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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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so here is here is there are going to be more attacks. unfortunately it is going to increase the chance they're going to be lethal. we can mitigate the ris tubing some degree. >> we can mitigate the risk. >> stand by. 11:00. we will continue our conversation now with our guests. finish your thought. and then christiane amanapour is with us as well. >> many things. many information abut these brothers in france. as remember russians knew a lot of things abut tsarnaevs. europeans feel. today many people on the website say americans clab rate lessollaborate less with europeans when it comes to
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metadata. we have 5 million people in france. there are 5,000 that are radicalized. >> i want to bring christiane amanapour. her expertise. tell us about radicalization in europe, and france what is going on different than what is happening in the united states? >> look all our societies experienced at one point or another since 9/11 this extreme version of islam directed at the united states during 9/11. then britain. 2005. in madrid 2004. here the newspaper said today what happened on wednesday here in paris behind me at the headquarters of "charlie hebdo" was france's 9/11. so there is obviously a rage that its undergoing amongst some elements of society around the world. and all of these ditch rent attacks. some are linked. some are not linked.
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and it is very difficult to try to separate out what causes what. i think, you know 14 years after 9/11. people are no longer twulg ascribe sort of alienation or foreign approximately see or whatever. to these kind of attacks. what is happening here in france right now. france is the european country which has the highest percentage of moslems in its country. it has always been on hyperalert and had a higher threat than the rest of the european countries. and at the time that it is happening is when there is a horrible domestic situation going on around europe as well where there are far right groups which are capitalizing and creating if you look an islamaphobia. that is going on as well. this its a lots a lot of different currents happening. also also. you can't underestimate, how much certain muslims around the world are radicalized by what they see as happening in syria. just look what happened in
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afghanistan. in the, in the 80s. in bosnia. in the 90s. what happened in syria turned a lot of muzslims, vengeful and full of rage. there are a lot of complicated. complex, political. social kur enltscurrents what happened here is completely utterly unacceptable by any standard whatsoever. muslim leaders have criticized it heavily here. and encouraged to take to pull pits friday prayers today, and in a few hours, to condemn it very very strongly. don. >> christiane amanapour, we appreciate that. what do you make of what she said? >> you know one thing that strikes me. the polling in france. if you've ask muslims what they believe, so 1% subscribes essentially to the osama bin laden vision. 1%. in the population.
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a significant number of people. more than a third of french muslims are worried about jihadies. there will be a backlash. that will undermine them. the only way off to limit actions. terrorist actions of the potential 1% is to have the 30% working on your side. everyone has their idea. how do you battle you have to create muslim collars. what you have to do with it denouncing is not enough. they are late. they are outdated. who do they listen to al-alawaki. he took the koran and certain texts. you have 113 stories out of the koran. 113 start with peace on you. one, there is no peace,
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butchering killing, this and that. without actually interpreting. i consider the first isis state saudi arabia. what they did, they canceled centuries of interpretation. you have four law schools of koran. >> there is nothing in the koran that says you can't depict mohamed. an interpretation, correct? >> correct. you have to go to scholars to interpret. there are competing idea. who ever is reading, as chris wrote, reading something can go and destroy a school. another person can build a school. competing idea. you have a policeman that was killed. defending free speech. and-up have actually muslim that killed him in name of koran. you have to empower the good ones. >> talking in the name of koran. as the i said there is no scripture. this is all interpretation about -- how you can depict the prophet muhammad. did they go too far? did "charlie hebdo" go to far?
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should they be more sensitive to -- >> yes, i think that that they should have been more sensitive. i don't believe in gratuitously offending people. but obviously, journalists go too far all the time. and the price shouldn't be maybe the price is that you complain on facebook. or that you cancel your subscription. the solution is not this. i was going to say, britain has i think the best program to try to fight jihadis. what they do is they have if you send me to go talk to them. that gets you nowhere. what they do is they get disenchanted muslims themselves from the community. they go and they talk to young folks. they say, look you know, there is racism here. there isn't enough opportunity. but, the solution isn't to blow things up. and they are able to establish, like working with gang members in the united states. that program actually has had considerable success intrigue to diffuse jihadism.
