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tv   Somebodys Gotta Do It With Mike Rowe  CNN  December 17, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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just go away with your poodle. i feel bad for the poodle. sweet little dog. well, with that, i say merry ridiculist to all and to all a good night. a reminder to vote for favorite ridiculist at and we'll count down the top five on air. that does it for us. our coverage continues next with cnn international.
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>> we begin the hour with developments, so close geographically. for 50 years, so far apart. >> a change in directions, the countries are announcing plans to normalize relations. it started with a prisoner exchange. >> reporter: u.s. contractor alan gross on american soil with his alan gross on u.s. soil. the untold story of the toll his captivity took on his body.
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>> what a blessing it is to be a citizen of this country. and thank you president obama for everything that you have done. today and leading up to today. >> before dawn u.s. officials and law makers boarded a government plane for havana to pick up gross. >> on the airplane back as we findly crossed into u.s. air space, you saw him give a big hurrah, put his arms up, he was clearly glad to be home. >> some fweeted photos of gross on the joyful reunion. from secretary of state john kerry, a hug on arrival. the humanitarian release was accompanied by a spy swap. on another plane, out of sight of cameras, a highly important u.s. intelligence source held by cuba for 20 years was flown to the u.s. his identity is secret for the information he provided to the u.s. on a shadowy network that spied on cuban-american exiles
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in u.s. military base. three of those spies held for more than a decade were released by the u.s. today and sent back to cuba. part of the so-called cuban five. the nation's top spy agency called the deal, a quote, fitting closure between the cold war tensions between the two country ps. >> these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked. it's time for a new approach. >> as part of the deal, the u.s. will restore diplomatic ties with cuba with embassies in washington and havana. increased travel between the u.s. and cuban banks including the use of credit cards by american travelers. so support business and allow americans to import some cuban guides including cuban alcohol and cigars in. raul castro welcomed the landmark zeel.
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>> translator: this measure by president obama deserved respect and recognition by all people. >> administration officials say it's a recognition of the decades-long embargo is not working. and if the u.s. wants to encourage further reforms in cuba and they insist the u.s. must not let up on cuban's cibc rights. >> the reaction has pretty much been mixed. cuban-american law makers especially unhappy right now, but florida senator bill nelson says the time is right to mend relations. >> cuba is in economic shambles. they used to be propped up by venezuela. now venezuela is in economic stamables. they used to be propped up by
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russia. now russia is in shambles. and so this is a moment in time where they need help in their economy and it may just be an incentive, as old school as the castros are, as brutal as their regime had been, that might be the moment in time that they recognize they got to unleash their hackls from the people and let the regime come out. >> they have killed u.s. citizens and residents. and now to get alan gross' release we have to negotiate and give away everything that we could share with a free and democratic skew cuba, i think we gave away too much. i feel back for all the human rights dissidents that will be suffering today and tomorrow and still have no freedom. we did not help the cuban people
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get freer today by this deal. >> opponents say they will do everything they can to block it. they have a few options here. first they could move to defund a new u.s. embassy in havana. or they could block the nomination of a u.s. ambassador to cuba. and since president obama does not have the authority to lift the current bearing on cuba, congressional opponents could simply keep it in place which would limit the effectiveness of the president's plan. >> congressional reaction mixed, but reaction on the streets of havana was much more upbeat. people are chanting, marching through the cuban streets in havana. this came as a surprise for a lot of people. you can really see the elation in their faces. >> relaxed travel restrictions will not allow for u.s. tourism, but they will let cuban-americans send more money back home every year.
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demonstrators in havana say the moves are a step in the right direction. >> translator: let's see if the embargo can be lifted so we can get more food, more things from other countries. >> they're very constructive, good steps. i think it's a path towards a better relationship with the cuban people and the people of the united states. >> the reaction in miami in little havana was certainly different. there were angry debates that broke out. they had long opposed any change in u.s. policy. holm people calling president obama barack obama a coward, in fact. going as far as accusing him of conspiring with a terrorist regime. >> those of the younger generation say they support the
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prisoner exchange and they are in favor of restoring diplomatic relations with cuba. we have more now from cnn affiliate wsvn. >> this workout took a political turn. as rumors swirled of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. i'm n i i'm not political said the featherweight champ but said he came to this country looking for better opportunities. if i stayed, i was headed to prison. i would have been shot by now said hernandez who came to cuba 48 years ago. this first generation human american says he knows this -- >> things haven't happened in a
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while. like 50 years. >> which is why he and some older americans support changes. >> not having negotiations with cuba have only heard the cuban people, not the castro brother, not the castro goth. >> with opposing views not tied to age or other demographics, they gathered outside, some saying they're not surprised. >> for the last six years, this administration is saying everything in exchange for nothing. >> calling this a one-sided deal. they call it an insult to history. >> we will never forget. though some wonder if the focus on the past is misplaced. >> i believe that cuba's best days have not yet been sealed.
