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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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there's an 1855, they dleened the contents with acid so, we're concerned that things may be deteriorated inside, so we want to preserve them as best we can. >> they are going to x-ray this box today. we'll probably crack it open sometime this week, we're told. a boston official says they may even add some modern day items and then put it all in a new box. we have much more just ahead in the newsroom, and it all starts rain. hello again. thanks for staying with us. i'm anna cabrera in for fred yeek whitfield. for sony pictures, the hack attack may not be over. the hackers just issuing new threats this morning, and they
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come in an e-mail to journalists. under the title merry christmas. the e-mail reads, "we are preparing for you a christmas gift. the gift will be larger quantities of data, and it will be more interesting. the gift will surely give you much more pleasure and put sony pictures into the worst state. >> we don't know what might be coming, but what we learned so far is when seeing the different documents that have been put onlun by these hackers is that they access a wide range of material from sony. you know, emails from top executives, budgets, salaries, all of that offer content. not to mention in some cases forthcoming films and scripts and things like that. maybe they are saving what they think is some of the most damaging content for christmas.
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>> this is all anyone has been talking about. it's just amazing. you have to wonder about the executives at the center of this. how this is going to impact their future. >> we do have to wonder about amy pascal and these other executives. what i hear from sewn where i is that the executives have support of the staff, but sony has no comment on this newest threat from these hackers to release something more toward christmas. >> when you talk about fall-out, do you know how sony is doing in terms of business? are they losing business? >> they say it's business as usual there. i'm not sure if we can entirely believe that because this was a crippling attack. it dropped computer connections off line for a long period of time. i still find the most reliable way for me to communicate with people at sony is through text messaging because of issues with their corporate e-mail and
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corporate phone systems. what have you is -- some of the press for that. in part because dhoent want to have to answer some of the awkward questions that have come as a result of this. you know, for the premier of the movie "the interview" the film that has a north korea plot line that some believe has been the cause of all of this hacking, for the premier of that film, there was no red carpet press. you know, you couldn't be asking questions on the red carpet the way reporters usually can, and that's because they've been avoiding questions on this. i have to wonder how mukz is going to hang. >> i was just going to ask. you've been reading my mind. i have to imagine that business is going to change. >> i think so. i was just corresponding with mark cuban, one of the stars of "shark tank" on abc. that's a show that sony produces. it shows mark cuban complaining about his -- the offer for a salary for a future season. he is saying that $30,000 per episode is not enough, and he has some other issues with the deal points. well, he had a very smart
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response to all this. he contacted business insight. when business insider contacted him, he said from now on i'm going to communicate via cyber dust. it's kind of like snap chat. it's a private messaging service where the message comes and gets deleted right away. apparently more secure than regular e-mail. he is trying to use this as an opportunity to promote his new app. i do think whether it's that or something else, we are going to see people communicate differently as a result. >> the media has been silent after all of these allegations about misconduct and drugging women have come forward, and he told the new york post this. that media he expects to stay neutral. i know you spoke to the reporter who put together this article who spoke to cosby. what does he say about the interview? >> this is one thing i couldn't get on reliable sources today that i wanted to. this is a really interesting interview. this reporter, stacy brown, was able to call up cosby's home phone number and actually get
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him on the phone. they didn't talk for very long, but stacy brown says he came away with the exception that cosby wants to speak. it seems that he really does have a lot to say, and oddly enough -- to me he sounds like a happy individual without a care in the world. maybe we'll hear that from cosby himself if his representatives ever decide he should give an interview. >> thank you. >> thanks. right now a manhunt is happening in alabama. u.s. marshalls searching for an escaped inmate who is facing charges. two other prisoners broke out of the jail with woodard saturday are back in police custody. listen to how they got out. officials say it was a daring escape that began with the dwsh one man saying he was sick and the other -- then when the jailer opened their cell, these men choke and subdued him and took off. would woodard still at large, the state is on high alert.
