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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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elle, elle hello, everyone. the obama factor. he's not on the ballot but could be a drag for democrats. >> the challenge is there's no typical profile. >> with isis propaganda
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attracting more westerners, officials warn there's no easy way to stop the flow. i never gave up for a second, even when they told me that i have a terminal diagnosis. >> and the relentless athlete. she played through her pain to realize her dream. >> that is an incredible story. we'll have that later on in the hour. but we'll begin with the midterm elections which happen today in the united states. the stakes are high, with the outcome sure to shape president obama's last two years in office. there is anger over gridlock in washington. >> and all 435 seats in the house of representatives are up for grabs. republicans hold a majority in the house, but opinion polls suggest that democrats will lose control of the senate. well, many races are too close to call, with major party
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candidates campaigning till the last minute. but voters' anger with the status quo is making the outcome of some races even more uncertain. >> william jefferson clinton. >> reporter: tomorrow's election may seem all about democrats and republicans. but control of the senate may come down to an independent and two libertarians. here in kansas, millionaire greg orman is an independent running neck in neck with pat roberts, a 34-year gop capitol hill veteran. no democrat is competing here. orman has coyly avoided saying which party he'll caucus with if he wins. >> washington's broken. >> we all know it. i believe we can have another american century, if we elect problem solvers, not extreme
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partisans. >> reporter: he may sound a lot like this woman in georgia. >> they have failed us with the same old broken promises for decades. >> reporter: democrat, michelle nunn and david perdue and amanda swofford are shaking up this race. she's only polling in the single digits, but that could be enough to force a runoff in a state requiring 50% to win. a runoff means this race and a question of senate control may not be settled until january. then there's north carolina, another race too close to call. libber tache yan sean haugh is a political novice, a pizza delivery man who's made a name for himself with folksy ads. >> howdy. we need to stop all war.
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>> reporter: his stand on legalizing marijuana has lit up the unusual campaign slogan. get haugh, get high. >> get haugh, get high. >> reporter: like swofford in georgia, he is polling in the single digits, but enough to steal support from the major candidates. question is, does he steal from the republican or from the democrat. kansas city, kansas. republicans need to gain only six seats to win a majority in the senate. and the polls and pundits say that's pretty easy to do. but vice president joe biden disagrees and spoke with our gloria borger. >> first of all, i don't agree with the odd makers. i predict we're going to keep the senate. i've been in 67 races all told. and i don't get the feeling that the odds makers are giving. >> reporter: but what if that were to be the case? >> i don't think it will change anything in terms of what we're about. we, we know we have to get done
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the last two years, and quite frankly, going into 2016, the republicans have to make a decision whether they're in control or not in control. are they going to begin to allow things to happen? or are they going to continue to be obstructionists. and i think they're going to choose to get things done. >> reporter: will the white house have to change the way it does business? >> no, i don't think it has to change. i think we have to be more direct and clear about ekt actually what it is we're looking to do. and, look, we're ready to compromise. i think they're going to be inclined. because the message from the people -- and i'm getting it all over the country -- is they're tired of washington not being able to do anything. >> vice president joe biden there. and coming up in the next half hour, president obama's unpopularity, how republicans are exploiting it and democrats are running away. and remember to watch cnn for full coverage as the results start coming in on tuesday
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night. cnn's election night in america begins 5:00 eastern right here in the united states and quarter to midnight on tuesday in london if you're watching overseas. we are learning more about the break up of a virgin galactic spacecraft in the united states. >> the national transportation safety board now says the co-pilot unlocked the feather control switch. the feathering system is meant to slow the spaceship during descent back to earth. it fell apart 45,000 feet above california while descending. >> the crash killed michael alsbury. the pilot who survived is said to be alert and talking, but doctors say he's not well enough to tell investigators exactly what went wrong. >> and richard branson is warning about jumping to conclusions about what caused this crash. he spoke to poppy harlow about
