners with somebody who shares those views. >> sunday lef inson issued an apology and announced he's selling the team dumping the nightmare in the lap of the hawks' brand new ceo. in an exclusive interview, he told me he was dumbfounded when he read the e-mail. >> he describes it racially insensitive. it's far more than that. it's a racist e-mail, business
5:22 am
bigoted e-mail. it's breathtakingly stupid as far as a business communication. what were your thoughts when you read it? >> i couldn't believe it. i think you just said breathtakingly stupid. i have an audible gasp. there's no words to describe, mortified and angry. >> he told me it came to light after the general manager made what was considered by front office managers a racially insensitive remark. an internal investigation was launched and lef inson's bomb shell e-mail was found. >> zero tolerance is a buzz word. we want to live by that. bruce was confronted about the e-mail from 2012. he decided instead of fighting it or doing things seen in the past, he thought it was best for the city, the team, for his
5:23 am
family to walk away. >> coonen realized he had to first apologize to fans and then face the team. >> i spoke to players tonight. there was a meeting. i addressed them. >> what was that like? >> it was like walking into a funeral. these are young men who wear our city's name and our low ego on their chest. they play for a team. they're supposed to be supported by their ownership. ownership failed in supporting then. >> cnn tried to speak to levinson. >> when is the last time you talked to bruce? >> yesterday. >> what did you say? >> i think it's best that you walk away. >> what did he say? >> you're right. >> the first real day of the season of the nfl. a lot of people may not have heard the news. they're waking up to it now
5:24 am
especially the e-mail. it will be interesting what the fallout continues to be. absolutely martin. thank you for. that we do know this e-mail was written in 2012. why come forward with it now? rachel nichols is here with more on that. it's interesting to think the idea he was self-reporting, full disclosure, getting ahead of the problem, except two years behind. >> it's two separate parts. martin talked about it in the report. the gm of the team was reading a scouting report on a conference call. he repeated a racially insensitive remark that an outside scout not full time employee by the team had made. there were enough people on the call who thought how could the gm even repeat that rark? that launched an investigation into the hawks. they released 24,000 documents. in that was the one e-mail. once that e-mail came to light
5:25 am
in the organization, there was internal pressure from the partners saying we've got to report this to nba. that's the chain of events that got bruce to self-report to nba and then they launched their own investigation. then that investigation even ended with levinson calling himself out according to the nba saying i don't want to go through with this. i don't want the public scandal. i don't want to deal with having my family dragged through the mud. let's end this now and sale the team. >> unfortunately it doesn't end with #hot mess. we have to see that team going forward. rachel, thank you so much. you wanted to put seats in the seats if you will. were just being specific act what color those needed to be. >> not okay. >> not okay at all. u.s. embassies around the world are increasing security ahead of the 9-11 anniversary. we're going to talk to experts about security fears as the president unveils his strategy against isis. we'll be back.
5:26 am
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5:28 am
5:29 am
big story to watch today. president obama has a strategy to win the fight against isis. he wants to sell it to you.
5:30 am
so listen up to how he plans to smack down the growing terror threat in a speech to the nation this wednesday. what will work, and should you back it? >> more than anything i want the american people to understand the nature of the threat and how we're going to deal with it and have confidence we'll deal with it. >> what would give you that kfrds? let's figure out with two people that know? cnn security analyst and former homeland security and counter terrorism advisor. also a member of cia and dhs. you got a lot of titles. before we talk about going forward. let's figure out exactly where the heck we are. fran townsend, phillip mud, 9-11, trying to scare us again. have you heard credible threats against the u.s. coming around 9-11? >> we're not hearing specific or credible threats right now.