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>> they also sit in the parliament. and they're in the state department. they're in the pryime minister office. everywhere. unlike france it is a different story. >> i want to ask you this and have to got to something else here. but, nic robertson pointed this out, fareed he wants to see leaders of muslim countries go on television vehemently denounce this. do we need to hear more from moderate muslim sntz ismuslims? muslims speak out all the time. do we need to hear more from moderate sntz. >> i think two things we teed to have absolutely. moderate muslims are denouncing it over and over. i think the west needs to hear it finally. need to say, okay. we are hearing you. but we would look to collaborate with you and, and, fight together this these criminal acts that are against both sides. there is another thing which freedom of speech. most immigrant that arrive to europe. run away from their own country
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because they have no freedom of speech whatsoever. i have friend in egypt, cracking down on journalists there is no tomorrow. egyptians, saudis are number one. >> if you want to stick around until midnight. we have can have a conversation. >> well need more muslim voilss around the world, speaking for broader tolerance, in the communities. indeed we should see those voices of tolerance. we ourselves can model that be have ever of tolerance. >> fantastic conversation. >> thank you. >> both of you. >> want to get to the breaking news now. the hunt for two armed dangerous suspect in a deadly attack on "charlie hebdo." focused on a wooded area in northern france. suspects may have been spotted by helicopter earlier. joining me now, the justice reporter evan perez. what's the latest on this? >> reporter: don, we know that the french police are concentrating, concentrating
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hundreds of of officers down in that area. to try off to find these two suspects. the suspect were on the radar for u.s. law enforcement. they put them on the watch list. one is called the tied watch list. the name of some of the best known suspected known and suspected international terrorists as well as the the no fly list. these people would not have been able to travel to the skun -- country. that raises the question why they were not beg watched by the frens. we know at one point they were being monitored. at some pin the that monitoring stopped. the question now -- that is being rayed in france is why that, why that is. we are told that part of this issue is that they have so many people that they have to, that they have to monitor. the manpower that it takes for the authorities to do that. is just too great. it is not a problem just there, don. it is a problem that we have
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here with the fbi as well. they tell me that that is just a huge use of their resources. >> manpower intensive. >> keep track of all the people. >> so then does the intelligence. there was intelligence that one of the alleged gunmen traveled to train, traveled by train in yemen. to train, excuse me in yemen. what does that signal to authorities. what it signals a realization of the worry they have had for some time. there is this competition going on. that we are seeing. the competition that we are talking about here in this case is between -- aqap al qaeda affiliate in yechl enmen. and the group, isis. taken all the attention, headlines, attention of u.s. and european authorities because of the fight in iraq.
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we have known for some time. the concern of u.s. intelligence and intelligence in europe as well. because of all the attention isis was getting that perhaps the yemeni affiliate would launch attention getting in the west. all of this its about getting recruits. don, that's the big competition going on between the groups. >> yeah so you know we have -- are officials afraid that they may some how leave the country. they haven't gotten them this far. that's the big concern. as you know there is no real border controls between france and the european. countries there you. can cross the border without really anybody checking your passport or your papers.
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now they have gotten into what they believe. gotten into some of the woods there. you can easily cross the border without an one noticing. so the question is right. are these guys going to go down with a big fight. some place they have hidden weaponry. they can carry out a spectacular attack before this is all over. evan perez. our justice reporter here on cnn. lots more to come on the breaking news. manhunt in france for two armed, dangerous suspects. on the tear railroad attack on "charlie hebdo." what do we know about suspect and motives. were they hiding in plain sight all along. kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian.
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welcome back everyone. early friday morning in france. an intense manhunt under way for two suspect in the deadly terror attack at "charlie hebdo" magazine. here with me now, the cnn terrorism analyst. and cnn national security analyst. and a jihadist-turned-undercounter terrorism operative. and author of "undercover jihadi." paul a lot of information on one of the brothers. and then nothing. what happened. >> that's the big question don. they not only had a lot of information on one of the brothers. one of the brothers was convicted of terrorism offenses in 2005. he wanted to go and fight in iraq. he was arrested before able to travel. a three year jail sentence. beaver he before he traveled he kidded launching attacks on jewish
8:17 pm
targets. the other brother traveled to yemen in 2011 trained with al qaeda in yemen. so there was it seems a lot of information about the two people. so not at all clear how they dropped off the radar screen. but the french are looking at a 5,000 extremists at any one time they have to monitor. a very significant problem with radicalization. so often this sort of resources issue. they have to prioritize who they're going to watch. still, despite that a lot of questions. this evening. >> there is a documentary that one of the brothers was in. let's lack at it, ae's look at it the older brother.