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>> i have a pistol, and i'm armed and ready. >> same here. >> absolutely. >> tonight protect my family. >> the state bureau of investigations helping in the search. >> no government shutdown assuming the president signs this big spending bill that is headed his desk. the senate got down to work last night and pass aid $1.1 trillion spending bill, and it keeps the government going until at least september. cnn aaron mcpike has been following every step of the way joining us from washington. aaron, as we have been talking about this bill had some real roadblocks on friday night. how did they get all of it resolved? >> they did it by appeasing ted cruz and mike lee. those junior republican senators who wanted to get a vote.
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>> the bulk of the government is from september 30th, but it only funds the department of homeland security through february. that's the branch that the agency, i should say, that carries out. >> during the past week reignited the conversation today. talking about the release of the e cia torture report by the democrats, and, of course, former vice president dick cheney has been one of the biggest proponents of this program. he talked about it again today, right? >> he was on nbc's "meet the press," and he staunchly defended the bush administration's enhanced interrogation techniques. listen here to him defend that
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program. >> sho there's a moral ekwift ens. that's not true. we were careful to stop short of torture. the senate has seen fit to label the report torture, but we were making sure of that definition. >> it worked. it worked now for 13 years. we've avoided another mass casualty attack against the united states. we did capture bin laden. we did capture an awful lot of the senior guys of al qaeda who were responsible for that attack on 9/11. i would do it again in a minute. >> he slammed the report as partisan. he said that it was not done well, and it was not done thoroughly. >> the latest on their conclusions next.
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sfwlo we just learned one person is under arrest after protests took a strange turn in new york city. demonstrators filled the streets. we have time lapsed video taken from the streets of manhattan, and this is incredible. look at the sheer mob of people who came down the street yesterday protesting. these demonstrations were mostly peaceful. all across the country. twoen police officers were hospitalized during all of that, and an arrest has been made. >> yeah, it was such a different sort of counter point to what we saw through the day. the thousands of people
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incredibly people, and chanting. a splinter group marched over the brooklyn bridge, and that's when the conflict happened. two police officers were assaulted. they say their officers were kicked, punched, thrown to the ground when they tried to stop a man who was throwing a garbage can into the roadway. they say the radios were taken and somebody was trying to take off their police jackets. the southbound suspect has been arrested. he was a 29-year-old arrested overnight. police also think he left a bag behind. they found a bag out there on the bridge. again, this is such a different sort of scene than what we saw for so much of the day. when you look at the video of those crowds who are flooding the streets of manhattan, it's pretty amazing and overwhelming to think that so much of this went so well, so according to the plan of organizers who laid all of this out. there was just one single arrest made during that big margin that was an arrest for disorderly kaukt conduct. >> we're talking about the
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protest of new york, and we've seen there were protests all around the country, and it does seem that these protesters want to disrupt the status quo and some people take it to that level of violence because it wasn't just in new york where people were arrested yesterday. >> yeah. there's definitely a conflict between the protesters and demonstrators. a lot of people see this as an incredible moment where they got national attention, where they want to use that attention in a really productive and powerful way, and a lot of the people who we spoke to out there are activists and organizers who are joining forces and they want to try to affect positive change and reform. you do, of course, in these situations, also have people who have an entirely different purpose.
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there were violent outbreaks there. saturday night, 45 people were arrested, and, again, police are reporting vandalism, small fires being set, windows being broken, so, you know, it is very different from what we see in most major cities. washington d.c. had a peaceful march, but certainly there is a small faction that seems to be to blame for this. >> are the protesters going to be quiet now? is there an end game they're going to continue to push for? >> you know, i don't think that anyone who is out there in the crowd there in new york city last night has any intention of quieting down now or feeling like they have done their peace? these people were out there for three, four, five hours. they did a long march for a couple of miles. they had planned this for more than a week. a lot of the activity was generated through social media, and this wasn't just about a march to one police plaza where they ended up. this was about really kind of joining forces and taking an opportunity to meet with other activists and talking about what they can do to pursue reforms as they move forward.
