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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 8, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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the breaking news this morning, two terrorists on the run. wanted in the deadly attack of the french satirical magazine. a third man turning himself in overnight. he is being questioned with several others. right now, france is in mourning. the terror alert raised. we have the latest. our live team coverage starts now. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to our viewers. >> several people are now in custody in the worst terror attack in france in recent
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history. 12 people killed in the attack on the french magazine "charlie hedbo." 11 more wounded. after the attack that was carefully planned, suspects jumped into a car and drove away. that began the huge manhunt for three suspects. stretching to the scene in paris to the city of rahn 90 miles away. the interior minister says there are several detentions in connection with the shooting. one suspect named earlier by police is also in custody. that is 18-year-old ham mourad. that is according to the afp. he could have been the driver in the get away car. two other suspects brothers cherif kouachi and said kouachi are still on the run. let's turn to our international
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correspondent frederick pleitgen in paris. >> reporter: there are people coming to visit this area here and of course paris today is in a state of mourning. there are several developments that happened overnight. a press conference by the french prime minister. one thing we have learned is a shooting of the suburb of paris. several police officers were wounded ifn that. all of that is still in the early stages. as you said the suspects now have been named. one of them is said kouachi and the other is cherif kouachi. both are still on the run. the french prime minister said he believes both of these men
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are still at large and heavily armed and dangerous. judging by the video yesterday, by what was going on here at the headquarters of the magazine of the carnage that happened there, if these people are involved in this they are a threat to anyone to anyone. there was a large police operation in the town which is about 1 1/2 hours away from here in paris. several other people were netted and taken into custody. all of this is an ongoing operation. at this point, we know the suspects names and we know their aiming ages but who is said and cherif kouachi and who is the third person, ham mourad who turned himself in. what important questions remain in the deadly terror attack? let's bring in the senior international correspondent jim
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bitterman. >> the two are best known to police. one of the two brothers served time. he was arrested in 2005 for recruiting young people to go to iraq to fight with al qaeda. by the time he got to trial in 2008 he already served about 18 months. he was sentenced to three years in prison. it was straightaway he was turned around and released in 2008. he has a record. he had been a recruiter for al qaeda. his older brother, however, had a criminal record but minor one. small crimes and misdemeanors. the two of them according to reports, were identified because one of them left an i.d. card behind in the get away car. police searched the car and found the i.d. that is what led them to the two shooters and suspects who are being tracked right now.
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overnight, as you mentioned, john in fact a number of people were taken into detention. these were friends and associates of these two guys. i think the police are basically rounding up as many people as they can who may have anything to do with the two of them and might have any leads as to where they might be right now. >> reporter: jim, one of the things we havevhave to mention is one of the issues for french authorities is keeping track of radical islamists. it seems they were known and they lost track of them. how can that be? >> the larger picture is there are hundreds and hundreds of people under investigation with contact with al qaeda and isis and other nefarious groups. the groups police cannot keep track of everybody. that is an explainable situation. there was nothing since 2008 that this younger brother
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committed that would have led police to the trail. he must have gotten military training somewhere. we don't know what happened to him after 2008. >> reporter: we are talking about the shooting this morning. any other details? >> our colleagues at bfm are reporting that two police officers are shot. a gunman just got out of a car. the police officers were on duty at a traffic accident. according to eyewitnesss, got out of a car and shooting at police. he was dressed in black as the shooters were yesterday. police have taken into custody a 53-year-old man. according to reports. whether or not that is connected with this shooting here we don't know at this point. we are still waiting for clarification. the interior minister went to the scene and broke out of the crisis. it is the government which is taking this very seriously. >> reporter: you are parisian. more so than some french people. is this different?
