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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 20, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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safe and that we have a peaceful outcome. again, that started a long time ago, brooke. >> yes. >> decades. years ago. >> i'm so glad you brought up michael brown's family. they are adding their voices and calling for calm. zalik aziz, thank you for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. arrests in ferguson, missouri, as police there and around the country are just told to get ready. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." tomorrow could be the day that the grand jury indicts or does not indict the police officer who shot michael brown. five led away in handcuffs today as activists line up for protests from coast to coast. and a law enforcement bulletin tells them to brace for riots.
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8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn, president obama will lay out what he is prepared to do on immigration. but what republicans already know about his plan has them threatening to sue, or worse. and the pop culture lead. he gave us mrs. robinson and turned dustin hoffman's screaming into on-screen magic. we remember mike nickels. he won just about every award there is. here's to you, mr. nickels. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead". i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin with the national lead. we may be hours away from a decision that has law enforcement officials anxious and on guard. a ferguson, grand jury, could decide as early as tomorrow whether to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown, an unarmed teenager. if officer darren wilson is not charged, we could see violent
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protests, perhaps ones worse than after brown's death. let's go live to cnn's ed lavandera. what are police doing to prepare? >> reporter: they say they've had three months to prepare for this announcement so they've been planning not only here in the city of ferguson but throughout the st. louis area. the police chief will not be in charge of the response here in ferguson. it will be the st. louis county police department that will be in charge of the response here and the situation. the governor of missouri has declared a state of emergency, the national guard has been called up as -- to be on alert and to be ready for any potential problems that might arise. all of this, you know, very controversial. there was a militarized-type
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response that many people felt was too heavy handed. people have been talking about that and how the police officers will be in regular street uniforms unless they have a situation that calls for putting on the riot gear and those sorts of things. they are concerned about that appearance and say publicly for now they will be taking aims to de-escalate the situation and avoid what was done here in august. >> the shooting death of michael brown exposed a mistrust among police and many minorities nationwide. we want to show you an emotional moment with the police chief. in milwaukee, an officer was fired for not following proper protocols.
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he has not been charged yet. tensions boiled over. protesters lashed out at the chief accusing him of, among other things, checking his phone while they voiced their concerns. >> what's your response to some of the people that say you were being disrespectful and not being attentive to them? >> well, i was on my phone. that's true. i was following a developments of a 5-year-old girl who was sitting on her dad's lap and had just gotten shot by a drive-by shooting. the greatest racial disparity in the city of milwaukee is getting shot and killed. hello. 80% of my homicide victims are african-american. 80% of our shooting victims who survive their shooting are african-american. now, they know all about the last three people that have been killed by the milwaukee police
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department over the course of the last several years. there's not one of them that can name one of the last three homicide victims we've had in this city. there's room for everybody to participate in fixing this police department and i'm not pretending we're without sin but this community is at risk all right and it's not because men and women in blue risk their lives but it's those who don't care who they sheet. now, i'm leaving here to go to that scene. and i attack it personally. okay? we're going up there and a bunch of cops are processing the scene of a dead kid. they are going to be patrolling and stopping suspects and they have guns under the front seat. they are going to take the risk to their lives to clean this up. all right? we're responsible for the things we get wrong and we take action. we've arrested cops, fired cops and so on. but the fact is that the people out here, some of them, who have the most to say, are absolutely mia when it comes to the true