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the future of the venture. >> reporter: he tells me he will not speculate about what caused this crash. he did say they are moving forward. that indeed, they do want to bring civilians to space and that he will be the first to go. but given this tragedy and this death of a pilot, i asked him, is the risk still worth it? >> yes, the risk is worth it. and, as i said, mike would have been the first to say that. i'm sure his parents and wife and sisters would gnot say that but test pilots would say that because they know the risk they're taking. they know the importance of what they're doing. we've got to go through the difficult testing stage of creating a space line in order to make it safe for travelers who want to travel on that space line in the years ahead. and, you know, we, we will succeed. >> reporter: cnn aviation
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analyst miles o'brien said that you and virgin galactic have underestimated to the public the risk involved. he says that there has been really a gloss painted on this that does not reflect reality. what is your response to that? >> there have been some incredible things said over the last two days since the accident. when you have incidents, you're going to get people who are quick to criticize. you know, what is a pioneering program. and we have 400 of the best engineers in the world, working on this. and they are diligent, hard-working, doing something which is cutting edge. and i have, i support them 100%. so, you know, we have to accept the occasional knock. but we'll brush it down and move forward. >> reporter: now i also asked branson if they will send more test pilots up into space before
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the final investigation is fully complete. he said the ntsb has told them to move forward as they were. they are nearly complete with building another spaceship, so they may be sending more test pilots up before the final investigation is done. i can also ask, tell you that i asked him about the new fuel mix being used in in rocket on friday for the first time. he denied that that had anything to do with the crash. we still, though, have to wait for a final word, of course, from the authorities. poppy harlow, cnn, new york. well, the body of the last unaccounted victim aboard the costa concordia has been recovered. >> officials say the remains of an indian waiter were pulled from the ship on monday, in genoa where it is being cut up for scrap. 32 people died, more than 4200 people were on board when the ship ran aground. all right, we'll take a very short break. but ahead, kurdish defenders
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fighting isis in kobani now have reenforcements, but isis appears to be getting its on reenforcements as well and many are from the west. >> and some of themlele are apparently quite young. a chicago area teenager tried to get his younger siblings to join isis. introducing a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until the am. new aleve pm the only one with a safe sleep aid. plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. (receptionist) gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! (all) awesome!
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after a boat capsized near istanbul on monday. the news agency reports seven survivors and 24 bodies were pulled from the bwater. >> 12 children were on board. nine people were carrying afghan passports. and a search is ongoing for the missing. we turn to syria now where intense fighting is reported in homs, aleppo and even damascus itself. >> this amateur video is showing shelling of residential areas in the syrian capital and exchanging fire with rebel forces, moderates are also battling, including the al nusra front. >> al qaeda-linked fighters are
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gaining ground. they've reportedly seized several territories. >> meantime, in iraq, the baghdad government now confirms that isis militants have killed more than 300 members of a sunni tribe. the bodies including women and children were all found in a mass grave. >> the massacre took place despite u.s.-led coalition air strikes. and as barbara starr reports, it also comes as the numbers of isis fighters are increasing. >> reporter: the intensity of the fighting in kobani grabs attention. but behind the scenes, a huge new worry for the u.s. in the last six weeks, 1,000 new foreign fighters streamed into syria and iraq. there are now 16,000 there, nearly 3,000 are westerners.
