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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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polls in scotland, such a crucial story for the world. two weeks ago nobody thought it would be. anderson "ac360" will continue to cover thetbb story right no >> good evening, thank you for joining us, there is a lot happening okahead,i] more nfl domestic violence headlines. a mass shooting in florida,t( a scotland determining if they want toi] break away from the united kingdom. but we begin with this man, eric frein, who is wanted for the killing of one police officer and the wounding of another. today, the fbi put frein on its ten most wanted list. right now they are searching significantlyñi in the area. jason carroll has more. >> reporter: just aok great dea of police activity. let me set the scene here, the town where eric frein lived, up the road there, just about a mile or so up that road.
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and what we have been seeing and hearing 5aabout, armored cars all of a sudden showing up in the area. a very heavye1 police presence, door, ase1 well.king door oh 0l helicopters overhead, the area has been blocked off. the residentsx::jz live in the area being told they're not allowed to go home at this time. kejt told they have to stay away. there were thoughts,e1 anderson that authorities actually had frein perhaps even cornered or captured a little earliere1 but that is not the case. becausee"9 we were out here we actually made our way up the road just a little bit up in this area. and we saw the statek1jtt actively still searching for this man. they have the searchñr lights o, we had gotten to one point ande then an officer told us, itok i justxd notfáq sa>ebok for us to right now, you need to turn back andu3, head in the other ection. s'1 clearly a lot of developmens happening outq here in the searh for eric frein. >> and jason, explain for those
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who have not been followi it. this all started last friday really with the shooting of the two police okofficers. the killing of one of the troopers. what do we know aboutw3 this gu and what do we know about his skills as a marksman and what does he have? >> reporter: well, anderson, we have been doing a lot of reports about this person. he is highly skilled using weapons and in fact has been training since he was a young boy. he was a member of thexd rifle club. his father, an army vet, basically telling authorities who camexd to investigate about his son basically telling him that when his son shoots he never misses. so this is a man who is also being descrg" asá survivalist. this is a very heavily wooded area. and frein knows these woods and knows this area. he knows how to survive in this area. and so this is someone that state police know that he is competent with a rifle. and in fact missing from the
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house. an ak-47 and a rifle. so they know that he is heavily ñd8they. they know that he is familiar with this wooded area. so that is why you can see now this m)&/r+e manhunt that is under way. =iñ there have been false reports out there. and"nson, but we've not seen anything like we've seen out here so far. >> and jason in terms of thexde incidents onlp friday you justt described a little bit what happened. did he kill the officer up close, with th"wrifle thate1 ha the capability of killing from a far distance? >> reporter: absolutely, state police call it ae1 cowardly act the policemen were basically working their shift. and the way police describe it, allegedly frein was hiding inj&c the woods. used his çórifle, shot one and
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then shotnú another. receptiont came out to try took help one o theq officers took a shot at xd, as well. and in fact, the funeral for as you can imagine for this family. this was a father of two, a veteran. somebody -- you know, when you lose an officer in aw3 very sma community like this one everyone feels it, anderson. and so during the funeral today zme out with cards andok balloons to show their respect for this officer. and as you can imagine there is a great deal of hope in thise1 community, in this town that j" frein will be caught and caught soon. éz/pwant to bring in former fbi ñ they saidi] they put5a this gu their5au ten most wanted list the fbi.
