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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 6, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and arld the world. i'm rosemary church. >> welcome back. good to be with you. hey, everyone, i'm errol barnett. coming up this hour -- >> the american people sent a message. >> the senate needs to be fixed. >> lawmakers are saying all the right things one day after a change of ypower in the u.s. senate. also coming up -- >> anger spills over at one of the holiest sites in judyism and islam. these clashes are part of a wave of violence inside jerusalem.
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and later -- >> thank you for keeping me up. thank you for being there for us. i'm taking my baby home. >> we have this incredible story out of the u.s. a young woman found alive and well days after she was snatched right off a city street in a kidnapping caught on camera. >> we begin this hour with the fallout from tuesday's u.s. midterm elections. president barack obama and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell say they are ready to work together. >> that's after voters gave republican as majority in both houses of congress for the first time since 2006. all the red, states that voted republican. we showed this to you yesterday. as dana bash reports, president obama suspect the only one facing major challenges in the months ahead. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell missed the president's first congratulatory call but finally connected. >> it was a very cordial
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conversation. >> reporter: mcconnell bent over backwards to say he gets that. >> we ought to start with the view that maybe there's some things we can agree on. >> reporter: but said for him to negotiate, the president can't aggregate the gop base by taking action on immigration. >> it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull to say if you don't do what i want, i'm going to do it on my own. >> reporter: in fact, he has to contend with unruly fellow republicans, like iowa's joanie ernst who wouldn't even commit to supporting mitch mcconnell for leader. >> will you vote for mitch mcconnell? >> i'm trying to get through november 4th first. >> let me just make a prediction for you.
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a week from tomorrow, i'll be elected majority leader of the senate. >> reporter: he's a rare senator who never wanted to be president but several senate republicans are eyeing a 2016 white house run. ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio. mcconnell insists he can handle them. >> i serve with a bunch of class presidents. they're all ambitious. >> reporter: gop control of congress will be different. republicans set the agenda and will hold votes on their pet issues like the keystone pipeline. obama has only vetoed two bills in six years. another promised change, more work. >> the senate stands adjourned. >> reporter: not so fast,
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mcconnell is vowing the senate will stay in washington for a five-day workweek like the rest of us. dana bash, cnn, capitol hill. >> now to illustrate what president obama and the democrats are up against here, this is what the new setup will look like. republicans will lead instead of the democrats. >> and in the house, republicans retained their dominance but extended it by ten seats and mr. obama says there are areas where he will stand his ground. >> reporter: his party trounced at the polls. president obama at moments sounded glumly resigned to two more years of having to compromise or fight it out with republicans. >> what stands out to me, though, is that the american people sent a message. to everyone who voted, i want you to know that i hear you. to the 2/3 of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, i hear you, too. >> reporter: but he vowed to
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reach out. >> they want me to push hard to close some of these divisions, break through the gridlock and get stuff done. >> on immigration. >> i'll be reaching out to mitch mcconnell, john boehner and other leaders to find out how it is they want to proceed and if they want to get a bill done, whether it's during the lame duck or next year, i'm eager to see what they have to offer. but what i'm not going to do is just wait. >> reporter: meaning he will still take executive action to grant possibly millions of undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. which a majority of americans support. republicans already furious over various executive actions taken by this president, have said acting on immigration unilaterally will only poison the well of good will. >> it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull. >> reporter: president obama adamant he will act until congress comes up with
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something. >> they have every opportunity to do it. my executive actions not only do not prevent them from passing a law that supersedes those actions, but should be a spur for them to actually try to get something done. and i am prepared to engage them every step of the way. >> reporter: there are some issues where there's already common ground, boosting exports, early childhood education. but on the big challenges, health care, he made it clear this is likely to be a rough road, places he will not compromise. >> congress will pass some bills i cannot sign. i'm pretty sure i'll take some actions some in congress will not like. >> reporter: he will likely veto any republican efforts to cancel obamacare. >> there are certainly lines i will draw, repeal of the law i won't sign.
