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tv   All the Best All the Worst 2014 An Anderson Cooper 360 Special  CNN  December 30, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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has been found. the plane is resting at the bottom of the java sea. the families of the passengers have been given the sad news at this point. our coverage is going to continue now at cnn center in atlanta. good night. >> thank for that, don. and hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> we are following that news out of indonesia where search crews using sonar have found the main fuselage of flight 8501. >> and it's on the floor of the sea. investigators are hoping to recover the black boxes. >> meanwhile, they continue to find wreckage and bodies.
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so far they've found five bodies and one flight attendant. >> let's now turn to cnn's gary tuckman. he joins us live from the international airport in indonesia. there's been so much new information in recent hours, but really, still no answers as to what happened. what are families being told? first of all, i want to show you, right here as we're speaking to you, these are family members of people on the plane. and they just came out of a prayer service being held at the airport. now they're walking back into the room where they're hearing from officials about what's going on with this investigation. >> and here's what we know. before they came into this prayer service, we were talking to one gentleman, and it's so pitiful and sad. he lost his mother, he lost a sister, he lost his
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brother-in-law, his sister's husband, he lost two nieces, one nephew and a fiancee of the one of the nieces. seven people on the plane. we didn't want to bother him, but he was okay talking with us. en and we asked him if it's been confirmed to the family members that sonar has found the main fuselage on the bottom of the sea. and he told us yes, that they have been informed, the family members, that the fuselage has been found. as far as the condition of the fuselage, if it's upside down or right side up, they haven't been told anything like that, but they know the fuselage has been found. at this point, we know of six bodies that have been recovered. there were 162 people on the plane, but that's the number six right now. five passengers, one of the people recovered, a flight atlanta. they knew that from the uniform she was wearing. we saw this during a malaiysia air crash ten months ago, a lot of angry relatives who felt like they weren't getting proper answers. here, although people want to know more and they want to know it quickly, everything is much
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calmer. they are getting the information. the people here in indonesia seem to have learned lesson that the people in malaysia could have learned if they had more experience. they're giving information quickly. the people here are grief stricken and horrified and traumatized and know that their loved ones aren't going to come back alive, they're at least getting the information quicker than what we saw ten months ago. john and robin, back to you. >> yeah, it's much call mer there today than there was yesterday when there was that awful moment. i would like to ask gary about the situation there. there was the awful moment yesterday where the families actually ined a vertty saw one of the bodies live on indonesian televisions. and of course, the families there now, this is the news they did not want to hear. but they're now focusing on trying to get back the bodies of their loved ones. have they been given any indication of how that will proceed, how long that is expected to take? >> where he will firstly, john, you're right. that was a horrible situation
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yesterday. it was inadvertent. there was a live feed from here in ipd nies yeah and other countries were carrying the feed and they saw the bodies of two peop -- and two women fainted. that's the most important question, when am i going to get the body of my husband, wife, sister, daughter, brother, sister back. no promises are being made right now. they say they're doing the best they can. what works in the favor of a relatively quick recovery is the fact that the water is not very deep. as a matter of fact, if you know anything about the great lakes in the united states, they're not particularly deep. this part of the sea where this plane crash is shallower than much of the great lakes in the united states. and we now know where the plane is. that makes it much easier. what makes it harder is the weather has been terrible. i was on a plane come to here from bali, and the weather was
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very bad. the whereater was choppy and it's windy. that makes it hard. the weather will improve and we know where the plane is, we know it's not that deep. so my guess is, i'm certainly not an expert on this, but i covered a lot of air crashes over the years, my guest is they will start recovering these bodies in much greater numbers. no doubt he will update us if nor information comes up. >> this time working with airports to prepare all facilities have been making all the arrangements. so another indication there that tony fernandez, the boss of air asia who's been intimately involved in this since the moment word came through that 8501 went missing. now preparing essentially for these bodies to come back to land. and to essentially identify these who have died.
