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tv   New Years Eve Live With Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin  CNN  December 31, 2014 6:00pm-9:31pm PST

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america. we're doing all right. >> i think if americans spent more time thinking about what they've been blessed with and less time complaining, we'd be a much happier people. >> i hope for love and warmth and joy. please for 2015. >> with that, we can bring down the curtain on this whole side show of the year. sometimes, it was infuriating and sometimes unsettling but now, it is finally over. thanks to our guest and behalf of everyone at "ac360" and cnn, i'm tom foreman wishing you all of the best and none of the worst in 2015.
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and good evening from new york's times square. >> i love that song, by the way. great lead-in. >> it's the alternate game for match p.m. >> i love that show. underrated. underrated. >> i wish we had one of the long mikes. >> that was so offensive that you would say that ere. we're starting the show and you would say something so controversial. >> place to be. come from all over the world to say by the end of the night and for years to come, that they were here and that they spent this year with us. they sent out the year with us. >> i believe it says this year out in style. >> i don't care, i don't care. >> here's why i care. would you like to talk to america about your cover from the italian magazine called luomo? okay. >> anyway, listen, i just want to welcome you. >> anderson cooper, a normal american, not a model. >> we've got three and a half hours. you don't have to give it up
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now. >> explain this photo. >> i don't know, it was a magazine thing. i'm here with kathy griffin. what is this, our eighth year together? >> what's going on? >> i don't know. top hat. >> they made you? it's mark zelbeggar, famous photographer. >> the next three and a half hours, we're going to show you how people all around this country and all around the world are celebrating or going to be celebrating or already celebrated the new year ringing in 2015. helping us do it. we have folks all over the place. you know what, it was one photoshoot i did. >> but this is how you lay around your house and you won't admit it. so explain. >> okay, i want to talk to the folks. michaela pereira and richard quest are down. >> wait, richard quest, you let him out? >> yes. >> my richard quest? >> your richard quest. >> i can't wait. hi, michaela!
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>> hundreds of thousands of partiers, some who have been here since earlier in the day and early this morning. brooke baldwin and don lemon in the great city of new orleans where they certainly know how to celebrate new years. we'll check in with them later. and also, pamela brown down in memphis for the big guitar drop and good music as well. brave in the tropical heat and gentle breezes. randi kaye. >> who gets the easiest story? >> she's on a cruise ship off the bahamas with elise miller, the luckiest field producer. you've done a lot of cruise ships, kathy. >> i've done eight day cruises. i bring the offensive material and a lot dress up as walter whyte from breaking bad. that was the most common costume on the gay cruise. >> well, there's a lot to discuss about that. the very first time, we bring you a new year's in havana, in cuba, you can put these down
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now. joining us from the tropicanna nightclub. >> is it 1934? tropicanna? all right. >> exactly. and we, of course, are here live in times square and i just want to just -- before we get started -- >> what do you think you have? >> i just want to say i apologize. >> what? >> i apologize in advance for anything she says. i am sorry, i too am deeply offended and i have no control over it. >> first of all, i am like rihanna of new year. i'm #noapologies. >> you're #unapologetic. >> that's right. from madonna. you know her. tell me something about madonna i didn't know. >> she's talented. >> a little less controversial. did you ever see her do anything appropriate or flashy? >> no, what are you, you are decked out. >> okay, here's what you're going to apologize for. i can't help it. i am wearing my dear departed
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friend joan rivers coat. >> this is joan rivers' coat? >> yes, in honor of my pal, i am decked out in the dennis baso and joan coat. i've been with joan when she would wear it and scream at peta, which is not supposed to be funny but sort of was. >> this is a real fur? >> yeah. >> why are you wearing a real fur. >> because i love joan and she made it in 1980. she would yell, it's real! i'm old! >> this is not fur what i'm wearing. >> technically, you're wearing more something like, hold on. if only i, well, explain. this is the exact outfit on cnn tonight. i love how you act your modelling career is different from tonight. >> that's a suit. anyway, how is the year been for you? are you gathering your thoughts? what's the most thoughts you've had in your head at one time,
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four tops? >> how's the year been for you? >> fantastic. i start fashion police on january 12th. >> congratulations. >> thank you. you're on the worst dressed list. >> i'm all right with that. that's fine. >> you don't get any award shows. >> and last night, we had a big dinner -- >> you're going to brag about this? ashamed of this. >> feel shamed about it? >> game on. >> kathy made us have dinner with ryan seacrest last night. >> do you believe it? this is what ryan seacrest says. >> we tweeted a picture. there's a picture to prove it. >> snooki called, she wants her tan back. out of beta carotine super size diet? i picked up the check as usual. he said he had to exit. i'm not kidding. >> he said he was a robot. >> a nice guy.
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>> ryan seacrest left claiming he had to go to work. i was like, come on. >> he had nerve to tweet a photo of the writer's room for the big fancy broadcast and people, this is it. >> right. we will have you know, in the picture i saw, looked like they had a cast of thousands of people working behind the scenes. >> you know he flew here private and happy new year, by the way. i guess i'm early. happy new year. to our friends, hola and more american than the fox broadcast because they're calling theirs like a salute to america or something. >> well, we're all american. >> easy. and by the way, i'm sorry. i'd like to shout out to my mom, but she's watching fox. >> is she really? >> she loves megyn kelly. >> i love megyn kelly. >> all the money she spent in
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dalton. you would have had a better education, funner. >> we had folks all over the united states. already ringing in the new years, various places around the world. we learn how the new year has been running in there and check with pamela brown who is in femme m memphis. how are things picking up? >> reporter: you can hear the music playing, a lot of excitement here at the hard rock cafe along the iconic veal street. we expect 50,000 people to pour in to ring the new year here. there's going to be a fireworks display and a 10 foot fiberglass guitar drop. after all, we are in memphis, home of the blues where the likes of bb king, johnny cash and elvis prestley got their start here. we're going to be having an elvis tribute artist joing us later. he's going to be a lightning round of elvis songs. kathy and anderson, go ahead and
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put your requests in now. happy new year. >> that's a tough gig. >> the streets look packed. i don't know how you're making it through. >> just wait. it's going to be a very different picture later. >> it's early, that's right. >> oh, i know. i agree. >> the streets are packed here though. i mean, hundreds of thousands of people. >> million people. >> we don't know how many people. >> we like to say a million. >> but the streets are packed. there's obviously a lot of security in times square but folks down here at 1:00. i don't know. i mean, it is freezing here. >> when you look at me like this -- >> yes? >> i know that it means you're afraid of my next sentence. >> i'm afraid of everything tonight. >> i love this part because he's sort of trying to move the show along but he knows i have a virtual arsenal and i'm ready for the next one. i would like to read a tweet that anderson cooper tweeted and it was so profound, i'm trying not to cry. this is clearly a day off, which you should never have and i quote, i think the power of silence is important to
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experience. often, we talk too much on tv. i like to let silence speak as well. >> i was on the air when i tweeted that. i'll have you know. >> you're also in the journalism business, so i don't know what your plan is to not speak anymore, so way to go dude. >> there was a protest and there was silence in it and it was certainly powerful and -- >> delete it. that's what you should delete. what happened to apologize? so you apologize to everybody but. >> i'm apologizing for you. >> not to me. game on. last night at sdinner, seacrest he was saying game day. game day on. >> that's why he didn't drink last night. >> i tried to get him wasted and he kept having water and champagne and then this has champagne and wine and then tomorrow, we'll do this this and this and this will be the demo. aka, ryan seacrest.
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>> think he's the devil? >> i know he is. he and oprah share codevilship. >> that's not true at all. i belie . >> i believe they're both trying to kill me. >> ryan couldn't pick up the tab. >> i told him i would. >> and he was by himself, so he didn't even have a model. rough year for him. >> speaking of social media, which we weren't, but a quick reminder, if you want to join the conversation on twitter and god knows, why wouldn't you or instagram. >> i know you can't wait to check your twitter talking about fur and bruce jenner. >> #cnnnye. >> game day? that's what his is. >> that should be the drinking game for tonight. every time we say that. >> game day. i think today is game day. who won the super bowl? >> i asked when he's leaving, he's flying out the next day. >> wake up, he's nighing out at midnight. he'll be on the g-5 with taylor swift at midnight. taylor swift will be our guest in 15 minutes.
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>> no, taylor swift is not going to be -- >> and one direction here with nicky minaj, ariana grande, and jessie j. >> who's jessie j? >> try to keep up. bang bang into the room. bang bang into the heart. whatever. >> it hits the radio station. >> what's the most embarrassing thing on your ipod? >> on my ipod? >> your nano. phone songs. you try to act cool. >> i like rihanna. >> no, too cool. >> i run to lorde. >> obviously, that self-righteous of course. by the way, him running to lorde is who he is. if you see lorde, she looks like the walking dead. she looks like she just turned and she's got brown lipstick. she's really sad for 17-year-old. 80 pounds. >> she's incredibly talented. >> he's like running to lorde. never be a royal, but he is.
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he's a vand der built. that's the irony. never be royal, he's like, i am a royal. you are wrong, lorde. i'm a total royal. >> i think she's a talented songwriter. >> you're already crying. your eyes are watering. >> we had a very full night ahead. american authors is coming up next. >> name one song. >> i don't know. >> they'll sing best day of my life. >> if they've played on hits one, i've heard it. >> after the lorde royals. >> if spider harris played it i know it. and let's take a look at one of the places to ring in, sydney, australia.
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former secretaries of state, oil tycoons, and ambassadors of countries known for their fine cheeses. yes i am rich. that's why i drink the champagne of beers.
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and that's the scene in rey ow everything, and people are like, what's wrong with the silver haired guy? >> rihanna and lorde?
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a little eminem. >> eminem, which one, stan? saddest one? >> the ones with rihanna. >> i remember your 60 minutes interview with him. >> it was interesting. >> he has a cameo in "the interview." if there was a sony hack, what's the thing you most feared being hacked over? >> i don't know. >> you have several ideas. you can say them or i can. >> oh, no, that's right. in a couple minutes -- >> i think what it will probably be is on a day like today, most of my phone is texts of people who want to hook up with him and it's kind of insulting to me. you know, it hurts and then those, a lot of people texted me wanting to hook up with you at like, 12:31, as soon as i'm done with you and i'm like, what's left with him? a pile of dust and a treadmill playing lorde over and over. wow. what's your favorite lorde song, it's royals. >> that's the only one i know. >> it's royals on a loop.
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>> sister put it on an ipod. >> your assistant loading up your ipod. >> he knows music. i know nothing about music. so i asked him to put like new stuff on it. >> what's your other favorite song? >> shake it off. >> i love shake it off. >> stop shouting at me. all right, you can't be proud of liking taylor swift. she's a guilty pleasure. >> no, i like that song a lot. >> the best thing to ever happen to her is when kanye -- wait a minute, first of all, you don't drive. so i love what he does. he doesn't even drive. >> i drive. >> looks like the bat mobile. no kidding. >> i drive and play taylor swift every two minutes. >> because your assistant loaded it. >> no, because it's on the hits 1 radio. >> what's with your and hits 1? >> i just discovered it. >> shoe line. >> you don't know she has more money than tony romo?
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>> who's tony romo? >> oh, boy. this is going to be good. >> tony romo, like the restaurant? i've been there. >> okay. this is why it's really good. you can't see your own twitter right now and just asked me who tony romo is, america. >> oh, is that her husband who's like a football player or something? >> wow, nope. not her husband. >> this band is about to perform. in times square, the band, let's do it. american authors, performing their double platinum song "best day of my life." ♪ i'm never going to look back
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♪ whoa, never going to give it up ♪ ♪ no, please don't wake me now ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ my l-i-i-i-ife ♪ i howled at the moon with friends and then the sun came crashing in ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, oh ♪ i'm never going to look back
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♪ i'm never gonna give it up ♪ no, just don't wake me now ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ my life ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ my life ♪ i hear it calling outside my window ♪ ♪ i feel it in my soul ♪ the stars were burning so bright ♪ ♪ the sun was out 'til midnight ♪ ♪ i say we lose control >> new york city, make some
6:23 pm
noise! ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ my life ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ this is gonna be, gonna be ♪ the best day of my life ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ ♪ my life >> happy new year's from american authors. cheers! [ cheers ] >> i know that song. >> how did you snag them? congratulations. >> i knew tony romo was a football player. >> so awesome. who is lebron james? >> oh, come on, basketball player. great basketball player.
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>> what game did he just leave? >> cavaliers, back with the cavaliers. >> where was he before? >> miami. >> his jersey number? >> i don't know. >> his nickname? >> i don't know, the king. >> king james. wow, kicked into sports high gear. game day. #gameday. >> it is game day, yes, it is. >> how many games does the professional football play each year? >> i don't know. 16? >> wait, you told him. >> no, is that right? >> yes. >> 16? >> oh, okay. >> no, oh, is that you knew. >> i wasn't -- >> all america knows it was 16. >> i knew too. >> where is the 2015 super bowl going to be? because i know you're going to cover it. >> denver? i don't know. >> wow. phoenix. do you know tony romo will be there? >> he plays for the cowboys. >> yes, nice.