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>> the fact is there is a tension around. you see a lot of police on the streets. one of the strartartling images for me this morning is when french troop transport planes landed this morning to back up the police. it is amazing to see army coming from the french capital. we have seen army on the streets here for years because of terrorism alert levels. >> reporter: around the eiffel tower. >> this is different that they are flying in troops to back-up the police here. it is a means of reassurance for the population but the same token, shows the severity of the problem. >> reporter: jim, thank you. you will be updating us with anything. john as you can see, the city as jim said is on the edge. however, you have an interesting reaction that happened yesterday with protests that took place against, of course, the events
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that happened here where people are displaying they will not be intimidated by terror attacks. they will not allow their liberty taken away from them. the interesting thing we saw at those demonstrations there was no hint of any anti-islamic sentiment among the people who came out. very quickly to say in france muslims and christians and jews come together for this. this is important at this time. in france like other european countries, you have extremism on the rise. we know that this country is one that has had a lot of people go to syria and iraq. >> in france, the national identity fred is to interesting. it is french first and everything after that. it is unity of being french no matter your religion or country of origin. that is interesting. let me ask you, i'm curious what authorities are telling you about whether this was a small
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sleeper cell or whether these men had a big expansive group of people who were helping them. do they know yet? >> reporter: well they certainly don't. it does appear as this is not one of the those lone wolf incidents. it appears to be something well planned. one of the things jim said it appears as though the people had some military training. it is unclear if that is formal military training or whether or not they were in some place where there was fighting where they got experience on the battlefield. one of the things we hear from authorities in the united states and here as well. those people have used firearms as well. we are well versed in using firearms and they were using them in a cold and calculated way. on the other hand it is interesting, these people didn't do this and then make a stand
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here in this place. they actually had a plan to get away. that seems to indicate there was some form of planning. finally, of course what is important, these people were able to acquire ak-47s in the western capital. that takes a certain degree of logistics. >> fred and jim, thank you so much. >> we will check back in with you about the shooting in southern paris. for more on the attack yesterday at charlie hedbo, i want to bring in the chair of the middle eastern issues in the arab world. professor, thank you. i want to talk about the kouachi brothers. born in france of algerian descent. how does that speak to the complications in that country dealing with islamic extremism? >> john it is not just france,
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but germany, italy and france. you have these people with these eutopia projects. it has found home among some young men in particular in the european countries and other countries. al qaeda offers a eutopia. the two brothers said and cherif kouachi we should not exaggerate the significance of the particular generation. take france for example. france has about 5 million muslims. we are talking about 1,000 young men who have traveled to iraq and syria to fight with isis. yes, it is a large number. 1,000. very deadly. all it takes two or three people to do a great deal of damage. we are talking about a small, tiny segment that is dangerous which has bought into the particular ideology.
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the second point about said and cherif kouachi, the two brothers. cherif is on record saying he was self radicalized he said the images in the prisons in 2003 and 2005. he basically tried in 2005 to create a network to send militants in iraq. his brother, said traveled to syria. you have iraq and syria which served as basically theaters to radicalize people in syria, but thousands of young men in european countries. >> the inconsistency is these gentlemen did not try to bomb a u.s. embassy. they tried to bomb or they shot and killed people in a place where believe it or not, the
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cartoonist of "charlie hedbo" mocked the united states government and the very wars these gentlemen were radicalized by. >> the question on the table is why france and the second question is why "charlie?" why this particular newspaper? there are two questions. france in the eyes of militants, not just al qaeda variety. whether you talk about al qaeda and yemen. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. there are reports that these three men belong to al qaeda and affiliate in yemen or isis. they view francis public enemy number one. in fact the bigger enemy than the united states. this would come to you as a surprise. why? france is engaged in fights against militants in west africa and chaad and syria. the second component is
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cultural. france is seen by militants of al qaeda variety of waging war for their identity and prophet. they have chosen "charlie." "charlie" is a symbolic target. it represents france. it represents secularism. the fact is you have two components. radicalization. it is a culture mind feed. the religious right and the militant islamist right. even the muslim community said it
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experts warning about the rising risk of attacks. we are live in london next.
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all right. breaking overnight. french officials have several people in custody in the investigation into the major terror attack on a paris magazine. police continue the manhunt for the men they believe were behind the attack on the magazine "charlie hedbo." the two men stormed the office shooting writers and cartoonists and others. 11 were wounded. a dramatic get away. car chase and shootouts with police. carjacking. terrorists switched cars and got away. police looking for two brothers.
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said and cherif kouachi. they are warning french that these are dangerous. one suspect. ham mourad, turned himself in. >> few people understand the dangerous business. few people under that more than the american writer and activist and the critic of islamic treatment of women. she was forced into hiding in the netherlands after receiving threats to her life. listen to her tell anderson cooper say how risky free speech can be. >> when you live the way i live you have to ask yourself over and over again, who are these people who want to kill me and what do they want from me? what drives them. over and over again, i come to the conclusion that this is not some kind of random event. these are not some bunch of deranged thugs. this is a movement. it's an ideology.
