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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  November 14, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. straight ahead here on cnn, u.s. president obama's plans for an immigration system overhaul are not being received well in congress. house speaker john boehner says prepare for a fight. according to russia, claims it has troops and tanks in ukraine are pure fiction. but ukrainians believe this video is proof. >> just want to let you know something happened. here in turkey, but i'm okay. >> the parents of a u.s. sailor attacked in turkey hear about it from their son and they talk about how they felt when they saw the viral video of the attack. you're watching cnn, thank
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you for joining us. i'm natalie allen. and we begin with news the united states is preparing to accept another ebola patient from west africa. he is a doctor who became infected in sierra leone although it is not clear if he was treating ebola patients at the time. the surgeon is a sierra leone national and is married to a u.s. citizen and they have children. the surgeon will arrive in nebraska this weekend if his condition is stable enough to allow travel. the surgeon will be admitted in omaha to the unit where two other patients were successfully treated. the staff there says they're ready. >> we hope this patient is stable enough, healthy enough where they can get him to us and hopefully we can do what we have been doing with the last two patients and care for them appropriately. >> sierra leone has seen more than 5300 cases of ebola and more than a thousand deaths. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen talked with
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cnn's anderson cooper about the u.s.'s track record so far. >> eight patients have lived, one has fapassed away. but the one who passed away, up in the right-hand corner there he got treatment very late in the game. and that is not the same with the others, so we hope this patient is early on in his disease. >> 90 u.s. troops in the meantime who were in west africa are back home and will now undergo a 21-day quarantine. the troops arrived in virginia thursday and were helping end the fight against ebola but did not have any direct contact with patients. so far they are not showing any symptoms, their quarantine will extend through the thanksgiving holiday. officials say they will be able to communicate with their families by way of phone and e-mail from langley air force base. but no family meal this year. ferguson, missouri bracing for new unrest as a grand jury prepares to rule on whether to
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indict a police officer for the killing of an unarmed black teenager. the authorities had been pushing for peace but are preparing for the worst. >> we talk about riot gear, you know, no helmet has hurt anybody, no shield has hurt anybody. and we're going to make sure our officers are equipped if necessary to make sure they're protected. because if they're unprotected and get hurt that does not allow us to serve the public. >> attorneys for the family of teenager michael brown are expressing support for the missouri governor's call for peaceful protests. and one community group has issued rules of engagement in hopes of deterring a heavy-handed response of any police after the grand jury's ruling is announced. coming up later this hour, the parents of michael brown go
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all the way to geneva, switzerland in search of justice for their late son. we'll bring you reaction to the case from the u.n. committee against torture. u.s. president obama says that myanmar's transition is going through a bumpy patch, according to its president. both leaders at a conference expressed optimism for the future. >> strengthening human rights protections for all of burma's people is an essential step to recognizing the vision we share for this beautiful country. you know, the last time i stood here i made a pledge to the people of burma that if we continued to see progress toward reform the ties between our countries would go stronger and the united states would do
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whatever it could to help ensure burma's success. over the last two years, i think we have made good on that promise. and to have greater friendships in the future. >> mr. obama toured the building where it is the site of the first parliament,. >> the crisis in ukraine is expected to overshadow economic issues, g20 leaders had hoped to strengthen the world's banking system and multi-national corporations. and british prime minister is proposing a crackdown on u.k.
