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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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o. >> hello. i'm rosemary church. here's our top stories this hour. more protests from coast to coast across the united states. americans standing up demanding a change after the latest police related death. cops and cameras, can these small devices being the answer between the growing distrust
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between the public and the police? we'll take a look at them. another typhoon bearing down op the philippines. the island nation braces for another monster storm. well, it is 1:00 a.m. in new york city right now where a night of sprawling night is winding down. marching peacefully through manhattan, times square, across the brooklyn bridge and back again. several dozen people have been arrested. the protests stretched across the u.s. from atlanta to pittsburgh to oakland. in chicago, demonstrators marched up michigan avenue and brought traffic to a stand still on lake shore drive. they're staging what they call a die-in just blocks away from the white house. so many people are angry over
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what they sas aggressive and discriminatory practices by police. we're joined now live with the very latest. you were relaying just last hour, in fact, some incredible stories about some of the protesters there. tell us what is happening right now and what you would say are the standout experiences in the last hour you've been covering this. >> sure. right now it's very calm. you're in the middle of times square here in new york city. there's a man dresed as the statute of liberty. he said to me, i'm very happy to see this happening today.
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i think what's really struck me are the types of people that came out to protest. we got here in times square around 7:00, 7:30. and there were only a handful of folks. cy really got the opportunity to know some of the people protesting. they were having a conversation about race relations. one of the men said i knew it was going to be a peaceful protest. there were dozens and dozens of people being arrested. and there was some confrontation with the cops. and one really standout moment to me was there was a cop on the side of the road and a whole group of protesters. and one ringleader said let us through, sir. i don't know why you'll not let us pass. he kept saying sir and please. his way of protesting was very, very interesting. the cops did not want to let them pass and eventually they did.
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people were laying down, chapting hands up, don't shoot. one woman said to me, i wanted to bring my daughter here because i wanted her to see it. they heard the protests going on and she said, you know, this is an historical moment, we need to watch this. another quick story, i was talking to a handful of protesters. one pulled me aside and he showed me a card that said friend of the nypd. he said my brother is part of the nypd. we're not here to protest the cops. we believe cops provide security, but he said we are here to protest the excessive force. and i think what was interesting ant tonight, even as we sit in times square, this is a place where tourists come to take pictures of new york at its finest, you know, to have people
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and protesters out here and seeing these tourists taking pictures of them and wondering what is this conversation. because there was definitely a conversation happening tonight that people thought was just so important. they wanted to be out here and protesting. back to you. a lot of people saying this is a sign of change. it's going to be some new change, new developments and we'll be watching them and covering them. laura see ggal thank you so muc. eric garner's mother says she has not watched the entire video of her son being put in a chokehold before his death, but she says she doesn't understand how anyone who did could not think there was enough evidence to move forward with her son's case. she talked with err richb buin .
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>> i could not believe they didn't come back with probable cause to send this case to trial. it was devastating to me. i couldn't even answer the phone call after i heard the decision. i just wonder as i've been saying all day and all yesterday, what video was they watching? because obviously it wasn't the one that the whole world was watching. >> officer pantaleo has spoken since this verdict. he released a statement and said my family and i include him, talking about your son, in his family and our prayers prk i hope they accept our personal condolences for their loss. i know you've had time to think about that apology. do you accept that apology? is that something you even want to hear from him? >> i would not accept that
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apology on the strength of, he gave no consideration on my son when he was choking him and my son was begging for his life. that was time for a apology. he should have got up off of him, and let him breathe. that's the apology that i would have wanted. then i would have still had my son, he might have been incapacitated, but maybe i would have still had him. >> people are protesting tonight. they are even more organized than they were last night. protests around this country, around the city, around the world. how does that make you feel that they're out there for your son. >> that really warms my heart to see that people are out there and they are actually protesting in the name of my son eric garner. they saw what i saw.