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>> but i don't know the teams there. i don't know much about sports. >> how do you not know the teams in the super bowl? >> i don't know who's even performing at the super bowl. the last time i knew was when madonna performed and then i tuned out since then. >> let's dial down the gay a little bit. you literally just said i know who's performing at the super bowl and then said madonna. no one knows in the super bowl yet. that's the trick question. >> okay, i don't know. i told you, i don't know much about sports. would you rather have a person who pretends? >> don't say rother. it's rather. >> it confuses me when people are like, i'm on the street and people are talking about "the game" and it seems to me there's a lot of games on tv. i don't know which game they're talking about. >> there's a focus on one game, like for ryan seacrest, it's game day. >> they seem to know what that game is. >> it's their language. >> when i turn around, there's a lot of games and a lot of channels. >> madonna, i know what you're
6:26 pm
talking about. we speak the same language. of course you run to lorde's royals. i get it. you don't need to explain anymore to me. who won the world series? >> cardinals? i don't know. >> oh. >> i don't know anything about sports. >> the san francisco giants and the star pitcher mvp was? >> you've got a team of writers who tell you this stuff. >> madison baumgartner. >> what? >> madison baumgartner. that's a real game. he pitched in baseball. why are you mystified people talking about the game, you want it to be a game, that's you trying to control things. >> no, it's not. >> it's your typical controlling nature. >> no, i wish i knew the back story of the teams. i wish i had more of an education about it. >> you're a little fascinated that jessica simpson has more from his shoe dynasty than tony romo does that sports? >> i don't know if that's true. >> it's true. it's a fact.
6:27 pm
all right, take to the gym and brag about it. >> she's very nice. she's a road scholar. the david gergen of teen stars. does that make sense? >> kathy sends me inappropriate texts while i'm on the air. >> how dare you apply a ply like that. >> and inappropriate texts to david gergen. >> i have a crush on david gergen. he's my hall pass. and send a picture of myself with rug burn. >> anyway. >> guess how i got them? i was with david gergen and we were naked, rug burns right on my knees, professor. hall pass. >> jesus. i just want to, again, i apologize for what she had said, i apologize for what she will say and for what she's wearing even though it's a tribute to
6:28 pm
her joan rivers. >> i know. got to walk the line. >> we head out to the royal caribbean quantum of the seas, i believe it's the quantum of the seas. which i think, wasn't that a james bond movie? >> yes, the one coming out. for a tropical new year celebration, our randi kaye is there. they are near the bahamas, but first, a quick thank you to people at marchioott, marquess and then the ten foot crab they'll be dropping out in maryland shortly. the crab drop. >> so am i not supposed to do a crab joke? are you serious? >> do whatever crab joke you want. is that not the biggest crab you've seen? >> i've seen crabs bigger, but usually they're -- i go to the doctor.
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>> reporter: the clock on the side of the kremlin is hanging down, the seconds to midnight. looking absolutely spectacular and thousands of russians, despite their rollercoaster year, have gathered here in the new year. and there it is. 2015. [ cheers ]
6:33 pm
>> that's the scene in moscow. about 20 degrees. right here, right now, 2015 is still two and a half hours away. two and a half hours of good news, great partying. >> would you ever consider showing today show the musical? >> the today show put together a today show the musical. i think kathy lee wrote it. >> it's freaky. it's like the white version of the r. kelly out of the closet video, like it's -- >> i don't know what that means. >> you know, r. kelly. it's called trapped in the closet. it's iconic. anyway -- >> do we have this? anyway, you should watch it. we'll show you a little bit. ♪ this is today, just like every
6:34 pm
day ♪ ♪ he [ bleep ] a lot >> i do not. >> today show the musical. it's 14 minutes work of art. should win the pom dor at the festival. i believe -- fine, ryan seacrest, a second. ryan seacrest kept saying last night at dinner it was game day and suggest game day is what he yells when he's right about to -- >> let's go down. go down the street level. [ talking over each other ] michaela? >> reporter: can i do real talk with you, kathy? >> yeah. >> reporter: is he behaving? >> not at all. i apologized for him several times. >> reporter: girl, i pray for you. >> thank you, you get me. thank you.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: okay, i am down here in the heart of it, the ball is behind me. it has been dropping here since 1907. got to pull things out. i can hear them in my head. there are people here all over. rochester new york, we've got japan. we've got honolulu. they have been here since 9:00. what time did you get here? >> 9:30 this morning. >> and you haven't used the bathroom since then, how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: you look good. see these glasses, this is a happy girl. >> happy new year! >> reporter: people come from around the world. we navigate our friends. here's my boys. i want you to meet these guys. you traveled from where to come here today? >> i came from portugal. >> reporter: and you came from? >> the netherlands. >> reporter: you had another friend here. where did you come from? >> el salvador. >> reporter: el salvador. wave to your family back home. we're an international crowd
6:36 pm
here. tell me happy new year in spanish [ speaking foreign language ] all right, so here in america, we have a tradition of doing new year's resolutions. do you speak those back home? what's your new year's resolution. >> so i want to become a chef this year. >> reporter: can we come to the restaurant? >> yes, of course. >> reporter: you promise? and how about you? >> i'm hoping love, happiness, health. >> reporter: all good stuff. >> like to finish my ph.d. >> reporter: smart people here. and? >> starting a new job as well. >> reporter: congratulations. >> a doctor. >> reporter: here's the deal. if these are the people running the world, anderson and kathy, we're in good hands. and back to you. we do a selfie. >> we'll come back to michaela.
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i love michaela, she's great. >> easy, ellen. >> i don't get it. >> ellen. by the way, that was riveting. >> i liked the international. that's what's cool about the crowd. >> say what you were talking to someone from el salvador and portugal and say same dif. >> that would be inappropriate and insulting. you don't want to insult people. >> you're the one with billy and the smashing pumpkins. he had t-shirts made up. >> nothing against him, i wish him the best. >> that's what you say to someone you really loathe. so of all people, billy from smashing pumpkins -- gwyneth paltrow, martha stewart. >> it's done. it's done.
6:38 pm
no. >> he's had t-shirts made up. >> i wish the best. it's a new album out. everyone said it's great. wish you nothing but the best and success. >> i wish i was posing on the magazine and came down on him like a malt, lilet, like a hamm >> anyway, it's a good organization in chicago. >> look at you. >> i understand why he's annoyed at me. and i -- >> and then there's a picture of you from a magazine. >> right, i fade fun of myself in the thing. >> no, i don't mean that magazine. i mean, then you're modelling in your italian fashion magazine. i mean, this man is helping people. >> you're right. he was doing something good and it's a great organization in chicago. >> you got some twitter hate, correct? >> of course, i did. understandably. and you know, i get it. >> i've gotten twitter hate myself but i think -- here's who i have angered. >> who have you angered this year? >> the singer demi lovato. >> what does she sing? >> many songs but right now it's
6:39 pm
called "i don't care," typical. i called her demi lovato and they were upset with me. i'll read you the tweets they sent me. sometimes, it's horrible you have to laugh. i'll burn your house down. don't zoo ever talk about my demi again or will kill you in your sleep. >> are you serious? these are actual? >> in my sleep, i won't see it coming. and i really hope you commit suicide. maybe they're not the best educated. i'm just saying -- >> i don't know anything about nah. >> you don't want lo battics coming after you. take that, billy corgan. >> i wish nothing them from the best. >> you're so self-consumed you're worried about the smashing pumpkins, i have the lobattics saying they'll burn my
6:40 pm
house down. >> would i know one of her songs? >> probably, yeah. i think she's going out with that wilmer bang your mama, 70s show, wilmer, he was on the 70s show. >> i don't know. there's a lot of different ways to ring in the new year. i apologize, that do not involve the cold, do not involve crowds, perhaps buffet table. we talk about cruises, after all, it is summer right now on half the planet and of course, it is always summer, randi kaye with us joining us on a cruise ship off the bahamas. randi, are you having fun? how is it? >> reporter: we are having fun. listen, i hope you guys aren't freezing in times square because it's like, you can tell we're having fun. it's like 75 degrees here. okay? and here, we are on the royal caribbean's quantum of the seas and we are cruising the caribbean sea. we are somewhere off the coast of the bahamas working our way
6:41 pm
back up the eastern sea board. wow, the party is just getting started. i got to tell you, this is the first time they've ever done new year's on this ship. in fact, it's only the eighth time this ship has ever been in the water. it's a brand new ship. there'sabout 4800 people on board. here's some of them. happy new year. we are on the main deck and there's about 2,000 people expected to be at this party. and it's just getting rocking. we've got the dj right here. and let me take you over here. i know you guys have the great ball that's going to drop at midnight, times square. but check this out. all the way up there, that's something called the north star. it's modelled after the london eye and that with the lights on it, going up about 300 feet in the air and then going to come back down very slowly at midnight and then we're going to have our own ball drop here right here on the quantum of the seas and have our own jumbotron.
6:42 pm
showing, see you guys there we go. jumbotron on times square. this is the place to have the party and bring in the new year. >> all right, randi. we'll continue to check in with you as you ring in the new year. >> we're not going to come back, randi. >> we're going to come back. >> how did she get a gig on the boat in the bahamas and we're here? not coming back, out of space. >> when's the last time on a cruise ship. >> i've only performed on cruise ships. what would you do in that social situation? i can't imagine you on a cruise. >> i would hide in my cabin. >> for like eight days? >> probably eight days. >> what would it take to get you to go on a cruise? >> i don't know. >> kathy lee from today's show the musical. she sings on the cruises. you would go see her. >> i would. i absolutely would go and see her. >> what is your problem with today's show musical? i think it's a positive expression of what really happens.
6:43 pm
>> i tweeted about how much i like it. >> you tweeted it was amazing. >> it was amazing. up next. >> i liked it. i thought it was adorable. i thought it was really cool. check it out. up next, top shelf music. and in key west, and here at the scene right now in times square as we wait with as many as, they say as many as a million people. >> we have crabs, yes? >> in time square. crab drop as well for the crab dop and the ball here at midnight drop. and we'll be right back.
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march yacht marquis.
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cy mean. karimian. karim ya.
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♪ [ music playnig >> that is big sam's funky nation on the roof of jack's brewery in the great city of new orleans. >> let's just talk about what
6:48 pm
that prop was. >> it looked like bay new year. >> twisted version. >> new orleans -- >> like a sex toy, blow-up doll. clearly, everyone was faking it. i said it for brooke baldwin. from an adult store, this is inappropriate. i won't. >> i don't know what you're saying, talking about. brooke baldwin is there for us in new orleans. brooke, what's the scene there? >> reporter: we're talking about new year, found out a little bit ago that this is the last year for this baby new year. if one of you has extra room, baby new year can be yours. big sam's funky nation. they're awesome. we'll rock out here at the top of jackson brewery of jackson square in the quarter. stay up with you until midnight eastern, stay with us. the party only begins with these guys and everyone else here in
6:49 pm
new orleans. we've got, of course, all along the quarter, but up here, we have the floor de lee drop which is what we watch for midnight local time. here what really matters in new orleans. miami, mississippi, take you to the fireworks, the greatness. everything southern right here on cnn. kathy and anderson, baby new years could be yours. >> i could see that in your house, kathy. i could see that in your house and just so kathy and i are on until 12:30 east coast time and then brooke and don lemon take over. >> yeah, and get in there. most packed. >> have you been to a noah for new years? >> no, i'm with you. >> what? >> i'm with you. >> no, in the past. >> no, i didn't exist before you. that's how he thinks, i know him. in the music, i was thinking about your 60 minutes piece with the foo fighters. i don't know if we have a picture of that, but anderson interviewed david of the foo
6:50 pm
fighters. >> david groul is the nicest guy. >> name five foo fighters songs. >> oh, come on now. >> i told you, david. i e-mailed david last night, said he can't name five. let's talk about the picture. who, okay, so you think you can just put on a plaid shirt and you're like grungy. who do you think you're fooling? >> this is dave groel in his studio off his daughter's play room. it's very funny. >> okay, but you clearly made a conscious choice to go, i'm going to take off the practice da, take off the hugo boss, find what the kids call it, grung and see you ruffling it in your hotel room and say, i could be in pearl jam. >> that's what i wear all the time. >> you do not. >> what am i wearing tonight? >> you are clearly wearing this
6:51 pm
outfit. like you always do. >> j crew. >> michelle obama? you hook them with them? >> j crew is awesome. >> it's a payola thing. i'm here because i love it, it's game night. game night. drink up. all right, the foo fighters, learn to fly, best of you, pretender, didn't sing any of those. >> i'm not going to sing. it's like dancing, i'll not do that in public. i'm not going to sing, was that a song you were singing? >> obviously. i love your french though, it was convincing. >> wow, is this our last year together? >> never. i'm going to quote you from your lomo quote magazine. i quote, i'm painfully shy. by the way, that's why he's on television. i'm the person at the party, never goes to a party. like he'll go to a paid appearance but he would never be
6:52 pm
like, hey, come to my birthday party. yesterday, he said during dinner, he texted me, i'm going to have a root canal. >> i thought i had -- >> it was a back-up plan to get out of dinner. >> i was hoping to get out of this. >> what happened when you showed up at the restaurant? >> oh, so this is true. i made the reservation, this lovely restaurant called blue hill. which is a great, great restaurant. >> it was not cheap. it was hundreds of dollars. >> anyway, it's a nice quiet restaurant and like 5 minutes late. kathy stands up and yells out, anderson cooper, ladies and gentlemen. anderson cooper, makes a scene in the restaurant. everyone in the restaurant is like -- >> should have been on time. how about that? >> turns. two guys behind us kept saying, like, who are those people? they were irritated at you. >> think about the five minutes next time. trust me. >> and then the guy had what seemed to be a heart attack. >> there was a medical incident. where were you, sanjay? >> the paramedics came in a second.