5:31 am
what we know from experience is terrorists launch attacks when they're ready, when they have capability in place. they don't hide these around anniversaries. people are especially sensitive because of benghazi attacks that came on 9-11 anniversary. overall, i'm not hearing anything specific. >> professor mud, i see you looking on in subtle attempt in a face that shows agreement. the next question, isis, so much worse than al qaeda. they're new, a new threat. that's not true phillip mud. we've been fighting the same problems since the 90s. why are politicians trying to scare us this is the new and worst thing ever? >> let's take one piece of this off the table. i don't do politics. a lot of this is six years into administration, there's politics going on. there's reality, we're looking at a group like what i've looked
5:32 am
at past 15 to 20 years. there are differences. in particular one is amount of geography these guys own. this is unprecedented for terrorist groups. we've seen other groups own some space. these guys span across from iraq to syria, now reaching to places like lebanon. the other thing i mention is access to westerners that come back to united states because they're u.s. citizens or they're europeans who have easy access to u.s. through visa waiver from europe. these things, gee -- geography and europers. >> you cannot answer this by say saying both. what defeats the threat of isis sooner and more effectively? any kind of military campaign you want to architect or giving the sunni majority in the region
5:33 am
of syria and iraq, what they want specifically in iraq, which is ownership a part of the government, role in some of the ministries and cultivating that relationship so they call back all those iraqi war fighters and generals fighting for isis. which gets the problem down fast senator. >> that's easy chris. it's both. no, really, if you're looking at long term solutions, the solution can't come externally. if you look for example, american air strikes. those air strikes escalated over the weekend are in support of troops on the ground. if you don't have sunnis on the ground, particularly tribes in places like the are province opposing the militants, you can't win bombing from the air. you've got to have sunnis deciding to take up arms against isis. otherwise you're never going to win this. >> the reason they went so fast is because a lot of sunnis
5:34 am
didn't want to fight. not because they were afraid of isis. they don't share the ideal of extremism. they share the idea of control. they were disinfranchised by the u.s. by letting maliki be in there. we're ignoring that problem because we created it, right? >> in answer to the question with phil, not only both, but you've got to sequence them. turn the tide of momentum. momentum is on isis board. they've been marching the border unof posed by legitimate force. you've got to have military campaign that addresses the threat on both sides of the border. you do need a legitimate political power in iraq that represents at least all inclusive that is addresses the sunni grievances and not at the expense of shia or sunnis. >> the question we'll leave it on today and dangle out there to do more tomorrow obviously before the big speech, who is
5:35 am
you? fran says you. that assumes u.s., jordan, saudi arabia, turks, lebanon. where are people to fight for their own faith, over islam? we're not hearing their role. we're hearing coalition. where is their fight? why aren't they asking us to help and vice versa? >> to be fair chris, i will tell you when you talk to our arab allies in the region, they've been pushing administration last two and a half years to act in syria. >> why don't they act? >> part of the problem chris s it's american leadership. we saw leadership in -- >> can't we say leave us alone. let us deal with our problems? >> that's not true. these governments have come and offered financial support, weapons. they're looking for american leadership to pull together coalition. that's what we're hoping we're going to hear from the president tomorrow and wednesday. >> i'm glad fran you say i'm wrong. i want to be wrong about the situation.
5:36 am
otherwise it looks we're headed down the wrong path. >> phillip, i knew you'd answer both. i knew you didn't have what it took to answer that straight up. appreciate the perspective. we'll talk about this more. joan rivers is another story. she was finally layed to rest. it was the same way she lived her life over the top and fabulous. part of the city in new york almost shut down because of how many attention she got. barbara walters there. others joined her will there to celebrate the woman who loved to make us laugh. your nose... suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip, and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do. sleep.
