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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 14, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> two inmates now captured after breaking out of prison but one more accused killer is still on the run. wait until you hear how they pulled off their great escape. then. >> i was tied with my hands behind my back to my legs. i wuss punched and kit. >> the former gitmo detainee talks about the tore choour he saw there. >> executives at sony about to get a lump of coal forrist mas. this is all in the cnn newsroom. >> good afternoon. thanks for being here. in alabama a manhunt is
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underway. twos escaped inmates still behind bars but a third is still on the run after more than 24 hours. the jailbreak started with a rus. when a guard opened their cell, the men attacked him setting off a nationwide manhunt. >> just outside the gate the dogs hit on the trail and followed the trail to regions bank. the trail was lost behind the bank so we feel they had a vehicle or someone picked them up. police say there was only one guard on duty at the time of the break and he opened the cell after seeing one of the inmates
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vomiting profusely. >> it's hard to tell if proper procedure was followed. you have a very small county, a small town nearby with only 2,000 residents. probably not a lot of resources. and who knows what kind of training and help that they had ever been given to guard prisoners especially prisoners this dangerous. two of the three wanted for capital murder and one wanted for armed robbery. these were not shoplifters or garden variety people that you're going to lock up in a county like that. >> right. so how does a guard in that situation balance the inmate's safety as in the case of somebody actually being sick with this risk of escape? >> i think you have to assume that he would have enough sense to call for a back up to get a deputy off the road to come to the jail to get him the systems and not open that cell phone all
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by himself. i think that's, you know, it's going to be questioned as to where he did that managed to live to tell about it. with three of them overpowering him, the accounts say they they put a rag over his face and sprayed lysol and somehow knocked him out. you would think with people this dangerous that they would have just killed him and escape that way. >> what a wild story. is this very common? >> i don't think it's real common to have prisoners that dangerous being attended to by only one guard. but the actual apprehensions, once the back up was called in, you know, apparently two of the three did like you normally exfect escapees to do, go back
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to mama. >> makes you think that they didn't plan it out very long or completely. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> some witnesses to the police shooting death of michael brown, they really weren't witnesses a after all. they lied about being there or made up the testimony. you have to waed through a lot of material to read these revelations but they are all there and plenty more in a spil of documents that have been made public by computers in st. louis county. here we have been digging through all of them. a few things stand out. josh, first, a lot of people who testified at this grand jury and
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now we know some of them turned out to be bad witnesses. they just weren't credible. >> as we start to pursue these documents you actually start to feel for the grand jurors. they spent hours listening to some testimony that was completely useless in trying to figure out what may or may not have happenedadmitted lying. the first one is from the pro michael brown con ten -- and the answer is yes. this is witness 40 who came
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along and gave a very pro wilson account and they started showing holes. is itd possible that you dreamed about this after it happened and it feels real to you. and he said i never dreamed about him. now i want to show you one more. the prurter says can i ask you how you can possibly see what is happening at the police car. and so the grand jurors had to hear all of this testimony that was not at all helpful. >> did it muddle the testimony? the procedurings? i did talk the prosecutor personally and he talked about throwing all of these before the grand jury so as to give them a
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chance to make their own informed decisions. had lied. and didn't have an account that really stood the test here. did the ones that were credible all have the same version of the show? >> no. so you have gotten the fact that there were a lot of people who were called witnesses even though a lot didn't actually witness the incident. no, they do not have one joint narrative as to what happened. whether we're talking about the car, gunshots, you see all sort s of details. it all adds to the big picture of possibilities and it is difficult to see how in grapd injury coming out of this could
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have had any specific theory. >> so that being said when you look at it from a non-biased per speculativ speculative, searching for the truth, does it reinforce the outcome? >> it does. and so the legal analyst, they are split on this idea. some say it would have been more traditional for a prosecutor to just come forward with only a handful of witness and present a streamlined idea and suggestions. so when you take a look at what this grand injury saw and heard and a bunch of people lying in there, what you have a very difficult time imagining how there could possibly be a conviction and you start too understand how fair minded people would say based on all of
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this stuff, i don't know how we can indict. >> thank you for taking the time to look through all of this. it doesn't make it easier for us to understand. >> a lot. >> and you, too, can get more te dales on this story. go to and read josh's great reporting there. >> demonstrators filled big streets akros the country. and other situations that have really called attention to the issue of police brutality. >> a moment of silence for everybody that we love. >> most of the protests were peaceful. we now know that two police officers were arrested.
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that's exactly what happened. we had a splinter group. this man was kicking and punching and forcing officers to the ground and grabbing at radios and jackets. one arrest has been made and police believe this man left a band behind. this is really stunning contrast for much of the day. their did this huge procession across manhattan. that demonstration, really peaceful. but when when you get a crowd that is this big one. >> they ended their march at the
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nypd headquarters. >> i think this is something that will really take a lot of time. this is not just about demands on the list and certainly they have a number of different ideas for how the relationship between police and communities could be changed or reformed or improved. >> we went to great lengths to organize. so that we could accommodate the protest and respect that right. they weren't interested in engagement because part of the point was to be disruptive.
