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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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edition of "newsroom" with anderson cooper and it starts right now. >> chris and alisyn thank you very much. welcome to our viewers in the you its sustain watching around the world on cnn international. thanks for joining us. we're following breaking news out of france. this as french police right now are hunting for masked gunmen who stormed the offices of the satirical newspaper, opened fire in the french capital today. an eyewitness took video you're about to see, as the attack unfolded shot from a nearby rooftop and you can hear the gunfire ringing out. [ speaking in foreign language ] [ gunfire ] >> you can also clearly hear the shout of "allahu akbar" "god is
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great." 12 are dead four in critical condition. the gunman on the loose at this hour. the chilling picture posted on twitter, one of the attackers holding a gun as anotherer. lies on the ground a police officer. these are new pictures in to cnn from the scene. the injured being put on stretchers and taken away in ambulances. the assailants were armed with kalashnikovs and machine guns and possibly a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. french president hollande says there's no doubt this was a terrorist attack. he called an emergency cabinet meeting. we're we're devoting the majority of this hour to this. jim bitterman joins us live from paris. the bottom line the gunmen and unclear exactly how many right now are still on the loose. >> reporter: absolutely. president hollande said they would be pursued for as long as it takes.
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however, he hasn't been able to make good on the promise because the authorities are not telling us they caught anybody. they seemed to make their getaway quite calmly in a black sedan, so calmly in fact that one of the gunmen drops a shoe and he stops to pick up the shoe before they drive off. apparently in their escape they also may have heard another person, a pedestrian who was in the area as they drove away but the main damage was done at the offices of the newspaper. 12 people dead as you mentioned, four critical condition. we're not able to define who exactly was killed and injured in this attack simply because the bodies are still being taken away from the scene at this hour. the police have encircled the area and there's a steady stream of ambulances coming and going at the newspaper. the incident is over but nonetheless they left things in place the dead bodies until now.
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they're just now taking the bodies away anderson. >> jim, a couple of things let's drill down on these. first of all do we know for sure how many gunmen were involved? you see at least two gunmen in this video, two gunmen armed with ak-47s. but there are conflicting reports about whether there was another gunmen where there was a driver as well. >> reporter: as far as question tell wlrp only two people involved the two gunmen are seen to go into the car and one takes the wheel and drives off. as far as i can see there's been no report verifiable report there were any more involved. one of the curious things is that a journalist at a newspaper right next door to "charlie hebdo" the newspaper that was attacked said that the gunmen came to the wrong address first this morning, walked in thought they were at "charlie hebdo" and told they were not, they went next door to the headquarters of "charlie hebdo" a magazine which
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as you know is quite controversial, it has been in the forefront of attacks on islam, but also on catholic uchl and on jude uchl. it's a very pointed satirical magazine that raises a lot of eyre here but particularly in the islamic community and after the prophet mohammad was shown in a cartoon depicted in a cartoon in a fairly rude way back in 2011 the newspaper was fire bombed. they're no straungngers to troers controversy. >> 2011 they were fire bombs and moved to other offices. they were under police protection, two police officers believed to also be killed and in the still photo we're showing there is a police officer what appears to be a police officer lying on the ground. it looks he has his hands up
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almost right before the gunman executes him in cold blood right on the street. is it clear that at this point, the gunmen they obviously seem to have had some training they seem to be calm enough to pick up a shoe that had somehow fallen before actually league. is it clear if it most of the journalists were killed inside the newspaper office? there was a staff meeting going on a weekly staff meeting so if you were going to pick a time to attack this newspaper this was certainly the time. >> reporter: it's clear they had some level of knowledge how the newspaper worked to pick this moment at 11:30 when the maximum number of people would be around. some of them work from home, they don't go to the newspaper offices but they were around for the editorial meeting and as a consequence they seemed to know that and timed the attack accord