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i was overwhelmed and pleased they would do that. and for that officer to ask for forgiveness after he has taken away my son, a person that i will never see again in life, and he goes home to his family every night? he sits up and watched tv or play games with his family. and i can't do that? that really breaks my heart. >> eric garner's mother talking with erin burnett earlier. do stay with cnn as we keep on top of this story. coming up in the next half-hour, police departments across the country are paying millions of dollars for body cameras. we will see how effective they' been. >> but for now, i want to turn to another story we are watching very closely as well. isis says it has sent a message to the kurdish people of
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northern iraq. the group claims responsen't for a suicide car bomb in kirkuk. 17 people were killed and 22 wounded. the kurds military has been instrumental in holding isis at bay in northern iraq. and it's even sent fighters to help defend the kurdish city of kobani in northern syria. isis also claims responsibility for two car bombings in the shiite strong hold of a baghdad neighborhood. those attacks left at least 21 dead and 69 wounded. >> well, kobani has been under siege by isis militants for months now. and most residents have fled for safety. but some do remain, despite the constant violence there. kobani feels haunted by those who are still alive in it.
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inhumane enough that the coalition war planes above is a strange comfort. the destruction so near complete the fight is more now for victory alone, not for its spoils. hereby here they' even given up on hospitals. this, the last one flattened by a car bomb. you can see with month months has done. in the near future, still, the fighting persists. the shelling, almost constant, so much of it caused by crude homemade devices like this. children besieged. usef can list his friends who left.
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but they show us their only option. what they do when the blasts start. their uncle taught them to hide like this. this couldn't be further from play time, though. >> there are the remnants of lives enjoyed, but also of lives taken early. a week earlier, his young daughter was killed by a random mortar, the sorts that are still falling. three to four mortars fell near us, he said. the first we escaped from, the second we escaped from, then the third fell on us. my daughter was 7 years old. 7 years old, and she died. god bless and help us. he brought his six daughters and the 150 sheep they live off here after ice attacked their nearby village. he could not leave the flock or
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the family car and flee to safety in turkey. she was 7 years old. she was so beautiful. small. people who saw her felt the need to lift her up and down and play. he went to her grave the day before and sat there for 30 minutes. it is the graveyard that tells you about the near future and the mor distant one. a trench dug, next to those they have already buried. headstones from rubble. again, a morbid playground. too young to fathom the life around them. >> we're going to take a short break. but just ahead, a mysterious
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>> the storm is expected to make
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land fall this week, but exactly where is uncertain. a big worry is that it could strike tacloban where many than 6,000 people were killed by a super typhoon just a year ago. for the latest, the cnn affiliate 9 tv joins us five from tacloba. thanks for talking with us. given what happened 13 months ago when hayan hit, just how prepared are people this time. and just how vulnerable do they feel? '. >> tacloban in central fi philippines is the ground zero of last year's deadly storm. more than 6,000 people were killed. with reminders that hayan has left of its massive devastation in many of the communalities here. residents are no longer waiting
10:17 pm
for authorities to tell them to flee to higher grounds. this is -- this is in the face of a new typhoon, new -- new tomorrow that typhoon hagupit that is expected to hit the country rather than to hit the region this weekend. >> so you're saying people are using their own initiative. they are fleeing the area. but what preparations are the government underdoing at this hoint? >> the majority is to evacuate 15,000 families who are living in temporary shelters. many of these families are staying in concrete buildings, such as schools and offices located inland communities. they're far from coastal areas. a number of business establishments did not open today. classes have also been suspended since wednesday. this gives residents the option
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to find safer places to stay. police and military men have been deployed here to provide security in case there's a breakdown of law and order in the aftermath. >> dreadful scenes, horrifying scenes coming from tacloban 13 months ago. thank you so much for joining us. >> we have derek van dam and meteorologist here at cnn. what happened over a year from now. 6,000 people lost their lives. it was wiped out. >> it made a direct landful.
10:19 pm
we're predicting the next storm to move just slightly north of tacloban which will spare it from the extreme parts of the storm. nonetheless, areas across the entire central philippines need to be on high alert. you can see some of the preparations that they're already putting in place, rosemary, hundreds of thousands of sandbags being utilized across tacloban and the east central portions of the philippines. information from the joint typhoon warning center. 230 kilometres per hour winds sustained at the moment. this has dropped just below super sty foon status. i'm not in the business of minimalizing or diminishing the threat on this storm. it's going to pack quite a punch for the central and eastern portions of the philippines.