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all right. here we go with five things you need to know for your with new day. president obama is getting ready to present his plan to defeat isis mill about titants in iraq. he'll present his speech wednesday mapping out plans for the u.s. military other offensive. abbas is accusing the group of running shadow government in kb gaza. the supreme leader is recovering in the iran hospital following prostate surgery. the 75-year-old is in good condition after a routine operation. no details were given on the reason for the surgery. get ready for a royal repeat. too soon to say if prince george will have a brother or sister. we're laying bets here. serena williams silencing
5:41 am
doubters after winning her 18th grand slam title. the men battle it out later today. we update five things to know. visit for the latest. a star studded send off for queen of comedy the way she would want it. hundreds turned out to bid a final farewell to joan rivers. the services were over the top. we have the look at jokes, laughs, tears, little bit of everything. >> would you expect anything less than over the top home going for her? that's how she wanted it. at times there were tears of sadness. apparently at times they laugh sod hard they cried. it was a fitting sendoff. lots of media, hundreds of fans lining the streets and who's who of hollywood there to send farewell. >> i want my funeral to be a
5:42 am
huge show biz affair with light, cameras, action. >> joan rivers got exactly what she wanted sunday is, a star studded funeral. ho hollywood's most notable from film, television packing honoring a woman who didn't cease filling rooms with laughter from the time she stepped on screen in 1965. >> i figure if the lord wanted a woman to cook he'd give her aluminum hands. >> her mission in life was to make people happy. >> she would be thrilled to see how many blocks are filled with people who wish her well. >> once inside, white orchids lined the alter. close friend howard stern delivered the eulogy. >> they loved her. she was a wonderful human being. >> the gay men's choir performed hits including "what a wonderful
5:43 am
world." hue jackman lifted spirits with rendition of quiet please, there's a lady on stage. >> tough to make me cry. i wish i could hug her. she really made me want to be a better comedian. >> according to friends inside, rivers' daughter was composed even making the audience laugh when she read a letter and pretended to be her mother's landlord. >> melissa has handled with dignity and confinement, the way the mother would want this to be. >> the final sendoff, the pipers playing classic "new york, new york" as melissa and long list of celebrities exited the synagogue. she proved she could make it anywhere. >> now we know her fashion
5:44 am
police cohosts were all in attendance. they've been in new york because the entire show production moved here for new york fashion week where they were going to tape shows. they cancelled tapings before rivers' death. last week e taped that ran in place of the show. there's no word on what will run tonight when "fashion police" is supposed to air. fitting send off. >> yes. >> nice to see. as her daughter said, she would want us to get back to laughing soon. this is the first step to it. >> absolutely. >> i was a little surprised at how the thick lines were around. not because i don't love her, of course, who doesn't. i respected it. the cops were surprised by how big it was also. >> young and old. her fan base -- she was 81. she had been performing 50 years. >> one fan said this shows how
5:45 am
much she was loved. what fan base shows up for someone 81 years old. >> that's true. the president is gearing up to reveal his tragedy against isis. what will it take to fight an enemy with followers from all over the world? we'll speak to an expert on fundamentalist islam next. ...and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! try great tasting tums chewy delights. yummy. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month.
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...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. president obama plans to outline just how the u.s. will defeat isis in a speech on wednesday directed at you.
5:49 am
the question becomes, can we defeat a group that is really about an idea? an idea recruiting followers around the world. so we bring in the expert, he understands the situation well. author of new york times best seller "zealot" also specializing many evolution of islam which is a big component of this which is ignored until today. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> let's put this in context of the book for a second. talking about threats that are idealistic. about ideas, people, what you do to stop them. let's wwjd it. because of what you know about jesus as a politician as well as someone with a devine message a, what would he do in this situation? >> i think that jesus was somebody who was against the idea of social injustice against violence for violent sake. like most religious leaders, he would be a gassed pat what's
5:50 am
going on here including the profit mohamed himself. using religion to fullment revolution and violence particularly against the powers at be is one that goes back many, many centuries. this is not a new phenomenon by any means. >> obviously jesus would have the power to call on the rest of the world that we do not. i think at the core that's what is we're dealing with. the most obviously is where is that religion? where is culture of islam? where are muslims? we heard some people in afghanistan saying you know, in saudi arabia saying islam is a disgrace. that's about them calling themselves the kal fate. where is this in a fight over
5:51 am
its own faith? >> these are countries denouncing it. individuals and is organizations have done a good job of denouncing isis. you're right about one thing. muslim majority countries like turkey, kuwait far from working with pus to roll back gains, have been doing things to support isis. >> does that mean they support what isis wants? that's a suspicion in the u.s. they don't do it because muslims want to dominate the world and hate the west. >> the nation state makes decisions based on what it finds to be it's own national interest. foreign policy is not about doing good or bad in the world. it's about protecting those interests. for a host of reasons now, countries including kuwait and turkey find it's in their interest in the least to not openly fight against isis.
