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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  January 4, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PST

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including a 10-year-old girl. we'll take you live to indonesia in just a few minutes. >> you're waking up to sunday morning and we're glad you're spending some of it with us. i'm christi paul. >> aim evictor blackwell. 8:00 on the east coast. >> we begin in new york, friends, family, colleagues, all preparing right now to say good-bye to officer wenjin liu in a couple of hours. >> this morning officer liu is being remembered as a man who loved his heritage and loved his job. >> we want to show you the scene yesterday as mourners gathered for a ceremony burning of paper and money. this is a tradition considered a way to pay it forward for the deceased. >> let's bring in cnn's miguel marquez in new york. miguel, set the scene for us. i know we're still three hours out from the start of the ceremony but are we starting to see the gathering of these officers we expect today, and what can we expect at the funeral? >> well it's raining so i can
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tell you that throughout this neighborhood here in brooklyn, officers are gathered at different places that happen to be open this early in the morning, getting ready for this funeral, and we expect to see in the same numbers that we saw last weekend for officer ramos nypd preparing for up to 25,000 officers to line the streets here in brooklyn, all the way then to the final resting place for officer liu. 600 in the funeral home, all of this against the backdrop of contentious times between the nypd and the mayor. bill bratton sending out a memo to officers that this is about grieving, not grievance, and then told them about turning their backs on the mayor last week, that that stole their valor, honor and attention, that rightfully belonged to the memory of detective rafael roy ma ramos' life and sacrifice. wenjin liu, seven-year veteran of the force, married several
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months ago and his wife, widow, spoke lovingly, emotionally about him shortly after his death. >> this is a difficult time for both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. thank you. >> monsignor roberts romano, the chaplain for the nypd will speak at the event today. the mayor bill de blasio will speak, police commissioner bratton will speak and the fbi director coming in from washington, james comey, he will be here and like lly also speak. it gets under way at 11:00. the long ma mpb to his final resting place and the ocean of blue will happen around 1:00 and much of the time in the funeral home will be spent literally bringing food in for the deceased, in the buddhist tradition and burning things in the funeral home, paper and
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cardboard mostly to signify the material things that his spirit will take into the afterlife. back to you guys. >> all right miguel marquez reporting there from new york for us, miguel, thank you so much. we want to talk with cnn political commentator errol louis and anchor at new york 1 news. thank you for being with us. let me read something from the memo we were just talking about from police commissioner bill bratton asking the force not to turn their backs on the mayor. "i understand the emotions are high. i issue no mandates and make no threats of discipline but i remund you that when you don the uniform of this department, that you are bound by the tradition, honor' decency that go with it." do you think officers will respond differently to the mayor today? >> it remains to be seen of course but we've already seen some preliminary indications that there may be a different attitude this time, compared
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with the funeral for officer ramos. that memo really sort of cemented quite a lot of local commentary. there were some people who had been quite critical of the nypd and the officers who turned their back on the mayor at the last funeral. it really does violate sort of a tradition that, when you're in that blue uniform, you act ads one, and you put politics aside. and so the individual members of course will do whatever it is they choose to. we've seen some suggestions online that there may be an attempt to sort of hold another demonstration today. i mean, what really is going on is that once this funeral is over, what was asked for as far as a moratorium on political demonstrations will be over and we're right back to the politics of the reform of the department that so many have resisted so far. >> some might say there are always going to be tensions between whoever holds the mayor's office and the police force but knowing that tensions
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exist, how do both sides try to mend that divide? >> well, they've tried to put a little bit of a good face on things by having the heads of all of the major police unions meet with the mayor privately at the police academy not long ago a few days ago. that was intended to sort of walk back some of the intensity of the politics, and hopefully today there will be another step away from the intensity of the politics, but make no mistake about it, there is an unfulfilled contract. the police, the major police union has been operating without a contract for five years. the head of that union is up for re-election next year. the mayor himself is engaged in quite a lot of politics. he has brought al sharpton, the civil rights activist right into city hall and had him sit in meetings with the police commissioner in his role which set a lot of people off. we're going to go back to seeing a big fight over that as well as the underlying question of
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police use of force as soon as tomorrow and maybe even into today. >> so beyond today when we talk about building better relationships with communities that police patrol, what would you like to see changed within the police force and within the community, to try to make that happen? >> well, you know, there are some things, i'd actually start by focusing on what doesn't need to change. we just ended the safest year since records were kept in new york city. fewest murders, fewest major crimes. there's a lot of good stuff that's going on. at the time that officer liu was murdered, members of the precinct where he was on patrol, the 79th precinct were doing a toys for tots celebration, giving away toys for christmas to 1600 kids. so i think we have to sort of, what i'd like to see is the voices of the folks nearer to the grassroots really sort of rise up. you know, police politics, city hall politics, that's one thing, but out in the community, where we actually work together to
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make the city safer, i'd love to hear more about that and i think the media has its own role to play in getting more of those stories out. >> all righty, errol louis we appreciate your insight as always, thank you. >> sure, thank you. still ahead, the seven for airasia flight 8501 intensifies. teams are finding more victims and deprix. we'll take you live to indonesia where government officials believe they know what caused the plane to crash. you're going to hear their theory. also, her mother and father, her sister and cousin all died, but how did a 7-year-old manage to survive? you're going to hear her amazing story ahead. go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms.
