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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 25, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> reporter: the family has chosen not to continue with medical treatment in the u.s. due to health risks but aren't giving up hope. >> a long road in front of us. she's an extremely strong little girl. >> reporter: she loves to sing and tonight the high school choir sang for their absent member. >> she's really sweet. always nice to everybody. can put a smile on your face. >> reporter: the new baltimore fire department showed up with well wishes and a check for $3,000. >> seeing these people out here, this is what makes new baltimore. it fulfills my heart with the christmas spirit. >> reporter: the night ended with the favorite song "it's a wonderful world" as neighbors sent lanterns of hope into the night sky. ♪ i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪
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top of the hour now. i'm pamela brown. great to have you along with us on this christmas day. it might be the only time going to see a comedy is considered fulfilling your patriotic duty. right now people all across the united states are packing into theaters to see "the interview." the seth rogen, james franco comedy about an assassination plot against kim jong-un. movie goers say what it lacks in critical acclaim it makes up for in patriotism. >> you know, this is a film i probably would not have come to see but because of the controversy i thought i would come out tonight to stand up for freedom of speech. >> i'm here because i wanted to support filmmakers who were being censored by a foreign body because i don't believe that anybody should have a right to censor a work. >> there's not enough marijuana in the world to explain that screen play. it was hilarious.
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i laughed the whole time. >> it was very funny. i laughed the whole time. >> i think that the world needs to see this. i think everybody in north korea should be forced to watch this movie and i think it should change the way everybody thinks about censorship and everything. i think we just need to do it. >> so even the film's star seth rogen and its co-director celebrated the film's release stopping by a screening at a california theater to thank their fans. >> we want to say thank you. if it wasn't for theaters like this and for people like you guys, this literally would not be happening right now. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. we hope you like the movie. >> the comedy premiered online yesterday available for download on youtube at the google play store and on xbox and first time a major motion picture was made
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available online before its t e theatrical release. we talked earlier, rosa. you said there were big crowds and another screening has just begun. the same kind of turnout? >> reporter: take a look behind me, pamela. you can see there's already a long line of people that are waiting to get their tickets. take a look at what they are paying with. a lot of them are paying with cash. that's one of the things that people have been worried about because of the threat of hacking. we have talked to people throughout the day because there's been earlier showings. the reaction has been mixed, pamela. some people say this is great. it was a great movie. i got what i paid for which was laughs because at the end of the day it's a comedy. others saying, you know, yes, it's a comedy. it's fun. there's nothing funny about someone dying. it's been interesting. right now you can see that there's a long line where people are going in and we'll see what they have to say. pamela? >> so of course there's the question are movie goers worried
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considering hackers released this threatening message last week and said they would release a surprise on christmas day. are they worried about hacking or possible violence? >> reporter: you know, we did hear from the manager from this theater and he told us they got an e-mail from the fbi, a call by the fbi, a visit by nypd and it was more to let them know how to report suspicious activity. in fact, they have a flier that they would probably be posting later that kind of explains that to movie goers so they can keep an eye out for suspicious activity. from talking to a lot of people here, some of them like i mentioned, they were worried about using their credit card. here's what one had to say. are you worried at all about hacking and possible violence, possible -- >> i'm not worried about violence in any way. i came here because the chance of something happening here is much less than if i give my credit card company online to buy the film. >> reporter: did you pay cash?
