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tv   New Day  CNN  September 19, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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kingdom remains united. the tears from that young man. the race, too close to call in the days leading up to the vote. a lot of bad blood, certain to remain. so we begin with chief international correspondent, christiane amanpour, who has the latest on the historic decision from glascow, scotland and let's be honest, in some ways, all the drama, the vote may have been the size part. how does the country really unite in the aftermath? >> well, chris, you're absolutely right. it's been determined as a political earthquake. and not because they voted for independence, but because they did not. and that's because of all the promises that the prime minister has made, david cameron to keep the scottish people inside the united kingdom. the whole of the country is going to change. he made it very clear in his speech shortly after the vote was final. remember, it was 55% voted to stay inside the united kingdom,
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45% voted for independence. cameron said he was delighted. alex salmon, of the scottish nationalist party conceded defeat. but said this is over for a generation. but lots and lots and lots of change coming to america's strongest and most trustworthy ally. this whole political situation is going to change, with power deinvolved not just to scotland, but to wales and to northern ireland and even around england itself. nobody quite knows what's next, chris? >> thank you very much. and obviously something we have to follow going forward. because the strength of that united country very important to the u.s. in so many different levels and obviously important to itself. christiane amanpour, thank you very much for being with us this morning. kate? the fight against isis, the president's plan to degrade and destroy the terror group is moving forward now that the senate has approved a measure to train and arm syrian rebels to fight back against the terror
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organization. the house signed off on the measure a day earlier. but support among lawmakers for the isis campaign remains shaky. let's bring in senior white house correspondent, jim acosta for more on this. what are we hearing from the white house this morning? they got what they wanted. they got that vote. >> that's right. despite some nose-holding up on capitol hill, that's right. president obama's plan to defeat isis has cleared a major hurdle. congress has bought into the president's strategy, at least the part they could vote on. >> the joint resolution is passed. >> just before speeding out of washington for the mid-term elections, congress gave president obama the green light to arm and train syrian rebels in the war on isis. >> the strong bipartisan support in congress for this new training effort shows the world that americans are united in confronting the threat from isil. >> the senate approved the measure attached to must-pass spending bill by an overwhelming margin. but potential gop presidential contenders were divided with, senator marco rubio voting yes
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and ted cruz and rand paul voting no. noting that congress declined to authorize the president's overall strategy, paul dubbed mr. obama's battle plan, one man's war. >> he was running against the wars of the previous administration. and people voted for him for that very reason and he became part of the problem. >> despite the endorsement from congress for at least part of the president's strategy, lawmakers were voicing doubts to defense secretary chuck hagel. >> if this plan doesn't work, what is the alternative in what does it look like in the middle east then? >> well we always have plan b's and c's, that's what the military does as well as anybody in the world. but we believe this plan will work. >> the obama administration is pointing to the stepped-up air campaign against isis, that u.s. military officials say took out a terrorist training camp in some of the latest strikes. >> i can tell you that i don't think these guys are ten feet tall and the intelligence tells us as we've begun to hit them,
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we've been able to prove that to some degree. >> president obama welcomed france's decision to join the coalition in conducting air strikes on isis, a sign that battle against the terrorist group is just heating up. >> as americans we do not give in to fear. and when you harm our citizens, when you threaten the united states, when you threaten our allies, it doesn't divide us, it unites us. >> and the french government has confirmed in just the last several minutes, that its war planes are now conducting air strikes alongside the u.s. as for the president, he'll be pushing to expand the coalition when he makes the rounds at the united nations in new york. this weekend he heads to camp david where he's likely to receive more updates from his national security team on the fight against isis. >> jim, great to see you, thanks so much. >> you bet. you hit it on the head, kate, that's what everybody's waiting for, that's why this feels so unusual even with the discussion going on in congress. let's bring in paul begala,
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senior adviser to superpac priorities usa and chief of staff to eric cantor and former communications director-the-rnc. thank you for joining us on "new day." enter begala, that doesn't feel good what's going on here. the democrats aren't really running up behind the president the way they usually do. there's a lot of uncertainty. even more than we've seen in the past in our forays into the middle east. what do you make of the situation? >> i think it's a very healthy thing. the president got a bipartisan majority. a majority of republicans, a majority of senators, ma jort of the house and ma-or-ty of the senate. >> those of us who oppose the war in iraq didn't like how we marched into it without asking
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the tough questions. i like it, it's a big win for the president. at the same time the american people, you know we're not schizophrenic as angus king said on air a couple of weeks ago, the senator from maine. what we are is goldilocks, i think the news out of france is huge. >> mr. hyde, correct me if i'm wrong, but goldilocks went into a house she wasn't supposed to be in, ate everybody's food, wound up asleep in the bed and almost got killed by three huge bears, do you think that's the right metaphor to be using for this? >> maybe we could be talking about a jolly green giant. but this was a win by the president, bipartisan majoritise in the house and senate. we've kind of lost sight of a democratic party moving left. this is what we saw in the house and senate over the past two days. and the elizabeth warren wing of the democratic party has a real
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divide on what the role of america should be. in moving forward if i'm an iowa democratic caucusgoer and i'm a liberal progressive, this is an issue that's going to affect hillary clinton running for president and is going to affect the democratic party, just as it will the republican party, where there's a divide on this issue as well. >> this is dangerous on a level to even analyze this this way. this is about to bounce back to you, paul. this is about war, okay? not about the spin game and who gets more seats in congress. it may have that impact. he's right about that. however the big problem is that fundamentally the united states is entering into a a situation where it seems more and more, is the only one that's willing to fight. what can come for us that's good from this situation down the road? >> that's the tough question we should have been asking more in 2003. >> wait until you hear the interview we did with the guy that was the foreign, the foreign minister for jordan, now
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he's an analyst for us in the middle east. he doesn't even flinch when he says jordan is not going to put boots on the ground. he doesn't flinch. he says this is complicated for us you are the guys that want to use military, he's talking about the u.s. >> i think that's right. i think it's really good news, that the french who never did want to join with us in the last war in iraq are already in. and have skin in the game. they are risking french lives right now to attack isis. and that's an important thing from an important ally and a sometimes reluctant ally. the most important allies will be the arab nations in the middle east. we're not going, the president is really clear about this, the united states is not going to put boots on the ground, because that's not the solution. it's burden-sharing. >> who's going to put the boots on the ground? >> i think ultimately we will. that's the challenge we face as we're trying to build this coalition. i would agree with paul, the news of the french joining us, that just happened, is great news, we've got bipartisan praise of france here which
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doesn't happen very often. we have real splits between the democratic party and the republican party on this that isn't about politics. if you watch rand paul and john mccain yesterday, that wasn't about politicking for votes, that's about what the foreign policy of the republican party and we see the same thing on the democratic party, going to be for the next generation. these are very serious things. >> now, let me ask you this, though, doug. here's one point of criticism. because the republicans are driving so much of the state of play in congress right now, on not just because of numbers, but where we are politically. this vote or stay you know, fix or stay, which we're trying to get going as a hash tag like we did with the shutdown, the irony here is the good news out of the vote is they voted to fund the government for a few more months, that's good. they didn't threat ton shut down the government. >> that doesn't always happen. >> take good news where you find it. however why aren't they debating these issues and having an up or down vote, not just on arming whoever the free syrian army
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turns out to be down the road. but why not having a vote on really what we're doing here? rand paul is strong saying this is one man's war right now. because you guys in congress especially on the republican side, aren't doing the job of voting. >> well, i think on a lot of issues, we are doing the job of voting. where we've had so many jobs bills -- >> i mean on this, on this. >> on this issue, i think we should debate this more and we're going to continue to debate this more. there's going to be a long process. the house stood behind the president. and i can tell you -- >> it should have started now. this is easy, the funding of -- we know that although we're just funding a step right now. you know this isn't one step, this is the step. and why wasn't this a vote right now? why wasn't it taken seriously? >> i think it's the first step and we're going to continue do debate this, not just in the lame duck session, but in the next session as well. >> paul begala, is this the first step or was this the step. once this begins, can you turn back? >> no, i don't think can you. that's why this president has been so reluctant.
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a lot of people say he was dithering, i'm the chairman of the dithering caucus, i want my president to think carefully. he did get authorization from the hill. but wednesday, the president went to tampa to meet with general lloyd austin, the president of the central command. when the president gets on air force one and carries himself to tampa, it's not to play beer pong with general austin. you're going to see, i suspect, real, what the military people call kinetic action, that's aggressive attack in that region, or the president wouldn't have gone down to centcom to get briefed by his commanders. >> goldilocks reference, weak. beer pong, strong. but it certainly has started. >> you're clear, no beer pong, off the table? >> beer pong, strong. let's look at your headlines, 11 minutes past the hour. we start with ebola.
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the entire nation of sierra leone is in lockdown for the next three days. six million people have been ordered to remain in their homes while door-to-door searches are conducted for victims who are hiding. this outbreak seems to be spiraling out of control in west africa. there are over 2600 deaths now reported. police investigators in the town of belle, florida, are trying to figure out why a grandfather killed his daughter, and six of his grandchildren before taking his own life. those children ranged in age from three months to ten years old. authorities say 51-year-old don spirit had a criminal record, he served time for shooting his son in a hunting accident back in 2001. and later, for a firearms conviction. suspected cop killer eric matthew frein has been placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list, a massive manhunt is under way in pennsylvania for frein. the fbi is offering a $100,000
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reward for information leading to frein's arrest. police around the nation meanwhile attended the funeral for corporal brian dickson in scranton on thursday. police have released a sketch of the man they want to speak to about a missing uva student. a witness says hannah graham was approached by this man at an off-campus pedestrian mall. i was hoping we'd have the sketch there. they say he is almost six feet tall, heavy set with a closeded shaved head and goatee, the video they have is the last known evidence, here it is, of graham's whereabouts, a man has come forward saying he was the one seen following graham. he told police he wanted to help her, but he walked away after another man approached her. it is official, the home depot credit card breach is larger than target's, much larger. the home improvement giant confirming that hackers compromised a stunning 56 million credit cards in a five-month-long security breach. 40 million cards were hit in the
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target breach. home depot's ceo issued an apology to customers for all the quote-unquote inconvenience and anxieties and said the mall ware has been eliminated from the company's payment system. and it went on for five months, too. >> the easy thing is to blame the company. i mean that's, my instinct, i'm at home depot a lot. >> we want to fix it. >> it could be any of them. there's a fundamental vulnerability here. >> agreed, but i think they deserve a little blame. >> i changed my mind, i've devolved. that's crazy talk. this morning, a new message from isis delivered in what amounts to a propaganda video. it features a british hostage who has been held for almost two years, we're going to have the details on this next. and boy, you'd never want to see this. smoke filling the cabin on a jetblue flight or any flight for that matter. this was jetblue, passengers panicking, many convinced they
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welcome back to "new day," a new video from isis with the
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message coming from a werner. british journalist john cantley presents what he says is the first in a series of messages from the islamic terror group. a major change from the gruesome execution-style clips isis posted in recent weeks. cnn's brian todd is taking a look at the new message and the man delivering it. >> john cantley says he's been abandoned by his government and has nothing to lose, the british journalist who identifies himself as a prisoner of isis for two years, sits in front of a camera wearing an orange jump suit. he appears calm but emphasizes he's a prisoner, he admonishes american and british audiences. he says after two disastrous and unpopular wars in afghanistan and iraq, why is it our governments appear to be so keen to get into yet another unwinnable conflict. he presents a series of programs where he'll explain isis' motivations and how he says the
3:20 am
western media twists and manipulates the truth. >> perhaps one of the isis leaders decided that it's much more effective to reach out to the british and american publics by having somebody not be murdered and actually explain the isis perspective. so this actually might be their next evolution, their next phase in doing something like this. >> since cantley is delivering isis propaganda and makes clear he's under duress, cnn has decided not to show the actual video. he was reportedly captured in syria with american james foley in 2012. this wasn't the first time he had been abducted. in july of 2012. jihadists captured him near syria's border with turkey. held him for only a few days. he spoke about that experience. >> there were two syrian prisoners, we were handcuffed this them. we were blind-folded and were told we should prepare to meet our maker. cantley escaped, he said with the help of a moderate syrian
3:21 am
rebel group. as a journalist. he took these photos of the scenes of syrian civil war. he says many europeans were held hostage by isis and later released, saying it was because of their government's actions, they negotiated with the islamic state and got their people home. while the british and americans left their people behind. he doesn't mention the american and british governments have policies against paying ransoms. a british official said the foreign and commonwealth office is assessing the production, considering its implications and trying to contact john canley's family. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> brian todd, thank you so much. let's continue this so much with daveed ross, a senior fellow at the foundation of defense of democracy. daveed, thank you so much for coming in. i want to ask you your take. i've seen the video, you've seen the video, we're not showing the video, that's important. it's a very different look.
