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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 4, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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i'm tom foreman wishing you all of the best and none of the worst in 2015. -- captions by vitac -- hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and, of course all around the world. i'm rosemary church. the search for the wreckage is expanded. at least one lead has been ruled out. pyongyang lashes out and north korea responds to the latest sanctions imposed by the obama administration. another police funeral, another show of defiance towards new york city's mayor as thousands show up to pay their respects to a second splain police officer. an emphatic denial from buckingham palace after prince andrew is swept up in sexual
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allegations involving an underage girl. thanks for joining us. 57 divers are searching the bottom of the java sea for any trace of flight 8501. they are particularly interested in four large pieces of debris spotted by sonar scanners. they are also looking for bodies. so far 34 of the 162 people on the flight have been recovered. the indonesian military plans to fly any victim's family members over the search area to throw flowers or pay their respects. now to anna coren who joins trust surabaya indonesia. hi there, anna. what is the latest on the search operations and conditions the crews confront at this point?
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>> reporter: we just heard they located another three bodies the bodies of two men and one woman. they've since been retrieved and taken to the hospital where they will be prepared and then brought here on the 90-minute flight to surabaya taken then to the hospital to work with the disaster victim's identification unit where they hope to obviously identify those remains. so that now takes up the number of bodies found to 37 of which 9 have now been identified. now, the team that is trying to identify those remains so that the families can then go ahead and bury their loved ones they are really racing against the clock, the reason being these bodies out in the worm tropical waters are decomposing eight a very fast rate and this is now day nine. speaking to the officials, they say that once it gets to day
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nine day ten, it is hard to use fingerprints. if they're still intact they can identify them within a matter of minutes. if they're going to have to use teeth or bone to identify these victims that process could take up to three weeks. now, a little bit earlier today the head of police and the army they came to the crisis center here in surabaya to speak to the families of the victims. they of course have been coming here each day guess freight for information on loved ones who peer othered on that flight nine days ago and they said that their soldiers are out there risking their lives because as you mentioned, the conditions are bad. let's not, you know make any secret of it. bad conditions out there. they're dealing with high
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swells rain storms and then of course the conditions on the ocean floor, mud. there were divers down there and there was zero possibility. there were 57 divers in the water trying to search within an area that has been expanded to try and find not just the bodies but the debris and, of course the black box flight recorders. >> there is much interest in these four large pieces of debris that were spotted by so far scanners what are indonesian authorities saying about that and how soon can they get closer to that debris to get more of an idea as to whether this is the actual main part the fuselage of the plane? >> reporter: yeah well an hour ago we thought it was five items that they had discovered in the java sea, but during this press conference that was held here one of those items, the largest
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item the one that was 18 meters in length is now believed to have actually been a shipwreck, so those four items that they were working with they believe they are part of this flight 8501 and they've expanded the search area to up to 45,000 square kilometers when you think about it it is an enormous area they are combing and scouring through but certainly the indonesians have called upon the united states to help them. it is now an international search and recovery effort but call on the "uss ft. worth" using the tow fish sonar equipment to say whether they can pick up other pieces of debris. what is hoped by authorities is that the victims are found with the wreckage that that is still intact. because obviously if that is the case then they will have a much better chance of finding the
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bodies bringing them back and being able to identify them. it's when there are strong currents the bodies are washed away past the search area that has been decided. that of course is when they potentially lose bodies and at the end of the day while no one wants to give up hope they hope they can get the bodies of their loved ones back to give them a proper burial. >> bringing us up to date on the figures, 37 bodies now found, nine of them identified and those crew members still trying to bring more of those bodies home to their loved ones. anna coren reporting there live from surabaya, many thanks to you. well another big story we are watching here as well hundreds of firefighters are trying to stop a bush fire in south australia. the weather is okay right now but hotter weather and stronger winds are likely on the way.