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june paul by florida international university found that more than half of cubans surveyed in miami support the r an end to the embargo against cuba. >> the u.s. is set to blame north korea for the massive computer hack at tony pictures. that announcement could now be just a few hours away and comes on the heels of sony's decision to pull the movie "the interview" from release. >> what a major move. the comedy about the assassination of north korean leader pretty much angered pyongyang. and the damage from the cyber attack is growing. take a listen. >> capitulation, that's one word for what happened wednesday. sony, caving under pressure, cancelling next week's release of the "interview" in light of the decision by many of the biggest theatre chains to yank the movie from their schedules. this coming after a warning by
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anonymous hackers, tlenting a 9/11 style attack. >> we take seriously all threats. sin plex now calling it an unprecedented situation. the chains are corming their options opening with regal saying they're just delaying the opening. but this is another blow for sony after 1 00 terabytes of data were stolen on tuesday, actors seth roe gan and james franco canceled many of their prez events including late night with seth meyers, jimmy fallon and "live with kelly and michael." >> they had to cancel, but, you
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know, hope everything over there gets worked ute. >> even the new york premier set for tomorrow has now been scrapped. >> this is a movie with a $44 million budget. if theatres won't play it, what should sony do? >> i think they should fight fire with fire. if these people are using information they've hacked on the internet wide open, pirate sites and all kinds of other place, that's where sony should take the fight. rather than drying to get the knew vie, the information into movie theatre, i think it should be posted all over the web. let the whole world see it for free in hd. and really show these hackers that two can play at this game. >> no word from sony on a digital release yet. lots of companies could help so sewn air the movie. but will they want to risk being hacked? >> talk act the broader implications of this is a former
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computer hacker and an expert on cyber security. kevin, i do want to talk about the broader implications of sony's moves. has the u.s. lost its first cyber war? >> i would say the hackers definitely won in this particular case against sony. i think that was a really bad idea. i really think sony should make the movie available for free, publish it on the internet and not allow anyone to do any sort of censorship against anyone in the united states. >> there are a lot of people who share those dues, but i do have to ask you, does this hack prove that sony's i.t. systems were weak? does this prevent any studios from anything happening to them? >> unfortunately it's not so hard to break into systems.
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unfortunately, it's not too difficult to break into company, but companies can use technology, develop policy to kind of layer their defenses. the unfortunately thing is companies rely on it was and products. >> oyou are what they call a white hat hacker. how possibly is it. there's lots of rumors that north korea is to blame. >> i can't hear you at all. i don't know what's going on. it looks like we lost communication. >> that was kevin mitnik. we'll try to get him back and continue the discussion. >> that's a shame. i wanted to hear more of that. if i was sony, i would release
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the movie at the kennedy center. i think he's right, you've got to fight fire with fire. >> and that's the thing. this is not just about a movie. this is about freedom of speech. can you really let terrorists dick take what is seen in the united states? >> up next, the russian president set to face some tough questions at his annual news conference. how the battered economy is now impacting every day life there across russia.
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>> annual news conference in mas cow, he'll face questions, maybe not necessarily tough question, but questions about the economy which is reeling from falling energy prices and by an economy being hit by western sanctions. >> an emotional tweet released by the kremlin. take a listen. >> okay, that was obviously very intense, but the video features missiles, olympic athletes and sochi troops and other patriotic scenes, along with scenes of mr. putin looking very presidential there. trying to clearly send a message.
