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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 22, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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i don't know who in the heck got the impression this community is not behind their police department and they think it enough they can come hee and take them out. that's not going to happen. we're not going to allow that to continue to happen. it's unacceptable. >> a community unites and the new york steep police department goes on alert after the death of two officers. we look at the extra steps taken to protect the lives of police. new warnings from north korea in the wake of the massive sony hack, and sony exec.s say the movie that started the whole controversy is delayed but certainly not dead. >> we have not caved. we have not given in. we have persevered. and we have not backed down. and talk about a holiday wish. billions of dollars on the line in the world's largest lottery, and the drawing happening right
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now. and hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen. ♪ ♪ i'm gonna let it shine >> hundreds sang, lit candles and prayed sunday night for the new york city police officers gunned down in an ambush as they sat in their patrol car. we're learning more about the killer and his two-state crime spree including his threatening online posts and how the warning for the nypd came just a few minutes too late. the new york police department is beefing up security in response to this attack and threats made against the nypd. one of the biggest changes right now, the department is taking all of its auxiliary officers off the streets. auxiliary officers are unarmed volunteers who wear nypd uniforms and deal with minor situations and traffic control. the nypd is also adding extra
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security around police stations around the city. and officers on foot patrols are working only in pairs. police say officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos were sitting in their car saturday when ismaaiyl brinsley walked up to them and fired. officer liu, seen here on the left, was shot once in the head, officer ramos shot in three areas. the medical examiner ruled their deaths homicides. on sunday night ramos's aunt expressed her desire for peace in the wake of her nephew's murder. >> take your time. >> i would like to thank all those who have shared their sympathy and support for our beloved family member rafael ramos, who will always be loved and missed by many. i hope and pray that we can reflect on this tragic loss of lives that have occurred so that
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we can move forward and find an amicable path to a peaceful co-existence. we would like to extend our condolences to the liu family also. thank you. before his suicide, ismaaiyl brinsley had a long criminal history with more than a dozen arrests in several states and prison. according to court documents, he also admitted to having mental health issues. right now new york police are investigating his motives and looking into why he shot his ex-girlfriend in maryland that morning. here's cnn's nick valencia with more. >> reporter: the shooter's onslaught of terror began saturday morning. just before 6:00 a.m. in baltimore, maryland. police say 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley shot and seriously injured his ex-girlfriend in her apartment hours before he would kill two new york police officers. police say one of the last posts he put on social media was this -- "i always wanted to be known for doing something right," he said.
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"but my past is stalking me and my present is haunting me." the post followed with another ominous warning, "i'm putting wings on pigs today," he wrote. "they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs." police say the posts were flagged by authorities in baltimore but a message to be on alert in new york was just too late. at 2:47 p.m. without warning or provocation brinsley walked up to the patrol car of new york police officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos. >> while sitting in a marked nypd police car in full uniform, both were ambushed and murdered in front of 98 tompkins avenue in the bedford-stuyvesant area of brooklyn, new york city. >> reporter: liu and ramos never hay chance to draw their weapons. they were rushed to the hospital, where they were later pronounced dead. immediately after the shooting nearby officers gave chase, following brinsley into a subway station. ? while on the platform, brinsley shot himself in the head, took his own life.
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>> reporter: police recovered a silver semi-automatic gun from the shooter which they say was used in the killings. saturday night at the hospital more tense moments. new york mayor bill de blasio shows up to pay his respects and while walking past a row of police officers turn their backs, demonstrating their anger towards a mayor who they say shares part of the blame for the officers' deaths. >> there's blood on many hands tonight. that blood on the hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor. >> reporter: for the family of slain officer rafael ramos the focus was not on blame but on grief. late saturday ramos's 13-year-old son wrote this on facebook. "today i had to say bye to my father. i will always love you, and i will never forget you." on sunday new york police department commissioner bill bratton released a message to his police force. that message read in part, "may god grant officer wenjian liu and officer rafael ramos rest. and to all the members of the service, be safe."