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according accordingly. the way you see them armed in the video is reminiscent of what we've seen in the videos in the middle east isis territory and black clothing and hooded and ammunition belts around their wastes and whatnot. very much in the same configuration from the fugters out in the middle east anderson. >> also in the video, you can hear at least somebody yelling out "allahu akbar." >> reporter: yes, one of our producers listened to the video here as well and heard one of the gunmen say "this is vengeance for the prophet mohammad," and also saying "we have killed charlie hebdo." >> there are also reports and again earlier reports, you got to point them out for what they are, early reports, they often change because eyewitnesses see different things hear different things but there are earlier
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reports that the gunmen were calling out reporters, cartoonists by name. >> reporter: that has not yet been verified. it's difficult to know whether that's the case or not. i don't think we'll know that for some time yet when we have a full afteraction report from the police. it's clear they knew what they were doing and who they were hitting. this magazine has been the focus of controversy ever since it's been in existence, its whole reason for being. it has a small readership really compared to other magazines in the country, just appeals to people that love to see sort of a send-up of all the icons in france including the religious icons, and so for extremists it's clearly a place that would be ground zero for an attack. the police had been protecting it up until recently 24/7. we're not sure what the protection level was but of course there were policemen shot
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today so there must have been some police on the scene. >> jim we'll check in with you as we gain more information. i want to bring in christiane amanpour who joins us from live done. clearly an attack on the press and press freedom, something that journalists throughout the world react to and the death of two plirzolice officers. >> you're right, this sebds ands a chill and will do around the western democracies who feel freedom of speech enables them to report and even to engage in satire. david come ron saying they stand with the french in their fight against terror but also in defending the free press. this is a very different attack than other terrorist attacks that we've seen in london several years ago, that we saw in madrid several years ago
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which were against civilians. other attacks against military targets. this was specifically aimed at this magazine and at these reporters and cartoonists and france has had a heightened anti-terror alert over the last several months the highest are now it's raised it to. over the last several months certainly just before christmas there were a number of attacks by what were described as islamist militants shouting "god is great" plowing into a christmas fair plowing a car into people in police station, all of these in regional big cities. so this is something that's incredibley frightening for the french people right now and in europe in general and in france hundreds and hundreds of people have been going from various nations to fight with isis in syria and iraq. so all of this confluence whether this is directly isis related or not comes in an environment of extreme fear tension, and heightened worries
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about radical and militant and violent islam. >> also the confidence of the gunmen in the middle of the day essentially in paris on a street to drive up, they obviously have some level of training able to use kalashnikovs executing a police officer right there on the street executing the journalists, these cartoonists we believe in their offices and to mach a getaway and calmly pick up a shoe as you're leaving to not leave anything behind. it's an extraordinary act of terror in broad daylight. >> well you're absolutely right. it is and we really do await to see if they manage to capture these people who they are and what or who has sent them and the french president will hold another more formal press conference later this evening that amounts to about 3:00 p.m. eastern time 8:00 p.m. paris time and we wait to see whether
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they have any further information on who these attackers are. it is worth mentioning that "charlie hebdo" has had round-the-clock police protection as far as we know since the last few years because as we've reported it was fire bombed several years ago are one other event cartoon cores enflamed passion so much that at the time the french government had to close down schools, consulates and other french government facilities in various muslim countries and there has been loss of life engendered by resistance to the cartoons. in 2006 "charlie hebdo" reprinted cartoons first printed in the danish magazine the danish newspaper. again, poking fun of islam and the prophet mohammad. that over a period of time led to a lot of violence and a lot of deaths in the middle east and so this is something that "charlie hebdo" stuck to its
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mandate if you like. has carved out a place for itself it says we abide by long time tradition in the west in our free democracies especially in france where we have this freedom to poke fun at who are and whatever. this is to point out absurdity and point fund. i interviewed one of the main cartoonists who was in deep trouble over the last several years for one of the previous more controversial magazine covers and i asked him whether he felt that this was sort of going over the top so to speak. he said this is our right, what we do. it's meant to shock. not meant to be violent or cause violence. the french president himself several years ago criticized some of the magazine covers and so did the white house. it's very difficult situation. >> the french interior minister is speaking i want to go to him. >> -- >> translator: to undertake all