6:53 pm
>> to continue, i'm the person at the party, never attended a party, hides in a kitchen and doesn't know what the kitchen is because his help prepares the food and then holding a beer next to a fridge. i have never seen him drink a beer ever. you can't name a beer. name a beer. >> bud. light. amstel. heine ken. >> you don't even drink beer. >> i -- >> with your grunge shirt. >> let me explain the reality of her. because she is all fancy and she stayed at my house one time and she left after a night because i had no food in the refrigerator. i made her hot dogs. she didn't know what it was. >> it's not exactly a bed and breakfast. neither a bed or breakfast. >> thought there would be help there and decided to go to george stephanopoulos' house. >> it was a guest house with flowers.
6:54 pm
nice flowers. >> you remember why you left there? >> why? >> kids. >> oh, i don't like kids. i don't like kids. >> kid running around. >> i don't want to hear about your kids, i'm sure they're all gifted. and don't want you to bring them to my live shows. for tickets. >> are you still touring? >> yes. 30 cities coming up in fashion police. and let's get back to your quotes. this is also from the italian magazine. tommy hilfiger said you're not supposed to wash high quality den m. what kind of person walks around quoting the oracle tommy hill figger? >> you could take anything out of context. >> i once read soccer teams, tommy said you shouldn't wash high quality denim. like he knows the difference. he's measuring the quality, i give it a 4 out of 7. high quality denim and anyway, i haven't changed mine. if you could have kraft mac and
6:55 pm
sooen. >> i had a big mac yesterday. >> what about morgan spurlock, now on your channel? and cnn, i'm ready for my mom to look in the camera, i'm maggie griffin. this is cnn. >> do a lot of people say it now? >> yes, people on other channels say it. i think you get random foot truck people to say it now. >> have they asked you to do it now? >> no, i passed. i said i'm too big, too famous. i'm not doing it. everybody doing it on cnn. i get it. how do you feel about the other shows on cnn? >> stay with us as new year's eve celebration continue. >> i call it parts known. how many times does anthony bourdain go to boston? >> i love that show. i love that show. >> heroin arrest photo. cnn, who are you hiring? tony bourdain said here's my mug shot. heroin. i'm anthony bourdain, this is
6:56 pm
cnn. >> we are in new orleans, memphis, east in maryland for the crab drop. kathy very excited about that. >> i love crabs. >> guitars falling, ten foot crabs. children of all ages. >> not true. >> see baby new year, yet again there. here in times square, just over 2 hours away. >> this is not a show for all ages. stop saying that. >> the funky nation, big easy play. >> this is cnn. she inspires you.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
new york's times square. i'm anderson cooper with the beloved kathy griffin. >> and the beloved richard quest. i'm very excited to talk to him. >> have you met him? >> no but he's like a wild rescue dog that's abused and then you love him. see? >> richard quest, how are you doing down on the ground? >> reporter: the wild beast in my is ready to go. here's the idea. very simple. think about this, what we're about to do. >> i can't hear richard. >> reporter: we get a million
7:01 pm
people in times square and we ask them to watch and wait for that ball to drop over 60 seconds and then these are the people who have been waiting. now, where are you from? >> green bay, wisconsin. >> reporter: wisconsin. she's used to the cold weather. but come with me. where are you from? >> arizona. >> reporter: this lady is from arizona. how many layers have you got on? >> like five. it's warm in arizona. >> reporter: okay, they've all been here for hours. what time did you get here? >> 11:00 a.m. >> reporter: the question everybody at home wants to know. it's now 10:00 at night. how have you been in the toilet in the last 12 hours? >> you don't. >> we haven't! >> no food or water for us. >> no food and no water.
7:02 pm
>> no food or water. >> we hold it. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is the moment when i start pouring water to make them all is it worth it? >> i really enjoyed it, yeah. >> and anderson and kathy. they come here, they stand here for about 12 hours. they have no food. they have no drink. >> no water! >> you don't want any water.
7:03 pm
you can't go to the toilet! >> who is dying to go to the toilet? >> okay. all right. richard, we are going to have you come up here. >> i have to meet him. >> you have to come up here. >> kathy wants to meet you. >> a bit too restrained. richard is going to come up here in a couple of minutes. he will join us up here. and -- yeah. i don't know, you will meet the -- the, the legend that is richard qwest. >> why don't you -- why don't you prep me for that. >> okay. >> apparently, cnn was hiring. and richard was just like, he remind you of like when "dateline" does a story about a degree that chases its tail they have to give it medication or like a dog that swims in a pool. >> richard has a business show on cnn international.
7:04 pm
>> when i am overseas i watch him as well. i am just saying. >> i love his enthusiasm. >> let's go with enthusiasm. >> lot's also check in with. >> richard qwest again. >> to havana. >> was he wearing a sequinned bedazzled vest. like swarovsky tie-in. >> what's it like there for new year's eve? >> good evening, anderson, kathy, tropicana. this is an institution here in havana. not end of the calendar year in cuba. the anniversary of the cuban revolution when fidel castro took power here. you can see quite a show. just getting started. and this is something that predates the revolution. after the revolution took power. the government of course took over this club.
7:05 pm
took over everything, the casino kicked out. but the caberet and dancing here at this club, continued on. and several hundred international visitors. . what you don't see here are americans. after the revolution, americans stopped being able to come here. there was an embargo, economic sanctions from the united states on cuba. that's all changing with it. very, very soon. of course, just two weeks ago. u.s. president barack obama, raul castro, reached an historic agreement that will allow americans to slowly begin to start coming back. we expect they come back to a place like this like tropicana. hearing word from american visitors they're planning to come here, planning to once again enjoying the spectacle at the tropicana. don't see a lot of cubans. an expensive show. cubans say they're hopeful that next year will be a better year for cuba. some of the americans coming here, that they'll have an
7:06 pm
economic benefit to them. at least, for the moment in havana. they're dancing. it is quite a show. anderson, kathy. have a great new year's in havana. check in withee you later on. we continue to count down. >> we to keep it light, patrick. i didn't know patrick was keeping it real from cnn. >> lack who joined us. richard qwest. >> you invited me to a party. i had to dress. >> why are you shouting at me. what have i ever done to you? >> she is supposed to touch it first. >> oh. my turn. >> so, that is like a metal vest. >> beading. beading. it's probably been gently beaded. up oh. >> i'm not afraid, qwesty. >> qwesty brings the heat. >> what did you do today?
7:07 pm
>> i was terrified of the prospect. >> why is he shouting? >> he is a frayed of you. >> as he should be. where does one purchase a beaded vest? >> in new york. from a wonderful woman, patricia field. >> the designer from "sex and the city." >> you say new york as if we are not here. are you aware we are in new york, richard? >> is this your first time in times square for new you're eve. >> anderson, i was in times conveyor, first time in 1988. use to come every year. i used to watch the ball. the fireworks. >> where would you stand? >> i was up by the wellington hotel up there. >> you weren't as a reveler or reporter. >> and, and, and. >> he doesn't care about your question. >> all right. >> were you a participant? >> i was in time's square for millennium. >> what was the question, sorry? >> what i love.
7:08 pm
it doesn't matter. it is about you, richard. >> it doesn't. >> thank you. you have got a little spirit. he's got spunk. >> i knew you would like richard qwest. >> he gets me. >> richard, she and i, we had a dinner last night. >> why wasn't i invited? >> you were. he wouldn't let you come. >> i didn't get the message. lies. lies. >> it's true. i looked at my thing. she said, the message was, invite richard qwest. he is way more fun than you are. >> you are such a loser. >> now, two against one. you really are. >> one of us is wearing bead. >> how many layers have you got on? >> eight. >> when's the last time you were at the gym on the treadmill dancing to lorde? >> in the gym today. >> big guns. big guns. >> put them away, tiger. >> uh-oh, okay, corral over
7:09 pm
here. you know what i am talking about. >> i really don't know what you are talking about. >> i was too nervous, meeting you. i was in a tither. >> there have people out there haven't been to the toilet in 12 hours. >> you barely mentioned it. >> asking them if they have water like it's guantanamo bay. take it down a notch, richard. >> if i'm scaring you i am in deep trouble. >> richard, asked how, how he should prepare for you? >> what did you say? >> i said there is no way you can prepare. >> no way you can prepare. you can't be prepare ford qwested. >> i recommended kevlar, he has metal. >> you can rip it open if you want to. >> i think we have to take a break. a lot more from here across the
7:10 pm
country. where's the sign? where's the sign? i apologize. i apologize. i am surprised at you, richard qwest. >> how dare you! >> how dare you. >> british, a little decorum. >> what would the royals say? >> don't start on the royals. >> i love them all. >> we're bringing the best of the evening. all around the world. the united states. will be right back from here in new york. ♪ ♪ [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans.
7:11 pm
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7:12 pm
cisco. tomorrow starts here.
7:13 pm
7:14 pm
>> happy new year! ♪ ♪ >> the legendary spotted cat, music club, in new orleans, one of my favorites. if you haven't been you have got to go any time you are nine or leans. >> how much? >> hutch are yow much are you gm that? so obvious you are getting a kickback. it's not like you are mr. pub crawl. >> i'm not getting a kickback. >> i love this bar, this beer. tony romo. >> a small club.
7:15 pm
they have live bands. >> did you miss the tweet? >> the tweet. >> got a tweet from the american authors. it says, i quote, wait a minute. who is anderson cooper? >> ouch. >> they tweeted that? >> zing. >> okay. yes, i know their song. >> somebody got served. >> you are right. i did. i got served? i am not all that well versed on music. >> give them the sign. you are so proud of. i apologize. >> american authors i aapproximately jazz. -- apologize. >> i know your song. never heard of you. no celine dion. you know it. >> of course, you know. >> yelling at them. not backstreet boys. backstreet boys. >> i know their song. i like their song a lot. i wish them nothing but the best. >> they hate tweeted you. >> anderson revealed he cannot read his twitter at this moment. i know what that means, at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, in a ball,
7:16 pm
sobbing, spooned by his mother. he will believe that three out of 10 million loving tweets are some what negative. he cannot get over it. gloria, get ready. keep the light on. get the big, the big. >> i don't live with my mom. >> yes you, do. you don't know that he lives with his mom. he has a small room, called a murphy bed. it goes down. and then, there is story time. they have lunches. and tea and scones. scones. and they would rather do other things than talk about american authors. >> for those who are just joining us. if you weren't joining us at the top of the program x plain your ensemble? because it is controversial. >> it's controversial. >> you are wearing real fur. i was surprised by. i don't know any bed who wears real fur. >> correct. i was surprised as well. it is the actual dennis basso coat of my dear departed friend, joan rivers, it is inscribed joan rivers inside. she go out in 1980. i thought in her honor because it is freezing but in her honor. i am wearing it. i will be taking over her
7:17 pm
throne, big shoes to fill in "fashion police" january 12th. melissa lovingly said yes you may wear one of my mom's prized furs. >> that's nice. that's nice. >> i know twitter hate will come. i know that. >> get serious. i can't believe she is gone. >> yes, correct. there was really only one. i will say posthumously, i think she is getting the respect she deserved when she was alive. nice hearing all these wonderful things about her. >> the fact she was working as hard as she worked. >> 81 years old. an hour long set the night before she got ill. one of a kind. one of a kind. >> amazing lady. want to go back to new orleans. the spotted cat. my favorite bar. don lemon is down in new orleans. don, what's the scene look tonight? >> it is crazy because, it is not only, new year's, it is the sugar bowl. we have a lot of -- of fans here, from alabama. i have got this, kathy has her
7:18 pm
coat. i have got these. and i am going to bring back to new york to give to kathy. >> you are not messing around. it's. >> don, don, who is playing in the sugar bowl this year? ohio state/alabama. >> who is playing in the sugar bowl? >> ohio state/alabama. >> don knows. don knows.don knows something t don't know. that's got to hurt. >> look at the camera. >> do it. do it. >> any body will do it. >> let me tell you. >> anderson, the crew guys, the crew guys, every night, they're look watching the game, talking about sports. and i, talk back. they say, are you like anderson, do you know absolute leap nothing abut sports? you just comment on the outfits and colors of the uniform? >> exactly. how do you know what game they're talking about?