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>> what's going to be so crucial is how the plane is and of course where the currents are moving and where the divers and the conditions the divers are going to be working in, in terms of not just trying to find more bodies, but also parts of the plane. so let's get all the answers on that. we have a fantastic map, show med before we came on air of how these current, and how slowly they're moving. >> absolutely. it's a very complex situation across this region of the java sea. we want to break it down for you. the currents of this region roughly moving 1 miles an hour. we're 80 hours removed from the crash. so about 80 mile movement of the area. we'll touch on that in further detail. but take a look at this. this is section 5, the area where the debris has been really narrowed down to in about 60 to 120 miles or so from the last
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known point of contact initially, the reports had it at about 10 kilometers. now that's moved between 100 to 200 kill meters from the last point in contact. here's the current perspective. look at these thunderstorms. anything you see in red ipd indicati indication. this is infrared, using the thermal signature of the cloud tops. a lot of these cloud tops very cool. 40,000, 50,000 feet high. notice the areas of interest. some lower clouds, still some moderate thunderstorms in the vicinity. take a look, the hateful coming down on the moderate end of this scale. a significant band of wet weather, soon after sunrise on thursday morning, thursday really going to be a rough day. take you into the afternoon hours around 1:00, 2:00 in the amp. still plenty of weather in the area. notice the cloud cover. we certainly know it will be
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choppy with the storms into the vicinity. storms begin, scattered about debris field. so the weather pattern is not going to be easy. this is the wettest time of the year. the next four or five hours of daylight is going to be the best time. look at the moisture, the areas in blue indicating three inches of hateful in the next two days. some of the pockets there up to four inches of hateful. so over 100 millimeters expected. this is the graphic that robin was talking about. she came over in the weather department and we talked about this as well. 100 to 200 kill meters away from the last point of contact. that puts the degree field generally in this area. the area indicated in green, that is the current flow of the ocean at 1 miles an hour. so an average person walks about 3 miles per hour. so think of yourself going 1/3 of the speed you would walk in an hour on a walk. s in the slow progression this degree field is going to get. this will span out, become more complex. the general flow will take it towards the shores of the
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southern tip of the island of borneo, the largest island on our planet. the average depth around 150 fe feet. but work your way where we have the degrbris field in place, that's far shallower than even the average depth across this region. unfortunately when you go towards the coast of this region, this is the scenario you have as far as the man groves, a slushy mess across this kree jo -- region. that will make it that much more challenging to pinpoint and locate in the long run. >> thank you. obviously a lot to do there in the next couple of days. let's get more on this breaking news that they have, in fact, found the fuselage, or the main part of the plane of night 8501. our aviation analyst joins us now on the line from new york. let's just start with the very basic question. is this absolute certain that
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this is, in fact, the main chunk of the plane from the air asia flight? >> well, that is a great question. that was my question also from the standpoint of apparently there's -- this is a heavy trafficked area, both shipping and airplanes. old airplanes that have been there. so i'm very curious, my understanding is that this impact area is 100 miles from the last known radar contact. so how did they get from there to there is very curious to me. i'm hoping that this is, indeed, the airplane. >> they get the signal back and then they get an image? >> well, from my understanding, is that the sonar system is related to the image and the image shows an irregularity to
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indicate some form of man made device. >> i have two questions in one. there's been some reports that this possible fuselage is upside down. what does that tell you? also from the reading of what we know, it seems like the debris field is quite small. what does that tell you? >> being upside down at this point in the investigation, it's difficult to tell what that would possibly mean. it's possible that the aircraft impacted right side up and as a result of a wing breaking off, it was unstable. just by the result of the impact, it could have tipped over in nautical terms.