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precautions concerning railway stations cultural institutions a certain number of public institutions to reinforce national security. that is to say police and the mull tear in order to ensure and provides this protection moreover in order to favor the neutralize as soon as possible of the three criminals who carried out this bar barbarous attack it will be ensured that as quickly as possible we request identify the actors teen lead to their arrest so that they will be punished with the severity that their barbarous acts are worthy of. the center of the interior and
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justice unleashed this follow event the prime minister and i activated the interministerial cell which i'll carry out throughout the following hours to ensure the coordination of the action of the services of the state and distributing useful information so that french people are constantly informed of the development of the inquiry and that they can be informed also of the conditions of which the entire administration of the state can act and provide security of french people throughout the territory in these particularly grave circumstances, but also to neutralize as quickly as possible the three criminals who were at the origin of this bar
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barbarous act. >> france's interior minister speaking about the security precautions that are being taken, a manhunt now under way for what are believed to be certainly at least two gunmen who are involved in this attack several hours ago on the offices of "charlie hebdo" the satirical newspaper magazine in paris in the northern part of paris. christiane amanpour is back with us. france now at the highest state of alert. certainly this is something that france has seen in the '70s, there were algerian terrorists objecting to france's involvement in algeria, but they haven't seen this kind of attack in the city of paris for quite some time. >> well frankly, never. i covered paris for a long long time during the '90s. there were terrorist attacks but nothing of this scale. just to point out i believe the interior minister said three
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criminals, i believe that's what he just said. i believe twice he said three criminals they're looking for. yes, this is the worst terror attack that paris has seen in many many many years, and they have now raised their terror alert to the highest it's been in many many years. so this is brazen as we've been reporting ever since it started. they went directly to the location of this weekly satirical magazine. they apparently according to one eyewitness who spoke to cnn initially went into the wrong office and were told no that's not what you're looking for. we don't know what they looked like when they went into the office whether they were directed somewhere else but apparently they went into the wrong door first before going on to "charlie hebdo" which has had for the past several years a fairly rigorous round-the-clock police protection because of the
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controversial magazine korz and cartoons that they have publishing for many many years now and because of the threats and attacks that they have endured in the past so this is a very very serious situation as you can see the french are taking it massively seriously. again, different to others terror attacks that we've all covered oef the last few years in europe this is not directed against random civilians on public services transportation et cetera as we saw in lob done or madrid but it is directly against the press and against this particular vein of satirical cartoons against islam and against razical and violent and extremist islam. anderson? >> there have been a number of small incidents in france throughout france not in paris through throughout france over the last several weeks and months. two incidents were cars were
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driven toward civilians, one other incident but nothing of this scale, nothing of this organized operation. >> that's exactly right. few days before christmas december 23rd there was an attack in a police station shouting "god is great" as allahu akbar" a guy went in slashed a policeman and wounded several others before he was shot dead. shortly afterwards another person crazed shouting "god is great" plowing a car into a group of people and a separate incident a christmas market was attacked. some terror has been ruled out. others investigated and this is also goes to the very heart of what is preoccupying law enforcement all over the world right now, especially in europe
6:19 am
but also in the united states. the blowback from the violence and rise of isis in syria and iraq and the number the alarming number hundreds and hundreds from each individual european capital heading or european country heading off to fight for isis you know several thousand europeans have gone over to fight for isis. and people in law enforcement and in intelligence have been incredibly worried about backlash and about blowback and about them coming to create this kind of havoc and pandemonium in european capitals. we don't know whether this is related to that. we know this follows ate trend whereby "charlie hebdo" has been under assault for several years because of the cartoons that it has been publishing. >> christiane amanpour we'll check in with you as well. we'll take a quick break and give you a new statement from president obama when we come back.