7:19 pm
like there is a million games on. i turn around. espn 2, 3, 4, espn classic. i don't know what game. >> i could listen to you and don lemon talk sports all night long. >> the bead. you are going to hurt somebody if you throw the beads. >> anderson. you have, you have the new orleans connection. >> winter olympics hockey? >> i do. i love new orleans. >> canada. >> what? >> you are right. >> i was talking to don. >> i was a model, a model for maison blanche. >> does he hire models? >> i can't imagine. yes, i can imagine. >> what kind of things, don? >> we will leave that unsaid. >> don, and brook baldwin will take over at 12:30. our live coverage. to, to -- what would you do? >> kathy. i love your coat, wear it with
7:20 pm
pride. wear it with pride. >> i am. joan rivers. hash tag. >> all right. we will check back in with don. don, you should also check out the spotted cat down on frenchman. >> okay. i get it. you love that place. >> i do. i love the place. >> you drank your bud there. one of your many beers you are known for. >> you asked about a beer. i gave you the first beer. >> pub kracrawl for you. can i quote one more thing in your italian -- >> do you take part in santa-con. >> santa-con? >> don't know if it is only in new york. on a couple week aendz go. where all these drunk people dress up as santa go on a pub crawl. supposedly for charity. i hope it is. >> i don't think it is. i grew up irish catholic. >> i live on a block has a bun. of bars. end up with just. >> vom it. santa. >> drunk santas. >> stockings doused.
7:21 pm
>> it helps the children. >> i hope there is a benefit. >> what are some of your new year's resolutions? >> kathy asked me this. because every time if i begin to say one of my resolutions she will pretend to fall asleep because they're all so freaking boring. >> also because you have no soul. if you had to have a resolution? >> you really want to know? haw haw i do. a -- >> i do. >> it doesn't matter. it's look a heart of glass. like the song "heart of glass." his heart doesn't shatter. >> that i know. that's blondy. >> you are right up there with -- for frz a. >> from the '80s. i paid attention. >> your era. >> never better. >> three floor of the limelight. >> studio 54. >> have to get in a mention. >> should be an anchor on cnn.
7:22 pm
join online. you can say this is cnn. >> pesost, cnnnye. >> you've been tweeting? >> i have. >> you have? >> yes. not nice thing as but you. things. >> tweet new year's wishes, resolutions, photos of your celebration. we'll air some of them. feature others at >> a lot we can't air. >> cnnnye. follow me@andersen cooper, and kathy,@kathygriffin. are you on instagram? >> of course. on all of them. recently instagramed a photo, at a party at jackie collin any house, having a conversation with sydney poitier. a great moment. some one took a photo. jackie collin. literally the hand in the middle. of course, piers morgan. poitier. that guy. having a great conversation, have no sense of it.
7:23 pm
a photo of piers morgan's hand in front of me and poitier. >> piers who? >> you are going to get tweets, from piers. awe off it takes a stiff wind to. have a twitter war with piers morgan? >> he is dying for a twitter war. >> make no mention. like the heidi and spencer of formerly cnn. wants a twitter war. >> listen, i hope he gets a job one day. i hope he gets gainful employment. >> what's great is that anderson, is nervous and nauseous and see the word. he sees the words live crab on the teleprompter. i just want to explain his facial discomfort. go ahead. >> that's what it says on the teleprompter. live crab. >> you know piers is going to say, way to go, making fun of me. and then talking about crabs. #classy. like we would do something like that? >> i don't think anyone cares what he does. there its the crab. giant crab.
7:24 pm
a man posing with said crab. easton, maryland, that is the crab drop. >> i am already itching. to see -- the story. because i am sure -- it's fast nafting. and a global look at new year's. not giving the check back. the disclaimer. >> what's the disclaimer? >> the disclaimer if i say, something too far, got to give it back. >> not giving it back for the crab joke. >> katrinin past years she has too far. she has had to give the check back. but first, randy kaye is on a cruise ship for us. and she meets the bionic bartender. >> i love that show. >> so, of course we found the coolest bar on board royal caribbean's "quantum of the seas," we have roboting bartenders. choose from 160 liquors.
7:25 pm
ordered my drink on an ipad. they shake it up. deliver it to you. and here it comes. my way. here we go. cheers, kathy, anderson. and continents. all to tell the most amazing story. yours. discover your story. start searching for free now at wall isn't a street... return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage.
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7:28 pm
>> welcome back. live here in times square. anderson cooper with -- with kathy griffin. >> hold on. hold on.
7:29 pm
when you guys show the clip that you showed before the commercial. i feel that your way to set me up. you can't just show something like this to me. i will show you the clip again. this is randi kaye, doing a stand-up on the bionic bartender. take a look at the beginning. >> so, really i am supposed to talk about current events. how your day was? that is clearly, re-enacting -- you know, last night? >> anyway. so -- >> is that her version of tinder? >> did you see randi earlier? >> are you on tinder? i don't know what tinder is. i do know what tinder is. i'm not on it. >> i would love to see you on a blind date. what's up, ichl'm anderson.
7:30 pm
do the squint. the blue thing that she had. >> did you see her in colorado at a medical marijuana clinic? >> she got high. >> seemed like it. she got red. >> you enjoy the blunt, am i right? >> i don't know what that means. around this point we check in with gary tuchman, traditionally has done the fun run in central park. does the midnight run in central park. other unique celebration around the country. he is on assignment. tonight he is covering news on the other side of the world. luckily, luckily for us, his daughter, lindsay, who is a talent in her own right, young reporter, just starting out. joins us now from easton, maryland. lindsay, welcome to the party. >> hi, lindsay. >> how are you doing? >> thank you guys. i'm doing great. little cold. doing great out here. it's -- the crab drop. >> continue. >> explain, does that crab actually drop? >> yeah, that crab does drop. it's pretty interesting.
7:31 pm
because cr because crabs are a big deal. drive the economy forward. the watermen go out on the chesapeake bay, fishing all day for crabs. earlier at 9:00 they had a drop of this big guy behind me. they dropped it for the little kids. they gathered around. drefsed up as seafood. jelly fish. sharks. crabs everything you could imagine. so they could see the crab drop before midnight when they're going to be warm in their beds. the rest of us will be here for the rest of the night. you've really need to take a good look at this crab behind me here. here is 8 feet by 8 feet. that's claw to claw. that's what they're telling me. made out of papier-mache. you can tell it looks pretty delicious i have to say. i do have a confession to tell you guys. when i moved down here. i was not a big seafood fan. everyone around me before you boo. my co-workers did make me eat crab when i came here. i am a fan. it shows the why crabs are so important here. we are having the crab drop
7:32 pm
tonight. kathy, anderson. >> cool. so nice. >> i see the crab, and raise you a crab. lindsay, you are too young to have crabs. i don't know who these guys you are running around with. keep it nice. keep it nice. keep it nice. >> lindsay, how are you liking, just starting out as a young reporter, how are you liking it? >> you know, i am loving it. it is really fun down here. i have a lot, made a lot of friend, got a lot of practice. got to hang out with you a couple week as go actually. that was pretty cool as well. >> lindsay came to the christmas party. >> how did she get the crab story? >> no, why isn't she on a boat -- >> her dad was going to do it. he couldn't do it. we thought it would be great. >> lindsay, you do anchoring as the well? >> i do. i do. i've fill in a bit. i work on the weekend. i anchor today and toechlt morr.
7:33 pm
it is pretty cool. >> we wish you nothing but the best. we will check in later on for the crab drop. >> sorry, lindsay. this is like a tough story. >> yes. >> you are managing a lot with kathy griffin. you are doing great. lindsay tuchman. >> she fills in on the weekend? who fills in on the weekend? >> it's been a while. it's been a while. building one of your seven houses, ellen. really, ellen, neil patrick ii, building your 17 houses. >> ellen has lovely taste. >> house flipper. >> ryan seacrest bought one of the houses. >> it makes so much sense? >> why? >> i will call it a coven. in a coven with oprah -- like "american horror story."
7:34 pm
a trifecta. >> making spells against you, don't you? >> glad you confirmed it. >> you think that. >> lindsay tuchman will. >> in past years you said you believe oprah is trying to kill you. >> which is ridiculous. no offense. i don't think she gives you a thought. >> she can barely sleep. she calls gale, they cry. where is stedman. >> i love gale. her birthday this year. not this year. obviously. >> wow, you are so smooth tonight. like mr. smooth. like satin. you are so nervous. when i make fun of oprah, you lose it. you get so freaked out, mention of ellen, oprah, neil patrick harris. >> i am friend with neil patrick harris. are you on the boat? the two are on the boat? >> clearly not on the boat. >> you didn't get the boat invite. >> interesting. never got the boat invite. >> i was at a party with sydney poitier. >> i was at a beverly hills
7:35 pm
party. >> i choose not to be on the boat. you are not invited on the boat. a metaphor too. become to tony romo. a >> oh, yeah, huh. nothing. >> what? >> nothing. >> i can't get over it. >> we have the picture of you with sydney poitier. >> referenced it half an hour ago. >> how cool is sydney poitier? >> that's his wife. piers morgan's fingers. sydney going, who are you? piers got offended. sydney was kindly saying, i'm sorry, what is your name? that sets piers off. >> this is the most air time this guy has gotten. you are, you are making it a year. >> i know. i know. >> oh, my god. >> funny photo. awe off it accide it accidentally happened. >> who is the new surgeon general? >> i don't know the name of the new surgeon general? >> vivid murphy. >> who is he replacing? >> okay.
7:36 pm
you know what? i, i, no. >> i'm not chris matthews, say it. i never will be. let's play hardball. you didn't see that coming at all. you are like of all the people, she is going off to reference, why would she ever bring up chris matthews. that makes no sense. i knew it would get you. >> no it actually does make sense. >> lake a little shake. orange is the new black, i am crazy eyes. i am your crazy eyes. >> i met crazy eyes. >> very nice. >> beautiful. fun. nice. i can't remember where i met her. she was lovely. >> prison? >> not prison. >> what do you think of joe and theresa going away any day now? >> i have no comment. if you say anything about them. >> convicted felons. >> those people. their folks on twitter go bananas. >> folks? they have folks? >> they have people. >> right now, trying to kill me, more than oprah. >> i feel for their family. >> whatever. they're convicted felons. did a crime. serve the time.
7:37 pm
i get it. i can't believe, you are the like apologist for the guidices. >> i am not making apologies. i feel bad for their kids. frankly. >> all right, f. lee bailey. wow. next we're debating darwinism. >> remember when f. lee bailey used to appear on match game. >> celebrity lawyer. >> i miss "match game." they always seemed. >> little drunk. >> a lot drunk. having some party. charles nelson riley was on. who i loved. >> right. >> jeanne rayburn had the long. >> wonder why? my point is. of my point is. did you like tom delouise too. i bet you did. you watching "match game" home alone, upper eastside apartment, thinking they're your real
7:38 pm
friend what happens. making your own hot toddie, vanderbilt recipe. >> it was on at 4:30. >> you remember the time. >> of course. before the 4:30 movie. big day in my life. >> day after school movie. the boy in the plastic bubble. >> awesome. >> you are the boy in the plastic bubble. that's weird. they didn't know when they wrote the movie there would be a boy in the plastic bubble. i'm like trying to get in. get into the bubble. no. >> i was sort of like the boy. >> nobody is getting in the bubble. people get in the bubble? still, rock hard bubble. >> let's go to the hardest working woman in journalism. already reported from -- oh, man. >> the bubble. >> oh, man, she was in colorado where we talked about her getting a little contact high, she is joining us from a cruise ship. randi, what is happening, there, are folks just loopy now? >> yeah, people are pretty
7:39 pm
loopy, anderson. got to tell you. you sound pretty loopy yourselves, having a great time in times square. i am behind the bar, some place where, it has been very, very -- [ cheers and applause ] see the crowd here. you were telling me, you have a favorite drink here a lot of people look to order. >> we want to promote our signature drink, patron, raspberry pure, and black pepper. >> quickly make one for us. in high demand here. right after he is done. i have a special surprise for all of you. look at that. >> whoa. >> it is nuts up here! got to tell you! we are some where by the way, we are making our way up the eastern seaboard. some where, some where in the caribbean sea. off the coast of the bahamas. then you add champagne. >> and little more. >> champagne. >> oh, my goodness.