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nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> and to that end, at least one new york official is asking for anti-police brutality protests that have been ongoing to stop until after officers liu and ramos are buried. there have been weeks of demonstrations as you know over the lack of charges in the death of eric garner at the hands of the nypd. garner's mother says she does not want any violence in her n son's name. >> anyone who's standing with us, we want you to not use eric garner's name for violence because we are not about that. these two police officers lost their lives senselessly. >> u.s. president barack obama called new york's police commissioner sunday offering his support and any possible assistance. mr. obama also repeated his call for americans to reject
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violence. a deadly shooting of a police officer is also shaking the small florida city of tarpon springs. a suspect is now in custody in the death of charles condit, a 17-year veteran of the police department. officials is i he was killed early sunday in a residential area and now they're now investigating. the suspect faces first-degree murder charge. now we turn to central france, where at least 12 people have been injured and a man is under arrest after police say he rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians. it happened in dijon sunday. witnesses tell our affiliate bf mtv the driver was shouting "god is great" in arabic just before he plowed into the people. this marks two days in a row of violence in france. on saturday a man entered a police station in another french city in tour, france, shouting the same phrase. police say he stabbed three officers. they lived. but he was then shot dead.
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more threats of online attacks coming now from north korea. they come of course after that massive cyberattack which led sony pictures to shelve its film "the interview" which features an assassination plot against kim jong un. the u.s. blames north korea for the cyberattack. north korea denies any involvement. it says the u.s. is behind the controversial film and released a new statement saying, and we quote, "our toughest counteraction will be boldly taken against the white house, the pentagon, and the whole u.s. mainland. the cesspool of terrorism." it also says, "fighters for justice are sharpening i bayonets, not only in the u.s. mainland but all other parts of the world." that the latest from north korea. in an exclusive interview u.s. president obama said the united states must act against the
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north korean cyberattacks. >> do you think this was an act of war by north korea? >> no, i don't think it was an act of war. i think it was an act of cybervandalism that was very costly, very expensive. we tyke it very seriously. we will respond proportionately, as i said. but we're going to be in an environment in this new world where so much is digitalized that both state and non-state actors are going to have the capacity to disrupt our lives in all sorts of ways. we have to do a much better job of guarding against that. >> president obama is also among those critical of sony's decision to cancel its release of "the interview" on christmas day p coming up later this hour, the ceo of sony entertainment responds to those comments by the president in a television exclusive with cnn. >> in this instance the president, the press, and the public are mistaken as to what
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actually happened. >> see more of that exclusive tv interview at the bottom of the hour, right here. isis militants are fleeing sinjar as kurdish fighters claim they now have complete control of the iraqi town and surrounding villages. the u.s. military said it carried out four air strikes around sinjar sunday. isis seized the town in august, causing minority yazidis to flee into the mountains. thousands of yazidis who fled will be able to return over the next month, although most of their homes and religious shrines have been destroyed in the fighting. we are now getting an exclusive look inside the culture of isis. a german author spent more than a week with fighters in iraq and syria. as frederick pleitgen reports, the author believes he's the
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first western journalist allowed to visit the group. >> reporter: it's an extremely rare glimpse into the inner workings of the most dangerous terror organization in the world. german author joden tudenhove managed to visit isis territory both in iraq and in syria. >> they are only 1% -- it's a 1% movement in the islamic world. but this 1% movement has the power of a nuclear tsunami. it's incredible. i was so amazed. i was -- i couldn't understand this enthusiasm. >> reporter: he spent several days in mosul, iraq's second biggest city, conquered by isis in june. he even visited the mosque where isis head abu bakr al baghdadi gave a speech earlier this year. he also met with child soldiers. >> how old are you? >> translator: i'm 13. >> reporter: he even managed to get access to a kurdish prisoner in the hands of the extremists.
