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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  December 24, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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memorialized. good morning, welcome to ellell start." i'm christine romans. john berman has the week off. police in berkeley, missouri, that's near ferguson, they say one of the police officers shot and killed a teenager at a gas station after the teen aimed a handgun at police. this is after 11:00 p.m. central time. the victim is 18-year-old antonio martin, identified by his mother toni martin. our affiliate there kmov spoke with toni martin. she explains what her son's girlfriend told her had about what happened last night. >> they said his girlfriend told me that the police was messing with him. he was going to get up and run. he was trying to get up and run, they start shooting him. >> berkeley police say st. louis county detectives are now investigating. they say the teen drew a gun on
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police. but obviously, another very tense situation in light of everything we've seen over the past five months since ferguson and michael brown's killing. fierce weather ushering in holiday travel season today that is really, really turned out to be dangerous. a line of severe thunderstorms spawning deadly tornadoes on the gulf coast. one twister ripped through amite, louisiana, damaging several homes. knocking down trees and power lines. no injuries there. but the tornado system that tore through marion county, mississippi killed two people and two more in nearby jones county. another tornado tore the roof off of this day care city in summerall, mississippi. there were 35 children in there and they were moved to a nearby bank for safety. mississippi's governor has declared a an emergency.
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all of that in the wake of the system. cnn's ivan cabrera joins us with the storm system. it's going to be awfully wet and messy today. >> it sure is. that storm system went from nuisance to deadly and did very quickly. i think we're going to transition back to nuisance here. still a watch in effect for parts of southern georgia and northern florida bit i think that will be gone as far as the midday hours and just heavy rain here. the worst has passed to atlanta. and down towards tallahassee getting another squall line moving through. they picked up 7 inches plus of record rainfall. they have not seen that. more rain pushing off to the north and east. and along with it will be heavy rain and very gusty winds. we're going to watch that. this thing will not get out of here until christmas morning. and by then, we could even have light snow across extreme northern new england. but the heaviest snow will be
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for chicago. that's going to be on the back side of the storm system. we're talking chicago picking up 3 to 5 inches over the next 24 hours. so slow going put we'll get through this here. albeit, it's going to be wet and not snowing. >> we'll just take the point of view from chicago and say it will be a nice white christmas in chicago. it will look beautiful. it will look beautiful there. thank you, ivan. nearly 99 million americans expected to travel at least 50 miles for the christmas holiday, whether you're hitting the highway or hitting the airport, chances are you won't be arrive agent your destination on time. let's bring in rene marsh monitoring the travel. she's live at reagan airport. this could be a messy travel time for millions of americans? >> reporter: right. you're absolutely right. you know, a lost peopau a lot o be driving because gas prices are as low as they are. you just heard it, it's going to
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be a messy commute, it's going to be a messy ride if you're going by car. as far as air goes, you're going to see delays today. and the national outlook, what it looks like right now, we're talking about creeping close to 2,000 delays at this hour. again, it's still pretty early. so all the boards like here at reagan, they look good. i'm seeing many flights are on time. however, you see cancellations at the obvious places like mississippi, where those deadly tornadoes touched down yesterday. so we see cancellations there. we're also seeing some cancellations, just a sprinkling, maine and indianapolis, most of that is an issue or function of heavy dense fog so we're having some visibility issues. so wide range of weather situations may mean that you're just going to have to be patient. we're also going to be watching chicago o'hare airport. looking at flight tracking, website, they're seeing the most cancellations at this hour.
