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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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come to this country without visas and as we know they can much more easily pick up automatic weapons and i keep on asking law enforcement here is it going to happen? is it going to happen here? all i get is they're here. i don't think there's anything specific and we may just get lucky or one of these groups may appear here and it will be too late. >> let me go back to chris cuomo. he's still obviously covering what's going on in paris for us. it's now the top of the hour. we're standing by. we just heard from the president of france, francois hollande. getting ready to hear from president obama. set the scene for us right now for viewers here in the united states or around the world who are just tuning up. update us on what's happened over the past few hours. >> reporter: obviously the culmination of what started here at the offices of charlie hebdo wound up finding its conclusion
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in two separate standoffs. one involved the two main terror suspects from the magazine massacre that got captured -- not captured but cornered in an industrial park in eastern paris. there was a second standoff that involved an associate of those two terrorists who had himself shot two officers and killed one of them a female police officer. he wound up taking hostages in a kosher market in another part of eastern paris. the two were not close to each other in terms of their geography. so what happened was that in the industrial park the two brothers who were involved there wound up rushing police and when they did, they were fired on by authorities and killed. and a man who had been hiding there who had been presumed to be a hostage wound up being released unarmed. the marketplace, the kosher market was much more complicated, wolf. the man was inside with an unknown number of hostages at
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this point but fairly significant number of hostages. probably children involved based on what we saw in the aftermath. and he was saying that unless the brothers were released he was going to either trade the hostages or harm the hostages. there's now reporting that he did take the lives of hostages before any of this happened while in that store. so what happened was while he was in a moment of prayer or what authorities took as preparation, they used flash bang devices which are diversionary tactics to stun people inside and they rushed. it was a very violent encounter. a difficult set of circumstances for authorities. they took injuries. there were wounded among the hostages. the terror suspect himself was killed. it's unknown though reported by french authorities that his accomplice in shooting of the two police officers the day before was also present in the store and escaped. i have not been able to confirm that independently whether or
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not she was actually in the store. the hostages who were escaping told police that the man did have an accomplice. whether or not that accomplice was identified as the woman on your screen we're not sure. there's an unknown number of wounded as a result of that siege, the assault at the kosher market and also an unknown number of dead. certainly the s.w.a.t. team took injuries as well wolf. that's how we wound up here. just to an earlier question you asked, wolf about the reaction among people here i have not heard although there's been robust debate around us about what to do about muslims in and around paris. i have not heard violent backlash. we've heard about incidents that suggest it. there have been attacks on mosques locally. similarly, there have been other acts of terror here that have gone unreported internationally but are specifically known here in paris. a man entered a police station with a knife and tried to stab as many police officers as he
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could while screaming "god is great." separate incidents of men driving cars into pedestrians screaming "god is great." it's all too familiar around the world in terms of, extremist islamic attacks of violence but the sentiment as far as we can tell here because of what unfolded here today isn't something massive enough to report as a cultural backlash against muslims, at least not from my observation, wolf. >> good point. standby. we're standing by to hear from the president of the united states. hees he's in knoxville, tennessee. he's there for a totally different situation. vice president is speaking now, joe biden. he's going to introduce the president. the president will open with some comments about what's going on in france right now. here's vice president joe biden and here's the president of the united states. i want to listen in and hear what the president has to say. we know yesterday as soon as he
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came back to washington he immediately went to the french embassy here in washington to sign a condolence book and to express his deep deep regret and his solidarity with the people of france. the president may thank a few people. he's there to talk about other non-france related issues. his aides have told us that he will speak out on what's going on in france. i don't want to miss it. let's listen in. >> it is good to be back in tennessee. i hope you guys aren't getting tired of me. i've been coming around a lot lately. there's a lot of good stuff happening here. i want to begin by thanking jill and joe biden. they're not just good friends and good partners but they really believe in the power of education. they really believe in creating those kind of ladders of
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opportunity that gave all three of us and michelle the chances, incredible opportunities that we've had today. and they understand the promise of america's community colleges. jill really understands it and joe, he doesn't really have a choice. before i get into the reason that i'm here today, i want to begin by saying just a few words about the tragic events that we've watched unfold in france over the last several hours and days because events have been fast moving this morning, i want to make sure to comment on them. i just spoke to my counterterrorism adviser. we have been in close touch with the french government throughout this tragedy. the moment that the outrageous attack took place, we directed all of our law enforcement and counterintelligence operations to provide whatever support that our ally needs in confronting