5:52 am
that's something the president is going to have a difficult time changing their minds if. >> when i come to you and you're jordan, i say you've got to fight this. you're next. they're coming after you. >> jordan is not a problem. that's an argument to make for a country for instance like turkey afraid of isis, 50 citizens held hostage by isis. there are economic opportunities turkey has been gaining from isis' black market sale of for instance diesel and fuel in turkey. for kuwait, they see their own positions in the uae protected. there's the sunni divide. there's so many reasons people are for or against isis. i think what's happening now is there's finally the international will led by the president himself to say that this is a group that is a danger to all of us, regardless of your religion and ideology. that's a message starting to get
5:53 am
through. >> if they're all about religion, islamic state, whatever you want to call them. we care too much about what they want to be called. shouldn't the islamic world come out and say this is not islam? not in a whispered voice but nations that see themselves as religious states saying this is not wo who we are. let's put a stop to it. >> if anybody is questioning whether muslims have been denouncing isis or not, a simple google search will answer that a. with nation states it's a matter of trying to get them go beyond their economic and political interests and recognize that as you say, this is a blight on the muslim world. everywhere whether government or individuals are in danger by the ideology that this group represents. >> in the midst of this negativity and hostility toward religion, what religion mean, not a new book but a book that may have new application to
5:54 am
dialogue. your book. this is not a chronicling of what you could figure out about jesus. you look carefully at what he did and why with the political side of messages as well as the religious motivation. what's the lesson for us today? >> the lesson is that religion is much more a matter of identity than a matter of believes and practices. when you say you're a jew or christian or buddhist, you're talking more about who you are in the world, how you understand the world. it represents every aspect of your life from politics, economic views, social views. it's about who you are, not just what you believe. that's why when you look at a group like isis, it's not enough to simply say they call themselves muslim, this must be about islam. they call themselves muslim and when they say that they're referring to every aspect of who they are from their economic position, their social positions, political views. all of these things need to be
5:55 am
addressed to defeat religious if he gnat schism no matter what form. >> interesting. the book is an interesting take. we're reversing roles. i keep asking you about the book, and you talk about the broader contest. i appreciate it. it's helpful in the broader contest. >> i appreciate. that. >> the book is life and times of jesus now in paper back and easier to read. not all news is negative. new announcement on the royal baby at the top of the hour. kede show them where they're getting the acid, and what those acids can do to the enamel. there's only so much enamel on a tooth, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel because it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. we want to be healthy and strong through the course of our life, and by using pronamel every day, just simply using it as
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he brings his a-game! la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! . we need good stuff on this couch. the message is it's the little i think thises that count. 65-year-old john mccormick of base town, texas in the middle of mowing his lawn. he collapses chls firefighters show up, revive him and follow the ambulance to the hospital. that's their job, right? here's what's not. they return to his house to finish the lawn. then they hand a handwritten note, we felt bad your husband didn't get to finish the yard, so we did. it was a gesture that meant everything to his worried family because it wound up being a
6:00 am
difficult time for them with the loss they had to suffer. it was a little bit of a window. it's the big things that make first responders amazing. it's also the little things. something like mowing the lawn. thank you first responders. you are the good stuff as always. a lot of news for you this morning. let's get to carol now. >> have a great day guys. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. big news this morning. will and kate are expecting baby number two. kate is suffering severe morning sickness this time around. we'll take you to london for the late nest a minute. first we must start in washington. summer vacation is over for congress as lawmakers get set to return today for three


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