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but according to our meteorologists here at cnn, they are going to be get something snow later on today. and if that snow happens to set up over chicago o'hare that could be quite a mess. and we're going to be paying close attention to that. but if you're one of these people on one of these early flights, you're in good shape. it's later that we're going to be paying close attention to what's happening with air travel. that day before christmas, christine. >> yeah, it's always such a gamble to decide whether to stay home or go to grandma's and feel for those people who say this year i'm going to travel. merry christmas to you, rene. there's breaking news overnight, former president george h.w. bush has been taken to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath. a statement from his office said the 90-year-old's trip to houston's medical hospital is purely a precautionary measure. bush was hospitalized two years ago for bronchitis. a doctor at the nyu school of medicine tells us doctors will be taking a closer look at the
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former president's heart and lungs. >> at the age of 90 the thing we would be most concerned about in general is heart disease. is it a sign of a heart attack, is it something else going on with the heart? in somebody whose had bronchitis before, you wonder could it be something happening with the lungs or with asthma? so you check the heart and lungs. you check what are the most dangerous first. but at the same time, you know, this president has been has been in very good health in general compared to a lost people his age but it could be something that aren't as dangerous. people are having heavy meals for the holiday season. sometimes, you have reflux or other things that trigger a call or shortness of breath. a white house spokesman said president obama has been made aware of the elder bush's hospitalization. adding that the obamas send the former president and his family their good wishes. turning now to new york. still a city in turmoil, turning
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on one side with anger with police violence. and jamming the streets with protests on what they call racist cops. on the other side, mourning with tributes to two police officers. with tributes across the city to officers ramos and liu. mayor bill deblasio leading a moment of silence. >> i want to ask everyone watching, listen, all throughout new york city, all throughout our nation, to now bow our heads in memory of officer ramos and officer liu. >> cnn's martin savidge is in brooklyn, he's is he site of the memorial of the slain nypd police officers. >> reporter: good morning, christine, the tributes and the memorial here continue to grow as people are drawn, as they have been, for the past several days. last night, there was another
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tribute that was done. this one involving lights in the city of new york. city hall had requested that public buildings, as well as landmarks dim their lights for five minutes from 9:00 to 9:05 as part of a tribute those office officers that were killed here in brooklyn. earlier in the day, mayor, mayor de blasio and his wife spent some time here. and they hold a moment of silence at city hall. also a number of officers gathered and the public again took part. the funeral for the first officer, that's officer rafael ramos is going to be held this weekend. the white house has already announced that the vice president will be here. and it's also been announced that the mayor of new york will also be attending, that despite calls by some that he should
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stay away given the divide that's been noted between the police department and the mayor's office. those in political and law enforcement said it would be rare that the mayor didn't attend. it's going to be a very emotional time. >> yes, very emotional. despite calls bit mayor for halts to demonstrations until after the funeral services for these two officers. protesters ignored mayor de blasio. cnn's miguel marquez was right in the middle of it. here's his report. >> reporter: christine, we're in the middle of lexington, 116th street. the crowd here several hundred strong. it's gotten more vociferous, it starts on fifth avenue with shoppers on fifth and madison, a little shocked to see the protesters coming down streets protesting against racism and the police, as they say.
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this as the mayor has asked them not to do this very thing. they will continue to protest. they see the shooting of the two police officers here and the protests that they are conducting tonight and the previous night as two separate things. and they do not want them to -- they do not want to be quiet. they say they will not be quiet. that's why they've taken to the streets. police have worked very hard through much of the night to keep them on the sidewalks as they got farther up town, that ended. they have moved up the streets. police have been incredibly restrainedful allowing them to go on the streets. time for an early start on "your money." merry christmas investors. your santa rally is here. the dow above 18,000 for the first time in history. climbing 1,000 points since just last week. the dow closed up 65 points for its second record close this week. 36th record high this year. that's just remarkable.
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the s&p 500 also a record 51st record for the year. this is now the third year in a row of double-digit percentage gains for the s&p 500. and markets could keep climbing today. right now, you can see their futures are slightly higher. the market jump came as the u.s. economy grew an incredible 5% last quarter. that's the fastest pace in 11 years. the second quarter was 4.6% growth. making it the best two quarters since 2003. and this has not gone unnoticed by consumers by americans. for the first time in seven years the majority of americans think the economy is good. this is a remarkable turnaround, folks. likely because of crashing gas prices where every drivers feels whereas half of americans are invested in the stock market. >> with the president in the polls taking action in cuba and
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the economy ticking up, 48% of americans now approve of of the president bres j president's job performance. 50% do not. a former navy s.e.a.l. who claims he killed osama bin laden is under investigation. cnn has learned the naval criminal investigative service is trying to determine whether robert o'neill revealed classified information. the former s.e.a.l. team six-member made several television appearances last month retelling the story of operation spear, the incursion into pakistan that led to bin laden's death. that brazen gun smuggling ring, remember, involving former and current delta airlinesle employees, it's being called a huge wake-up call for the nation. >> now, this scheme really poses a threat in terms of terrorism. if they can put guns on the plane this time, they could have easily put a bomb on one of
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those planes. >> this as we're getting our first look at surveillance video of one of the suspects. that's mark henry at atlanta's hartsfield-jackson and jfk airport. allegedly took guns from atlanta to new york. three others were involved in the probe. the tsa is saying they're using the findings to improve current security processes. a collision on the tarmac at new york's laguardia airport. an american airlines jet with 149 passengers on board clipping wings with a southwest airlines plane carrying 143 people. it happened tuesday morning. the southwest boeing 737 sustained substantive damage to its wing tip. an about-face from sony. the company will release "the interview" after all on christmas day in a limited number of theaters.