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>> what did they tell you? what will happen to you? >> translator: our captors said that we have islamic state fighters imprisoned with the kurdish regional government, we are prisoners here and we will trade you back for our fighters. they didn't say they will kill or slaughter. >> reporter: he says people living in isis-controlled areas are in fear of the harsh penalties for infringement of the stringent laws. according to him, fighters say they manage to defeat much larger armies like the iraqi military because they're not afraid to die. >> it took you how many days to conquer mosul? four days. >> translator: we didn't kill 24, but we killed a score of them. so they got terrified and ran away. we don't retreat. we only fight, and god almighty
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will victor us. those who have reverted from islam do not have a solid ideology so, they ran away. they came to fight for the tyrant, fight for money. >> reporter: during battle he learned many of the isis fighters wear suicide vests, willing to blow themselves up rather than be captured. in one interview a senior isis fighter warns the u.s. and europe. >> translator: we will conquer europe someday. it's not a question of us wanting. we will. we'll kill 150 million, 200 million, 500 million. we don't care about the number. >> reporter: atrocities isis has already committed suggests they're serious about their threats. this german author's visit to the islamic state shows a brutal merciless group but also one that won't go away anytime soon. fred pleitgen, cnn, munich, germany. >> we will have more on this rare inside look at the inner workings of isis on "amanpour." on tonight's program christiane
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sits down with the author just profiled there. watch the entire interview, 7:00 p.m. in london, 8:00 in berlin. if the united states lifts its trade embargo against cuba would the country become americanized? that's the fear of some tourists visiting cuba. >> we don't want to see too many starbucks and too many mcdonald's on each corner. we would like it to be as it is. >> we'll have more reaction from people on the streets of havana about the new day coming to cuba. ahead here, also, a big storm could be holiday headaches for thousands of u.s. travelers. we'll tell you where that's expected. much more ahead. [ rob ] we weren't always the most adventurous couple. once we kept the lights on. but then we started using k-y yours & mine. yeah, we were nervous to try it. there's an amazing sensation for her. amazing.
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in the sydney siege one week ago. amira drudis is the widow of the suspect man monis. she is in custody after the court ordered toer had return to jail to await trial. monis, an alleged accomplice in that murder, was out on bail. that led to widespread criticism after he stormed a sydney cafe at gunpoint last monday and sparked a 16-hour hostage standpoint that left three people dead, including the gunman. with christmas just days away, thousands gathered in st. peter's square.
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senior vatican analyst john allen joins us with more about it. hello there, john. >> reporter: hello. good morning. >> good morning. what can we expect to hear from the pope in his address today? >> reporter: well, the vatican typically bills this as the pope's state of the union address. it's sort of an opportunity for the pope to look back on the year that just closed. and of course this has been an extraordinarily eventful year for the pontiff. and then also look ahead to the year to come. and usually offer some hints of what's on his to-do list for 2015. francis of course is an extraordinarily activist pope, both internally and externally. internally over this past year he has tried to put a more welcoming face on the catholic church for a wide variety of constituencies. he's led the church in a tumultuous and divisive debate about its policies on family
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issues such as the place of gays in the church, the question whether divorced or remarried catholics should be able to receive communion and so on. externally he's involved in the affairs of the day. of course he's coming off a big diplomatic coup in terms of the role he played in the restoration of relations between the u.s. and cuba. so we would expect him to sort of try to bring all that together and then project it forward into the next year. >> right. and he also traveled to south korea. he traveled to turkey as well. so it's almost impossible, is it not, even though he does give a hint of what's on his mind, to keep up with this pope and where he's going as far as what his plans are for the world and what he can possibly -- >> reporter: listen, i've written that this pope -- yeah, absolutely right. i've written that this pope ought to come with a warning label like a pack of cigarettes, caution, predictions are hazardous to your health.