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threats facing this community and it gets a little tiresome and when you get yelled at for reading the updates of the kid that got shot, you take it personally. no offense, but i'm going up there now. >> while the milwaukee circumstances are different than the one involving michael brown and officer darren wilson, the sentiments of milwaukee police chief are similar to what we're heard from other officials throughout the st. louis area. i'm joined by benjamin crump. he's the attorney representing michael brown's family. obviously milwaukee, ferguson, missouri, they are different situations and different scenes. i want to get your reaction to what you just heard because the situations are not completely irrelevant. >> well, i'll say this. any parent who loses a child whether from a hand of a police officer or a criminal, it's a great loss and your heart goes
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out for them to get justice, for them to get some answers. and so we expect the police, we expect the prosecutors to do their job and hold anybody accountable, whether it's a criminal or a police officer who illegally kills another human being. and so those individuals have every right to be upset at the police who are sworn to protect their service but they also equally have to be upset with anybody in the community that commits an illegal act of violence. so jake, when you really think about it, they all like to say black on black crime but you just don't look at stuff as black on black crime or white on white crime. when you have people going in theaters or mass shooters go in classrooms and kill little
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children, nobody says, that's white on white crime. so we have to deal with this very, very intelligently and we have to have this dialogue. i welcome opportunity for us to have those dialogue with concern-minded politicians, concern-minded community activists and, most importantly, victims' families from all across the board. >> all right. let's turn to what specifically is happening in ferguson. we just learned that local and federal law enforcement officials are sending out alerts and getting ready for protests in missouri and across the country following the grand jury ruling. we've heard michael brown's father urging calm. how concerned is the brown family that officer wilson may not be indicted? >> well, they are very concerned
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because when you think about, are police officers ever held accountable, it's an issue. when you look at the statics and normally when they kill our children, it's swept under the rug. the family understands after the decision of the grand jury they are going to have relief saying, well, we have a chance at justice because, remember, this would have just been an indictment. he will still get his day in court. nobody's going to stay he doesn't get his constitutional rights of innocent until proven guilty but the real issue if he's not even charged, the brown family has no chance in getting justice for their child. they have no chance of getting due process. this has always been about equal justice. >> is there any plan, if there's not an indictment, to file a civil suit against the police? >> we will look at all appropriate legal avenues for the family of michael brown to
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get some sense of justice. >> does the family plan to join any of the protesters if the grand jury decision does not go down the way they want it? >> well, right now the family is praying and have faith that they will get equal justice for their child. to that end, they are pushing forward with getting something positive out such of a negative situation, like the proposal for the michael brown law which requires police officers to put on video body cameras so hopefully we won't have this happen this way and have the aftermath and also changing the process of the prosecutors sitting in judgment of whether or not there will be an indictment against the local police officers. >> benjamin crump, thank you for your time. we're all hoping and praying for peace. >> thank you, jake. so how is ferguson's police chief getting ready for possible fallout from the grand jury's ruling? well, he'll talk about that and how this community can move
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forward on erin burnett "outfront" on cnn at 7:00 p.m. eastern. students with fear and horror after a shooter opened fire in a library on their campus. one saying, i thought i was going to die tonight. she will share her story with us live coming up. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. pushback before the push. tonight, president obama announces sweeping changes to the way the federal government handles the legal status of millions of undocumented immigrants, deferring deportation for up to 5 million people, focused on parents of u.s. citizens and legal residents. but the proposal is already being roundly criticized by republican leaders from across the country. republican senator ted cruz took to the floor and slammed the president.