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of the terror ta a taattack has thank has taken place in paris. in have you had yo at least two gun nen we heard from france's interior minister they're certaining for three attackers
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who hit the offices of "charlie hebdo "a satirical magazine in existence since the 1970s. president obama has been briefed on the attack. the gunman at large. i bring in joe johns. what is the president saying? >> reporter: the statement just hitting our e-mail a few minutes ago. the president saying "i strong ly condemn the horrific shooting that reportedly killed 12 people. our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrorist attack and the people of france at this difficult time. france is america's oldest ally and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security and the world time and again, the french people have stood up for the universal values that generations of our people have defended. the president goes on to say france and the great city of paris where this outrageous
6:24 am
attack took place offer the world a timeless example that will endure well beyond the hateful vision of these killers." we are in touch with french officials and i directed my administration to provide any assistance that is needed to bring these terrorists to justice." the question is when and if the president will have an opportunity to speak publicly about this. we know he's headed out to detroit to talk about manufacturing and the automobile sector in advance of his state of the union address that would be a person time for him to speak publicly about this. however, no indication from the white house that he plans to do so anderson. >> joe, appreciate that thanks very much. obviously there's a lot that u.s. intelligence intelligence agencies around the world are looking at as well. obviously as french authorities the manhunt still under way for what french authorities are saying are at least three attackers, we want to bring in and as you look at the video
6:25 am
clearly there's a number of things a police officer lying on the ground there to the right, we're blurring that image and not showing the assassination of the police officer which takes place directly on the street but you see the attackers, this is them making their getaway. you may notice as one of the gunmen gets into a vehicle, there's a shoe a sneaker that's been dropped on the street. he takes time to pick up that shoe put it back into the vehicle. i want to bring in barbara starr, who is joining us. new reporting on u.s. intelligence looking for any signs of this attack in paris. >> that's right, abderson. behind the scenes there's now some very urgent practical intelligence work going on between the u.s. and french authorities. u.s. intelligence agencies are combing through every frame of this video for any clues that they can find. they're also combing through all the intelligence they have telephone intercepts imagery,
6:26 am
any reports that they have any threat that might have indicated an attack was eminent in paris. we are told at the moment they just simply don't have any intelligence that matches to something like this and the something like this has really grabbed the attention of u.s. intelligence authorities. the french interior minister talks about three going member this was a preplanned conspiracy that people got together planned out this attack knew what they were going to do knew how they were going to make their getaway. that's very concerning to u.s. owe fishes. they're telling me the most urgent priority no surprise is to find these people but it may be very tough, as you well know moving across borders in europe can be relatively easy still today. they could have hopped on a train, a bus, gotten in a car and drifb to the and driven to the border. time is of the essence to find these people and get to them.
6:27 am
french intelligence authorities are sharing with the united states, u.s. officials telling me they have a close relationship with their french counterparts and they are now working with them. but when you look at this video, what grabs you frame by frame, multiple gunmen preplanned attack they knew what they were doing. that means a lot of concern about finding these guys as quickly as possible. anderson? >> barbara as you look at the video, is it clear there's more than one getaway vehicle? because of the camera goes down it's hard to tell if there are just those two attackers and already somebody in that vehicle or if there's a third attacker if there's somebody else in another vehicle parked ahead of where that have you had yo shows. >> that's a really good point. we have a limited camera view. when the interior minister talked about three gunmen did he mean one was the driver of one of the getaway vehicles in there's been some wildly different initial first reports
6:28 am
as there are in these crisis situations eyewitnesses see different things they report different things but the interior minister said a short time ago they are looking for three gunmen. how many cars they came up to the site in did they grab any other cars on the way, were any of the cars stolen where were they stolen from what is the registration on the cars anything that could lead to the identity of these people and just as a side note a senior u.s. official was telling me a short time ago they are interested in the fact that the gunmen appear to be wearing masks, because there had been some intelligence indicating that isis was telling its followers to stop wearing masks in attacks to show their courage and conviction and show their faces. not clear what that means but just to tell our viewers that u.s. officials are finding the notion that these guys were in
6:29 am
masks very interesting. as you watch the video, anderson these are people who are very comfortable, the attackers, around these heavier weapons that they're carrying. reports there were kalashnikovs ak-47s, people comfortable moving around with the types of weapons, know how to use them. that could give some indication of what their background is. again, we want to be careful. very early reports, a lot of different eyewitness accounts but it is the forensics now, looking at this frame by frame, that is going to be so important in had trying to figure out how to find these guys and what exactly did happen here. anderson? >> yes, you know the other thing about that shoe is in this video at least, nobody is missing a shoe. just an odd little detail but the fact that this person stopped as they are trying to make their getaway to pick that up it indicates just a level of
6:30 am
control or level of thought in the midst of this attack when adrenalin is flowing. >> the cars don't appear to go kareening away at top speed. they calmly go on. if you're calmly proceeding away from a terrible crime scene you might get pretty far i would suppose without authorities terribly noticing you. perhaps and it is speculation perhaps these are people who have the training and expertise to present a public profile in the moments after the attack not to draw immediate attention to themselves to get away from the area as far as possible, as fast as possible that manhunt now, very urgent to say the least, and u.s. officials say they consider it the top priority in this right now to find these people. they don't want them crossing borders. you'll recall a few months ago in an attack on a jewish center
6:31 am
in brussels where the gunman had a gun wrapped in the isis flag. he was able to cause multiple european borders, cross the borders before he was tracked down. the notion that attackers can get across borders in europe is something of urgent concern. >> right, the gunman in that attack in belgium had experienced fighting in syria, had recently returned from combat in syria. again we don't know the identity of these gunmen. we know they yelled out "allahu akbar akbar" another eye witness said they yelled out "we've avenged the prophet mohammad" in reference to cartoons "charlie hebdo" published. we'll talk to bobby goshen and various analysts from cnn when we come back to talk about other groups that could have been involved in this and what we can tell from the video as we work closely with what we know on the latest details on the attack.