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this challenge. we're hopeful the immediate threat is now resolved. thanks to the courage and professionalism of the french personnel on the ground. the french government continues to face the threat of terrorism and has to remain vigilant. the situation is fluid. president hollande made it clear they'll do whatever is necessary to protect their people and i think it's important for us to understand france is our oldest ally. i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today. stands with you tomorrow. our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been directly impacted. we grieve with you.pwe fight alongside you to uphold our values the values that we share, universal values that bind us together as friends and allies. and in the streets of paris, the world has seen once again what terrorists stand for. they have nothing to offer but
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hatred and human suffering and we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings and that's what the city of paris represents to the world and that spirit will endure forever. long after the scourge of terrorism is banished from this world. [ applause ] now, i'm in knoxville not only because i just like knoxville, but i'm here today -- >> there's the president of the united states making his moving comments about this oldest alliance that the united states has with france going back to the revolutionary war here in the united states. the oldest allies the u.s. and france. the president making a point that the united states is with
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france with the people of france during these difficult times suggesting that this is by no means over. france has a serious problem. other countries in europe have a serious terror problem. there's a serious potential terror problem here in the united states as well. you hear the president of the united states you hear the president of france they are deeply worried as you point out as sick as it is to believe that the massacre of these 12 individuals at a magazine in france could be haled by some as seen for propaganda purposes could inspire other terrorists out there. >> perhaps to fund these groups and perhaps to join these groups. we've seen that in the past. i think we're going to see that in the future. this is a spectacular terrorist attack in france that played out over a long duration. and the fear is we'll see more of this as unprecedented threat
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in europe right now because of the number of people that have gone to travel and fight in syria and iraq. >> there are thousands of them. maybe a few hundred that have come back to the united states but in europe it's in the thousands. >> thousands who have gone and hundreds who are back now in europe. 200 back in france. 5,000 people in france that they are watching because of suspected ties to islamic extremism. those numbers are staggering. >> we know at least one of the two brothers terrorists who killed those 12 people at that magazine had gone to yemen in 2011 and actually was trained by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> they also have had consultation with other terrorists to say if you do this attack on the magazine extend the issue. don't die there. there won't be enough media coverage. if you can extend it a day or two, take hostages have worldwide media coverage start to finish then go ahead and do what you're going to do which is what they did. they came out guns blazing.
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when they were certain they had maximum coverage possible. >> what really got law enforcement in france on top of these two guys was the fact one of them left his identity card inside that stolen vehicle that they found. you're not convinced that was a blunder on the part of these two terrorists are you? >> they left it as a calling card knowing authorities would look up their background and know they were affiliated with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and know they've been involved with law enforcement on radar for so long opposed to speculation they were a one off or unrelated cell or self-radicalized. they wanted all of us to know who they were and why they were doing what they did. >> if they left that identity card deliberately in the vehicle, it would underscore that these guys were suicidal. they wanted to be martyrs for
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the so-called cause. >> i think they did and they probably believe that they would go to heaven for this. that's their ideology. that's their religious believe. they'll be awarded in the after life. that's why we have seen so many people go off and fight in this cause that they believe in. >> it's hard to believe that this is going on. as you point out, tom, the international community should be bracing for more of this. >> absolutely. >> you can't necessarily watch thousands of people all the time. you need a lot of people to do surveillance like that right? >> it's more than difficult. it's impossible. impossible. >> the war on terror everybody seems to suggest this is sort of like war on crime. it's never going to end. >> it's going to go on for some time and big worry is because of syria, iraq safe haven real vulnerability for the next two to three years. that will be for years to come
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and these groups can plot attacks. they can encourage others. already back in the west to launch attacks we've seen a string of terrorist attacks now in the last months and we're likely to see more in the weeks and months ahead. >> three terrorists are dead. >> 13 years ago we invade afghanistan with the idea that never again will these guys be able to train and jump around on the monkey bars and learn how to shoot guns. we're going to eliminate their training camps and now in syria and in iraq you have the largest training camps you could possibly have. it makes afghanistan look like nursye yry school by comparison and that's where they learn this trade craft. >> thank you for joining us tom. paul you will be with us throughout the day. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room" for much more of breaking news coverage. we'll take a quick break. when we come back brooke baldwin will pick up our special coverage. [ man ] i remember when i wouldn't give a little cut a second thought.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin live in new york alongside my colleague, chris cuomo, in paris.