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it does beg what is it that we're trying to accomplish beyond disruption. >> there were about two dozen arrested. >> there were some outliers to the protect. thank you so much for your reporting. i want to take a look at this video. some powerful storms caused a huge rock slide and unfortunately, a third storm system is on the way. the national weather service predicting it will arrive in the los angeles area tomorrow afternoon. so the city is now expecting up to two inches of rain. it might not sound like a lot. they need a lot of rain there but they don't need it all at once. more mud slides and flooding. incredible pictures. we're hear nothing injuries in all of that.
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>> dick cheney says he would do it again in a minute.
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♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [announcer] call 1-800-farmers and see how much you could save. >> a $1.1 trillion spending bill is headed to president obama for his approval. will fund government business now until next september. >> on a basically by apuzing ted cruise. they wanted to have a vote in order to strip funding from president obama's executive action on immigration. they didn't get that but what was agreed to is that they could
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have a vote essentially establishing that they think that president obama's action there was unconditional. we should point out that while it funds the government through september 30 it only funds the department of homeland security through february. so it sets up some fireworks on tap tall hill. >> we have been following another story that was the release of the cia torture report. this report is not, he hez in defensive tactics. he spoke out again today. >> he was on meet the press and
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he staunchly defended the bush administration administration. lb listen to what he said. >> the report is seriously flawed. they didn't talk to anybody who knew anything about the program. i come back to the proposition, torture is what the al qaeda terrorists did on 911. there is no comparison between that and what we did. >> not true. >> now there is also been some push back between what cheney has said already. including mall couple nans. he has trained and taught
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enhanced interrogation techniques. >> when the bush administration took that information and took the techniques and turned it op his head and decided to apply it as an american policy we violated the honor and spirit. >> and we should also point out that there are some democratic senators who are defending the report diane who chairs the senate intelligence committee, he is a democrat from oregon. they have been saying read the report. they like what's in the report. all right, erin, thanks. >> jeb bush is going to release a quarter million e-mails from his two terms in officer. he is also going -- this has a loot of people think iing.
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>> a new threat from the sony hackers. the e-mail was titled merry christmas and the hackers say, quote, we are preparing for you a christmas gift. the gift will be larger quantities of ta data and it will be more interesting. the gift will give you much more pleasure and put sony pictures into the worst state. one hacked e-mail the sony exec called angelina jolie a spoiled brat. i want to start with you. let's talk about the sleel implyifications. talking about secrets and movie
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scripts that are supposed to be secrets revealed. >> i certainly think it's theft. there has been speculation that it could be deaf nation or libel claim. but along those lines i don't think it's defamation or libel. the seasonal issue is the theft of the actual material. >> what about you? you talk about angelina jolie being called a spoiled brat. goes on to talk about how big of an ego that she has. do the actors or actresses have any legal resource? >> liable is the untrue publication of something that is designed or does harm someone's
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reputation. in this case, being called a spoiled brat doesn't harm your reputation. they are subject to a much stricter legal standard. the actions have to be malici s malicious, knowingly untrue. if angelina jolie cannot handle being called a spoiled brat she needs thicker skin. so no, do i think that there is an tactual legal claim? no, probably not. >> sonny is saying with ear the victims.
1:28 pm
sony at risk here for their employ employees. >> if sony was using what was thought to be the most secure systems available. anybody can get hacked. if they were not using the most sophisticated software, then maybe, but they would have to show real neglect. and i think with most of the information that has been leagued, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. what do you do to protect yourself? >> we can stop using e-mail and start handwriting everything. be careful what you write in an e-mail. you have to be careful. i would be more worried for
1:29 pm
lawyers who are communicating with clients getting hacked than i am about somebody calling an actress a spoiled brat. >> the hockers got out of some serious criminal implications. >> if this is truly an international for crime. how do we do that? rr thank you so much. carrie, good to have both of you here with us. he spend time behind bars in guantanamo bay. >> i was tied with my hands to the back of my legs. >> in this week's one to watch we head to the streets of chicago to explore the world of street art.
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it's a street culture once associated with vandalism. take a look. >> shepherd ferry, the american street artist behind this poster. he plastered on the streets of america during the first election campaign. >> shepherd has used simple images to make a statement and build a brand. he is worth an estimated $15 billi
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billion. >> unique look that sets your look apart is really important. but tenacity is crucial. >> tenacity and talent. very ip pressive. you can watch the entire show at to watch.
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enroll in nexium direct today. >> some of the torture i witnessed actually led to death.
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i know that this prisoner actually died as a result of the beatings he received. now some of the techniques that have been mentioned mercifully, i wasn't subjected to. there are others that are not mentioned that i was subjected to. i was punched and kicked. i had the agents showing me pictures of my children. and then forced to sign confessions as a result of this. >> do you believe the release of
1:37 pm
the report will incite a greater degree of anti-americanism? >> no. it would suggest that america is trying to be open. i know there is no sthaens there will be in prosecutions. thigh also now have a template to follow. let's remember the people were already being dressed in orange suits and executed in iraq in z 5z, the torture program.