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welcome back. massive manhunt now under way in paris for what french authorities are saying are at least three possible gunmen three gunmen involved in an attack on the satirical french magazine "charlie hebdo" earlier today. last reports at least 12 were killed it's believed two police officers the rest members of the staff of the newspaper, an cartoonists as well. an attack on freedom of the press for a magazine under attack before. their offices were fire bombed in 2011. they've been under police protection for a lining too many most likely the police officers killed in this attack it's believed they were on the ones on the scene already giving protection to this magazine. this magazine was hit at a time when it was a weekly staff meeting, where they were planning the next publication on
6:36 am
the same day that a new publication had just come out, whether or not the gunmen knew that or not, but it was certainly the timing of the attack could not have been worse. many of the members of the staff don't normally come into the offices but the offices were full of staff members. it's believed at least ten have died and as i said it is believed two police officers have died as well. we have two videos from different vantage points. looks like a block or so away from the top of a rooftop and it's not a complete picture of the attack but it shows i the gunman. one yelling out "allahu akbar." let's show you that video and i'll show you the closer version. [ gunfire ]
6:37 am
rooftops recording and you see somebody there running and then hiding in between two vehicles, here the attack is under way. closer look from another vantage point you see the gunmen and particularly trying to ascertain how many gunmen were on the scene. let's talk a look. [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] >> you hear them saying "alalahu
6:38 am
akbar akbar." let's try to show that as well. [ gunfire ] [ speaking in foreign language ] now part of that video we edited because essentially one gunman assassinates a police officer who is laying wounded on the street or laying on the street that's the still image. we don't want to show the actual killing. it appears that the police officer has his hands up, whether he's aware that the gunman is right about to kill him, we do not know. it looks like his hands seem to be moving upwards. the gunman shoots him. we've taken a freeze of the image before the shot is fired and the gunman is moving off. french authorities say at least three gunmen involved in this they said they are looking to
6:39 am
are three gunmen. that search is going on. i'm joined by bobby goshen and as we continue to look at the videos what is it that you see in that? >> well at this early stage sooner or later some group will try to explain why they did this. some interesting things stand out. they didn't puck a military target which suggests this is not a statement about france's role in military operations against al qaeda or isis. two, they didn't pick a random civilian target. this was not, france has many tourist destinations. if you wanted to create mayhem you could attack one of those. they specifically chose this organization chose to attack it after much of the police protection had been removed. >> did they choose this target i mean they said also we've avenged the prophet mohammad. did they choose this target because they knew it was under police protection it was pretty
6:40 am
light police protection it wasn't a hard target like a military base? >> a year ago, two years ago, there were much more police protection they would have come under greater counselederfire i assume. it was suggested they knew what to expect. they came to kill, not to die. this is significant. it's different from what we've seen elsewhere. they had a getaway vehicle. these are not suicide bombers. they expected to be able to get away which suggests a degree of planning and scoping out. >> which may also relate to barbara starr intelligence sources she talked to were interested in the fact they seem to have worn mask. there had been a call by isis not, for people attacking not to wear masks to show their faces in defiance and show their faces proudly, perhaps wearing masks, because, to your point, these guys didn't come to die, they came to get away. >> that's right. also people acting with military
6:41 am
precision and these days we automatically assume isis. is he fan charbonierre the editor-in-chief of "charlie hebdo" was on al qaeda's most wanted list of 2013. we shouldn't automatically assume it's isis. >> there's any number of groups these people could be affiliated with directly or ideologically, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, yemen or people who have not directly fought in syria or somewhere else but ideologically motivated with some form of other military training. apparently their french is extremely good. it doesn't sound like french spoken by somebody who is not a native speaker. >> if it's confirmed they were carrying an hpg, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher that's not easily gotten in france.