10:20 pm
let's talk about that track, the path of the eye wall of this storm. different computer models and different meteorological agencies say slightly different things. we all understand that a slight shift in the pattern, 50 kilometers to the north or to the south can have very big impacts. this is what we're thinking at the world weather center here at cnn. the eastern and northeastern sections of samar island across the central philippines, expected for a direct land fall with this storm sometime late saturday evening and into early sunday morning. so residents really need to be on the lookout. again, the joint typhoon warning center has put in what's called the path of uncertainty. you can see how wide this path actually is. so again, if that shifts slightly to the north, or slightly to the south, that can mean completely different scenarios for places like tacloban for instance. this is the latest public storm warnings. signal one and signal two ext d extended across the central and eastern philippines.
10:21 pm
we have 12 million people in line for feeling the impacts for typhoon strength winds. we've highlighted the major threats for the storm. coastal storm surge, two to four meters possible. 200 to 400 millimeters of hateful. that means localized flooding for this region. and we can't forget about the typhoon-strength winds we're expecting across central portions of the philippines. here's our latest computer model from the cnn world weather center. taking it just north of tacloban. look at these impressive hateful totals. exceeding 350 millimeters. possibility of flash flooding. there's heavy winds as we make land fall. we have a busy situation to say the least in the world weather center. but where the storm makes land
10:22 pm
fall, all residents in the central philippines need to pay a close eye to this storm and all of our weather updates. >> as we talked before and saw 13 months ago, certainly that area, there's not a lot of places to go. a lot of people, as we heard have evacuated and they're trying to move to higher ground. but it's tough. >> a case of nowhere to run. appreciate it. >> well, all right. just ahead here on cnn, another american hostage in the middle east appears in a video. the warning his captors are giving to the united states. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control...
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are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really free credit scores. >> welcome back. another notorious terrorist group has sent a deadline in the united states. al qaeda on the arabian peninsula has released a video purportedly showing a british born american citizen whom the group is threatening to kill. as jonathan mann reports, it's all the more troubling because the u.s. came close to rescuing the man just days ago. >> my name is luke somers. >> he's hardly a house hold name and u.s. authorities hope to keep it that way, asking cnn to not identify him in their reporting. but now al qaeda in the ararian peninsula has released a video
10:26 pm
threatening to kill sors. he doesn't specify the demands and washington hasn't either. somers, a photojournalist has been captive since september of last year. just last week, he missed being rescued in a shadowy raid that freed eight hostages. sors was among another group that had been moved to a different location just days before. in the video, he says that he knows his life is in danger and he wants help to get out. >> my name is luke somers. i'm 33 years old. i was born in england but i carry american citizenship and have lived in america for most of my life. >> this is believed to be the first time that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, active in yemen and saudi arabia has threatened to murder a western hostage. isis is infamous for its hostage videos, but it's a departure for somers' captors. washington and his family aren't saying anything publicly about
10:27 pm
it. >> a sputtering economy, the rue bell near record lows and withering sanctions from the west, none of that seem to body vladimir putin thursday when the russian president gave his annual state of the union address to parliament. his spoech accused the west of what he called pure sinnism about the kries snis ukraine. and he vowed russia will face up to its challenges and emerge stronger. listen. >> these instruments are switched on immediately. however, there is no point in talking to russia from a position of strength opinion even when russia faces internal difficulties, as it was in the 1990ed and beginning of 2000s. >> before the speech, militants attacked a police post and other
10:28 pm
targets in the russian republic of chechnya. anti-terrorism officials there say at least eight militants have been killed and security forces are combing buildings, neutralizing explosives. earlier reports say ten officers died fighting the militants. >> we'll take another short break here on cnn. but just ahead, much more on our top story. the protests of the chokehold death of eric garner. we look at the larger issue of the u.s. justice system and race. will garner's death be the tipping point for change? and one change many people want, body cameras on police officers. how much will they cost and would they even make a difference? stay with us. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside
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welcome to cnn. millions of people are taking shelter now across the philippines. it's not yet clear where that will happen. it could hit tacloban which is still recovering from a super tie foop that killed more than 6,000 people just last year. protests were largely peaceful, but a number of people were arrested. recent string of high profile
10:32 pm
cases involving police officers including the shooting death of unarmed tanler michael brown has led to a renewed interest in body cameras for police officer. some say the devices would help establish whether police were justified in using force. >> as pro-pests flare up, flifrs are outfitting their officers with the latest technology. denver, los angeles, and new york are among the major cities launching pilot programs for body cameras. >> body cameras are going to be an important additional step. >> the new york public advocate estimates outfitting the entire force could cost $32 million. >> if it means fewer lawsuits it could be a worthwhile investment. last year, the city paid $152 million to settle police m misclaims. and local police departments
10:33 pm
could get a $75 million helping hand from a federal government. i'm going to propose new initiatives that will expand funding and training for local law enforcement. i colluding up to $50,000 body worn cameras for law enforcement agencies. >> and that could be a wind fall for companies like taser and digital ally. in rialto, california, the police department say from 2012 to 2013, booed dicameras reduced use of force incidents by 59%. and complaints dropped by 88%. >> i think you really have to ask yourself as a police chief, can you afford not to do something like this. >> taser is pushing its low-light capability, its software, and it says its batteries are dependable. >> we can run for 14 hours so we can do an entire shift. >> but implementing the technology is where things can get tricky. the camera has to be manually turned on. and of course, can be turned off.