8:18 pm
e one can become radicalized. >> yes, especially when this happened to me as well. you are living life in the fast
8:19 pm
lane. you are being told this is a sinful life. you shouldn't be like this. i can show you how to change your life. become a better person. it is very very common. you will see this in the vast majority of syrian foreign fighter profiles. these are paem who swing all the way to the other side. to basically make up for their moral indiscretions. >> why does committing acts of terror make these young men. young men like you, feel like they're avenging their sins? >> well this is the whole point. that there is an anger. and a lot of times see it is anger directed to the self. a lot of individuals are radical preachers. they they rail against the very activities that they themselves use to participate in. so it is really a way to kind of get back at the, the old self. >> was this -- what does this say about an intelligence failure when you look at this this video, jewel yet.uliet.
8:20 pm
it is out there. does that say anything about an intelligence failure. the person is hiding in clear sight. >> at one level there was an intelligence failure. the question is was it one, you know was it avoidable. given -- given all the is not that is going on throughout the world about potential jihadists. as paul was saying. it is a question of reresources. they're real. significant in government. put your focus on this sort of biggest threat. i think the questions that that are going to be on going are not simply what did the french know. but also what did the united states know. the disclosures today that both brothers were on a no fly list are significant. the no fly list is not perfect. it's flawed. the wrong people may be on it. much more limited than our larger list. close to 1 million people on it. no fly list is probably under 2,000 people at this stage. what criteria to put them on a
8:21 pm
serious list that seemed to not, sort of trigger more concern by the french. would be curious if we were holding on to the same intelligence. >> not only on a no fly list. paul. within of the suspects trained with al qaeda in yemen. that's where he learned to use. they were able to to. with with deadly effect. he is thought to have gone there in 2011. havears have elapsed since then. possible the brothers have decided to do this on their own volition or steam, having got
8:22 pm
some training overseas. >> what does it say to you if anything that the two perpetrators did not commit suicide, paul? >> i think the fact that they dent commit suicide was because they wanted to launch more attacks, follow-onattacks, create as much carnage in france as possible. a manhunt going on in northern france. they belief they have cornered them in this forested area. if they're able to allude the grasp of authorities. it's possible they could kill again. there was the other shooting in paris in southern districts of paris this morning. by a gunman of a french police officer. a female french police officer. french police have not ruled out the fact that these, two attacks could be connected. >> if it is and there are three gunmen who are out there possibly. so -- i wanted -- ruben, what is, what do you make of what paul said? they didn't commit suicide. they became one of them at least became radicalized quickly.
8:23 pm
in your experience is this the common experience for, for young people. who are susceptible to this? >> yeah we have to be careful not to get caught up in caricatures of the terrorist. you know they could be they could be a lone wolf. could be part of a wolfpack. groups like isis or al qaeda, like al qaeda is sophisticated professional. which is not to say that isis can't send or at least even produce individuals who are capable of conducting similar kind of attacks. the fact that they didn't kill themselves. in a -- in you know a hall of bullets or going off, in a blaze of glory. remains to be seen. they're hiding in a forest. unless they brought survival gear. not going to last very long there. so you can see there really wasn't a lot of thinking. they just wanted to do the attack. and get out. look for all of the glorification, martyrdom that goes on. not everyone wants to die. maybe live off to fight another
8:24 pm
day. >> see you shaking your head. do you think he is correct? do you think that they're plotting or had prepared to plot to to have a second attack? i've don't think we can know that right now. there was a major mistake that they made. they wanted to got out. they got into the car accident. abandoned the car. good news from a law enforcement perspective. that's all sort of evidence. they clearly, carefully plan planned an escape. that's unlike lone wolf attacks or honest with the boston marathon bombers here who did something and clearly did not have any plan for what was going to happen next. they were more sophisticated in paris with this exit. and they are now -- isolated afraid that's when when people make mistakes. and i would agree. this is not going to end -- easily. for them. but i am pretty confident,
8:25 pm
given, given that they are, they are, that this was not the strategy they intended. they really did think they would gait way. that that the french will be successful and eventually capturing them. it may not be in moments. but it will be relatively soon. >> everyone stay right there. when we come right back. could the paris attack be the first hint of a deadly competition between isis and al qaeda. we'll talk about that next. they're delicious, and a good source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy. (vo) symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 36 mpg. i gotta break more toys. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan.