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so you're right. he is a pope of surprises, and it is very difficult to anticipate. now, we can say a couple of things that we know are going to be big moments for him in 2015. in september we know he will be making his first trip to the united states. we know he's going to philadelphia for a vatican-sponsored meeting of families. we also expect he'll make a couple of other east coast stops. probably in new york to speak to the yuunited nations and probab also in washington to address congress. it's worth noting this will be his first trip to the united states not just as pope but the first time jorge mario b echl rgolio the man has been in the united states. it will be his in the flesh american debut. we also know in october he's going to be convening another what the vatican calls a synod. that's a summit of catholic bish sxpz movers and shake nerz in the church to once again thrash through these issues, the hot-button issues about the family. that's going to be a pivotal moment. we know in january he's going to
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be taking yet another foreign trip. he's going to sri lanka and the philippines. so the one thing we can say for sure is even though we don't know what the details are going to look like it's going to be another busy year for pope francis. >> certainly, certainly believe that. thank you so much. it's always a pleasure to have you with us. senior vatican analyst john allen. thanks, john. the pope is expected to begin his remarks in a little more than an hour. cnn coverage of that event will happen when it begins from the vatican. coming next here, billions of dollars in play. right now in spain they're drawing numbers in the world's biggest lottery at a time when people in spain are really suffering. we'll have a live report.
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cuba's leader raul castro welcomed the news of a proposal to normalize diplomatic relations with the u.s., but who stands to gain or lose if the long-time trade embargo is lifted? as cnn's rosa flores reports, cubans hope their future will improve. >> reporter: everybody loves cuba, says jesus ramos liova, an independent contractor renting this cab from the cuban government for about 10 u.s. dollars a day. he's not allowed to drive tourists. most of his time is spent donating services to the state, which means driving less
12:25 am
fortunate cubans for free. on a good day he takes home about 10 u.s. dollars in profit. he hopes that if americans suddenly flock to havana more cabbies like him will be cleared to drive tourists, who pay more to get around. it would be important for that to happen in order for him to make a better living. he's not the only person here expecting to see the american dream come into focus. laser hernandez says americans tend to appreciate finer art at higher prices. others set to reap the benefits, construction companies giving havana's battered buildings much-needed facelifts while hotels and restaurants take care of extra visitors. not everybody wins if americans start flooding plazas like this one. so who's to lose? well, possibly tourists from canada and europe who've been
12:26 am
visiting cuba freely for a re long time. >> maybe the price go up and more tourists coming, more service, more business coming. >> we don't want to see too many starbucks and too many mcdonald's on each corner. we would like it to be as it is. >> reporter: it's a historic time in havana says jesus ramos liova. while there are sure to be winners and losers if the u.s. embargo is lifted, he hopes the road leads cuba to a better tomorrow. rosa flores, cnn, havana. stage and screen star billy whitelaw has died at a nursing home in london. she was 82. whitelaw appeared in more than 50 movies from the classic horror film "the omen" to alfred hitchcock's "frenzy." whitelaw was perhaps best known for her collaborations with the playwright samuel beckett, who called her the perfect actress.
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piecing together a killer's timeline. coming up, we take you to the state of maryland, where saturday's shooting spree started before ending in new york city with two policemen dead. also ahead, north korea vowing more sieb cyberattacks on the u. what the u.s. president says about that, just ahead. ♪ [ female announcer ] you've tried to forget your hepatitis c. but you shouldn't forget this. hepatitis c is a serious disease.
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left untreated, it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c. go to to register for more information. then talk to your doctor about scientific advances that may help you move on from hepatitis c.
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welcome back to cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen. our top story is the new york police department boosting security after two of its officers were shot and killed in an ambush this weekend. police also looking at all the social media posts made by the killer and investigating anyone who made comments on his post
12:30 am
that could be perceived as threats. i man has been arrested in france after police say he rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians, injuring at least 12. it happened in dijon, france. witnesses say the driver was shouting "god is great" in arabic. police have not released his name. in tunisia's first democratic presidential election reuters reporting beji kayi beji kayid esepsi has declared victory. the 88-year-old anti-islamist announced his win before a crowd of supporters sunday. his opponent has refused to concede. official results of the runoff are expected in the coming hours. a lawyer for sony pictures says the studio is planning to release its controversial film which features a fictitious plot to assassinate north korean leader kim jong un. the studio had shelved the film's release after a massive cyber attack the u.s. blames on north korea.