3:22 am
it's a very different video. this is not something, it's not a beheading, this is not jihadi john wielding a knife making broad statements about how isis is going to take on the united states and this is a retaliation for u.s. involvement in iraq and syria. very different tone. what do you make of this change in tone? >> it's a very different video. from my view, it's potentially much more macabre than the other videos. >> i agree. >> bear in mind it's supposed to be a series of videos, we don't know how it ends yet. when i look at it and look at the narrative arc. one thing he mentions is that the u.s. and the uk won't negotiate. it seems to me like pro tensionally what the script is doing is setting up his death at the end. making him walk through the series of propaganda pieces and then executing him. setting up the narrative that it's the u.s. and uk to blame. >> it seems more twisted, when you lay it out that way. because i absolutely agree with you. why do you think they would change this tactic. because the gruesome beheading
3:23 am
videos were getting a whole lot of attention. >> it may be because they think it's more effective to have a werner talking to a western audien audience. another possibility is that there's an element of revenge. as the piece that set up this discussion notes, he had previously been held by, by extremists in syria. and after can'tly was held, he fingered some people involved. this has been reported in the media. so there may be an element of revenge in walking him through this gruesome series of videos. >> you have this element, it's also a different type of message. they're not threatening retaliation. they're not threatening to come after the united states. the way that it's laid out and brian used this line of it in the piece, they talk about why would our governments appear so keen to get involved in yet another unwinnable conflict. what are they trying to do here? what's this message? >> i think there's a few different messages here. one is a message to the people
3:24 am
of america and britain, saying your governments are getting involved in unwinnable war, trying to reduce the legitimacy of the action and create public pressure against it. >> on this exact point, does it almost show, i hate to say their savvy, but how attuned they are to western mentality. it's almost like they're playing to the polls. >> to one extent, but to another extent not. to most reasonable people watching this, they'll understand that it's somebody literally under duress at the barrel of a gun. to a large extent, it's not going to resonate the way that they hope. it's set up very well. he appears calm. he's in a newscaster's position, that's what he is. he's an anchor for this program. but the duress and the fact that they just released three beheading videos makes the coercion behind his words very clear. >> it seems pretty understandable and reasonable to think that cantley will suffer the same ending, the same death at some point that the other videos that we've seen, that we saw in the other videos.
3:25 am
do you think there's a real impact here of this video, though, on the u.s., on the west? >> i don't think there's a huge impact in terms of policy. i think there may be an impact, you know, his words may resonate to some extent and may help to produce some dissatisfaction and then there's the general demoralization or just horror of having someone walked through having to be a propaganda piece for this outfit and then if he is killed, let's hope he is isn't. but if he is killed at the end, having that grisly end as well. >> make no mistake, this is another way they are terrorizing, another way that this group is trying to spread their terror. there's nothing less gruesome about it. just because we're not seeing a beheading on camera. daveed, great to see you, thanks so much. a jetblue flight forced to make an emergency landing after the cabin fills with smoke. the panic was captured on cell phone video, just look at that. what passengers are saying now about the flight that some
3:26 am
thought would be their last. and it could have spelled the end of the united kingdom, but scottish voters rejected independence. opted for the status quo. we're going to talk to christ n christiane amanpour about what it means going forward. is one of the busiest airports
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some of the passengers on
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board jetblue flight 1416 say they thought they were going to die and here is why -- this is just minutes after takeoff thursday from long beach airport in california. smoke filling the cabin. a passenger whipped out their cell phone so you can get a sense of it all. we now have the answers to why it happened. and how it ended safely. here's cnn's stephanie eden. >> terrifying new video from inside the cabin of jetblue flight 1416. the air, thick with smoke. >> keep your seat belts fastened. >> just shortly after takeoff when something went wrong. >> i heard a weird noise, the landing gear came up and then a pop. >> while en route to austin, texas from long beach, california, the airline says there was an issue with the number two engine on the plane. >> please stay in your seats and we'll try to clear the cabin of smoke. >> the oxygen masks failed to deploy, according to one passenger. forcing the attendants to
3:31 am
manually release them. >> you immediately got the smell. obviously something burning. >> the pilot immediately turned the plane back to long beach. you can hear babies crying. as the 142 passengers and five crew members brace for an emergency landing. >> once we turned around and got over land it was very, you know, it was jarring all over the place and then people started to get really worried. >> he thought he was going to die. >> i thought this was it. my wife was right next to me, we were going on vacation, she held me, i was crying and i was like well, here we go. >> the scary ekt thing was when we were coming down for landing and the flight attendants were yelling brace, brace, brace. >> and they kept repeating it and repeating it and it was at the top of their lungs. >> after landing safely. a round of applause from all on board. >> 1416 is on the ground. we'll be evacuating. >> the control tower told the pilot smoke wasn't coming from
3:32 am
the engine. but the passengers weren't waiting, they quick will you escaped down the slides. >> i figured it would be too hot to wear black. >> "twilight" actor tweeting photos of everyone crowding the tarmac, including his family. the plane in the background. four people were injured, thankfully none seriously. >> i'm just happy to be alive, you know, i don't think i'll ever be mean to anybody ever again. >> stephanie elam, los angeles. >> what a fright. my goodness. all right. now we want to turn to weather. indra petersons is keeping track of the latest forecast. we've been watching texas, flooding still a concern? >> we're talking days after odile and yes the threat of flooding again. two to four inches of additional rain through texas when they've seen so much rain over the last few days, so the flood threat remains high. farther east, the stationary front continues to make its way offshore. around florida it means another day filled with even more rain.
3:33 am
temperaturewise, this is where it feels like summer, you're still talking about a lot of 80s even through the weekend. you're going to start to feel the cool air anywhere from the midwest to the northeast. as another cold front starts to make its way through. so rain in the midwest on saturday, rain into the northeast by the time you get through sunday. but keep in mind, severe weather will be out there through chicago on saturday. so keep it in mind, we have concerns with travel on that day as well. you'll feel the temperatures go down behind the cold front. so the first half of the weekend kind of cool today towards the midwest. the northeast, a little drop the farther north are you. but otherwise by monday is when you'll feel the big temperature drop. this is what we're dealing with this morning, saranac, upstate new york, frost and freeze warnings with temperatures in the 20s and 30s, not making its way south just yet. but things are a-changing, guys. >> 22 degrees, my goodness, thanks, indra. chief business correspondent christine romans is here with
3:34 am
details on -- this was about a number. >> this is history. it's official. alibaba, the biggest ipo ever, the stock price $68 at the top of the expected price range. that means demand was strong, the deal raised $21.8 billion. it values the company at $168 billion. twice the size of ebay. so far only the large investors have been able to buy in. they're getting it for $68. keep in mind, that changes this morning when the stock starts trading on the new york stock exchange, with the ticker baba. here's my advice about ipos, they're the riskiest investment an individual investor can make. a lot of hype surrounding this one. don't feel like you have to rush in today. >> twice the size of ebay. >> twice the size of ebay. i think there will be a lot of interest, a lot of people thinking there could be a big pop in the stock. the big guys, the smart inside money people that have got connections, they buy it at $68 a share.
3:35 am
if you buy it -- wait a year before deciding if you want it in your 401(k). still ahead, scotland not going anywhere, staying right there. >> the head stays on the elf riding the pig. >> you make up a different configurati configuration. >> a vote to break away from the united kingdom fails. was democracy the real winner? christiane amanpour is joining us to talk about it next. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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welcome back do "new day," the united kingdom remains united. after a fierce campaign the knows have it. voters a i cross scotland choose og to stay part of the uk, avoiding a split that could have spawned cascading chaos worldwide. joining us to discuss what it all means, cnn chief international correspondent christiane amanpour. i see the fog is lifting behind you. but there's still a chill in the air there in scotland.
3:40 am
let's talk about this remarkable turn-out first of all. 84.6%. >> it is remarkable. and you can imagine michaela, as you cover u.s. elections. this is a dream turnout for any politician. 97% of the people here registered to vote. 84%, 90% turn-out in some districts. what this means is that everyone was engaged. and that really is the try ump of what happened here. including 16-year-olds, it's historic. >> i think that is a really significant part of this. i also want to talk about the fact that 45% voted for independence. and i have to wonder they're looking for change, obviously, what concessions are they pushing for and hoping for, despite the fact that they lost? >> well, here's the thing. and this is really vital to understand -- that yes, 45% voted for total independence and total change. and total separation from the
3:41 am
united kingdom. but the real political earthquake comes, because the fact that they voted no, the majority, 55%, to stay in the united kingdom is going to usher in the most wide-ranging change that this union has ever known. prime minister david cameron and the other political leaders, made the last-ditch promise, untold devolution of power, this is going to fundamentally change the united kingdom. so the united states knows and so the world knows, foreign and defense policy will remain the province of the central government. but beyond that, so much is up for grabs in each different stage, region part of the united kingdom and that's the big change. and it's the no vote that has brought that massive change. >> as you mentioned, north ireland, wales, all watching to see how this will then have ramifications for them. i want to talk about what you were speaking about earlier, the
3:42 am
reference to the 16-year-olds. it's interesting to note that the younger voters, as you said, 16, 17-year-olds, could vote. often some of them for the first time. they tended to vote yes. while the older voters voted no. maybe they were more hesitant or tended to have more questions about what the future would hold. what do you think that means for the future. if you have such a large bloc of young people that are saying yes, we want an independent scotland, does this put this issue to rest forever? >> well, here's the thing -- you're absolutely right. young people want to see a future ahead and they've got a much longer future than some of the older voters, obviously. now david cameron, the prime minister said, this is done. this is a once in a generation chance. the people have spoken. there is no dispute, there will be no review. alex salmon himself, before the referendum said this is is a once in a lifetime chance. he said he himself would not be bringing this back to a vote
3:43 am
again. however, in his concession speech, he very clearly said that for now independence is dead. but not for the future. so, look, most people think this will come up again. but not next year or the year after or the year after that. >> there's future salmons out there, a younger generation to be sure in this heads versus hearts campaign. i you like the way that that's been referenced. we know that on a global level a lot of other nations watching this closely. their own independence referendums on the table. italy, spain. what are you getting a sense the reaction is to the vote in scotland? so most, most poignantly really and practically in spain, that is because they really do have an organized separatist movement, not just the catalans, whose capital is the world-famous barcelona. but also the basques, these have been fighting for independence and freedom, some violently, like the basques, for years and years and they want separation. particularly the catalans and
3:44 am
we've had so many journalists from there over here. the prime minister of spain unlike here in england, has said no. right now there is no, no legal referendum possible. here, the prime minister agreed to a legal referendum. and this is the big difference between here and spain. i tell you, the prime minister of spain warned the scots, don't think if you go independent can you automatically join the eu, that could take a decade even to get you in. it will not be fast-tracked. so obviously everyone now looking at this and what the ramifications will be. i think you'll hear from business people who will say separation would have cost scotland very, very dearly indeed. >> such an interesting, such historic ramifications. i really enjoyed chatting with you about this. so many of us have been watching it with a keen eye. christiane amanpour, always a delight to have you with us. domestic violence accusations against arizona
3:45 am
running back jonathan dwyer are now emerging. shocking details of what police say he did to his wife that led to him being taken off the cardinals' practice field in handcuffs. we have the latest for you, next. my motheit's delicious. toffee in the world. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love.