10:34 pm
leaving room for human error. >> the cleveland, ohio's police department investigation began in 2013 and carries added weight following an incident last month when an officer fatally shot a boy carrying a toy gun. >> reporter: the surveillance video shows a boy walking near a playground. he's 12-year-old tamir rice and he's playing with a toy. an air soft gun that from a distance can look like a real gun. a bystander calls 911. >> there's a guy with a pistol. he's pointing it at everybody. >> less than two seconds after the police drive up, the 12-year-old, again, carrying a toy is shot and killed at close range. the 26-year-old police officer who shot him, timothy loehmann
10:35 pm
had only recently been hired by cleveland police. at his previous police department his records show he was in the process of being fired. his supervisor describing an emotional meltdown and behavior that shows a pattern of a lack of maturity, indiscretion and not following instructions. but the cleveland police never asked to see loehmann's personnel records, a policy the department says has now changed. tamir rice's death, the backdrop as the department of justice layed out a stipging report on the cleveland police department. >> the investigation concluded that there is a reasonable cause to believe that the cleveland police engage in a pattern and practice of unreasonable force in violation of the fourth amendment. >> the investigation took two years, finding cleveland police officers use unses and unreasonable force at a significant rate, including officers who shoot at people who do not pose an imminent threat of serious bodily harm to officer, that they hit people in the head with their guns, where
10:36 pm
use of deadly force is not justified and that there are systemic deficiency, failures by higher-ups to investigate officer-involved shootings. >> we found basically a rubber stamp mentality approach exists to these kinds of incidents of excessive force. and when accountability falters, trust also falters. >> a federal court will now keep tabs on the cleveland police as part of a cleveland agreement. the attorney general says as seen in ferguson and in no, the problem is not contained by city limits. >> the tragic losses of these and far too many other americans have really raised urgent national questions. and they have sparked an important conversation about the sense of trust that must exist between law enforcement and the communities that they serve and protect. >> well, beyond the protests, we've seen across america, the larger question many people are asking is whoo what needs to
10:37 pm
change in the u.s. justice system and how? i spoke with an associate professor after politics. >> thank you so much for joining us. the events in ferguson in new york and in cleveland seem to have brought people together right across the united states. and they're sending this message, enough is enough. do you think this country is at a critical turning point? >> i believe we are at a very critical turning point. what you have now is everyone. from grass roots to academia to all points in between saying we need justice. and again, by justice, we're talking about protection of fifth and 14th amendment rights. we're talk about making sure that one of the tenets of democracy, which is to secure the blessings of liberty is maintained and people want to feel as if they're being heard, because even with video, certain laws are not being enacted and
10:38 pm
certain rights are being violated. >> we've got the african-american community calling for justice. but what does that community need to do as well in it has to be said that there's fault on both sides in this situation. what do african-americans need to do to say to see this justice come about. african-americans have awaited justice and are now taking to the streets. i think the broader question is what does america need to do? and i think again america needs to come together with reconciliation, true conversation. inat the end of the day, what we're seeing right now is everyone looking at our nation, asking is this what we really sacrificed for in terms of our founding fathers. in terms of the great iconic
10:39 pm
leaders like dr. king. i think you have faith-based members of all races asking what can we do? so i think what everyone can do is love mercy. the tears i've seen young people crying is they don't understand why there hasn't been mercy. when someone says i can't breathe, we've all understood and felt what it's like to choke. i think that's a universal fooling. so for any of us have that feel, our heart goes out to the erics of the worlds and the 12-year-olds of the world in cleveland and we say what can we do as a nation? i think it's a prophetic awak awakenling of a nation. all people come together saying we're going to take to the streets, to the internet and social media. we're not going to stop but we're going to patiently persist until justice truly comes.