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jihadists. those wanting to return to britain after fighting for isis could be banned for up to two years. that would be enforced by new powers to seize passports for british nationals going to or coming from conflict regions. and airlines could be prevented to landing in the u.k. if they fail to comply with the standards. the prime minister said it is to combat the extremists. >> in our countries we have seen young people go to fight off in syria and even terrible plots to murder innocent people back in our own countries. there is no opt out from dealing with this. we have to confront this threat at its source. >> well, the voice, the new recording from isis sounds soft, even melodious. but the message it carries is militant, belligerent and
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chilling. isis says the speaker in the message is this man, al-baghdadi. there were reports he may have been hit last week in an airstrike. but with a recording, isis is preparing to say baghdadi is alive and in command. cnn's arwa damon has more. >> reporter: the timing of this message came after there were widespread reports that al-baghdadi had been injured in airstrikes. the message is about 17 minutes in length. and in it there are some clues as to one, it may have been recorded. al baghdadi makes reference to the troops that were sent into iraq, and also says that isis welcomes pledges and allegiance from other countries such as egypt,
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yemen, saudi arabia, specifically calling on some from saudi arabia, for example, calling on those to prepare to attack the saudi royal family. he also puts out a call to all of his supporters asking them to create volcanos of jihad, no indication on whether or not al-baghdadi may have been wounded. but isis in releasing this statement is making one thing clear. that its leader is alive and well and that from their perspective, at least, the terrorist organization is at this stage continuing to thrive. arwa damon, turkey. isis also now says it will begin to mint its own currency. look at this, the group said the move is dedicated to god and designed to free the muslims from the tyrant's financial system. isis is believed to be the world's richest terror group at least for now. and russia plans to send
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long-range bombers to the very doorstep of the united states, the gulf of mexico. this comes amid the uptake in the russian jets violating other air space. tom foreman has more. >> this report underscores 40 different encounters between the russians and other military and civilian forces around the world over the last eight months, some of them considered quite dangerous. for example, the close encounter between a russian jet and a commercial flight. but there have been others, there have been buzzes of displaying ships and russian jets and other forces over here in north america. some of the concern has been up along the alaska northern canadian border where there have been multiple sightings of russian planes coming very close to things. you move further south here to the california coast, two jets were spotted there within 50 miles of the coast. that is the closest fight since
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the cold war. in some cases it is done by russian fighter jets. in other cases they're also bringing in the russian bomber developed back in the '50s, modified several times since. it may look very old but is still a significant weapon with a maximum speed of almost 600 miles an mile-per-hour, maximum combat range of more than 5,000 miles. it can carry long-range cruise missiles, where the russians seem to be practicing all around the world including north america. so all that leads up to a witch's brew of close calls that we have not really seen in decades. coming up next, a white house intruder, a new report says one guard was on his cell phone as a knife-wielding man
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charged the door. plus, investigators are trying to figure out what caused 12 women to die after they were sterilized. one of the doctors blamed said he is being framed. also, sierra leone has become one of the hardest hit countries in the ebola outbreak but where is the money that is being sent actually going? we'll have a report from the ground.
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israeli police are easing restricti restrictions at islam's third most holy site, allowing muslims to pray there. previously, muslims of certain ages were not allowed to pray there. it is what israel calls the noble sanctuary. a hamas rally on thursday called for unrest in jerusalem. police say they will keep up their high alert status. friday is a day of prayer for muslims. in india, the doctor who performed surgeries on 12 women who died after sterilization measures has been arrested. dr. r.k. gupta has been arrested. he claims he is innocent and has been framed. >> i am being framed because there is pressure from the upper level. they are making me the accused.
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if i am guilty, the chief medical officer is equally guilty. and he should face the same charges. all this has been where doctors should also face action. due to administrative politics i am being framed. >> investigators are trying to figure out if the deaths were caused by rushed and unsterile conditions during the procedures or if the deaths are due to drugs the women took after the operations as gupta claims. >> reporter: five days after the tragedy, police swing into action, raiding a pharmaceutical supplier. >> why are you raiding this factory? >> because this person supplied the medicine. we are trying to allow it. >> reporter: the supplier would
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not comment and says he would cooperate. six types of drugs used before and after the surgeries have now been banned. the police say this company, the medicine supply was one of the main ones behind many of the antibiotics and pain killers that were distributed to these women after the surgery and this company was doing so without a license. the area, then sealed. investigators say they are exploring two main angles. the medicines distributed at a sterilization camp. and the doctor who operated on the women in six hours. >> 83 numbers of operations in a short duration. so i think the whole normal procedure and the standards of doing all of these operations, i think those were violated.
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>> hygiene levels used in the camp have been questioned. police have confiscated articles in the area. they say the investigation will be completed after the autopsies. the main person behind the botched surgeries has been arrested on charges of negligence and attempted culpable homicide which is a non-bailable offense. he is currently in judiciary custody. before the arrest the doctor said he is innocent and followed all the procedures. the medicines are to blame, he told me. india is the top sterilizer of women. the government says it is a way to curb the country's fast-growing population. while the measures were banned in 1994, the practice continues unofficially at the local level. >> of course, i mean, the others are certain targets, but if you follow the standard procedure of
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these things i think this unfortunate incident would have been averted. >> authorities have temporarily banned all sterilization surgeries in the state as support for the victims and anger for what is happening here swells. cnn, india. new protests over the disappearance of dozens of college students in mexico. just ahead, who investigators now believe is responsible. and a u.s. sailor in turkey was suddenly taunted, assaulted and had a bag put over his head. we spoke with his parents. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper.