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>> russians feel the pinch of low wages. reertd russia's ruble crisis has claimed its first desperate victim these are the last moments of a businessman's life. caught on a hotel surveillance camera. russian state media say he suffered from psychological stress from the rue bell's dramatic fall and left a suicide note and shot himself. on the streets of moscow, russians are starting to feel the economic pain. like 52-year-old tatiana. my salary used to be $1,000 or even higher, she tells us. now it's hardly even 200.
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it's difficult for people my age, she says. this kurp side currency exchange, people are still buying dollars, despite the skyrocketing rates. >> an hour ago it was 60. now it's 85. i'm afraid because we get our rages in rubles and they don't pay in dollars. it's scary. >> some moscow stores have already suspended sales to recalibrate prices. in this holiday season, travel agents say clients are canc cancelling trips abroad because of the devaluing ruble. >> and again, president putin's news conference scheduled to begin just a few hours from now. 9:00 ap in london, 9:00 a.m. in long congress. live coverage for you right here on cnn.
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which means it's timeson for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> sh people facing charges in the u.s. for a deadly outbreak of if you think gal meningitis. it was linked to a steroid
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injection from a compounding pharmacy. >> 751 cases of meningitis were tied to those injections and 64 people died as a result. after the arrest, the daughter of one victim spoke to reporters. >> i think it comes down to greed is what it comes down to. it's kind of like you know, it's never enough. the all-american mighty dollar. so obviously whoever was doing this were responsible, even the people in the lap. i think they should all be held accountable. i really do believe that. i think they should all do some jail time. >> they agreed to raise a $100 million fund last year for victims of this outbreak.
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>> rain has brought some relief to california januaries ongoing drought. but there's a long way to go. clouds in los angeles, storms in the bay area. some flooding this weekend, too. >> it took us years to get into this drought, it will take us years to get out of as well. we talk about joe pack being a very important issue. when the snow builds up in the sierra nevada mountain, which is 47% on average for this time of year, it melts in the summertime, of course, and we see that trickle effect into the reservoir, providing some of the fresh water. and in order to solve california's current drought kries six we would need the equivalent of 17 million olympic size pools filled with hateful. we've got several more storm, at decisional storms to solve this issue. we have another one this weekend. here it is, moving to the west coast of the united states.
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>> we've already received over nine i thinks of rain in the san francisco bay area. last year, not even half an inch of rain in the month of december. we have a lot of patch-up to go. radar very hack tif in the west coast. there's not snowfall in places like missouri and kansas city. one to three inches of rain. we're also monitoring a very rainy weekend.
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if you're still tuning in across the northeast, a few remaining snow showers. temperatures remain slightly below average in boston, new york city as well as the nation's capital. so active across the united states. >> california has been thirsty for so long. but you are seeing too much all at once. >> you want to continue to see more and more happy. >> you are never happy. >> never satisfied. that's just me. >> flooding in parts of l.a., i used to live there. thank you. >> cheers. coming up, a u.s. aide worker set free by cuba. the u.s. congresswoman who worked for five years to get alan gross released. >> plus the wake of the sony
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controversy, some people are asking why sony even produced the film in the first place. we'll have answers coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> great dwrouf with us. >> after 5 years, u.s. and cuba are taking steps to normalize relations. the countries plan to open embassies in one another's capitals. the u.s. president barack obama says he'll leez long standing trade positions and each country is exchanging prisoners.