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>> yeah. >> reporter: that's the safe way? >> it is. i always pay cash. >> reporter: so like you said, a lot of folks pulling out cash which we don't see a lot of americans do anymore. i also want to show you this movie poster behind me. this is new. let's remember that until a few days ago, this movie was not going to be in any theaters around the country. we saw the guy come in, post the poster, and everybody was available to enjoy it. we've seen people take pictures with this one. just because again it's a novelty. people can't even believe they are going to watch it in the theater rather than in their living room because of the release yesterday. >> it's hard to believe that just a few days ago we didn't think we would see the movie at all. rosa, we know that after it was released online yesterday that it became the number one seller on youtube and google play. do we know how many tickets have been sold? obviously we see the crowds and long lines. an idea of how many tickets have been sold so far? >> reporter: we can only count
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bodies at this point. we know the capacity is about 150 per theater here. there are three theaters. you know, one of our friends at cnn, some producers have been digging on that. from what i understand, i don't know that sony is going to be releasing those numbers at the moment. i don't know that we will know any time soon what the numbers look like. that's going to be something that i know a lot of folks are going to be wondering and waiting to hear. so did this help the movie or not? pamela, let's be honest. some of the people i talked to today said i probably wouldn't have watched the movie if it wasn't for the controversy and because of all of the news about it. so it will be interesting to see what happens. as of now what we know is those numbers may not be released any time soon. >> i have been hearing that from a lot of folks as well. rosa flores, thank you so much. we appreciate it. so now that "the interview" is hitting the big screen, will
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it bring in the big bucks like we were talking about with fewer showings in theaters today and the new option of streaming it at home for less than the cost of a single ticket. can sony still make a profit? alison kosik joins me now with more. >> reporter: pamela, the movie, "the interview," definitely getting plenty of attention. it's the kind of publicity sony can't buy but when it comes to recouping what it spent to make and market the comedy, it's questionable if sony will come out ahead. the movie cost about $44 million to make. according to the hollywood website the rap, marketing in the u.s. ran up the tab another $35 million add in another 10 million for overseas and we're talking about $90 million invested. the movie is hitting the big screen but only at a limited number of independent theaters. 300 theaters to be exact. fewer than the 2,000 to 3,000 screens the movie was supposed to premiere on and you'll be able to stream the movie at home on websites including google play and youtube for even less
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than the cost of a single ticket. $5.99 to rent. 14.99 to buy. so far there's interest in seeing the film. almost all of the christmas day screenings have sold out at 17 alamo draft house locations in texas and showings here in new york city have also sold out. on google and youtube, "the interview" is the number one watched movie. but where does all this leave sony? with all of the attention, will the company make any money off the movie? many say it's doubtful. a senior editor says he would be shocked if sony gets back its investment. he says you can work out how many people need to rent the movie to make it worthwhile. that would be 16.7 million rentals if the studio was getting 100% of the proceeds from each sale but the websites are also going to get a cut. and then you have some people kind of concerned that they could be hacked if they watched the movie at home. cybersecurity experts say relax. that won't happen.
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the movie itself is not likely to be tainted with malicious software or malware so grab your popcorn and feel free to see the movie you almost weren't allowed it see. pamela? >> alison kosik, thank you so much. joining me now to discuss this, one of the theater owners screening "the interview" today. paul brown, owner of terrace theater. thank you for being with us here on this christmas day. how is it looking there today? i can imagine there are big crowds. i want to show a picture. this just shows how jam packed the lobby is. are all of these people going to see "the interview" today? >> yeah. we opened our doors at quarter to 12:00 and there were people here from 10:00 on outside which we never have that. we don't open these type of movies in the sense we don't open "harry potter" or "hunger games" or any of that stuff. it was quite something. we've sold out every screening except our late show still has
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seats left. >> really interesting in light of the fact that people could have stayed home and watched it online but they wanted to go to see the movie in theaters and as a lot of people said take a stand for free speech. i wonder what went into the decision making here for you? were you concerned at all about any threats? are you taking any extra security precautions? >> they first approached us and we were going to show the movie when it was a wide release because i thought the premise of the movie was interesting and even though we're an art house theater, a crossover theater, the premise of the movie would appeal in a way to some of our audience. sony had us in place to play the movie in the first place. when the movie was taken away, we weren't part of that decision making. that was big box store chain theaters governed by bigger interest. when they came back to us a couple days ago and said would you be interested in it, for
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sure. i knew there was a groundswell there in the community to bring the movie to theaters and it just didn't seem right that some external force could censor our ability to watch movies. doesn't seem like the way to do it. there was a lot of people gathering to watch the movie. it's a comedy. watch a comedy by yourself in your house is a much different experience than watching it with a packed house. people are loving it. the response has been great. >> so let's talk about the swag here. has sony been doing a big promotion push for the movie? word on the street is you received some stag. >> the staff is dressed in "interview" shirts and an "interview" margarita shaker here and then the margarita mix which they sent to us as well. >> margarita mix too.