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but that in and of itself would actual actually give the investigation a little hint, a little forensic evidence on how it did impact, depending upon where the wing broke off and how it struck water. because if it struck water at a high rate of speed, it's like hitting concrete. and, you know, depending upon how many fragments there are, that could tell you just about how fast, without even getting into -- >> we had six bodies recovered. does that indicate that most of the bodies are still in the wreckage? >> the deceased that's found, that could indicate where it's located. one was a flight attendant, am i
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correct in that statement? did i lose you? >> we're still here. >> one of them was a flight attendant. was that not confirmed? >> that is confirmed, yeah. >> okay. what that would indicate is that flight attendant had a particular duty station. so where that flight attendant was found would indicate where the airplane might have broken apart or broken so that flight attendant was ejected and whereas the other passengers seated near that flight attendant were ejected. so that's another good piece of evidence. >> the black boxes, data and voice, kept at the back of the plane. the teams are going to be not only looking for that but trying to recover bodies. how does this play out over the next few days?
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>> it's a gruesome process, especially for the families that have to deal with this identification process. but the way it plays out is that the two boxes, the black boxes we refer to all the time, one is digital flight data. that has all sorts of information. flight controls, altitude, speed, trajectory. it has thousands of parameters. that will be combined with the cockpit voice recorder, which not only gives all the voices from the cockpit and transmissions to air traffic control, it also provides for
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voices from within -- and sometimes outside the cockpit, if there was heavy rain, it's possible you could hear that against the wind screen. if switches were pushed, you could associate a certain noise with certain switch. all of those things will factor into the forensics of trying to determine what happened to this aircraft. >> okay, we appreciate your analysis and insight. sonar has located what appears to be the main fuselage of flight 8501 right there on the bottom of the java sea. now they're trying to reach that wreckage to recover the bodies as well as the flight data record es. >> up next, we hear from a coup wl six family members onboard that flight.
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>> welcome back. is 18 minutes ps midday in indonesia where crews using sonar have located the fuselage of air asia flight 8501 at the bottom of the java sea. >> recovery teams hope the submerged airplane will provide clues as to just what caused the crash that left 162 passengers and crew dead. loved ones onboard are still trying to come to terms with the loss.
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>> reporter: deep down in my heart, all i can do is accept the situation and give this to god. i know this is a big tragedy, but why did this happen to my daughter? i know everyone dies when it's time, but i believe in an afterlife, so my way to cope with my loss, i will pray more often and give this to god. >> another story we're covering here in cnn, a woman in washington state with six family members on board that doomed flight are still holding out hope. >> both parents, an aunt, and an uncle and two cousins onboard that flight. she told cnn, there's nothing confirmed as far as what happened to the passengers and we are still hoping there is a miracle and they have survived. i am really hoping we can find them alive. >> our affiliate kiro. >> hey, how you doing, happy new
9:20 pm
year, merry christmas. then it's like have you heard the news? >> jack song told us that's how he and his wife teresa first learned the air asia flight taking their parents to singapore was in trouble. >> pretty much minutes later, they had the manifest of the passengers. >> an the manifest, her father's name. >> and it's not just him, but both parents and really close uncle and his whole family. six of them on the plane. >> meanwhile, his wife and brother want to fly back to indonesia, but it is plooufing costly. >> hopefully her and her brother will be able to get accommodati accommodation. all this amid a terrible tragedy.
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>> can't believe the whole two families is gone. >> the song family is now traveling to indonesia from washington state. anticipate despite the fact that the main wreckage has been located, the continuing search for debris is taking place in several layers under the water. here's tom horman. >> there are really three layers to the physical search right now. the one we've been talking about the most is on the surface of the water. we know where they took off, where they disappeared and the search area. the surface matters because the surface is where you get your first clues most often. things floating on to .of the water may or may not tell you a lot about the cause of the accident, but they're indicators. when you move to the second layer and start reverse engineering their position against all the competes currents below, you can get an estimate on where they came from and that can lead you to the
9:22 pm
third layer down here, which is the heavy bits on the bottom. we're talking about parts of the wings, the landing gere, the voice recorder, the engines, aech each about 9,000 pounds, all of these are critical. if you collect enough of them as they did with twa 800, which is also in about 100 feet of water off the coast of long island, you can reassemble the plane in effect. was there a fire, was there an explosion? all of those can be critical clues to understanding what happened. >> you can find out much more about this crash on
9:23 pm
we also have what we know so far about the passengers who were onboard that plane. you can find all of that at >> stay with us, we examine the theories about what may have caused the plane to crash to begin with.