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we'll talk to chris in just a moment. we're all over this breaking news of this eruption of multiple attacks in france. i want to welcome our viewers around the united states and around the world. chris cuomo, i want to go to you in just a moment. first, i have a lot for you here. let me back up and start at the beginning. two separate hostage standoffs unfolding today are now over. at least three terrorists are dead and one terror suspect, the woman with the wanted sign over her face on the screen is believed to be on the run. police are seeking her as we speak. as far as today's harrowing events a flurry of police raids that began with a volley of gunfire in a small village near the airport in paris inside of this printing factory. the kouachi brothers the brothers that killed 12 people in charlie hebdo massacre on
11:18 am
wednesday just before noon paris time, they were holed up in this printing factory with one hostage. we had cnn crews of course on the ground there nearby. they reported hearing gunfire and a bang of flash grenades and that siege ended when gunmen came out firing according to french media. those two, the kouachi brothers were killed by police. their single hostage was freed. he's alive. at the same time in a different part of paris, a larger hostage standoff unfolding. undertaken by two separate people who were apparently part of the same jihadist group as the kouachi brothers in one of the districts in paris so this man and this woman, they live together and today they held up this kosher grocery store taking multiple hostages and we have seen the pictures showing the end of the siege.
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you see these hostages racing toward law enforcement. some of whom were freed. we have learned listening to the president of france that four were killed. also killed was this man. the hostage taker. his accomplice the woman, who we said moments ago still on the run. both are suspected of killing a policewoman yesterday morning. lots of moving parts on this story. chris cuomo has been up and at this for hours and hours and hours through both of these sieges there in paris. let me just bring you in. as far as this woman is concerned, i'm assuming police there seeking her as we speak? >> reporter: unclear to be sure brooke. french officials have said they believe that the accomplice may have been in the kosher market during it and may have escaped among other hostages but it's equally possible that she wasn't
11:20 am
there and that she is at large. assets were detached from the area that were surrounding the kosher market and sent to the neighborhood where the man on your screen and the two brothers were connected to each other, where they grew up. where they were associating and where they may have been planning what we've seen happen over the last few days. and they went to that area for two reasons. one, to look for her. and two, to see if there was any way to track down any other associates and see if there would be another wave of violence because what had befallen three terror suspects so far. what we're seeing in paris where we are so close to the offices of charlie hebdo, brooke is that people are remembering now that this has ended where it began. there's a memorial here that got set up very soon after the violent incident the massacre itself. it's been growing by the hour. flowers, notes, candles. protests of the violence that
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brought down the members of the staff of charlie hebdo. different people giving sentiments about unity and peace that's going forward and as we've seen in the hours since this siege happened and the assaults were undertaken by authorities, people have started to come back again. something else that happened here brooke as these were unfolding, there was a lot of robust debate going on here about why it was happening, about the muslim community here in and around paris and about whether or not they had been probably assimilated into french culture or if they are being isolated and people were strong on both sides of that issue. it's relevant because of what you just heard from president hollande. these horrible incidents, these days of people being on edge certainly a wake-up call for french society. and it is proof, says president
11:22 am
hollande that the war against terrorism is not just abroad it's also at home. that's been what's happening here. we're fortunate that we've had people stationed at the points of action all day long. frederik pleitgen has been close to what happened in the printing factory. let's go to him. fred take us through your observations of what happened in that moment of crisis during the assault and what you have learned since. >> reporter: certainly. the moment when the assault began came out of nowhere if you would. we were walking to our live position when we heard what sounded like a damp detonation in the distance. followed by several shots. not many. two or three shots that were fired that we heard and then several more of these explosions. didn't take very long at all. what happened after that was then you heard helicopters in the air, three choppers landed in the area of that industrial park and police went in as well
11:23 am