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efforts that would take away health care from the 10 million people who now have it and the millions more who are eligible to get it, we're not going to support. >> reporter: the president acknowledged the loss, saying we have to work together, offer thing commitment to reach out to republicans, find the common ground, get certain things done. of course, you can ask why couldn't that have been done before. his message is, let's compromise where we can. again, on the toughest issues, immigration, health care, he made it clear there are certain lines he will not let republicans cross. michelle kaczynski, cnn, the white house. >> later, we'll get reaction from a guest, we'll have to talk about china and what's being said in china about the president. >> and the new republican senate, i wonder how that may
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change international relations, as well. we'll stick around for that. still to come, a van runs down people on a jerusalem street killing one and injuring more than a dozen. whose israel's prime minister says is to blame. plus, a member of one of the most successful rock bands in history in prison. police say he tried to have two people killed. we'll explain. back in a moment. let me get tyes?straight... lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? lactaid®.
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welcome back. police in israel are on high alert after two brazen car attacks. three israeli soldiers were injured when a van ran them down in the west bank. >> and in jerusalem, one person is dead and more than a dozen wounded after a van plowed into people waiting at a train station. here's more. and we have to warn you, some of the images in this report are disturbing. >> reporter: surveillance footage shows the moment a palestinian man drives into a jerusalem tram station. he crashes the van and continues his attack on foot. israeli forces shoot him dead. 13 people are injured. a border police officer was killed. >> there was no intelligence that a terrorist attack was going to take place here. we're looking to see if it was a lone terrorist or if he was sent. >> reporter: the suspect is later identified as a 38-year-old palestinian. a resident of an east jerusalem refugee camp.
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the attack is part of a wave of violence in jerusalem. fueled by tensions surrounding the noble sanctuary known to jews as the temple mount. last week, there was an attack on right wing rabbi yahuda glick. for the first time in 14 years, it was completely closed, angering many muslims. >> they definitely feel that their place of worship is being lost. >> reporter: wednesday morning, tensions at the site boiled over. clashes broke out between israeli forces and palestinian youth. as you can see, the police have just cleared this area using stun grenades and force. they're trying to get all of the people that were out here waiting to get in the site. minutes later, there's a calm.
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the city of jerusalem remains on edge. >> now, the militant group hamas voiced support for the train station attack. the israeli prime minister issued a strong condemnation. >> translator: the ramming attack in jerusalem is a direct result of the incitement by hamas. we are in a continuous battle over jerusalem, which i have no doubt we will win. >> we're going to connect now with a member of the palestinian parliament and the founder of the palestinian national initiative and joins us now from ramallah in the west bank. thank you for your time. there are a number of incidents which seem to be escalating sensitivities around jerusalem. i'm just wondering from where you sit what efforts are being made to avoid a further escalation of tensions right now? >> actually, we as the
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palestinians have been warning against what's happening today since a long time. we've been saying that the actions of prime minister netanyahu and his government is provoking violence. they are actually exercising violence against the people who pray inside the mosque, and we think that provoking the muslims by bringing in jewish people to pray inside a muslim site is by itself provocation. i don't think anybody would accept if a muslim wants to pray near the wailing wall. that would be unacceptable. at the same time, i don't think provoking muslims is an act of sanity. and in reality, the israeli actions, including settlement expansion inside jerusalem, the blockage of the pearceful negotiation between palestinians
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and israelis and the constant declarations of the government of israel is they have no place for a palestinian state is provoking strong anger among the palestinian population. we were hoping that the israeli government would respond peacefully to nonviolent protests. but what we see today is an escalation of violence, caused by the constant israeli provocations. >> there's no indications things are deescalating. israeli's prime minister is blaming mahmoud abbas. hamas is coming out saying they support these random attacks. how can we defuse the situation and doesn't continue to point blame and we'll see it escalate to something much worse that we've witnessed in this region so many times before? >> i think the best way of deescalating is to accept what international law says, which is
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that's jerusalem is an occupied country. israel must respect that. the international agreement is that there could be a two-state solution. and if that is acceptable, there is no need for mr. netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, to come out and say he's fighting for jerusalem. that means he want to judize jerusalem. i was born in jerusalem, i worked as a doctor in jerusalem for 15 years. and they prevent me from going to jerusalem to visit my sister or to go to the mosque, i have to break israeli laws. so it's a system of racial discriminations against palestinians. we have apartheid. this would deescalate the
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violence. >> so that would suggest that until some of the largest issues are dealt with, we're likely to see more of these incidents flare up from time to time. thanks so much for your insight this morning, just past 10:16 there in the west bank. thank you. >> we'll take a short break here. still to come on cnn, the drummer from the rock band ac/dc was in court today instead of on stage. the grave charges that could land him in prison. plus, a woman abducted from a philadelphia street. you see it here in this footage. she has been found alive. we'll bring you her amazing story of being rescued after this break. let me get tyes?straight... lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this?
