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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> we are following two sbechbs stories a the this hour. 4 an intense manhunt is on under way in the air and on the ground in france. we are learning ability the suspects' past as well. >> and another big story we're following, divers in indonesia right now looking into possible pings coming from the java sea that could be emitted from the flight data recorders or air
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asia flight 8501. >> it is 7:00 in the morning in paris where the search for two terror suspects, those two brothers has led police to northern france. investigators say they may have spotted cherif and said kouachi on foot in a wooded area. police say they think they fled there after robbing a nearby gas station thursday morning. >> we're also finding out new information about their background. authorities say said kouachi traled to yemen back in 2011 where he got weapons training from the al qaeda affiliate there. one of the brothers spent time in syria. >> and the magazine that came under attack wednesday will be publishing a new issue next week. proceeds will be going to the families of the 12 people killed. we want to go now to our isa isa soares live there from paris. she's following the latest developments on the manhunt. it does appear that police do
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seem to be closing in on these suspects. >> yeah. good morning, zain and errol. police have indeed like you said descended on this rural area in the region in northern france. in what is a massive manhunt. this is the area they think the two brothers may be on the run. now, what we have seen in the last 24 hours, helicopters flying overhead, using special night vision equipment as they really scour that heavily wooded area for the two suspects. now police say they may have spotted them on foot there on thursday but that's as much as we know regarding that sighting. now, early in the day, if i take you back to early thursday morning, a gas station attendant in town said the brothers came into the gas station and threatened him. he says they were armed and they stole food and gas before driving away. all of this has led police to
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set up roadblocks in the area. so far, there is noind case, however, that they found these men. one thing they did find at the moment this could be their second mistake so to speak. empty containers. this is what they found in the car. empty containers and gasoline. western officials say they got information from french intelligence that the suspects may have intended to use these items to make rudimentary explosives such as molotov cocktails. and now we're also learning as this unfolds lots of new information about the two brothers and their ties to extremists. our senior international correspondent. what we've learned in the last 24 hours, what stood out to you? >> i think there's been a change about the two brothers. the younger brother was the
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activist. he was the one that went to jail, the french had convicted him of criminal conspiracy sfr his links to terrorists. now in the just the last 24 hour, with elearned the older broth e, according to u.s. authorities, the older brother was trained in yemen and went to yemen in 2011 for training. it gives a little more impressive dynamic. going back to 2005 he wanted to join the ji lad in iraq. the older brother then got himself trained up in yemen in 2011. they're complete completely engaged in the trouble. >> we start to see the first images from inside the offices here at what took place on that tragic day. what can you tell about the pictures? >> we have a couple people coming forward here.
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one of the cartoonists would have been members of the team that was involved with the publication r case, was trained up in medical training. and he was out of the room when this occurred. he came rushing into the room and he describe scribed a scene of carnage. >> we can see that. the corridor of blood cat scattered. >> these were his friends. the other eyewitness account is a doctor who was in the neighborhood here. he went running to the scene when he heard gunshots. and he just said we're overwhelmed. he said there was blood everywhere people on the ground. he didn't know where to go next. it must have taken place very quickly. there's no indication for example, that the gashd who had
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been with with him 24/7 for the last two or three years since the fire bombing attack against the magazine there's no indication that guard was pull his service revolver out and fire back. it must have happened very, very quickly. >> these images are absolutely shocking. still the magazine is defiant, like you say. they are going to publish the magazine on wednesday. many expecting that i'll sell many more. >> isa soares and jim birthman live from paris. once again, we'll check in with you shortly. we now want to get you new information on another big breaking story we're following at this hour. search and rescue teams from indonesia have detected pings. they could be coming from the black boxes of air asia flight 8501. these pings reportedly emerging near where the tail was
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discovered. the recorders of course are a key piece of evidence when it comes tos investigating what exactly happened to this plane. divers also got a look at the plane's tail and they're getting ready to lift it out of the water with the aid of balloons. we're live with the latest on all of this. what do we know about these possible pings? >> let's start with the first operation you mentioned. the possible pings detected. the commander of indonesia's armed forces the general out on one of the search ships says a survey ship detected possible pings and they are sending divers to have a look and potentially elicit. the general says that they are near the tail section, certainly, exciting for search teams out there. but an abundance of caution right now as we wait for further
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news about that operation. the waters out there, errol, about 30 meter, 100 feet deep. acoustics in those shallow water, we're told by experts, can prove a little bit tricky. but of course certainly promising news out of the search zone about possible pings located by a ship. >> yeah. we remember this from the search for the malaiseysia airlines flight. the acoustics behave differently under water. they can do really bizarre things. these possible pings can come from artificial and natural sources as well. we'll wait for more sffgs information on that. it is promising, though. talk about the operation to maybe lift the tail of the aircraft out of the water. how will they get this tail out? >> that's the other major operation that's been going on. they started actually on thursday. today is friday day 13 of this search and recovery effort.