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>> search teams using sonar have found wreckage from the plane at the bottom of the java sea. >> it's not clear yet if the plane is intact or broken into pieces. maybe it's even upside down according to the wall street journal. >> a very important and useful information, particularly what we want to hear is also that the tail portion of the fuselage is still on it, which would give them the black boxes, we hope. but the fact that it's upside down may not be able to tell if the plane had an aerodynamic stall, you know, it can fall to the earth like a leaf, kind of belly first. or it could, you know, be spinning down. that doesn't matter. once it hit the water, it could be turned upside down in the crash sequence. but with a very large pieces
9:26 pm
like this, you would think perhaps it did fall belly first like air france 447 and absorbed some of the impact with the water to have a big piece like that survive. >> three more bodies have been recovered including a flight anticipate. >> there are some theories what could have gone wrong. >> when an airplane loses lift or stalled, it could be catastrophic. >> once you're in a stall, what happens? >> most of the time, you're going to see more or less a flat situation. because the pilot are going to try to control it, and it will
9:27 pm
almost be like a leaf. >> how is that possible? >> well, it's possible because they got to such a slow air speed. >> a stall occurs not only when the air speed slows but the wings are at such an extreme angle, or as pilots call it, the angle of attack, the plane loses lift and can plummet. >> the reason the airplane flies is you've got high pressure underneath the wing and low pressure on top. if this is the relative wind, the steeper the angle of attack, occurs, the more likely you'll get a stall. >> in the case of qz-8501, already a possible critical piece of information. air traffic control data showing the a-320 ascending shortly before disappearing from radar. >> it's disturbing to me an attempt was being made that he was avoiding weather by going up. that's not something we normally
9:28 pm
would like to do. we would like to go left or right. >> flight 447 in 2009 was flying from rio to paris in a powerful storm. ice formed on the tubes on the plane's exterior. the tubes deliver critical information to the plane's computers. pilots had con feuding signals as to what was happening in the plane. >> they were getting horns and siren, readouts on their displays and they were trying to determine what was happening with the airplane. >> the pilot increased power and climbed, pushing the airplane into a catastrophic stall. the flight voice recorder captured the confusion in the cockpit. with a stall warning blaring, the plane's captain said watch out, you're pulling up. one of his co-pilots chillingly responds, am i pulling up? despite equatorial heat at that altitude and stormy conditions, ice could rapidly and easily
9:29 pm
form. the fpilots of flight 8501 getting similarly bad information about what was happening to the plane. >> you're talking super cooled water droplets that the altitude. if the concentration was such that it blocked the pito tubes and perhaps the heating system failed or didn't keep up with it. >> all questions for investigators as the search for victims continues, the search for answers, just as intense. miguel marquez, cnn, new york. we'll continue with our breaking news out of indonesia when we come back. and the search crews there have now found the wreckage of air asia flight 8501. we'll talk to an aviation expert about what debris will tell us about what may have gone wrong mid flight. ound like a sure thi, but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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>> welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> in the med lines this hour, indonesian authorities say they have found the location of air asia flight 8501 using sonar technology. a search and rescue official says at the bottom of the java sea, but they still don't know if the fuselage is in one piece. three more bodies have been recovered today, including that of a flight attendant.