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>> it despigots the assassination, but the north koreans deny any vomit in the hacking. mrs. cow unveiled a package to help banks. >> u.s. president barack obama and cuban president raul castro spoke on monday, but the process started long ago and was kept under wraps. take a listen. >> nothing says a thaw in u.s.-cuban relations more than
9:32 pm
this -- an historic phone call between president and raul castro. >> the soviet military build-up on the island of cuba. >> the first level of engagement, the white house says, sints cuban revolution more than 50 years ago. >> we will end an outdated approach that for decades has fail odd advance our interests and instead we'll begin to normalize relations between our to two countries. >> the secret talks started in 2013, with most of the discussions happening in canada and led by ben rhodes. those wheels were in motion when the president and raul castro shook hands at nelson mandela's memorial service last december. but one key sticking point remained -- the imprisonment of alan gross in cuba. >> a major obstacle stood in our way. the wrongful imprisonment in cuba of a u.s. citizen and u.s. a.i.d. subcontractor alan gross for dpooif years. >> last march, president obama found a pivotal player to help
9:33 pm
broker the deal, pope francis. they discussed cuba at the vatican, something mr. obama not disclose when asked by cnn. what were his concerns? >> in terms of the meeting with his holiness pope francis, we had a wide-ranging discussion. >> earlier this year, the pope kept the conversation going. then in october, the vatican welcomed officials from the u.s. and cuba to push the talks forward. >> i want to thank and recognize the support of the vatican. >> the president had the bipartisan support of patrick leahy and jeff flake who flew to cuba to bring gross home. but cuban officials are opposed to the deal. from the white house chairman to senator marco rub bow, two backers to the u.s. bearing. >> this policy contribution is absurd and disgraceful for a
9:34 pm
president who claims to treasure human rights and human freedom. >> this president is the worst single negotiator we've had in the white house in my lifetime. i think it's time for us to end the embargo on cuba. >> to a candidate for president -- >> i will maintain the embargo. >> but in his final years in office, the president wants to turn the page. >> today, we are making these changes because it is the right thing to do. >> extreme controversial, but as part of this deal, we're seeing five men for the first time in years. they include alan gross, the u.s. american subcontractor, held for five year, allegedly, his crime was trying to set up an internet network for cuban dissidents. the white house said he was released on humanitarian grounds. >> other unidentified
9:35 pm
intelligence agent was convicted by three spies. two other members had been previously released. the group's leader was found guilty of providing information that helped the cuban air force shoot down two planes belonging to a group that rescued escaping cubans. and the daughter of an american who died in that the attack called hernandez's release a slap in the face. hernandez and the two other released spies arrived in cuba and were cheered by those in their hometowns. >> we spent 16 years dreaming of this day. and believe me, no matter how hard you prepare for it, it is a big surprise. >> the men also went to a cemetery to visit graves of loved ones who died while they
9:36 pm
were in prison and then went back to their homes. >> a democratic congresswoman has worked for the past five years to win the release of alan gross. she joins us on the phone from california. >> this has been a long process in coming. many people were involved in the negotiations and in securing the release of alan gross and the others. and so it's very exciting. i'm very pleased that everyone has been reunited with their families dhurg period. and also, i have to just applaud the president for moving forward. the 50-year policy has failed. and the only way he can bring our countries together to address all of the issues on both sides in a mutually
9:37 pm
respectful manner is to begin a normal dialogue. >> and on that note, explain to us what the united states gets out of this today. opposition is saying the cuban dictator got everything he wanted and president obama got very little. >> it's important to note negotiations led to the release of alan gross and political prisoners who were released in cuba. but i think one of the big important steps this was taken today is allowing americans to travel to cuba. question can travel to vietnam awe china but not to cuba. >> i think the american people want this to happen.
9:38 pm
trade creates jobs in america. we want to see normal economic relations. we won quite a bit today. the policy for 50 years has failed. >> you see there's a majority of americans who want it. but there's a lot of republican senators and law makers who don't. they say they're going to do everything they can to block it. they're going to try to stop funding. they may block nomination for an ambassador to cuba. how do they deal with that? >> i they'll try everything. senator rubio led with senator cruz the charge to shut down the government. we lost $28 billion. so that's no secret. i mean, there are those in bong who want failed policy to continue.