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meantime, north korea is threatening to launch new cyber attacks on the u.s. well, back to new york, police say they are looking at social media postings to help figure out why ismaaiyl brinsley ambushed and killed two police officers. they're also trying to figure out the timeline starting with his ex-girlfriend's shooting, his phone calls to her mother, and his eventual suicide. erin mcpike reports. >> reporter: robert boyce, the chief of detectives at the new york police department, said that on sunday afternoon they interviewed shaneka nicole thompson. she is known to be the ex-girlfriend of brinsley. the two have known each other for about a year. so they're hoping to get some more information from her about his motivation for all this. now, what we do know about thompson is that she lived here in this apartment complex alone, although brinsley had a key that he wasn't supposed to have and he entered her apartment at 5:30 a.m. on saturday morning.
12:32 am
he wasn't supposed to enter. she challenged him on that. the two had an argument. he came in anyway. she called her mother, who heard part of that argument. and then he fired a shot into thompson's stomach, grabbed her phone, and fled. listen here to what happened next. >> at about 6:05 in the morning he calls the mother on her phone, the girlfriend's mother on the phone, and he says he shot her by accident and that he hopes she lives. he then at 6:35, baltimore county police department begins monitoring his movements and they have him tracked going northbound on i-95. during this time he calls his irl ex-girlfriend's mother several times and goes through, makes certain statements that were able to find out where he's going. >> reporter: from baltimore police we know about 1:30 on saturday one of thompson's friends called police to warn them about brinsley's instagram feed because he had made some threats to law enforcement. baltimore police then called new york police about 2:10 to warn
12:33 am
them about those threats. and then the new york police say that about 2:50 they got a fax with a "wanted" flyer with brinsley's image on it. but of course as we know that was just a few minutes too late. erin mcpike, cnn, owings mills, maryland. now to the situation that occurred then in new york. the officers were in that particular brooklyn neighborhood saturday because it is a high crime area. ironically, it was a man from out of town, apparently bent on murdering police officers, who killed them. community leaders are calling for peace saying the time for healing and unity is now. >> this is a tragic time in our community, in our state quite frankly. to turn around and have to deal with this kind of senseless violence. not only are we losing people in the community but now we're losing police officers to the same stupid rhetoric that deals with guns. we stand here unified with this family, with the ramos family, with regard to the issue that
12:34 am
took place yesterday. our hearts are actually painstakingly crushed right now. now is the time for all of us to get to the table. elected officials, our community folks. and not just one particular person that's a community rep. everybody needs to be at the table so that we can generate the necessary information to move this community forward. mr. mayor, you need to have a sit-down and you need to get everything corrected from the mayor's office down. because this is wrong. we need you to work with the community and the police department. we don't need you to just go to one side. the police department needs you as well. what about if that was your son sitting in that patrol car? if that was your son that got shot in the head. then what? why you don't come out and say that? >> new york is a corporation and every time we turn around there's a dollar amount associated with everything that goes down. that being said apparently we are looked at as those who are keeping the city running. so giving summonses and having mandates on police officers is
12:35 am
not the way to go and this creates the sentiment and makes people frustrated and that's why you get the attitude you get with police officers because they're pushed out there to come after us to help this city make money. we stand behind our police department. we support those members of our community that put on a uniform to go out here and do a job that needs to be done to keep us safe. i don't know who in the heck got the impression that this community is not behind their police department and then they think it enough that they can come here and take them out. that's not going to happen. we're not going to allow that to continue to happen. it's unacceptable. >> so much anger and hurt after the killing of these officers. we'll continue to bring you other developments following these shootings this weekend. u.s. president obama is calling the hacking attack on sony an act of cyber vandalism. he had said sony's earlier decision to call off the film's release was a mistake. he called it a matter of freedom of speech. to put the film out there. cnn's candy crowley sat down with the president for an exclusive interview. she asked him about the head of
12:36 am
sony pictures, who said the president did not understand the studio's decision. >> well, look, i was pretty sympathetic to the fact they've got business considerations, they've got to make. and had they talked to me directly about this decision, i might have called the movie theater chains and distributors and asked them what the story was. but what i was laying out was a principle that i think this country has to abide by. we believe in free speech. we believe in the right of artistic expression and satire and things that powers that be might not like. and if we set a precedent in which a dictator in another country can disrupt through