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>> we the senate are waiting in our duty to stop in lawless administration. and its unconstitutional amnesty. >> at the republican governor's association in boca raton, florida, rick perry said the gop might sue. governor scott walker said the president is about to break the law. >> i think it would be hard-pressed not to find anybody but a partisan democrat who wouldn't say that this is illegal. >> cnn international reporter peter hamby is there. peter, this immigration issue that is about to reignite, it's a hot-button issue for the republican base being supportive of immigration reform that hurt candidates in the past like rick perry, how are the folks there walking that line? >> yeah, they are definitely walking a little bit of a fine
1:17 pm
line here, jake. one, as you mentioned, it's a hot button issue. all of the potential republican candidates like scott walker, chris christie are being critical of the president for going forward with this action without consulting congress. but they are also sort of stepping away from talking about any specifics. you know, scott walk nerer in a press conference got irritated with reporters who said, this isn't an issue that comes up in our states, this isn't something that we dealt with during the campaign. so while very critical of the president to score points with the base, they are cautious about taking a position on this because they are going to have to talk about it in the presidential campaign if they do run. >> there's concern about alienating latino voters for the 2016 general election. i want to ask you about chris christie. he is celebrating a lot of victories. he's chair of the republican
1:18 pm
governor's association. kind of a victory lap down there. what has been his reaction? >> reporter: it's actually been pretty wonderful for him when you talk to republicans. look, there are major republican donors around the country at this event. there are 25 ferraris parked out front here at this event. talking to the governors that have been in the room with christie, donors, they are actually very grateful for what he did. he spent $100 million for electing republican governors. that's the most in either party in 16 years. at public events, governors have been patting him on the back saying he was relentless. if you talk to christie advisers, they say he's going to bask in the glow, get through the holidays and then make a decision after christmas about 2016. >> peter hamby in boca raton, thank you. just how will immigration reform affect the race for the
1:19 pm
white house in 2016? and what, if anything, can we expect to see from republicans on this controversial issue? mark levovich with "the new york times" magazine has written the title "is it 2016" yet and is author of "citizens of the green room, profiles of courage and self delusion." you also write about the crazy washington, d.c., and do you think that there is anything that republicans can do to stop president obama's executive orders on immigration or is this performance for the base? >> it looks like there's very limited options. this gives him a great opportunity to give speeches. my sense is that this will play out in the presidential context. certainly ted cruz, scott walker, all of the governors, rick perry, have spoken out full throatedly on this. as far as the nitty gritty of trying to overturn this, it's going to be a tough road.
1:20 pm
>> cnn will cover the remarks live but the networks, they are not covering it? >> no. i think more to the white house univision is going to be covering it and this leads to the latin grammys which is a big night -- >> are you suggesting that's why they timed it for tonight? >> you'll be watching. you've been nominated a few times, haven't you? >> just for spoken word album. governor chris christie has had a great year. they are picking up 31 republican seats. he does seem serious about running for president. >> he's very serious about running for president and he's had a great year as head of the republican governor's association. he began? january with a bridge scandal and i think that hangs over him to some point. but he's certainly back into the game and there tends to be an argument. it should be interesting. >> do you think he's as serious
1:21 pm
about governing as president of the united states as he is about campaigning? he is one of these guys, unlike obama, but like bill clinton, he loves to press the flag? >> he does. he loves being chris christie, celebrity, which is what he's been for the last few years and he ran for re-election in 2012. this year he was campaigning for republican governors. if he runs for president, he'll be out there again sort of in the middle of this orbit. so i think the question he's asking himself and a lot of people are asking himself, how serious is he as a governor, as president and now nitty gritty is he willing to be as leader of this country. >> you traveled around the country with them. look, i come from philly so i'm used to used to guys like him. how does he play in florida? >> in rooms where he would probably be popular anyway, republican rally type places,
1:22 pm
fund-raisers and things like that, he plays really, really well. he's so new jersey. the tom kaines and woodrow wilson have always been -- >> nor princeton than jersey? >> yes. but but i think that's a really big question. her? s he nears at the notion that i'm a win that doesn't travel. i asked if he drinks wine. he said he rarely does. he drinks vodka on fridays to take off the edge. >> hillary clinton is one of those in the book that you profile. what could you possibly tell me about hillary clinton that i don't already know? >> well, actually, i hope that i will tell people a lot of things that they don't know. i found a lot of old letters that she wrote when she was in college. more to the point, jake, i brought my own citizens the
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trading cards that you can trade with your kids. >> john kerry. >> yes. dick cheney for a mitt romney. >> is that a good trade? >> i don't know, actually. >> i just trump your clinton with a cheney. mike, thank you. appreciate it. don't miss the live address tonight at 8:00 eastern. we're deeply sorry. that apology for the maker of air bags linked to at least five deaths. some of the toughest questions came after thatt admission. plus, his work made us think and his own life was inspiration for all his work. he was a friend of virginia wolf. we'll remember the film-makers' greatest work, ahead. narrator: this is the storm sea captain: there's a storm comin narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm.