9:33 pm
>> another big headline today, the u.n. security council has rejected a resolution on palestinian state hood. the draft sponsored would have set a 12-month deadline and require israeli forces to withdprau palestinian territories by the end of 2017. the meds sure failed by one photo. nearly 12,000-pound crystal ball is tested and ready to go for new year's eve celebrations in new york. up to a million people are expected to ring in 2015 in times square as stthey watch th ball drop. samoa and christmas island will be the first to celebrate the new year. >> our other breaking news this hour, the fuselage apparently has been identified by sonar at the bottom of the java sea and we know that many of the family members of those onboard have been gathered for the past few days. they have been meeting with officials, a very somber meeting
9:34 pm
where they have, in fact, been told that the wreckage has now been found right there at the bottom of the sea. >> and of course, the mounds of another air crash that still remain unsolved, felt very much throughout the region. a lot of people are watching with great interest and angst. you've spoken to to some of those family members and they're offering some support for the families of the latest victims. >> thr, robin. some 400 family members of the 154 chinese who were on mh-370 who are still missing, this has been a very difficult week for them.
9:35 pm
for a lot of reasons. when it first came out in the news that another plane was missing, another plane in asia, it hit a lot of them as if it was the day that flight 370 disappe disappeared. it brought them back to that day. and speaking to the son of a woman who was on the plane and he said, he prays every day for his mother, and he's also been praying that perhaps in this case, there was some sort of a miracle, as he called it, where perhaps there might be some survivors. maybe the plane lapped on an island somewhere and people were able to get out alive. it was during the interview that debris had been found then a bodies were starting to be recovered. and you could see in this his face just how painful that was for him, almost as if he was hearing about the plane his mother was on. to this day, he can't truly accept the fact that she is
9:36 pm
gone. he hasn't spoken her name outloud since the day the plane went missing. that's something we hear over and over again. when you see on the news, and when you realize the fuselage has been found, this will be a horrible process for them as these pjs are removed and their families have to identify them. but for the 370 families, they don't know where the plane to is, they don't know where their loved ones are, and they don't know when if ever this plane will be found. and if it is found, almost ten months so far, what condition will their loved ones be in? will they even be able to identify them at that point? it's a lot of complicated emotions that people are dealing with here in china and all of the other countries that had loved ones on flight 370.
9:37 pm
their thoughts are with the air asia families because they know exactly what they've been going through. >> we've been covering the mh-370. they were using submersibles, the american supplied blue fin too try to track down any kind of wreckage. now that they actually have a location of where the wreckage of flight 8501 is, as far as you know, the process here, how does this work? >> obviously you have now all the resources scanning a much larger area. they will now focus on the immediate area around the plane. and while we know we presume at least that the majority of the panels will be inside the body of the aircraft, they also need to search the areas around, because several days have passed. if anything was float on the surface, given it's monsoon season. storms that move things around.
9:38 pm
there's a chance some of the victims might not be here in the aircraft. dive teams are going to be crucial. the volunteers that have to go in there and recover these people and bring them out, for everybody who is involved in this, from the rescuers and now the recovery workers to the people in the hospitals that have been preparing and getting set up for this, collecting photos and dna evidence from the families and then most of all for the families themselves who have been, we understand, praying together, trying to prepare thechlss for what's going to be happening in the days ahead when they have to identify their children, narnts, their lued ones that were on that plane. >> thanks as always. investigators are already learning something about what happened to flight 8501 from the debris recovered so far.
9:39 pm
>> some luggage, uninflated life raft and emergency exit door, just part of the pieces which have been recovered so far. a principal with the dra professional aviation services joins us now via skype in sydney, australia, once again. we appreciate you being with us on another day here. answer me this. there seems to be the theory forming this was some kind of catastrophic event. something suddenly happened to the pilots. did not either regain control of the plane. no mayday call. passengers still strapped into they're seats, no one wearing life jackets. but at the same time, there's reports that the emergency exit door has been located. that this uninflated life raft may have been deployed. which indicates maybe there was also some warning. so how do you marry those two conflicting scenarios? >> there's quite a few conflicts, actually. you know, you're absolutely right. those points that you made.