12:37 am
cyber a company's distribution chain or its products and as a consequence we start censoring ourselves, that's a problem. and it's a problem not just for the entertainment industry. it's a problem for the news industry. cnn has done critical stories about north korea. what happens if in fact there's a breach in cnn's, you know, cyber space. are we going to suddenly say well, we'd better not report on north korea? the key here is not to suggest that sony was a bad actor. it's making a broader point that all of us have to adapt to the possibility of cyber attacks, we have to do a lot more to guard against them. my administration's taking a lot of strides in that direction, but we need congress to pass a cyber security law. we've got to work with the private sector and the private
12:38 am
sector has to work together to harden their sights. but in the meantime when there's a breach we have to go after the wrongdoer, we can't change the way we operate. >> i wonder if it was fear of lawsuit as opposed to fear of north korea -- >> which is possible. >> if there's a threat people looking at their theater going anything happens here, i'm done, it's over. >> you know, that's possible. but look, as i said, the boston marathon suffered an actual grievous attack that killed and maimed a number of people. and that next year we had a successful boston marathon as we've ever had. sometimes this is a matter of setting a tone and being very clear that we're not going to be intimidated by some, you know, cyber hackers. and i expect all of us to remember that and operate on that basis going forward.
12:39 am
in another cnn tv exclusive, sony's ceo responded to president obama's criticism of the company's decision. michael lynton told cnn's fareed zakaria sony has not caved in to hackers. >> the president says sony made a mistake in pulling the film. did you make a mistake ? >> no. i think actually the unfortunate part is in this instance the president, the press, and the public are mistaken as to what actually happened. we do not own movie theaters. we cannot determine whether or not a movie will be played in movie theaters. so to sort of rehearse for a moment the sequence of events, we experienced the worst cyber attack in american history and persevered for 3 1/2 weeks under enormous stress and enormous difficulty.
12:40 am
and all with the effort of trying to keep our business up and running and get this movie out into the public. when it came to the crucial moment when a threat came out from what was called the g.o.p. at the time, threatening audiences who would go to the movie theaters, the movie theaters came to us one by one over the course of a very short period of time, we were completely surprised by it, and announced that they would not carry the movie. at that point in time we had no alternative but to not proceed with the theatrical release on the 25th of december. and that's all we did. >> so you have not caved, then. >> we have not caved. we have not given in. we have persevered. and we have not backed down. we have always had every desire to have the american public see this movie. >> you are well known as somebody who's supported president obama. >> yes. >> were you disappointed in what
12:41 am
you heard today in. >> i would be fibbing to say i wasn't disappointed. the president and i haven't spoken. i don't know exactly whether he understands the sequence of events that led up to the movies not being shown in the movie theaters. and therefore, i would disagree with the notion that it was a mistake. it's a generally held view by the public and the press that that's what happened. and maybe that's how that view was held by him. but knowing as i do the facts and how they've unfolded, you know, we stood extremely firm in terms of making certain that this movie would appear in movie theaters. >> well, we'll continue to bring you the latest on this story here. you can also go to our website. it's always well, security forces have detained more than 100 people in pakistan in their investigation
12:42 am
into tuesday's school massacre. officers going door to door in peshawar, where it happened, arresting people who didn't have proper identification. no word if any of those leads panned out to -- continuing to demand the pakistani government take a stronger stance against terrorism that caused this right here you that see. talib taliban militants killed nearly 150 people in this massacre, most of them school children. pakistani military say they killed several taliban members in the days since the attack. a hufrkt day in tunisia. in its first democratic presidential election, reuters news services reporting that essebsi has declared victory in sunday's runoff vote. the 88-year-old anti-islamist made the announcement before
12:43 am
supporters chanting his name. he was running against the interim president who has refused to concede. official results are not expected till later in the day. the tunisian vote comes after the arab spring first broke out here in 2011 and that ousted the former president from power. next we go live to spain where the world's biggest lottery has many people crossing their fingers. a lot of people hurting with spain's economy, and a lot of money is up for grabs.