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yes! ok i'm going to draw something up new... wide receiver goes deep all the way to the corner and... who ate the quarterback? share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! welcome back. we're back with our money lead right now. and something of an admission of guilt on capitol hill today. airbag maker takata apologized for deaths caused by its devices
1:28 pm
with shrapnel inside that essentially exploded in accidents and the automakers who installed those airbags also testified that they could have done more to warn people about the problem once they became aware of it. you could have one of these air ba bags in your car right now. the devices were designed to save lives. instead, they killed five people and there could be more injuries. it looked as though victims had been shot or stabbed. in one case, police were so sure that someone had attacked the driver before an accident that officers produced a person of interest in their investigation. it turns out, of course, it was a thing, an object of interest that was responsible. rene marsh is kcnn's government regulation correspondent. tense moments today. >> it was. they talked about whether they caught the deadly trend fast
1:29 pm
enough and, of course, for the manufacturer of the airbags, these very faulty airbags. >> we now have a new problem. a live hand grenade in front of a driver and a passenger. >> reporter: for nearly three hours, senators grilled an executive from airbag manufacturer takata and safety regulators about airbags linked to five deaths. >> does takata take responsibility for those deaths? >> we recognize the three victims' case but my understanding two others are still under investigation. >> reporter: when the faulty takata airbags deployed, the metal emcasement can rupture sending shrapnel flying. metal pierced through the airbag
1:30 pm
of her 2002 honda after a minor crash. >> there was a metallic foreign object which had punctured and fra fractured my right side of my bone and the tip of the shrapnel embedded in my right sinus. >> reporter: federal regulators demanded a recall of affected cars move nationwide, a move the airbag manufacturer is resisting. >> do you agree or disagree with nhtsa's call for a nationwide recall? >> senator, it's hard for me to answer yes or no. so if you allow me -- >> it is not hard for you to answer yes or no? >> the issue remains, what did the company know about the problems with the airbags and when did they know it? >> we're here because of delay, nondisclosure as well as
1:31 pm
potential deception. >> reporter: takata's vice president of quality assurance surrounded by cameras after but says nothing. victims, like stephanie, hope the start of today's senate probe means getting one step closer to getting vehicles with potentially airbags off the road. >> i will never be the same. >> reporter: and takata was asked, do they conduct the secret tests that we've heard so much about, did they know about the problem and cover it up? the representative answered no. >> a lot more to the story, we're finding out. there is no relief in sight for the buffalo area. that is on top of the 6 feet of snow that they already have. the back-to-back storms have been responsible for the deaths of ten people.
1:32 pm
so how are first responders getting to those who need help still stuck in the snow? we went along with them and that's coming up next. i'm only in my 60's.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the snow, and lots more of it, is threatening to overwhelm buffalo. at least ten people have died in storm-related incidents. two more in the past hour. if the forecast holds, an entire
1:37 pm
year's worth of snow will have engulfed the area. life in buffalo have already ground to an icy halt, abandoned cars line the streets. the only real movement rescue crews and volunteers dashing around on atvs searching for people smothered by the storm. alexandra field is live in buffalo. alexandra? >> reporter: jake, these first responders are facing such enormous challenges. this is a time when people need more help than ever. just behind me, that's the fire department. i want to put into perspective, here's an intersection. what looks like a pile of snow, that is a car that was abandoned and completely buried in snow. look, taking the fire trucks out of that firehouse right now, not an option. a lot of the roads are impassable and closed
1:38 pm
altogether. firefighters are hopping on atvs, on quads. these guys are just bringing them in -- >> looks like we had a problem with our signal there. alexandra field in snowy, buffalo, thanks. turning now to another major national story, early this morning, a study session worked into a war zone for some 400 students and florida state university's library. a lone shooter opened fire in the middle of the library wounding three, sending others behind makeshift barricades. one student was saved by his philosophy book. police responded almost immediately and found the gunman outside. when he refused to put his weapon down, they shot him and killed him. the gunman is a 2005 graduate of florida state. another victim is in critical condition and one has been
1:39 pm
stabilized. the third student was released at the scene. thus far, police have not been able to decide on any motive. like so many of these cases, we have a rough timeline of how things went down because of social media, such as these twitter messages from blair, a senior at the university. her timeline is rather chilling. guy at library with gun. wtf. someone shot. cannot believe any of this. it's stuff you see on tv. at other schools. i thought i was going to die tonight. and then she writes, "i'm safe and sound at home." we're so happy you're safe. in explaining while you were live tweeting this, you tweeted, if anything happened to me, i honestly thought there would be documentation via twitter. did you really think that these tweets could be effectively your last words? >> at the time, honestly, i was