7:40 pm
>> look at that. oh, wait. black pepper. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. now wait. i got to make my way. hold on. got to make my way outside the bar. on my way to show you something very, very special. if i could just get through here. excuse me. excues me. excuse me. >> where is randi? [ laughter ] wow, is she being assaulted? i don't know what is happening? >> i got caught in a mosh pit. >> wait. wait. we have a surprise. look at this special cake.
7:41 pm
we had this cake made for you guys. what do you think? >> that is very special. tasteful. >> do you like that? does that bring back memories. it says 36, and a rum cake. filled. we are going to eat it during the next live shot. we have to decide what we are going to eat first. >> i have four eggs in my body. thank goodness. i don't care where you are in the caribbean. 36 or bust. >> was! >> okay, randi. okay. [ indiscernible ] >> we'll check in with you later on. but, we are good on that. >> one of the revellers is going to be a new anchor. see a drunk guy, saying "this is cnn." >> when she said 36 eggs. you were going to have to say something. >> you fell on me. it was so random, bizarre.
7:42 pm
they don't think i would have 36 eggs. but there is the cake magically. by the way, i like how cnn has turned into "bar rescue." like food network. focusing on cakes. confetti. what was your confetti wish? if you've don't know this anderson earlier in the nontelevised portion was with the cosmo girls, doing a confetti wish. >> what happens here in times square. people are here, you know, for 12 hours or so. they have entertainment for the crowd. from the, from like the times square alliance. >> why did you do this though? >> they asked me. seemed like a nice thing to do. >> what is a cosmo girl? what does that mean? >> nothing to do with me. >> the magazine? >> every hour they count down every hour. not televised. at the top of the hour they asked me to come for like top of the 8:00 hour, to come and read, confetti that drops. may not know this at home. the confetti that drops at
7:43 pm
stroke of midnight people have written wishes. people's wishes dropping. they had me read wishes. positive or bummers? >> two of them. one was, somebody wanted love for everybody. which is nice. >> yawn, yawn. >> the other was somebody wanted to bea fish. i don't know. picked them randomly. >> we have a crab. they went to the perfect person to meet a fish. a crustacean. this is a show. meet a fish. and random teenage girl, because gary tuchman is on location. you can shake legs with the fish? it's kizmet. >> kizmet. >> it is early. i would lake ike to show a phot the gift from kelly ripa. hope this is shame based for you. i asked for the photo. a gingerbread house. >> beautiful. kelly ripa. she and mark consuelos are the
7:44 pm
greatest gift givers, nicest friend, so generous to all their friends. they sent this lovely, gingerbread house. >> i just want to remind you, if you have been watching from the beginning. anderson was talking how his assistant breathes for him. gets, puts songs on the ipod. and the ripa-consuelos are building gingerbread homes for anderson. >> did they say it was from -- please tell me. >> they're watching with their family. i want to wish them a very happy new year. >> they like a little drinky with you. you go drinking, right. i heard stories. >> you are making that up. do you know kathy griffin has never had a drink in her life. that they true? >> never had a drink in my life. >> teen, troubled teen? >> i was a troubled teen for sure. i have not. i am an irish catholic. my relatives have done enough for me. i say that with love. hi, mom. >> i didn't hear that.
7:45 pm
in case you said something offensive. in case you offended a group of people. >> my family. my mom. >> that's fine. >> again. she is used to it. >> if she is watching. i know she is not watching us. just ahead. more from new orleans, memphis, havana, whole lot of places. we will be right back.
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
♪ ♪
7:49 pm
happy new year! happy new year! >> that scene in hong kong tonight. spectacular. >> they had a great year. anyway, i love when you don't know what we are coming back to on commercial. looking at random footage. to me, like this. like i am -- that's hong kong. >> funny. i don't know if you were joining us. we had dinner with ryan seacrest. he was talking about all the meetings they had. like endless. >> he kept saying. he was taking phone calls, which is so rude. hold on, ccdcp. >> dick clark productions. >> rehearsals.
7:50 pm
>> no rehearsals. we come together. >> last year he didn't talk to me. >> let's check in with memphis. and down there with an elvis tribute artist. victor trevino jr. pamela brown. pamela? >> reporter: that's right, anderson. delivered on what i promised you all earlier. very special guest here. after all, in memphis, home of the blues, victor trevino. elvis artist, tribute artist. flew in from chicago. to memphis. tell us how did you end up in the role, what inspired you? >> well i always loved musical theater, classic americana, particularly older music. so, i was doing acting and trying to do different things in my early 20s. so i was waiting tables at one time. a lady said, have you ever thought about doing the role of elvis. i thought elvis is really cool. >> the hair? >> i have super, super curly. it wasn't that.
7:51 pm
she, she, kind of mranplanted t seed. at a hard rock cafe in dallas, they had an elvis, competition. >> it wasn't because you are someone who has an elvis shrine in your house? >> no. >> i have so much respect for elvis. an american icon. i'm victor, when i'm off stage. >> all right. cool. let's just quickly talk about your get up here. victor. >> gold lame jacket elvis wore in the late 50s with crystals. >> not the $10,000 jacket though that, that elvis had. all right. we can't let you go before you do some, some, songs for us. put you on the spot, victor. i know you have been practicing. first up. hound dog. ♪ you ain't nothing about a hound dog crying all the time you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ you ain't no friend of mine ♪ >> all right, don't be cruel.
7:52 pm
♪ you know i can't be fine i sit home all alone if you can't come around at least please telephone ♪ >> impressive. >> pamela brown. >> back to you. >> thank you, pamela. all right. >> thank you. >> the scene in memphis, tennessee. >> who books the show? i mean, i -- let me just say -- i, were you sick that day? look, this is why you tune in. because you know it is off the cuff. i am just saying even i am standing here, where even i have moments like, seriously, what the? how did that? is there? now we talk abut the jacket. i get it. i am saying he is adorable. some times, even i am like a little shocked. a little built sit surprised. i know how barbara walters felt when i went on the view. i get it now. >> how barbara walters felt when you were on the view? >> what's happening?
7:53 pm
>> i did have that feeling. >> did you book him? >> that's not one of my bookings. >> i want this guy or i walk. >> i don't care about anything else. i want the elvis guy and his personal history. i've don't want to hear the songs first. >> the jacket. is the hair curly straight? i want to know about the product. i get it. that's why -- >> i was a huge elvis fan. when i was a child. >> do you want to sing hound dog. don't write a check you can't sign? if you are an elvis fan. i expect you to sing. what makes you so great? >> all right. i want to show how relatable i am. >> keep trying. what made you relatable. i had the cutest clip up. i texted you during the entire interview. if you didn't see anderson cooper's interview with controversial clippers former owner donald sterling please take a look at my personal favorite moment. >> great. >> why did he say don't say
7:54 pm
anything? >> he said. wait. be patient. i will help you. we'll work it out. >> why do you think he said that? >> i think he wanted me to do nothing so he could buy the team. he thought maybe the whole thing would be resolved in two weeks. >> well -- what has he done? can you tell me? big magic johnson? what has he done? >> he is a business person. >> yeah, that's the moment. that's, it was hard to find news stories. but the look on your face. >> i was so surprised he is attacking magic johnson. >> obviously. what i know, i was watching at home. i was thinking, oh, god if he expects me to know one stat about magic, one stat. so this one goes like, he's a businessman. >> no, i mean. i was so stunned. >> five time nba champ. three times mvp. 12 time all star. >> i don't have the research
7:55 pm
team. >> i got this from watching "oprah's next chapter" magic. oprah's "next chapter." >> had i then he was going to attack magic johnson. >> you were so clearly fearful. >> magic johnson is great. >> we don't need to relive this. but i will tell you. my, my, strategy on this was. >> you had the pinwheel eyes. what he said to you, i quote, donald sterling saying to anderson cooper, "did you ever like a girl and was gem jealous her a little seeing her with other guys." the look on your face was priceless. >> one of the moments. i was happy there was a cutaway camera. i was like. >> what were you thinking? >> i was going to say to him, i can honestly say no. >> correct. as i was watching. >> i thought. tie de that was a great moment. you really didn't make your self the story.
7:56 pm
the rest of the world knew what the story was. which is that you have never been walking past saks or niemans with a lady friend, to get her to go to bed with me i will buy her the ball gown. he asked you in an earnest way. was there a young lady who was attractive. over and over. >> i know. a lot more ahead. the party is just getting started. coming of on 11:00 here. anticipation is building. certainly growing here in times square. >> a million people. >> just over an hour. we ring in 2015. once again, the aerial shot from the top of the marriott marquee in times square. what guest do we have coming up. what band? >> one direction. taylor swift. >> none of them. >> patti labelle. >> mandie patinkin. >> didn't have them either. >> the last of "homeland." >> key west, easton, maryland, bahamas, around the world, the united states, a lot more ahead. >> carol perkins impersonator in
7:57 pm
duluth. >> don't look at me. have you played duluth? >> of course, i have. for tickets. i've played everywhere. >> all right. we'll be right back. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪
7:58 pm
and mama loves you. narrator: these are the skater kid: whoa narrator: that got torture tested by teenagers and cried out for help. from the surprised designers. who came to the rescue with a brilliant fix male designer: i love it narrator: which created thousands of new customers for the tennis shoes that got torture tested by teenagers. the internet of everything is changing manufacturing. is your network ready?
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8:00 pm
8:01 pm
♪ ♪ >> welcome to times square, new york city. one hour away from the stroke of midnight. i am andersen cooper here with kathy griffin. perhaps as many as a million people make up the city down there. we want to welcome you here to times square. >> isn't there a virtual city in your head though? >> i wouldn't say the most real person. >> i think i am. >> sort of virtual. >> i am quite real. >> i saw your "60 minutes" piece on mindfulness. you were wearing a cap, electrodes that gave you thoughts. >> basically. one hour until the stroke of midnight. 2015 is here. wherever you are, appreciate you joining us. we hope you are having a good night. about to bring you iconic moments. sing of john lennon's imagine. all the things happen, performed this year by o.a.r. ball drop in new york, new york, new york.
8:02 pm
>> don't tick them off. didn't know the last group we had. got an angry tweet. >> i didn't know the name? >> american authors. i knew their song. liked their song. >> they're not having your crap tonight. >> they're not. that's okay. wolf blitzer could stop by wearing nothing but glitter bed paint. i saw some body i thought was blitzer running through the crowd. >> tell me. why are you tweeting boy jorn i? what is going on? >> by george sent me a tweet. >> hey, has any bed seen today the musical. it's amazing. boy george, not yet. i have. however, seeing that you are not following me. boy george is mad you are not following him. >> you write, done. >> i wrote something like i will comment on this on new year's eve. which i am. have a wonderful 2015 which is code. >> no it is not. >> and here is my favorite. i love when you try to be cool. this is my favorite.
8:03 pm
this one tweets to boy george. thanks, you too. i hope to hear you dj in 2015. whuf what is up with you've trying to keep up? >> a friend of mine heard him dj in london. he was really good. a friend of mine, darren. co-owns a bar downtown. >> stop plugging bars. like an alcoholic. what's with you and the dj scene. >> i'm not part of the dj scene. i don't know. junior vazquez. >> all right. fine. >> there you go. >> fine. i didn't know you were such a d.j. fanatic. >> welcome. yeah, having fun here. >> something odd about you and boy george, spending the night djing. unexpected. >> man you can spin together. you and calvin harris. >> heard he was a dj. does very well with it. >> i've don't understand electronic dance music, too
8:04 pm
fast, jarring for me. >> what do you like a hot toddy and a quilt. twing mu swing music. lennon sisters. they can harmonize. they were fantastic. >> hot toddy and a quilt? >> what is it? >> old-fashioned drink. it was hot. >> toddy. >> i will tell you once as a kid. i went to my cousin any house. never mind. >> i love that look. tell me. in mid sentence. he was like i shouldn't tell him. you went to your cousin any house, what happened? >> nothing. never mind. let's check in, down in the crowd here in time's square. >> what happened at your cousin's house? what happened at your cousin's house? >> mykala, how are things at times square? >> really cool. to watch how the energy is changing.
8:05 pm
you can't hear me? why can't you hear me? i can hear you. >> sorry, now i can finally hear you. >> michaela, what happened? >> i think he had ear wax in his ears. interesting, watch how the energy is changing. bifld i building. great live music. everybody is dancing. balloons. balls. kind of like in a state of, i'm freezing, when is the party starting. now well are getting, closer, closer to midnight. you hear that. having a great time. come over, meet friend of mine. where did you travel from? >> san diego, 5:00 a.m. >> san diego, was 75 degrees there today. >> it was a little colder than that. nothing look out here. >> are you regretting your decision? happy to be here? >> stoked. >> my first time in new york. >> you know the ball, in good proximity, right? >> yes. >> let's be honest. you thought it was going to be bigger.