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should moviegoers be worried about the threats? and a terrible incident of road rage. a woman running a car off the road. turns out this woman was arrested days earlier. should she have even been behind the wheel.
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sony pictures on again/off again plans to distribute the movie "the interview" are on again. the comedy about an assassination attempt on north
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korean leader kim jong-un has had a pretty massive month. with an attack and showing the film, accusations, you know, the first amendment being violated because the north koreans were throwing a fit. major theater chains dropped the film. sony said it had no choice but to pull it from distribution. now reversal, more than 300 theaters will open with "the interview" on christmas day. cnn's kyung lah live. good morning, americans will be going to be to see the movie after all, but not in the 3,000 cineplexes. >> much smaller, 200 to 300. sony theaters working out that deal to try to get the film shown somewhere on a theater. the thing too that's important to remember, is that sony has publicly said this is always their plan, to try to get it
2:18 am
out. what's the next step for sony, perhaps to come up with a streaming deal or trying to get it shown on more screens. well, regardless of how many screens it eventually gets shown on, it's being viewed in the states as largely a victory. we saw seth rogen immediately tweet it was a victory. here in south korea, a lot of people are saying this is the right way to deal with north korea. even though the movie isn't going to be shown here, was never intended to be shown here, people are applauding it. especially the defectors who see this as an important stand versus north korea. as far as what's happening in the north, it's silent. we've seen propaganda films seen. not a single mention of the sony hack, christine, not a single mention of what's happened with the internet two days in a row. not off the global map.
2:19 am
christine. >> it's a reminder, kyung, it's a comedy, satire. many people would not have gone to see this movie and it really rhode island riled up the north koreans who took it so seriously. >> yes, they don't have a sense of humor, essentially when it comes to dealing with the supreme leader kim jong-un. when you say anything in north korea about kim jong-un it is not to reinforce the propaganda of the entire regime, you or your entire family can be sentenced to life in prison. simply dropping a picture of him on the ground can land you in prison. >> thank you for that, kyung lah. thank you. authorities in sydney australia arresting two suspects
2:20 am
on alleged terrorism plots. australian federal police do not think an attack was imminent and there was no specific threat against the prime minister or other officials but they are beefing up security for the holidays. a dramatic road rage incident caught on tape. >> she's pushing us off the road. yes, she's pushing us off the road. she's coming for us. >> two women in california frantically called police report they go were cut off by the driver of a ford explorer. at one point, the driver identified as diedra orozco got out of her car banging what was a sheriff's badge on the window. she was arrested. how badly do they want jim harbaugh to be the next coach? will eight figures be enough?
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2:24 am
three-pointer, oh, right here. that would have tied the game. take another look. is that a gold tend with unlv's jalen kendrick? that doesn't matter. the ref didn't call it. 71-67. the home crowd loves it. the university of michigan needs a new coach current 49ers coach and former michigan man jim harbaugh, well, he's the biggest name being floated around. what's michigan's ace in the hole to lure harbaugh back to ann arbor. how about a birthday card? michigan tweeted out this pic to the favorite son wishing him a happy birthday. will it help? can't hurt. these are my favorite types of stories. nba star anthony davis along with pelicans teammates took 75 kids on a shopping spree in new orleans. it didn't take long, davis got
2:25 am
posterized. davis got his fair share of blocks on the kids. looks like a whole lot of fun. >> don't forget a whole lot of action on christmas day. they have the lakers/bulls 8:00 eastern followed by the clippers and warriors at 10:30. >> i love the idea of playing twister with these guys 7 feet tall. very cool. merry christmas. nice to see you. >> merry christmas. deadly storms wreaking havoc across the country. find out how it's going to affect your holiday plans. and record setting day for wall street. the dow sets a new high. find out what it means for you and whether it can last.