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the people who are doing this have a vision and united around that vision. it is embedded in a world religion and civilization. for me to be safe i have to outlive a generation of young minds whose minds are contaminated with this ideology. >> there is something poignant about the last cartoon released. take a look at the headline. "still no terrorist attacks in france." this was published a few days ago. below the headline "wait, we still have until the end of january." >> we are following the latest on the terror attack in france. two gunmen on the loose right now. several people detained by police. questioned. new developments and the rising terror threat in europe. we have that for you next. shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters
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the events in paris raising terror concerns across europe. expert claude monique says what he has seen so far that the gunmen were well trained and might have had combat experience. perhaps in syria. the attack on "charlie hedbo" is proof that terror and violence
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is escalating. >> today, we have a few hundred people in each country. that means thousands of people in europe and thousands of people waiting to take action and willing to kill people and willing to go to jihad. >> one sign of the heightened threats in paris is spain raised the level one tier to level three threat level. we have max foster live in london with the latest for us. >> reporter: you know john this is not thejust seen as a threat to europeans, but all society. last night i was here with david cameron and german leader angela merkel. they received a briefing from
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u.k. intelligence. the message was the countries cannot act alone in the terror threat. they are working together because this is a european global problem, not just a french problem. >> translator: we are working closely together in such situations because this is not something that a single country can solve by itself. >> we have to all be vigilant and try to address the problems of radicalization. we have to invest in the security agencies. we have to deal with the problems at source. >> reporter: at this hour, john, the government's emergency committee will be meeting over the way there. they will discuss the british preparedness of what happened in france. a similar thing happened after the sydney attack. a lone wolf attack. a different terror attack. a military-style and
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sophisticated operation. there are things all countries can learn from this. a type of response. if a similar thing happened here. a copycat threat here, how would the u.k. respond? that is the question governments are asking. >> and the real threat with the borders there. nothing to keep the terrorists from going across borders. all part of the eu. max foster in london. thank you. breaking news this morning. the manhunt for the terrorists behind the deadly attack at a french satirical magazine. 12 dead. 11 wounded. two gunmen on the loose. several people detained by police. we are live with the latest developments next.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> our breaking news this morning, a massive manhunt for the gunman behind the massacre at french magazine. 12 people murdered. 10 people injured. this morning, people questioned by police. the search is on for the gunmen. who are they and why did they do
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it? we are live with the developments overnight. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. >> several teampeople are in custody. 12 people killed in the attack on the satirical magazine "charlie hedbo." 11 more wounded. one eyewitness calling the scene a massacre after the attack was carefully planned. this is sparking a huge manhunt from paris to reims. >> the interior minister is announcing there are several detentions with the shooting. one suspect is now in police custody. 18-year-old hamyd mourad. he turned himself in. according to the news agency. could he have been the driver of the get away car? police say two older suspects, the main suspects in the shooting are brothers.
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said and cherif kouachi. they are said to be heavily armed and on the run right now. with the latest let's turn to our senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen. >> reporter: good morning, john and christine. we are outside the satirical magazine "charlie hedbo" where the awful attack happened. there is a big gathering here. a lot of media and people coming by to lay flowers and pay respects. a lot of people we have seen with tears in their eyes. the area is cordoned off because this is now a crime scene that is handled by forensic teams of the french authorities. i want to bring you up to speed on the developments happening. there is a lot going on in regards to the manhunt and in regards to the suspects that are being sought. one of the things we have early this morning is that there was apparently a shooting in the southern suburb of paris. the latest we have is that one
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man is in custody after that. from our own jim bitterman, we know that what happened is there was a traffic inspection somewhere. a car stopped. a man came out with an assault rifle and opened fire on police. at some point, apparently he was brought into custody. jim said this man was apparently dressed in black. exactly the same way as the two people two committed the crime here outside the building of "charlie hedbo." we have two crews on the scene to find out more. in regard to the manhunt here by french authorities. the two men, said and cherif kouachi. what we know is overnight, the operations centered in the town of reims, which is 90 miles north of paris. police were going house to house in a sweep.
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several people were taken into custody custody. the latest we have is these are family members that were taken into custody which are associates of the people at large. there was a pressing this morning by the french prime minister who said the suspects are on the loose and heavily armed and anybody who tries to get in their way is at great risk. one of the things that we saw on the video emerging of the attack is that these people certainly appear to know what they were doing when they were firing the weapons and when they were moving around with their weapons. one of the things they managed to stage is the get away. even though the manhunt was underway. these are people who appear to be brutal and certainly know how to handle weapons. this is one of the reasons why the french authorities are urging great caution if anybody appears to see these people somewhere around. it is something where the manhunt is still going on. at the same time the city of
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paris is in a state of mourning. today is a day of mourning at midday. there will be a moment of silence for those killed in the attacks. john and christine. >> really incredible. an attack that strikes at the heart of what france is and what journalism is and i am reminded so much fred of what it felt like in boston a couple of years ago. you have two men on the loose even as you try to mourn, people were terrified. >> reporter: yeah. you are absolutely right. boston was one of the things that came to mind as i was walking the streets here in paris earlier today. you do have a city not on the edge but there is growing concern. you look around and you do see an additional presence of security forces on the ground. anybody who visits paris frequently you know there are often soldiers on the ground here. especially landmarks like the eiffel tower and french parliament.
