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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 13, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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children most vulnerable. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. happening now in the newsroom, new air strikes in kobani, syria, sending smoke and debris rocketing hundreds of feet into the air. the new offensive as isis also threatens a province on baghdad's doorstep. leaders there begging for u.s. boots on the ground. the cdc call it a breach of protocol. new details on the first foreign contract ebola inside the usa nurse wearing protective gear now diagnosed with this deadly virus. and shocking video you have to see to believe. a man pops out of a subway great, chucks a smoke bomb into this restaurant. now the nypd is looking for this guy who they say escaped back down the hatch. good monday morning, i'm ana
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cabrera in for carol costello. cnn learning from a source that there were inconsistencies in protocol that may have something to do with why a dallas nurse has now chiropractontracted ebo. the cdc has specific guidelines for health care workers for how they put on and remove protective gear when it comes to dealing with patients with hi highly infectious diseases like ebola. the effected nurse cared for thomas duncan, the man who died from ebola last week. now the case has thousands of health care workers all across the country calling for better training. the cdc is planning a nationwide training conference call tomorrow and the world health organization says of more than 4,000 ebola deaths during this recent outbreak, one in 20 have been health care workers. so that tells you why training is so important. let's talk about this latest case. i'm joined by cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta and elizabeth cohen. first to elizabeth in dallas there. what more can you tell us about
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these reported inconsistencies in protocol there? >> an official tells me, ana, that there were inconsistencies in the type of protective gear that was used and also there may have been inconsistencies in the procedure that was used to put that gear on and take it off. it's especially important things be follow ted to a "t" for the taking off part because you're taking off gear that has become contaminated so concerns about those three things, the type of gear, the putting on and the taking off. >> sanjay, the question of proper training definitely comes into play with this first case of the health care worker in the u.s. getting ebola so let's listen to concerns from nurses that they're expressing. >> we're seeing that caregivers who are not being adequately trained are being blamed and -- we're hearing that they have not followed proper protocol when we have been asking our hospitals throughout the country to
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provide us with training that allows us to ask questions with training about how to put on the proper and optimal level of personal protection equipment. >> sanjay, what do you think needs to be done? why is ebola different? >> well, obviously it's concerning to hear what this nurse is saying and that they don't feel like they've gotten training with ebola specifically. now, i will say that most hospitals have infectious disease protocols, whether it be ebola or other pathogens, their isolation units that exist in hospitals before this happened but to the extent that ebola is different only in that i guess it's less forgiving. when you do proper infectious disease protocol, you keep infected bodily fluids off of you. that's the point, whether it's ebola or something else. with ebola, even a small amount of the infected bodily fluid if it gets on your skin can cause an infection.
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it's highly infectious in that regard, not highly contagious. so even like we heard in spain, the nurse may have had an itch, slight thing hit her face with a contaminated glove, that could potentially be a source here. as elizabeth was saying, at the point you're taking off your gown, if you reach around trying to take the glove off but your bare hand touches part of the outer part of the glove that could be a source. so these are the things that need to be hammered and clarified, i think. >> dr. sanjay gupta and elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. we have breaking news we need to get to now in the turkey/syria border. again, breaking news at the turkey/syria border. some fresh explosions within the last few seconds. our nick paton walsh is there in kobani. ben weed mdeman is live in bagh. nick, let's start with you, what are you seeing right now? >> anna, just over that hill in the last few minutes or so we
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heard what we think now is about the eighth explosion according to a recent centcom press release to hit kobani since sunday and today. another blast heard just now. i should just warn you, we're seeing turkish police moving towards this particular stage. at this time of day they tend to clear people away from the hill here. many of the kurds come to watch over the fate of kobani. but it's been a very busy day inside that town. you can see just now another plume of black smoke coming up from behind the brow of that hill. that's important because the targets they're hitting at this later stage of the day are to the west and to the south. the targets they were in fact hitting earlier on today. i say that's key because that simply means that isis are, in fact, closer towards what used to be the kurdish side of the town than they were at the beginning of the day. so it has been a particularly