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divers back in the water as of early this morning. they are putting ropes down they are putting slings down and they are actually taking basically what are giant air bags or balloons down with them. now if the conditions cooperate, that's the currents which can be strong down there and the visibility and they're able to sort of wrap the ropes around and inflate those air bags the plan is that they will lift the tail off the bottom of the water and them use a crane or a wench on a ship on the surface to bring it up. now errol, a very tricky operation there, diver, more than a dozen in the watt e. again, it all depends on the weather cooperateing and whether or not that can all happen. and all come together. certainly, though another promising operation. divers you know we have a little more information, i should mention. divers saying they weren't able to confirm that the section where the black box would normally be was actually there. this is why they are now moving ahead and trying to lift the tail out of the water. hopefully get a closer look and
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confirm whether or not the black box box, the key, of course to solving this mystery is intact. >> not a clear picture yet, but encouraging developments that will certainly go a long way to get us closer to the answers. how did this plane go down. we'll check in with you again throughout the day as we get more information. thanks. >> they are among the most famous cartoonists in france. next a look at the "charlie hebdo" staff members killed at the magazine's office ps. >> plus the centerpiece of the city of lights. there you have it, paris. the eiffel tower going dark. both killed in the charlie hebdo attack. stay with cnn. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee financial noise financial noise
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>> welcome back to cnn's special coverage. want to get you the latest information now on the paris terror attack and the ongoing manhunt pts. investigators found empty containers and gasoline inside the car driven by the suspects suggesting they may have wanted to make explosives such as molotov cocktails. one of the brothers did get such training. >> in the meantime the intense manhunt to find those two
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brothers continues even as we speak. it's just gone 7:15 in the morning there in paris. 80,000 people are involved in searching for these two men. this is a massive operation spreading through that part of france. police helicopter crew in northeastern france says it believes it caught a glms of the suspects entering the woods on foot and now we're getting a look at the bloodshed inside the offices of the "charlie hebdo" magazine. you can see paper scattered there. blood all across the floor. this is where 12 victims were killed. and the magazine has bravely and defiantly now vowed to publish again next week. >> isa joins us once again live from paris. the city there certainly in mourning. and isa, behind you, we can see one of the memorials which has sprung up. what can you tell us about the very somber mood there this morning. >> you see behind me a makeshift
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memorial. but we did see yesterday zain and errol, really was a legendary symbol what is known as a city of light in the official morning for the victims of wednesday's terrorist attacks. the lights in the eiffel tower in paris was switched off on thursday night. many people also bowed their heads as the bell for the notre dame across the city. supporters carried candles and signs reading we are char see, a hashtag we have been reading so much about. now one demonstrator said that terrorists don't get to have the last word. they are absolutely defiant. we want to tell you more about the talented people who were killed in the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" headquarters just behind me. and their passion for satire. here's cnn's tom foreman. >> reporter: he was by far the best known editor at his tiny newspaper, and rather than shy away from controversy, stephane charbonnier embraced it.