1:36 am
you see cops walking around with pistols. now you have them walking around with assault rifles. the police officers who were on duty some of them had been the personal protection officers of the cartoonists who had been under threat they were simply out gunned. the people simply had more fire power. you have a very heavy feeling. i spoke to an individual in support of the magazine at the vigil. he was saying he feels exactly the same way he did on 9/11. he was quick to tell me he did not want to equate these things. the magnitude of 9/11 was greater. he said the feeling is a similar one. heavy and sad feeling. it is the defiant feeling you
1:37 am
had from people here on the ground who said they will not let their life being influenced. you had people screaming freedom, which is a very big value in france. at some point, the crowd went silent and everybody held up their pens to show the pen will not be silent by the violence that happened here yesterday. >> frederik pleitgen for us in paris, thank you so much. for more now, we want to bring in harris, the managing director of the think tank dedicated to reducing terrorism. harris thank you for being with us. i know your group is looking at self starters. people who may be in countries with no direct ties to terror groups like al qaeda or isis. we don't know what happened here. we don't know if the kouachi brothers the suspects had any contact with al qaeda or isis. based on what you see, are there any signs?
1:38 am
>> yeah there are a number of indicators indicators. one of the brothers was convicted for training in iraq in syria. we know both of the guys have probably been out to the middle east and received training. we don't know which organization they received training from but certainly, we have not got to the bottom of how they failed in terms of combating the ideology that driven the people to carry out what they have done. they never have gotten to the bottom of the two people they knew were a danger and menace so society. they never formulated a strategy in how they could actually deradicalize and rehabilitate
1:39 am
these guys. there are clear links to the jihadi organization. not clear if it is al qaeda or isis at this time. we know the ideology links are there. they probably visited training camps. one or both have visited training camps in the middle east. >> one of the things of the i'd the ideology these guys attacked a magazine. now more people in the world have seen the insults to islam than would have otherwise seen. trying to wrap your mind around why they choose these sites to bomb or -- bombed it before or to murder there. help me understand what they're thinking. >> ultimately these terrorists want to create fear and panic within our liberal secular democracy. they want to show that they are able to fight back against what
1:40 am
they perceive is a war against islam. this particular target that they chose, there is no real intellectual thinking around what would happen after they selected this target. nor do they really care. ultimately they wanted to make a statement. if you look how sad this is they wanted to carry out this attack in the name of prophet muhammad and yet they killed a police officer who was named after the prophet muhammad. there are a lot of inconsistencies. these people have been brainwashed and almost see things in a tunnel-like view. there are, you know inconsistencies that we know that are there. and it is not really sane behavior. >> harris, you talked about the failures to see these two brothers over time. france has over 5 million
1:41 am
muslims. the vast majority living peacefully and happily within french society. french intelligence service is known of having good sources and connected to the militant groups that are there. how did they miss it? >> i'm not sure they missed it. there needs to be clear parts to the strategy. the first is looking at the hard hard end. looking at the violence. there has to be an intervention. either deradicalization or intelligence. if they knew they were going to carry out attacks, they have to make arrests quickly. the other part of the strategy has to be the building of the resilience resilience. you mentioned 5 million muslims in france. when a very small minority of the youngsters are faced with
1:42 am
the islamist jihadi theology they have the idea to push back. this happens from mainstream society. france has a problem of trying to understand what to do with religion and faith. many of these people and muslim muslims, their faith is very important. they need to figure out a way to actually help the society at large differentiate the islamist and ideology that needs the response that other totalitarian ideologyiesyies receive from france. >> thank you, harris. the obama administration condemning the attacks in france. the white house releasing this
1:43 am
photo of president obama speaking with president hollande. we have michelle kosinski with more. >> reporter: in strongly worded statements the president called the attack horrific and evil and cowardly. they are monitoring it and offering france whatever assistance it might need. what we are not hearing from the white house or national security team any detail on what the white house might have known about any of these suspects. anything about any chatter that may have been going on in the background. it is just too early for them to weigh in on that detail. also they did not want to get detail on the kind of assistance that the u.s. is offering. several times we heard from the homeland security secretary jeh johnson. he would say the u.s. is doing a number of things to help france. the fbi was combing through
1:44 am
databases to help the french gather information and look for connections and they did say that top security officials are in open communication with their french counterparts. we also heard from the white house press secretary saying he knew of no specific threat or credible information to indicate that any similar attacks are being planned in the u.s. but he did emphasize the importance of vigilance. especially when u.s. officials are concerned about lone wolf attacks and how hard they are to prevent. john and christine. >> michelle kosinski, thank you. >> one of the questions faced, what is the response in the middle east and muslim world be. we will pick up that angle next. uldn blem your c is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water...