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successful day for kurds trying to defend the city, ana. >> any idea if these air strikes are making a dent? the fight against isis there? >> well, just by the shear size of the explosions we've been seeing, and i'd say four or five, raeblly, which probably were air strikes that we've witnessed so far today, the centcom press release quite vague as the precise timing of the strikes, they must have caused significant damage to what they said were isil buildings, vehicles, even a convoy at one point. we don't know what that's doing, though, to the battle on the ground. we do know for sure that the kurds are running low on ammunition, running low on individual, too, frankly, and if you also bear in mind, too, a scene we saw earlier on today, we don't know who they were but there was a clear corridor of about 50 men, didn't appear to be armed, mostly male what from what we could see from this vantage point who were moving what should be the kurdish side to the isis-held side of the city. as i say, we don't know what
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they were doing but it was bizarre to see that number of people on the move. frankly, quite so orderly during that level of fighting, ana. >> nick, i see off gas mask in your hand. do you feel safe? >> it's fine here. the main threat is the turkish police who have now begun driving around the area here, the hill where, as i say, many people are here to watch what's happening in kobani. they've begun driving around now in their armored vehicles. i say police, they may be the military here. but the tack nick they normally have is to try to get everyone to move on and those who stay behind get tear gas fired on them. it's just fascinating to see today, ana, really, the level of ordnance that's been dropped inside kobani and that constant sound of jets overhead and what we think we've seen is probably five air strikes since we got here around about 9:00, 10:00
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this morning showing really that no matter how the coalition talk about how the town will probably fall to isis, they are willing to use substantial ordnance to take out isis targets inside it or perhaps try and change the dynamic of the battle on the ground. it's not really looking, i have to say, that good for the kurds. it's hard to tell precisely what's happening and the reports are mixed but by each day that passes it seems trickier for them to hold on to kobani, ana. >> given the location, right along the border with turkey, there has been growing pressure for turkey to take aggressive action, an aggressive stance against isis in kobani. any word on whether turkey is making plans to perhaps take some military might to isis? >> mixed messages. there have been suggestions in the american media, u.s. officials reported, said on television that they thought there would be substantial turkish support for if ability to train, equip the moderate syrian opposition inside turkey.
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there've been, frankly, friends of the moderate opposition for three years since the civil war started so not much of a surprise there. the more sensitive issue they've talked about is the potential to use u.s. attack aircraft to use military bases inside of turkey. that's been pushed back by officials inside of ankara, the turkish capital, in the past hours or so. there is obviously talks under way. a deal perhaps to be struck, maybe preemptive comments out of washington. but the key pressure is for turkey simply to push in and somehow try and take control of this conflict zone here. that's obviously something they're very reluctant to do. frankly i think it's a non-starter. they consider the kurds fighting inside there against isis to be a terrorist organization. they're unlikely to want to militarily assist them at all and they've been living with the chaos of isis next to them for months now, over a year in many ways. we went to one turkish town where you can see isis held territory through a fence and talk to people who live inside it. this is nothing new for the
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turks but they want to intervene, if they doith their own rules with their own conditions and goals clearly in sight. >> hopefully it's not too little too late by then. isis is advancing not just there in syria where nick is but also in iraq where ben wedeman is and, in fact, isis, we've learned, has moved within eight miles of the baghdad airport. ben, how big of a threat is this? any movement in baghdad to prepare for a fight? >> well, it's important to underscore that those elements of isis that are so close to the iraqi capital on the outside are really small elements. there are no indications that the group is launching some sort of large frontal assault on the defenses of the city. but what we're seeing in anbar province to the west of here is much more serious. today isis was able to overrun and take control of an arm base to the northeast to a town under
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100 miles to the northwest of here. there apparently the iraqi army abandoned their positions. they report, they claim however that before they left they were able to destroy all the equipment and ammunition that they couldn't take with them. but this really means that there's one last major military installation within the province. an air base. that is it. that's the only real military base left that hadn't been taken over by isis in the province which is now at least 80% under the control of isis. now, we did hear over the weekend the head of the provincial council appealing for the deployment of u.s. ground troops in anbar province. that same individual being quoted in the local media as saying if assistance doesn't come from the central government, from the americans, that anbar province will fall