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>> a close call in the skies. a drone recently came within just 20 feet of hitting an air
1:42 pm
bus 320 full of passengers. it may be the closest a drone has ever come to a passenger get. but private drones are still a problem. good to see you. do you think the danger is greater because they tl are not clear regulations or because people are not following the rules? >> i think the first thing is exactly right. the problem is the aff was behind on getting the regulations in place. to get out there and do the regulations because people had been flying model aircraft and moved on to drones for many years.
1:43 pm
the faa just has not done its yob jet. >> they really didn't, you know, focus on it. i think amazon by announcing they would deliver parcels via drones made america wake up and take notice. right now they can go up to 400 feet and not flown in class b air space. what categories of air space, what altitudes will you allow them to fly? there is an awful lot of work to
1:44 pm
be done. >> i think a lot of critics are saying it is taking too long to approve private or commercial use. companies like amazon who want to deliver packages to companies like bp who want to use drones for surveying purposes. are we at risk of falling behind? and what the wide variety of it is, you can buy a drone anywhere from $50 to, you know, several million dollars and there are so many applications now and not just that, you know, the amazon
1:45 pm
delivering packages and eventually some day, this is way off in the future but eventually they will deliver people as well. but obviously that's not on the current drawing board right now. i think that really made everybody focus on the fact that this is a technology that we're going have and we better havewet a legal regulation structure that makes sense. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> and we talked to the next generation and asked how they view police color and justice. if they are making fun of
1:46 pm
them for their color, then that's where the problem started happening when they say about the color. >> don't miss more of their inspiring answers next. (vo) nourished.
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>> with the conversations about
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race and law enforcement swirling we decided to sit down with a group of children to get their perspective. what do they think about how they treat each other and the way forward? here is chris cuomo. >> here's why i'm here. we have problems. we have problems going on. are you aware of that? there's trouble. we have to figure it out. will you help me figure out is the trouble. >> yes. >> who knows what has been going on around the country right now? and unarmed black men. you have all heard about this. >> people find you and see that the police are not working hard enough to do stuff. >> they're not working hard enough. >> on the news there was a black guy and a policeman choked him. >> and people are angry. >> uh-huh.
1:51 pm
>> why, william? >> they're angry because not only was he selling illegal cigarettes but they choked him out. when he went to court the jury said it was okay is they let him go. >> is that wrong? >> yes. >> why? >> because in case it happened against, then they can't just let mim go again. >> when you see police are you afraid? >> no. >> anybody? >> sometimes when you see police you're a little afraid? >> i see a lot of bad things happening happening, not good things. >> usually when you see police something bad is going on? are they there to hurt people or help people? >> there to help you. >> do your parents ever talk to
1:52 pm
you about how to be around police. >> yes. >> nolan, anybody ever tell you? >> yes. >> what did they say? >> well, they say to just like be nice and be calm and not do anything wrong. >> anybody ever tell you anything like that? >> no. >> look at nolan. describe him for me in three words. give me three words. >> he has a sweater, he has a tie and a mic. >> okay. gabriel. take a look at nicolette. >> a little gown, black vest and brown hair. >> okay. you did not refer to nolan as being brown or black of skin. why not? >> because it's like a bad thing to say. >> wouldn't you say -- if you were going help people find me wouldn't you say what color he was? >> a white male, tall, brown
1:53 pm
hair -- >> jacked. >> jacked. >> thanks. >> is it bad if you are described that way? >> if somebody said you look break that is okay but if they are making fun of them, then that's when the problems start to happen when they say about the color. >> so i don't judge you and you don't judge me many by how i look. how are you supposed to judge me? >> how i act. >> and if i'm a police officer, and i see you am i supposed to -- what if i say hmm, i have arrested a lot of guys who look just like you. is that the right thick to do? >> i was going give them a chance.
1:54 pm
>> they don't have to listen to the kids but it ends up that the kids might be right. >> your skin is kind of brown and nicolette is white but you should be the same. do you remember anybody actually saying that to you? >> no. >> if nobody had to teach you that what happens whin you get older. >> they usually forget. >> if i went to nolan, i wouldn't just go over there and say since he's black i don't like him. the color matters nothing to me. >> pretty cool kids. to that group of chimpb how smart are they? the theory in ferguson reduced parts of that city to charred rubble. but the city is cleaning up and
1:55 pm
rebuilding. you can go to if you want to help.
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>> this is quite a story. a dutch man wanted a memorable proposal and boy did he get what he was asking for. the man rented this crane. the crane tipped and crashed twice. 32 homes had to be evaluated. one, no one was hurt and two the girlfriend said yes. if you look closely there you can see royal guards knitted on his sweater vest. that's all for me.
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thanks againing if being here today. the next hour of newsroom begins now. >> hi everyone you're in the cnn newsroom. first, defenders of the cia's interrogation program are making a lot of noise. >>