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mr. ivan cabrera is with us. >> indeed. lovely to see you. >> you as well. thank you for being here. and a lot of people getting ready to set sail or fly or something. and you're here to tell us -- >> of course again just like thanksgiving, amazing, we tied these things -- listen, it could be worse. it is not going to be snow for the big cities here. >> i'm heading out as well. >> where are you going? >> new york. so i need -- >> you'll be all right i think. >> i need atlanta weather. >> a little heavy rain, a little gusty wind maybe a few delays but i think you'll be all right. let's check the big board here. not to minimize the storm. i think there will be some issues here. it's just this is not going to be one of those classic northeasters that's going to hit
12:46 am
the eastern u.s. with a big snow event. this is going to be west for you in the east but some areas across the midwest that will be picking up on snowfall here. a good swath of four to six inches. the snow is beginning to get going. but it won't get really cranking until tonight and then heading to tuesday. the southeast, see the rain there down in florida? torrential rain. which is why the accumulation of rainfall going to be heaviest because it's already started here. but we have this round one that's now begun and we'll get some more rabe across the southeast. the main low is going to head up to the north. it is going to be a slow mover, so i think we'll have a good area that's going to pick up maybe half a foot of snow. but you can deal with that in the midwest. down southeast this is where we're going to have some issues with severe weather. again, this is tuesday and heading into wednesday. the potential for damaging winds, frequent lightning even some tornadoes possible, that will be that will be on the slight risk here. we're not talking about a
12:47 am
widespread outbreak by any means. here's the storm as we take you into monday afternoon, and then tuesday gets cranking. through see the dakotas. the rockies, the wasatch looking at some snow. then in the southeast look at these pictures of nasty weather. i think for both tuesday and wednesday both those days we have a potential of a line of vcr weather to roll across the deep south. we'll watch that closely. there it is wednesday midday, and then the storm goes up to the north. again, this is going to be a interior storm. on the eastern side, where it will be the wetter side, not the warmer side. certainly good news there. could be much worse. we could be talking about a snowstorm and we're not. large hail, strong winds, isolated tornadoes. this is for tuesday. but i think we can repeat the same graphic because we'll have the same kind of line rolling through there. so natalie heading up to new york, a little gusty wind, perhaps a few delays there, but
12:48 am
certainly not the kind of delays that my goodness, you have to set up cots at airports here. >> that's good to know. thank you. i'll take it. >> so there's that. >> thanks, ivan. well, ivan was telling us earlier it is clear skies in spain right now, and that's good news because people are out because billions of dollars are in play right now as the drawing for the annual christmas lottery el gordo, or the fat one-s under way. they started picking numbers about an hour ago. this is the world's biggest lottery and one of the oldest. it dates back 200 years. al goodman there for us on el gordo day, and he joins us there once again. tell us more about what it's like for the people of spain. everybody comes out for, this don't they, al? >> reporter: hi, natalie. well, this is what sam, many spaniards are holding.