as medical personnel going in as well. the police then here started moving but it seemed to have been a very clean operation if something like that is possible during a siege like this one, but it was over very very quickly. this happened after hours of a standoff here between the kouachi brothers and the police. they apparently had one hostage here. it's unclear at this point. this is an interesting detail. it's unclear whether or not they actually knew they had this hostage or whether or not this hostage may have been hiding in another room the entire time. we don't know that. the police certainly did believe that these people had a hostage and that's why they waited a very long time to begin this siege. the latest that we have is that apparently they came out and fired at the police and that's when they decided to launch this operation to end the siege and neutralize these two suspects. the interesting thing that we've learned since then is one of our affiliates apparently called the printing factory right after it
11:24 am
was clear there was something going on there and actually managed to apparently speak to one of the two hostage takers cherif kouachi answered the phone. i'm going to quote from our affiliate. this is a man saying that he was cherif kouachi. let me open my phone here. i have it right here. he said "we are just telling you that we're the defenders of prophet muhammad. i was sent me cherif kouachi by al qaeda in yemen. i went there." he says it was a while ago. he was killed. allah protects him. this is a clear indication if all of this is true that these two brothers did have contact to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and radical american cleric that was killed in a drone strike a couple years ago. that certainly is some worrying
11:25 am
information and another really bizarre and interesting tidbit as we try to reconstruct what happened and foremost what drove these men to do what they did. chris? >> reporter: right, fred. i think it was a journalist from a magazine that called in to bfn and they reported what the journalist said happened when you took a shot and called the office and wound up getting the older brother on the phone and had a conversation that they recorded that you just reported on there. they also say that they had a conversation with the other terrorists in the kosher market. he called them. they didn't record that call as far as i know but they relayed the contents of the conversation. let's go outside of the kosher market. what we understand about that part of the conversation was that the third terrorists who was inside there who had taken many hostages said that he was
11:26 am
connected to the two brothers and that he had not been a part of charlie hebdo. he was supposed to shoot at officers which of course he did do yesterday, shooting at two police officers. one was unarmed and died from her injuries. and then he took a large number of hostages there and of course there was an assault that ensued there as well on a much more complicated situation. what do we understand about how that assault went down? >> reporter: you and i were watching it unfold. it was dramatic and dangerous. just to let viewers know if they are just joining us in the last ten minutes we heard the french president basically say that four people died in this store behind us really. we initially were told that the reports that no one had died but now we're being told four people died. like you said chris, it was a dramatic and very dangerous
11:27 am
situation. the terrorist really that killed that french policewoman on thursday he walked into this kosher store and he reportedly said you know who i am. inside reports of about six people including a child. this is friday. the attacks came before so you can imagine how busy that was. with him was his accomplice and also his girlfriend. she's on the run. she was there with him. now, i read reports and i heard reports on french tv that apparently police hacked into the cctv inside the store to see what's going on. we cannot confirm that at this stage. what we do know is that police stormed into the storm at the same time the other attack was
11:28 am
happening about 35 miles away from here. that was a simultaneous attack on the ground our team heard three loud bangs. really was flash bangs if you remember. just white. and then we heard simultaneous fire just take a listen to how intense it was. d in and within a period of about two minutes, less than that, they were coming out with hostages. we actually have seen footage of one of the policemen coming out with that toddler. in the midst of the confusion, chris, what we do know is the female person that was joined
11:29 am
with the one that also is reportedly that killed that policewoman, she escaped amidst the confusion. there is still a hunt to find this woman because of course as you and i have heard, there are reports that these two had some sort of relation to the kouachi brothers. chris? >> reporter: obviously it was a much more complex and difficult situation for the s.w.a.t. team there. there was only one way in and one way out. the door was very tight and heavy to move unlike the industrial park area where there were lots of different angles and opportunities. they didn't have to take them because brothers wound up rushing them. let me ask you something that you reported that you heard from the french authorities. four people died. do you know if that number includes the terrorist himself or does it also include -- or is it just hostages? do you know what that number is
11:30 am
that we heard? >> reporter: i believe it's just hostages. i believe it does not include the terrorists at this stage. that is what we're hearing. that's as far as i know. four hostages were killed we heard from french president hollande. four people died. he called it an anti-semitic attack. he said it was a very difficult operation for the police force. it was such a small store. one entrance really that we saw. this is a very tiny very quiet and placid part of paris. not used to seeing so much police. we're not talking about center of paris by the eiffel tower. this is middle class area and for many people that must have come as a huge, huge shock. chris? >> thank you very much for reporting. we'll check back in with you.