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within 15 days. ana. >> ben, you mentioned that military base that was now abandoned by iraqi security force there is in the anbar province. so here we go. we see iraqi forces again retreating because of isis. that's got to be a huge boost in morale for isis but also does this mean that the coalition and the u.s. perhaps has been overly confident and continues to be in the iraqi military's ability? >> when people speak frankly here, u.s. officials, kurdish officials, iraqi officials, they are quick to admit the shortcomings of the iraqi army. and we hear anecdotal stories, for instance, that in many front-line units of the iraqi army that the soldiers pay their commanding officers out of their salaries so they can go away, they can basically return to their homes, maybe back to jobs in the city to avoid serving on
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the front line. there's massive corruption within the iraqi military. there is incompetence, incompetence that we've seen going back to june when the iraqi army fled mosul, the country's second-largest city, in the face of a much smaller and more poorly equipped isis force. so endemic problems within the iraqi army. some of the senior officers have been removed. the united states says it's sort of pushing to retrain people, possibly hoping to get better qualified officers to be assigned but it is a herculean task. and the problem is, time is running out, isis is gaining more territory. and the question is, can the iraqi army and the shi'a militias that have been mobilized to defend baghdad and other areas, can they be brought up to snuff before it's too
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late, ana? >> and after the loss of the blood and treasure by the u.s. there in iraq, i think we're hoping to hear they've got it together there on the ground. not good news, what you just recorded. ben wedeman and thanks to nick paton walsh as well in syria. do stay safe. still to come, has the cdc been doing everything right in the fight to curb the spread of ebola? senator bob casey of pennsylvania says budget cuts may be getting in their way. he joins me next. from tracfone, i can... order safety goggles. play music for seedlings. post science fair projects. schedule guinea pig feedings. video chemical reactions. take pics of mr. bones. time the next launch. calm down principal jones. i can do all that with my android from tracfone. 90-day plans start as low as $20.
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concerns are bring over the first case of ebola transmission in the u.s. the infected nurse seemed to have taken all the precautions needed to protect herself. she wore a mask, a gown, a shield, gloves, but still somehow she got infected with the deadly disease. pennsylvania senator bob casey is joining me now. senators last year i know you passed into law a pandemic preparedness bill. you've been outspoken about the need to fund public health agencies. the head of the cdc says this infected nurse possibly breached protocol, perhaps while removing parts of her gear. if that's the case, do you believe more funding or training could have been able to stop the virus from spreading in the
7:19 am
u.s.? >> well, ana, i don't think there's any question that we've got to invest more in public health. it's not similarly this year's budget versus last year. this has been happening for many years now. it was kpaser based by the sequestration, the across-the-board cuts. so at a minimum we should consider funding it to the level that the authorization is. it's authorized. meaning this particular program, the hospital preparedness program, it's authorized at $375, this year's budget has it at $255. i don't know what we're gaining for a cut of -- a reduction of $120 million. we should fully fund it. in fact, i think we should go above $375 so that every hospital has every resource that they need to do the planning, to do the drilling, and all of the -- have all of the materials that they need to be able to confront this. because cutting budgets when it comes to public health is a bad
7:20 am
idea. >> you know, we did do a quick fact check ourselves. from 2004 to 2013 we do know that about a billion dollars was cut from the general budget over that nearly a decade when it comes to health care funding. but i guess the larger question is, that would have even made a difference in terms of the u.s. handling ebola patients when we haven't seen the disease and had to fight this disease in the past? >> but, ana, i'd like to just err on the side of making sure the resources are there. we're having nurses express concern about their preparedness. we're having hospitals saying that they need more resources and i think we should err on that side. there's no question, though, negotiation that, even if you have limited resources, nothing is -- nothing can take the place of a lot of drilling. and there's some good stories written about that. you can't just depend upon resourcings, you've got to do the drilling and the practicing
7:21 am
that is necessary. >> do you think public health officials are now making the right moves in trying to fight or curb ebola? >> there's no question that the response at least at this one hospital has been deficient and we've got to make sure that we're urging, continue am withly urging every hospital to follow the protocols, to do as much preparation and drilling as possible so that if someone presents themselves at an emergency room in a hospital, than that hospital is fully prepared. but i do think the united states congress has to take responsibility for a program that needs a lot more funding. >> can that happen sooner rather than later? >> i think it can. we're going to be in the next fun weeks casting votes on next year's budgets.