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breaking news this morning. police shoot and kill a teenager overnight in a town next to ferguson, missouri, tensions spiking yet again. we have the very latest on that. deadly storms tornados tear through several states killing at least four people.
2:29 am
and the travel nightmare is in store for 98 million people this morning. and a big day for the dow topping 18,000 for the first time in history. what does this mean for the economy? and more importantly, what does it mean for you? can it last into next year? welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. yawn berman has the week off. it's 30 minutes past the hour. in ferguson, in berkeley, they say one police officer shot and killed a man at that gas station after a man aimed the handgun at an officer. this is after 11:00 p.m. central time. the st. louis dispatch reports 18-year-old antonio martin identified by his mother toni martin. the scene at the shooting is tense. berkeley police say st. louis
2:30 am
detectives are investigating the shooting. we're going to bring you details as we get them. police say this man, this 18-year-old man pointed a gun at police. he was shot and killed by police. his body and the weapon later removed from scene. at least 60 people are still milling about that gas station right now. we'll bring you the latest as it develops. >> meantime, fierce weather ushering in holiday travel this season. a line of severe thunderstorms spawning deadly tornadoes on the gulf coast. one twister ripped through amite, louisiana, knocking down trees, taking out power lines, no injuries reported there. but the tornado system that tore through marion county, mississippi, that system skilled two people and two more in nearby jones county. another tornado tore the roof off his day care center in mississippi. luckily, the 35 children and the 7 staffers in that center reported unharmed. they were moved to a nearby bank for safety.
2:31 am
mississippi's governor declaring a state of emergency in the wake of all of these storms. and all of this is just the beginning of a weather nightmare for holiday travelers. cnn's ivan cabrera joins us for the latest on the storm system and the forecast. good morning. >> we'll get to that as well, a terrifying scene for mississippi and louisiana. national weather crews will be out there and letting us now based on the damage what kind of intensity we were at with those tornadoes that touched down. unusual, no question about it. i do not think we're going to see those kinds of scenes repeat today. severe weather threat diminishing as we speak. but we will see very wet rainfall impacting travelers by road and air. it is going to be wet and windy but not snowy. on the back side of the storm, chicago does get in on snowfall. anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. in fact, they have winter storm
2:32 am
watches as we speak right now. so it will be a white christmas for them there. and the next system that's moving into the pacific northwest. in fact, it's raining in seattle right now, that will dive down to the south and east and christmas day itself it will be snowing across parts of the rockies. and high pressure moves here in atlanta. and the rest of the south will try off for christmas day itself. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas, ivan. thank you. nearly 99 million americans are going to travel this christmas holiday. whether you're hitting the roads or the air, chances are you are not arriving on time. let's bring some rene marsh from reagan national airport. give it to us straight. if we're getting in a car, getting in a plane today it's not go to be smooth? >> reporter: it's not going to be smooth. let's start with the roads first, christine, you mentioned
2:33 am
that. there's going to be a lot of heavy rain on the i-95 corridor, especially in the south anywhere from the morning to afternoon hours. you just want to be careful on the roads. again, that heavy rain, i-10 corridor as well, you're going to see rain. as it relates to air travel, if you're leaving early, that was a good move because right now things look good here. at reagan, for example, seeing very few cancellations or delays. everything is looking on time but again, that's because it is early. as we get later on in the day and that system continues to move up the east coast, we're going see the delays and cancellations continue to build. national outlook, we're slowly creeping towards the 2,000 mark as it relates to delays and it is still pretty early. considering we are approaching 2,000 delays at this hour. as far as the cancellations go, we're now over 400 cancellations. but the key that we're going to be watching today -- >> and not smooth even for a
2:34 am