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"charlie hebdo" seemed to relish in offending everyone. a night after his office was fire bombed because the magazine pretended it had been guest dited by prophet mohammad charbonnier was as blupt as always. >> this is the act of idiot extriemists. >> and a year later, he had not backed down a bit. >> we were provocative today, we will be provocative tomorrow. >> our job is not to defend freedom of speech but without freedom of speech we are dead. >> reporter: but as police stood guard outside the newspaper's front door there were many other victims who were well known in their own right. georges wolinski was a big louder-than-life cartoonist. his daughter posted an instagram
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message with his photo and home office attached. papa is gone she wrote. not wolinski. he was 80. published reports say this man was a contributor and a friend of his told cnn he was a great artist. jean cabout was 76 and his hirs first illustrations published in 1954. he was credited for drawing a controversial cartoon of the prophet mohammed that was published in the newspaper in 2006. in the wake of the murders, the deputy mayor of paris called them all, quote, the most famous cartoonists in france. and he added it's a very big and deep shock for all the press and for all the world, reflecting on his newspaper and his life's work stretch feign charbonnier told the french newspaper "lamond" two years ago, it may sound pompous, but i would rather die standing than live on
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my knees. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> and r roll we see behind me a makeshift memorial. if i move out of the way slightly so we can refocus on this, we are seeing so many flower we are seeing candle, we are seeing pencils, crayons, personal notes. messages of support. we seen so many beautiful notes. people here we've seen a lot of media but also people coming here to pay their respects. and worth noting about three hours or so ago when this was absolutely empty, it was very quiet, it was very dark. and cnn were the first one here. a muslim gentleman, he came here. he paid respects. he then came to us and he said i want you to know that this is not islam. errol, back to you. >> isa, in the wake of immense tragedy, sometimes you do get these glimpses of unity really. and that seems to be the word
10:19 pm
coming out of france after all of this. the hashtag from a few days ago, and also hash je suis ahmed, the muslim police officer that was killed protecting the magazine that made fun of everything. the white house says u.s. president barack obama has been updated on the manhunt in paris by his national security team. on thursday mr. obama visited the french embassy in washington where he quietly signed a book of condolences. now a portion of what he wrote said quote, we go forward together knowing that terror is no match for freedom and ideals we stand for, end quote. at the end, he ended the note with viva la france. >> long live france. for more on the attack in paris and what it takes to keep track of thousands of terror suspects in countries around the world, just visit our website, question we'll have an explainer
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a. >> this is one of the main squares in paris. if you look closely there, you can see "charlie hebdo" scrawled ahead or above some of the candles which still burn and one of the many makeshift memorials there. this is certainly a moment when the images you see coming out of paris match the mood of really the entire nation. let's bring you some new details, though that we're learning about the two brothers sus pektdpected in the paris terror attack. what we know at this hour is that french intelligence sources say said kourachi the man on the right, traveled to yemen as late as 2011 where he received weapons training from the al qaeda affiliate there. now another french source says one of the brothers spent time in syria, the brother on the left in fact. a u.s. law enforcement officials tells cnn these brothers were in the database of international terrorist suspects and had been on the no-fly list for years. now, the head of britain's internal security agency that's mi 5 says the number of terror
10:24 pm
plots is rising and mass casualty attack against the west are, in fact, being planned as we speak. andrew parker says more than 20 plots around the world have been directed or provoked by extremists in syria since october of 2013. he made a rare public appearance to make that statement. but his comments raise questions about whether the paris attack was isolated or part of something much larger. nic robertson has more on that for you. >> reporter: paris -- ground zero for the latest islamic terror attack. on the surface, it appears this is retribution for pictures of islam's prophet mohammed. but is it part of something larger? the latest battle by islamic extremists, dedicated to the destruction of western values. it's the biggest radical islamist attack in europe in ten years. but one of many in recent weeks
10:25 pm
across the globe. >> this is when things get really bad. >> less than a month ago, i was stepping through the carnage of another radical islamist attack thousands of miles away. this time pakistan. 132 mostly muslim schoolchildren gunned down cold blooded murder because their taliban islamist killers said their children's parents were in the army. in the days before that australia, half a world away a radical islamist takes early morning customers an employees hostage in a chocolate shop. two people were killed plus the gunman. that gunman claiming australia claims muslims in syria and iraq. each attack a different radical rationale given. a world war, all in the name of islam. somalia, christmas day, an al qaeda affiliate targeting the
10:26 pm
u.n. turkey this week a female suicide bomber attacks a police station in the main tourist district of istanbul. and a steady background drum beat during the same month. the new normal. the death toll at the hands of radicals climbs. executions in syria, car bombs in iraq. and in afghanistan this week a car bomb targeting european police failing, killing yet more innocent civilians. in fact most of those dying are muslims. collateral damage. this in a world war where you don't see the enemy coming. no lines of tanks on the streets of paris. just the latest explosion of terror and the havoc it leaves behind. atlanta. >> and france isn't the only nation suffering from terror
10:27 pm
attacks, of course. nigerians continue to suffer at the hands of boko haram. here's new information we want to bring to you from the african continue innocent. in northeastern nigeria, there were a new series of attacks by boko haram. militants went on a burning spree destroying 16 villages they seized on saturday. the number of people killed is in the hundreds. now the city of lights is the city of mourning right now. coming up for you, paris pays tribute to the victims of the terror attack of "charlie hebdo" magazine. and we talk to an expert about what it will take for paris to recover from this tragedy. kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not?