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well, how does a man armed with a knife break into arguably the most secure building in the world? the u.s. homeland security is placing the blame on the secret service. they are reviewing the incident where omar gonzales hopped the white house fence and entered through the door. joe johns has more. >> there were communications breakdowns, people talking over each other on the radios. there were officers who could not see because there was construction going on here at the white house. and there was also the question of why one individual did not unleash his k-9 dog on omar gonzales when he was crossing the yard. and here is what they said about
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this. he said that a man was parked with his dog on the white house driveway when omar gonzales jumped the north fence. the officer was on a call on his personal cell phone, on speaker, it says, without his radio ear piece in his ear. he had left his second tactical radio in his locker. so there is that. they say there is more training now required for secret service officers who are working here on the white house grounds. including how to deal with individuals who don't appear to be carrying a lethal weapon. and there is also a question, of course, about people losing their jobs and reduction in force here with the secret service. a lot of questions tonight and this report only raises more. >> well, after the break-in, secret service julia pierson was called to testify and then submitted her resignation. and france releasing their
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third quarter gdp numbers a short while ago. for more on this story, we turn to our expert joining us from cnn, london. so let's talk about these figures and how they may impact the european markets. >> let's talk about the numbers, germany coming in bang-on target. the estimation a tenth of 1%. if you go further down the statement here there are a few weak points that i will highlight in a week's time. the real surprise was france. the economists are expecting what is the second largest economy to basically flat line. it surprised people here coming out with a 3% appreciation, and the gdp for the third quarter of the year. there is always a caveat. if you look at what contemplated the growth, it was not business
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investment. instead, it was trade and also consumer spending especially during the holiday period when we had had sales. business investment was not forthcoming. and a lot of people said that is likely to be because of the sanctions imposed upon nearby russia which is a big trading partner for germany over the situation with western europe and ukraine. the economy slipping to a six-month low, an indication that the factories that make up so much of the output are getting a bit nervous about investment. heading again to france, again, another disappointing feature was the fact they didn't just come out with a better than expected gdp for this quarter, they actually downgraded the quarters in negative territory. that has some of the economists slightly worried especially when we look further ahead in about half an hour to an hour's time, we'll have the gdp numbers, and that will include the weaker economies like spain and italy.
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>> and so nina, what do the numbers mean to the general state of the eurozone as a whole? >> yes, have you to juxtapose the figures with measures like unemployment. so although the economic picture may be slightly better it is nowhere near enough growth to create the kind of jobs that you need to see. and the real point i want to say it is this economic and political access of france and germany that has seen the euro through its worst time in the political arena about three or four years ago. what people worry about if they're not appreciating at the same pace then really we'll have trouble. remember that the ecb is coming under a lot of pressure to try to stimulate inflation across the region. the latest inflation was less than half of the target, these
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figures take the pressure off a little bit but if you dive further into the detail they will make signals out there for mario draghi to deal with. >> all right, nina, we always appreciate you breaking it down for us. nina del santos from london. and good news for the economy. nearly 2.8 million americans quit their jobs in september. but experts say people typically quit when they have another more lucrative offer already waiting. so it is all a sign that wages are improving. at least we hope so. the europeans are waking up to more unsettled weather with another storm moving in for the weekend. meteorologist derek van dam has more. >> it is not only americans dealing with the rough weather, it is europeans. we have had a soaker of a day,
12:26 am
thanks to a very slow moving pressure system bringing minor flooding to greece. but look at these rainfalls, in some portions over the western part of the country over the past two days. more impressive numbers over central croatia. it is starting to dissipate. we'll start to focus our attention on the next weather maker that is going to bring a significant amount of rainfall to areas that are already very, very saturated. if you recall, last time this -- last week this time we actually had some significant flooding over southern france. and near the border of italy you can see that we have more rain in the forecast over the next two days for this region. nice, and expecting wet weather near madrid and portions of portugal, as well as another storm system settles in, over the atlantic. and not only am i dutch, my last
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name being van dam. but the dutch have come out with a solar road. this is a very popular thing, from point a to point b. but they have taken it a step further actually putting the solar panels on these bike paths. that is creating quite an amount of significant power. and we'll have more news and headlines coming up after the short break, see you in a moment. review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪ ring ring! ...progresso! you soup people have my kids loving vegetables. well vegetables... shh!