11:31 am
brooke back to you. >> okay. i'm so glad you asked that question to clarify as we heard from francois hollande. stay right here. we continue our coverage of course with chris cuomo and other crews on the ground in paris and beyond. coming up, one of the questions we're asking as far as how this went down with the hostage sieges happening simultaneously. how were they connected? how did the individuals know each other. we'll talk to deborah feyerick about that and talk about a connection to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. one of the brothers did spend some time in yemen. stay here. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. we'll be right back. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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more breaking news on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. a lot happening here. let me just reset in case you're just joining us. you have the scene in paris. three terrorists are dead. one terrorists is still on the run. this female. this woman. we'll show you her picture
11:35 am
momentarily. hostages have been killed after a pair of standoffs in and near the capital city. other hostages survived. we've seen pictures of them running toward law enforcement. they're okay. not everyone survived these two different sieges this is ss this afternoon. these brothers came out firing on police. they were holed up in this printing factory near the airport after this one individual not clear if he was held hostage or was hiding in this facility he managed to escape and he's okay. security forces did shoot and kill those two brothers and that particular man, that hostage, is alive. the third terrorist wanted in yesterday's deadly shooting of a policewoman south of paris, he and a female accomplice took hostages earlier today at a grocery store in the eastern part of that city. these two different sieges sort of happening simultaneously.
11:36 am
different parts of paris. police shot him. they killed him and freed many of the hostages but some according to president of france and one of our correspondents covering this it sounds like that number is four. four hostages did die. the female suspect managed to slip away as these hostages were fleeing the scene. she is still on the run at this hour. a local lawmaker said the kouachi brothers told police by phone they wanted to die as martyrs. they said they had a connection to yemen. let me bring in robert mcfaden, byron sage and cnn's deborah feyerick. deborah feyerick let me begin with you. there are so many tentacles of this story, if you will. you have what's happening on the ground with different sieges and manhunt in france but then you have what we're learning more about leaders, radicalization process and one individual we
11:37 am
now have surveillance pictures. tie this together for me. >> that's right. right now french authorities are looking for what could be a major terror cell in france because both -- two of the men killed today are both connected to a known al qaeda recruiter. that recruiter actually seen in different pictures both with cherif kouachi and amedi coulibaly. french officials have more than 45,000 pages of wire transcripts and surveillance photos of kouachi, who you can see at the bottom there, wearing a white sweatshirt. he met with his mentor at a soccer field back in 2010. at the top of the screen if you can see, there's a man in what looks to be beige pants in forepictures there. that is that recruiter. the interesting thing is that it's believed that he has
11:38 am
connections to young jihadies not only in paris but in belgium and netherlands as well. to get back to the men that were willed today. they are believed to be part of this cell. they were known associates. back in 2010 the two of them collaborated to try to break out of prison another man who had been convicted in bombing of a paris metro. they failed. the man that you see there on the right, coulibaly, the one that took over the jewish grocery store, he was convicted and sentenced. he was found to have 240 rounds of ammunition. his good friend cherif kouachi who was accused of the same crime, there was not enough evidence to put him in prison. the question that many will be asking today is why these
11:39 am
individuals who are on law enforcement radar who served time in prison why they are released for time served. i think the french authorities are going to have to deal with that very very seriously. the al qaeda recruiter, he himself served time for plotting to blow up the u.s. embassy in paris. he was released on house arrest and again french authorities have had him on radar. it's not clear whether he was one of the men picked up but they have 45,000 pages of wire transcripts and surveillance photos like the ones you just saw. they are going to look very very closely at that to see just how deep and how wide ranging this cell and these individuals reach extends. >> you threw a lot of names out there. it's important to difficult
11:40 am
rengs differentiate. if you have jamal beggal that is a recruiter, connect the dots for me cherif kouachi said that we are telling you we're the defenders of the prophet muhammad. i was sent by al qaeda in yellmen. connect the dots. we don't know the specifics in this case. in all of the cases you have studied in your years working in terror connect the dots for me. >> on the last part what we're hearing from the press over there when they made contact with the brother in the shop nothing else at face value he's trying to reaffirm -- i said before if you want to know who this is it's al qaeda in yemen. he said it again. we take that at face value. that will be walked backwards.