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at least 29 people mostly firefighters have been injured. south australia's premier says 26 homes have been destroyed or badly damaged. >> want to go home and have a look and stay there to defend it. >> it's horrible. it's very -- like a nightmare. >> they wouldn't let us come and save the house, unfortunately. >> when they turned up here i could see the house was alight and i said let it go save my animals and we did. >> specialist teams have been sent to ases the damage. the conditions have been described as the worst the region has seen in more than 30 years. we want to get more on the conditions there on the ground we turn to our meteorologist pedram javaheri who has been looking very closely at the weather there in australia, specifically in south australia, of course, the problem for
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australia as a whole has been drought conditions very dry and susceptible to these sorts of fires. >> the temperatures rosemary in the last couple of days cooled off quite nicely a few rain showers over the region so a little bit of relief given to the firefighters 800 of which working across this region and the trend really warmed up but going to 42 celsius well over 103 degrees fahrenheit dropping back to the mid-80s and melbourne a cooling trend heading into sunday. well known for dry conditions in factor the extreme hot expected to build again and gusty winds and any time you have them over 40 50 miles an hour and maybe 80 kilometers per hour 10% or lower of humidity it's disaster. the gusty winds we fear and usually happens this time of year across this rooimg you pick
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up spot fires and blow those embers downstream. they reignite elsewhere and communities downstream are susceptible to getting more damage this. is the double-edge sword we're talking about. look at the southern tier of the continent, the lowest 5% of its rainfall total over the past six months has owed over that region this. is the one with the highest fuel content for those to ignite in the next coming days and thermal signature of those scattered about north of the city and you can see how many scattered fires that have encompassed some 1,000 hectares of land in paris, the areas burned are larger than the city of paris, what a large scale area we're talking about, this is the most as far as land mass burned across south australia since as wednesday of 1983 that took back with it 23 lives. here's the forecast the temperatures soar right back up
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to the upper 30s, 100 fahrenheit where it should be down into the mid-80s which is 29 celsius and that concern is very high for what we saw this weekend to reignite as we head in towards the middle of next week over this region of the world? we'll be watching that very closely. pedram many thanks to you for bringing those details. well repug annapolis, hostile and groundlessly stirring up bad blood, what north key is calling newly imposed sanctions against them after the fbi said north korea was behind last month's sony computer hack so will ripley with more on this is live from beijing, so will the newly imposed u.s. sanctions on north korea apparently represent the first time the u.s. has punished a country for cyberattacks so let's look at the response and what might come next. >> reporter: yeah it certainly
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is rosemary and it also shows that the united states government strongly believes that they have credible evidence that north korea was, indeed behind the sony hack. in spite of some skepticism from private security experts, u.s. law enforcement says don't have all the facts however we've reported about that and it appears that north korea is watching because in their official statement that went out on state media from the foreign ministry they talked about the international news coverage of the shaky case that the united states has against north korea in regards to the sony hack they again, denied any involvement and said that the sanctions on the part of the u.s. are only part of an attempt to try to solidify their argument an argument they say is false, rosemary. >> it's a very delicate situation, isn't it? so you've got the fbi accusing north korea of this but then as you mentioned, these other
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cybersecurity companies suggesting that it could very well be a former employee of sony that is involved here. how do you put that speculation to rest? >> well, certainly if the u.s. government were willing to lay out all of the evidence that they have before them which they haven't done so far perhaps then some of the skepticism would diminish but they haven't done that. haven't given any indication they're willing to do that and the u.s. government saying the sanctions which are an attempt to make it more difficult for north korea to fund its cyberactives by making their arms exports in particular making them more tricky to deal in u.s. currency cutting off one source of their income or at least making it more difficult to bring in income the u.s. saying this is the first step in what may be multiple-step response. what could another response be? certainly there's been speculation about a cyberattack against north korea but we need to keep in mind rosemary north
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korea is so isolated certainly in many aspects but when it comes to the internet any sort of cyberactivity against the country might not have much effect. >> it's mainly the elite that have access to the internet so interesting to see what the next move is in this respect. will ripley many thanks for bringing us up to date on that situation. rescue teams in kenya are carefully searching the rubble of a collapsed building for survivors. they pulled one person out alive. just a north time ago, in fact. at least two people were killed when the six-story building collapsed in nairobi on sunday. kenya's red cross says more than three dozen are injured. residents and neighbors told sunny skies affiliate ktn there were visible cracks in the building before it fell. categoric denials from buckingham palace after allegations against prince andrew surfaced in a u.s.