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you're watching cnn, thank you for joining us, i'm natalie allen, a doctor is heading to the u.s. to be treated for ebola. he is a sierra leone national
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but was treating patients. he will arrive in nebraska if his condition is stable enough to allow travel. and british prime minister david cameron says he will ban travellers to return home unless they submit to strict screening. he also says they will have the right to take passports from anyone trying to leave and join a terror group. he is there for the g 20 summit. and ukraine's government accuses russia of moving military reinforcements across the border saying ukrainian servicemen report a constant movement of russian units. a russian spokesperson denounces all of that as quote, horror stories. >> i am telling you very frankly and officially as well, there are no military forces or any military movement across the border. and moreover, there is no
12:32 am
presence of our troops in the territory of ukraine in its southeast. there has never been and there is not. >> we'll continue to follow those developments as people in ferguson, missouri, await a grand jury ruling in the michael brown case. authorities are pushing for a peaceful response to the decision but prepare perhaps for the worst. jurors will decide rather to indict a white policeman for brown's killing they are calling for orderly protests. michael brown's parents traveled to geneva, switzerland this week taking their son's case before the united nation's committee against torture. >> reporter: today's session was marked by a silent protest. when the u.s. delegation began to address ferguson and other civil rights cases a group of protesters stood up, fists raised. meanwhile, michael brown's
12:33 am
parents sat and listened closely as members of the u.n. committee against torture had some strong words for the united states. >> there are disturbing patterns of excessive force on parts of police officers, especially towards african-americans and other persons of color. we seem to demonstrate that the current mechanisms of accountability are insufficient. >> for its part, the u.s. delegation says the federal government is taking action. >> among the federal government's efforts in ferguson, missouri, are an ongoing and active criminal investigation into the fatal shooting of michael brown, which is separate from the local investigation. and is looking at whether there were federal civil rights violati violations. >> the u.n. committee also asked what the united states is doing to stop the militarization of police, apparently to the way that police responded to the protests that followed michael
12:34 am
brown's dleath. the u.s. delegation says that that is under review. the u.n. expects to submit the report on the u.s. compliance with the convention against torture on the 28th. under the terms of the treaty, the united states is legally obligated, a spokesperson tells me, to follow up on the recommendations. meanwhile, michael brown's attorney says he is happy the way things went. he says now the world is watching to make sure what happened in ferguson, missouri, never happens again. outrage continues to grow in mexico over the disappearance of the 43 college students. demonstrations in guerrero state have turned violent as parents and protesters demand action. the report you're about to see shows the man that was eventually freed. but his report is proof that mexican officials are having a hard time keeping the protesters
12:35 am
in check. here is raphael ramon. >> reporter: in the middle of the violent protests in mexico a mob drags away a police officer kicking and punching him. there is an argument right now with some of the protesters saying let's beat up police officers. some others saying let's not beat him up. let's remain as peaceful as we can because it is going to send the wrong message. >> as it turns out the hostage was not just any police officer. it was the guerrero state undersecretary of public safety. the fact that the top official was taken hostage for hours is raising questions on whether protesters have overwhelmed security forces in guerrero state. there have been angry demonstrations to protest the disappearance of 43 students in late september, a case mexican authorities believe they have solved. but parents refuse to believe them. >> it is a big political use for
12:36 am
mexico. we are outraged by these brutal events and the only feeling that we can have is to share this sorrow and pain from the parents of these students who are still missing. >> the government says the students from a rural teacher's college were murdered by a gang. the bodies burned in a landfall. by the time they got here some students were already dead. the ones who were not dead already were executed. >> the mayor and his wife, accused of having deep ties to the gang are in jail. so are more than 70 others. the mayor's wife is being investigated, officials say, for the crime of dealing with elicit money. officials say students were on the way to disrupt the event by the mayor and his wife so he ordered their kidnapping. neither the mayor or his wife have commented. the parents of the missing say they don't trust the government's investigation and refuse to believe the children are dead especially since there
12:37 am
is no dna evidence. this man's son is among the missing. in his first year of college, his father says, jorge loved music and playing his guitar. my heart tells me that his sons alive, but he says a conviction that is shared by most of the parents, a conviction that is getting harder and harder to keep as days go by without any sign of the students. >> and in myanmar today, u.s. president barack obama said he would act on immigration reform before the end of this year. cnn is learning new details about his working plan, although the white house denies the president has made any final decisions. sources say the plan would allow illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children before june of 2007 to stay in the country. some parents of u.s. citizens and legal permanent residents would be granted legal status that allows them to work in the u.s. and the plan would also include more focus on deporting criminal
12:38 am
illegal immigrants. even though some republicans in congress agree with the president's ideas they're not happy with the way he is going about it. >> the american people elected divided government. and we would like for the president to recognize the reality that he has the government that he has, not the one that he wishes he had and work with us to try to improve our immigration system. >> mcconnell says he will not allow a government shutdown over immigration reform. but house speaker john boehner says he will fight the president tooth and nail if he tries to enact the plan without congressional approval. sierra leone has become one of the hardest-hit countries in the ebola outbreak but is it getting all the help it so desperately needs? new numbers may surprise you. and later, these two girls have the same laugh, the same freckles, even the same hair cut. and until just recently, neither
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well, even though the ebola outbreak is improving in parts of west africa, it is getting worse in sierra leone. new numbers from the world health organization suggests resources are lacking there with only 19 of 53 treatment centers operational.