10:40 pm
the mayor in new york very much onboard with change and we've seen the statistics. they show that black men in particular get treated different by the legal system than their white counterparts. what needs to be the next step in the system, do you think? do you want to see that right across the united states? revisiting the question of what can african-americans do, i think we do have to acknowledge there is a criminal element in our community, as there is in other commune phillips so we also have to be just as vigilant to black on black crime. yes, while the statistics are against us, there are things that ke with do, not selling our soul, but there are things we can do to deescalate the violence. because at the same time,
10:41 pm
everyone deserves to go home. i think this. the law enforcement communities is the enemy. we compare them to being mob stores, that creates a fear-threat atmosphere. what we've seen is a misunderstanding that's now been mishandled through the loss of lives. for me, i cry out because when i look at a 12-year-old, blame on all sides in terms of why was a 12-year-old playing with a gun. but why does a police officer who had been dismissed from another agency within the same state shoot within two seconds. so i think that we've got to pause, rosemary, and ask what can we all do? and i think what we do is what you all are doing, which is having the conversation, asking the tough questions. what we are on the brink of is
10:42 pm
frightening. because i think that people are going to take to the streets. >> thanks for joining us. >> sthank for being here. >> asking the tough questions, a great point to be raised. we're taking a short break, but coming up x our errol barnett will talk with a security specialist on what happens now specifically in the police community. in fact, we won't take a short break. we'll take that a little later. i want to continue on. police in the united arab emirates now have a woman in custody accused of murdering an american techer. but they say she came close to claiming a second victim. >> 48 hours after the stabbing death of an american woman in a shopping mall toilet, uae police raid the house of a woman in her
10:43 pm
late 30s and take her into custody. the woman is suspected of stabbing to death a 47-year-old on ryan. police now say shortly after the stabbing attack, the mysterious subject was already aiming at her next target. another u.s. citizen. this time a muslim american doctor with a homemade bomb. who is this woman? and what are her mote is? >> do you deem this as a terror case? ze
10:44 pm
. [ indiscernible ] >> what they won't say is that the suspect probably wanted to spread chaos and fear. whatever the circumstances, they are certainly highly unusual in a city renounwned for safety. and the police video purporting to show the suspect's arrest captures a drama few would associate with the uae. now the em rats is on guard. ever since the gulf nation took on a leading role in the coalition fighting isis, it's been increasingly susceptible to extremist retaliation. there's a glaring rift in the region between moderate and radical fractions. >> i think it's indicative of the threat that everybody feels has come. and nobody is basically immune. everybody is threatened. the way of life, the values.
10:45 pm
this is, i think, a danger to all of us, terrorism. and i think this is indicative of how the coalition was built on the sense that we need to act. we can't be passive. >> the uae has long enjoyed a reputation as an oasis of calm in a turbulent and often violent part of the world. it's the modern face of the middle east attracting tourists with its beaches, shopping and gulf courses. and at home to dubai international airport, one of the world's busiest. but for now, the uncertainly over this mysterious woman and her sbengs has this normally peaceful nation on edge. becky anderson, cnn, abu dhabi. >> we're going to take a very sport break. but coming up, it's not real, but it is dangerous. cnn goes under cover to show you how synthetic marijuana is being sold in japan.