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lawsuit. the details in a live report just ahead. plus despite calls to remain reference rent during a fallen officer's funeral some officers again found themselves at odds with the city's mayor. we'll explain that on the other side of the break. do stay with us. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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welcome back everyone. buckingham palace is denying
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allegations that britain's prince andrew had sex with an underage girl. the claim surfaced in a civil suit against a u.s. billionaire. prince andrew has not been charged with any crime. well max foster joins us now with all the details. so max, the palace has amrarptsly issued three responses to the allegations. what's the palace saying exactly and how unusual it is to see numerous responses like had. >> it is very unusual because they don't comment on legal proceedings but they've responded, as you say, three times to this. the first two responses were really the same and they're saying that these allegations they relate to long and ongoing civil proceedings in the u.s. they don't want to talk about the detail but say for the avoidance of any doubt any with underage girls is completely untrue. but these allegations are very
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very severe so we'll call her jane doe 3 saying she was forced to have sexual relations with the prince when she was a minor in three separate geographical locations, in new york and also in london and also on the u.s. virgin islands, on orgy with numerous underage girls all linked to the prince's friendship with jeffrey epstein, a billionaire banker and a convicted sex offender. the two were friends and the prince since apologized for that but all is linked to his friendship and this girl apparently worked for epstein. that's what she claims. there's been no sense that the prince knew any -- even if he did have this relationship he denies that he knew anything about this.
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bucking palace saying he doesn't have any sort of legal recourse during this. they are speaking to their lawyers. >> how much do we know about this friendship between prince andrew and the u.s. billionaire jeffrey end ppstein. >> we knew they were friends and seen lots of photos of them together. prince andrew isn't the only one accused here because epstein has many powerful friends, one of the best connected people in america, we're told and certainly according to the court documents jane doe 3 also talks about alan dershowitz very well-known attorney accused him of similar tlipg, dershowitz said in a statement the entire story is completely made up. the claims are all about money. the allegations against him aren't true so he doubts whether the allegations against prince andrew are true as well. >> max foster many thanks to you for bringing us up to date
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on the apology and explanation that there is no link to prince andrew. well for the second time in a week gestures of disapproval of new york city's mayor marked the funeral of a murdered police officer. some fellow officers again turned their backs on mayor bill de blasio as he spoke during wenjian liu's funeral. the police commissioner asked police officers not to act this way. a similar thing happened at the funeral of officer rafael ramos. both were killed as they sat in their patrol control. on sunday liu was remembered as a family man and a man who loved to help others. ♪ >> a loving husband and a loyal
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friend you are an amazing man. even though you left us early, i believe that he is now with us. his spirit will continue to look after us. [ playing "taps" ] >> detectives wenjian liu was a good man. he walked a path of courage, a path of sacrifice and a path of kindness. this is who he was and he was taken from us much too soon. ♪ >> i do not know why there is so much evil and heartache in our
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world. i cannot understand evil. i cannot explain evil. i will not try. but what i believe with all my heart is that our obligation is to try to make something good come of tragedy so that evil is not allowed to hold the field, so that evil is not allowed to win the day. ♪ ♪ >> detective liu is the police that we want. but it's also in this city and in this country the police that we have and for that and for how he died and for how he lived and performed his duty for that i am so honored as already been referenced to police officer liu to detective first grade liu.
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welcome back everyone. new details about a 7-year-old's lonely walk through dark and dangerous woods to find help. she was the only survivor of a plane crash in the u.s. state of kentucky that had just killed her family. crews hauled away the plane's wreckage sunday and u.s.