7:22 am
we have an opportunity in congress to get this right. but those who have embraced sequestration should rethink that. so many politicians in washington think across-the-board cuts is a good idea. it's a very bad idea and i think if we want to continually have problems in this area, in public health. today it's ebola, tomorrow it will be something else unless remake the right investments. >> so if you're investing more money, senator, where are you going to make cuts? >> well, there are a lot of places you can cut, but in the federal budget when you're talking about adding, as i think we should add this year, at least $120 million if not more, i would argue for more, there's plenty of places to cut. these kinds of dollar amounts in the federal budget aren't even rounding errors. this is very easy to come up with this mown. now if it's tens of billions that's another story but this is very easy to come up with these dollars and it's proof positive
7:23 am
why quest ration is really stupid for budget planners and for legislators to vote for. we're seeing it over and over again whether it's in defense or non-defense but especially when it comes to public health. sequestration is a bad idea. it should be repealed and it should never be enacted again. >> i think a lot of your colleagues would disagree with you that it's easy to make cuts to invest this money. but pennsylvania senator bob casey, we'll be watching to see what happens. thanks so much for your time. still to come, snap chat images may have been leaked. as many as 100,000 photos and videos stolen. cnn's laurie segall is following this story. >> snap chat promises your photos will disappear but many photos may be reappearing in hacker form. that's coming up.
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photos sent on snap chat are supposed to disappear quickly after they're sent, that's why it's called snap chat. but some photos and videos may be circulating in the dark corners of the web today. cyber criminals have reportedly hacked a web site that allows users to save their snap. this doesn't sound good. >> especially when you look at the average age of snap chat users. these are younger users. so if you have images of people sending each other a naked photo they thought was going to disappear, we're looking at child pornography.
7:28 am
but we had hackers a couple days ago talking about how they gained access to the stolen photos. snapchat has come out and said "our servers were not compromised." they said it happened through another third-party app. there's rumors abouting? called snap save which if i were to send you a photo it would automatically save that photo without my knowledge which is problematic. now they're threatening to release the photos. they say they have around 100,000 photos, videos. so it's a bit of a waiting game. and very problematic when you look at the age of the users which are younger. i should mention, ana, this is a company valued at $10 billion. their whole premise is that if i send you a photo, it will disappear. and we should talk about there are third party apps that enable you to save photos without my knowledge which we're beginning to see with the latest hack. >> is that a hole in snapchat? >> it could be a hole in the business in general. is snapchat at fall?
7:29 am
not necessarily, but if their whole business is running on the idea of privacy and there are third party apps in the app store that allows you go-to-get around that, it has to be addressed. thank you so much, laurie segall. still to come, isis gains ground in iraq and prompts a new warning on u.s. soil. cnn's pamela brown has a sobering security alert issued by washington. >> ana, there's been an uptick in calls by isis online to launch attacks against u.s. government officials. coming up, we'll tell you who those targets are. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 70,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account. and i earn 5 times the rewards on internet, phone services and at office supply stores. with ink plus i can choose how to redeem my points. travel, gift cards even cash back.