6:42 am
unlike kalashnikovs even in the u.s. criminal gangs are able to get them but this suggests a degree of planning for a while. >> that's a relatively early report based on eyewitnesses. these things often change the reports early on in the first couple of hours and the death toll unfortunately it's possible they may rise. there are people wounded in the attack we're unclear on their condition. the entire scene has been cordonned off. most of the killings we're told took place in the offices of this french magazine. clearly you saw at least one police officer being killed directly on the street assassinated by one of the gunmen three terrorists still now on the loose and the manhunt under way in the city of paris, and elsewhere is huge as christiane and i were talking about before. there had been a number of relatively smaller attacks, incidents throughout france over the last several weeks and
6:43 am
months two vehicles were used to plow into pedestrians and attack on an individual wielding a knife, attacking in a police station, that individual was killed. there have been a number of smaller incidents around the world, but nothing in paris at this scale. >> no and the fact that this appears to have been planned for quite a while is very interesting, because the french intelligence has extremely good connections across communities in france and they pride themselves at being able to spot danger coming well ahead of a flashpoint and eliminating it. they pride themselves on having great intelligence access to radicalized communities within france. and the fact that this was able to slip through the cracks is also instructive. i think all of france is sort of deeply traumatized by this something on this scale has not
6:44 am
happened in decades. there will be lots of questions but intelligence questions, and questions about intelligence failure will be one of them. >> it's interesting when you see the close-up view where you see the gunmen moving toward the vehicle, picking up the shoe you can actually i believe, unless i'm mistaken you can actually see that there are at least three gunmen. if we can show that if it we could rerack and show that video again, the other one, the closer up view. though the camera dips down for a short period of time that's one of the gunmen assassinating a police officer. whether or not the police officer was already shot is not clear to me. but in the video we're about to show, there are it appears at least three gunmen which only two gunmen here you see this is the video taken prior to the
6:45 am
police officer being shot on the street and now you see two gunmen. dips down for a moment and suddenly it there is a third gunman. >> the camera is moving around so fast it's hard to tell you about a the picking up of the shoe as you said before both men seem to have both their shoes. >> if i'm correct and i think i am here that you can actually see, this is early on in the attack this is shooting of the police officer. two goingmen and then a third gunman over there. you only see two gunmen getting into this vehicle. if the other gunman does not enter the vehicle they must have had a second vehicle. >> they're only two blocks away as we saw a while earlier. >> unless that vehicle stopped to pick up the third gunman and
6:46 am
you can only assume so much based on the video we're seeing. obviously massive manhunt is under way. security is now the threat level in paris is at its highest level. security has been beefed up at media organizations throughout the city of paris, throughout france and obviously other targets in other possible places that these gunmen may try to escape from train stations airports toll booths and the like. we'll take a short break. our coverage continues in just a moment.
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. welcome back, i'm anderson cooper. at least 12 people have been killed. a massive manhunt under way. france's prime minister visiting the scene of the attack. this taken just a few moments ago while we were in break. the prime minister touring the scene which is obviously on
6:50 am
lockdown. throughout paris the hunt is on for what police and interior ministry officials are saying are at least three attackers who they say were involved in this shooting incident. joining me now is the managing director for a think tank dedicated to combatting extremism. also joining us is cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, let me start with you. what are you hearing from your sources? obviously french intelligence france's president p francois hollande saying they had stopped several attacks already earlier in the last week or so several potential incidents but obviously this one they as far as we know didn't see coming. >> no question, that's always the problem with counterterror. the other side only has to be successful once. the supreme focus of u.s. counterterrorism officials are a couple things. someone that the gunmen are still on the loose. they have to find them and
6:51 am
quickly before they can attack again. that a supreme concern. remember in europe there are borders but you can move from france to germany to other countries within the e.u. without passing any border checkpoints, even having to show your passport. it's very easy to get around and a lot of transportation options so it's easy for them to run and hide. the other supreme focus of counterterrorism officials is they look at this video we're showing again now is the sophistication of how this attack was carried out which indicates training on the part of these attackers. the way they picked their targets, the way they used their weapons. the way they moved quickly to kill frankly, and even just the information they had that the employees of this magazine were present in the office today, many as you said earlier, anderson often aren't in the office. how did they know that? how did they move so quickly and