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call now, request your free [decision guide] and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ welcome back, everyone. well, the drummer for the legendary rock band ac/dc is accused of trying to have two people killed. >> phil rudd was released on bail earlier today. here is the latest. >> reporter: it's not the dizzying heights of rock 'n' roll, but all eyes are on ac/dc's phil rudd. for legal reasons, we can't bring you audio from his appearance in court. his four charges are serious. the 60-year-old rock legend is accused of attempting to procure the murder of two people and
12:21 am
possession of drugs. ♪ ac/dc will soon be releasing an album. the band made phil rudd world famous before moving to new zealand in 1983. in 2010, his home was visited by police for possessing cannabis. but earlier this year, he was back in court, denying he hid his past drug use when he was trying to renew his pilot's artist. he said he would have to be dead before he would stop touring. the charge of having someone murdered could mean up to ten years behind bars. >> the fbi says a woman
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violently abducted from a philadelphia street has been found alive in maryland and a suspect has been arrested. >> we don't often see these happeny outcomes. police say a 22-year-old is in good shape. in fact, we can report that she was just released from hospital a short while ago. cnn's jean casarez explains how authorities found the victim. >> reporter: police made the announcement that she had been found alive in jessup, maryland. police say she was in the car of her abductor that was pulled over to the side of the road. they were able to locate him because they located his vehicle. they moved in, apprehended him and rescued her. she was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, police say. they began to question her. she's been through a lot but they'll find out more in the upcoming days.
12:23 am
they believe this is a stranger abduction. it was just sunday night at 9:40. you can see the video here. it's extraordinary, horrific video of a kidnapping caught on tape from a surveillance camera that happened to be on and rolling that sunday night. as you can see, her kidnapper, with purpose, walking across a street, walks down to where it's believed she got off a bus, finds her, introduces himself or speaks only words to her, and minutes later the kidnapping begins. she can hardly struggle as he walks her up the street. she fights and loses her cell phone and he gets her into his vehicle. the windows of the back passenger area were broken out by her, but he sped off. there's also video the next morning of him taking her atm card to get a small amount of money and then going to a
12:24 am
convenience store. but it's that surveillance video that helped locate who we know now is 37-year-old delvin barnes, being held this morning on attempted murder out of virginia, waiting federal charges in this case in pennsylvania. >> such a miracle for the woman and her family. that was jean casarez reporting there. >> following the news of the rescue, her mother thanked authorities and the public for helping to locate her daughter. take a listen. >> i just want to thank everybody. i would like to thank the philadelphia department of police, the fbi, maryland, everybody, especially the public, my family and friends, everybody, thank you so much for your prayers. thank you for being there for us. i'm taking my baby home. thank you. >> that is one happy mommy. we just don't see this outcome very often. >> and your heart sinks and our
12:25 am
hearts did sink when you saw that video. she's been released from hospital, so surely she's with mom now and her family. hopefully all having a good hug. let's bring in our meteorologist, watching the world's biggest weather stories. how does it look? >> we're going to start off with what's happening in asia and then come over to the united states. a weather pattern here that will impact both areas of asia and into the united states. this is what is left of the super typhoon. at this point, it is just a tropical storm. a couple of days it was, it was the strongest storm on our planet this year, the winds at 177 miles per hour sustained. at this point, it is going to dodge much of japan. the reason i bring this to your
12:26 am
attention is, the winds pick up, but the storm system moves out, enhancing over the gulf of alaska saturday into sunday and amplifies the jet stream, which translates into cooler weather in the united states next week. we're talking about subfreezing, potential of snowfall here in portions of the midwest and temperatures well below the norm in the deep south of the united states. and on the western side of the u.s., well above average temperatures return. so all of this from what was a super typhoon amplifying the jet stream on into the united states. quite common to see when that happens with the storm moving from one portion of the world to another. here's what's left of hurricane vance a couple of days ago.