9:40 pm
it's hard to understand. you've got two choices. the surface of the water in pieces or it arrived at the surface of the water still intact tact and and tam was made to land it or it went straight in nose first. in either case, the aircraft would not remain intact, even if it landed in a level attitude. there's no way it was going to remain completely intact because of the waves. hitting those waves at that speed, which is well in excess of 100 knots, it's more than likely it's going to be -- even if it was under some sort of control, he would have hit the waves at about 140, 150 knots, the aircraft would break apart. the water is like concrete at that speed. i'm a little puzzled about how it deployed.
9:41 pm
i'm also puzzled, having seen the raw images taken by the searchers yesterday, one of the bodies in particular, and, in fact, two that i think i spotted were not clothed. this to me indicates that they had fallen. it's quite a common occurrence when a body falls through space, through the air, it reaches a terminal velocity which is very high. 200 miles an hour, maybe more. that speed, the wind drag will tend to remove loose clothing. jackets, searches, ladies dresses, that kind of thing. given that i've seen to of those, i wonder how that happened. did they, in fact, fall from a
9:42 pm
great -- did someone manage or try to open a door, or did the plane start to breakup while it was at some altitude. yeah. it's very important that we understand -- >> you're breaking up a little bit. i'm just going to interrupt you there, sorry. just breaking up. make sure that the signal is clean. when you reply. but while we look at these do i have teams going into this location now, how crucial is the issue of the vertical, the tale specifically here and finding that? >> that is the housing for the flight data recorder. there's equipment stored in that vertical tin because it is considered to be one of the safest locations in the aircraft. it's the least likely component of the aircraft to be seriously damaged.
9:43 pm
>> i'm sorry to drop you, but we're having a few technical problems there with the audio. and he has so many good things to say that unfortunately we can't hear the audio. it's breaking up a little bit there. he did make a great point. right now there's a lot of evidence, did it break up in the air, in the water? on the unclothed? why were the other ones not. we will find out in the coming hour, in the coming days. no one will know until they find the flight data recorders or the voice roerds. the voice recorders contained the last two hours of transmission. the flight data recorders have up to 23 hours of instrumentation, what happen onboard of that plane. they will be the best indication
9:44 pm
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>> welcome back. search crews using sonar have found the jet's fuselage at the bottom piston java sea. they're now trying to work out just what caused this air bus a-320 to go down with 163 people onboard. >> crews continue to pull wreckage and bodies from the water. so far they've recovered the bodies of a flight attendant and five passengers. they are searching an area 100 to 200 kilometers, that's about
9:47 pm
60 to 120 miles from the flight's last known location. meanwhile passengers on another air asia flight had a terrible scare on tuesday when their plane ran off the runway in the philippines. the incident was posted to social media. this time it was a plane flown by air asia's regional partner. rueters reports the air bus a-320 was traveling from manila when it skidded and overshot the runway in the central philipp e philippines. emergency sides were deployed but no one was hurt. but it is important to know the error was being slammed by a tropical storm at the time, flash flooding and landslides have killed more than 30 people in the region. there's also brutal weather out west ending 2014 with a bras.