8:06 pm
we're not sizists. we thought it was going to be bigger. we thought it was going to bea little bigger. new year's resolutions or no, don't believe in them? >> haven't made one yet. >> girl you, better start thinking abut that. no pressure. i will come back. where are you from? >> indonesia. >> my goodness. how are we doing? when did you get here? are you studying here? >> we have been here, yeah, got here at 1:00 p.m. >> are you tired? >> cold. >> i know. it is not this cold at home, is it? wach off to t wave to the camera. hi, mom, dad. everybody. coming down here. happy new year, where are you from? where are you from? >> houston. >> houston. texas. what's going on, girl. let's see, you can't even, when's the last time you got to go to the bathroom. you can't anywhere around here? >> probably 11:30. awe off this is what i am talking about, dedication. we have taylor swift coming up. we have all of this other entertainment, florida, georgia
8:07 pm
line. country music. back to you guys. i'm excited, kathy. i understand you. i am excited. >> i group in new york city. i have never been here until i started working here. >> first of all, mike camchaela wasted. going to call it. why was the girl from san diego arguing? it's warmer there. it's not really that warm in san diego. just say hi. okay. you are from san diego. michaela, sound kind of warm. it is 75ish. >> she is fine. >> not encouraging drinking. a drinking game. >> "dallas morning news." >> really. >> came up with a drinking game. if you are a lightweight, watch something pg, nbc's with carson daly, to go harder, watch raunchy host, kathy griffin, watch her taunt andersen cooper on cnn. >> two hours of taunting so far.
8:08 pm
only another hour and a half. >> game night. >> game night. if you want to join the conversation, twitter, instagram. >> tweet your real feelings to andersen. he can take it. he has a thick skin. >> using #-cnnnye. >> don't think i have a thick skin? >> no. >> i can read every tweet. and then boom. >> we have a scene. let's take a look at the scene down in key west, florida. where traditionally we have gone down to key west. john, no longer with cnn. sushi the drag queen is in a giant red, what do you call that, pump. >> pump. >> lady's pump. at the stroke of midnight. sushi is lowered. the tradition in key west. thousands of people, tens of thousands of people go there. families are there. >> not an easy gig. >> not an easy gig. there was one year where there was like a malfunction. >> a gaffe. >> the shoe stop. >> i remember sushi ended up
8:09 pm
crawling on the roof. afraid she was going to fall off. >> one of your confetti wishes. when somebody wanted to be a fish. we have some one named sushi. >> how many people turned out there. packed. packed. >> yes. >> obviously tradition there. we are going to show you the ball drop here at the stroke of midnight. and then stick around afterward. show you all the other scenes. that are occurring, like. the -- >> lil john sing "turn down for what." turn down for what? >> he's not joining us. >> no. >> i heard that was your fav rift song. what do you think turn down for what means? just interpret it? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> the volume is too loud. >> #urban. >> keeping it real. keeping it real. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, that's me. yeah. keach keeping it real. >> hope lil john tweets you. >> i would enjoy a tweet from
8:10 pm
lil john. >> you are into the electronic scene. >> i am telling you this is tail or swift's year. i am all about. >> are you quoting the song? >> referring to the song, yes. >> you are referring to the song. >> no treble is the song. off a what about, iggy azalea, and azalea banks? >> i don't know. >> you have thoughts. go there. little controversial. i am not going to lie. >> i don't know. >> it is iggy azalea? >> what else you got on your card? >> a question, who beat house majority leader eric cantur in his gop primary? >> i can't remember. >> you don't know. chris matthews. >> where do you think he is tonight? >> with the wife drinking. he talks about how he doesn't drink any more. i watch his show every day. i many i watch this show every day. what the heck was i thinking.
8:11 pm
>> chris matthews is very nice gift. i met him. >> former capitol hill police officer. >> was he really? >> i read his book. >> i did write a book. "the new york times" best seller. >> mine was "kathy griffin official book club selection." >> i was on oprah. i had an hour on oprah. about my book. >> i passed. how much, how much, how much does a stamp cost? that's why you are watching. >> when was the last time you isn't a letter. when was the last time you sent a letter. >> answer the question, congressman. how much is the cost of a postage stamp? >> do you know how much i love you? >> and a forever stamp. >> and by love you i mean hate your guts. >> how much is a quart of milk? i can do this all night long. >> we have got -- >> please tweet, #gamenight.
8:12 pm
>> tweet us what you think anderson thinks a stamp costs. i go with $500. and a book is $1,000. he doesn't drink so much. it is so expensive, $1,000 a quart. that's what his assistant tells him, loading madonna on his ipod. he wants lorde. make that a poll. cnn you want to do polls. >> please. >> please what? make it stop. >> mraaw awe. >> please make it stop. >> are you doing namiste. yoga moment? >> i'm all about namiste. >> i know. >> you were going to take a side in gwyneth paltrow/martha stewart twitter feud. >> we'll go off the air at 12:30. don lemon -- >> until 5:00 a.m. this guy. this guy. >> we'll take a break.
8:13 pm
we'll be right back in times square. >> this guy. this guy. this is cnn.
8:14 pm
8:15 pm
8:16 pm
>> anderson, kathy, what better way to spend new year's eve than on a beach. welcome to dubai, here on city's palm island. people are gathering to watch one of the most extravagant fire work displays anywhere in the world.
8:17 pm
and that is it. 100,000 fireworks before your eyes. the party just started. i am going to head down. a happy new year from the middle east. happy 2015. >> that is the festivities in dubai. >> hold on. let me ask you. what hurts the most? >> what hurts the most? >> the quart of milk. >> your mommy issue. the mommy issue. so obvious. >> during the break, $1.45. >> $1.41. >> no clue. doesn't know what a postage cost
8:18 pm
counter. >> 49 cents. >> during the commercial break, i swear he welled up. i don't mean laugh crying. a moment where it was are you okay? i said in a quiet intimate moment. what was it? he went, the milk. i said, of course. >> then i said. how much, did i say, $1.45. >> you had a fit in front of the crew people. he had like a fit. when you hear celebrities having fits. that's what it was. randomly going up to people from telemundo -- whatever spanglish he can speak. i don't know. okay, anderson, your big moment. anderson cooper, how much is a quart of milk? >> well, subsequently, $1.41. thought $1.45. >> you had no idea. >> any way. we are done. >> it hurts. the hurt on your face. >> yes it hurt.
8:19 pm
11:18. we are counting down to the new year's. when you were a a kid how did you spend new year's eve? >> used to watch shows like this. i wanted to watch a show off the beaten track. local broadcast. i was all about that. >> i always watched. i didn't like, there was something scary about new year's eve. >> good time to stay home. >> yes, yes. >> watch marathons, three stooges. >> i thought it was sweet. at, in eastern maryland. where they had the crab drop. >> oh, boy. >> i like the fact. going back there right now. i like the fact that they did a crab drop at 9:00 so little kids who were there could feel like they saw. >> crab drop. >> saw the new year. when i was a kid. >> what are crabs like? i mean, i, every year, you guys do this to me. how is that possible? possibly -- he doesn't know how much a quart of milk is. >> for those just joining us, by the way, you are wearing joan
8:20 pm
rifr river's coat. i want to explain. i am trying to protect you. >> thank you. thank you. >> because you are wearing. >> joan river's coat, designed for her by dennis basso. >> real fur. >> shocked me. i didn't know, i don't know anyone. off awe as. >> as i am going to fill the role of the comedic, fearless, throne holder at "fashion police" in her honor. i reached out to melissa. i can wear the coat. >> don't think you should wear real fur. >> come letly lcompletely agree. this is it. i will pleated quarts of milk. >> quarts of milk. >> 40 minutes now until midnight. >> what you want to talk about chaser. i am trying to clean up, anderson's image. a little offensive tonight as always. a "60 minutes" chaser dog that
8:21 pm
was smarter than he was. >> piece about dog intelligence. what scientists. >> you admitted the dog its smarter than you are. >> chaser is kiddthe smartest dn world. >> leaf that up. do you see the resemblance? >> being a hollow shell of a person. anderson is a chamealeon, confused doesn't know who he is or what to do. it could become a photo of a dog. you can see. he just gets so frightened to be who he is. looks at a photo. i will be that guy you. can see he and chaser actually lack look alike now. congratulations. >> you are saying like, muted to the x-man. my power. >> transformer. anything to be yourself. read the angry tweets later. keep them coming. there you are. >> yes. >> doing. >> david harry, professor. >> why is the dog getting to the cup faster than you are? >> not supposed to get to the
8:22 pm
cup. off awe it humanizes you. that's what i do. want to go back to easton maryland, the crab drop. >> i want to talk about crabs all night. you act like it is shocking innuendo. you are doing seven crab segments. crab it up, baby. off a lindsay tuchman, daughter of gary tuchman. a young reporter starting out there. she is, she is in easton, maryland. where a giant crustacean is getting ready for its close-up. lindsay, a lot of friend with you've right now? >> yeah, when i talked to you earlier, there was not a lot of people behind me. as you can see, the small town of easton is starting to get, really crowded. they're keeping me warm though. it's not too bad. but, we're not just sitting waiting for the giant crustacean like you said to drop. i can't see. a little too short. over there, there is a fire dancer, juggler, entertaining us all night. keaching us warm. everyone has been enjuventusing
8:23 pm
it. and we are just getting ready for this, mechanical crab to drop. there was a drop at 9:00 for the little ones. there are still little guys here, all very excited for new year's to come. and i am excited too. to see, see what happens when the crab drops. back to you guys. >> of lindsay, we will check back in with you after the crab drop. a big parlgt of tt of the econo. nice to see all the kids out there having fun. >> i mean, seriously in the middle of a crab bit. you are going to show children. you are going to throw me under the bus. play the kid card from the bottom of the deck. and, look, i mean, what dirt does lindsay have on you. she is doing seven segments now. and like angelina jolie, with children adorabldorable. what do you think of crabs, kathy? here is a picture of children.
8:24 pm
off a >> that was planned for 11 months. >> it's 11:23. we are going to have limited commercial breaks from now until the new year. we don't want folks to miss a single moment. >> we have nick jonas coming up to sing "gel jealous." >> one year, the jonas brothers performed. four yerz aars ago. you threw things at them. >> i celebrated them in a way that was physical. >> nick jonas who was in. >> shirtless. >> how to succeed in business, i did a voiceover for. i met him. >> where did you go to college? >> he did. >> yale. went to yale. >> he did "cnn heroes." >> as did i. >> he was very nice. he hugged me backstage. a bro hug. >> real moment. >> got a flustered. >> like your moment with taylor
8:25 pm
laughtner. >> don't know what you are talking about. off awe when the jonas brothers were the brothers you. don't care. now hat nick jonas is hot. he is great. in a play. >> what about joe? what did he ever do to to you? >> he has a reality show and is married. >> that is the other one. the third jonas. >> i work a lot. >> are you not watching "true tori." >> if you are not watching true tori. >> saw tori on oz. talk about that later. more from new york, new orleans and around the world. off to ring in the new year. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ don't just visit paris.
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8:29 pm
>> -- key west. celebrate new year's eve sushi style! >> that is sushi in key west, florida. where they're getting ready to drop sushi in the shoe. we have always checked in with sushi. >> hopefully the cables are strong. >> hope everything is okay. a huge crowd. lot of families going to that. big traditional event. >> lot of things happened tonight. people don't know what will happen. i will ask you to close your eyes and trust me. >> you are going to what? >> close your eyes. just trust me. >> why would i do that? >> if you are watching at home. this will be the time you want to stop the party for a second. i like to have fun. show your fun side. so i will tell you when to open your eyes.
8:30 pm
just lean your head down close your eyes. we will have a little fun. shall we? do it. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. >> do it. >> close my eyes. >> don't open your eyes. >> somebody warn me if something bad is happening. >> they will warn you. they will warn you. it will take less than ten second. anderson. all right. just trust me. this is temporary. and it shows how fantastic you are. all right. open. >> yes. >> oh, you got to be kidding me. >> oh, my god. what have you done? >> i dyed your hair. i dyed your hair. red and blue. i decided if you argue with me, you don't love america. i had it all planned. this is it. every year i try to think of something. i dyed his hair, red, white and blue. >> how am i going to get this
8:31 pm
out? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i didn't think about it. i guess you -- wash it. i don't know. it's on my hand too. >> this is crazy. >> i know. >> so the rest of the show, we have an hour more on tv. >> for the rest of the month. i hope you are not doing the news tomorrow. >> here. >> i don't know what to do. >> i don't either. because -- i think when they say -- permanent dye. here, with your face. you don't want to make it more. more. symmetrical. >> think we are fine. >> looks like you were in a bar fight. >> wow. >> yeah. >> you are the most patriotic person here. >> yes. dyed your hair. >> yeah. thank you. i appreciate that. >> wow. >> i'm not sure which side is better. >> busy posing. >> take a look, america. >> all right. we are going to take a quick
8:32 pm
break. fry to figure out how to get this out of my hair. >> your hair is dyed. red and blue. red, white, and blue. >> we'll be right back. i can't belief i closed my eyes. nobody warned me. appreciate it, crew. appreciate it, control room. (vo) nourished.