12:27 am
it really fell part as it moved in. the rainfall, 125 mill meeimetm that's roughly 5 inches. so that's quite impressive, causing quite a bit of flooding. all this spurs on into portions of southern texas as the moisture moves on in. now we will take you out to portions of europe where rough weather is causing travel thdels as well. more news coming up first. let me get tyes?straight... lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on,
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you are still watching cnn. we appreciate you staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> and a beg welcome back to our
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viewers in the united states and across the grobe. i'm rosemary church. tensions are running high in jerusalem. police and protesters clashed wednesday at the temple mount. at least one person was killed, more than a dozen wounded in car attacks in jerusalem and the west bank. >> the drummer from the rock band ac/dc has been arrested for allegedly trying to have two people killed. phil rudd is charged with attempts to procure two murders and procession of drugs. he didn't enter a plea during his court appearance. he's free on bail until november 27. >> a woman seen abducted in philadelphia was found safe in maryland on wednesday. police say she is in good shape and released from the hospital a short while ago. police say they arrested the man
12:32 am
who allegedly grabbed her. >> now there's no doubt the republicans had a good night. that is what u.s. president barack obama said as he gave an assessment of the midterm elections. >> in race after race, republicans captured key seats giving them full control of the u.s. congress. the question is, can they work with the president? >> the united states has big things to do. we can and we will make progress if we do it together. >> reporter: it was a dramatic defeat but president barack obama didn't dwell on it. instead, he said that his administration hopes to work with the new republican congress on initiatives ranging from tax reform to highway construction. and he hopes to make the new senate majority leader.
12:33 am
>> i was enjoy having some kentucky bourbon with mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell offered the president something else to saver, that republicans will not impose a funding freeze to close the government or threaten default on the national debt. and they want to cooperate as much as they can. >> i want to first look for areas of -- that we can agree on. there are probably are some. that's what we're going to be talking about in the next few weeks. >> reporter: even with some seats still undecided from tuesday's midterm elections. the democrats took a drumming. the republicans came out stronger, but not insurmountable. they gained a majority in the senate but short oval the supermajority required by senate is rules. those rules mean determined democrats can stop the republicans the way republicans stymied democrats in the past. in the house of representatives, the republicans' majority grew to the biggest since world war
12:34 am
ii. the complication there, an ongoing struggle between main screen republicans and the tea party wing. it's not clear how many of the new lawmakers will lean toward the loyalists or rebels. one 1234589er and potential presidential candidate says the republicans should take on the white house at every turn. >> pass law after law after law responding to the american people and put them up to the president and see if he is willing to veto every aspect of legislation that would provide relief to the people who are suffering. >> reporter: so it's not clear whether the new republican congress will work with the democrat in the white house or go to war against him. we'll know in a few months. the new congress convenes in january. jonathan mann, cnn. >> want to get a taste of international reaction. mr. obama is being mocked in
12:35 am
china. an editorial in china's global times plays on his 2008 campaign slogan. it says, and i'm quoting here, obama always utters "yes, we can," which led to high expectations. but he has offered really nothing to supporters. for more on china's reaction, we turn to victor in beijing, director of the china national association of international studies and was a translate for. thank you for talking with us. this editorial comes just days before mr. obama visits china. it is important to point out that the global times has close ties to china's ruling communist party. can we assume that these are also the views of china's leadership? >> i think when president obama arrives in beijing for the apec
12:36 am
summit, he will be treated with full respect as the president of the united states. now, the result of the midterm election was anticipated for quite some time and the results did not surprise people ooepter in the united states or the rest of the world, including here in china. i think whether president obama will be, according to that editorial, a lame duck president for the remaining two years of his term depends on how president obama will have the courage or the vision or the wisdom to deal with the challenges, both at home and in the international arena. if he rises up to the challenge, he may still be able to leave a good legacy for his presidency. but the deadlock between the congress and the white house is expected to deteriorate and this will pose a great challenge for the leadership of president obama. >> i would be interested to get
12:37 am
your views whether the chinese leadership agrees with the global times when it criticizes the u.s. political system and says the country is too lazy to reform. is that a general view there across the leadership of china? >> global times is very popular. it's like a tabloid. it does not reflect the official government position in china. it has a wide circulation in china like "the people's daily," which is the formal mouth piece of the government here. therefore, i seriously doubt whether the leadership here in china share that particular view. i think based on my personal experience with the top leaders here in china, whoever is the china leader, he will need to deal with the president of the united states, whoever that may be. i think this will still be the same aptitude that the chinese
12:38 am
leadership will deal with, president obama and the reception that the chinese president will give him during the apec summit will demonstrate that was again, and i think a weak u.s. president may not be good for international peace and stability any way. i think this also creates a greater urgency for the chinese leaders and president obama to cooperate in real earnest in the last two years of president obama's terms so that we can have a safer and more stable and more peaceful world in the two years to come. >> and so on tuesday, u.s. secretary of state john kerry called the u.s.-china relationship the most consequential in the world and warned it needs to be carefully managed. do you agree with that? >> of course. i don't think there is any other pair of bilateral relations in the world today and possibly for the future years, which can be more important than china-u.s.