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new details for you this morning about the abuse allegations against arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. let's get andy scholes joining us right now. what do you know, my friend? >> the phoenix police let out some graphic details when describing dwyer's alleged domestic violence. according to police, dwyer broke his wife's nose when he head-butted her in the face after she bit his lip to stop unwanted sexual advances. he was arrested wednesday at the cardinals practice facility. the team has placed him on the reserve nonfootball injury list. that means he's not going to play again this season. the cardinals coach bruce arian ariens was stunned by the allegations. >> me as a coach -- >> taking approach that these
3:50 am
are my children and i treat them as my children and this is very hard. if this was my son, i would have a very hard time dealing with it. uncalled for, i think anyone who touches a woman or a child in my opinion, needs to go to jail for a long time. >> now chris, arians went on to say while this is a bad scar for the nfl right now, at least it's bringing more awareness to domestic violence. >> well that is true, that's why the actions are so important, right, andy? we want to make sure that the message is responded to the right way. thank you for the reporting and meanwhile the league promises to help out the overwhelmed national domestic violence hotline. which has seen call volume go up 84% since the ray rice mess. that's something to keep in mind here, okay? not really about just the nfl, but we are using the nfl as a focus for a discussion that we need to be having, obviously. so as for the nfl, the cardinals and the 49ers will meet on the gridiron this weekend. both are dealing with domestic violence issues, probably now looming larger than the game. let's get perspective. joining us, izil reece, former
3:51 am
nfl player and the co-founder of rising seniors, a charitable organization to educate and inspire kids. good work to be sure. also with us, ceo and co-founder of, carlos watson. very good to have both of you. let's deal with the obvious, ugly, ugly facts in the jonathan dwyer situation, okay? >> no doubt. >> suspending him for the rest of the year, right? the case not to be ugly about it, good chance he does not get hooked for this case. because there's mutual violence, domestic violence things, they get very messy in court as well is it the right move to suspend him for the rest of the move when he may not go to jail for the offense? >> definitely. i think for two reasons. i think one for him and for his family. clearly this isn't the only time it's happened. we're hearing reports that this happened both in the summer and in the fall. who knows what else has happened. so clearly he and his wife need some time and the young son. to make sure they get in a
3:52 am
different place. and secondly, clearly we know this is a problem, not only throughout the nfl, but in society. people are looking for a better lesson, a abouter model and i think roger goodell, even the donation of the hotline doesn't seem like it's enough. >> that's certainly one side of it. probably two sides of it, to be fair. but izil, let's say there's a third side to the situation, which is that the nfl went from doing nothing about this. now are they going overboard? are they punishing a player even more than the system has already? and if so, is that the right thing for the league to do? >> i think the right thing for the league to do, we need to put a system in place. obviously it's fragmented, you see back and forth situations that are taking place right now. and i would like to think that is what roger goodell is working on now. a new system that is in place, that puts some strict laws in place to address this within the nfl. but as said before this is a societal issue. the nfl has taken some steps as
3:53 am
you're starting to see now with putting resources towards a national domestic hotline. but that being said, breaking news there is that you know, last year, almost 80,000 calls went unanswered, there's a bigger issue here with society. and it's great. i mean at the end of the day, the fact that we're on this national platform and dealing with it in the nfl, we know it's a society issue and something that we got to deal with from both ends. >> where does it stop, carlos? you got ray mcdonald. we said the arizona cardinals were playing against the 49ers this weekend. jonathan dwyer from the cardinals, ray mcdonald is a player for the 49ers. he's got an ugly case over his head. not the first kind of ugly domestic situation that's surrounded him. where does it end? do you have to pull him off the field, look for other guys with allegations and pull them off the field. is that ex post facto, after the punishment? what do do you? >> most clearly most of us feel
3:54 am
like roger goodell needs to do more. what would more look like? three things you would want to see, there's enough of a situation here, you see enough examples with players that you want to set up a more comprehensive system throughout the league to help a lot of the guys who struggle with the violence issues on and off the field. something that's proactive and something that reaches out to retired players. number two, what if he did something even more substantial? what if instead of just supporting the hotline, they put aside a meaningful amount of the $10 billion in revenue every year and set up a broader set of shelters across the country? we know there's a shortage in terms of domestic shelters. but a third issue, here's something that maybe roger goodell doesn't do but someone else does. maybe this is is a big public teaching moment. >> that's what's lacking, right? >> i think you take a moment -- >> too much focus on the nfl, frankly. >> you take a moment like this, you saw the federal judge in alabama, unfortunately, hit his wife at least charged with hitting his wife. >> government officials. >> government officials. a police officer, folks in the
3:55 am
military. what if someone like oprah broke the rules a little bit and said, there needs to be the equivalent of a presidential address on this. that this is so substantial this is such a crisis, 12 million people every year involved in some kind of domestic violence. what if she went to the networks and spoke about this, spoke to primarily the women trapped in the situations and also the men. >> and what about the kid issue, 80% in a recent poll, 1,000 people said spanking with an open hand should be legal. the law still allows it, the only person you can hit legally, except in self-defense is a child. that's not the nfl's fault. when you hear about the issues and how much bigger they are, carlos is eloquently laying out just how big it really is. at what point do we stop pointing the finger at the nfl and start pointing it back at the rest of society? >> i think that's why we're all here, i think to address this and bring it out to the forefront. and both domestic and family violence, violence, period.
3:56 am
i think what we're seeing now is constant debate. it's national exposure on a daily basis and because it is an nfl. so a number of questions are being asked inside the nfl, outside the nfl. we need to continue to talk about it. we need to advocate and put more systems in place. this is a national issue, a worldwide issue ha we're dealing with here. and it needs to be as dreed. there's nothing more precious than women and children and this is something that we need to continue to talk about and put more resources towards. >> but chris, we're raising something else, there's so much violence in our society, movies, video games, increasing popularity of mma and ufc. you have to wonder how much people are able to turn it off. you heard people like deion sanders, hall of fame quarterback, his ex-wife say it's so hard for so many players, who are asked to go above and beyond. and izell can speak to this as well, to turn it off at home,
3:57 am
turn it off always at home. you wonder whether there's going to need to be a broader conversation that doesn't just tie to the players, doesn't just tie to domestic violence, but talks about violence across the u.s. where it's fairly significant. >> carlos watson, thank you very much. izell reece, thank you very much for the perspective. and the question is, thank you you for listening, that's not a question, but this is the question part of it -- do you care about the broader discussion, you know it's not just about the nfl. you know only 2% of them, we keep telling you get involved in any kind of criminal activity. do you care about the bigger problems with domestic violence and what we do with our kids? will you watch when we talk about it? think about it and let us know online. just one of the stories you need to start your "new day." a lot of news, let's get to it. the people of scotland have spoken. >> scotland has by majority decided not at this stage, to become an independent country. congress gave president obama the green light to arm and
3:58 am
train syrian rebels. >> the strong bipartisan support of congress for this new training effort shows the world that americans are united in confronting threat from isil. congress bracing for the exits. >> we seem to be more worried about who runs the place than how the place runs. >> the government is worried about a terrorist cell in syria, saying it's working with al qaeda bomb makers to target u.s. flights. >> it would be a way to restore relevance when isis is grabbing all the headlines. welcome to "new day," we begin this hour with breaking news of a united kingdom that still -- >> united. >> true. why? the result of an historic vote in now scotland remains part of britain. what would the referendum have done? it would have been huge, it would have broken up america's closest ally. >> both sides as you see right there, so passionate and they saw record-breaking turnout for this vote. what do the results mean now? let's get straight to chief international correspondent,
3:59 am
christiane amanpour live in edinburgh, scotland, with more. christianne, where do they go from here? after all of that passion, all of that campaigning, they finally have an answer. >> indeed they do. and in fact one of the main daily newspapers here said the vote is in, and we're staying together. can you see it's a bit foggy behind hee where edinburgh castle is but at least the fog of political uncertainty in scotland has dissipated. but it is a new day for the whole of the united kingdom because of the promises that prime minister cameron made in order to get the people to stick with the united kingdom. devolution all over the place, much more autonomy. big federal state than we have ever, ever had in the united kingdom. this is going to be a complete and utter political earthquake. we don't know the ramifications. we don't know exactly where it's going to end. but already prime minister cameron has put it on a fast track. saying that all sorts of issues of tax and spending and all of
4:00 am
that will be decided by november. there will be legislation in january. and on and on it goes. it's going to be a huge change. the queen herself is going to come out and make a statement about this. you know that she had told people to think very careful before they cast their vote. kate. >> they are now going to be facing a huge amount of pressure to bring about those changes and bring about the changes quickly as you just mentioned, especially after when you see turn-out like that and how close the vote was. thank you so much. more breaking news this morning, driving the situation that you'll care about -- france joining the fight against isis in a big way. launching air strikes of their own against the terror group in iraq. this comes a day after the senate in the u.s. approved president obama's plan to train and arm syrian rebels. the vote was decisive, 78-22, despite bitter doubts about the mission on both sides of the aisle. the president insists this vote shows america is united.
4:01 am
>> i'm pleased that congress, a majority of democrats and a majority of republicans, in both the house and the senate, have now voted to support a key element of our strategy. our plan to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists. >> the problem is, it is not that clear for many members of congress. however, as is too often the case, they voted and left. took a six-week break to campaign for mid terms, leaving behind this crisis with all their reservations and all the big questions they say they have about it and the doubts, not doubtful enough to debate it and vote once and for all on what is certainly a war. chief congressional correspondent dana bash sknd them asked them or tried to, nobody runs down the halls of congress faster than dana bash. usually in heels. nonetheless, on the march. >> always in heels, chris. look where i am now. it is the capitol. it is an empty and lonely place here this morning. now that they've all gotten out
4:02 am
of dodge. lawmakers have left to try to keep their jobs. rather than staying here to do their jobs. congress racing for the exits. cars line the parking lot waiting to whisk lawmakers away. home to campaign for six weeks through election day. congressman -- leaving a lot on the table. especially debate over a new authorization of military force against isis. >> agreement in the country that this isis group is a threat. >> why not stay and debate it and not go home? if your constituents believe there is a real threat? >> i don't disagree. i'm prepared to vote yes on the use of military force. i'm not ducking any vote. >> any rank-and-file members are frustrated about bolting. i get the importance of campaigning. but really? while all of this is going on in the country? >> as if there's not enough to do, and it's not just the war issues, it's immigration reform,
4:03 am
it's enda, it's a number of different bills. >> there's a lot of blame tossed around. republicans blame the democratic-controlled senate. why don't the republicans who run the house stay, don't go home, don't go home to campaign. and work on that authorization? they have the ability to do it? >> well, dana, the problem is, that we have a do-nothing senate. >> republicans also blame the president. why not stay here and debate an authorization for use of force, which is congress's job? >> absolutely. i wish the president would ask for one. >> and democrats who run the senate point to the house. >> this tradition i think began of the house representative runs every two years. and for many, many years, the house has adjourned for the month of october. >> senator susan collins is up for re-election but in a safe seat and wanted to stay. >> my job is to be in the capitol working for the people of maine and the american people. and that's where i think we all belong right now.