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the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. as isis gobbles up more territory in syria and iraq, new concerns that aren't so far away from home. homeland security officials and the fbi are now issuing new warnings about the threat of isis rallying homegrown terrorists to attack here in the u.s. now, these potential targets, according to the intel from online chatter, are the u.s. law enforcement and even news media. joining me now, cnn justice correspondent pamela brown in our washington bureau. pam, i know you got this information firsthand. tell us more about this new warning. >> we're learning, ana, this warning was sent out by the fbi and the department of homeland security over the weekend to law
7:34 am
enforcement agencies across the country. state, local and federal law enforcement agencies to be vigilant about their personal safety. this is in the wake of an increase of calls by isis online, on extremist forums, on social media, to target a u.s. government official, particularly law enforcement. we're talking fbi investigators, police officers, also members of the military. and, in fact, one of the threats online included threats against members of the media. so in light of this and coupled with the fact that there was this plot disrupted in the uk connected to extremist groups in syria and iraq, there were two police officers in australia recently stabbed by a terror suspect, in light of all this together, the fbi and dhs announced this morning as a precaution. it's important to note here, though, that there aren't any specific threats officials are aware of happening in the u.s. and, ana, i think the big concern here is homegrown
7:35 am
violent extremists living in the u.s. who might be inspired by these calls to target government officials. >> pamela brown, thanks for the update. from isis to ebola, the obama administration finds itself in the middle of multiple crises now ahome and abroad. how that has response from the white house been so far? joining me to discuss, sally kohn, cnn political contributor and amy holmes, anchor for the hot list on amy, as the midterms approach, a lot of criticism about how the obama administration has handled these two big crises, isis and ebola. we're seeing new ads rolling out by republicans targeting the obama administration and democrats. could this be a liability for democrats? >> well, democrats are reacting this way. we're also seeing ads being rolled out by democrats attacking republicans when it comes to ebola, for example, a speech that's been fairly obnoxious. but the american public with the polling data last week where 53%
7:36 am
of americans said president obama's presidency is a file your, what they seeing is a lack of leadership. these critiques are also coming from democrats. leon panetta's new memoir, we've seen him making the rounds on television, he's talking about a president who is often hesitant, slow to make decisions, and ignoring advice of his top advisors. so i think the president is in a lot of trouble, democrats don't want him on the campaign trail with them but they know this midterm as the president himself said is a referendum on the president's policies. >> sally, is this a question of competency of the white house? >> i don't think so, big surprise. it's interesting, first of all, that it's apparently legitimate for republicans to criticize the president not only for how he handle isis but for the actual existence of isis, right? but it's not legitimate for democrats to criticize republicans. the fact of the matter is, republicans, all they've had since obama has come into office is criticizing the president to distract from the fact that they don't have solutions to the problems the american people
7:37 am
face. plain and simple. so in the case of isis, they're criticizing the president even though he's done exactly what they've called on him to do because their only step they want to take is put actual boots on the ground which they know is unpopular with the american people, let alone the fact that it was the war in iraq that created isis in the first place. so the only thing more unpopular than the president are republicans' lack of solutions. that is obvious to the american people. that's why they're trying to critique the president to distract from their support. >> what we have flow three former cabinet officials the, two defense secretaries and a secretary of state all who served president obama criticizing his leadership style. you also have basically now what seems to be overwhelming public opinion that the president needs to get in the game. dianne feinstein, a member of the president's party, the chair of the senate intel committee she said the world would appreciate the president's attention on these matters and issued a press release telling the president the time for inaction is over. so for the most part republicans are sitting back and watching
7:38 am
democrats criticizing this president, including alan grayson, a democrat from florida, and senator bill nelson also from florida, also a democrat, telling this president how about stopping flights from west africa? we'd like to see that happen. republicans are watching this and, frankly, is the president listening? apparently not. >> and let me ask you that question, sally. you're right, amy, there have been calls on both sides of the aisle for the president to respond in certain ways, even his own military advisors are telling him one thing, don't take boots off the table, he takes boots off the table. is the president listening? >> you have to bear in mind the president's listening to a number of advisors and every example amy has cited those same people are also saying things that the president has taken their advice. that is what makes him a commander in chief. there's almost a game you can play if imagining the president did the opposite how republicans would come out and criticize him. they'll criticize him no matter what he does. oh, my gosh, he's already telegraphing he's going to put boots on the ground. >> sally, do you think flights should be stopped for west
7:39 am
africa? >> no, we do not. but incidentally, i'm not the president. what the heck does it matter? >> you disagree with senator bill nelson? >> and i agree with a number of other senators, including republican senators who said that's overreacting. let's talk about another element here which is that fear-mongering, getting the american people afraid, the politics of fear helps republicans. we know according to polls, we know according to past elections that the more afraid the american people are about isis, about ebola, the more they vote for republicans. that is a long truism and that's why we're having this conversation. >> amy, a very quick response? we need to take a quick break. >> i think isis is a threat and we should be fearful. they've threatened the american homeland. they said they will bring the war to the united states. we have homegrown terrorists who have gone to join isis in syria and iraq and have travelled in between the united states and syria since this unrolled. of course i think the american people should be asking tough questions of our leadership, including the commander in chief, of what he's doing to protect fellow citizens.