12:39 am
relations. there are challenges. there are different expectations in washington and in beijing. but these two countries are not only the two largest economies in the world but they are also very, very important political players on the international scene. there will be a transition where china will pass the united states as the largest economy in the world. so how to manage that transition and make sure there are no major ups and downs or flaring up of tensions between washington and beijing and make sure that both countries can see more and more eye to eye on the same page on major issues, rather than keep second guessing each other or even occasionally getting to each other's throat. that will be a major challenge, because if this is not handled properly, i don't think there will be great lasting peace in the world. this is the challenge for the u.s. president, as well as the
12:40 am
challenge for the chinese leadership here in beijing. >> so given that, what does china expect from the u.s. in the remaining two years of the obama administration with the republicans now in control of congress? and how different is china expecting things to be after the 2016 presidential elections? >> first of all, china is just asking for being treated with full respect. i think there are occasions when china feels humiliated by some of the very assertive or even aggressive attitudes or positions or propositions that washington may take against china. i think between china and the united states, if we can treat each other with great respect and treat each other as a partner, compared with potential forward, this will make the bilateral relations much more
12:41 am
solid going forward. for the coming two years, from the chinese perspective, we need to deal with washington, with a lot of care, and encourage engagement not only with the u.s. government and president obama, but increasingly with the congress, the republicans as well as the democrats in the house of representatives and the senate. and also i would sate between china and the united states, there are almost 100 different channels of communications between the two governments. these need to be expanded to the u.s. congressional side of the equation, rather than mostly restricted to the government side of the equation. whoever will run for the presidency in 2016 and win the presidency, china will deal with him or her with full respect and try to turn him or her into a partner rather than a potential fall for the bilateral relations
12:42 am
between china and the united states in the coming years. >> thank you so much for joining us from beijing. we appreciate your perspective on the very delicate relationship between the united states and china. many thanks. coming up, a christian couple accused of blasphemy is killed by an angry mob in pakistan. that's after the break.
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12:44 am
is police in pakistan arrested up to 40 people in the killing of a christian couple. >> authorities say their fate was sealed when they were accused of blasphemy for allegedly desecrating the koran. what makes this story even more tragic is that the woman was pregnant. >> reporter: the sound of sorrow fills the air in this town, in southwest pakistan. relatives of a slain christian couple are reeling from the pair's violent death. the husband and his pregnant wife burned to death tuesday by a mob for allegedly desecrating a copy of the koran. >> caller: all of us ran and our children ran in different directions. we beg for justice. they have four small children who are motherless and
12:45 am
fatherless. >> reporter: local police say a mob of around 500 people from neighboring villages formed after a cleric declared the couple guilty of blasphemy. they were tracked down, beaten and thrown into a brick kiln. >> two days earlier, she had thrown out garbage in which there were pages of the koran. >> reporter: police say they have arrested up to 40 people. under pakistan's anti-blasphemy law, desecration of the koran is punishable by death or life in prison. the human rights of pakistan said they are shocked and saddened by the callous murder. this incident stemmed out of a
12:46 am
dispute over money the kiln's owners claimed the couple owned them. >> it was a false allegation. they dragged them away towards the brick kiln and lifted the lid and threw them into the burning kiln. they burned them up. >> reporter: a pair of slippers are all that remains of this husband and wife as their relatives struggle to come to terms with their death. preparations are under way in germany for sunday's 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. >> more than 800 people died trying to flee east berlin. >> reporter: when berlin was divide august 13, 1961, she was
12:47 am
23 years old and in the final stages of her medical studies. she and her parents immediately knew they couldn't live in the communist east and decided to flee. we were unhappy in east germany. we were christians and liberals. that was just impossible in communism. it was something i couldn't deal with. their way out was supposed to be a tunnel similar to this one, dug from a basement in a house in the west to a house in the east. but when they came to the location, there was a nasty surprise. when we got to the house where the tunnel was supposed to be, one of the helpers came out, she says. he was totally pail and said the tum has been discovered. she was sent to jail under 2 1/2 years with constant harassment
12:48 am