4:04 am
>> lindsay graham is also on the ballot and blunt about why they're leaving. >> they seem to be more worried about who runs the place than how the place runs. >> senator before you get in your car can i ask you a quick question? >> sure. >> freshmen senators are appalled. >> we need to be here, we need to debate this issue. >> but at this point, there's no reason to stay. now chris, there is actually pretty broad bipartisan agreement that congress needs to act. they need to have a new vote to authorize force against isis. but again, that's now not going to happen for at least two months until after the election. probably more. chris? >> first of all, dana, i love you. you, that is the job, that is the job. right? that is the job. you did the job. they're all saying they're happy to answer your question. they're not happy to answer the question. they don't want to come anywhere near it. that's what makes it so horrible. they all say -- this is such a big deal, it's a war and then they're going to leave and
4:05 am
they're going to campaign and avoid this. but not on your watch, dana. the only thing else you needed was a mirror, you should have held up a mirror to them and on the bottom said "they." they all say they, they are they. >> the sad thing is dana doesn't get off when they take off. >> even the cameraman can't keep up with you. >> please. everyone can. >> thank you for the report, dana, thank you. thanks, dana. a very important question, the major concern is -- who is going to fight this fight against isis? the u.s. is saying it won't be us with boots on the ground. one country that very much could help is jordan. they had to be part of the levant, they're a direct target for isis, they helped a lot with intelligence in the past. they say they also have a very mighty army. is the country in any position to help by fighting? we spoke with marwan muajar, who is a cnn middle east analyst and
4:06 am
a former jordanian foreign minister. we asked him directly about this issue and he gave us direct answers. there's one basic question, which is will jordan join the fight on the ground and commit ground troops to this effort? what do you think? >> i don't think jordan would commit ground troops. it is not in military situation to do it. having said that, jordan i think is going to do a lot of things to aid this effort in combatting isis. both in providing intelligence services that did before, if you remember, with zarqawi, when the united states whyounited states zarqawi in iraq and sunni tribes, convincing them to stop their support for isis when they supported. in logistical support for troops and others. in the area. i think jordan will continue to
4:07 am
prove to be quite effective. >> help us understand, help americans understand, because here's the situation from this perspective. this is your fight. isis or isil is looking to control the levant, they're looking to win over what the heart of islam is about. jordan is in the levant, the united states is not. why is this the united states' fight? why isn't this your fight? why is it being construed as the united states taking the lead with you helping them? >> well, look, the united states took the decision to confront isis, militarily. not anybody else. so that should be clear. two, isis is fighting a war in syria and iraq, not in jordan. and it would be very difficult for jordan to commit ground troops for another country. but i agree in the end it is the region's fight. not so much militarily, as much as it is a fight for the
4:08 am
political and economic conditions that led to the emergence of isis. this should be the wake-up call for the region that from now on, policies of exclusion failed political and economic policies cannot remain and not expect people like isis to emerge. whether the region is going to do this or not remains the big question. >> i understand the point and it is well taken and hopefully the audience gets it as well, that the cultural battle and the political and economic battles are probably more difficult and more important to the future in the region than simple military exercises. but it still leaves us with this proposition. the united states people don't want more fighting in the region. they don't want to commit troops. the understanding is, that it is jordan and the arab countries and turkey who are saying, please come help us stop isis. please fight against them. if you don't think that there
4:09 am
should be a physical fight, a military fight, then why is one happening? >> chris, one is happening, first of all the united states has nad clear, that it, too, is not going to commit ground troops. so this is not a decision by the region. it is a decision by the u.s. administration to fight isis. it is a decision that i think in my view is a good decision, isis needs to be fought. but it's not in response to countries of the region asking the united states. this is a decision that the united states both administration and congress took in fighting isis. >> as you understand, mr. muasher, it's a confusing situation. because if it's so desperate, and there's such a need for ground fighting and you have mighty armies like the saudis and the jordanians and the turks, frankly and none of them want to get involved on the ground and you leave it to much lesser forces, it's confusing for people to understand the future. thank you for laying out the other concerns about the politics and political change
4:10 am
that's necessary and the cultural change that's necessary. there's many dimensions to this. thank you for the perspective on "new day." appreciate it. pretty blunt. candid right there. >> pretty confusing, a former foreign minister says you're the guys who want to fight. we don't want to fight. we want to do other things, the political and economic. no troops from us. so -- >> political and economic element of it but you've got to fight back isis before can you lay the groundwork for that. >> that's what the u.s. administration thinks. >> the coalition and who's going to be doing the fighting when we know it's important on the ground, still a very open question. a lot of news and to michaela for the headlines. new details on the size and scope of that credit card breach at home depot. the company has confirmed a stunning 56 million credit cards were exposed during the five-month-long security breach. easily the biggest we know about. home depot says the malware that
4:11 am
allowed the breach has been eliminated. the ceo has apologized for the quote inconvenience and anxiety to customers. police are turning to the public for the help for the search for hannah graham, a university of virginia sophomore. a witness approached her at a pedestrian mall, six feet tall, close-shaved head and goatee. another man came forward, saying he's the one seen following her in the video. said he was going to offer help, but stopped when another man put his arm around her. some serious punishment for this group of iranians in trouble for the viral video, appeared in a fan video for fharrell williams video "happy" six months in jail and 91 lashes.
4:12 am
france is making news this morning. why they're now launching air strikes against isis. the u.s. giving the president authority to arm syrian rebels. so is congress really behind the plan? is france being involved? help or just acting under pressure and running away. we'll speak with the chairman of the house intelligence committee, mike rodgers coming up. and new jersey governor chris christie has had enough of the george washington bridge scandal. will he be able to put it behind him now as talk ramps up of a possible presidential run. we're going to have a look inside politics.
4:13 am
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4:17 am
intelligence committee. it's great to see you, thanks for coming in. >> thanks, kate, great to see you. >> i want to ask you, we've got a lot to get to about the threat against isis and the vote. but dana was just on, just moments ago, when we were just talking about the simple fact -- i know i've seen it every time when i was covering capitol hill. november is a long way away. but still members of congress voted, and they ran for the exits, all of them saying as they're leaving -- i want to have a debate. i would be open to a vote. but no one's going to do it. so we're all going to leave town. you're now retiring, kind of relieved of that pressure, if you will. why is congress leaving if the threat from isis is so great? >> well two things. i think we're going to see a vote when we get back. certainly those, i'm pushing, i'm pushing for that vote after the election. think a lot of folks are pushing for that vote. so this was the first phase, this is a phased campaign, if you will. if it was only training and equipping these rebels that we
4:18 am
find and vet and train from syria to go after isil, this plan is not going to work. it has to be bigger than that. so i think you're going to see a phased approach. i think you're going to see increased kinetic action in iraq. and you're going to see i think hopefully some degrading of their capabilities in syria as well as the training component. because this is going to be five months. so this got it going. i don't -- you know, i would have liked to have had a vote before we left. don't think we absolutely had to have one. it sent a very clear message to both adversaries and allies that we're serious, we're going to help fix this problem in the middle east. >> many folks are wondering what is going to get done in the lame duck. that period of time between the election and the next session. because the white house, at least so far, they're not asking for authorization, if you will, they keep saying we welcome a debate and we welcome a vote. but that's not calling for one. and also, some of your democratic colleagues who voted against the syria vote, including peter welch, he
4:19 am
believes that everyone has been duped. duped to think that they are actually going to get a war debate in the lame duck. he says this is an illusion. this was the vote. >> well, i mean i hope that's not the case. i think we, i think congress needs to act on this. i do think that we should give the president the authority to track down isil, whatever its name, whatever its new name is. wherever it is. because of the sheer threat of it. and i think that a, says, gives comfort to the american people. but it also gives pause to our enemy. in i think bucks up our allies. i think this is an important thing to do. and i think legally it's an important thing to do. i hope congress doesn't advocate its responsibility to weigh in on this very, very important issue. if we believe it's a threat to the united states, i do. if we believe it's a threat to western europe, our allies, you saw what happened in australia with the plot to decapitate, this is as serious as it gets.
4:20 am
we need to be serious about it. we need to have that debate. we need to give the president the authority. he may not use it all. but we should give him the authority to do what he needs to do to beat this group. think it's so important that we do that. >> mr. rogers, if you were a betting man, what are the chances that the debate is going to happen in the lame duck? there is surely definitely many ways to figure a way out of having that vote. >> yeah, there's a reason i'm not a betting man, kate. and that's because i would lose my back side as my dad used to say. i worry, you know, i think it's probably 50/50 at this point. and i think we're -- a lot of members are pushing for it. i think we're going to have to continue to push for it after the election. and see where it goes. i think the longer the president -- the president gets in his way on these policies sometimes. you know the day when we're getting ready to vote on the plan, he lays out the things he wouldn't do. i think we, i think that hurts the president's chance. people thinking its going to be successful. that's why i think you'll see a
4:21 am
better, a little better than 50% chance that you'll get a vote on this in the lame duck. >> i think the lingering important question following these votes, is this -- it's official, the white house has the go-ahead and the green light to arm and train the syrian rebels to take on isis, but there are real doubts amongst republicans and democrats on capitol hill and beyond about the moderate opposition, how much we know about them, how well the administration can vet them and how much they can be trusted. you know more from your position as a chairman of the house intelligence committee, than many, than most everyone. what is your level of confidence in the syrian rebels. >> first of all, the notion of moderate rebels, we should probably tamp that back a little bit. many of the folks are still islamists, they're opposition, they're maybe pro western or at least not anti-western. i wouldn't use the term "moderate" necessarily. but think about the cauldron
4:22 am
that's in syria today. you have al sham, you have al nusra an al qaeda affiliate. state-sponsored terrorist organizations running around in syria it's a mess. so one day these rebels will get up and fight the assad regime. the next day they're getting up and fighting isil fighters and al nusra fighters in different battles. from that group of that, those group of individuals and you know, we have some sense now better than we did six months ago, about which individuals we think would have a very good chance of being trained to be in a status better than the enemy and allow them to go in and fight against isil. i think that this can work. but it can't work by itself. it has to be in a conjunction with other parts of the plan. >> i'm also getting new reporting, i want to get your take on. coming from our justice correspondent, pamela brown, about the other groups, about the al qaeda cell in syria, corason. i may not be saying it correct.