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tom, you talked about the wmjju he çóhad. in particular this rifle. really, it was pretty chilling stuff. i mean, you!u talked about it t night somebody who was shot by the rifle.  would have been hit before they even heard the rifle go off? >> that is right, anderson. the ñrñr.308-caliber rifle is t sniper rifle 1l÷ choice by the military and by law enforcement and by s.w.a.t. team snipers. the bullet is supersonic and travels faster than the speed of sound, before it reaches the target. and as father said, the fact he already killed an officerfá heen shoot people frome1 a couple hundred yards away, where with a little bit of camouflage they would never be able to see him and have no idea. sox$$u$e police officers searchg danger and have been, of beingf ambushed without even having a
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clue ofçó where he is at. >> and that is the thing, tom, for days they had no idea where he is. and you often think well, maybe they're hundreds of miles away. and i suppose that is a possibility. but his car was foundçó ditchedn a pond nearby not far from the shooting incident.w3 and justxd like with dorner bac in california who shot the police officers and had that grudge against the lapd, it is very possible this guy has done a home invasion or ise1e1 stayin some house that was empty. >> that isçó right. that is exactly what dorner did. and after being loose for a week it ended up he wase1 never more than axd few 100 yards away fr[ the place where heq abandoned hó vehicle. just like in that case, we don't know whether or not he planned this to the endth degree,e1 dide planz nobody would really be able to
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track him down right away. i doubt that xdscenario, it is clear he ambushed the officer, it was not a spontaneous act to kill him. but ilp thinke1 that probably h very close at hand somewhere in thatxd wooded area or as you ha said he may have invaded a home and could be holding a family hostage. could have killed a family and just stayed in the house for food and shelter. we don't know. we should point out neighbors say he was in military gear. with thee1 photographs we had, was actually a cold war reenactor. i think he used to dress up at polish forces, or resistance forces, that is him there doing that. clearly somebody who spent a lot of time in the woods. if there are akv newñi developmentsi]e1 in the stoppin this l?wy. and also in florida, we have
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more newse1 ande1 are expectingy stephanie, explain what happened here. what do you know about what went on? >> reporter: yeah, i think now we're allw3 waiting for the pre conference. what we doñi know nowi]i] -- a what hcm to be the father,w3 shot at hise1 own daughter and x children, which are his grandkids. now, you know, a lot of different sources have been aiting to confirm that information tonight. i spoke to a lot ofe1 neighbors who were alarmednb about the situation and very shocked and surprised about how this tragedy came about. >> stephanie, is it your understanding that this occurred inside ai] home? >> reporter: that is right. i just got out of the scene, you
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know, it was closed off. it all happened in a trailer home. and we don't know thefázg7 detas to howe1 the actual shooting we about.[dty but we're hoping to get that information during that press conference. >> okay,çó and do you know and do you know -- are the peopt okay who was shot? loss of life? >> we don't know that for sure. but --u a lotqe1 of different sources and neighbors=. tell use have had some deaths. but i don't feel comfortable discussing that now sincet( we don't have it completely confirmed. >> absolutely, stephanie, we'll check back with yoz1 once this press conference has taken place. quick reminder, set your dvrs. and more breaking news, president obama weighing in on isis tonight. military planners with a target move. and president obama weighs .ñ n
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that, all that and more ahead.
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energy lives here. well, there is breaking news in the fight against isis, the senate giving final approval for traininge1e1 andlp equipping sy1 rebels, president obama thanking them fore1 thefá support.