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>> i suspect that the air strikes are an additional motivating factor for some who want to go fight. >> reporter: today the fbi director warned it's extremely difficult to identify americans trying to join isis. >> the challenge of the traveler phenomenon is it's, there's no typical profile. >> reporter: nato's top commander worries the fighters will return home and launch attacks. >> lone wolves don't plug into networks, so it's a tougher problem, and you've seen some increased security across many of the european nations. >> reporter: it's war getting more complicated every day. the syrian al qaeda affiliate, the al nusra front, has taken key arias of northern syria, according to activists. pushing out u.s.-backed rebels. now a u.s. military training program for the rebels may be a long shot. >> it's really hard for me to conceive of, you know, the
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so-called moderate opposition coming back and becoming a real force in the battlefield. >> reporter: in iraq, forces there are making some progress, but it's not enough. a senior u.s. military official tells cnn u.s. military advisers are pressing the iraqi army to prepare for major offensives in the coming weeks and months. with at least three critical targets. retaking the city of mosul, bringing the oil refinery back under full iraqi control and winning back al anbar province, which the u.s. has vowed to keep safe. but even a modest effort will require thousands of iraqi troops, trained, equipped and motivated to fight, something that has not yet fully happened. the concern about a lone wolf attack is now so great that the department of homeland security
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is stepping up screening measures for people traveling to this country from europe or other allied nations. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. prosecutors say a young man in chicago tried to take his younger siblings to fight with him. he was arrested a month ago at o'hare international airport as he tried to board a plane to turkey. he was later charged with attempting to provide material support to a group the u.s. has designated a terrorist organization. his two siblings are also teenagers. prosecutors all left behind writings indicating they were trying to get to syria to join isis. still to come here on cnn, the brutal murders of two young women in hong kong have left many people shocked, and now more details of the suspect are
10:18 pm
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prison officials in peru are disputing a complaint that juorn
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van der sloot has been stabbed. he was miried last july in prison. >> one prison official calls vander shoot's wife a compulsive liar. reuters quotes another official who says it's believed vander shoot stabbed himself. two murders have hong kong on alert. >> we report what we know about the suspect so far. >> reporter: dressed in black, looking tired and dishevelled, rurik jutting arrived at court escorted by police. he recently worked for bank of america, merrill lynch and was charged with two counts of murder following the grisly discovery at his apartment. police were called to the 31st
10:22 pm
floor to investigate. when officers arrived, they found the body of a young indonesiaen woman lying on the floor, her throat cut, with cuts to her buttocks. hours later, they discovered another woman stuffed in a suitcase on the balcony. residents in the building say there was an extremely foul smell in the building. many expressing shock after discovering what caused it. >> you're scared? why scared? >> because of the murder. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: not much is known about the two women who were so violently murdered. however, it is believed they frequented these bars known as the red-light district. it's two blocks from where rurik
10:23 pm
jutting lived. some tell us they knew the victims but were reluctant to share many details. while bank of america acknowledged that jutting worked for them until recently, they refused to comment on the case. it's believed he joined the firm in 2010, moving to hong kong mid last year. jutting did not enter a plea but will appear in court again next week. anna coren, cnn, hong kong. you may want to check the gas meter on the kia. >> the environmental protection agency says they overstated estimates in hundreds of thousands of their vehicles. the penalties are a warning to companies that don't tell
10:24 pm
consumers the truth. >> this will send a strong message that cheating is not profitable and that any company that violates the law will be held to account. hyundai and kia will forfeit the greenhouse gas credits that the companies wrongly claimed based on their inaccurate reporting. our settlement will require them to relinquish 4.75 million metric tons of credits, which could equal hundreds of millions of dollars. >> the two brands operate independently in the u.s. but conduct joint tests at labs. now you can use it to get into a hotel room. starwood hotels is trying out a keyless entry system. you will be able to unlock your door with your phone. they hope to have the system in
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all its hotels next year. maybe it can kill the bugs and show how disgusting the sheets are. never use the glasses in the hotel. because they're never washed properly. some tips. heavy rain is expected in europe. it's november. >> it is in some places. >> obviously you travel well. >> i travel bad. >> the storm that you're talking about here across western europe is causing some problems for a lot of people, and quite a potent storm system. when you transition out of seasons, out of autumn into winter, these storms get aggressive. gusty winds rolling through this region over the past couple days. one of the arias of interest is
10:26 pm
across the south of france, corsica getting very strong thunderstorms, a level two has been issued across this region of a three-level scale system of severity. a possibility of tornados in this region. and we've seen six of them just this past weekend. not unusual this time of year. heavy rain and damaging winds are the main concern, but can't rule out some isolated tornados or waterspouts stretching toward rome. so travel looks as such. generally to the north, a fog-related concern. while you get down around barcelona, you're talking about 60 to 90 minutes. on the extreme side there because of the powerful winds. and the wet weather has been on the order of 2 inches. 50-plus millimeters in these spots in the last couple days. notice the temperatures, very much winter like. 13 celsius is the armverage thi
10:27 pm
time of year. below the mid-50s fahrenheit for this time of year. this particular storm, the single strongest weather event of the entire year for 2014 on our planet, super typhoon nori sits there with winds of 240 kph. the good news with the system, you're not going to have much of a direct impact to land. they do steer it away from the island of japan. these islands could interact with this storm on thursday into friday. but on this point it looks like a much weaker feature when it arrives. more news coming up shortly. w ws meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands.