11:41 am
yeef heard we've heard about him going to yemen in 2011. at least the time sequence is right. here's the thing in addition to deb's report terrific information. two main things. you have longer term how could this have happened? connecting dots. these individuals in custody. but for here and now, absolutely critical with all of these names you just heard, how big is the conspiracy in france right now? and the other part of that although a few days ago i was skeptical about a direct command and control link into yemen, as this plays out, that part is going to be very important. it could represent a change in tactic. >> when we think of 2011 and yemen, he was fully operational and at the time he wanted recruits specifically from europe to launch attacks. >> absolutely. that's part of the goals at the
11:42 am
time to bring in those with visas for countries where they wanted to do external operations. >> he gave a speech asking for these young men to strike out against these inflammatory cartoons for writings on prophet muhammad muhammad. so he was a trigger. not only that he was calling on young men to launch a lone wolf insurgency. this was part of a much larger plan. let's keep in mind that this man, jamal beggal had also been to afghanistan. it's part of something larger. you can't look at it as just al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or just al qaeda in syria. it's part of something larger. we don't know how large it is. clearly it benefits the terrorists when we report it and it seems larger than it is. it's so deadly and it's
11:43 am
something that you don't plan for necessarily. these men came out of nowhere. had they been able to slip out, it's unclear if they would have launched additional strikes. that's another thing we have to keep in mind. you don't cover your face like that if you think you'll be caught or you think you're going to die. >> interesting point. what kind of training do you think in those months? we're hearing said kouachi was in yemen in 2011 for a few months. what kind of training would he have? >> i'm familiar with the training that goes on in yemen. what i would say about that is going to yemen and making connections is one thing but it doesn't take a heck of a lot of training to pull off what they did. that may seem counterintuitive at this point. you have that period in between of all of the puzzles and putting that together. what happened in that amount of
11:44 am
time? my experience with the old al qaeda, al qaeda in yemen, it's not terrifically unusual for long periods of time to go by before they hatch the plot and get things in place. i really want to caveat that heavily right now. we're going by two things said said. take it at face value. let's verify that there's some kind of link to al qaeda or pick your group. >> quickly, deb? >> one quick comment. we've seen these lone wolf attacks that have happened recently that are done without any planning. if you look at these men, they were on radar more than ten years ago. >> i don't think it's fair to say they're not lone wolves. >> there seems to be something going on in the works for more than ten years and that's another dynamic that intelligence officials are going to be looking at. they didn't just pop out yesterday or the day before. >> released on time served. huge question. thank you so much.
11:45 am
both of you. much more as far as what's happening and this ongoing manhunt for one female hostage taker when our special cnn live coverage continues.