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you got it all. >> we serve beer and wine so you never know what can happen. a lot of people have come up, my son, sam, told me people were saying i would not normally go to this movie but i'm here to support independents and independent theaters. i'm here to support you guys standing up against censorship and a lady came up and bought a ticket and says i won't go to the movie but i'm going to buy a ticket because nobody will tell me which movie to buy a ticket to. it's interesting. >> in light of that, i'm curious what your thoughts are on these major movie chains that pulled the plug on the movie? do you think they should follow suit and perhaps hop on the bandwagon now and show the movie? >> i would prefer if they didn't. obviously it's a struggle for independent cinemas to get the product from the studios sometimes versus the box store cinemas, the ones that have thousands and thousands of screens across the country. it's a constant battle.
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i have other friends who own other theaters across the country and this is a celebration day for us in the ability to win one against the big guys. i think that's a good spirit. i like that. >> interesting to hear your perspective. paul brown, thank you so much for coming on the show. we appreciate it. happy holidays. >> it's a long holiday. thank you. coming up, a coalition pilot captured by the terror group isis after his plane went down over syria. his family pleading for his release. that story up next. later, the markets here in the u.s. are doing pretty good. the dow closed above 18,000 for the first time. we're going to take a look back at the top business stories of the year. what made the list? that's coming up. >> hi. i'm senior airman michael thomas out here in qatar. i want to give a shout-out to my family, my mom and dad, brothers
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and sisters. miss you guys. love you. happy holidays. merry christmas.
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tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source. the war against isis didn't pause for the christmas holiday.
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police say the isis governor of mosul was killed by an air strike in office for only 25 days. isis has a valuable bargaining chip. a jordanian pilot. militants shot the plane down over syria. the u.s. military says that's not what happened. the pilot's family is begging the islamic state to show him mercy. >> translator: he's now in the hands of islamic state fighters and i do not want to describe him as a hostage. i call him a guest. he's a against among brothers of ours. i asked them in the name of god and dignity of the prophet mohammad peace be upon him to receive him as a guest and treat him well. >> translator: i appeal to my brothers in the islamic state to have mercy upon my brother. if they search his clothes,
12:18 pm
they'll find a koran he's been carrying since 2006. i ask god to free him and bring mercy to the hearts of the brothers in the islamic state and have mercy on his parents. >> barbara starr joins me now with more on this story. the pentagon says the plane was not shot down. do we know what happened to it? >> well, at this point the pentagon, u.s. military, coalition are not saying anything other than they are saying that evidence shows them it wasn't shot down. they're not saying what did happen to it or how it came down or what the evidence is that leads them to the conclusion it wasn't shot down. this is a mystery to the public at the moment. they are still investigating all of it. you have to ask what evidence could they have? was there potentially a may day call from the pilot before he ejected he was having mechanical trouble? could it have been something like that? we don't know but they are adamant, unusually adamant, they
12:19 pm
believe it was not shot down. >> unusually adamant. that's really interesting. as we heard, the brother referred to isis as brothers. he said islamic state are our brothers and he should be treated like a guest. do you think he will fare better than other isis hostages? we know that he's sunni. i'm curious to know your perspective on this. >> you know, it's so hard to say at this point. isis known globally over the last many, many months of this year for its unending brutality against shia, sunni, christian, anyone who they feel gets in their way. so this will be a very difficult proposition. there is a good deal of talk that perhaps, you know, the jordanians might be looking at some effort to get him out. the jordanian government and the u.s. government saying they hold isis responsible for this man's safety. it's very interesting that u.s. military statement also saying
12:20 pm
yesterday, pam, that the u.s. would support any effort to recover the pilot so kind of a hint there that they will see what they can do obviously and look at all of the options to get him out. pam? >> do we have any idea? i know they didn't really elaborate on that but do we have any idea of what those efforts might look like? >> well, there's all of the usual things that everyone can think of having seen similar incidents sadly over the years. could they stage some kind of a military rescue mission? they have tried to rescue hostages in the past. sometimes it works. sometimes it goes very badly. you have to have very precise, very exact intelligence about where someone is being held and now certainly isis has had time to secure this man in syria, its self-declared capital if you will, so they hold really all of the cards there on the ground
12:21 pm