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>> thisfá strong support shows americans who are united in the &>=9q against isis who has slaughtered so many innocent qnu)sians. americans they thought they could cause us fear, today they learned the lesson of petty terrorists. ase1 americanse1 we do not giveo fear. when you harm our citizens and threaten the united states and ourñr allies it doesn't divide , itt( unites us. >> mr.xd obama reiterated that e fight doesn't include the combat forces on the ground. earlier today, the defense secretary chuck hagel saidñr th top commanders developed afá targeting plan. meanwhile, it appears that isis correspondent jim sciutto. >> i'm told by senior mili')qy officials that has the air campaign, particularly in syria has ramped up, changing its communication and concealment in response moving around in xd
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effect. and there was concern they would move around particularly in the cities where thereq are more difficult targets. yp.ut military officials say th are cofadent they have the targets to make  air campaign a success. >> soe1 they have the target li. what is the next step for them? >> well, the next step is to show it to the president one more time. the president believes itq has the target list prepared. the president now has to approve it az÷ then move forward. this is something, anderson, the pentagon has been working around the clock on. they feel confident in that list. they just need the presidential ow. >> you know, this is such a world away from what the white house was pushing for with syria just a year ago. >> and a world awaye1 from the president felt in regard to striking bashar assad, he felt he needede1 congressional approval.i] and when he went he realized he didn't have congressional t(
5:16 pm
support. now when he goes today he gets overwhelming support, on either side, arming the syrian rebels. a remarkable turn of events. i think it shows you how it has turned, where the public clearly had no appetitee1 for the struge in syria, now in the wake of the isis it does. >> let's go to danaxd bash on capitol hill for more on the senate vote tonight. how did the vote break down? >> reporter: it was overwhelming. there was bipartisanok support senators voted for it. only 22 against it. and the no votes were pretty split. there were democrats who did not like this idea and were very vocal about it. and same goes for republicans. so it was not that different from what we saw in the house with regard to parties crossing for and against. rebels in syria. is there absolutely nolpu appe on capitol hill for a vote on
5:17 pm
the larger military action?e1 >> reporter: there is an appetite for it. that is what is so ironic. there seems to be more appetite, as congress just udid, to go he now through the elections to campaign tog mean, that is just the bottom line. a lot of members of congress as i talked toçó as they wereb. lg saidt(e1 they wished theysá coue and stay and have a debate on this. but that was not an option for them. which is why?; you did see thi vote tonight as jim was saying, a much, muchp, more limited ve narrow authority for the president to(!÷] train and arm syrian rebels. but even that, they had to go through some legislative kabuki theater to get that done. you and i talked last night aboutxd the fact the house had 18tu(ápáe vote but tucked it ino a must-pass spending bill to keep the governmentt( running. that is what the senate voted on tonight. thati] was a carefully put together strategy by the
5:18 pm
de leader harry reid. both felt they needede1 to get done because thefá rank and fil they were not sure how it would go. as i said, legislative kabuki theater. i juste1 wanted to go to wh you just said. some are shaking their head. lawmakers just came back from recess two weeks ago and now are leaving town for another recess until the election in november? >> that is right, when it comes to the house they are actually leaving a week earlier than they scheduled to be here in town until about the end of september to have about a month back home to campaign. but they skipped town today. so a week earlier, you're right, they were all back home with their constituents for about five weeks in the month of august and then september. came back only for two weeks to go right back and campaign. td8surprising.ybe not that it is tradition. but when things are as they are in the world, there weree1 a lo
5:19 pm
of lawmakers whoq don't make th decisions about what to do e1he, they're note1 very happy -- >> what about the european work schedule? >> except in europe, they don't campaign, they actually vacation. >> all right, well, thank you, dana, as always you can find more on the story on and the e1e1out-of-control a situation. and we'll talk to the ambassador to the u.n., samantha powers. and more on the reaction against yiefrz. isis.