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aviation officials will now investigate what went wrong. nick valencia has more of the young survivor's gripping story. >> reporter: 7-year-old sailor gutzler is the only survivor of a plane crash that killed her family. on sunday kentucky state police detailed her remarkable journey to get help. >> during the flight something went wrong and what she knew from that point was something to the effect that the plane was upside down. her family on board was unresponsive. she utilized her noninjured arm and hand to free herself from the aircraft. >> reporter: sailor emerges to see a small fire at the crash. if the pitch plaque she thought about lighting a stick on fire but it didn't work out so she begins to walk in the dark. >> she didn't have very much clothing on at all. she began walking and it's
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estimated that she walked for probably around 15 to 20 minutes, maybe more in the wooded area before she was able to see a light that the residence of mr. wilkins. >> larry wilkins watched the evening news and his dog started barking and heard a knock at the door. >> there was a little girl about 7 years old crying not bad. she's pretty bloody had bloody nose and her arms and legs were scratched up real bad and she told me that her mom and dad was dead. >> reporter: wilkins later learned she tracked drew grizzly terrain and at one point even a 12-foot creek bed. >> we were talking about that divine interinvestigation because she absolutely went to
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probably the nearest -- the nearest house that she could have. >> reporter: the ntsb and faa are investigating the cause of the crash. as for 7-year-old sailor she was treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> well tributes from the sports world to the white house are pouring in for espn veteran stuart scott. the trail blazing anchor died sunday after a seven-year battle with cancer. he was 49. scott worked at espn for 21 years capturing audiences with his catchphrases and unique style. he talked about his cancer fight at last year's espy awards. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live and the manner in
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which you live. [ applause ] >> u.s. president barack obama said that while scott entertained us over the years, in the end he quote inspired us with courage and love. coming up here on cnn, we go to the search zone for flight 8501. we'll show you how bad weather has been slowing operations there.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and, of course all around the world, i'm rosemary church. we want to check the headlines. hundreds of firefighters are racing against time to stop an out-of-control bush fire in south australia before weather conditions get worse.
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about 13,000 hectares have burned so far. south australia's premier says at least 26 homes have been destroyed and 29 people injured, mostly firefighters. north korea is calling newly imposed u.s. sanctions, repug annapolis and groundlessly stirring up bad blood. the u.s. hit north korea with the new sanctions after the fbi said the country was behind last month's sony computer hack. the indonesian military plans to fly family members of air airasia flight 8501 to the search zone to pay their respects and leave flowers. search crews have recovered 37 bodies nine have been identified. 162 people were aboard the missing airliner. well cnn's paula hancocks got a firsthand look at how the java sea's choppy waters have made search efforts so tough. she takes you inside the rescue operation from a ship in the
11:33 pm
search zone. >> reporter: we are within sector four of the search area for the airasia flight and today most of the crew on this ship certainly and other officials were hoping for a break in the weather to be able to give the teams a real chance to try and find bodies and debris. now, as you can see, the conditions are less than ideal. many of the crew here are keeping their eyes peeled to see if they can see anything as we are within the area where some bodies and debris have been found. but you can see how challenging it is the fact that as soon as you see something in the distance it disappears behind a wave and then it's very difficult to try and spot it again. now, the captain himself i just spoke to him said he's not particularly happy to be out with this kind of boat in these kind of weather conditions he says this is not necessarily a big challenge for the bigger boats but for this small boat it is and you can see the conditions for yourself.
11:34 pm
but, of course what his mission is at this point is to deliver supplies and specifically deliver equipment that will help in the search for the so-called black boxes to one of the largest ships up ahead. we've been told by so many officials that the biggest obstacle in trying to find all of the bodies and trying to find the fuselage and the main parts of the plane is the weather. and, of course it is monsoon season here in indonesia. it is not going to be calm conditions out here and as you can see it's certainly not. paula hancocks cnn on the java sea. >> and for more let's turn now to captain desmond ross he is an aviation safety expert with dra professional aviation services and he joins me now via skype from sydney australia, thank you, sir, for talking with us. now, in the effort to explain this aircraft the focus has come back on the weather and its possible role in this tragedy.