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and a warm welcome back to all of you in the united states and all across the globe. >> let's check the headlines this hour. the national transportation safety board now says that the co-pilot of virgin galactic's spaceship two unlocked the feathering system. spaceshiptwo came apart above california while it was descending. the co-pilot, michael alsbury was killed. the british banker is to return to court next week. he is accused of killing two women, stuffing one in a suitcase on his balcony. an office e-mail said that he would be away from work indefinitely and that colleagues should, quote, contact someone who is not a psychopath. kia and hyundai are facing
10:31 pm
penalties. they will forfeit $200 million in gas emission credits and spend about $50 million to prevent future violations. well, with the midterm elections, democrats aren't faring so well. an unpopular president and lack of enthusiasm could be to blame. in a poll conducted in october 24 to 26, president obama's approval rating was 45%. it's hovered in the 40s for much of the year. his disapproval rating stands at 53%. voters aren't happy with congress's performance either. just 13% of people say they approved of the job congress was doing. 85% disaprofed.
10:32 pm
overall, it shows likely voters are split down the middle. 47% said they plan to vote democrat and 46% plan to vote republican. and republicans call the midterm election as referendum on president obama's policies, but democrats don't have a lot to say about the president either. most of them have distanced themselves from mr. obama during their campaign. >> reporter: the first lady on the campaign trail. while the president supported democrats out of the public eye. the white house says there are robocalls and radio interviews still to come. he did have a busy weekend. several stops, but far away from those pivotal contests the nation is watching. >> this is the last election cycle in which i'm involved as president. you know, it makes you a little
10:33 pm
wilsful, because i do like campaigning. it's fun. >> reporter: less so when democrats don't invite you. >> i'm not barack obama. >> the administration's policies are simply wrong. >> there's no question democrats are running away. the issue of the president's popularity has become a drag. >> reporter: jeanne shaheen was asked why obama wasn't coming. her answer? >> he's busy in washington. he's dealing with the ebola threat, the threat from isis. i think he's exactly where he needs to be. >> reporter: adding to democrats' discomfort when the president said this last month. >> i'm not on the ballot this fall. these policies are on the ballot -- every single one of them. >> reporter: which republicans promptly jumped all over. >> senator shaheen votes with president obama 99% of the time. >> the issue is trust.