7:40 am
>> thank you both for being here. sally kohn, amy holmes, really appreciate it. still to come, it was a rough winter for a lot of people. home heating bills went through roof last year, but you may get a break this season, alison kosik has this story. >> it's you have no make you do a double take. you'll be paying less this winter to heat your home? maybe. i'll tell you more when we come back. anncr: now you can merge the physical freedom of the car, with the virtual freedom of wi-fi. chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi to cars, trucks and crossovers. hi mom. you made it! anncr: it's the new independence. come on!
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last winter was brutal, not just the weather but the hit on your home heating bill. it looks like you might get a break on that bill this winter. alison kosik joins me. lucky you, you get to be the bearer of good news today. >> for once it's a nice job to have, ana. the energy information administration puts out a report every year.
7:44 am
the eia is a part of the energy department and what it basically came out and said is that americans all across the country can expect to pay lower heating bill this is winter and there are several reasons that this report cites. for one, it says we can expect to have a warmer winter, yay, just say no to the polar vortex. secondly, it says the u.s. is continuing to drill and frack for more oil. as controversial as this is, production certainly is jumping. then natural gas and commodity prices are dropping on global weakness. but, yes, you just saw the numbers there, if we can pull it back up i'll translate it into dollars for you. propane down 27%. that means you'll spend $767 less. heating oil you'll pay $362 less. natural gas, an average of $30 less. and electricity you'll pay an average of $17 less. now, the caveat here, of course, ana, it depends where you live, it depends if the weather forecast holds up and it is
7:45 am
actually as warm as everybody is predicting and it matters where you set your thermostat as well. so those are the caveats. we can only keep our fingers crossed that we won't hear the phrase polar vortex this winter. ana? >> positive thoughts, positive vibes going on. alison kosik, thank you so much. still to come, new york city police are concerned about just how a man managed to -- listen to this -- pop out of an underground subway hatch in new york, then set off a smoke bomb in the middle of a restaurant and then, well, just disappear. the latest on this bizarre attack next. rejoice for you have entered the promised land of accomodation booking.yeah!
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checking top stories now. in south africa, a one-time sports hero is back in court today to determine whether he will go to prison. this is oscar pistorius awaiting sentencing after he was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. now, pistorius, of course, is a double amputee whose prosthetics and world-class speed earned him the nickname "blade runner." he says his me mistook her as an intrud intruder. in hong kong, pro democracy protests turned rowdy. dozens of men tried to tear down the barricades protesters have been using to block the city's financial district. the men claim to be cab drivers, other small business owners who have been losing money because protesters are clogging the streets through the city. a new development for suspected cop killer eric frein. a law enforcement official tells
7:50 am
cnn searchers have uncovered a second encampment where they believe he's been hiding out since last month's ambush of two state troopers. authorities are hoping for new lead and they think the change in seasons could help as trees begin losing their leaves and a military search plane can have a better view. a toddler from michigan who had the respiratory illness known as enterovirus has died hospital officials say madeline reid died friday in detroit. shi had been on life support for a month. nearly 700 cases of this virus had been reported in 46 states and it's been lunged to five deaths. hospital officials believe the numbers could still go up. >> this particular strain of virus has become easier to spread this year and also there may not be as much protection that children have against this particular strain. >> there is no targeted treatment for a vaccine for enterovirus d-68, a very harmful strain of a very common virus. children are most vulnerable.