4:23 am
that shows how little we know about this group. what do you know about the thregroup and the threat that they're looking at seriously, aviation as a way to target the west. >> we've talked about before, the forward-deployed al qaeda elements, this certainly would fit that criteria. what we nye and we still know. is that al nusra is that al qaeda affiliate. and we know that they are very interested in conducting and what they would call an external attack. so outside of their operating region in syria. meaning the west. we know that there's been relationships between al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, where that technology, if you will, is being developed. to try to get bombs on aircraft. and these folks certain al qaeda operatives, sprinkled around. if you will. and so i think the threat is very, very serious, it's the most immediate threat that we face. >> even more than isis. >> when we look at -- more
4:24 am
immediate. it doesn't mean less, it just means more immediate. i believe it's a more immediate threat this one is something they absolutely want to do. and remember, they are very eager to get, in their terms, points on the board, if you will, on a terrorist attack to show the world they're still the leading jihadist organization. that's what's so concerning about it. and then you see these relationships that happen, you know, something that we need to worry about. and oh, by the way, we need to worry about isil as well. >> mr. chairman, just an example of how big your job is. i know you're retiring, but how big your job is until that day comes, congressman mike rogers, great to see you. >> until that second hand sweeps across the 12, i think i'll be worried about it. >> and probably beyond. thank you, sir. a court decision in kansas could be a game-changer in a big senate race. and decide which party takes control of the chamber. jon king is going to explain, "inside politics." and the allegations against
4:25 am
cardinals running back jonathan dwyer coming to light. police say he broke his wife's nose with a head butt. how account nfl get control of the domestic violence issue. we're going to ask the woman whose story inspired the film "the blind side" to get her take. e first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪
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4:29 am
opportunity to change the way people in the uk are governed and change it for the better. the white house pledging $53 million in humanitarian and security assist tons help ukraine in the fight against pro russian separatists. the announcement coming during president petro poroshenko's visit to washington. he met with president obama, addressed a joint meeting of congress. poroshenko did not get everything he wanted. the white house stopped short of offering military aid. tension and controversy in savannah, georgia, after police shot and killed a handcuffed suspect, 29-year-old charles smith was arrested for outstanding warrants when police say he kicked out the back window of their cruiser and tried to escape. as he tried to get out of patrol car, officers claimed they noticed the suspect was armnd and he was shot and killed at the scene. the georgia bureau of investigation is going to investigate. have to keep on that one. and then they'll understand the pattern of what happened. and then the hunt for justice
4:30 am
will come right after. a lot going on in the world. the politics playing a heavy hand as always. so we go inside politics on "new day" with mr. jon king. happy friday. >> tgif to the three of you. a busy day inside politics, 2014, and 2016 implications. let's start with chris christie, with me this friday, maya reston of the "los angeles times" and maggie haferman. we've been waiting for months, the investigation into the george washington bridgegate we call it. w nbc in new york is reporting sources tell them that the federal prosecutor looking into this has had nine months. sources telling them that they've found nothing directly linking chris christie. he had no personal role in this. what he said in the beginning. if this played out in his house, it was a rogue action. we'll wait to hear from the federal prosecutor to see if he
4:31 am
gives governor christie a pass. the governor says you've had a lot of time -- enough. >> you know what? wrap up your work. and this administration, i've allowed my chief of staff to testify. tell me the last time that happened. when the executive branch allowed the chief of staff to go down in an absolutely unfettered way with no claim of privilege on any question they asked. >> maggie is the end of the tunnel at hand for chris christie? maybe i shouldn't use that, don't use any reference. >> road rage. or look, i don't think it's a coincidence that we saw this report from wnbc while chris christie is simultaneously blasting the legislative committee. i think those are two things. i think if federal prosecutors do go ahead and clear chris christie publicly, we don't always see this with federal investigations, they often just let these things go and go. i think there's an obligation when you have somebody wide widely believed to be possibly
4:32 am
running for president, to say if there was nothing going on to do that. that puts chris christie. he's never going to regain what he lost, but it does put him back in a much more viable place. >> we've seen him out all over the country, his role as the republican governors association, swing states and early primary states. if he gets this behind him, then we have a debate about is chris christie a republican nominee. can he win, can he win iowa? can he win new hampshire? can he go on to south carolina, issues like taxes and guns and gay rights. do you think he's warming for that? >> i think that's what we're seeing here from the governor, it's crunch time for him and his people. they've got to build a team. they've got to reassure donors that there's no other shoe that's ready to drop. i remember being with mitt romney's donors earlier this year when christie addressed them. he said i expect all of these investigations to be wrapped up by the end of the year. they're not going to find anything new. you all should go comfortable with me. you know, not explicitly obviously say egg was going to run for president. but that's a huge concern for him and he needs to get past
4:33 am
this period in order to start laying the groundwork which of course is very important, two years out. >> chris christie and jeb bush the the two governor establishment type people we're waiting for at the end of the year. we're waiting to see if the prosecutor issues a point. he's a standing governor of a big state, thinking about running for president, sometimes prosecutors keep looking or wrap things up without saying anything, there's a burden for the prosecutor to lay forward what he's learned. let's move on to a huge 2014 ruling, that could have huge implications for control of the senate in kansas, hard to believe kansas, a red state could decide things this mid-term election year. we've had a drama play out. three candidates, senator pat roberts, your republican incumbent. chad taylor is in the middle. he was the democratic candidate, greg ormond is the independent. there was a dispute about whether he has to stay on the ballot. kansas supreme court has said, can he come off the ballot. despite the deadline. so you have a one-on-one race with pat roberts and the
4:34 am
independent candidate and democrats are saying support the independent. the roberts campaign -- i call this whining this is the campaign manager says in a vow to senator claire mccaskill and harry reid, liberal supreme court justices have decided in you voted in the democrat primary in august 5th, your vote does not matter, your voice does not matter, you have no say who should be on the ballot on election day. how about saying we think pat roberts is a better candidate than greg orman and fighting this one on the substance than whining about things in the court. >> that statement tells awe lot, republicans are worried about this race, he's had a lot of issues in terms of not spending enough time at home. he's not run a good campaign. he's not been energetic on the campaign trail. and so obviously this is a big blow to the campaign and i think that you know, the gop was hoping to really focus on these five states that they believe are on the knife's edge. and now they've got to worry about a problem in kansas that you know, nobody wanted to deal with. so -- not a good day for them. >> this race in particular, you
4:35 am
have a guy whose residency has been questioned. who hasn't said or done most of the right things. can you imagine a 2014 mid-term election where kansas decides who controls the senate? >> this is also sort of like the freddy kruger race, we sought it was settled in the primary, it was over. this is not settled and has cropped up. and republicans having the expanded map at this point this way, is not a positive. democrats are much more on the edge given they're trying to retain control. this is good news. >> good news for the democrats. we'll watch this one play out. another fascinating race. let's start with the former president weighing in in support of the current president's iraq policy. the senate voting last night to join the house. in giving the president the money he needs to arm the syrian rebel, train the syrian rebels for a fight against isis inside syria listen to bill clinton on the daily show, a big dispute whether you should take ground troops off the table. bill clinton says president obama in his view, has it right. >> so the reason i think that the president's strategy to combat isis has a chance to
4:36 am
succeed is that the iraqi government finally includes sunni who is were representing those tribal leaders who are moderate. and without whom isis cannot be defeated. we can't win a land war in iraq. we proved that. but they can. and we can help them win it. >> how important is his voice to this? and i have a hard time with that sentence. we can't win a land war in iraq, but they can, and we can help them. >> i think there's a lot of questions about whether this is the right strategy. and obviously we're seeing a lot of ambivalence from lawmaker who is are hearing the hesitation from their constituents at home. but it is important for bill clinton to come out and strongly back the president. because you're not necessarily seeing that from a lot of the vulnerable democrats that are running this year, because they know that you know, this is not a great issue for them. when they're out there talking to their constituents. >> they're not sure how it's going to turn out. a lot of them are afraid to take a firm stand on this. because it might look popular
4:37 am
today. they maybe learned from the last iraq war -- >> a little hillary clinton lesson. >> i think maggie is right this is a very popular democrat, who supporting the president on something where the president has really struggled. i think what will be interesting as always is to hear what hillary clinton says. and that remains to be seen. >> we'll keep an eye on her, maeve and maggie, i'm going excuse the ladies for this. they're way too dignified. congress took the vote and went home to campaign, six and a half weeks to election day. conan o'brien have a little bit of fun with the american people not quite in tune with their government. >> a recent report says the majority of americans cannot name the three branches of government, judicial, executive and legislative. to make it easier, the government is renaming those branches, kim, chloe and courtney. >> kim, khloe and kourtney. mr. cuomo, you can assign names
4:38 am
to the different branches. >> who are they? just kidding you, jon, just kidding you. take it easy, have a good weekend. >> take care, my friend. please be sure to join jon king, sunday morning at 8:30 for a full half hour of "inside politics." speaking of politics and what needs to be watched. the senate has signed off, president obama is planning his next steps against isis in syria is he on the same page with the top military advisers about no boots on the ground? we'll ask the pentagon spokesman next. we come into the world hungry. and never quite get over it. seven billion hungry people. well, we grow a lot of food. we also waste about a third of what we grow. so, we put our scientists to work. and they found ways to keep the food we grow fresher, longer. using innovative packaging. there are still a lot of hungry people in the world. but we have a lot of scientists.
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someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. welcome back to "new day," first the house, now the senate has voted to back president obama's strategy to arm rebels in syria. now, with that authorization in hand, president obama is preparing a plan for air strikes, not in iraq, but syria. very different game there. so the question becomes, is the president on the same page with his top military advisers? and can american troops really be kept out of it? joining us now, pentagon press secretary, rear admiral john
4:43 am
kirby to discuss what the u.s.' next move is admiral, always a pleasure, thank you for joining us. the plan in sir yarks will you answer the question i presented in the introduction? is the president on the same page with the military when it comes to what needs to be done in syria to do the job right against isis? >> chris, there's complete alignment between the white house, the president and his military leadership here at the pentagon. from secretary hagel right on down do all the planners putting together the options for the president to consider. as you know, he was in tampa this week, he had a chance to get an update from general austin. he was very pleased with the work they've done, very satisfied with the planning efforts. there's, there's still some work to be done to continue here. but i can tell you that all the military leadership, civilian and military alike, are behind the plan, behind the strategy, fully supportive and we're ready to go. >> in often you and i have a conversation over the year on
4:44 am
television and in person, do you have enough, do you have what you need, have you managed the threat correctly. this is very different. it's about can they get it done. do you see anybody stepping up from the supposed coalition who is willing to fight? we had the former foreign minister from jordan saying it's you guys who want to fight, it's the u.s., not us, we can't commit our troops to this. who is going to fight on the ground? >> there's a coalition that is growing in size, even as we speak today, chris, i mean the french just announced, just a little bit ago. >> not on the ground. >> they conducted air strikes, though. there is, there is a lot of folks that are willing to contribute to this effort and there are arab countries who have signed up to support the actions that we're traking against isil in the region. each country has to do what they can, they have to do it in accordance with their own capabilities and principles, mandates from their country. not all of them will contribute to aggressive strikes.