12:49 am
this is a 20-euro ticket. this is mine. this is of course going to be the winner. if it wins, this 20 euro ticket is worth 320,000 euros, what you take home. this is why people all across the country here in this bar, which is right next to the theater where the drawing is officially taking place. in place as cross the country people are so excited about this now the bar lady at this place, an immigrant from romania, says she's got eight of these tickets with her co-workers and they've aechd bought a 20 euro ticket and if any one of them win they will spread it out. she said she'd buy a house and start a family. you have similar stories all across the country. and the economic crisis is not quite over here yet. this is a big deal. natalie? >> absolutely. the country continues to go through so much hardship there with the economy. but i guess we've reported
12:50 am
before that sounds like a lot of money. you held up your ticket last year, al, and you didn't win. i'm sorry. it is spread out through a lot of people. so a lot of people could pick up a little piece here and there, correct? there's not like one big winner. >> reporter: that's the real difference here, is there's a huge amount of fanfare. these balls are being dropped in two big golden tumblers. one with the lottery number, one with the prize money. and the children are singing this song. there goes on for hours. and it's really spread out. it's not one big winner takes all and it's all over in a couple of minutes. so people may get back to face value. their ticket, 20 euros. y and if you're really lucky, you'll get these big prizes 37 but it all has to got culture in spab of sharing it with your
12:51 am
co-workers. the main ad is buy a ticket you don't want to be left out. >> thanks so much. good luck, al. we'll see you later. you know like when the astronauts on the international space station need a tool you just launch a rocket to get them in what they need. you will not believe how this astronaut got this tool. we'll explain in a moment.
12:52 am
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12:54 am
well, congratulations go out to elton john, who is now a legally married man. the singer and his partner, long-time partner david furnish tied the knot in britain, where same-sex marriage became legal earlier this year. this follows the couple's civil partnership ceremony back in 2005. and as you know, they have a child. sir elton shared pictures from the event via instagram with fans around the world. so check it out if you follow him. a golfer in florida is proving age just a number. the 103-year-old man nails a world record hole in one, and it's not his first. here's john rogers from our affiliate wfla. >> reporter: even though gus andreone is 103, he constantly has the young players running after him. >> not as good as i wanted it to be but that's where i put it.
12:55 am
>> i'm 83 and i feel like you're playing with a teenager when you play with him. >> he's at the course three times a week. >> i never had a bad day at golf. golf may be bad but it's not a bad day. >> reporter: but on wednesday he had a great day. he scored a hole in one. the pga says he's the oldest golfer tofr make that shot. >> what did you think? >> i thought it's a lucky one again. >> reporter: yeah, you heard him right. that's not the first time he's accomplished that. yep. he's had eight hole in ones. andreone's first hole in one was way back in 1939. but he still finds it special. >> just happens to be lucky because it just happened on that day. and i went upstairs. >> andreone started playing back in the 1920s. prices back then were nowhere near what they look like today. >> when you were in the roof it was roof.
12:56 am
you didn't bring out the -- the rough that i played in. you're just lucky you find the golf ball. >> his shots still look good. >> from 150 yards in you can't beat them. don't forget, good or bad, you're doing it. >> he credits his longevity to luck, faith, and having a good attitude. >> golf has been good to me all these years. outside of three years in the service that's been my life. >> how about that? i love that story. 103 years old. hitting the links and doing a good job. here's a story about innovation that we just love. usually getting supplies to the international space station means a rocket launch. but with the help of new technology one astronaut was actually e-mailed a tool he needed in space. commander barry willmore is seen here holding a ratcheting socket wrench. guess how he got that. well, it was created by a 3-d
12:57 am
printer they have on the iss. it's the first uplinked tool print 234d space. a former astronaut spoke with a colleague of mine, michael holmes, about this technology and the developments. >> when you're making 3-d printed parts one of the things we have to be concerned about is is the part made, suitable, because it's got to pass the quality checks we would have for a critical component. obviously for a hand tool, like a ratchet we wouldn't need that. but 3-d printers have been used to make rocket components. on my particular mission what we could have used was a can opener. can openers were wearing out and we had to resort to using our pocket knives and had to wait till the next reply ship showed up with new can openers before we could effectively open our cans again. >> unreal. how about that? we'll leave on that note. thank you for watching.
12:58 am
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