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>> welcome back to our special coverage of the the paris attack. >> 80,000 police officials right now are looking for the two suspects in the paris terror attack. a police helicopter crew believes it spotted the brothers in a wooded area northeast of paris. french intelligence officials meantime say police found materials that could make explosives inside a car that was used in the attack. >> take a look at this image. the eiffel tower went completely dark. there's a sight you don't see every day on thursday night in tribute to the 12 people killed. parisians bowed their heads as bells rang from the notre dame cathedral across the city. there are images inside the "charlie hebdo" magazine. very difficult to look at. you can see the aftermath
10:31 pm
showing what happened in those offices on wednesday. according to witnesses, the gunmen said they were avenging the prophet mohammad as they targeted cartoonists and the magazine's editor. the magazine vows to publish another edition next week with many, many more copies. >> isa soares join uses once again live from paris with more. looking at that horrific images from inside the magazine offices is chilling. but we are getting more information about what some of the survivors went through, people who were witnesses. and it all kind of adds to that ongoing sense of mourning in the city this week. >> absolutely. errol, looking at the photo there, it's really chill, really difficult to look at that blood in that corridor. all those papers. really gives you a sense of how quickly things really got out of hand. how tragic it was. now, errol, you were saying at this point, what police are doing, they're paying a lot of attention to the town in northern france. and this is a town they say they
10:32 pm
have spotted the two brothers on foot in what is a very wooded area. now, we've seen vans full of police officers swarming into this rural area and with the rain we don't know if that's going to be affecting, hindering their escape. but we've seen helicopters also searching overhead. now this follows an incident earlier if you remember about 80 kilometers 50 miles from here. a gas station attendant says the brothers stopped at his gas station and threatened him. he said they were armed and they stole food and gas before driving away. now all this has led police to bring in a convoy of 30 to 40 vehicles. and it almost looks like a military operation. jim bitterman and i have been talking about this. they also set up roadblocks in the area. the french prime minister put the region on the highest level, highest alert level. but this is the same alert level as we've seen here in paris.
10:33 pm
one other development i want to bring to you, and that is investigators say they have found containers and gasoline inside the car used by brothers. u.s. officials are getting this information from french intelligence that the suspects may have intended to use the items to make rudimentary explosives such as molotov cocktail s, err role. >> isa, over the past two days what we've heard from many french people is they are not afraid, they are resolute. they do not want to change their way of life and of course they want to continue to enjoy freedom of speech. but you talk about the massive police search under way. there was the shooting of a female police officer yesterday that could potentially be connected. and the mill tarization so to speak of the security situation there. how does that impact how people are feeling as they try and go about their daily business? >> yeah that's exactly what i was thinking errol. with this massive military
10:34 pm
operation, people surely would be worried. but i don't think they're at that stage yet. i think people are still in mourning. and the mood in paris is really a mix of sadness and determination. you know we've seen people mourn the victims of wednesday's terror attack in the last two two days in whichever way they can. now the vigil, there's a makeshift memorial behind me. and what we have seen i just popped over there, you get a sense of the messages that are being written down. i got a couple of messages really from around the world, one from the u.s. read never give in, never back down. another message said the world is with you paris, ignorance cannot win. there is a message for ahmed who is the policeman, the muslim policeman who also died on that tragic day, basically saying merci ahmed, thank you ahmed. and one final message. there are many many there who
10:35 pm
say they take lives but they can never take our freedom. parisians say they will not allow terrorists to take their freedom. they are defiant. >> reporter: at midday paris fell silent. a moment to remember those so brutally murdered as the rain fell on a grieving city signs of shock still clear on people's faces. tears for those they never knew but whose pain they feel. the silence was only broken by the bells of notre dame renging out across this city. >> many say it's taken this long to come to terms with what's happened in the french capital. but despite it all, many are also saying that they are not frightened. >> this maybes the game of these people they are just murderers
10:36 pm
and not anything else. we are not afraid. >> there's no words for explain what's happened, just i think just realize it's true. >> reporter: at the vigils held across the city the mood is shifting from one of grief to one of defiance. the words on this man's back read i would rather die standing than live on my knees, a quote from "charlie hebdo" editor stephane charbonnier. outside the charlie hebdo office people held up pens pencils, and press cards as symbols of free speech. fliers and posters say "i am charlie" whereare everywhere. even among highest of france's political enemyies was a show of solidarity. as former president nicolas sarkozy visited president hollande at the palace.