8:33 pm
rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪
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8:35 pm
8:36 pm
>> and welcome back. we are here in time's square. anderson cooper. kathy griffin. >> did it! >> i have spent the last two, three minutes during the commercial break. >> dyed his hair. >> trying to get the dye out of my hair. >> looking great. >> it's half pink. half purple. >> look at this. i mean. what, what the? >> you are very downdown. edgy. downdown. may want to redo the cover. now that you have a stylish hair style. >> i don't known. i think i am making it worse. >> making it worse. >> i put a red stripe. and blue stripe. now half pink. then it is going to the top of your head. and the blue is baby blue. like a nursery. like a nursery at bloomingdale's now. oh, this is fantastic. >> where are you going after
8:37 pm
this? >> going home to wash this out of my hair. >> it is not going to come out tonight. >> are you serious? >> if you are a hair person. tweet anderson some solutions. because he is really going to need them. >> i am going to go to my barber tomorrow. >> now isaac's problem. >> isaac. >> i don't know. i don't know. >> let's face it. this is your fortune. >> this is it. the moneymaker. that's all there is. check in with michaela pereira, and richard qwest. >> people getting excited? >> thought i would have to show him around times square and how we do things in america. clearly i am not the one that need to be helping him at all. richard qwest, you are the best person to party with in time's square. he is sober. and this is him on his own natural energy. the part that is exquisite. making friend in the crowd.
8:38 pm
>> south korea. >> how are you doing? all right. how are you doing? ha-ha. >> fine. >> where are you visiting from? >> south korea. >> turn over this way. >> come over here. >> he is still dancing. these folks have traveled. let them see. we have germany. >> very good. yeah. very good. >> florida, which is very, very far away. >> over here. >> this is. this is italy. mama mia! mama mia! >> so, yeah, you know. this is kind of happening. the crowd are getting a lot more. >> the tension is getting greater. that's what is happening. >> look behind us. put the barriers down. people are crowding up. >> it's getting cold. body warmth is called for.
8:39 pm
>> this is happening. >> 11:38. >> i decided. i put on this hat. my head is, if you are just joining us. kathy dyed my hair. >> live on the air unfortunately. >> red, white, blue. >> patriotic. which i appreciate. yes. we are, counting down. >> are you, you look like an extra from "das boot." >> from "das boot." >> a "das boot." reference. '80s, german cinema. a very good film. today doing something that we have never done before >> we dyed your hair live on the air. >> for the first time. we are bringing you the new year's in cuba. >> boy, here we go. >> and it brings me down. patrick oppman in drtropicana.
8:40 pm
how are they going to celebrate at midnight? >> everybody will dance with the performance. amazing show. everybody will get out of their seats. conga beats, salsa. cuban music, culture. all those things. people in the audience taking this frankly incredible show. you don't see a lot of americans at laeast not yet. of course, recently both countries, intend to normalize relations. you could have an american embassy in cuba. more americans in cuba. taking in amazing shows just like this one. anderson. kathy. >> all right. patrick. looks like a lot of fun there. and -- yeah. how you doing? >> looking at taylor swift. to be honest. >> taylor swift is in time's square. >> lip-syncing. >> you think. i think. >> i don't care. so talented. i like her. this was her year.
8:41 pm
>> what? what? >> 2014 was all about her. >> what? who are you? now that you have multicolored hair. i don't know who you are anymore. >> i know. look. you know. >> what? you want to shake it off. but you can't. because it is hair dye. can't shake it off. >> the players going to play, play, play, play. the haters going to hate, hate, hate, hate. >> i'm not a hater. i'm a playa. >> randi kaye, on the cruise ship, in the bahamas. randi, how are things there? >> things are going very well, anderson. thank you for asking. close to midnight. some where still off the coast of the bahamas. this is jimmy rhode, cruise director here. listen, you used to bea dancer on the ship. >> i did. you worked up to cruise director? >> yes, 14 years ago as a royal caribbean dancer. and the most innovative cruise ship in the world.
8:42 pm
>> first time, new year's eve on the cruise ship? >> yes, we have 2,000 guests on the pool deck. parties around the ship. >> last time i talked to anderson and kathy. we showed them the cake. here it is once again, the cake. jimmy, we would decide to who to eat first. anderson or kathy. i will give you the pleasure of deciding. >> i get to cut miss kathy. >> all right. here we go, guys. one slice right there. for miss kathy. put some clothes on. all i will say. put some clothes on. >> my word exactly. >> exactly. >> put some clothes on. how many times i said that to you, kathy. >> you are totally team this guy. >> happy new year to you. bring you at the stroke of midnight from the cruise ship. times square. do we need to got a break in? control room, talk to me. we will get a quick break in. then we want to be live all the way through to the mid night hour. we'll be right back.
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
>> welcome back to new york times square. we are just minutes away from the stroke of midnight. it is 11:44 here on the east coast. you can feel the anticipation building. here in times square. i'm anderson cooper. thank you for joining us. i'm here with kathy griffith. if you are just joining us, the reason i am wearing this hat, kathy has dyed my hair, red,
8:45 pm
white, red and blue. i don't know. >> the white part was there, thank you. >> been trying to get it off. doesn't seem to be working. not coming off. >> hat time. the h after the hat comes the mood swings. ready to shake it off. your idol. taylor swift. shake it off. shake it off. taylor swift, face sewd so much adversity. millionaire at 15. >> she works hard. >> clearly. >> works hard. writes songs. she is talented. awe thought's your story? >> that's my story. i am sticking with it. i am on record being a fan. >> what about kylie and tyga? >> kylie jenner, and tyga. aren't you worried? >> keel y the kardashians?
8:46 pm
>> no feeling about kylie and dd tyga. >> i don't know about tyga. >> i don't have an opinion about selena and justin bieber. >> shake it back on. >> player is going to play, play, play. >> shake it on. shake it off. >> that's what i do when i drive in my car. shake it off. >> i would love to see. why don't you do it the next time you drive yourself. you are like, "chauncey, put on shake it off again." what about jennifer lawrence and chase crawford. that one is heating up? >> jennifer lawrence the actress? chase crawford. yeah, on one of those. >> been going together six months. >> i didn't know that. >> may that up. they're not going out. i thought you cared? >> no, i don't know this stuff. >> are we going to talk about "true tori?" >> a big fan? >> i find it riveting.
8:47 pm
an accidental reality show. >> really? how would you. if you were not here tonight how would you be spending new year's. >> at tori spelling's house trying to calm her down. dean would be up to no good. lady, you know what i am talking about. i don't trust him. as far as i could throw him. torrie is thin. her boobs change. she talks about it on the show. it is a health hazard. >> anyway. want to let you know what is going to happen before, midnight. stroke of midnight here in times square. >> taylor swift throwing things at you. which is inappropriate. >> confetti in the air. >> taylor, stop it. >> o.a.r. playing john lennon's "imagine" bring that to you. obviously before midnight. then they're going to stop, about a minute before the actual. before the stroke of midnight. >> taylor swift keeps flipping him off. tail or put down your middle finger. not appropriate. a young woman and role model.
8:48 pm
can you imagine. >> i'm waving to the univision guys. >> thought you were trying to stop a fight. if devi lovato shows up. i have to go. you know what i am talking about. >> looking forward to o.a.r. playing "imagine" stroke of midnight bring that to you live. we are not going to during that. kills kathy. >> i hate it. >> she hates it. i look to experience the moment. and look you at home to experience the moment as well. >> shake it back on. >> without us yapping. such an amazing scene at stroke of midnight. >> you don't think it is the right team to talk true tori. >> i don't think anyone wants to hear. >> tatum o'neal was here with candy. i dent know tatum and candy were talking. tori goes up to her room. a nervous wreck. tatum o'neal seems almost critical as if she doesn't know the stars that well. and dean, so flustered. next thing you know. i want to go to canada. i want to go to canada.
8:49 pm
>> okay. what else? anything else? >> i don't know what tops that. thoughts of kate hudson dating derek hough. >> i don't know what you are talking about. i like kate hudson. talented. beautiful. i love her mom. >> i hosted an event for goldy. mind up for her children's organization. >> does the whole thing with the mantra brain. >> got to meet goldie hawn, a unico unicorn, never goes anywhere. >> i met her once. >> some celebrities are more exciting than others. >> who is your favorite celebrity to hang out with? >> cher. texted both of us two days ago. she likes the emojis. does a lot of emojis. calls you her darling boy. the lips emoji. a rose. >> when i was growing up. my mom and i would watch, sonny and cher show. my mom would say, cher was her fantasy daughter.
8:50 pm
i grew up thinking cher was my sister. >> cher will let it pass. let her think she is your sister. >> emoji. what emojis do you use? >> i get confused. >> confused monkey. what? >> a lot confuse me. one that look like a pizza. cake. >> pizza with legs on fire. i don't know. i dent knon't know what that me. hope someone makes an emoji of his head, red, blue. and sad face. two years to get out. >> by the way as you know it is killing me to wear this hat. >> i know everything that is killing you. the best part. the hair dye. the hat. it's the fortune. it's knowing that you don't know when it will come out. all of it is killing you. >> you are right. >> you thought tori spelling had a rough year. >> that's true. take a look at some of the scenes. don't know if we have control of cameras. scenes in times square. give you a sense of the scope of this. hundreds of thousand of people here, the excitement, certainly
8:51 pm
building. as we are ten minutes away from the, the drop of the ball. the crowds really are huge. >> i like to discuss, what do you think they do after this? >> that's interesting. at 12:15, we will still be on the air. this place clears out. from like 12:15 to 12:30, the place empties out. when we leave at 12:30. it is basically empty. >> probably with your new besty, taylor swift. you are really -- up her swift. >> what? >> you are wear into taylor swift. she can do no wrong. >> a lot of these people. particularly ones so close to where the ball drops. a lot of people can't see the ball drop. a lot of new yorkers don't come
8:52 pm
to this. a lot of people from out of town. >> swedes love it. half the time they goen the audience. where are you from? >> we haven't heard from any swedes tonight. >> we heard from houstonians. close tour sweden than we are. you are right, foreigners love it. it is a treat. >> taylor swift is out of here. just so you know. watch until tail she is gone. she was wearing hot pants. >> do you have hot pants? >> i don't. >> i do. >> that does not surprise me. >> some times i rollerskate mine mansion. >> is that true? >> yes. >> i didn't know that. >> let's take. is michaela down in the crowd? just, seeing some people? >> swedes, any swedes? >> let's take a look. take a look at the scene at key west. just a scene. >> how is sushi? >> let's see. take a look at a live shot there, in key west. they're getting ready. sushi addressing the crowd there. tens of thousand of people who --
8:53 pm
>> does sushi have to narrate the entire way down? that's a lot of work. >> i don't know. i have never been there for the drop. >> but we feel connected to sushi. >> every year we played it. a cnn tradition. not sure how it began as a tradition. >> i don't either. >> the crowd -- >> is that -- >> a bar. a bar. >> that's the crab drop. easton, maryland. take place also at the stroke of midnight. this enormous crowd. the crab is important to the local economy. for fishermen there. >> when they play the club. crowd are very important. that is a commercial for next year. >> we are also going to show you the scene, obviously, later on. we are going to have the -- the fleur-de-lis drop. >> i love a good fleur-de-lis. >> what isn't dropping? that's the theme here this year at cnn. >> places around the country. have drops.
8:54 pm
>> i just want to be honest. >> the scene in memphis, tennessee. >> really? >> until this. when i was watching news broadcast in chicago, as a little girl. i didn't know that people were very into dropping things. >> did they not drop something in chicago? >> not senate i recall. >> they must have. >> what does that mean they must have? >> the mayor of new york, bill de blasio. they have come out. and it's tradition here, the mayor and invited guests are the one whose actually begin the ball drop. >> doing it with representatives from the international rescue committee. >> don't drop. just let them stand. >> okay. please, please. and just the scene.