7:51 am
police in new york are asking for your help hunting down a suspect. someone managed to creep out of an underground subway hatch, tossed a smoke bomb into this crowded new york city restaurant, and then simply disappeared. cnn's rosa flores has the story. >> a guy came out of the subway grates over there, jumped out and threw a smoke bomb. >> reporter: a frightening incident at a new york city restaurant as smoke billows around a crowd of diners. surveillance cameras capturing footage of this man popping out of an emergency subway hatch and throwing a smoke canister before disappearing back underground. >> because of what's going on, it's scary. it's nerve-wracking. >> the attack raising questions about the city's ability to secure its extensive underground subway system. >> you're talking thousands of miles, who knows how many of these greates and escape hatche and doors that lead to the outside. you have to idea that obviously
7:52 am
a terrorist could pop up out of one of these grates and throw a real bomb. so it does raise concerns. >> reporter: according to authorities, no one was injured in friday's attack. police are now asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect who was wearing an american flag t-shirt and is believed to be in his mid-30s. so far no connection to terrorism has been reported. an investigation into the incident is ongoing and will hopefully shed light on the suspect's motive and how he went undetected underground. >> about five and a half million people a day ride on the new york subway and, you know, you you're looking at a very difficult task to add enough security to completely prevent an incident like this. >> reporter: rosa flores, cnn, new york. still to come, concussions and other injuries now bringing an early end to a high school football season. cnn's andy scholes has the story. >> reporter: ana, the players on the team voted to end the season. i'll have the details of why
7:53 am
they called it quits after the break. yeah, dinner sounds good.
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
7:57 am
friday night high school football brings communities together all across the nation. but one small michigan town will be missing that involvement with the local high school now cancelling the rest of its season for the football team because of injuries, including concussions chbltdcnn's andy scholes is here with this story. this one is a little surprising.
7:58 am
>> it's a very unfortunate situation. caro high school in michigan made the tough decision to cancel the season because of concerns for players' safety. the team already had three concussions and four season-ending injury this is year. they had to call up eight sophomore players from the jv team just to field enough players to compete at the varsity level but the school feared the youngsters playing against the older kids would only cause more injuries so they held a vote and the team decided to cancel the season and that decision received some mixed reviews in the town. >> when i played football in high school i would have no more thought about quitting halfway through season than the man in the moon. my father would haven't allowed it. >> they have a lot of younger students on the team and if they continue playing them against students that are more experienced that know what they are doing they'll end up ruining their chances to play in the years to come. >> so the whether the decision to cancel the season was popular
7:59 am
or not, player safety is a growing concern in youth football. in just the past month, three high school players have died after playing on the field and caro high school wanted to avoid serious injuries to their players like that this season but the superintendent did say the team will return to varsity play next year. >> and this was the players that made the decision? >> they only had 14 seasons left on the team out of the 22 players and once the injuries started to occur and they knew they would haven't the successful season they had a vote and two-thirds of the team decided to end the season which is a very rare thing we see in high school supreme courts. >> a courageous decision but the sensible move for sure. andy scholes, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. and thank you for joining me today. i'm ana cabrera, carol is off. "@this hour with berman and michaela" starts now. have a great day.
8:00 am
>> you're watching "@this hour with berman and michaela". i'm michaela pereira. good to have you with us. a dallas nurse has become the first american to contract ebola on u.s. soil. let's bring you up to date on what we know. this nurse had treated ebola patient thomas eric duncan at texas health presbyterian >> every single hospital should be able to have the training to know what to do when someone walks in the door. what you ultimately do to take care of them over a week or two weeks should be


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