the coalition is not. it would be very difficult to get that kind of precise intelligence that would be needed in order to stage a rescue mission. >> no doubt about it. barbara starr, thank you very much. >> sure. coming up on this christmas day, a huge year on wall street. we're counting down the top ten business stories of 2014 up next. later, president obama celebrating christmas in hawaii. find out how the first family spent the holiday. we'll be right back after this break. >> i'm down here in cuba. i just want to give a shout-out to my daughter. i love you. my mom and dad, miss you guys. see you soon. merry christmas. the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you,
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welcome back, everybody. thanks for being here with us on this christmas day. the dow surging past the 18,000-point milestone is a great holiday present for investors but the market's strong showing was not the top money story of 2014. cnn's richard qwest and christine romans tells you what
12:25 pm
was in the top ten countdown. >> number ten, pressure from protesters. fast food workers take to the streets in cities across america demanding higher pay and better rights. it's working. four states voted to raise the minimum wage in 2014. and in the heart of hong kong's financial district, pro-democracy advocates shut down schools, banks and businesses. that sent the hang sang stock index down 6% in only one week. >> number nine, u.s. companies turn in their passports for new headquarters overseas and a lower tax bill. the treasury department and president obama fight back. >> it's not fair. it's not right. we don't want to see this trend grow. >> the administration issues new rules to stop these so-called inversions to stem the flood of u.s. companies cashing in on the tax loophole. the new regulations slowed some
12:26 pm
deals already in the works but real tax reform is likely needed to close the loophole. >> number eight, ipos and mergers. they're back. the king of 2014 is chinese alibaba becoming the largest public offering in u.s. history. nearly 300 other companies went public in 2014 andcquisitions c. the two biggest deals, at&t's agreement to buy directv and come bacast merging with time wr cable. >> number seven, the taper is terminated. federal reserve chair janet yellen closes the fire hose that pumped billions into the economy through a bond buying program. that fed stimulus lasted six years but final measures tapered down in 2014. the fed says the labor and
12:27 pm
housing markets have improved, risk of inflation diminished and the big question now when will the fed start raising interest rates? number six, apple gets its oomph back. a new line of products including record breaking sales of the iphone 6, new ipads, the apple watch and stock prices hit a record high in 2014 and apple's chief exec tim cook becomes the first openly gay ceo of a fortune 500 company. he wrote in an op-ed, "i'm proud to be gay and i consider being gay among the greatest gifts god has given me." >> number five, jobs are back. the labor market hit two milestones in 2014. first, the economy gained back all of the jobs it lost during the recession. 8.7 million jobs.
12:28 pm
it took four long years to do it. second, 2014 marks the best year in job creation since 1999 averaging about 240,000 jobs each month. jobless rate now below 6%. number four, this is the age of the hack. an exclusive cnn money report finds more than half of american adults th adults had their personal details hacked in 2014 mostly through retailers including home depot, michaels, neiman marcus, and target. celebrities became victims as hackers exposed nude photos and the year ends with a giant hack in hollywood sony pictures is infiltrated. movie screeners release corporate e-mails. >> number three, auto safety
12:29 pm
crisis. gm recalls 30 million vehicles in 2014. the largest issue, faulty ignition switches. >> i'm deeply sorry. >> gm is compensating victims as it tries to revamp its reputation. another crisis later in the year, japanese parts maker takata ignores calls for a nationwide recall following claims of exploding air bags. federal regulators say it's not enough. two words tell this story. record high. the dow jones industrial average wrapped up more than 30 of them in 2014. it's even more for the s&p 500. a brief pullback in october couldn't stop the bull run. the market has now gone more than 1,100 days without a pullback of more than 10%. investors will look for one of those in 2015. >> number one, the top money story of the year, oil's dramatic drop. after holding steady for the first half of the year, global
12:30 pm
concerns pressured the oil market and prices plunged. they dropped more than 40% from june. in turn, that hit oil dependent economies like russia especially hard. russia cited oil prices as the main reason it slipped into recession. gas prices follow. it gives consumers a break ahead of the holiday shopping season. the national average for a gallon of gas fall as full dollar from the year and in some places gas prices dropped below $2 a gallon. >> thank you to christine romans and richard qwest for that. you can catch top ten of 2014 special on cnn sunday evening at 6:30 eastern time right here on cnn. and coming up on this christmas day, pope francis
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delivers a christmas message with a stern call to action and nasa has found a possible clue to life on mars. find out what has scientists so intrigued. >> a merry christmas back home to my family, friends, husband and two sons. i'll be home soon. they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2014 cla 250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. [ shutter clicks ] hi there! [ laughs ] -i'm flo! -i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous.