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e1today, the6m united nati something pretty extraordinary happened fore1 the first time.e1 to call the
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ebolaxd virusxd that is ragingq africa,ñhw3 threat to worldok security. more than 2600 people have died from uebola, more than 5,000 he been infected witho7o the virus. even secretary general ban ki-moon has looked into the articles to tryok to combat tx4 earlier i spoke to ambassador power. you had strategies to deal with the ebola crisis, obviously that is a hugelp deployment for the crisis. what happens in new guinea, is focusing on liberia enough? will they be dealing with people from new guinea and training people in liberia? >> well, first let me say it is a regional join task force so it é@ u.n. and efforts across theñi ñr pi have also just come frome1 a security council session5a whe we had a doctor from liberia
5:25 pm
begging the rest of the international community to step up, whether with troops or with beds or witht( doctors or even soap and buckets, as he put itx at one point to help people.hji action today of a kind we've never seen before in the history of the united nations and we hope it won'tñi juste1 be these 3,000 u.s. troops but then one1 the civilian sidelp and even th logistic military side we'll see contributions from others. >> it is incredibly frustrating for people in these countries and anybody concerned about this that the doctors at the u.n.lp begging for soap and buckets from these countries. i know you have said that these resources previously at thefá beginning of thelp epidemic are very inadequate. when you talked to thet( ambassadors with thee1 u.n. why aren't the countries with the u.n. doing ñrmore? >> well, i don't think the penny drops for quite a while. and that is true really of all i think traditionally, the ebola
5:26 pm
outbreaks have been dealt with in the countries in question with a little bit of international support. and this epidemic, this virus has spread and become ane1 epidemic@qgrtly because of where it landed, weste1 africa had ner seen ebola before and didn't have the capabilities. and it hit in the firstxd instae right at that border between guinea, sierra leone and liberi so it spread quickly into the areas,e1 particularlye1 monrovi. so w3today's session, i want to stress, anderson, this is very significant. this is the first emergency meeting of the u.n.e1 security council int( the history and th history of theñr united nations. we had 134 co-sponsors calling on countries to do more and lift the travelxd restrictionse1 and other forms ofe1 isolation that they have imposed on these
5:27 pm
 by this epidemic. and we saw something we never saw in the history ofe1 the unid nations. words are meaningless unless the words today translate into concrete commitments that fill the gap between again, kind of moral support which these countries have intangible >> i alsoñi want to ds@> we arexd concerned with the threat grave to the region to any american citizen that crosses its path. and of course to the homeland over time, given their stated
5:28 pm
intentions toward us. a vast coalition of countries have come together. secretary kerry willçó chair a meeting here at the security council tomorrow where iok thin as many as 50 countries will speak, halfok of them in a administration manner. it is no secret that the iraqi government in recent years took on a more sectarian tone and that is one of the reasonsxd th sunni didn'tok really see the central government as representing its interests. and they found sympathy with them, more thanu they should have. we've heard from the sunni tribes, many of them, a great eagerness to break away but lacking the means to do so. the government in iraq has c) á theye1 are active in fighting isol, as well. but we are notq in any way coordinating viewinge1 shiite militia as any active way to deal with isol.
5:29 pm
>> and i've gotten tweetsfá whe some say why does the u.s. have to be the one stepping in andxd once again le%)[ejt the way in iraq? you said what if the u.s. didn't do that. there are plenty of other countries who have perhaps even greater security concerns that face isis. ( turkey,t( saudi arabia, plenty other countries in the region, even western europe who prokly have greater security concerns and face a greater threat from isis right now in the short-term isis right now in the short-term tx@ why does the u.s. have to lead the way? >>w3 well, we certainly agree wh the overwhelming opinion of the american people, which is that this burden has to be shared and that isol is a threat not only to the united states but to the region. and the countries in the region that want to see isol destroyed over time need to be part of this coalition and need to put skin in the game. =amz%ñ military support to the iraqis or the kurds or the airstrikes. so i agree with the general
5:30 pm
i would ask again who would you expect in the 193 countries of the united nations to lead, if not the united states? and i woulde1 alsoñie1 again,e1 what isol has done to two americans who did nothing more than travel to syria jusl( to tell the story ofe1 what wase1 happening to people t(there,my monst monstosity that the group inflicts, this is a terror group where we've assessed axdlpe1e1xn that we'll look to in fádepth. we now know the details of the runningback, jonathan dwyer, they are in a word, sickening. that is not 4rhjf only nfl development tonight.