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>> thousand of french police searching for the two brothers wanteded in massacre at "charlie hebdo." back with me now my guests.
8:29 pm
no one has claimed spopt for yesterday's attack. -- responsibility for yesterday's attack. today, isis called it brave jihadists. is a nightmare scenario forming where, al qaeda in yemen and isis will try to one up one another. >> there is a possibility of that. al qaeda and yemen are the majority shareholder here. that will do a lot to restore the al qaeda brand to some relevance in the global jihadist community. after isis has been stealing headlines in recent months because of their expansion in syria and iraq. some concern that al qaeda on the one side and isis on the other side could kind of try and one up each other. we have seen that to some degree. with the al qaeda team in syria plotting attacks against western aviation. from syria, learned about that. in the fall of last year. and this concern that isis may sort of respond in kind as these two groups try and outdo each
8:30 pm
other. a lot of bad blood between the two groups. kind of war of word. between them. just a few weeks ago. the yemen group said it was not legitimate. it deeply angered isis. >> is there a way for the west to exploit divisions to gain intelligence here. >> that will be hard. western intelligence agencies are going to be looking to that to some degree. but very very hard to do. i think that the major concern will be they will try to outdo each other. in terms of of of trying to launch attacks in the west. but if the groups are going to war against each other. to some degree a good thing for the west and countries in the region. particularly in syria. and if they're at each other's throat. probably a good thing for everybody else. and, a bad thing if they were to try, to combine forces at a certain point. >> everyone stand by. we'll get back to you. first our "breaking news" now on
8:31 pm
air asia flight 8501. indonesian search-and-rescue teams detected possible pings in their search for the plane's black boxes. flight 8501 vanished eded december 28th. 46 bodies recovered so far. they're in the process of beg identified. and we are joined now on the phone from indonesia. david, what are you hearing? >> hi don. and right now, it is possible. certain lie a lot going on in the java sea right now. a couple really really key operations replated to the black boxes. key word possible pings picked up comes from the head of the indonesia forces. saying they were pecked up by a survey ship near the tail. we don't know some where in the vicinity. cnn divers are headed there to try to get their eyes on the source of the pings. potentially the black boxes.
8:32 pm
don, wumone important note. they're extremely trickien shallow walters. we also shallow waters. we know it can be tough. even when you think you have the source of the black box. as the they did with it, underwaltunder underwater pings are trekky. chance for false positives. divers and ships in the area. really really tough to know what the source its until you can get eyes on it. >> david, weather will not help in the situation as well. the weather has been poor? >> done, that's right. the weather deciding the pace of the search. the good news is yesterday and today, friday things have improved some what alug divers -- allowing divers into the water. the other operation is closer look at the tal of the aircraft. right now, divers we understand according to the general in the water trying to tie ropes around the tail section and potentially
8:33 pm
raise it up float it using airbags. float it to the surface. currents presenting some challenge down there. but if they qup ratecooperate there is a chance the tail section could be raised late tire day. of course no word if the black boxes are intact. see what the divers find with possible pings a short distance away. >> cnn reporting from indonesia. want to tell our viewers. breaking news on air flight indonesia search-and-rescue teams detected possible possible pings in the search for the plane. 8501 vanished december 28th. 162 people on board that plane. again a number of body recovered. so far trying to identify most of the body. as our reporter is reporting, tricky acoustics, shallow water in the sea. and also saying that the weather has not been helping out as well. of course rainy season there.