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they are turning it sfwu a moveme movement. >> fist, our look into the future. this week renewable energy in the sky. here's richard quest. for centuries the humble windmill has been used for pumping water and grinding grain. it grew when the wind turbine was created. today around 2.5% of the world's electricity is produced by wind. >> we are 30 times more efficient than several decades ago because of the use of information and computer technologies.
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>>. >> employeesing more energy out of thin air involves equipping the turbines with lasers that allows them to communicate with each other. as operators, keep a watchful eye in high-tech control centers like this one in san diego. >> we can then communicate with the utilities so that they can effectively manage wind on to the grid. >> worldwide, there are now more than 200,000 turbines. the future is to take wind energy to new heights. imagine, if we could untether the turbine and send it up into the air where it could then adjust its location and catch the strongest winds.
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>> they hope to launch the first in alaska in had 2015 targeting remote areas where energy is elusive and expense i. >> i think the bat has the potential to transform those communities. >> welcome to the network society. tomorrow transformed brought to you by erickson.
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>> it's want officially winter for a couple of weeks, but those of you in the rock wriz and the plains are about to get fresh new snow. karen mcginnis has a look at what's to come from the weather center. >> it is going to be a very interesting next 24 to 48 hours. had could trigger thunderstorms. then on the back side heavy snowfall, and then we've got another storm expected to wallup the west coast over the next several days. in the meantime, we've got that warm, moist air coming up from the gulf of mexico. deep area of low pressure just kind of ejecting out of the rockies. ahead of this that's where we can expect some thunderstorms. maybe hail, high winds, isolated
12:23 pm
tornado. you head towards the midwest, and this is going to be even more dramatic. temperatures plunge by tuesday and wednesday in some cases only into the teens. the snowfall is going to pile up. in some areas around colorado and into the central plains, we could see more than a foot. here comes one wet weather system for the west coast. another one right on its heels. back to you. >> some people might actually say it feels a little more like christmas is in the air with those colder and snowier temperatures. well, it's being called the most insane see line ever. professional skier cody townsend cheated death as he plunged down a nearly vertical and narrow
12:24 pm
slope in the alaskan wilderness. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> what you are about to see is no mere ski slope. this is a man eating crevice. >> i'm getting nervous. >> 31-year-old todayy townsend is about to descend. >> there is no exit plan. there is no escape. >> the plunge down this alaskan crevice lasted about 15 seconds, and at its narrowest point the walls were only six feet apart. check out the helmet cam view, top speed 65 to 70 miles per hour. >> we see that you are going really fast. you see that the walls are really close to you. >> but cody says he was very zen. >> it's almost as if time slows down. holy [ bleep ]! >> cody's run makes james bonds' exploits on skis look almost wimpy. ♪ child's play compared to this. so a crevice like that must have
12:25 pm
a terrifying name, right? >> yeah. it does have nicknames, but i would blush if i had to tell you what the nicknames were. >> cody won him powder magazine's best line of 2014 award. >> so psyched. >> his fellow skiers gushed. >> that was the sickest line i've ever seen. >> the trickiest part was at the end of the narrowest section where there was a slight turn. >> possibly the turn of my life to not hit the wall that was in front of you. >> so what does he get? great exposure and a red bull domt rir, the kind of fame that leads to even more endorsements, but cash? i just assumed they gave you a chunk of money to do that. >> that would be morally wrong to do that, i think. we do it because we love it. >> you think that's scary to watch? imagine cody's mother, the first time she saw it. >> she did cry, which i kind of felt bad about. >> cody didn't celebrate by partying. he contemplated accomplishing a life goal while taking in an
12:26 pm