10:34 pm
to you trust president obama and the washington politicians to deal with the possibles we face? >> reporter: some feel the strongest message the president can send is that the american economy is doing well, better than virtually every other country affected by the recession, but they say that hasn't been registering, that many voters have tuned out, which happens in almost every second term for a president e it was called on president bush during the 2006 midterms. >> what's striking is that president obama and george w. stand out as the two weakest presidents going into midterms in 30 years. >> reporter: the white house says we will continue to hear from the president leading up to election day, but what that will include is robocalls and radio spots. not public appearances. we now know that one of hose radio spots will occur in north carolina for senator kay hagan who has at teams distanced herself from the white house as
10:35 pm
we've seen in many of these hot senate races that america is going to be watching closely. a michelle could sinski, cnn. special coverage begins 5:00 for viewers in the united states and quarter to midnight tuesday in london for all of our international viewers. want to turn to london now. and british prime minister david cameron has said that he wants the european union to put tight ircontrols over the movement of people. >> it stems from concerns at home about immigration, but a seen juror international correspondent reports it has germany's chancellor hinting a withdrawal from the european union. >> reporter: it is being cast as speculation about comments made by a source close to angela
10:36 pm
merkle. those commenting implied that if britain is continued to push as we understand that it will, for controls over the movement offing my rapt workers around europe, then angela merkle would see britain moving toward the exit door of the european union. they are won't have to be decisions on this for another couple years. certainly what we are heading into is a session of intense debate. what we are hearing from 10 downing street is the discontent amongst the british people about the level of euing my great lakes expect to get benefits to support their lives here when they don't have jobs, and that's part of what lies at the roolts of this, of course we can also
10:37 pm
sigh that david cameron has elections next year and is fighting for his position and his party, and there are right-wing elements within the conservative party that are pushing at the moment to bring britain out of the european union. so this all is part of the backdrop here. and you can look at these leaked comments, if you will, and the discussion that's happening notice public domain as a precursor as what might happen behind closed doors. but david cameron has said he will act in the best interest of the british people and the national interests of britain and does put the debate at the core at how britain positions itself within the european union. and there is a ground swell of support in this country that has been growing in recent years that britain should move to the exit and get out of the european union. nick robertson, cnn, london.
10:38 pm
ukraine's president has called an emergency meeting of his security cabinet after rebels held weekend elections in western ukraine. petro poroshenko says the vote violates part of the accord. >> they won their races. the elections angered the west and muddied an already uncertain future in the so-called repub c republi republics. >> reporter: with their elections held and their votes counted, the people of eastern ukraine are now desperate for a result. we hope the peace and prosperity, that no one else will be killed.
10:39 pm
he says they should hold talks, nothing can be achieved through war, he says. this was the violent backdrop to the elections. more than 4,000 dead in the conflict that's ravaged eastern ukraine. despite a truce with government forces on paper, on the ground, sporadic fighting with pro-russian separatists has torn the region apart, organizing elections among such precarious security was risky, but rebel officials say it was worth it. >> translator: kiev must come to terms with the fact that this is no longer part of ukraine, whether or not kiev recognizes our expression of our will is not the problem. >> reporter: the u.s. has called it illegal. that it is an obstacle on the path to peace.
10:40 pm
only russia has accepted the result. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. want to change gears here. we'll head to australia and a race that stopped the nation. and germany has the first winner of the cup. >> protectionist easily winning the 154th running of the cup at flemington. britain's horse came in second. >> sad note for race fans, the horse that was the early favorite has died. japan's horse collapsed and died in its stall after finishing, and this horse faded quite badly in the final 400 meters. still to come on cnn, he says he was there when osama bin laden was killed. and now he is telling his story about the ben laden raid and he is under criminal investigation. and she died in the arms of her loved ones, but brittany
10:41 pm
maynard has left many americans thinking. we'll explain. make the most of your weekend before it's gone. be a weekender and book our stay at hampton. first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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well, ebola aid worker kaci hickox has reached a deal with authorities in the u.s. state of maine that allows her to freely travel while monitoring her health. >> now the nurse who recently returned from sierra leone says despite this agreement she plans to mostly stay home. >> i completely understand that