4:45 am
not all of them will contribute to efforts on the ground. but they're all considered in contributing in some way. that's a coalition is all about. the most important partners, chris, we need to remember on the ground are iraqis, they are kurds and they are syrians. that's why yesterday's vote on the hill was so important. because now we can move forward with the training and equip program in syria. to get a moderate opposition that is able and capable of defending syrian citizens, of pushing back on isil and also pushing back on the assad regime. those are the most important partners and those are the ones we're trying hard to develop. >> admiral, are those the most important partners because they're the only partners, they're the only people signing up to fight on the ground and you know you have to be on the ground at some point to finish the job? >> any time you're going against a terrorist group like this, we've learned this over 13 years of war and struggle, that indigenous forces, local forces and local citizens are your most important counterweights to a terrorist network in your neighborhood. there's no question about that. now i'm not going to sit here
4:46 am
and make commitments for other arab nations. as i said, arab nations have express a willingness to help. they have to speak to what they're willing to do and communicate that in their own way. i can tell thaw the partners on the ground that we're most interested in in developing and helping and equipping, are iraqis and syrians. >> hearing from different aspects of the military frustration, politics is getting in the way with the practicalities of the situation. that if the u.s. went in on the ground, this would get done faster. the right way and allow for quicker control of the problem. do you believe or accept the idea that politics are getting in the way of good practicality here? >> no, i don't, i refute that notion altogether. and i've seen the press reports on this. but, listen, there was a great briefing in wednesday between general austin and the commander-in-chief,ky tell you that general austin walked away from that feeling that his advice was being listened to and heeded. and b, he was getting all the support he needs from washington. everybody is in alignment with
4:47 am
the strategy. everybody knows what we have to do and we're moving now. >> admiral kirby, thank you very much for the perspective. appreciate it, have a good weekend, sir. >> thank you, chris. isis topic of discussion from the admiral, trying to find out from the military perspective. they're not the only ones we have to be worried about, al qaeda is still out there, still a major threat. is the terror group growing while we're not looking, because we're focused on isis, what's going on with al qaeda, what's going on with the taliban? we're going to tell you. (phone ringing) what's up jake? that depends man, what are you doing? just cruising around in my new ride. oh, the one i'm not suppose to touch, right? you got it. guess what i'm touching it right now, craig. what you talkin about jake? with my voice. that doesn't make any sense. you let me in man, by answering and i like it in here. you're not touching it! touch is physical, your voice isn't physical. my sound waves are pouring out of your speakers, penetrating every cubic inch... stop disrespecting her! ooh and the dodge likes it. don't you dart?
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4:51 am
to the homeland. pamela brown joins us with much more and more immediate threat than isis, tell us about it. >> for the if, time yesterday a top intelligence official in the u.s. acknowledged this group of al qaeda terrorists in syria. it's the combination of the technical bombmaking experience and access to a huge pool of foreign fighters with european and american passports. it's newer, even smaller bombs than the ones in these toothpaste tubes that have u.s. officials so concerned. in american intelligence officials said publicly the government is worried about a
4:52 am
terrorist cell in syria known as khorasan. the same womaners hidden in a printer cartridge on a cargo plane in 2010. >> the khorasan groups out there is potentially yet another threat to the homeland. >> reporter: u.s. officials say it is made up of al qaeda fighters who were fighting in the afghanistan/pakistan border region. the worry is they're in syria working to recruit european and american foreign fighters to use their passports to smuggle bombs on to u.s.-bound airplanes. >> unwf the operatives who moved from the border region to syria is a saudi operative who is an experienced fighter, he was part of al qaeda's command structure in the afghanistan/pakistan border region and a year or so ago he moved to syria and according to the united states
4:53 am
intelligence services, he's involved in plotting atacks against western targets. >> reporter: wednesday u.s. officials hinted at those same concerns, telling congress al qaeda affiliates are intent on targeting u.s. flights. >> al qaeda and the arabian peninsula sought to take down an airplane bound for the united states. >> reporter: there is fierce competition between al qaeda and isis to be known as the biggest, baddest jihadi organization. >> that would be a worrying scenario if these two groups start to try to outdo each other to launch attacks back in the west for al qaeda it would be a way to restore its relevance when ice sis grabbing all the headlines. >> u.s. officials say khorasan's capability and the concern it will try to one-up isis by launching an attack on u.s. are part of what makes them a more immediate threat to homeland security according to intelligence officials. >> we had chairman roger on and he confirmed a reporting saying
4:54 am
khorasan is the more immediate threat, not that isis is less but khorasan is more desired to target the united states and other western targets. >> it's scary from an intelligence perspective, syria say black hole. i think that's what's adding to the concern. >> great to see you, thanks so much. >> you, too. other big story we're dealing with, skod land has spoken, it's going to stay with the uk, for now. the british prime minister delighted by the results. what does it mean for the scottish people? there is so much dissension, it doesn't just go away and what does that mean for us in the u.s.? we'll take a live report from there for you. and horrible details released in the jonathan dwyer domestic violence case putting the nfl's domestic violence problem once again in sharp focus. we're going to talk about the problem with leanne tooey who inspired "the blind side."
4:55 am
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4:59 am
scotland rejecting independence. we are live with what happens next. congress gives the president a green light in the first phase in the battle against isis arming rebels to figd them on the ground as the terror group releases another hostage video. will the plan work? the''s chief spokesman is joining us live. shocking new details in the domestic charges against an nfl player. leigh anne tuohy weighs in, what does she think the problem is? ? >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is friday, september 19th, 8:00 in the east now, and we're going to begin with an historic vote to determine whether scotland would break away from america's closest ally. the united kingdom is still united. scotland rejecting independence
5:00 am
with record turnout across the atlantic. british prime minister david cameron pleased with the result which came following a last-minute promise to grant more powers to scotland's parliament, so what does this now all mean? let's get to senior international correspondent nic robertson, he has the latest from glasgow, scotland. what does this mean going forward, nic? >> reporter: it means david cameron is a lot happier. 's a'really relieved. this was a 10% vote in favor of staying part of england. 55%, no rejecting independence to 45% yes and 85% turnout a record turnout for scotland and david cameron said this is a clear indication the people of scotland have voted, they voted clearly. this is the last time they need to have a referendum on this issue for a generation, even a lifetime he said but what he said he's going to do now is keep good on his commitments to transfer more powers to control
5:01 am
taxes, more powers to control welfare issues inside scotland. he adds to that as well if the scotts can have this, the english can and the welsh can, the people of northern ireland can. he's looking at really a big change in the way that britain is run constitutionally. so all of that is supposed to happen over the coming months. we've heard as well from the man who led the independence campaign saying that he will hold david cameron to his promises of delivering those additional powers to the people of scotland, 3.7 million people voted, kate. >> what time do they give him to make the change and follow through the promises. nic robertson great to see you. >> many keep saying what does that mean in the u.s.? it means the power of the people, the power of referendum. look at the change that will come because they voted in huge numbers. message for you. also breaking this morning, france joining the fight against
5:02 am
isis with air strikes in iraq, this comes after congress delivered a shaky endorsement somewhat of the president's plans, detractors on both sides of the aisle. the senate passed the bill to train and arm syrian rebels the first step in this war plan. the house approved the measure earlier in the week so with france in the mix, president obama now getting the green light from congress, what comes next? let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta. i guess he has "mandate" so what's that about? >> president obama's plan to defeat isis cleared a major hurdle. congress has bought into the president's strategy at least the part they could vote on. >> the joint resolution is passed. >> reporter: just before speeding out of washington for the midterm elections, congress gave president obama the green light to arm and train syrian rebels in the war on isis. >> the strong bipartisan support in congress for this new training effort shows the world that americans are united in
5:03 am
confronting the threat from isil. >> reporter: the senate approved the measure attached to a must pass spending bill by an overwhelming margin. potential gop presidential contenders were divided with senator marco rubio voting yes and ted cruz and rand paul saying no, noting that congress declined to authorize the president's overall strategy, paul dubbed the battle plan one man's war. >> he was running against the wars of the previous administration, and people voted for it for that very reason and he became part of the problem. >> reporter: despite the endorsement from congress for at least part of the president's strategy, lawmakers were voicing doubts to defense secretary chuck hagel. >> if this plan doesn't work, what is the alternative? what does it look like in the middle east then? >> well, we always have plan bs and cs, that's what the military does as well as anybody in the world, but we believe this plan will work. >> reporter: the obama administration is pointing to the stepped up air campaign against isis that u.s. military
5:04 am
officials say took out a terrorist training camp in some of the latest strikes. >> i can tell you that i don't think these guys are ten feet tall, and the intelligence tells us that as we've begun to hit them, we've been able to prove that to some degree. >> reporter: president obama welcomed france's decision to join the coalition in conducting air strikes on isis, a sign the battle against the terrorist group is just heating up. >> as americans we do not give in to fear and when you harm our citizens, when you threaten the united states, when you threaten our allies, it doesn't divide us, it unites us. >> reporter: and the president will be pushing to expand his coalition when he makes the rounds at the united nations next week in new york city. this weekend he heads to camp david, he's likely to receive more updates from his national security team on the fight against isis, chris. >> important information to see how it starts the change on the ground because that will obviously change the strategy. jim appreciate the reporting. have a good weekend. kate? >> an important vote they took
5:05 am
and let's continue the discussion about that syrian measure. let's bring in the democratic congresswoman, tammy duckworth, iraq war veteran and sits on the house armed services committee. thanks for coming in. >> it's good to be here this morning. >> thank you very much. you voted against to arm and train syrian rebels but also come at this, to this from a unique perspective. you're a veteran. you have seen combat. why could you not support the president on this measure? >> i can't trust the syrian rebels, kate. we don't know who they are. i'm not comfortable with the vetting process and i don't know how long this commitment is. the vote on wednesday was really just for a 12-week bill that would allow us to fund them for 12 weeks. this commitment is far longer term and deserved more of a debate than this short term debate that we had. >> when is that debate going to happen?
5:06 am
i've heard many other members of congress, democrats and republicans, saying the same thing, that they are not necessarily comfortable with what they know about the process of vetting the rebels, that they can trust, that they are moderate opposition. i even heard congressman mike rogers say we shouldn't call them moderate opposition anymore because they really are not so moderate, they're just less anti-west, if you will. do you think the debate's actually going to occur? >> i hope they do. i think we need to do our job here in congress and have a debate over a new use of military force, an authorization for use of military force. the president is operating under the one passed in 2001, that's a long time ago and we need to set up the real parameters. in some of the briefings we've gotten from military leaders they came right out and said once we do this with the rebels this is not a 12-week commitment. this is a multiyear commitment, going into the two and three-year range and we can't go into something like that in this
5:07 am
nation without congress doing its job and setting up parameters. i hope we come back from the break and have that conversation here. >> as i said a lot of members of congress they do share in your concerns but you also have folks like congressman democrat from maryland the ranking democrat, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee and he comes at this from the perspective president obama is the commander in chief and in a time of serious crisis you don't weaken the commander in chief is what dutch had said. is there anything that you could hear from the president, hear from the white house that could set aside your concerns to change your position to get your support? >> well, i asked a lot of questions in all the briefings that we've had so far, kate, and some of the questions that i want to know is what happens after the initial 12 weeks of this commitment? so what happens if these rebels are actually wildly successful and able to defeat isis in syria? what next? are they going to take that
5:08 am
american training and those american made weapons and turn them on each other, are they going to turn them on assad? we need to get rid of assad. if they turn them on assad, then does that commit the united states into a ground war in syria? where are our allies on this? there are so many unanswered questions. >> those seem like not just unanswered questions but very valid questions, what are the answers you're getting? >> well, we're just getting the answer that i got which is why i voted no was, vote for this, give us the $500 million initially and we need to start training because we need to go after isis now, so that they don't continue to grow, and my response is, if we're going to go after isis now, why would we not start with the $500 million commitment to an ally effective like the kurdish peshmerga, strong, fierce fighters fighting alongside americans for a long time and we're going to make this investment and attack isis, why are we not helping the kurds out first and then we'll talk about the syrian rebels, and
5:09 am
folks who we need to do a little bit more vetting but the kurds are right there, we should be working with them. >> congresswoman, in these briefings that you've received and we're talking it's not like you're coming at this from a conservative republican perspective, you are a democrat who has seen combat, you are a veteran. when you're asking these questions you're essentially getting the answer of give us the money and ask questions later and we'll give you the answers later? >> the answer i'm getting is we need to do this now, we need to do something immediately, tey're continuing to grow in strength. debris with that, we need to act and destroy them, but my question is, great, what is the plan beyond 12 weeks, and if we train these folks four weeks in saudi arabia, we send them back to syria, they don't have logistics capability. coming from a military perspective, who is going to get them the bullets that are american caliber to fire out of those american made weapons that we're going to give them.