8:55 pm
the number of people here is the, when you consider. the people who are in positions you are looking there on the left side of our screen. they have not been able to leave those spots for 12 hours. more than 12 hours. they don't eat. they don't drink. they don't go to the bathroom. they're here. >> how is your catheter holding up? mine is secure, thank goodness. by the way, big sponsor of the broadcast. >> i don't know who you are talking about. i don't know what that is. >> i hope you are not ant anti-catheter. that crowd will come at you hard. >> people have been standing here, hours, and hours. really enjoying it. >> have to admit, a drink-free zone. that's unusual on new year's to be with people not drinking. are they chatting? >> people, what's nice about this. there really is this community feel. people really do talk to one another. they have spent hours, you know, pressed up against each other. >> also watching richard qwest,
8:56 pm
twirl, dance like a ballerina. don't know if they saw that. at one point, richard was twirling. >> let's listen in to o.a.r. playing imagine. >> john lennon's "iffa a"imagin" let's listen. ♪ imagine all the people living for today ♪ ♪ oh ♪ imagine there's no country ♪ it isn't hard to do ♪ nothing to kill or die for and no religion too ♪
8:57 pm
♪ imagine all the people ♪ living life in peace ♪ ooh ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ well i'm not the only one ♪ i hope someday you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one ♪ imagine all possessions i wonder if you can ♪ ♪ no need for greed or hunger
8:58 pm
♪ brotherhood of man ♪ yeah ♪ imagine all the people ♪ cheering all the world ♪ ooh ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ i'm not the only one ♪ i hope some day you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:59 pm
we are two minutes away from the stroke of midnight. o.a.r. singing john lennon's "imagine." >> can we talk about the two chicks almost making out. the cameraman got the two girls. what's up? >> we have bill de blasio and his family. pushed down the ball. the ball will begin its drop. it will take 60 seconds for the ball to fall all the way. and it -- it has begun its drops. let's listen in to the sights and sounds of times square. >> it sounds like a cowbell.
9:00 pm
>> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
9:01 pm
♪ ♪ start spreading the news i'm leaving today ♪ ♪ i want to be a part of it new york, new york ♪ ♪ these vagabond shoes are longing to stray ♪ ♪ right through the very heart of it ♪ ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep ♪ ♪ and i'm find king of the hill top of the heap ♪ ♪ these little town blues
9:02 pm
are melting away ♪ ♪ i'll make a brand-new start of it ♪ ♪ in old new york if i can make it there ♪ ♪ i'll make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ ♪ new york, new york i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪ ♪ and find i'm a number one
9:03 pm
top of the list ♪ ♪ king of the hill a number one ♪ ♪ these little town blues ♪ are melting away ♪ i'm gonna make a brand-new start of it ♪ ♪ in old new york ♪ and if i can make it there ♪ i'm gonna make it anywhere ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪
9:04 pm
>> and a happy new year. >> happy, happy. >> four minutes after the stroke of midnight, 2015. >> is it really a happy new year for you? >> it is. >> you're wearing a hat of shame. >> i'm wearing a hat because you dyed my hair red, white and blue. >> i love the idea that there there was maybe one person not paying attention seeing you wear red, white and blue hair and wondering what happened. >> yes, yes, so there you go. >> you're going fob the most popular person wherever you're going. which i assume we're going out together pop i'm told there's a
9:05 pm
poll whether people like my hair like this or not. >> they're going to demand it every night. you know who's happy? bill morgan. >> all right. i wish him nothing but a great new year. i got to say, i love the scene in times square at midnight. >> the fact that it's 25 degrees out here and people have been out here. >> absolutely. people have been waiting half a day. >> it's bucket list, admit it. >> it is, a bucket list item. i would not want to be anywhere else right now in this moment. that's true. >> really? prove it. >> i volunteer to do it -- >> prove it. >> prove it how? how do i do it? >> prove it by taking your shirt off. >> no. it's too cold for that. plus america is not ready for the paleness. >> i get it.
9:06 pm
when i see paparazzi, it's all about how pale i am. >> the scene here is -- >> are we going to drop anything? >> we're going to show you some of the scenes from around the country that have, like, just taken place. eastern maryland, the -- >> when i think new year's, i think eastern maryland. >> that's very true. i like this song. let's listen in and -- >> what, you don't want me to talk? >> not really. let's listen in. i like the sounds. ♪ for me and you and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world i see skies of blue ♪ ♪ and clouds of white
9:07 pm
the bright blessed day ♪ ♪ and dark sacred night ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ the colors of the rainbow ♪ so pretty in the sky are also on the faces ♪ ♪ of people going by i see friends shaking hands ♪ ♪ saying how do you do ♪ they're really saying i love you ♪ ♪ i watch them grow they'll know much more
9:08 pm
than i'll never know ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ yes, i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
9:09 pm
♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high ♪ and the dreams that you dream of ♪ ♪ once in a lullaby ♪ ♪ somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly ♪ ♪ and the dream that you dream of ♪ ♪ dreams really do come true
9:10 pm
♪ someday i wish upon a star ♪ wake up where the clouds are far behind me ♪ ♪ where trouble melts like lemon drops ♪ ♪ high above the chimney tops ♪ it's where you'll find me ♪ oh, somewhere over the rainbow ♪ ♪ bluebirds fly ♪ and the dream that you dare to ♪ ♪ oh, why oh, why can't i ♪ note i watch them for me and
9:11 pm
you snooet and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ i see skies of blue and i see clouds of white ♪ ♪ and the bright blessed day ♪ and i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ the colors of the rainbow ♪ so pretty in the sky ♪ in the faces of the people passing by ♪ ♪ friends shaking hands saying how do you do ♪ ♪ they're really saying i love you ♪
9:12 pm
♪ and i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ someday i'll wish upon a star ♪ ♪ wake up with the clouds behind me ♪ ♪ where trouble melts like lemon drops high above the chimney top ♪ ♪ that's where you'll find me ♪ oh, somewhere over the rainbow ♪ ♪ way up high
9:13 pm
>> and let's check in richard quest down in the crowd. happy new year. >> i'm really listening to what you guys were talking about, about just what a beautiful moment this is. >> the incredible thing being in times square it spoils you for any other new year's leave. >> we have to sign up for this next year. you can't just sit home on the sofa anymore. what's really interesting to watch when they were playing that music, everyone got really kind of quiet. they were looking longingly into their loved ones eyes. reflect on the year that we've had. ♪ should old acquaintances be forgot ♪ >> that's what kathy was doing, looking longingly into my eyes.
9:14 pm
>> i was looking at the blue streak in your hair. >> i was, of course, checking my twitter feed. >> whatever. but richard, how do you get that cadence in your voice. when you say things like i wouldn't be anywhere but here on new year's. >> years of practice. it's time to undress. >> oh, wait, we're going to do this. ready? it was supposed to be a big reveal. >> uh-oh. >> saucy. >> i think we might have to reverse that. >> you guys have done a terrific job. we really appreciate it. >> richard is wearing a sympathy hat. >> richard, i appreciate your wearing a hat in sympathy with my hat as well. >> no blue here. >> let's see your hair now.
9:15 pm
we showed you his, let's see yours. >> oh, oh! >> it's still -- >> live tv. >> yeah, there we go. >> what do you think ryan seacrest would have done if i did that to him? >> i think ryan seacrest would have fainted. and then his security people would have taken you away. >> you don't admit that oprah and ryan are trying to kill me now but if i did that to ryan seacrest he would secretly six months later. -- >> i think there's a poll we just did. do we have it up there? >> i hope it's as accurate as a straw poll. does his hair look better now? 42% -- >> yes, yes. thank you. >> oh, 58% think it looks better. okay. spoken. >> shake it off. >> haters going to hate, players going to play, play, play. >> your hair is playing.
9:16 pm
not hating. >> we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we're going to show you ringing in the new year's on key west. also the ship in the bahamas. also in cuba. >> i'm sure a guitar is going to drop somewhere.
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
9:19 pm
9:20 pm
>> you can see how quickly times square really starts to empty out. >> they're running from your hair. >> in the next ten to 15 minutes it's going to be virtually empty. >> we should give a shoutout to ryan seacrest who's probably back in los angeles by now. probably on his private jet. probably asleep already. >> we hope he had a good show. 2015 has arrived here on the east coast of the united states. stay with cnn, though. in the -- we're going to ring in in the central time zone. >> randi, how you doing there? what are you doing? >> we're doing pretty well. we have a lot of people drink ing a bottle of champagne here. this is what goes on on the
9:21 pm
kru cruise ship. would you take this off my hands. we've been celebrating here and we have our own ball drop as we' been telling you about earlier. we have some video. it's called the north star. and i want to show you because it was our ball drop here on the ship. it happened at midnight. while you guys were watching the ball drop at times square. its holds ability 15 people and goes above the main level of the ship. that's where this party is taking place. there's about 2,000 people onboard. >> wow. they're not mezing around. >> that would scare me. i'll be honest. yeah, that's a big ball. >> wow. that looks like fun.
9:22 pm
>> we lost randi do you know why? because someone spilled champagne on her microphone. her microphone is ute. she's the hardest working reporter, but i love how -- i think she's had a couple. i loved how she was -- with that huge bottle of champagne. she pointed the mike at the champagne -- >> as if the champagne would talk. >> can you guys have champagne next year? i like that you watched her for a moment. she was in the middle of chaos and you were reduced to how are you? that was your hard-hitting question. how are you? >> i was thrown by the huge bottle of champagne. >> that she was talking to. because she sees dead people. yeah. not far from where randi is in key west like no one does at the stroke of midnight. take a look. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
9:23 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> is the pump always that color? a different red. >> i don't remember the dress covering so much of the pump. but that's call a train. it's a hard gig. >> very hard. >> multitasking. i'll be playing key west. i have 30 shows coming up in 30 cities. key west is one of them. >> really? in a row? >> in the next few months. a lot, yeah. >> do you do one show and fly home? >> i'll do fashion police then
9:24 pm
hit the road and back to fashion police and hit the road. >> when does fashion police start? >> january 12. >> are we having a big party? >> yeah, big party. >> good. i'll be waiting for the invite. >> you have never even come to my house. tell them. >> i have been to your house. you don't remember. >> when did you come to my house? >> maybe i just saw it on tv. >> you saw my house on chris. >> i find it's better that way. i would rather just experience things through the television than actually -- shields up. let's check in eastern maryland, the huge crowd. dropped to the crowd, marking the start of 2015. lindsay tuckman, our reporter is
9:25 pm
there for us. daughter of gary tuckman also our intrepid reporter. how did it go? >> it was really fun. i know i'm sorry about this, but we're not talking ability crabs anymore. we are talking about champagne here at bening tavern. everyone is really excited about it. let's take a look. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. break cheers and applause ] >> that crab drop may be my new favorite tradition. >> unlike your other reporters, i actually live here. and so my friends are here celebrating as well.
9:26 pm
>> it's been a fun night for everyone. as you can see, everyone is having a really good time. >> lindsay, are these all -- are these all news people behind you? >> yeah. only these three right here. >> okay. >> ewe did a great job. thank you so much for filling in for your dad. you did a good job. >> lipd say, get out of there. >> we wish you a happy new year for you and your co-workers. >> it was quite a night here in times square. wolf blitzer's body paint. he was running through the crowd. i saw him running through the
9:27 pm
crowd completely covered in body paint. >> let's take a look at some of the best moment from tonight. >> this is how you lay around your house and you won't admit it. >> if you had gone to chote, you would have had a better education. aka ryan sea crest. >> do you think he's the devil? >> i know he is. he will never be a royal, but he's a vanderbilt. you are a royal. that's an irony. ♪ you'll never be royal ♪ i am a royal. you literally said i know who's performing at the super bowl and then said madonna. >> i apologize for what she had said and what she will say and for what she's wearing.
9:28 pm
>> i'm going to find, what do the kids call it? grunge? rolling around in it and go, oh, my gosh, i would have been in pearl jam. why are you shouting at me? what have i ever done to you? >> what is that? >> she's supposed to touch it first. >> my turn. >> that's a metal vest? >> it's beating. >> i'm not afraid questy. he will be sobbing, spooned by his mother again. he cannot get over it. >> nervous and nauseous. he sees the word live crab on
9:29 pm
the teleprompter. >> that's what it says. live crab. >> look at this special cake. we have this cake made for you guys. >> it's a rum cake. it is a rum cake filled with fruit. you're going to eat it during the next live shot. >> it's been about two hours of taunting thus far. >> it shows how fantastic you are. >> all right, open. >> yes! >> you've got to be kidding me. >> yes, yes. >> what have you done? >> i dyed your hair red and
9:30 pm
blue. and i decided if you argue, it means you don't love america. this is it. every year i try to think of something. i dyed his hair red, white and blue. >> how am i going to get this out? >> i don't know. >> and that is why i'm wearing a hat as we speak right now. >> come on, we had fun. >> we had a lot of fun. >> but your face when i was putting in the hair dye. >> it's still -- i mean, i put some water in it, but it's just gotten -- >> it's not going to go away. >> your face was so scrunched up, like she couldn't be doing anything that bad, right? >> honestly, i thought you were doing some sort of static electricity thing. >> like a science experiment? >> oh, crazy, frazzled hair. your hair is never frazzled. that's why america loves it. >> it never makes sense. nothing you -- >> you want your hair frazzled. >> the two people who responded -- >> you're not


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