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ten minutes after the hour. now we have the latest on another big story we're following this morning, the search for the wreckage and
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passengers of the crew actually and the passengers of airasia flight 8501. >> searchers have just found another body off the coast of borneo, the fourth body found today in the java sea and brings the number of victims recovered now to 35. >> cnn's gary tuchman is in surabaya, indonesia, where flight 8501 took off a week ago. so this a320 was bound for singapore but never reached its destination. gary, you broke the news on air last hour that another body had been found. we know that the weather has really just made this much more difficult than it typically would have been. tell us about the search efforts today. >> reporter: well one thing to keep in mind, surabaya a week ago 155 people get ready to board a flight for a great new year's celebration, a lot of people in this country go to
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singapore for medical treatment, and getting ready for holiday fun. every day since a week ago was horrible. today is another bad day for families because the weather was decent. everyone hoped, the families who only have the desire to get their loved one's bodies back, everyone was hopeful that divers would be able to go down and be able to see where the plane is. it's not that deep, the water. 100 feet deep. divers can scuba down there and they do believe, the authorities here, that most of the passengers are still strapped in their seats in a plane that really hasn't broken apart that much. they got down there in decent weather and couldn't see anything. they couldn't see a little bit. visibility was zero and the problem is, this is monsoon season in this country which the equator runs through, and when you have one or two nice days that's enough for the water to clear up. everything gets mucked up. it rained about an hour and a half ago, tomorrow dry for much of the day, supposed to rain for part of the day again. you can't be entirely optimistic
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divers will be able to fulfill the duties they want to do. they have found five large pieces of wreckage, the largest being 60 feet long, that gives them the indication that this plane is not exploded in pieces and that leads them to know there wasn't an explosion in the air. the belief now from a government agency is that the bad weather is a major cause of this, while the pilot was trying to avert the weather, he had engine failure because he got ice on the engines which resulted in a stall, ending the plane's life and the people's lives who were on the plane. the feeling is they won't know until they get the black boxes, that's the likely scenario and the pingers which indicate where the black boxes are, the batteries last for 30 days, now down to 23. we have no sound from the pingers. they can't see the boxes because there's no visibility in the water. they need to know definitively what happened to the plane. it's a crisis center for the
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family under the tent where they get counseling at the police station here in the town. the most important thing for them right now to get the bodies of their loved ones back and you still have 127 people who have not been recovered. victor, christi? >> gary, 35 bodies have been recovered as we've said, 9 have been identified. what are we learning about those who have been identified thus far? >> reporter: yesterday one of the bodies identified was of a flight attendant. now another flight attendant has been identified, a male flight attendant, one male flight attendant and four female flight attendants. two of the five flight attendants have been identified. possible scenario there is, although there was turbulence and we would imagine seatbelt use is required for passengers it's likely flight attendants were trying to walk around the plane to make everyone feel like it was flight so it's likely flight attendants would get ejected from the plane first. the fact that two have been recovered so far might indicate
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that scenario. the body of the first child was recovered and identified and that's a 10-year-old girl, her name is stevie. she was traveling with three members of her family on vacation to singapore. 10-year-old girl, we met coincidentally we met three days ago her cousin who was telling us he had six relatives aboard the plane. yesterday his aunt was identified, and today his little cousin, stevie, was identified. >> all right, gary tuchman there for us at the airport in surabaya, gary, thank you so much. and of course we hope for some sort of information for other families who are waiting. we want to bring in meteorologist karen maginnis. give us the latest in terms of the search conditions there for those folks. we know the high waves you've got new video up are it's just so treacherous >> it is, and today was supposed to be the improvement, and it was. the weather was substantially
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improved. unfortunately, there are just some conditions that no matter how much the wind dies down, you're still in the intertropical convergence zone. we're in monsoon season and there are windows of opportunity where the weather seems to be lighter. in the search area it has improved. now just a little bit more research and as we go into wednesday and thursday, from what it appears, there is going to be yet another window later on in the week. we were hoping that sunday would be improved. it is marginally. but we are looking at a few showers across this region, some radar estimates are between one and two inches possible, so there's still substantial activity taking place here, but we were expecting the winds to lie down just a little bit more, maybe instead of being 20, 25 miles an hour, 10 to 15. this is fairly shallow water here, kind of a wind attitude.
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where you see the yellow disappear, that means it's good. so in the search area, we've got quieter winds, so that allows those vessels both on the water and in the sky, maybe to grab maybe 6 or 8 hours of a better opportunity. later on in the week it looks substantially quieter. we'll see how that portends as we go through the forecast. >> all right karen, thank you so much. north korea is reeling over a new round of u.s. sanctions but as congress gears up 2015, some lawmakers do not think the obama administration has gone far enough. we'll have a live report from washington in our political gut check.