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. well, later tonight therelp will be a candlelight vigil at the university of virginia ine1 y%1le, where the fbi has been searching for hannah graham. investigators are tryingxdt( to piece together the puzzle, with text messages shee1ñi received. today, police aree1 investigati an african-americanmyám9ñ randi kaye has e1okmore. >> reporter: new video of university of virginia student hannah graham caught on camera while out fori] a long night of drinking with friends. at times, she appears confused and disoriented.cñr at 1:00 a.m., she is seen at a mall in downtown charlotteville. see the man, he ducks into a doorway, when hannah passes by
5:36 pm
he follows her. >> she was vulnerable and may not have been in a position to protect herself. >> reporter: the man seen in the video tailing hannah told police she appeared distressed and he wanted tomy make sure she was safe. also hee1 stopped following her when he sawlp a black man approh hannah and put his arm around her. police have not commented on whether or not they believe hannah's ñrstory. as for the second man he is not seen anywhere in the story. although police say they want to speak with him. about 20ñr minutes after hannah was seenxd at the mall surveillance camera, police say y(uá ne. the text was the last>!svját heard from her. >> there was a particular text that would lead us to believe she was e1lost. >> reporter: lost in an area police say she was familiar with. and there is more. surveillance video from earlier in the night.fáe1e1 9:30 p.m., friday night, that is when hannah graham left her
5:37 pm
apartment, grabbing dinner with friends and then went to a party. after leavingç?$u$e party aroun 12:15 a.m. saturday she headedx towards an irish pub. 45xd minutes later aboutlss 1: a.m., police say camedh caught hannah running toward the downtown mall. strw.aely, nobody appeared to be chasing her. which brings us back to this video. ô!n jewelryt( store on the mall 1:08 a.m. the last time hannah graham wase1 seen on camera ali. >> pick up the phonee1 and tells something regardless of how insignificant you think it might be. >> reporter: her parents released this w3statement. hannah is beyond precious to us. we are truly devastated by her disappearance. it is totally out of character for us not to have heard from her and we fear foul play. and they may have good reason to. atda least three other young won have disappeared here in the jt virginia tech student morgan harrington.
5:38 pm
she went missing in 2009 after a rock concert at uva. police checked the area where her remains were found for clues in the latest case. that has some raising concerns about a possible serial killer. but police remain laser focused on finding hannah graham. randi kaye, cnn, new york. troubling, we are getting new information on the florida mass shooting happening in áq&le, fáflorida, just northwe of gainesville.e1 authorities released reports saying a local grandfather shot and killed his granddaughter and children. police were called and confronted him. they say he shot himself. we'll bring you more developments. theru=xe are a lot more happen tonight. >> anderson, more developments sadly from the intersection of domestic violence from the nfl. the nfl cutting ties with chris
5:39 pm
rainey, who pled no contest with allegations that he slapped his girlfriend. he was playing (q) the steelers back then who cut him. rainey was accused of aggravated stalking and later pled tow3 a misdemeanor of stalking. so this is the third thatçó elud him. the cardinals had juste1 picked him up signing him to theok practice squad just nine days evidently okay-ráh it. now they have apparentlyi] decid otherwise. it happened on the same day that details emerged on teammate jonathan ñrdwyer's aggravated assault charges. his wife, breakingi] her nose after she refused his sexual advances.ñi then a day later they sayt( he punched her in the face. also, a 37-year-old ma6d facing arson charges in connection with the largest wildfire burning out of control in californ[a, he is being held on a $10 million bond.
5:40 pm
and the king fire which he allegedly set is for mozdx than 70,000 acres, more than 6,000 firefighters are fighting ten wildfires across the state of california. how about this, now is?; y chance to own a skull cap worn by pope francis, being auctioned on ebay by a comedyt( show that got ahold of it when the-9lp pf did an interview. all right, susan, thank you very much. late." developments tonight ine joan rivers' death investigation. susan candiotti has more on the latest. >> reporter: hi,ue1 anderson, tonight, the doctor is pushing back denying she took a selfie of johnñr(au>drivers, her lon patient. a source close to the investigation tells cnn that did.fers tell authorities she é cnn getting this statement from a source close to the doctor. dr. corbin denies that the doctor took a selfie with joan
5:41 pm
rivers. the source also denies the allegation that the doctor performed an lpunauthorized procedure on rivers. well, we now have more informa>i9 on what investw'!tors were told happened inñr the room. one witness says when the doctor took a selfie she made a commenó that joan would "get a kick out and there was more from the sourcew3 about the procedures td day. staffers tell authorities that it went like e1this. dr. corvin begins with a procedure that involves looking down the throat. it can involve axd biopsylpçó ta tissue sample. t?bd8endoscopy, inserting a cam down her throat. he sees qsomething. then h[d attempts to do another procedure presumably to investigate, at that point,fá fá rivers' vocal chords swell.