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for a full 90 days. included is our hassle-free guarantee. go to plug & protect is not available in stores so go to right now. that's breaking news this morning. police in france have several people in custody in connection with the country's worst terror attack in recent memory. the interior ministry not specifying how many or were they are being held. a huge manhunt is under way to track down two masked gunmen who stormed the paris office of the satire magazine "charlie hedbo" and targeting the victims by name. police and others were dead when they sped off. the youngest suspect is hamyd mourad. he turned himself in.
1:48 am
the two others are brothers. said and cherif kouachi. police efforts appear to focus on the city of reims, france. >> the attack carried out by two men, muslims, in the name of muslim. a twisted view of what muslim should be. what is the reaction from the muslim world? let's go to abu dhabi with becky anderson. >> reporter: some 900 non arab muslims. john from here in abu dhabi to cairo to tel aviv. this condemning in the very early hours, what many are calling a barbaric act of terrorism and a sense of anger,
1:49 am
john by many. once again, the actions of a small radical growl have tarnished the image. have a look at the cartoon posted on twitter by a sudanese cartoonist. sad khartoon with the "kh." at the left accused of being a from the by the depiction of the world on the right. caught in the middle i am an muslim. striking out an identity crisis here. john there's no doubt that some of "charlie hedbo's" satire was offensive to many. frankly, there are some that would have seen the magazine as a legitimate target. the majority of people here are
1:50 am
sickened by what has happened in paris. another cartoon, this time portraying the idea that the attack on the paris offices of the satirical magazine is an attack on the mosque drawn to the right of the offices and this cartoon from the brazilian covers middle eastern affairs. "charlie hedbo" attack. another victim. the victim being the mosque drawn behind the building. remember many governments in the middle east including here in the uae are taking a leading role in the fight against isis and other groups that promote radical islam. john the president fattal talked about tackling extremism. so it is a very difficult situation for many people in the region watching what unfolded in paris. you have the juxtaposition with
1:51 am
the fight of radical islam from the governments here and the sense of the legitimate issue of the many people who live the normal life. >> very important to hear the reactions. the cartoons we are seeing from around the world are moving. becky anderson thank you. a show of support for victims of the massacre around the world on the ground and online. french's president paying tribute. how people are paying tribute after the break. hey! guess what day it is?? >>hump day! hummmp daaay! it's hump day! >>yeah! >>hey mike! mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday.
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so many people around the world standing with the victims of the terror attack on "charlie hedbo." solidarity rallies held in french cities and europe. south america, people took to the streets in sao palo. they held up signs for "i am charlie." that is french for i am charlie. at a rally outside the french embassy in madrid it was organized by the group reporters without borders. in the u.s. people gathering in boston with "not afraid." in washington, d.c. a group of people rallied outside the
1:55 am
newseum. >> there have been over 2.2 million tweets of je suis charlie. free speech will never been taken from them. for the latest let's get to ishay. all of the other freedoms stem from that. >> freedom of speech and expression and liberty. people have been expressing shock and horror over what has happened. they have been showing the solidarity with the victims. the hash tag that john was mentioning that was used and a rally call is #je suis charlie. the tweets coming in. you see the intensity there in the blue. europe waking up. 11:00 in paris.
1:56 am
just really goes to show how much people are talking about this story. also what we are seeing is thethe the #wearecharlie. one that is getting tweeted and retweeted is the heart breaking one. this was posted by elsa wolinski. she is the daughter of georges wolinski. he was killed on wednesday. it shows an empty desk where he used to draw. it translates to dad is gone but not wolinski. very quickly, we are seeing cartoons from our ireporters coming in. this is je suis charlie. two from our correspondents. jake tapper drew this one. we have one from tom foreman. thinking of our friends across the way. christine and john. >> thank you so much for that
1:57 am
isa. breaking news this morning. a hunt for the gunmen in the paris attack. "early start" continues right after this break.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. breaking news this morning. two terrorists on the run. wanted in the deadly attack on the french satirical magazine. a third man turning himself in overnight. being questioned right now along with several others. france this morning in mourning. the terror alert raised as investigators try to figure out how this tragedy happened and who is responsible. live team coverage starts right now. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. welcome from around the world. >> breaking overnight. several people in custody in the worst terror attack in france in recent history. 12 people killed on the french satirical magazine "charlie


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