11:35 pm
indonesian authorities even suggesting at one point that icing may have been a factor. what's your response to that? >> rosemary it's the monsoon season. there are storms everywhere. there are going to be storms everywhere for the next three months the aircraft needs to avoid storms of that magnitude. i've never seen a storm so great that it could tear an airplane apart. it's a rare occurrence. these aircraft are built to withstand that sort of weather. my question is they're all becoming related. i'm very unclear, very uncertain as to why the aircraft found itself in that situation. there were a number of choices t. could have collapsed. he apparently called to go over the weather. in going over the weather he was getting up higher in conditions
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more likely to cause icing f it forms it becomes a problem and creates loss of lift could lead to a stall, can also get into the engine and create difficulties but there is another option as well. he could have done an 180-degree turn and gone back to surabaya so i'm wondering what was going on at the time. to be truthful we're speculating a little that the weather actually caused the accident. weather was certainly a contributing factor but there may have been some other catastrophic event that took place at the same time and may even be a coincidence. >> as you say we're speculating and really don't know but indonesian authorities are thinking weather perhaps played a role but i do want to ask you this if this situation, you mentioned the plane, if it had
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gone higher you would have had icing problems. they asked to go higher. that request was declined. why was that plane in that situation anyway as you've mentioned? why not go around this weather condition or go back? is there pressure to go forward? we knew it took off two hours earlier than it was scheduled to. >> rosemary i have had quite a lot of experience in india, afghanistan and africa and now i'm seeing this and lived up in indonesia for ten years, as well. the mind-set of military pilots is a little different than those that grow up in the civil system entirely. military pilot ss want to complete
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a mission. they set out and their objective is to get to the destination. when it changed, it requires a bit of change in the mind-set to understand safety factors are much higher and passengers have paid for a ticket and are not there because they're in the army or air force would prepare to get home safely. that's mind-set that you and i most people seems like absolutely normal believe me it's a little bit of a problem with some of the well-trained military pilots. >> all right. clearly we're having some issues with our signal there with skype. captain guess mopdz ross joining us there addressing the suggestions that weather may have played a role. he is more inclined to think there's human factors. we're trying to find the black
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boxes to find what the cause of kra -- that crash is. a shipping company is defending the actions of a crew that ran aground off the isle of wight in southern england. according to the ship company's ceo, the crew deliberately grounded it. now, that's because it started listing after leaving port in southampton. the quick-thinking crew ran the ship onto a bank to save the freighter from capsizing. all 25 people aboard were quickly rescued. officials say the ship isn't leaking oil and salvage operations will begin soon. well boko haram has seized a multinational military base in northeastern nigeria. that's according to a government official. troops abandoned the base after it was attacked saturday. the town is home to a task force made up of troops from several african nations. boko haram is also suspected of
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kidnapping some 40 boys and young men in the region around the same time period. well attacks like boko haram are a major reason africans flee their home countries, some have ended up in israel. ian lee reports, it hasn't been the refuge they had hoped for. ♪ >> reporter: it's not easy leaving your country behind. but for africans in tel aviv this church makes them feel at home. as pastor jeremiah eases their spiritual burden. >> we try to give them hope that everything will be okay. >> reporter: thousands have filled these pews and some came to scratch a living. others pleaing for their lives like this woman asking us to conceal her identity. she said she fled nigeria after boko haram attacked her church.