and sbar gagss. a new exhibition shows the flight of people like her who kept thinking up new, creative ways to try to flea the communist state. a desire for freedom that put many of them behind bars. this is an exact replica of what the berlin wall used to look like. most estimates say 138 people died trying to get from east to west berlin. some even built their own aircraft to make it to freedom. after betting out of jail, she immediately tried to flee again, with a false passport by a bulgarian. she was captured again. but she made a vow to her interrogators. she would send them her wedding picture when she got married in the west. that's what she did after being
12:49 am
released in 1969 after part of a west german government program that purchased the freedom of jailed east germans. today, she says, the communist regression but never be forgotten. it was worse than you can imagine, she says. this was not a down trip of law and justice. it was never like that. 25 years after the fall of the wall, her testimony is more important than ever. as a whole generation has now grown up, not knowing what german division was like. commemorating the breathtaking event of 1989. so join the conversation by telling us your favorite thing about berlin. >> all you have to do is finish the sentence, my berlin is -- and then upload your responses where you can post them to
12:50 am
facebook and twitter. do that and you just might see your response on air. severe storms spawned a tornado believe it or not, near the italian island of sicily. we're hearing about more and more of these tornados. slg >> sicily holds the largest fatality of any tornado in europe in 1859. you take a look at the global perspective. what we're talking about with tornadoes around the world. we've got to touch on the area of interest right here. the second largest city in italy, a population little over 300,000 people. that was an area where winds reached 177 kilometers per hour,
12:51 am
causing significant damage. every single continent has recorded a tornado in recorded history. since 2000, europe has recorded 4,000 of them of the farther to the south, a little less likely and that pattern again over the past 24 hours in italy. wednesday avenue, we had powerful winds come through with this same storm system. some areas, up to 230 millimeters of rain. so you put all this together, not the best time to be on a cruise in the western mediterranean. the wet weather expected to persist. but if your travel mans are taking you here, we still do have a threat for severe weather in the identical stotts,
12:52 am
damaging winds, isolated shot of tornadoes. fortunately, no fatalities with that storm system. more news coming up shortly.
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some say this is strange, but i don't think it's that unusual, rosemary. one loves to dance, the other not so much.
12:55 am
>> it's typically not a problem at work. jeanne moos has the story of a television anchorman who likes to move. >> reporter: sometimes an anchor has to rise. >> rise from the ashes. >> reporter: not from the ashes, from the anchor desk. dan thorn is shaking things up in west virginia, putting on sun glasses and lipsyncing to james brown. ♪ rapping along with pi's where they at, though. stealing his co-anchor's ipad to use as a prop. during commercials waiting to go on air, dan is one anchor that you can't anchor. but it's his co-anchor's attitude that made the video go
12:56 am
viral. no matter how goofy his face, sarah ignores dan thorn as if he's a thorn in her side. >> i was just trying to connect with my viewers and say i'm not a stiff. >> you're not peeved at him, are you? >> not at all. that's just who dan is. he's a funny guy like that. >> reporter: by his third video, dan was roaming around the studio. for more than a year now, dan and sarah have been co-anchors, and they both say they are very close. >> we do like each other, and getting along isn't work. >> reporter: but sarah draws the line of dancing during commercial breaks. >> dance a little bit. >> i can't dance on camera. future employers might be looking at that and not taking me seriously. >> reporter: though we did detect her bopping her head ever so slightly and even laughed. what's the dan say to those who call this unprofessional? >> that this is just me being
12:57 am
myself. >> reporter: do you think he's a clown? >> not in a bad way at all, but he's a silly guy. >> reporter: now dan joins other talent in the viral hall of fame. ♪ as for the speed with which the dancing anchor went viral, dan quoted the anchorman he dressed up as for halloween. >> he said, well, that es calatd quickly. >> boy, that escalated quickly. >> reporter: but sarah's motto is, anchor's away. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> you've got to coordinate with your colleague. you want to try a little bit here? we've just gone viral there. that's all the time we have. stay with us. cnn newsroom is next.
12:58 am
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so i know how important that is. president obama vows to work with republicans or without them. he congratulates the gop on the election victory, but promises to go it alone if they cannot find common ground. what the president and republican leaders had to say overnight ahead. the president shifting strategy when it comes to fighting isis in syria. now asking congress for support. we are live with the latest. and breaking news this morning. a philadelphia nurse whose violent abduction was caught on camera, she i