6:52 am
how were they trained to well-to-do this? that is information that is important for them right now. it is though too early. i know you commented on this anderson, to attribute this to a particular group, whether it be isis we do know some eyewitnesses heard them say they were from al qaeda in yemen but it's also a possibility this was a group inspired by one of these groups as opposed to operationally tied to those groups although they do show some training which might be difficult to get on your own just as a lone wolf attacker. still not definitive at this point but certainly a focus of u.s. counterterror officials who are, as you know offering their help to their french allies. >> harass rafik, i'm wondering what you make of the attack, what you have seen thus far and also the response that has been getting from people in paris and throughout the muslim world. >> just to answer some of the things that have already been talked about, certainly the sophistication tells us about
6:53 am
the planning, the way they hold their weapons, the way they actually go to kill et cetera but also if you look at the way they return to the car. we know from the sophistication of planning that they've thought this through and simple tactics and tactics tell us that. if the car was their escape route, which it clearly was, they would haven't left that unguard sod there was either one person near the car or keep their eye on the car. secondly i want to focus on something. it's very very dangerous to actually say that this particular gunmen were inspired by isil because maybe about nine years, ten years ago we were talking about al qaeda-inspired terrorism, then it was al shabab inspired terrorism then boko haram and now isil. the reality is that these groups are inspired by islamism and there are so many self-starters who are actually deeply
6:54 am
entrenched in the ideology where they believe that groups organizations like this particular magazine are people who are betraying blasphemy and should be dealt with in a particular way. that's what we need to tackle. that's what the community in france, that's what the community in the west, what we at quilliam we've spoken about this before we need to tackle long term if we need to stop these acts from happening in the future. >> you use the term self-starters, other people say lone wolves, that's another term you guys at quilliam use. you say self-starters. what is the difference? >> lone wolf generally suggests that there's somebody who may have been sitting in the bedroom on the internet and decided he or she wants to carry out an attack. well, the reality is anderson people don't go on the internet looking to buy a pair of shoes or handbag and becoming a
6:55 am
jihadi. they have to be looking for something. they have to be looking for someone or they have to be approached by someone and thereafter they actually then have to be motivated, they have to be trained in the ideology they have to believe in the ideology and then they have to then work in conjunction with other people in terms of actually moving towards some sort of final attack. these particular people were not lone wolves they were well trained, they were -- the attack was professionally planned. these were potentially self-starters but they may well have been linked directly to some sort of organization. but at the end it doesn't matter that much for in the long term which organization they were affiliated to. but we do know they're affiliated to islamism as an ideology and that's what needs to be counted. >> we're seeing the aftereffects of the attack bullet holes in buildings, cars that are being moved. jim sciutto, again, just a stunning attack in broad daylight in the in paris.
6:56 am
>> and this just in from the u.s. embassy in paris. the u.s. embassy announcing that despite reports, there are no plans to limit access to the u.s. embassy in paris or other diplomatic facilities in france so the u.s. keeping those diplomatic operations open. interestingly, anderson i'm sure you've seen this on twitter, a number of people have -- it's become a popular twitter hashtag "je suis charlie" i am charlie, a statement of support. and the u.s. embassy in france has changed its twitter profile picture to that cartoon as a sign of solidarity in effect with the french people today. we know anderson, that in a short time we expect secretary of state john kerry to comment on these attacks in france as well. >> bobby ghosh, briefly, a lot of people have been tweeting me asking where the name charlie hebdo comes from. hebdo is a sort of derivation of the term weekly? >> daily, periodical. charlie actually comes from
6:57 am
another magazine that was called charlie weekly that used to be a comic weekly and ran charlie brown. so it was inspired by charlie brown. there took its inspiration indirectly from charlie brown. >> thank you for joining us in this hour. i'm anderson cooper, the next hour of "newsroom" starts right after a break and our coverage continues throughout the day.
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good morning, i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome viewers from the united states and around the world. thanks for joining us. we're following breaking news out of france. the country on its highest security alert after a deadly and brazen terror attack right in the heart of paris. french police are hunting for three terrorists at least two of them stormed the office of the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo and opened


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