1:40 pm
thinking anything. i was thinking that a book could possibly protect me. i was looking, scanning around in the library for the biggest book i could find and maybe if i put that in my face, i would be okay if somehow the shooter made it up to the fourth floor and i was thinking, can my laptop possibly protect me? and then there was a point where i was like, if these things can't protect me, then i might as well make sure people know what happened. >> how did you first find out there was a gunman in the library? >> well, i first found out -- i was completely oblivious like around midnight when this all started happening but a girl just walked up to the fourth floor and she walked in and she kind of casually said, there's a gunman on the first floor. and i thought it was a joke. i didn't believe her at first. i was really incredulous. she started in the stacks and i
1:41 pm
didn't see her again. but i was a little skeptical of my own skepticism. and i got up and i texted my parents, i texted my friends and told them of a potential situation that was going on and i took to twitter just in case this was something valid. and when we heard the sirens, we kind of stirred a little and we got up in the window and we saw cops with massive guns and we knew it was a serious thing that was happening. >> is there anything that the school could have done to have prevented this in any way, anything that you want fsu to take? >> it kind of seems like you have to prepare for the worst at all times but it's preparing, it's expecting the unexpected. it's very difficult. and i understand that. and i'm very impressed with
1:42 pm
tallahassee's response. there was credibility behind the initial threat that we were kind of a little bit warned about. so they responded very well to contain the situation very well and they gave us announcements and told us about what was happening. >> when you were in the library and the gunman was there, did you call anyone? did you call your parents? did you call any friends? >> yeah. i called my best friend because i knew she'd be awake but i knew my parents and brother would be asleep. they go to sleep early. i thought if i called my friends, she might be able to do something, find out more information. twitter is my main source for things that are happening immediately. i saw nothing on strouzier so i
1:43 pm
decided to break the news that i saw unfolding. >> does sfu conduct any drills to prepare for any sort of emergency? >> i think i've maybe participated in a tornado drill i'm not really sure which drill would suit something like this. we did go on lockdown and i didn't really know what to do. i was confused and even if we had gone through a drill, i'm pretty sure that would have gone out of my mind immediately because i was terrified. >> blair stokes, we're so glad you are okay. thanks so much for sharing your story. when we come back, it's so difficult to land an emmy or a tony or an oscar or a grammy. even fewer people have won all four. only 12 really have ever done it. but mike nichols, he was one of
1:44 pm
them. and from the graduate to "the birdcage" to broadway, he was the genius behind memorable movies. we're remembering his best work, next.
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watch your personal dvr library where ever you go. with the x1 entertainment operating system. welcome back to "the lead". time now for the pop culture lead. a sad note today as the world learned of the passing of filmmaker mike nichols who has brought so many of us joy and tears and truth. he practically discovered whoopi goldberg. he gave dustin hoffman his first breakout role. he inspired a generation of entertainers to push themselves in ways that they never imagined. he was a masterful storyteller whose most famous final scenes, one of the most famous ever was in only the second film he had ever directed
1:49 pm
♪ hello darkness my old friend >> reporter: "the graduate." kevin spacey called michael nichols one of the best observers of life. his characters acted out our lives, loves, failings. from the disillusion of a marriage and who's afraid of virginia wolf, to shining a light on our willingness to portrait ourselves to please those we love in "the birdcage". >> don't look at me. i'm hideous. >> reporter: filmmaking was one of his greatest passions. when asked what the favorite part of it was, mike nichols said this -- >> it's like asking what is the best part of making love. the beginning, the end? which is it? >> reporter: he spent the last 60 years conquering american entertainment. there are only 12 people in history who have had the
1:50 pm
versatility and brilliance to have earned all four major entertainment industry awards. an emmy, a grammy, an oscar and a tony. and mike nichols was one of them. one of his emmys came from directing hbo's "in america." he was a comedian, an actor. he and his partner, elaine may, won best comedy album in 1961. >> mrs. robinson, you're trying to seduce me. >> his prowess for scene settings was six years later with a movie called "the graduate" with bold innovative techniques. his latest praise came from broadway with productions like "spamalot" and more recently "death of a salesman" won multiple emmys.