9:48 pm
they are talking about snow in vegas. they're going to have to rug up. >> looks like just a few hours before midnight on new year's eve, we might run into a few flurries across vegas. scattered about the portions of the southwest here. the higher elevations, certainly significant snow accumulations a probability. but the last time it snowed in las vegas on new year's eve, it was 1974. that gives you the idea that snow not usually the threat here for new year's across this region, even the higher elevations, northern mexico will tap in with some decent know. five to ten inches around flagstaff. models not doing a good job pointing that out. st. george in southern utah. about five inches of snow in their forecast. the winds have been a major issue across this region. up to 60-mile-an-hour gusts across the higher elevations. even down towards the san francisco bay area. i want to show you some of the
9:49 pm
images we have coming out of this region. this is north of san francisco from tuesday afternoon, the winds again 55, 60 miles an hour. 50,000 customers without power. the forecast shows you winds generally in 209 to 30-mile-an-hour range across the west coast of the u.s. before conditions improve. very chilly across las vegas as well. wind chills below freezing as we approach new year's there on thursday morning. but here's the temperature trend across the country. more than 80% of the united states will have temperatures below freezing when it comes to thursday morning. so pretty impressive cold spell. and leave you with some footage in areas around oregon. this is mount hood. shows you the sunny skies but yes, the winds were howling across this region as well. some of the people of course, getting up on the ski resorts. mostly people leaving the ski resorts you would hope. and some video coming out of
9:50 pm
denver, colorado, as well. impressive snow accumulations in recent days. on tuesday, more than 400 flights delayed or canceled out of denver's international airport. the worst impacted hub in the united states. denver. so a lot of wild weather to end 2014. >> you know what i'm doing for new year's eve? >> i'm going to be here. >> me, too. >> so it's just me and b.j. >> we eel celebrate. >> thanks. >> critics say it's a clear effort by the kremlin to silent dissent. an opposition leader and his brother were brought up on fraud charges on tuesday. a mass protest only to wind back up in police custody. here's matthew chance with the story.
9:51 pm
>> judges are notorious for taking hours, even days to read their verdicts. but for the country's most prominent opposition figure, it was 15 minutes. the crime of fraud and embezzlement, he received a suspended sentence. but his brother was in prison for 3 1/2 years, prompting allegations of soviet era methods, of funnishing the families of dissidents. >> i am ashamed of what you're doing, he told the judge. why are you putting him in jail? all this is to punish me even more, he said. >> i'm calling on you to take to the streets until the power that tortures innocent people is removed.
9:52 pm
>> and stake to the streets they did. the passive world of russia's opposition is the result. >> you can see that despite the cold weather, people have turned out to protest against the ensentences of alexei novali. you can also see the police here are pushing people back preventing them from getting to manesh square where the protest was meant to be held. and one of those present prevented was novali himself. he was seized and driven away. >> he's been dubbed the man the kremlin is most afraid of. the authorities clearly taking no risks here. matthew chance, cnn moscow. >> the first person diagnosed
9:53 pm
with ebola in the uk is now in the care of the royal free hospital in london. >> a 39-year-old scottish nurse developed symptoms after returning from sierra leone over the weekend. she was transferred to london and officials say they're keeping a close monitor on her situation. >> we're not going to provide a running commentary at this stage on the clinical condition of the patient, but i think the most important thing at moment is that the patient and the clinical team caring for her are given space and the privacy to make sure that she gets the best possible treatment and given the best possible chance of a speedy and full recovery. >> and another health care worker recently back back was being tested for ebola in scotland. her tests came back negative. a third person in southwest england is still waiting for results. >> we'll be right back with the latest on the search for flight
9:54 pm
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>> indonesian authorities say search teams using sonar found wreckage from the plane at the bottom of the java sea. it's not yet clear whether the plane is intact or broken into pieces. >> em fas of the passengers have just been briefed on the
9:57 pm
discovery where the plane took off on sunday. these are the imagines of those family members walk into that briefing after leaving a prayer service. all of them have now been assigned a counselor and a caregiver through this difficult moment. >> back at the top of the hour a live report from that indonesia airport served as the airport for the recovery efforts. what happens next in the search for flight 8501. ♪ abe! get in! punch it! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze! sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power.
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>> breaking news coverage here on cnn. >> we would like to welcome our viewers from the united states and around the world. sej crews using sonar have located the main fuselage for air asia 8501. >> families of the passengers were told the plane is at the bottom of the java sea. the plane's flight data and voice recorders remain missing. . >> aboll 162 people onboard are presumed dead. >> the ceo of air asia has been tweeting since this latest discovery saying, working with airport to prepare all


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