live shot. rene marsh doing a great job for us at reagan but for some reason, technical difficulty. let's talk about money here. the dow topped 18,000 for the first time in history. on news u.s. economy grew at 5% last quarter. 5% growth in the last quarter. that's strong. that's the fastest pace in 11 years. it shows an american economy that's shifting into higher gear. the s&p 500 record high close. you're forgiven if you think this sounds like a broken record because it is. 51 record high closes for the year. the s&p is up more than 200% since bottoming out in march 2009, making this the fourth longest bull market in history. joining us to talk about what this good news means for the nation is carl, an economist at bloomburg. nice to see you. >> i've seen the polls, cnn has a brand-new poll, for the first time in seven years, americans
2:35 am
think the economy is good. are they right? >> they are absolutely right. this has been a good economic recovery. people in higher income brackets who tend to own more stocks have benefited more fully and completely from the upturn in the economy. it's been slow to spread throughout the other components of the economy. finally moving in the right direction. this 5% gdp number off the charts but we shouldn't be that surprised because if we look back to prior economic cycles, this is how an economy in recovery should look. this cycle has been different. it's been very slow. so people are conditioned to just this very slow-moving economy. finally, we're starting to see an economy breaking out of the doldrums. the good thing is if we can break 5% in gdp, just think about the massive gasoline prices. i'm not saying we're going to top 5% in the quarter but
2:36 am
economists are going to be surprised. >> you look at that 4.6% that tells you the best two quarters since 2003. you talk about it's been mostly people with higher incomes who have felt things you're absolutely right. because the stock market has been so good for the past three year. when i look within the cnn polling, you can see the biggest jump in growth of optimism was among lower income folks, that's because of gas prices? >> that is testament to decline in gasoline prices. lower gas prices are effectively a tax cut. and low-income house holds are much more sensitive to gas prices than upper income households. >> does it go to the end of the year? is it the end of the burst of economic activity or does it keep driving to 2015? >> this is not a one-time sugar high. this looks fundamental. >> we can't blame the fed anymore? >> you can't blame the fed.
2:37 am
now the economy is getting legs of its own. it should continue to strengthen as the labor market continues to mend. business sector picking up housing still depressed but coming back. a lot of sectors of the economy actually better this year than next year. >> i think housing looks good because there could be easing of very strict measures. you're going have first time home buyers who are going to say wait a second, i think this may be my choice. >> you're spot on. mortgage prices are tight but it still has a lot to run before it's called normalized. rental is one of the highest components as we look at the economy and there's really not that much supply of that around. home builders know something that the rest of us don't seem to fully understand. it's a tight market, there's lots of pressure and not much supply. so it's a great time to be a
2:38 am
home builder. >> wait until the millennials start paying down their student loan debts they're going to be out there trying to buy. it's been less than a week the dow went up 1,000 points. is that reasonable? are we talking about those kinds of levels for stocks? >> well, 1,000 points in one week is a little crazy. we know at year end, we tend to have the santa claus rallies, and the market gets a little ahead of itself. i think we shouldn't expect gains like that going forward. and maybe if we go a little too far now, it's just going to make the returns for next year a little bit softer. but if the economy is finally growing at a faster pace, we have very low inflation. low input costs for most businesses. this is a strong positive for corporate profits. and corporate profits -- >> wages go up we need wages to go up? >> wages aren't going up yet. everyone is scratching their heads why this is the case.
2:39 am
wages is an indicator. it's a flagging indicator. we'll be there when we get to $5.25 or 5.5% on the unemployment rate. we're not there yet. we're at 5.8%. as we cross through, we'll get wage pressure. it's a story for next year. >> it's nice see you. >> thank you. >> i hope you're right on all of those things, especially housing. >> the plot thickens for sony. "the interview" getting its christmas day release after all. that release, why did sony reverse course? we've got that for you next.