9:39 pm
we also face obstacles, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop. and i'm very pleased the president did everything he could to move this forward. because this is something r something that's going to benefit our own national interests. as well as the cuban people. >> it's hoped by normalizing these relations between washington and havana, there will be improvements of human rights, that we will see progress there, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, releasing political prisoners. how long will that take? twha will you be looking for to see this change in policy is actually working? >> i'm hoping this change will come very quickly. it's been 50 years now. so at least now, i think this is a major step. because both countries will start engaging in negotiations and dialogue and talks about what we have and the cubans have. i think we have to stay focused during a very difficult political environment, but in a way, i think the american people, you know, really want us
9:40 pm
to. >> i appreciate you being with us. thank you for your thoughts. >> more now on the expected announcement from the u.s. blaming north korea for the computer hack of sony pictures. the white house is considering options in terms of potential response. >> the cyber attack is very serious. we'll be individual leapt. if we see something we think is important, we'll look into it, but right now people should enjoy going to the movies. >> with all the controversy and
9:41 pm
threats around the film, some are asking why sony even decided to release it in the first place. >> most japanese moviegoers are oblivious. >> have you heard of "the interview". >> no. >> no. >> no. >> not a single person we asked is aware of the controversy. >> this is costing hundreds of millions of dollars. >> kim masters says the cyberattack is pearlizing sony and could eventually force a leadership shake yaup. >> there's no movie in the world that could be worth this, but certainly it's not movie. >> hello, north korea! >> hacked e-mails reveal sony
9:42 pm
executives were increasingly uncomfortable about scenes from the movie. rand corporation confirms sony entertainment ceo consulted with the global think tank. y nton is on the board and asked a korean expert to analyze how asian audiences might perceive the movie. >> it's not appreciated. it's not well understood and certainly not seen as particularly funny. >> a long-time asian trat strategist thinks that may be why seenny is not releasing "the interview" in japan or south korea. he says dark comedy often gets lost in the translation. he says it threatens to rattle shaky relations between japan and north korea. >> the whole idea they would allow this to go into production is a mystery to me. >> he says the heads of sony will likely face tough questions with the japanese government. >> when you have hollywood hitting up against the reality
9:43 pm
of dual politics of diplomacy, i think geopolitics and diplomacy should win. >> up next, the taliban attack on a school in pakistan still reverberating around the world. we'll be talking you inside the school and you'll hear firsthand accounts of some of the students that survived. right now, you can get a single line with 3 gigs for $65 a month. 3 gigs ... is that a lot? that's about...100 app downloads, 45 hours of streaming music, and 6 hours of video playing. (singing) and five golden rings! ha, i see what you did... (singing) four calling birds...three french hens... (the guys starts to fizzle out) two... turtle... doves... i really went for it there ya you did... you really, really did now get 3 gigs of data on one line for $65 a month. switch to at&t, buy a new smartphone and get $150 credit per line.
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>> pakistan is now in its second
9:45 pm
day for the 1 4r5 victims of a taliban mas kaer is. massacre. >> some of these image weers about to show you are heart breaking. but mr. sharif lifted a moratorium on the death penalty in cases. taliban militants overran an army-run school on tuesday. most of the dead were students. >> new images show the brutality of the attack. there are some graphic images in to the report. >> tumbled chairs, concrete walls pushed apart. few of the children in these classrooms could dodge. evidence of the ferocity of the craven attack is everywhere. floors still soaked in the blood of the innocents. this town is drenched in grief. funeral after funeral.
9:46 pm
most between 12 and 16 years old, many buried in their school uniforms. the smaller they are, the heavy they are to carry, one official said. education in this impoverished down is everything. no one saw this coming. >> two students and a teacher caught their attention. so they shot them in the head. >> some died on the spot and others were injured. >> sympathy is strong and so is con zem nation of the taliban. it is rarely this universal and rarely this visceral. and these men, some of them
9:47 pm
seemingly as young as their victims are the attacker, according to the taliban who say they planned and coordinated every murderous step the gunman took, classroom to classroom. brutality now becoming clear. an office assistant, not just shot but set alight here, too. too horrific for words. >> the schools in india observed two minutes of silence for the victims of the massacre. india and pakistan, of course, have been at odds with each other for several year nous. but the indian prime minister did offer this show of solidarity. >> and it expanded on to twitter with indians posting their
9:48 pm
expressions of sadness and anger under the hashtag, india with pakistan. >> kurdish forces backed by u.s. power fighter launched a major offensive against isis. they're trying to retake a down in northwestern iraq. this video from the regional government shows the military hardware being used. you may recall u.s. air strikes hit isis positions ehrlichier this year. >> and germany is lending its support to iraq, spending 100 troops to train iraqi soldiers who will eventually battle those isis militants. >> the fight against isising a heavy toll on civilians. they're asking member states to help those displaced by violence in syria. >> the u.n. will launch new appeals to those funding meetings in berlin. and the united nations says the
9:49 pm
the need for aide grows more desperate the longer this drags on. >> i remember when i first went to syria. we were talking about a million people. now it's over 12 million inside the country. people facing horrific violence and brutal to i. over 3 million people sheltering in neighboring countries that are baring the brunt, communities baring the brunt of millions of people coming into their countries. it is heart breaking when you see that,you know, over half of those in need are children. we are fearful of syria's future. and without a political solution, we are not going to have the stability and security that families so desperately need. >> many flee the violence in kobani. we spoke with the kurdish fighters defending it for the
9:50 pm
militants. he spoke with families who were caught in the middle. >> yeah, our international viewers can watch his special "inside kobani" at 8:00 p.m. saturday in london. 10:00 p.m. saturday in hong k g kong. >> the general court of the eu ruled that hamas should be removed from its list of terrorist groups. benjamin netanyahu had a strong reaction. >> today we witnessed staggering examples of hypocrisy. in geneva they call for the investigation of israel for war crimes. while in luks xembourg they remd hamas from the list of terrorist organizations, hamas who committed countless car crimes
9:51 pm
and terrorist acts. it seems that too many in europe have learned nothing. >> the israeli prime minister is demanding the ue place hamas back on the terrorist list immediately. >> when we come back, a question we're asking for a while is there life on the red planet? we'll tell you about the new discovery scientists say may actually lead to an answer. ♪ (holiday mhey! is playing) i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today.