12:42 am
british taxpayers are chipping in to help, but where is that money really going? alex thompson takes a closer look. >> reporter: everyone around here knows an ebola song. ebola, ebola, yeah, it's a killer. the driver sings it as many do here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ebola, ebola, a killer ♪ >> there is fierce debate about whether or not the west has responded effectively to what happened here. so today we took a look at what is being done so far in your name with your money. ♪ ♪ ♪ ebola, ebola ♪ ♪ it's a killer. >> first stop, a small white
12:43 am
cabin, 40 minutes from the capital. doesn't look much outside but step in. when this lab opened on october the 27th. sierra leone's capacity to identify ebola in human blood swabs and samples doubled overnight. >> we sent out positive results which are really key, so patients get to the triage centers very quickly so they can be isolated quickly. >> two more ebola labs are planned, at a cost of 20 million pounds. ♪ ♪ ♪ ebola, ebola ♪ >> next stop, a little further into the bush. a month or so ago, there was bush. now, a 100 bed ebola hospital is emerging. put up by the royal engineers,
12:44 am
among others. six-week start to convert this jungle to a working ebola hospital, the opening day here december the 5th. some people say it is taking a long time to get beds on stream here in sierra leone. others say six weeks to achieve a hospital in the middle of nowhere is pretty fast. on site, pride in the job from these people of sierra leone, and the english warrant officer. >> we are here to serve the life of our brothers and sisters from dying from ebola. because they are dying every day. that is why we are working very hard so we can take this ebola from this land. this is our pledge and we are working very hard to meet the plans of the government. >> we came here seven weeks ago, and it was jungle. within a week we cleared it. six weeks later it will be a
12:45 am
hospital. so massive. >> the site is undenialy impressive. but should they have been here a lot earlier. and once the beds are here, will they be filled quickly? having a hospital is one thing, trained staff to work the beds quite another. that all takes time as people continue to die on the streets for the want of a bed. >> ebola, ebola ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, the killer, ebola. >> we have come to the national football stadium in the capital. the contact sport is banned. nobody plays here or anywhere in football-mad sierra leone. instead, the british army is training local people here for ebola, not football. >> any shortage of recruits? i mean, it is not the sort of
12:46 am
work one would queue up to do. >> we haven't seen a shortage of recruits. we've already trained over 1500 people, and we're not seeing any tail off in that eagerness to go and work in the ebola areas. it is impressive. >> the student's attention is total. get this wrong and you could die. are you scared? >> definitely. definitely. >> but your training will protect you? >> i hope so. i hope so. >> are you scared? are you frightened? >> no, no, i'm happy. >> you're happy? that is very brave. optimism and energy in the stadium. but on the roadside, monuments to the ebola martyrs, the medics who lost their lives saving others. >> well, the doctors and
12:47 am
volunteers working in sierra leone still need lots of supplies as they work to fight this epidemic. find out how you can help on well, the father of a u.s. sailor said he feared the worse after he saw this video of his son being assaulted in turkey by a group of left wing nationalists. the sailor, mark craddick jr., was surrounded by others who threw bags over their head, yelliyel yelling yankee, go home! >> when we first saw the video, obviously we were frightened and angry all at the same time. you see things like this on tv. and i know everyone says this but until it is someone that means something to you it really doesn't take effect. but when we saw our son being
12:48 am
talked to that way and pushed around and then that bag placed on his head, it was -- i don't even know how to describe it. >> u.s. military officials say craddick was not harmed. the turkish foreign minister has condemned the attack. a site wants you to look like a world leader it is selling these new chinese suits worn by u.s. president obama worn by the president and others during the apec dinner. the reaction on social media in china has been underwhelming describing the outfits. >> what youan't find on the internet. >> absolutely, what you can't find though is what you're going to talk about. >> the weather, of course -- >> the solar --
12:49 am
>> how does it work? >> it is actually concrete slabs with little cells on top of the concrete. in the netherlands. the dutch have done it again. >> so when they ride over it -- >> actually it is from the sunlight, to generate electricity to run their traffic lights. >> got it, i think i got it. >> let me explain it a little better for you natalie. well, the dutch are you could say paving the road for a brighter future. they have had what is called solar roads. they are actually installing their prototype, only 100 meters long. if you have been to amsterdam or anywhere in the netherlands, you will know that taking a bike to work is very common. they thought they would do this a little more on the clever side by generating electricity thanks to the sunlight that is actually present on these particular bike paths.