2:40 am
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ms. breaking news overnight, former president george h.w. bush has been taken to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath. a statement from his office said the 90-year-old's trip to houston medical hospital purely a precautionary measure. bush was hospitalizeded two years ago, you'll remember, with bronchitis. the white house said president obama has been made aware of the elder bush's hospitalization. adding that the obamas send the former president and his family their good wishes. sony pictures, controversial satire "the interview" cancelled last week now uncancelled. the comedy about an assassination attempt on north korean leader kim jong-un has had a rough month with a massive cyberattack on the studio and then showing the film with
2:43 am
theaters. and sony saying it had no choice but to pull it from distribution. now a reversal. more than 200 independent theaters are set to open "the interview" on christmas day. cnn's brian steltzer has the story. >> hey christine, one called it the best christmas gift anybody could ever give us. and now those gifts are on the way to the theaters, shipped out overnight to theaters across the country. films these day come on hard drives and they had to be mailed to theaters on christmas day. after the movie was cancelled, sony had lined up 3,000 screens to show this move on. obviously, a much smaller number are going to be able to show it on christmas now because instead of having a very big chain showing the movie, it's independently owned cinemas
2:44 am
mostly screening it. i do wonder if some of these big chains are going to show up to show the movie in the coming weeks. if it does well, it might be the independent cinemas. that might be what sony is hoping for, you start small and then get bigger as time goes on. the other big question is whether sony is able to make a video on demand for this movie. there has been talk about netflix or hulu or amazon signing up agreeing distribute it online on christmas day or shortly thereafter. sony has made no announcement about that but talks are ongoing. i think we might here an an on-demand deal later on today. >> brian, thank you for that. president obama is enjoying a nice bounce in the polls heading into the new year, with the economy ticking up and the president taking decisive action on immigration and cuba. the latest rnc poll puts his approval rating the a 20 had-month high. here are the numbers, 48% of
2:45 am
americans now approve of the president's job performance. 50% do not. president enjoying increased support among women, independents and millennials. a former navy s.e.a.l. who claims he killed osama bin laden is now under investigation. an investigative service is trying to determine whether robert o'neill revealed classified information. he made six television appears last month retelling the operation spear the incursion into pakistan that led to osama bin laden's death. now to chris cuomo, it's christmas eve, my friend. a lot aut ot of news to tackle. >> it is. we have a shooting overnight in missouri. an officer involved. a teenager involved. of course in the wake of the michael brown shooting there's a lot of sensitivity here. people from the community came out. we are told by police that this
2:46 am
situation fit a very simple fact pattern. the police officer approached two young men on the side of a gas station grocery storm. one of them was armed. pointed the weapon at the officer. the officer fired. the wounds wound up killing one of the people. and the second fled. those are the facts from the police. we're reporting around that story to get everything we can. obviously, shootings happen often with police but the sensitivity demands that. and also a look at the economy. by any measure it is improving. a strong 30 quarter. 5% growth. new poll numbers for the president show a bump but we'll look at who is moving in terms of their opinion and the president and why. we'll also speak to his former press secretary jay carney on what that may had mean strategically going forward. and the holiday travel getting off to a slow start. look at that.
2:47 am
ugly start. nearly 100 million people are going to hit the roads. we'll give you the latest when "new day" begins at the top of the hour with me, you and alisyn camerota. >> and there she is. what is interesting about the polling, i was looking at the economy when people who feel the economy is coming. the biggest optimism is from people who make less than $50,000 a year. gas prices my friend. everybody feels it. it's not just people in the stock market who say the economy is good, it's gas prices. >> you know, christine, you've been ignoring the gas prices. i've told you they matter to people. i've told you they're like a stimulus. and you said, oh, can i use that word? i said, no, that's my word. >> that's right. merry christmas. it's christmas eve. one of the most popular places to visit this time of year,
2:48 am
bethlehem. the birth place of jesus christ. but with threats, how is the city preparing? we'll take you there next. with any smart phone. including the samsung galaxy note 4, for $0 down. add more family members for just 40 bucks a pop. think the other guys have a family plan like this? think again. only t-mobile has an unlimited 4g lte plan for the whole family. that'll get your holiday bell ringing.
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the u.s. has paid $3.2 million directly to alan gross to settle a lawsuit by his company over his imprisonment in cuba. the check was cut by the u.s. agency for development.