10:46 pm
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>> another the u.s. hout of representatives has written a bill to undoe president obama's executive order on immigration. the vote by the republican-controlled house was entirely along party lines. but the bill is going nowhere in the democrat controlled senate. republicans don't take control
10:49 pm
of the senate until early next month. republican leaders hope the house vote let os opponents of the president's executive order vebt their anger, avoiding a fight that might risk a government shutdown. >> well, just hours from now, president obama will announce his choice for u.s. secretary of defense. sources tell cnn mr. obama will nominate ashton carter who had been esecond in command at the pepg. if approved by the senate, carter would be the president's fourth pentagon chief. he would succeed chuck hagel who was pushed out of that cabinet post last week. since then, several people have declined officers to be the next defense secretary. >> synthetic marijuana can cause psychotic episodes, seizures and even death. yet variations of the drug are still legal in many countries including japan. cnn's will rippley goes undercover in tokyo to show us how sellers are staying one step
10:50 pm
ahead of the law. a marijuana flag tells us ear in the right place. at this the tiny tokyo shop, the wall art is misleading. pot is not for sale here. they're selling something experts say is far more dangerous. synthetic cannabis is marketed as fake marijuana, made in asia, mostly china and india, it has hundreds of name, spice, fake weed, k2, and in japan, herb. we choose from a book of flavors, each under $50 u.s. dollars. the clerk tells our cnn producer, this is his best seller. he says it has the strongest high. unlike real marijuana which can send you to prison for years in japan, this package of so-called fake pot is perfectly legal. >> no contact information? >> we tried track do you think the manufacturer. our e-mails and phone calls went unreturned. one distributor even hung up on
10:51 pm
us. the label says not for human use. only for aroma therapy and bath salts. that doesn't stop people from smoking it. countries around the world are trying to outlaw this toxic mix of incense and chemicals. japan has a growing list of 1400 blan ed chemicals. >> the loy prohibits one type so what they'll do is they come out and create a different type. >> the recipe is constantly changing, keeping it technically legal. tokyo police say a driver smoking herb plowed into a group of pedestrians in june, killing one and injuring seven. japan's national police agency says herb use caused dozens of crashes, sent hundreds to hospital, and killed at least 74 people just this year. recovering addicts spent years
10:52 pm
at drug rehab centers like this, fired from their jobs, shunned by their families. many have nowhere else to go. >> did you think when you tried herbs that you would end up here? >> no. >> we didn't think it was that bad because it was legal said a former painter and professional boxer. i never, ever thought i would die said this man who lost his importing business and ended up in a mental hospital. the rehab owner says most of these men will rehab at least once. he said addiction is a sickness that will never go away. most new clients are addicted to herb. in 22 years of doing this, herb is the most dangerous drug i've ever seen, he says. a cheep, legal high that can cost so much. >> and we will have more news for you on the other side of the
10:53 pm
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>> a cowboy is crooning about hillary clinton in what seems to be the first 2016 song. we get an errful. >> please do not adjust your
10:55 pm
calendar, be uh you might want to adjust your volume since some say this will make your ears bleed. ♪ it's 2016 and in this town i'm thinking guys put your butte booths on ♪ ♪ and smash this ceiling open >> that would be the glass ceiling the first woman in the white house would break. this first campaign song of 2016 features a country hottie, cruising past farm equipment, leaning on a barn, wearing a hard hat, which he'll need to protect himself from critics who wonder could this hillary clinton tribute be the worst political song ever? my face while watching the newsstand with hillary country tribute song. and this back handed insult from slate. the video does not appear to be a joke. ♪ she's a mother a daughter and through it all she's a loving wife ♪ >> first we should say hillary
10:56 pm
clinton had nothing to do with this song and her people wouldn't comment on it. it was created by a super pac called stand with hillary. the writer is known for songs written for barack obama in 2008 aimed at hispanic voters. now he's gone country as one blog noted with a symbolism and music of a chevy commercial, come on. that's no chevy. our cowboy drives a ford. who is our cowboy anyway? the chairman of the pac told cnn he wants to remain anonymous. the pac prefers the focus to be on the message. sneet we stand together
10:57 pm
for hillary ♪ >> a little bit of flesh that may get the coygirl vote. >> were you won over? think it will catch on? we'll see. you're watching cnn i'm rosemary church. errol barnett will be back with you next hour with more on the protests across the united states. citizens taking a stand and voicing their displeasure with police and officials in the death of new york city resident eric garner. people with type 2 diabetes come from all walks of life. if you have high blood sugar, ask your doctor about farxiga. it's a different kind of medicine that works by removing some sugar from your body. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. with one pill a day, farxiga helps lower your a1c. and, although it's not a weight-loss or blood-pressure drug, farxiga may help you lose weight
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