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month.
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that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. a. >> welcome back, everyone. this could change everything we have here in the u.s. >> what could be a sign of life on the red planet. >> i'm scanning the galaxy for
9:54 pm
anti-martian activity. >> nasa hasn't founded exactly equal to marvin the martian, but they may be getting closer to finding life on mars. since 2012, what curiosity found gives scientists hope. detective burden of proofs are sudden increases of methane in the atmosphere. we know there's life one place in the universe, that's on earth. if we find it in a second place, our understanding of the universe changes, we are not alone. >> much more work needs to be done to determine the source of the methane it is possible the gas may not
9:55 pm
be from life at all. scientists say more measurements of more of these burden of proofs could reveal crucial clues. short of that, the exo mars rover is due to land. >> who do you think you are? real martians? >> we are. >> so maybe one day humanity will discover. once the stuff of movies and tv is a reality. cnn london. >> i love that cartoon. >> here's erik van dam. >> i didn't know that planets could burden of proof. th -- burp. that's interesting. learn new things every day. >> people who watch this show. >> well, there's none of that in my weather report, fortunately, but we are reporting on a
9:56 pm
significant amount of snow for japan lately. and just for our domestic viewer, i'm going to try to relate this to you guys. are you familiar with what happened in buffalo, new york, about two or three weeks ago, they measured the snowfall in feet? that's exactly what's happening in northern japan at the moment. what we're getting is cold sigh liberian air rushing across the sea of japan. it's called is sea effect snow. there's a big temperature differential between the ocean and the land. and there's a lot of mountains across this area as well. it's just helping give this lift. and that's this area to create. impressive snowfall totals which we'll get to in just a moment. it could be a lot of fun for the kids, but it can also be a lot of nuisances for us adults. take a look at this visual coming out of that area. people having to snowplow and drive through just centimeters of snow. upwards of 97 centimeters in
9:57 pm
different lo igs kas. in fact, you can see some of those impressive totals coming out of the we are talking about 97 centimeters of snowfall. wow, almost a meter of snow. this storm has been very windy. 11 of the 47 prefectures across japan are under blizzard warnings right now. expect travel delays across this part of the world. >> i got cold even just looking at that. >> see you next hour. >> you're watching cnn. i'm zain asher. >> we come back the next hour with the biggest stories in the next hour. please stay with us.
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we did it. we did it! ♪ it is official, we gave the people what they wanted. the nation's strongest lte signal. this is a big deal! soak it in! just let it wash over you like a warm bath.
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♪you better pledge ♪ your allegiance♪ ♪you're not the only one ♪listen up forefathers ♪i'm not your son ♪you better help the children ♪let them have some fun ♪some fun ♪some fun.
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>> hello, everyone. it's 1:00 in the morning here in atlanta. i'm zain asher. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. our top stories this hour, an american and a cuban president announcing their countries will work together. an historic moment that's drawing praise and criticism. >> 50 years is long enough. >> the white house has conceded everything and gained little. >> sony gives in. hackers foring the movie studio to make an unprecedented decision about a film release.


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