11:41 pm
>> they even did it in the church. that's why i left. >> reporter: today's sermon an important message, being a good neighbor but as africans look to israel for opportunity and sanctuary, israel is saying no. the israeli parliament the knesset views these people coming from africa as infiltrate infiltrators and create a demographic burden for the state pointing to neighborhoods like here in south tel aviv where there's friction between the locals and the newcomers. until recently that meant possible detention for nearly 50,000 africans who arrived in israel illegally. the supreme court has since said that detension was illegal and die prived mike grants of their basic human rights. >> hostile, dangerous, frightening. >> reporter: that's how this man describes the government's attitude. taking care of their needs, he believes will prevent any
11:42 pm
societal friction. >> we are promoting one major solution to accept them for the time being as people who have rights and are stuck with us whether people like it or not. >> reporter: nad ichltir escaped here four years ago and dreams of studying social inging sociology but for now it's just about getting by. >> if you go back to sudan, what will happen to you, they don't care at all, okay. >> reporter: for omar leaving his country was supposed to be a better life. only now they're realizeing they're not wanted. tel aviv. we are taking a short break as ebola infections start to slow down the survival of secondhand victims of the disease is only just beginning.
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hey, jennar fuzz mike troober munny sling... awwwwww scram! i'm crust mike jubby roll bond chow gonna lean up an kiss bet. peas charty get town down.
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[laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. a scottish nurse being treated for ebola in london is in critical condition after her health deteriorated. pauline cafferkey contracted it while serving in sierra leone. she has been given plasma by ebola survivors and taken an experimental drug.
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beneath the thousands of death ebola has caused lies another layer of tragedy, many west african children are now left without any parents and people in their communities who have stepped up to care for them are struggling to stay afloat. >> reporter: some family fun in liberia. ♪ in spite of the year they've had. liberia is cautiously registering a drop in ebola infection rates but a new specter is stalking the children here. >> ebola have break down my family. families have been dying from ebola. for now i'm the only father for them. the sisters of the children, i'm the father for them now. >> reporter: 22 other children
11:46 pm
of dead relatives all squeezed in here in abraham's one-bed home. he used to be a driver. every day he makes calls hoping to find work. but no one is hiring. finding food for himself and the children now in his care is a daily struggle. emos is the head of a local aid organization. cnn followed him on one of his daily rounds. an orphan himself he knows better what life is like for these children. >> we have no form of support. we have no international support but what we gather from our friends and our peers, we talk to some of them who have been able to give us and some gave us 6 u.s. dollars and whatever we can generate we put the moneys together. >> reporter: he visits abraham's family almost every day. catching up on the children's schoolwork and playing with
11:47 pm
them. but most importantly he helps find them food. more than 7,500 people have died from ebola and the united nations estimates that more than a million are now at the precipice of a hunger crisis. those lucky enough to survive the disease are burying the burden of not just caring for the dying but also for their orphan children an almost impossible task. >> we are incapacitated. we are so incapacitated our house are broken many times. we go out in the feel and the news we get is heartbreaking. you can see this. you cannot get those children. >> reporter: west africans say for too long they felt abandoned by the world in their struggle against ebola. now they can only hope that the world is not only watching but willing to help.
11:48 pm
nima elbagir, cnn, london. >> tough stories. we do want to turn to the danger and dangerously cold weather is about to settle into large parts of the united states this week and pedram javaheri is back with us to explain what exactly people have unfortunately to look forward to. >> yeah you know for a lot of people rosemary this, is the first week of school since the holiday as cross the united states and you look at the temperatures outside. what it is expected to be in the morning hours, 40 to 45 below zero across the northern part of minnesota. we had a massive polar air outbreak across the region and school closures were statewide. much could be expected and the kids get a couple extra days to take in the holiday week. dangerous for the kids to be outside for the bus stop. some footage. this first piece coming out of the u.s. state of washington in the city of spokane. we had blinding condition, heavy snowfall over the past 24 or so
11:49 pm
hours over spokane, washington the airport, some of the flights trying to take flight. others have to go to be canceled but video out of chicago also show you this. temperatures about 30 degrees fahrenheit just below freezing and enough to support a few inches of snow coming down but this canceled or delayed some 750 flights out of chicago's o'hare airport on sunday morning and sunday afternoon. now, we talked about these windchills. take a look at these. when you talk about 30 below zero ten-minute exposure causes frostbite. only takes five minutes, parts of northern portions will have such temperatures so that's why it's extremely dangerous to be outside with winds expected to howl over the next couple of days cold air really settles in for over half of the united states. even reaching as far south as northern portions of the state of georgia where temperatures could be down to about 10 to 15 degrees farnan heighthrenheit. chicago and minneapolis, taking
11:50 pm
it down to 11 but it will get much colder over the next couple of days and additional snowfall expected so more delays out of chicago's midway airport. generally 30 to 45 minutes but looks like conditions will deteriorate as we head in towards the middle of the week. more news with rosemary coming up shortly. what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain difficulty breathing and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine.