8:34 pm
get become to our correspondent if we get more information on that. want to get back to my guests to talk about the attack on "charlie hebdo".." in paris yesterday. we were talking about -- what this, what this means for the intelligence community. that these -- these three young men are believed to have been have self radicalized there. and that -- the claim of responsibility from -- from in the competition between, isis and al qaeda. and i was asking you about the -- in the west can the west use any of this to exploit the situation. so how -- you said that is going to be tough, paul. how worried should western nations be about -- this competition. don we are in a period of unprecedented threat. en europe. the terrorist threat has never been greater certainly since
8:35 pm
9/11. because of the volumes of europeans going to syria and iraq and are fighting there. for example, when it comes to france. you are 400 french nationals fighting there now. 200 in france. the worry is people who learned how to kill other people over there in syria and iraq will come back and launch attacks either because they have been directed to do so by isis or nusra or other groups or on their own steam. then the whole lone wolf problem as well. isis called for lone wolf attacks across the west. we have seen a whole string of attacks in north america, australia, in france just before christmas. which were isis inspired lone wolf attacks. >> how do we keep young muslim men and women from feeling disenfranchised. turning to extremist groups. to commit these acts of
8:36 pm
violence. we need to deny the extremist mind set. criminal extremists. and muslim hating extremists. the two exist in a simbiotic union. one declares war with the west. the other declares islam is war with the west. they feed into each other. we need to deny the narrative. we need to have an honest conversation with impact of western foreign approximately see. grievance. ideology. those are the two main ingredients dealing with this particular threat. so i am not saying change the, the policy completely. but we need to have a more open honest conversation about the impact of military invasions. you know ten years of occupation. these things are not just -- attacks us in the west. but attacks the people who are there. number throw. to use religion in a positive way. i have i struggle with this to
8:37 pm
try to get people to understand. from the religious perspective. these, these deviant individuals who, who islam calls, they are declard to be disbelievers according to the prophet himself. peace be upon him. declared them to be dogs of hell to be the worst of creatures. if you find them kill them. so i think if we mobilize a strategy that incorporates these and other aspects we might start to get some where. >> national security analyst, that's for you. u.s. foreign policy he says we have to be honest and the role it plays. >> i think people are. i mean complicated decisions. some of these are remnants of decisions made. over a decade ago. what we have to remember is 9/11 is 14 15 years. nearly 15 years ago. the men that we are seeing now, fighting were 5, 6 years old.
8:38 pm
a very different phenomenon than the tight-knit group responding to our aggression then. just a list of grievances about the united states. that no administration is going to be able to deal with in totality. i think it is right. need to be a conversation. but the conversation exists in parallel with -- with of course the strong counterterrorism efforts and homeland security efforts to protect against what is clearly a new kind of threat and noisier threat paul was saying. a sort of stranger threat because it is harder to predict. and, one that is -- going to sort of hit the soft targets that we dent anticipate before. look we know how to protect a nuclear facility. we know how to protect the vip, president or prime minister. it is targets look what we saw this week that democracies are going to have -- and they're always going to have. >> also. manpower. we heard our justice reporter
8:39 pm
evan perez say. manpower intensive. they dent feelon't feel they have the resources to track everyone. >> that is absolutely right. particularly in europe the numbers of radicals that are the on the monitor list are just staggering. talking about 5,000 individuals in france. who, who, they're monitoring to various degrees. you can't monitor all but just a small fraction of those people, 24/7. because of the prohibitive expense. so in the past few months we have seen quite a lot of plots. attacks by people who were on the radar screen of authorities to varying degrees. we saw that in canada. for example, also in australia. this guy in australia. attacker there was on the, radar screen. the australian authorities. but time and time again. even people on rate dar screenthe radar screen managing to launch attacks. never mind people who aren't on the radar screen at all. >> thank you to all of you. appreciate the conversation. see you soon on cnn. breaking news from france.
8:40 pm
manhunt for two armed dangerous suspects in the paris terror attack. on satirical cartoonists at "charlie hebdo" magazine. when we come back a man who paid a high price for the freedom to offend offend. financial noise financial noise financial noise hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about americas favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign.
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>> the satirical cartoonists paid a price for freedom of
8:44 pm
speech. sadly not the only ones. >> reporter: if any one knows about paying the price, a high price for the right to be offensive it is larry flint. the founder and publisher of hustler now an american porn empire. >> free speech is only important if it is offensive. if you are not going to offend any body you don't need protection of the first amendment. four decade before the attack in paris, flint survived an assassination attempt and was paralyzed from the waist down. when another type of extremist, white supremacist targeted him for these pornographic pictures of an interracial couple. a few years later, a wheelchair bound flint found himself in a huge legal battle. the case ended uppen the supreme court. this time over a satirical piece, targeting evangelical preacher jerry falwell. >> what a lot of people don't realize the first 200 years of the history of this country, parody and satire was not
8:45 pm
protected speech. and it is only when i won the court case with reverend jerry falwell in 1988 that satire and parody became protected speech. >> flint is sickened by what happened in paris and says magazines like "charlie hebdo" and france should be celebrated. in his eyes the world has gotten far more dangerous for provocateurs since he was shot. and he puts the blame for that squarely on islamic extremists. >> some of the european countries, have a lot of emigration by arab fundamentalists. muslim. and have got a huge problem that they have got to deal with. >> flint says we should all be worried, about the chilling effect of terror on artists, satireists and journalists. >> although that is a horrifying incident that happened in paris, we can't be scapegoated into being afraid to live our lives
8:46 pm
because we are -- because well are going to fall victim to the same sort of misfits, you know. we have it is a, it is a disease in society that we have to fight. >> first amendment lawyer doug morell says battle lines over free speech have been drawn again. >> if you law people to be intimidated by the terrorists the terrorists have won. >> from the initial reaction to the attack on "charlie hebdo," he says the opposite has happened. >> the terrorists in this incident clearly did strike a blow. but what they have done in doing what they did is i think galvanized the entire world. >> reporter: for "charlie hebdo," the war of word and images isn't over. editors promise to publish a new issue next week. >> coming up an eyewitness to the attack on the offices of "charlie hebdo" the why he says he is not afraid.