alaskan blood moon. >> i just kind of sat there and basked in it. >> better a blood moon than a bloody wreck. >> oh mishgs god. >> that was the scariest thing i've e done. >> new york. >> talk about guts. well, some good news for carolina panthers fans. your star quarterback cam newton is at the stadium right now in front of his hometown crowd. is he on the sideline, and no one expected him to play today against tampa because because he was in a crash awe few days ago, and he has two fractures in his back. in fact, this is what's left of his truck after it flipped four times on tuesday. this happened in charlotte. now, newton says he feels lucky just to be alive. nfl insiders say he might suit up for next week's game against the cleveland browns. we wish him well in his recovery. there's good news for your wallet. details next. ♪
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this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪ bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm anna cabrera. here are the top stories crossing the cnn news desk right now. a trillion dollar spending bill is headed to the president's desk. the senate passed this bill last night. not after a couple of junior republican senators define an agreement between senate majority leaders. the money will keep this government funded through next
12:31 pm
september. a manhunt underway for an accused murderer until alabama. he is still at large after breaking out of jail with two other inmates yesterday. now, just hours ago police praebded one of his accused cohorts already overpowering. sflimplg take a look at some really stunning images from our cnni-reporters. these are their views of the meteor showers, and all of this light, big show really happens every year around mid-december. last night it was the showers predicted peak of up to 120 meteors per hour. again, it's the geminid meteor shower. you can still catch it tonight. gas prices keep on dropping. the average national price is now $2.56 a gallon.
12:32 pm
that dropped 10 cents in the last week. last year at this time the national average was $3.24 a gallon, and triple-a says we could see prices hit $2.50 by christmas. today marks a sad anniversary. two years since the sandy hook elementary massacre in the town of newtown, connecticut. they are not planning any public commemoration. in 2012 adam lanza opened fire in the school. 20 students and six educators died before he turned the gun on himself. >> could never imagine i would be standing here in the wake of
12:33 pm
20 little kids have been died in sandy hook or six adults who protected them. >> what i'm intending to do is just come down to this floor week after week after week until we get our act together and do what the american public wants us to do. a chart that shows you how many have died since december 14th is almost unreadable. >> each one of these little dots is an individual figure representing people who have been killed in this country since december 14. it's time for those victims' stories to be told. >> ronny was one of the 3300 people that have been killed by gun violence. felix dejesus iii, five different people were shot in detroit. >> matthew, over and over again. margareta gomez. >> carlos navarro franco. >> devante jackson. >> hernandez. just kind of happens every week now. reports are emerging of another school shooting today. it should be a sense of great
12:34 pm
embarrassment that we have not moved the ball forward one inch. haufier martinez. >> madam president, i'm coming down to the floor today for a fupts. stwloo george holland. >> she lost her two sobz. >> i imagine this debate will continue. >> the senate doesn't do anything. >> another community ravaged by a school shooting the 37th of 2014. >> we expect any to pick up the newspaper and read about another mass slaughter somewhere in this country. we wonder why it's happening. >> in the two years since newtown, there's been 95 different school shootings. i yield the floor. that makes our lives possible. because we do. we're exxonmobil and powering the world responsibly is our job.
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the threat of another deposit shutdown appears to be out of the picture. at least for now. the senate passed the $1.1 tremendously yon spending bill, but it wasn't an easy vote. only 56 to 40. let me bring in arol lewis at new york one news. also with us, brian morganstern, a political strategist and a fellow at the national review institute. gentlemen, thanks.
12:39 pm
even those who debt want this bill to pass, kneed to sort of take the white house into account. there were good partisan reasons for democrats to want to kill this thing and maybe put the blame for a temporary reshut down on the republican opponents. the president said, no, we're not going to do that. along the way the president picked up about 20 appointes that he might have had a hard time getting through before. in part, because of some of the missteps on the republican side. president obama and the american people, big winners, i think. >> there were a couple of junior republican senators. ted cruz and mike lee. they tried to throw a wrench in this deal in the final hours. with republicans now about to take control of the senate, is this a sign of things to come?