10:43 pm
this town has been through a lot. and there's still a lot of fears and misinformation out there. i think we need to start addressing those issues. but it's also true that i only moved here to ft. kent, maine in august. so there are a lot of people who don't know me. i'm still an outsider, and i sort of want to respect their wishes, but i really hope one day in the near future, i can come back from an ebola assignment and walk into the grocery store and people would smile and say hi. >> local officials wanted hickox to stay in voluntary quarantine for a full three weeks after returning from africa, even though she has continued to test negative for ebola. what really happened three years ago in abougbottabad withe
10:44 pm
osama bin laden raid. >> reporter: he says he was right behind the navy seal who took the first shot at osama bin laden. now former seal matt bissonnette is the subject of an investigation and was recently questioned for ten hours. the pentagon and justice department are looking into weather bissonnette revealed classified information in paid public appearances he's made since publishing the best-selling book "no easy day", about the ben laden raid. he wrote the book under the sued nichl marc owen was asked if he ever disclosed secret information. >> did i disclose anything that would have put the guys in harm's way, that's absolutely not what i intended to do. these are my brothers that i served with. >> reporter: his lawyers say they're not aware of any specific allegations that sensitive information was
10:45 pm
released in his speeches and no charges have been filed. he doesn't mind being held accountable but wonders why leon panetta isn't getting that kind of scrutiny after panetta encouraged cooperation with the makers of the film zero dark thirty. the government has already been trying to seize profits from his book because he didn't clear it through sensors, as he's required to legally. >> kw . >> we don't advertise the nature of our work. people want to know what we do and how we do it, but so does our enemy. >> reporter: matt bissonnette says he tried to contact his former seal commander, but his commander responded with a message saying, quote, delete me. an unnamed seal spoke to "the
10:46 pm
new yorker" and there were details given to the makers of zero dark thirty. but so far, bissonnette is the only one we know of under investigation. now a regional security chief in mexico is dead, apparently the latest victim of a drug cartel turf war. >> he and his wife were shot to death over the weekend across the border from texas. they were apparently ambushed in their car. hundreds of people have been killed there in recent years as rival cartels battle for control over the area. meanwhile, families are anxiously waiting for answers about students abducted more than a month ago in mexico. >> several people are under arrest, including two suspected gang members. human remains have been found at
10:47 pm
hidden grave sites, but they haven't said if the students were buried there. the father of one of the missing students spoke to cnn. >> reporter: he tells me that he is alive. he is alive. but we have to put all of our efforts in the search. i don't know how we're going to do this or which way, but we cannot stop. when we see things at home, we cry. we cannot help it. we cannot help the feeling of well, he's not with us. what are they doing to him, what's happening? we don't know, and we are desperate. >> the stuptss' disappearance has led to outrage in mexico and inspired a group of artists to launch a might yeah campaign. we show you how these artists are now giving a voice to the missing. >> reporter: september 26, 2014. dozens of students drive to mexico. their goal, to raise money for
10:48 pm
their school and protest what they claim are discriminatory hiring practices for teachers. before they arrive, gunmen stop and shoot at their buses. some students escape, but at least three are shot dead. authorities believe the rest are then abducted. 43 students haven't been seen since. the missing students were training to become teachers. thousands have marched in protest, calling for answers. faces of the 43 have been depicted by artists in a viral social media campaign to bring attention to their disappearance, illustrators. cnn spoke to some of those artists. >> they are not alone. we are citizens of the same country. i want to know where is he. what if one of those guys are one of my sons? those guys have families.
10:49 pm
>> i saw his face and know that i want to make the illustration of christian. this is not the country i know. what future we can expect if this happens every day. >> translator: i chose jesus. he liked kids. he fought against violence on women. he was very close with his mother. he helped her very much. his treatment of women was beautiful. to the families, we are with them. and they shouldn't lose hope. >> reporter: several mass graves have been found, but none so far have been linked to the students. meantime, the investigation continues. and thousands still wait for answers. amara walker, cnn. a final message with love and peace to you all. but brittany maynard's death has spark add loud debate. >> mourners have been greefg on
10:50 pm