11:46 am
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>> reporter: we're here in paris. there's a memorial here that we'll show you a picture of that's been growing by the hour. and now as the situation, these two standoffs have been resolved people have been coming back again to reflect about all that's been lost in the last few days. we know that charlie hebdo was intentionally targeted. we know police were intentionally targeted. were jews as well with what we saw at the kosher market and standoff there? let's discuss with sasha. you are head of the jewish student union here in france. thank you for joining us. we heard the french president say this was an anti-semitic attack what happened there. the terrorists inside told journalists as reported on our affiliate bfn. called them say he's looking for the police. he said we're connected to the
11:49 am
brothers. they were supposed to do charlie hebdo. i was supposed to shoot the police. and they asked why are you there? he said i like this place. of course he took many hostages there and he may have killed as many as four hostages there before the assault ever happened that ended his own life. do you believe that he picked that market because it was kosher? because it was for jews? >> yes, i definitely believed he picked that market because it was a jewish place. there's been a rise in anti-semitism in france. when you attack a newspaper, you attack freedom of expression. when you attack a synagogue or jewish shop you attack freedom of religion. we have to fight against it. >> you don't think there's any chance it was just a random choice by this man? >> it can definitely not be
11:50 am
random choice. these people have clearly expressed in the past that for them their hatred of democracy means and so we have to fight as a nation and i hope that the sunday gathering that will bring millions of people and foreign leaders in france will be once and for all a good time to say that we as french citizens stand against terrorism, against anti-semitism and against any kind of racism. >> remind our viewers what's supposed to happen on sunday? >> on sunday afternoon, millions of people will march from various parts of france and say loudly that they have been shocked by the attacks on charlie hebdo and that they have been dismayed by the attack and they want it to stop. we want to show unity. one of the main cartoonists at the newspaper here in charlie hebdo that is very famous
11:51 am
sentence. he said i would prefer to stand up and die rather than kneeling in front of the attack of democracy. >> rather than live on my knees. >> french shall stand up. they shall walk as a nation and show that people who attack democracy aren't proper french citizens. >> an irony that the man did not know kosher requirements are not that different. jews are not the only people who shop in that market. who else does? >> kosher shops bring together jews and muslims together who have a strong connection and history together. the terrorist who did that are not true muslim and do not represent values of islam and betray values of islam. >> muhammad said himself that jews are our older brothers.
11:52 am
>> those that use it as a tool for war are dangerous. >> we hear now that hostages did lose their lives at the hand of this man. others were wounded in the assault that followed. so were some of the s.w.a.t. teams. if you know any of them or wind up learning about them our thoughts and prayers go to those families that had people wounded or lost. thank you for talking to us. good luck with the march. more unity that comes and we see some. it now says paris is charlie. people are unified by this and they're not afraid. >> i've seen support expressed by john kerry. this was very moving. it's important to see america standing up with us so today we are charlie. today we are jews. today we are the french republic. >> hopefully the stronger you come together here the better it will be going forward. thank you for talking to me. appreciate it. we'll take a break now. there's a lot more coverage to be done here in paris. a lot left unknown about what
11:53 am
was planned and what on the minds of terrorists and what will french authorities do going forward. stay with us. ♪ etta james "at last" sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. helping protect that world takes state farm. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active.
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what a day in paris. we're following breaking news here. two hostage standoffs in and around the capital city of france. one terrorist, the female you see, is on the run. three others killed in police raids today. among them the brothers said and cherif kouachi. the two brothers that slaughtered 12 people wednesday at the paris offices of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. their years long connection to terror organizations becoming a tad clearer by the hour. we know this. the older brother, said traveled to yemen in mid 2011 training with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and possibly crossing paths with the group's leader who was very operational who was killed later that year in a drone strike. also we have this.
11:57 am
both brothers may haven in been in syria as recent as this summer. pamela brown has more information for us. >> we know that in preparing a bulletin they are sending out to law enforcement agencies across the country local, state and federal agencies in the wake of what we saw in paris and this warning, as we've seen in previous terrorist attacks in other countries, basically lays out what happened and there were a few key points to mention. this bulletin talks about how sophisticated the attacks were and how it appeared that the suspects had been trained on some measure by aqap and at thattalks about how we haven't seen small arms attacks recently and while no one has formally claimed responsibility it does appear that aqap had some influence on
11:58 am
some level with these attacks. and then it talks about potential targets of aqap reminding law enforcement here in the u.s. about potential targets. we know aqap has been on a mission to target aviation as well as mass transit in certain cities and in addition to that this morning says that terrorists groups aqap and other terrorists groups including isis want to attack government personnel, military personnel, perhaps private sector targets as well. a combination of targets that aqap and other terrorist groups are looking at and the big concern here is not only are law enforcement looking at whether any americans are connected to the suspects but the big concern is that extremists perhaps someone who may have trained overseas may be emboldened to carry out a similar attack to what we saw in paris. >> that's the part of the fear and potential future attacks as
11:59 am
far as recruit nmtment tool. sick to think about in the wake of what happened in paris. pamela brown, thank you so much. much more coming up. three terrorists have been killed. one suspected terrorist on the run from french police. we'll continue our special coverage on cnn live from paris. stay with me. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now!
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