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north korea snk slamming the u.s. over new economic sanctions key to the massive hack on sony
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pictures. an official statement from pyongyang warns groundlessly stirring up bad blood against north korea would only harden its will and resolution. >> let's talk with dana bash, host of "state of the union." dana, good to see you. i understand you'll be talking with a key senator who has been pretty tough regarding north korea. yes? >> that's right, it's senator bob menendez of new jersey. he was, until a couple of weeks ago, the senate foreign relations chair, because he's a democrat, he will now be the ranking member, but he has been pretty tough, just as soon as we found out about the alleged north korean hacking of sony, he wrote a letter to the secretary of state saying that north korea needs to be back on the u.s. list of state-sponsored terrorism. so we're going to ask them about that and a whole lot more and we have a really good line-up coming up >> what about the topic of normalizing relations with cuba, because menendez is a democrat
5:22 am
but he and the president are not in lock step on this. >> i am fascinated to see what he's going to say because you're right. he is of cue been descent. he has been one of the most staunch opponents of any kind of normalization of relations with cuba, and as i said, he was and is a pretty important figure when it comes to foreign relations in the senate, and he was really kept in the dark on the president's moves to open up relations with cuba. so he's probably going to be pretty tough on the president. we're going to see exactly what he says on that, because you know, the president made his announcement while congress was in session, was in recess i should say. now that they're going to come back, it is going to be in their laps. they are going to be the ones that will effectively decide whether or not there will be an embassy, whether or not there will be an ambassador, because they have to approve the funding to are that, so people like bob menendez, a member of the president's own party will likely do his best to stand in the way of that. >> dana bash, thank you so much.
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>> thanks guys. >> stay here for "state of the union" with dana bash at the top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. i know this one is one we just cannot get away from, the small plane that crashes in the kentucky wilderness. there she is, the 7-year-old girl who survived that wreck. it killed her parents, her sister, and her cousin. how did she walk away? we'll talk about it. also, jury selection is about to get under way in the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev . we have details after the break.
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36 minutes past the hour. let's get you caught up with your morning read. >> later this morning, friends and family will gather in new york to say good-bye to officer wenjin liu. he was one of two police officers ambushed, shot and killed by a lone gunman in december. yesterday police lined the streets during his wake and today's ceremony is expected to include traditions from liu's chinese heritage including buddhist monks. we'll have live coverage of the funeral starting at 11:00 and we'll cover today's events throughout the morning. search teams are recovering more bodies from the crash of airasia flight 8501 in the java sea. four bodies have been found today. one was recovered off the coast of borneo, indicating strong currents may be moving the victims and some of this wreckage here. 35 bodies have been found thus far and 127 passengers and crew are still missing. jury selection in the trial of boston marathon terror suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev begins
5:28 am
tomorrow. the 21-year-old is accused of being a willful conspirator in mass destruction in a deadly attack that killed two people and injured 230 more. he was controlled by his older brother tamerlan, who was killed three days after the bombing. yesterday's fatal plane crash in western kentucky, take a look at 7-year-old sailor gutzler, she walked away from the wreck that killed her parents, her sister and her cousin. figuring out how she survived could help make planes safer, when expert says. >> sometimes smaller children in the rear seats of the plane particularly if they're facing rearward, sometimes their back against the forward-facing seats that helps to brace the impact. that's not saying that's what happened here but it will be important for investigators to not only determine what caused the crash but how this little
5:29 am
girl survived because that might help others in the future make small planes more crash-worthy. >> if you weren't cold enough already, and we weren't, get ready to bundle up more. brutal cold is pushing east threat nipping to bring what could be the coldest temperatures this winter. minneapolis, chicago, temperatures in the next few days could feel 20 to 30 degrees below zero. >> that's the key, below zero. >> not just 20 to 30. >> let's talk about sports. carolina panthers knocked the arizona cardinals out of the playoffs in an historic 27-16 wild card win. the panthers held arizona to 78 yards, the fewest allowed in an nfl post season game. i'll let this go to victor sitting in his glory right now. >> thank you, christi. the baltimore ravens rolled over the pittsburgh steelers 30-17 to advance in the playoffs. nfl action continues today, cincinnati bengals face off with
5:30 am
the indianapolis colts at 1:00 p.m. eastern. thank you, pittsburgh. enjoy the break. >> my goodness. stay here, "inside politics" with john king starts right now. the new year means a new power structure in washington but will character questions make it harder for house republicans to take advantage of their new senate allies? >> question actually move legislation through the process that puts a check on this president and the things he's trying to do that are illegal. >> one early flashpoint will be familiar, a spending fight about the president's bold executive steps on immigration. >> for those in congress who question my authority, i have one answer. pass a bill. >> reporter: and 2015 means it's 2016 decision time. jeb bush starts the republican presidential clock. and hillary clinton ponders how 2016 could be different from 2008. >> it's not whether you're going


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