social media for the 29 year old. she had terminal brain cancer and ended her life on saturday under oregon's death with dignity law. >> when people criticize me for not, not, like, waiting longer or, you know, whatever they've decided is best for me, it hurts, because really i risk it. i risk it every day, every day that i wake up. and i do it, because i still feel good enough. and i still have enough joy. and i still laugh and smile with my family and friends enough that it doesn't seem like the right time right now. but it will come, because i feel myself getting sicker. it's happening each week. >> and megan carter who has the same type of brain cancer posted an open letter on youtube urging
10:51 pm
her not to take her life. >> anytime someone has a terminal illness, it's tragic, and we feel for those people, but my concern is, is that as a society, can't we find better ways to care for people who are at the end of life? can't we find them good, compassionate care, good pain management? that starts early in the cancer journey so that it's not just an afterthought at the end? can't our policies reflect that in an already strained, strained health care system. it's fragile right now. our health care system is very fragile right now. we're working on it, but we have a long way to go. and i would love to see our energies devoted to finding compassionate ways to care for people, so that they could squeeze-out every minute of life that they can with their family and friends and not feel that they have to resort to taking their own life. that's an unfortunate and an
10:52 pm
unfortunate choice. >> it is such an emotional debate, and it takes courage both ways, first to make that decision and courage to continue on, like maggie has done there. >> and of course this debate will go on and on for many, many years. for brittany maynard, she did the thing she felt was right for her. >> it's similar in other parts of the world. we'll take a short break here on cnn.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
well, the world trade center is back open for business more than 13 years after the original twin towers fell. >> one world trade center replaces the two towers destroyed in the september 11 attacks. the main building stands at 541 meters. that becomes a little more symbolic, 1776 feet, which commemorates the year the u.s. was founded. conde nast moved in on monday. for thousands of fans at a basketball game in cincinnati, what happened on the court transcended athletic skills. >> a young woman really did achieve her dying wish. >> and a 5'11" freshman, from green dale, indiana, number 22. laurie hill! >> reporter: this was the moment that should have been just the
10:55 pm
beginning for 19 year old lauryn hill, the start of her college basketball career. but instead, sunday's game at mt. st. joseph university marks the end of a mission that lauren had been on for more than a year, getting to step onto this court before she died. it was while playing during her senior year in high school that lauren started to experience headaches, dizziness. an mri revealed an inoperable brain tumor. but even through radiation and chemo therapy, lauren remained strong. >> never give up. motto's never give up. not that she ever did before. so i wouldn't imagine that it would change now. >> it hasn't changed much, but. >> but she never gave up. >> i never gave up for a second even though they told me i have a terminal diagnosis, and i never for a second thought about sitting down and not living life
10:56 pm
anymore. >> reporter: to lauren, that meant keeping the college commitment she made before the diagnosis. she still wanted to play. but this summer, crushing news. her tumor was advancing quickly. doctors didn't expect her to live past this december. >> there's nothing you can really say, because i can't do anything. >> reporter: but while her cancer was incurable, basketball was a different story. the school petitioned the ncaa to move its first game up by two weeks so lauren would still be in good enough health to play. tickets were in such high demand, officials moved the game from a 2,000-seat arena to one that holds 10,000. and the game still sold out in less than an hour. finally, sunday, lauren took the court. and as she scored the game's first basket, the entire building erupted. >> number 22! we will remember that layup forever! >> reporter: at halftime, lauren received an award for her
10:57 pm
courage from women's basketball legend, pat summit. >> this is a very big surprise. i'm just happy that everyone's here and supporting this and funding research for cancer. we're going to fight this, and we're going to find the cure. >> reporter: and after it was all over, gratitude and renewed strength for the fight ahead. >> today has been the best day i've ever had. [ applause ] >> thank you guys so much. >> reporter: for cnn, i'm rachel nichols. >> an extraordinary woman. >> sad but incredible. >> it is. she's showing us all. >> okay. you've been watching cnn. i'm john vause. >> and i'm rosemary church. errol is standing by with more news. whatever happened to the berlin wall denver international is one of the busiest airports
10:58 pm
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be a weekender and book weekenour stay at hampton. a very big welcome to those of you watching here in the u.s. and all around the world. i'm errol barnett, with you on cnn for the next two hours. coming up right now, it is decision day for u.s. voters. the midterm elections are finally here. the big question, will republicans win control of both chambers of congress? also coming up, an air disaster. u.s. investigators suggest a crucial mistake may have been made ahead of the break-up of the virgin galactic spaceship. and running for their lives in northeastern nigeria after a ceasefire fails to materialize