5:42 pm
she goes into arrest. the statement says that the doctor was not certified to doe that procedure in the clinic. her lawyer sent a statement reading in part, dr. corvin is highly experienced, board certified, respected and admired by her peers, and revered by her patients. it goes on to say because of her professional policy she doesñ publicly discuss her patients. now at this time thelp doctors d clinic are not accused of wrongdoing. three agencies are investigating the medical examiner, the state health department and the federal agencyñr regulating medicare payments to clinics. now, our source says that investigators have not been able to talk with dr. korovin nor had access toe1 her phone. and of course it is not clear when all the investigations will be done. >> all right, susan, thank you very much. coming up, what you never know about whitey e1bulger, and tonight, cnn is airing a
5:43 pm
documentary about his complicated relationship with the fbi. complicated to say the least. we'll have a preview ofozthat xd next. also with the latest from scotland, voters todayw3 decidef they will break awayñi from the united kingdom. our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner. our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add.
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well, tonight, right after this program cnn is going to air a really fascinating complicated documentary about whitey bulger, the infamous boston gang member who eluded police for multiple years before he was finally arrested. here is a preview of whitey james bulger. >> prosecutors describew3 white b:!fer at th÷ center of mayhem in boston for 30 years, a boss at the center of the gang so dangerous that he joined osama bin laden atñi the top of the fbi's most wantedlist. >> it was the gang that ran a k amok, you have people being exported, and machine gunss7 pointed at their groin. >> body bags showing, before bulgere1 shakes them down it wa absolute okterror. back then, '70s, '80s, people are missing every day.
5:48 pm
didn't come home. he is a dead man. they're never going to find him. brian howard, dead, bodies were being taken left and right. and they allu were involved in this circle of -- in south e1 boston. pgt) rjuáut(ok have a f whitey bulger as a robin hood figure, this elusive e1 houdini-like figure. 8as the most powerful politician in massachusetts. allfá of this stuff that was so of magical about him that made enforcement. yond reach of law  >> there were over 20 years where bulgerxd ruled the crime area. he wy&8 never prosecuted. >> whitey was the guy thate1 go away. whitey was the guy out in the wind thumbing his nose,xde1 ha,
5:49 pm
i won, for e1fars. so today it is huge. you know, i think thatñr -- the áñ people who neverq &hc% thought that this would happen. >> you heard from shelly murphy, covering the case since 1985. she is ae1 boston globe repor4dw and i]co-author of whitey bulge the manhunt that brought him to justice. i mean, there were people who didnns2ujju this story.xd it is hard to understand the myth around this guy. i mean, there were a lot of people who thought he was like a ghost,úñ,át would never be apprehended. >> well, that is absolutely true.fá whitey is the most famous gang member across boston and became infamous across the country when he was on the fbi's ten most wanted. right there next to osama bin laden. and he is a man who s7r5 ofq w larger than life here, he ranfá one of the most sprawling
5:50 pm
criminal organizations in boston for years and was greatly feared. and while he was on the run they were digging up secret graves in bostone1 that carried the bodie of his victims. >> and in5a the film you hear he insisted that he never ratted other gangsters in boston. and for hime1 that was a big pot of contention. he didn't sv to be mind beinge1 called a brutal e1murderer, bute didn't want to be called a rat. t that is absolutely right, there is nothing morejf importa than not being an informer, but it is okay to be a rat.ñi whitey spent a lifetime convincing people he was a gangster with skruples, and that they don'te1 rat on their frien. >> was he? >> was he -- i believe there is overwhelming evidence that he was. whitey would have you believe
5:51 pm
that this was one corrupt fbi agent who created this informant file, filled it with informatiof cover-ups. in fact, whitey met with many fbi agents including the head of the fbixd office in boston who assessed you know, whetherxd th should keep him on as an informant. and i think you know the keykop% here is that whitey was not aok very good informant. and i think he used the fbi more than they used him. and that is how he justified the relationship. q g they cokdid. q g >> and i understand he has a grudge against you personally.óm he sent his own message --ut( article i wrote a letter to someone. swoñ enemy of the bulger family. >> when you hea8df that, what dd you think? >> i was very happy he was convicted and behind bars, not still out on the run.