10:37 pm
the city standing unified in its horror here a representative of the local muslim community comes to pay his respects. >> during this week the most important thing is to think of the families. there will be a time for reflection but what's important today is that there are families who have lost a loved one. >> it says here that perhaps it is still too early for analysis that the pain is still too raw. cnn, paris. >> and it does seem that the pain is still too raw. people are still not ready, errol, to be talking about relations between people in muslim communities here and indeed parisians, exactly what changes people can make. they want to mourn for the time being, pay their respects. and as i came to you it's 7:30 here in paris, actually come to
10:38 pm
the memorial anticipate pay their respects bowing their head reading the messages. so for the time being, people are staying standing defiant and also in solidarity paying their respects for the 12 people who died on that very tragic day, errol. >> it's bizarre, but something beautiful, all that unity came out of something so horrible. and it seems as though the rain has picked up for the moment. hopefully that continues so that can aid officials as they sernl for the two suspects. isa soares live for us this early morning in paris. >> a big question now is how does paris start to recover after this attack. i want to talk about that with our international security director for the asian pacific found daigle. he joins me live from london via skype. so i think the question i have in my mind is you know how should french police change their protocol when it comes to surveillance of people who have
10:39 pm
jihadist ties? i mean these are men who are known to french authorities, at least as far back as 22008. we know that one of the brothers was convicted for terrorism charges and both of the brothers were known to u.s. officials and were both on no-fly lists. so what should french authorities learn from this? >> there will always be unfortunately, these occasions where individuals slip through the security apparatus. we have to keep in mind that authorities have limited resources as to how many people they can put under surveillance because it's a very expensive process. what the french do is divide people into two categories essential and desirable. essential are those they believe could potentially be plotting an attack imminently. desirable are those that they would like to monitor if they have the resources. the kouachi brothers effectively came into the latter category. now the french government will have to assess the information and perhaps provide more funding, more resources.
10:40 pm
france has a very effective counterterrorism apparatus. they disrupted a number of plots. they're also dealing with blowback from the french nationals to link up with isis. but counterterrorism is constantly having to renew itself to assess itself against new potential threats and the home grown threat which perhaps this fits into. the authorities will have to reassess now potentially new individuals that they let go of in the past. >> yeah. as you mentioned, the home grown threat extremely difficult to keep track of. i do want to talk about the brothers' backgrounds. because people have mentioned they have been linked to al qaeda in yemen. how much of a threat is al qaeda in yemen? especially given the sectarian violence going on there right now? >> well al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, aqap is a terrorist group. they were behind the underpants bombing plot who tried to bring down a transatlantic flight.
10:41 pm
they were also connected to the ink cartridge plot. they have illustrated a very strong desire to carry out major transnational terrorist active. they also recruited a number of werners. it remains to be seen if the kouachi brothers are directly connected to them. it's possible they have been communicating through electronic media. what's sfwresing is that he was arrested and sentenced to prison some years ago, cherif. and he was connected to iraq. people may remember he was behind the sectarian conflict and the beheading videos. if there's a connection to iraq, it's important to ascertain this. we're seeing more individuals that don't necessarily travel abroad but are in communication with people from abroad. >> thank you so much for being with us. we will keep an eye on this story and i'm sure a lot of information is going to merge about those brothers and their
10:42 pm
backgrounds in the coming days. certainly have a lot of questions, okay? thank you, we appreciate it. >> now, we will have much more on the paris attack. manhunt ahead for you. we also want to update you on breaking news that we're following as it relates to the search for air asia flight 8051. search and rescue teams have detected possible pings. they could be coming from the black boxes of air asia flight 88501. the recorders are a key piece of evidence when it comes to investigating a commercial plane disaster. you have the flight data recorders and the flight voice recorders. they're usually located at the tail section. these ping we understand are being emitted near where the tail was found. they're likely to reveal information about what the plane was doing from its air speed to its position of landing gear. but in order to get a positive ping from the boxes, there must be no interference in the water. right now, the presence of search and rescue boats could be doing just that when you think back to mh-370.
10:43 pm
we've seen that happen before. so we want to be cautious. but meantime rueters does report that divers will use balloons to lift the plane's tail which they discovered wednesday. the balloons will be sent down and inflated to help elevate the tail. it is believed though the black boxes are no longer inside. so we'll keep you posted on that. now cartoons are the medium for political satire. >> after the attack on "charlie heb heb doe" one cartoonist is struggling to draw one that won't offend. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure.