5:10 am
is it going to be us, is it going to be contractors? is it going to be blackwater? how are we going to help them logistically? who is going to provide oversight as to how they act, and those answers coming from a military perspective just have not been answered for me in a way that is satisfactory that gotten the yes vote from me. >> clearly not satisfactory to you, not satisfactory to many members of congress, and probably many members of the american public, who want to know the very same thing at the same time as you said you're up against a serious threat, this say complex issue. i appreciate you coming on and hopefully the debate in the lame duck will happen. >> i hope so, too. >> thank you, congresswoman tammy duckworth thank you so much. a lot of news we are following, a lot of serious news we're following this morning. straight over to michaela. >> i want to bring you up to date on the manhunt in pennsylvania. suspected cop killer eric matthew frein has been placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list. massive manhunt is under way
5:11 am
pennsylvania for frein who police believe ambushed police a week ago killing one. police around the nation attended the funeral for corporal bryon dickson in scranton yesterday. the home depot credit card breach compromised a stunning 56 million credit cards in a five-month-long security breach. home depot's ceo issued an apology to customers for the "inconvenience and anxiety." the company says the malware has been eliminated from its payment system that makes that breach bigger than target's last year. the the king fire burning ooebs of sacramento, california, gone from big to bigger. it is burning out of control, more than 71,000 acres are burned. some 12,000 homes are threatened. that fire has forced 3,000 people to evacuate. now the man accused of purposely starting the king fire 37-year-old wayne allen huntsman is due in court today. we should point ought at one
5:12 am
point firefighters had to deploy the fire shelters to escape flames and were later evacuated by helicopter. terrifying moments, can you manage this happening on a plane? this was aboard a jetblue flight in california after their flight from long beach blew one of its engines shortly after takeoff. the cabin is filling with smoke. passengers say the plane began to shake. the pilot was able to turn back around and land safely. the 147 passengers aboard however had to use emergency slides to deplane. four people suffered minor injuries. they won't soon forget that. >> i would say so. my goodness. >> terrifying. >> all of them affected in a way that will -- it radiates to the rest of us, so much fear. thank god they got on the ground, that's the end of that story as long as they figure out what went wrong. congress, they okay the white house plan to arm and train syrian rebels, just the
5:13 am
first step. the president says however, we are united going forward. there's even talk of a mandate. is that really true? we'll ask the president's spokesman the questions and you will judge the answers. and new details emerging about the domestic violence allegations against cardinals running back jonathan dwyer. the nfl obviously dealing with a major problem here, what can the league do better? we're going to speak with, get unique perspective on this. leigh anne tuohy whose story inspired the film "the blind side" we'll get her take. there. this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
5:14 am
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welcome back to "new day." president obama has been given the green light by congress to take down isis. the key to the plan? arming and training syrian rebels. france now in the mix, air strikes of their own so what comes next? here to answer all that and more is white house press secretary josh earnest. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, chris. >> you got the votes. however, congress very careful to a person to say well it's just a limited thing, it's just to give them money just for these rebels. we don't know about this, don't know what happens next. we need more debate. would you call that a mandate for war? >> well, chris, let me start by saying we welcome the bipartisan show of support from congress, that is a phenomenon too rare these days. in this situation we saw democrats and republicans put aside their partisan labels and consider their request to give
5:18 am
the administration greater authority to ramp up the traiping and assistance and equipment of the syrian opposition fighters. we certainly are pleased that a majority of republicans in the house, majority of democrats in the house and majority of republicans and democrats in the senate voted to give the president the authority. if there is an additional bedebait congress determines is necessary on this policy, we certainly would welcome that debate and we would welcome additional action from congress to demonstrate their support for the strategy that the president's pursuing to degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> i would echo the argument it is congress's responsibility. they should be voting themselves, they shouldn't have to be prodded. the constitution and common sense says it but they're not. should the president therefore be pushing them and say don't make what rand paul says a one man's war. get in with me, debate it, vote it, all across the board and move forward. >> we would welcome congress
5:19 am
doing that. they did take an important step over the course of this week putting aside partisan labels voting their conscience. majorities of democrats and republicans in both houses supporting the president's strategy. we welcome that. the president does believe that it is important for us to present a united front, united between democrats and republicans and united between capitol hill and the white house. that presents a strong message to the country, to our allies and even to our enemies, that the united states is united in fact and determined to accomplish this goal that the president laid out to deny isil a safe haven in syria and ensure that we can succeed in our campaign with the international community to degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> i want to talk to you about the community. tammy duckworth, democrat, illinois, veteran is with the president, says i am not convinced from what i'm hearing from the white house and the
5:20 am
military that they know who they're dealing with, with these syrian rebels. i don't think they're really an army. i don't know who the moderates are, i don't get it. those are real questions coming from someone who knows what they're talking about. >> they are. >> how confident are you that you know who you're giving weapons to there? >> chris, you're right. congresswoman duckworth sacrificed tremendously for this country and i admire and respect her bravery and courage and her dedication to our nation and to our national security. she is raising legitimate questions. this is very difficult business. this is serious business. the president has been criticized a number of times over the last couple of years for not more forcefully weighing in to provide weapons and training earlier to syrian opposition fighters. what the president said we need to be engaged in an effort to vet these individuals. lets's research their background, figure out who they are, figure out what they're fighting for, figure out what motivates them and over the course of the last three years we established stronger ties and have a better sense of who we're
5:21 am
fighting. we have a better sense of what they're fighting for. and that will be an important part of our efforts as we continue to vet these individuals and make decisions about who we should equip and train but ultimately, chris, this is the question that it comes down to. we need boots on the ground in syria to deny isil a safe haven in syria. the question is, are they going to be american combat boots on the ground in syria? the president's determined that will not be the case, it will not be american boots on the ground in a combat role in syria. we're going to support the syrian opposition fighters, they should be fighting to are their own country. they need to take the fight on the ground to isil. we'll make sure they have the training and equipment they need to do that and back them up with american and allied air power to carry out air strikes in support of their ground operations, both of those things, ramping up our assistance and backing them with air power will enhance their performance on the battlefield and that's what will be necessary to take the fight to isil and deny them the safe haven they could use to plot against the united states of america. >> look at the optics, josh. you have the u.s. saying this is
5:22 am
not our fight, with ear helping out the region. isis wants to own islam. isis wants to take over all these different countries. this is a crisis for the middle east, we're going to help them and have this coalition of all these arab states and the turks. none of them will put boots on the ground, josh. it sends a very confusing message. they're not fighting their own fight. why rush in with military force, when they won't? >> the reason the president decided to engage robustly he established it as a core principle of his presidency, he will deny safe haven to the individuals and organizations that seek to do harm to the united states and our homeland. isil is seeking to occupy a virtual safe haven in syria and the president believes that robust action is necessary to deny them that safe haven. and i do think, chris, that we have seen constructive engagement from muslim majority countries in the region in this
5:23 am
effort. the president a couple weeks ago said these sunni-led countries face a significant threat in the region. they agreed the greatest threat were the shia led countries in the region. it's the president's view and this is backed up by some of the statements we've seen from public officials in these sunni-led countries that the greater threat they face is actually from these extremists who are fomenting instability and carrying out terrible acts of violence all in the same of sunni islam. what we're seeing are moderate voices step up and indicate that does not reflect the true tenets of their religion. is important for the countries to understand they don't just have a moral difference from the extremists in isil, they actually have a reason to mobilize their country to counter that threat, and they can do so with the support of the international community and that's why, chris, i've been asked this question a couple of times, is the you stits at work with isil? the international community including the muslim world is at war with isil and the united states is committed, the president is committed to
5:24 am
building and leading and international coalition to degrade and ultimately destroy isil for precisely this reason >> at least we're calling it a war because that's what it is and one layer of confusion that's gone. in terms of battles that the u.s. should be fighting starting with the white house, while i have you, let me turn your attention back home. domestic violence we're seeing it play out in the nfl as if that were the focus and the root of the problem. we know it isn't. is the white house going to step up and advance this discussion about this domestic violence, about sexual assault that's going on in society? >> the well, chris, today the president and vice president will be convening an event at the white house to launch the it's on us campaign and that is an effort to mobilize public opinion and to send a clear message to everybody we all need to take responsibility for combating sexual violence in our communities. the focal point of today's announcement will be about college campuses. we're working with more than 200 colleges and universities across
5:25 am
the country, some of the more prominent sports conferences are all involved in this effort to send a clear message to teachers and professors and coaches, fraternity brothers and sorority sisters that we all have a responsibility to make sure that we're sending a signal to everybody, we're not going to tolerate sexual assault, we're not going to tolerate sexual violence, not going to operate in a permissive environment where some bad perpetrators may get left with the impression we're not going to step up and oppose this and make sure it doesn't happen. we have a responsibility to intervene and to make clear that it's on us to prevent sexual violence and sexual assault. i think this will send a powerful message and to have the president and the vice president speaking so publicly about this. this is a priority of the administration and an event we're looking forward to today. >> it's a strong move, much needed and when we talk about how we get the rest of the world to understand u.s. influence, showing that you believe in justice at home is a fundamental way to do that. josh earnest, thank you very much for being with us today. appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you very much, chris.
5:26 am
i appreciate the opportunity. have a good one. a lot of this debate though about domestic violence, sexual assault, what's going on, has come because of what's going on in the nfl. coming up, we have who may be most female fan of the nfl, leigh anne tuohy, what does she think about the domestic violence problems and what should its response be? there she is. we're going to ask her.
5:27 am
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neutrogena®. here is your quarterback. you protect his blind side. when you look at him, you think of me, how you have my back, how you have his. are you going to protect the family, michael? >> yes, ma'am. >> good boy. now go have some fun. >> sandra bullock in her oscar winning portrayful leigh ann tuohy in the blockbuster hit yg the blind side." the tuohy family welcomed michael oher into their home and he went on to become a super bowl winning lineman in the nfl. domestic abuse is an issue at
5:31 am
the scandal involving several nfl players. joining me with so much perspective leigh anne tuohy, the mother portrayed in the film and the proud founder of making it happen foundation which improves standards of living for underprivileged youth. your he my kind of lady. good morning to you, my dear. >> good morning, how are you, michaela? >> well, we're all sort of frustrated and concerned about what's going on in the nfl and i'm sure you are. you're an nfl mom. what do you make of all of this? >> well, you know, the truth of the matter is the bar's been set so low for so long in this country that we all need to pull our moral compass out and figure out what we need to do, but with that being said, i kind of have my mom's hat on here. it's confusing to me why we're cutting the herd with the nfl. this is a problem epidemic in the united states and in this world, domestic violence against women, we see it everywhere, every day, and we really have to step up, it's never too late to
5:32 am
do the right thing so if the nfl can take the lead on this >> sure. >> a little bit i look at it and think it's like getting a pre p prenuptial agreement after they're worried. they're behind the eight ball. why are we cutting the herd with a couple of players in the nfl? because you look at anything you want to whether it's our judicial system, whether it's our political system, it's hollywood, i just read about this fuller cat down in alabama with this judge, you know, there's story after story after story, so why are we cutting the herd with the nfl? now, come on, roger, show up, show out, let's take the lead here and let's let everyone emulate what we're doing. we all can do our part. there are issues that need to be resolved and i think women are at the forefront. we don't need a lot of men telling us how to do this. we need to be the ones that go hey, look at us, let us tell you how to handle this.