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this morning pope francis reminded the world that many people are suffering this christmas day. the pope addressed tens of thousands in st. peter's square during his traditional christmas blessing and said conflicts in the middle east are driving too many people from their homes. >> translator: i ask him, the savior of the world, to look upon our brothers and sisters in iraq and in syria who for such a long time have been suffering the effects of ongoing conflict and who together with those belonging to other ethnic and religious groups are suffering a brutal persecution. >> cnn's vatican analyst john
12:35 pm
allen has more on pope francis' call to action. >> merry christmas. pope francis delivered his traditional christmas day address. it was a somewhat somber and clearly preoccupied pope about the state of the world we heard from today. he began by denouncing a brutal persecution in iraq and syria although he didn't mention isis by name it was clear the reference was to the rise of the islamic state. he became visually emotional talking about the suffering of children around the world and he said far too many children are abused and exploited. he said this christmas time there are so many tears that join the tears of the infant jesus. he talked about not only the victims of abortion but children who are forcibly enrolled as child soldiers and died in bombardments and denounced what he called the silent complicity
12:36 pm
of indifference. he called on the world to do something about them. that was the message of peace and of action. we heard from pope francis in christmas 2014 reporting this is john allen for cnn in rome. >> merry christmas to you as well. the first family is spending the holidays in hawaii and today the president and first lady took time out to wish americans a very merry christmas. they also had a special message to share with the nation. cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski has been traveling with the president this christmas day. tell us about this special message. it's more of a request of all americans. is that right? >> reporter: right. the president is on vacation with his family and he grew up and he still has family members
12:37 pm
that live here. much of this is going to be private time. the press doesn't see. they've been enjoying days out together at the beach. the president has been doing a lot of golfing. in their christmas message they really highlighted support for u.s. troops just as the u.s. combat mission in afghanistan is finally ending. it started in 2001. here's part of that message now. >> in just a few days, our combat mission in afghanistan will be over. our longest war will come to a responsible end and that gives us an opportunity to step back and reflect upon all that these families have given us. we're able to gather with family and friends because troops are willing to hug theirs good-bye and step forward to serve. after a long day, we can come home because they're willing to leave their families and deploy. we can celebrate the holiday because they're willing to miss their own. >> reporter: something the president has done in christmases past here is visit
12:38 pm
with u.s. troops that are stationed here. there are hundreds of them on u.s. base. we expect the president to possibly do some of that. he usually takes picture with the troops and helps them with dinner and says a few words. nothing yet on the president's schedule on this christmas morning here but we'll wait and see. we expect him to make a visit probably in the next couple of hours. pam? >> okay. michelle kosinski thank you so much for that. we appreciate it. can't get over how beautiful it is there. wow. is there life in the solar system beyond earth is the question that has haunted scientists for decades and there are some new clues from mars that could bring them closer to figuring out that puzzle. that's just ahead. stay with us. >> i'm stacy more from baghdad, iraq. i would like to wish a very merry christmas and happy new year to my friends and family in omaha, nebraska. >> hi. i'm stationed in ft. campbell.