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common side effects were pain, redness, or swelling at the injection site. limited arm movement, fatigue, head ache muscle or joint pain less appetite, chills, or rash. even if you've already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13 ® may help provide additional protection. get this one done. ask your healthcare professional about prevnar 13 ® today.
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welcome back. a video showing a visitor at disney world challenging gasp ton, the villain from beauty and the beast has gone viral and you can see why. take a look. >> oh. >> i'm struggling. gasp ton needs a hand. oh. [ cheers ] >> just like he'd prepped for it. the clip has over 2 million
11:53 pm
views online. gasp ton proves no one can do push-ups like him. he did it. well madonna is defending herself after creating a social media firestorm over altered images used to promote her new album. it's all part of our weekly roundup of entertainment stories with kim serafin, senior editor at "in touch" magazine. kim, thanks for joining us a lot to cover but want to start with madonna's troubles her latest troubles. she's getting a lot of reaction on social media to those altered pictures she posted of nelson mandela and martin luther king jr., talk to us the latest on that. >> you know troubles for everyone else. for madonna it's more publicity. she is very strategic, of course yeah this is maybe not the kind of publicity she wants but more publicity for her album coming out "rebel heart" and did post these fan created pictures that were meant to look like the
11:54 pm
album cover madonna with this cord wrapped around her face martin luther king jr. she posted a picture of him. nelson mandela and put out a statement, a pretty lengthy statement and said in the statement, i'm sorry, i'm not comparing myself to anyone i'm admiring and acknowledging their rebel hearts. this is neither a crime or an insult or racist. she goes on and on talking about, you know how she's acknowledging them. these are people with rebel hearts but she is not backing down and posted a similar image of princess diana, so you know there's princess diana and homer simpson so a wide range of people and continues to say this is -- she's honoring their rebel hearts. >> i'm really sorry but here's another picture. all right. so let's move on to -- of course there's many -- much anticipated movies ahead in 2015. let's just maybe list a few of the big ones that we can expect to see.
11:55 pm
>> huge movies ahead for 2015. i think the first one that everyone is wath for is star wars huge this is the most anticipated but you also have jurassic world which is the follow-up to jurassic park the next avengers movie coming out, an enormous one and have movies like "fifty shades of grey." "fast and furious," the next installment so a lot of huge movies in 2015. >> of course the awards season has already kicked off. who are the likely big winners ahead, do you think? >> it's january so you know what that means, awards season. next week is the golden globes but started over the weekend at the palm springs film festival. they always have this big gala so you know who will be standing out as we get into awards seasons. brad pitt got up and sang about david o.yelaho. david stars in "selma sotol"sellma"selma"
11:56 pm
so we'll start to hear about boyhood throughout awards season and michael keaton and "birdman" throughout awards season so eddie redmane was there and julianne moore during awards season. >> very exciting for all things movie, of course and for all of those arcs. thanks so much, kim. i'm rosemary church. thanks for joining us. natalie allen will take you through another hour of news. stay with us. but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. ♪♪ ben...
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divers head back into the water to find the wreckage of the missing airasia plane. we're live in indonesia for the very latest coming next. also ahead this hour one of the worst brush fires in decades is still burning in south australia and conditions makey get worse. in kenya murder charges could be considered after a deadly building collapse. and buckingham palace issues categorical denials after a u.s. lawsuit allegations prince andrew had sex with a minor. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn live coverage. i'm natalie allen. as divers comb the java