5:33 am
the good old boy bro code. >> roger goodell hired four or five women to advise him on policies and matters within the nfl that pertain to this. is that enough? >> no, it's never enough, because i would like to see some mothers, some social workers, i want to see some grassroots people on these committees. committees are great. i'm not a very good committee member, as you can well imagine, but i do think that it's a start. so we have to begin somewhere. the beginning of this has already been written, how the end is written is up to us, as individuals. we need to step up and do the right thing. you know, have your eyes open, your ears perked, look around, if you see someone in a situation that is bad, you know, do something about it. doing nothing is what has caused us to be in the situation that we're in, in this country, and with he need to get a little backbone and stick up for each other and you know, when you see something that doesn't look
5:34 am
right, say something to someone about it. whether it's child abuse, people are scared to do anything because they're afraid they'll get in trouble for it and we have created an environment of a bunch of scaredy cats. that's what allowed this to fester and become like it is today just an epidemic level. these players in the nfl we put a lot of credence in them like they're really special because they drive a great car, wear a big old necklace, fancy shoes. that doesn't validate them as individuals and we need to all be watchful of what goes on and this needs to be stopped. this is not something that we need to curtail or cut down on. >> it needs to be top. leigh anne, put your mom hat on again for me. i want to talk to you about something we brought up with some of the players and one of the wives early on when the scandals were starting to break in the past month, the notion these are warriors trained to play in this violent game and that some fellows struggle to turn that off when they go back
5:35 am
to real life. talk to us about michael, about the young man you know. what are the tools they have to turn off that aggression and what kind of support they get in that respect. >> well, i'm going to call a that a cop-out. i'm going to call that an excuse. >> fair enough. >> you have kids that play violent video games, soldiers that go to war. you watch some of the movies. i flip the channel on tv because body parts are flying. so i think that's just an excuse, grandstanding because we see violence in so much of our lives today and so many different genres but the truth of the matter is, they do need to be caught, children from an early age, this is greater than domestic violence, starts with alcohol abuse t starts with children in the home growing up to teach them to respect women, we need to educate our kids about that. i told my two boys from the day they're born you touch a woman
5:36 am
and i will kill you personally. you don't hit women, under any circumstance ever, regardless of the situation. >> how did you approach it with michael, who had come into your family with a history in his situation and community of domestic violence? how did you say late in the game this is not how we operate and this is not how you should operate? >> well i mean i'm a big proponent of living in the environment and not of the environme environment, so when michael came into our home there were rules and he had the same rules my two biological kids had and it was you respect people, you respect women. you do the right thing, you take the high road, and you teach your kids those and we're missing out, we have to start teaching kids at a young age because it's a vicious cycle in this country. we have these kids and they're born to teenaged parents who can't parent themselves who didn't have parents themselves, and we expect them all to turn out perfect and do the right thing. that is just not reality, people. the reality of it is we've got
5:37 am
to get with these kids when they're young and teach them about doing the right thing, respecting people, being givers, making a difference, standing up for your fellow man, and we taught michael all those things. michael with as a wonderful human being. we just allowed michael to become the person he was supposed to become. and he understood that you did, if you're going to live in our house these are the rules that you play by and we need to set more rules for kids. >> i like what you said about the moral compass and i also liked the fact that you understand that kids are not lost causes, that it doesn't matter how late in the game you get to them, there's so much they can still absorb. leigh anne tuohy thanks for joining us today. delight to have you on the air to talk about this, okay? >> thanks for having me. >> be sure to tell us what you think, you can join our conversation ongoing on he is an ex-governor, ex-congressman and ex-con. now edwin edwards is trying to get back into louisiana politics, making a bid for
5:38 am
congress and political watchers say he may just win. we join him on what may be the strangest campaign this year. [announcer] play close-good and close.
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here's your friday edition of the five things you need to know for your new day. the votes are in, scotland will remain part of the united kingdom, majority of voters rejecting independence in an historic referendum. france has launched its first air strikes on isis this morning with air strikes in iraq, it comes after the senate gave its stamp of approval to president obama's plan to fight
5:42 am
isis. home depot confirmed a staggering 56 million credit card numbers were compromised during a five-month-long security breach that's far more than the 40 million cards breached at target last year. ali baba set to begin trading on the new york stock exchange. it is the largest of all-time raising nearly $22 billion. darrel hammond heading back to "snl." the 14-year alum will be the show's new announcer replacing don pardo, who died last month. here are a few extras to help brighten your day.
5:43 am
now to this week's cnn hero, lending a hand to children diagnosed with cancer since losing his own daughter he turned to martial arts to give these kids a weapon to fight their pain. >> when children get a diagnosis like cancer or any major disease they lose a sense of feeling that they're controlling their lives. they're prodded and poked and they're often so afraid. our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. she was such an incredible, little soul, who taught me about the power that's inside of ourselves. are you ready?
5:44 am
>> yes, sir! >> okay. begin. after our daughter passed away, i started a program that provides classes to children who are sick to teach them the martial arts to make them feel powerful. every single type of martial arts uses the breath to take control. i'm a black belt in choi qwan do. we use it for relaxation and meditation to allow children to gain these tools. you're totally in control. so really face down so much of the fear, the anger that accompanies pain. breathe in. and you could see that light on their face. i feel like their souls are shining. hey! you did it! >> what an amazing man and what amazing children. if you want to learn more about rabbi goldberg and his work go to
5:45 am
still ahead, a former politician is looking for a fresh start and doing it at the age of 87. and after also serving nine years in prison, despite all that, some folks say edwin edwards has a chance in louisiana. he talks to cnn, that's coming up. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that parker. well... did you know auctioneers make bad grocery store clerks? that'll be $23.50. now .75, 23.75, hold 'em. hey now do i hear 23.75? 24! hey 24 dollar, 24 and a quarter, quarter, now half, 24 and a half and .75! 25! now a quarter, hey 26 and a quarter, do you wanna pay now, you wanna do it, 25 and a quarter- -sold to the man in the khaki jacket! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. edwin edwards served in congress almost 50 years ago before three stints as governor of louisiana. his next stint after that was in lockup, serving almost nine years for extortion, but edwards is now looking to get back into politics, running for a seat in the house. 87 years old, why now and can he really win? gloria borger is taking a look. >> reporter: it's sunday morning at the new life baptist church in baton rouge, louisiana. ♪ but the man preaching to the choir is no minister. >> my god is not finished with me. >> reporter: he's edwin w. edwards, ex-four-term governor, ex-four-term congressman and ex-con. >> i may be old and rancid butter, but i'm on your side of the bread.
5:50 am
♪ and i love the lord >> reporter: unrepent ant and unapologetic, edwards is in church not looking for forgiveness, but for votes. because at 87, after almost nine years in prison, the flamboyant showman of louisiana politics has a fresh act, running for congress. >> thank you. >> reporter: co-starring his new 35-year-old wife and their 1-year-old baby. can you tell the story of how you two met? >> you want his story or my story? >> reporter: trina grimes began as edward's prison pen pal which led to love at first visit. >> i was expecting him to be angry or bitter and he wasn't. >> she said if you don't mind i only live 30 minutes from here. i'd like to come back and visit you for, that's like throwing a rubber raft. >> he was so full of life and he had such a good time, even in the situation that he was in, it
5:51 am
was really an amazing thing. i've never known anybody like that before. >> we adwreed greed to stay tog when i got out. when the gates opened for me to leave and she was there with open arms and we haven't spent a night apart since. >> reporter: after marriage along came eli a miracle of science. edwards is the father to children in their 60s, a wife half their age, and a baby. >> he changes diaper, bathes him, puts his clothes on, feeds him. >> reporter: what's your secret? >> i never smoked, never used tobacco products of any kind, never used alcohol. nobody believes that, nobody believes that, but i never used alcohol and it all boils down to two things, genes and moderation. >> what if they say this is ridiculous you're in your 80s. >> they said that when i announced trina and i were going to have a baby. i have living proof they were wrong. >> reporter: you do. >> governor edwin edwards awaits
5:52 am
sentencing -- >> reporter: edwards went to prison after a felony conviction, after serving his time he's now living in a suburban chateau with reminders of himself as a younger governor. and the silver fox loves motoring around the neighborhood in a golf cart. >> you are only as young as the woman you feel and brother, it's fun feeling her. >> reporter: if this seems like reality tv, it was, briefly. >> i'm the governor's wife. >> reporter: so tell me about doing the reality show, what was that like? >> it was horrible. >> reporter: who areible? horrible? >> unbelievable. >> reporter: they admit they're an odd couple. >> we're having fun. >> reporter: and it's not just about age. trina is a republican and edwards is an old-time populist democrat. >> if it wasn't for you i'd be the only old man here. >> reporter: who wants to return to congress exactly 50 years since his first stint there.
5:53 am
so when the seat came up, what went through your mind? >> that's my chance. i've got a second chance and i'm going to take it. and i'm going to surprise everybody. >> reporter: were you for this congressional race? >> not particularly. i would naturally support him in whatever he chose to do, but it's really not my thing. >> reporter: so what about people who also say he's a convicted felon, why do i want to send him to washington, d.c., to represent me? >> people say they're all crooks anyhow, you might as well send an experienced one. but all this clamp trap about how crooked i am and what i stole -- nobody's ever charged me or accused me of taking money from the taxpayers. it had nothing to do with my career as a public refischoffic. >> reporter: a local political chummist said "if he cared he'd ask for forgiveness for making us a laughing stock for so many years." >> i don't pay any attention to it and i don't think many people do. some things are known about me
5:54 am
not too good. >> he's talked about this until he's blue in the face and he knows if he keeps talking about it, it becomes non-controversial. >> i would be much better off financially if i behaved myself and stayed home with my wife and my baby, but that's not what turns me on. it's not what i was born to do. i was born to serve people. >> reporter: if edwards had his choice, he'd be running for governor again, but he has to settle for a federal office because felons can't run for louisiana state office until they've been out of prison for 15 years. when edwards would be 98. if you live long enough you can run for governor. >> you're right. if for no other reason but to please my friends and shock my enemies. >> quite a character. thanks, gloria. >> interesting for a lot of reasons. all right, we want to keep you alerted to this, the pennsylvania man want ford gunning down two state troopers
5:55 am
is now on the fbi's most wanted list. we're going to take you live to the manhunt active ongoing, look at the picture on your screen. more news ahead.
5:56 am
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♪ baby love good stuff doesn't get any better than what it is today. it is time, almost for the "new day" family to expand. >> this is true. it's a very exciting day and also one that is super, super bittersweet. this is going to be my last show until the baby arrives and i just wanted to make sure we shared all of that with you. it has flown by, hasn't it? maybe not for you. i just wanted to thank the whole "new day" family and all of you for being so supportive and all your well wishes throughout and being very kind when a pregnant lady on tv does not feel so pretty and i really, really appreciate it and i hope to have some very exciting breaking baby news for you all very soon. >> plenty of photos. i'd say we miss you but you'll send a selfie every day. >> i'll skype, chris will be there all the time, michaela.
6:00 am
michaela is a moo doumy doula. >> i'm going to miss you. this is going to be the aboutest thing in your life. >> just beginning. so much news, we'll get you to "the newsroom" with carol costello. >> kate, you're the most beautiful pregnant woman ever! >> thank you, carol, now i'm really going to cry. >> i can't wait to meet the little girl in person. >>s that, sweetie. >> have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in "the newsroom" most wanted. . >> the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. >> eric matthew frein suspected cop killer on the run. >> he is a hunter. he is a woodsman, and he is alleged to be sur survivalist. that is a deadly cocktail. >> small town pennsylvania on edge this morning. >> people are uneasy. they want to know are my kids going to


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