12:39 pm
hi to my beautiful wife, rose, and my son and daughter. happy holidays. i'll see you guys soon. it's just ordinary fleece but the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day.
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so this season give something that means something.
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welcome back. for nearly as long as mankind has looked to the heavens, we wondered are we alone? the mars rover turned occupy an interesting clue that may
12:42 pm
provide the answer. methane gas. here's cnn's aaron mclaughlin. >> i'm scanning for activity. >> reporter: nasa hasn't found the equal to marvin the martian. since 2012, curiosity has been looking for signs of methane. methane is one of the simplest organic molecules and organics are necessary for life so what curiosity found give scientists hope over a period of 16 martian days, much longer than earth days, sudden increases in methane suggesting it comes from a localized source and possibly from bacteria beneath the surface. >> we only know of life in one place in the universe and that's on earth. if we find it in a second place, suddenly our entire
12:43 pm
understanding of the universe changes that we are not alone. >> reporter: much more work needs to be done to determine the source of the methane and it's possible the gas may not be from life at all. scientists say more measurements of one of those could reveal crucial clues. short of that, rover is due to land in 2019 equipped with a six-foot drill. >> who do you think you are? real martians? >> we are. >> reporter: so maybe one day humanity will discover what was once the stuff that movies and tv is a reality. erin mclaughlin, cnn, london. many consider this person america's poet. he was basically a classically trained actor though he's most remembered for co-starring with cartoon characters. they are just two of the famous faces who died during the past year. celebrities, politician, news makers, remember each in our own
12:44 pm
way. >> i want to be a doctor. this isn't a game to me. this isn't playtime. this is serious business. >> some of the happiest moments of my life has been spent in this house. >> you never looked at a woman and been totally vulnerable. someone that could level you with her eyes. >> cigars, cigarettes? >> long time no see. >> what are you doing here?
12:45 pm
>> it's all about looking good. would you rather an old face out of a new car or new face out of an old car? >> here on the path of this new day, you may have the grace to look up and out and into your sister's eyes and into your brother's face. your country and say simply, very simply, with hope good morning. >> some states got a white christmas. others got some less pleasant weather. jennifer has your forecast coming up. >> i would like to wish my family a merry christmas and happy new year and also to my beautiful wife, jessica, and my daughter, daddy misses you.
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look at this gorgeous picture in honolulu, hawaii, where president obama is spending the holiday. he'll be meeting with troops today and i'm sure a lot of you probably have weather envy looking at this live picture here. it's a very different story elsewhere. in fact, parts of the country got a white christmas and the snow is going to hang around for some we're told. others of us looking at a soggy
12:49 pm
few days just ahead. jennifer gray has our forecast. >> pamela, after a busy couple of days weatherwise leading up to christmas, actually christmas day not looking bad at all. that rain has pushed out of the northeast. sunshine is returning for much of the east. we do have snow working its way into the rockies. a little snowy. look at this. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings in effect from salt lake city, idaho falls, billings included in that and even rapid we're going to see lots of snow falling two to four inches in a lot of places. isolated amounts up to a foot in higher elevations getting snow as well. here's the forecast radar going forward in time. snow will stick around in the rockies and eventually lead to a soggy weekend in the south and east sunday working into the northeast. what we're looking at, one to three inches of rain possibly,
12:50 pm
mississippi, alabama, even into tennessee. this will work in sunday afternoon into the northeast. tomorrow's forecast we'll see partly cloudy skies in the south. if you are taking back anything, redeeming gift cards, a lot of people will be out shopping. snow in the rockies, sunny in the northeast and staying mild. a nice forecast for you. high temperatures around 53 d.c., 48 new york city, 50 chicago, 33 minneapolis, 27 billings. this is a sneak peek at your weekend forecast. new york city, clouds move in saturday. rain expected saturday with 44 your high temperature. chicago, temperatures close to 50 degrees tomorrow. then you'll be cooling off. 32 by sunday in atlanta. not bad. clouds return for the weekend. temperatures in the 60s. >> 60s, we'll take that. thank you jennifer gray. it was a year of scandal,
12:51 pm
celebration, tragedy in the world of entertainment. we'll tell you our top ten stories of the year next. >> he hello. i'm i'd like to say merry christmas to my wife, son, daughter in pennsylvania. the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ho, ho, ho, ho] lease the 2015 c 300 4matic for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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okay patrick, let's go base, shark, blitz. the nfl trusts duracell quantum to power their game day communication. abort! abort! he's keeping it! duracell quantum. lasts up to 35% longer than the competition.