5:52 pm
>> it is amazing, i mean, how it all came to an end. he was this guy living in a si7 of -- you know, kind of low level apartmentfá in california it has so many bizarre twists and turns that it is greater than any story that you could -- you know, any fiction story. i mean, in the end not only is he living in a rent-controlled apartment in santa monica, but he is captured becausee1 ofq a former ms. iceland, who was friends with his former girlfriend. >> you got toe1 watch out for those ms. icelands, they will x3 >> by the way, i heard something about a new campaign to try to find whitey andw3e1 recognize t photo, and that was the tip. you guys can take credit for that. >> good for ms. iceland, that is
5:53 pm
a brave thing to have dropped a dime on whitey bulger. >> absolutely. >> shelly, it is a fascinating story, i appreciate you being on,e1 shelly murphy. just ahead, breaking news, a live report from scotland where voters yesterday were asked an historic yes or no question, should scotland be an ìc% what the early returns are showing. nt comfort. find your perfect color and get a free trial offer at
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welcome back, more on the breaking news, ine1 the wanted n eric frein, who is wantedx1 for shooting one trooper and wounding another. >> still,&npáivity wáb here in the area where eric frein grew up. and i can also tell you that this activity is due to aq tip that law enforcemente1 received earlier this evening. the tip coming from someone who recognized eric frein, said he knew what he looked like. said he saw him here in the areó near his home where he had livñ with hisñi parents. so that is whyok you saw thefá flurry of activity that we still continue to see out here in the area. the area is still blocked off near frein's home. residents not allowed into the area, they're being kept away. jdt). we're hoping to get more information about that. but as youe1 know earlier today
5:58 pm
was still in the area. >> all right, jason, thank you. breaking news from scotland where itñie1 is all over today.1 voters presented with this ûj11=q1ñ should scotland be an independent moment? the answer is yes, and the moment coming,t( history will b undone, and in edinburgh, in scotland, the wee, wee early hours. >> well, the wee, wee islands are reporting. and they just reported -- a no as far as they're concerned. but only marginally, it was quite close, just over 50% that went for a no to independence.i] there andq there are millions o votes in there. so you can probably tell much from that. we'll have smaller votes come you through.
5:59 pm
it is only in our time we're getting the biggest e1sense, whe we can really make the big judgmente1 -- >> absolutely massive turnout. so on average, eight or nine out of ten voters turning out today. so really, it is a democracy in action. so whatever the results are,q i will really represent the scottish view. >> and even if scotlandçói] win their actual independence the actual independence doesn't go into effect for a yeqró and a half, right? >> that is right, if it is a no we'll have a statement from power for scotland. so it will be a huge change in theoku system here in the u.k. anyway, itok will be moreu tow with the final result. >> interesting, if they vote not to become an independent country there will be bige1e1 changes ie way scotland governs andnb govs itself, taking much more powerx from england over to scotland.
6:00 pm
it will have a major impact on the way things happen there. we'll continue to follow it through the evening, obviously on cnn and cnn international. us. cnn, whitey james bulger.t( starts now.ñrebe1çóe1p+-s ♪ ♪ ♪ 30 years ago, my wife and i purchased a liquor license and we had thee1 liquor store up an running by christmas. we put our heart and soul into it. and then lo and behold, i getxd knock on my door one night. i am


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