2:51 am
gross' firm developmental alternatives of washington, d.c. had been seeking $7 million to recover costs related to alan gross' five-year incarceration in cuba. the celebration of one of christianity's holiest days begins in just hours depending on where you live in the world. in rome, pope francis is set to lead christmas eve mass. this is formally known as the solemnity. and another mass, midnight math at the church of serenity at the site that tradition says is the place of jesus christ's birth. ian lee is there. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, christine. festivities are well under way here. manger square is buzzing. you might be able to hear the
2:52 am
bands they're practicing for the grand patriarch. that's the head of the catholic church coming here for midnight mass. security is tight because there's a lot of delegates that come here for mass including palestinian president mahmoud abbas. he gave his christmas message saying palestinian christians are an integral part of our society and international movement. i've got another fun fact four this hour, christine, last hour i told you how the stable that we think of for the nativity is not made of wood but it was a cave. well, the church of nativity is three churches, one for the catholics, the orthodox and the or meanians. the orthodox and armenians don't celebrate christmas here. they celebrate in january. >> another fun fact. ian lee, thank you for that. a different sort of christmas tradition, santa and the reindeer and the sleigh full
2:53 am
of gifts they're on their way. that's on the same technology that the u.s. defense military uses to defend its skying, that's right, norad tracking stant. and the weather address nor r it's fun to watch in realtime as santa makes all of those deliveries. here's a gift giver's recall. keurig is recalling 6 million coffeemakers. we'll tell you why. we're getting anel early start "your money." more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today.
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet
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and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. let's get an "early start" on "your money." the santa rally is here. the dow up on good news that the u.s. economy rose 5% last quarter. the fastest economic growth in 11 years. the s&p 500 hit a record. it has surged over 200% since bottoming out in march 2009. you see all the pullbacks, not very recently, right? this bull market more than 2,000 days old. the futures are higher right now. the stronger economy not going
2:57 am
unnoticed by consumers. for the first time in seven year, the majority of the americans think that the economy is good. a remarkable turnaround. you can thank crashing gas prices for that. they have fallen for a record 90 days straight, that's according to aaa. average price dropped to $2.35 a gallon down $1.33 from the summer peak. that puts extra cash in americans' wallets this holiday season. >> you might want to think twice before putting a keurig under the tree tomorrow. the company has recalled 6 million models. the model is the k-10 mini plus that can emit hot water while crewing. keurig will ship new coffee makers. >> i lot of breaking news. a deadly shooting in a town near ferguson, missouri.
2:58 am
you still have people gathering around the gas station where it's happening. "new day" is covering police near ferguson, missouri, shot and killed a black teenager at a gas station after the man aimed a handgun at the officer. >> get back! get back! >> they just got my baby laying out there, he been out there for about two hours. >> they've marched from downtown in manhattan and are now up in harlem. >> this may be the most intense it's been. >> you need to keep the pressure on if you care about reform in the justice system. >> that's the tornado. >> not too sure, this used to be a gas station. there's debris all over the place here. >> good morning, welcome to "new day," it is wednesday, december 24th, christmas eve morning. just before 6:00 in the east,
2:59 am
chris cuomo and alisyn camerota here, we do begin with breaking news, there's been another police shooting near ferguson, missouri, sparking tensions there. but this time, a weapon was involved and it was pointed at a police officer on patrol. >> officials tell cnn after the teenager pointed the handgun, the officer fired his gun and killed the teenager, police say the teenager's gun was recovered at the scene and the site of the shooting has turned volatile overnight as protesters have gathered and confronted officers, for the latest, let's get to sarah again nam on what's happening on the ground. >> it happened about 11:15 last night in berkeley, missouri, two miles from ferguson. an officer on routine patrol approached a gas station, saw two men at side of the building, approached them, one pulled a handgun, pointed it at the officer and the officer fired several shots in self-defense.
3:00 am
after this happened, about 100 protesters showed up. things got pretty violent. a firework was thrown into the crowd, into the gas station, police responded with pepper spray, with tear gas and, one of the people that showed up was actually a woman who identified herself as the mother of the man who was shot and killed, her name is toni martin. listen to what she told a local affiliate. >> they won't tell me nothing. his girlfriend told me that the police was messing with them. he was going to get up and run, when he was trying to get up and run, they started shooting him. they won't tell me nothing. they won't even let me see my baby. >> that mother, toni martin told the affiliate that her son was antonio martin, 18 years old. police have not identified him. they're still waiting to notify the next of kin. we do have word this afternoon they do p


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