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well you might expect a movie about doing away with the leader of north korea to be in high demand of the other side of the 38th parallel. as it turns out, south koreans aren't gripped by today's release of the video. >> while the united states has been embroiled in the on off, on again release of the interview, here in south korea, which sits 60 ki limitation of motilometer it isn't on big screens at all. most the movies shown in this country now are local, domestic made movies "the interview" was never to be released here. sony said they thought the sense of humor wouldn't resinate among koreans. this man says amidst the
12:55 pm
controversy, he's interested in seeing it. this man says frankly he doesn't think the trailer looks funny and he wouldn't pay money to actually see it. south koreans can see the movie. they'll have to stream it on personal computers or devices. cnn, seoul. >> thank you in south korea. the fight over "the interview" might be the last big entertain amount story of the year. entertainment tonight correspondent and cnn contributor looks back at the top ten stories of the year. "frozen" fever. this has won two academy awards and made a billion worldwide. because of that song, the "frozen" sound track has become
12:56 pm
the best selling album of the year. today the sad news joan rivers has passed at the age of 81. >> the comedy world is and all of us that loved to laugh mourned the passing of an icon when joan rivers died in september of this year. she was 81 years old and decide of complications while undergoing a surgery. all of hollywood came out to mourn her. what do we want to call her? sizzle swift, taylor swift, chaching. she sold more than 1 albums in one week. she pulled her music from the streaming service and proved they need more more than she needs them. we're talking bill cosby and
12:57 pm
his fall from grace in 2014. more than 20 women came forward and said he sexually assaulted them. nbc cancelled the upcoming project and netflix postponed the comedy special. celebrities and selfies go hand and hand these days. what happened when those personal photos become public? pictures of people liken jennifer laurence and kate upton. j-lo called this a sexual violation and crime. this was super bowl sunday. the news that overshadowed the game was the death of phillip hoffman. celebrities took to social media to pay condolences. everyone seemed to say he was a great man that made great
12:58 pm
movies. we're all still talking about what happens in an elevator doesn't stay in an elevator. the fight, jay z in the elevator at the met, beyonce standing to the side. everyone said what's going on with this marriage? are they breaking up, getting a divorce? beyonce and jay-z gave us an answer at the mtv music awards. he got a big kiss from his wife that said to us, mind your business. david letterman announced he was leaving too. now we're seeing a new breed of late night hosts. cobert is taking over. and fallon took over for leno. he didn't miss a beat. i'm talking about weddings. kim kardashian got married. we see kim # post every moment of her life on instagram.
12:59 pm
that kiss bap the most liked picture on instagram gram this year. then brangelina. they kept that secret because they're private. then hollywood royalty of all royalty. george clooney. how did she get him to walk down the aisle? i need to talk to that lady. whatever secret she's got, i want. there's not a lot that shocks us in hollywood anymore, but this one stunned us all. i'm talking about the passing of robin williams. he was 63 and williams was sober. we now know he was struggling with severe depression and early stages of parkison's disease. he was loved and beloved in hollywood. he was a husband, father a, and to all of us just kind of our favorite guy. his legacy will live on. he will never be forgotten. >> thank you so much michelle
1:00 pm
turner. catch the top ten of 2014 special here on cnn. it's hosted by brook baldwin sunday at 6:30 eastern time. that does it for me. have a happy holiday everyone. before your feast, see what antho anthony bourdain has cooking. that starts right now. this is where i bought my first bag of heroin. it was 1980. i was 24 years old. in a lot of ways, my whole life up to that point was leading to this address. western massachusetts, unlikely new frontier of america's war on drugs where heroin has become an exploding problem that's begun to touch


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