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>> a city clearly in mourning. we are still following the breaking news out of france where the search has meanwhile intensified for the suspect in the paris terrorist attack. >> that's right, investigators say a police helicopter may have caught a glimpse of the two suspects in a wooden area in northern france after they apparently abandoned third vehicle. more than 80,000 police are involved in the search for them. >> police have descended after a gas station attendant said the
10:47 pm
brothers robbed him at a gas station, stealing gasoline and food as well. >> well in the wake of the attacks, cartoonists have responded with their personal take on this tragedy. >> you've seen a lot of them shared on social media. one cartoonist i spoke with said it's very easy for him to speak from the heart. but for some, it actually hasn't been so easy. kelly morgan met with one british cartoonist who's struggling to find a balance between satire and really the gravity of these attacks. >> michael heath has been drawing all day. >> this is one i came up at 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: the veteran cartoonist from "the spectator" shows us sketch after sketch. deadline drawn with a gun behind him. >> he struggles to come up with
10:48 pm
something poignant yet unoffensive. >> i thought if you paired it all down to what it could be that didn't upset somebody and now they're looking to be upset that that would be the only thing. the only thing i could come up with. nothing. >> it's a frustration shared by many cartoonists in the wake of the "charlie hebdo" attack. most putting a satirical spin on the adage, the pen is mightier than the sword. >> what we're dealing with people are being offensive to us but we don't want to be offensive to anybody else. if i had the most offensive cartoon in the world about it it would make them more angry and hurt more people. >> reporter: husband publication is considered conservative in content. it's not necessarily his editor who is censoring his work. >> we're allowed to do anything
10:49 pm
we like. there's no limit, except one's own -- i don't like the word but i'll use it decency. ability to filter through your brain what is acceptable and what is not. i don't mind being shot, right? it suits me fine. but i ream not sure them coming or shooting other people. that's a very nervous making thing. makes you think twice. in fact if you thought long enough you wouldn't do anything. >> and so it's back to the drawing board to doodle through the dilemma. kelly morgan, cnn london. still ahead, a recap of the latest developments in the paris terror attack. >> and and pa riggss passionately remember the attacks. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase.
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10:53 pm
headquarters. police have spotted them in a wooded area northeast of paris. in the meantime officials tell cnn that they found empty container and gasoline in a car driven by the suspects. they have wanted to make explosives such as molotov cocktails. >> in the wake of the attack, pa parisians have come together to speak out. >> they're also showing a steely determination to keep those freedoms intact. take a listen. ♪
10:54 pm
the targets of these attacks were artist. it's very important for everyone. everyone. it's not about a war, it's not a fight between people. >> when i think about the people i think it's -- i don't know how to describe this.
10:55 pm
>> i'm frightened and i'm frightened for the future because i'm worried that muslims or wrong people will be taken for responsible for that. and i think it's the worst thing that could happen. >> i don't care if anybody wants to do something really bad here i'm afraidreally proud of it. >> we have to win. >> and you know it's just remarkable when you watch images like that that actually the good thing that has come out of all of this is that people do become stronger. there's so much more solidarity in france. you saw the same thing in united states after the boston marathon bombings.
10:56 pm
boston strong. >> it is heart warming. it is great to see. we'll continue covering this over the next few hours for you. >> you're watching cnn. i'm zain asher. more breaking news on the manhunt after this break. >> and we'll get you live to indonesia. new possible detection of pings from the flight boxes of flight 8 8501. discover card. hey, i heard you guys can help me with frog protection? yeah, we help with fraud protection. we monitor every purchase every day and alert you if anything looks unusual. wow! you're really looking out for us. we are. and if there are unauthorized purchases on your discover card, you're never held responsible. just to be clear you are saying "frog protection" right? yeah, fraud protection. frog protection.
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11:00 pm
you are watching cnn's special coverage. i'm errol barnett. >> and we're following two breaking stories right now. an intense manhunt is underway in france this hour. investigators are searching for two brothers the kouachi brothers accused of killing 12 people. >> we are learning more about the suspect's past including details that one used to be an aspiring rapper. >> yeah but the other big story we're following at this hour divers in indonesia looking into possible pings from the flight data recorders or black foxes of airasia flight 8501. we'll be light from indonesia in just a moment.