12:40 pm
the other issue i want to point out is how powerful elizabeth warren looks like. she was almost able to kill the bill in the house by basically able to push a red herring that had passed with 300 votes in an earlier vote, and former fed chairman ben bernanke said it was difficult to implement and did nothing to -- she raised her profile in this, and that is interesting that she was able to convince democrat members of congress to buck the president and say no to his personal phone calls and side with her instead. the democratic leadership abbing nonled it by creating a position for her as a freshman senator so she'll have input into what's going on. i mean, honestly, you've got people marching in the streets. hundreds of thousands around climate change, around low wage workers.
12:41 pm
190 cities, low wage workers went out on strike across 33 states. this is something real and something the democrats need to take into account. elizabeth warren is their best hope of at least importing some of this notion into the democratic platform. sfwlee plans to release thousands of emails, and he is also going to release an e book about his philosophy on governing. what should we be reading about a possible run to the white house? >> well, there are a couple of points. a couple of schools of thought on this. number one, he is famous. he could have a operation up and running in no time. he is a very popular and effective governor. of course, there are drawbacks to a primary campaign. his positions on immigration might not necessarily play well with the conservative base's position on education with the
12:42 pm
common core and it's also coming out about private equity ventures. you know what, he is obviously a name brand and in a crowded primary field, that is a huge factor. your ability to raise money, have a high profile already, and obviously a successful political history. many are thinking he is about to jump in. >> your thoughts? >> he is -- he think he is doing the responsible thing about floating out there the idea that he is going to be a very different candidate than many expected. we don't want to pass over the fact that his private equity dealings is a fascinating piece in bloomberg right now. >> it doesn't seem like somebody who was wanting to be a candidate would be going on with these foreign ventures, right? >> i want to -- >> it's also legal, and, you know, i mean, unless there's something absolutely improper about it, there's nothing wrong with it. politically, it's going to be kind of a tough sell, so i think he is going to float the idea and see what both the party leadership and the public at large think about it. i don't think it's going to be a
12:43 pm
very positive reaction, but he is right to float the idea now. >> i do want to play devil's advocate a little bit on that, because it highlights the drawbacks of the complex regulatory structure in the united states and the tax structure, which is leading businesses to go overseas, and that's been a talking point for republicans for a long time and jeb bush obviously has that experience directly that he can peek speak about. it doesn't make business sense for my investors. i want to -- make them pour business friendly. >> we've got to leave it there. brian morganstern and lewis. thank you both. >> thank you. >> they're hired to protect, but they sometimes end up killing. i'm talking about arms security guards. wait until you hear what cnn drew griffin discovered in a year long investigation into these hired guns. but, first, we have a preview of the cnn documentary called
12:44 pm
extraordinary people. it features the man who helped stop a terror attack at the canadian parliament. here's cnn anderson cooper. >> as the shooting began, i moved behind this pillar. >> josh wingrove is a reporter with the newspaper, globe and mail. he captured the most dramatic video of the incident inside. >> the prime minister was right over here. >> prime minister right in there. >> it was a makeshift barricade. >> knowing that the doors couldn't be locked and hearing that much firepower was really shocking. >> freeman was one of those parliament aarons. >> it was an intense moment for everyone within the room. we, you know, hid under desks. >> no, no, no, no. >> great. no. >> i think we were all afraid for our lives. >> afraid until kevin vickers made his stand.
12:45 pm
>> at that moment after the first exchange just down another hall is the sergeant at arms, kevin vickers. >> evan solomon is a reporter and host network cdc. >> kevin vickers in his office, he grabs the pistol from his lockbox, and he immediately exits down his hall, which is very close to where bevo is. he goes right to the other side of the pillar. you have to imagine this. on one side of the pillar now is the shooter. on the other side of this pillar is now kevin vickers with his gun.