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>> the deadly terror attack in paris happened in the middle of what had been until then a normal workday. a day that suddenly turned tragic. with me now is journalist his office is next door to "charlie
8:51 pm
hebdo" office. he saw the attackers in the street. please take me back to -- to yesterday. what did you see? i mean my office is just next door to the "charlie hebdo" office. we are on the same floor, really. it is only two meters between our two doors. one of my colleagues want done to smoke a cigarette in the streets. when it was on the ground floor, is he just saw -- behind the glass door a man -- all in black with -- and the men who are shooting. like this. and he heard them the, the noise. he saw the guy and went back to the office. he said there was a man in the building you have to call the police. so -- i was in my office.
8:52 pm
one of of my colleagues said there are guys all in black. and sneak off in the building. it is not possible. we are in paris. i used to work in kabul, islamabad. i could be i was prepared when i was there. we said it is not possible. we called the police. we had to protect the people we asked. maybe, 15 20 in the, the office. we went to the roof. there was a within dough. we can access the roof from the office. and we want to the roof. and we heard shooting. automatic well upon. i know this. i have been in some place. we say bleep blaep[ bleep ], we got
8:53 pm
to the roof. there was a lot of shooting. during i don't know. maybe it was five ten minutes. but for us it was look an eternity. and we just have to wait for the policeman to arrive. we saw in the street. because from the roof we can -- see the street. three policemen on the bicycle. on the left. on the leftment and the three on the other direction. and in fact it was because of the gunman. went done to the building. start to shoot at the policeman in the street. we saw the scene it was like in the war in the middle of paris >> you said the office is right next to you. and the office was fire bombed in 2011. they were on the al qaeda most wanted list. and inspired magazine. do you think that some how that they should have been -- more
8:54 pm
careful. or changed their coverage. tried not to be satirical? >> definitely not. they were journalists. they were just doing their job. journalists, cartoonist. satirical magazine. freedom of expression. in france. in america. no just keep doing this. maybe we can ask if -- they should have more protection. security around the building. that's the situation. because they arrived in the building. for the first months there was protection. policemen in front of the building. since maybe three months. they left the place. and we we there was no -- no visible protection. in front of the building. that is a creation we can ask.
8:55 pm
you are a journalist. do you feel threatened. >> i am not afraid. right now. we have to continue. that the only option to -- to say that they would never win. they've will never win. freedom of expression. speech. against liberty. against -- against -- human values. it's not possible. weave will not let this happen again. weave will continue to do our work. you can be agree or not, with what "charlie hebdo" was doing. let them express what they want to express. that is a principle. >> yes. >> it is important. >> thank you very much. >> okay. we'll be right back. ifferent criteria...
8:56 pm
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police and army personnel mobilized. breaking news tonight. police and personal nell mobilize across france. helicopters with night vision tools searching for two armed and dangerous suspects. the hunt focused on the region in northern france that's after police helicopter caught soogt of what investigators believed
9:00 pm
off to beef the suspects on foot in the wood near the region. a gas station attendant reports the armed brothers stole gas and food from the station just a few miles away. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. our coverage the world. i'm zain asher. >> and i'm errol barnett. we'll be with you here on cnn for the next four hours. we follow two major breaking news stories for you. first in france it's day three of the manhunt of the gunman of the paris terror attack where is police are focused now, and the new evidence investigators say these brothers left behind. >>