1:51 pm
judd apetow had a q & a with him. throughout his life, his serum for success was truth. >> virginia wolfe reminds you of the hardest part of your own life. >> reporter: truth, it was his quest in comedy and drama but the mixture of both he preferred. even in something as absurd as spamalot, i heard him going to the car saying, you've got to be true in this scene and you have to make us really believe in it. >> reporter: believing in him by his side was another world class storyteller, diane sawyer of abc news. they were the most famous and fiercely loyal kind. robin williams whom he directed
1:52 pm
in "the birdcage." nichols told me, we are impoverished without both guys. nichols joins them and we are even more impoverished. nichols is survived by his wife diane sawyer and three children from previous marriages, one who is married to rachel nichols. all of us who loved mike, our deepest condolences. may his memory be a blessing. wolf, you're looking ahead to the president's address on the immigration speech this evening. >> we're going to talk to dan pfeiffer and get specifics, what does it all mean, how many millions of people will really be affected, how long this could last. if a republican comes in with one signature, all of what the president is about to do tonight could be reversed. >> how much will this poison the well, as republicans are saying, on any accomplishments over the next two years to be a
1:53 pm
consideration. >> it certainly is. the cable networks are airing this live. >> but univision is? >> yes. but the other broadcasts are not. students and police clash at one university after a committee votes in favor of increasing tuition, get this, 27%. it's causing a lot of americans to ask, is higher education really worth the price? [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter.
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if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. hurry in and get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. this is not a storm shelter. this is wheeler hall at the university of california berkeley. students raised tuition by 30%. police had to push behind barricades and some had to keep
1:58 pm
up the protest to hike tuitions. this demonstration does not come likely as other colleges are bringing down costs and can a professor really connect students online? cnn chief correspondent christine romans shows us how. >> the ceo of online learning platform that produces massive open platforms. that's why you're seeing a lot more off the performance education and including rice university 157, religion and hip-hop. today the instructors, dr. anthony pin and hip-hop artist
1:59 pm
sit down with instructional design artist jennifer larson to plan for a shoot. >> let's move on to today. today's shoot. >> mike check, 1, 1. >> academics, we're always learning and making use of new technology and new materials. we try to do that with respect to this move. >> you need to remember that that online audience is your students and that you'll need to engage your students. it doesn't need to be elaborate, right? it just needs to feel real. >> kind of raw. >> real raw and that you are connecting with those students, almost like the student is right there with you. >> take two. >> in terms of religion, you got something for me? >> you want to stick to it but then it's like, maybe this doesn't flow off the tongue as well as it does to the eye. >> in the classroom, we can make
2:00 pm
adjustments based on facial expressions. >> i think that's the biggest dynamic. i don't want to seem like i'm just reading and saying something. >> right. >> you've got to be more person nabl. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you in the next session. >> a cnn film documenting the booming business of college "ivory tower" premiers this evening at 9:00 eastern. i'll turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." wolf? >> happening now, breaking news, executive order, president obama about to announce action on immigration and issues sparking passions across the court and a political battle here at home. fighting isis at home. while british authorities say they've foiled an alleged plot, does the cia need to reinvent itself to handle the rapidly growing terror threat? north korea and humiliating defeat. e