12:46 pm
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a year-long cnn investigation has uncovered some disturbing details about people who are hired to protect, but i wanted up killing. you see them everywhere. private armed security guards. at banks, at malls, at public facilities. no one keeps track, though, of how many of them have guns, although we know the number has been increasing in recent years. well, now an investigation by cnn and the center for investigative reporting finds a troubling pattern. uneven training and standards for background checks leading in many cases to deadly consequences. we're talking about armed guards with mental ill issues. others who are prohibited from having a weapon, but somehow
12:50 pm
manage to beat the system, to become one of the country's hired guns. senior investigative correspondent drew >> he was gunned down in the parking lot of a miami parking lot in june of 2012. he was unarmed sitting in a pick up truck when he was shot and killed by an armed security guard. this is that guard being brought into court now charged with murder and facing a father who can't understand why his son has been taken away from him. >> you will murder my son man for nothing? he was trying to get away from you man. you kept shooting him while his back was under the trunk. you kept shooting him. his back was turned to you, man. >> lucas shane kindle has a history of alcohol abuse. he was kicked out of the navy.
12:51 pm
after the shooting the jail psychiatrist diagnosed him with anti-social personality disorder. unspecified schizophrenia spectr spectrum. yet on the day that donald byrd's son was shot and killed, lieu call kendall was fully licensed by the state of florida to hold a badge and gun. >> you got a little young cash security guard, they get any kind of opportunity to use their weapon. i's death. >> details of the shooting as chilling as the moment donald burg met his son's killer in court. he and his friend were already sitting in a parking lot. he thought they were rolling marijuana. he approached the truck and
12:52 pm
claims byrd and smathers were looking men nansing. one of the men threatened him and both car doors opened. it was believed that one of the men had a weapon. he fires at least 12 shots, hitting byrd eight times including four shot in the back michael smathers paralyzed. no gun, no weapon was found in that track. kendall called nine. >> was anyone shot? >> two feel were shot. >> where is the gunman now? >> i am the gunman. i'm the security officer. >> what happened? >> he threatened to shoot me. >> security officers don't have arrest powers and don't report to the public.
12:53 pm
an investigation by cnn and the center for investigative reporting finds that it is kind of like the wild west when it comes to oversight. you can become an armed guard with no firearms training. many don't even check to see if someone is banned. the requirements can be so lax in kentucky you can become an armed guard simply by arms yourself and calling yourself one. >> there is no training or licensing question quirement. a security company simply needs a business license just like the flourist down the street has. but instead of selling flowers, they're selling guard service. >> veterans run a security guard
12:54 pm
training school. they blame security firms more interested in making money than paying for proper training. >> they need warm bodies to put on the street to make money by the hour. they don't want to have to go through all of the training procedures to wait to get that body out there. >> only four states require a psychological evaluation. florida is not one of them. kewan's mother surrounded business his father and sister believe that florida granted a a security guard license to a man that was crazy. >> he feels justified. >> he's sick. >> kendall could have been disqualified for getting discharged from the flaify after several alcohol related offenses but he didn't disclose that on his application and the state issued him a license.
12:55 pm
so who did hire lucas? this man srks owner of the now defunct security company that hired him. >> why did you hire lucas? >> excuse me? we're leaving right now. it's nice to meet you, though. have a great day. >> the killing here is not the only case involving one of ariano's armd guards. hez soern says lucas had all the required training and background checks when he was hired but in florida that's not much. security guards are required to attend one week of training and three and a half more days to get it done.
12:56 pm
>> how is it that you can represent yourself. >> kendall's mother, chris, claim her son had no mental issues prior to the shooting. >> my son has been the victim. he has been attacked in jail, beaten, ribs broke b. they had to put him in isolation for longer than 15 months. isolation. nobody stays normal in isolation. >> it has been two and a half years since ar lean's son was kills. the family is still waiting for a trial.
12:57 pm
>> the next hour of newsroom begins after a short break including new information in the search for an escaped prisoner wanted for hurd.
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