12:50 am
now, the bigger plan here, the overall plan as they test the new technology out, this energy that they're starting to create which has also been about 140 kilowatt hours since they established this solar road. they want to be able to light their houses and even electric cars in the future. there is only one small little problem if you ask me, basically these people are unveiling this new technology or new concept and idea when the sunlight hours is at its least this time of year. they should have unveiled it in may or june and would have had up to 17 hours. if you ask me. and plenty of wet weather across that region, a very unsettled weather pattern moving across much of europe. already very saturated across the area. all right, that is all we got from the world satellite room. more coming up after a short break. you're on to the next thing.
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12:54 am
worldwide humanitarian efforts. well, this story is nothing short of amazing and probably could not have happened any other time in history. twin sisters reunited after 25 years even though neither knew the other existed. it happened when the stars aligned with social media to bring them together. cnn's kelly wallace takes it from there. >> on february 21st, 2013, i got a message on facebook from a girl in london. it said she had seen me in a video, and after looking it up on line, seeing we were both born on the same day and same city. when i saw her profile on line, it was crazy. she looked just like me. >> describe that moment for us when you see each other for the first time. >> oh, so i was very nervous. i was very late. it was really late at night.
12:55 am
and was super excited and freaked out. i didn't know what i would tell her. what are we going to talk about? maybe she will look very different. and she comes in, and instantly i guess we bonded after one minute. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh, you're european? >> another amazing part of the story, right, i mean, similar expressions. you said similar laughs. >> you do not like cooked carrots. >> i don't know, rockets are cool. our nail polish is very similar. hair cuts. >> well, that is it also. looking at your baby pictures you have like the same hair cut, that is amazing, right? what did you think when you saw although looked identical even as babies raised in two different parts of the world? >> it was like that moment, oh, my gosh. >> this is weird.
12:56 am
>> and my parents knew that we were twins. there were baby pictures. >> do you ever think about if you were living at a time when there was no social media you probably would not have reunited. >> ten years ago this wouldn't have been possible at all. >> you don't look upset about it. >> how do you process that? >> everything just is meant to be, meant to happen. and so when an event occurs it opens a door and a pathway to something new to happen. >> you know like, i was abandoned and i just realized they love me like before. >> do either of you have a desire to find the journey of finding your birth mother and connecting with her? >> finding our birth mother is a difficult topic. she was not necessarily as warm to us as we had hoped for. but i had -- if we learned anything in this story it is that things will happen as they
12:57 am
should. and if one day she wants to reach out to us, then we're here and ready and willing. >> how often do you connect now? >> every day. >> all day. >> basically, i wake up to 20 text messages. what are you doing? i'm on my way to work. it's cold out. my shoe broke. it is just completely arbitrary things that happened throughout the day. we are not worried about being separated again. we know it will never happen. >> so adorable, and what a way to find that you had a sister. that is just a great story. we'll leave you with that one. thank you for joining us, i'm natalie allen, early start for coming up for viewers in the u.s. and elsewhere. stay with us with max foster in london. we've got three beautiful kids.
12:58 am
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. new this morning, president obama set to announce a major major overhaul of the american immigration system. millions here illegally may soon be allowed to stay in the u.s. we are live with what the president may propose. a chilling message believed to be from the leader of isis where he now wants his terror group to attack. breaking overnight. ebola is coming back to the u.s. a nebraska hospital is preparing for a new infected pa