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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 9, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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is next. to our viewers all around the world, hala gorani is live in paris. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you so much for being with me. our special coverage continues right now. a nation gripped in fear as two terrorist stand-offs take place at the same time and they both end in the same chilling and bloody fashion. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." breaking news in our world lead smoke, explosions gunfire, herds of hostages being led away in fear. now three alleged terrorists are among the dead after a long rampage and manhunt across france. another suspect, a gunman's girlfriend an alleged accomplice may have slipped away a woman wanted in connection with the murder of a police officer, what could she know about the plot? what could she know about the
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bigger picture? and we now know that the three dead terrorists knew each other and all had ties to foreign jihadist groups at least according to them. one may have even crossed paths with an american-born al qaeda leader, anwar al awlaki. how many more are like him, sleeper cells? how many could be in the u.s. and in other places in europe right now? that was the scene today in paris, france at the site of a police siege, four more innocents killed. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin today with breaking and disturbing news. new pictures appear to show the woman more than 80,000 french security forces are trying to find. they appear to show her pointing a weapon directly at the camera and posing one might even say,
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affectionately with one of the dead terrorists killed by police earlier today. cnn has been unable to verify the authenticity of these photos the new images however do as urgency already massive manhunt under way. she is linked to the terrorist brothers who shot and killed 12 people at the offices of "charlie hebdo," a satirical magazine. but those men, said and cherif kouachi. also killed this man, amedi coulibaly. yesterday he holed up in a kosher supermarket taking hostages some of whom traj tragically did not make it out alive. cnn is also learning coulibaly spoke to french journalists from inside that kosher market and said he was targeting jews specifically. chris cuomo has been camped out
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in front of the offices of the mg chbd magazine "charlie hebdo" where this tragedy started to unfold earlier in the week. more innocent lives lost and new news of a phone call that reporters had with the dead terrorist. chris, what did he tell these french journalists about why he attacked this market? >> reporter: it's pretty remarkable. these journalists wound up getting all three terrorists on the phone, or at least the older brother, from one said. and the journalist said the terrorist called him, said he was trying to get in touch with the police. the journalist started asking him questions and he said yes, he is connected to the brothers. however, he said he did not do the massacre with them at the officers of "charlie hebdo," that his part of the plan was to attack the police and, of course he did that with his accomplice. he shot two police officers one of whom was unarmed, a woman and she died from her wounds.
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he then took the hostages at the kosher market. they asked him, the journalist why did you pick that place? he said, i like that place. the president of france has interpreted as an anti-semitic attack he took a lot of hostages and told the journalist, i killed four of them. the information was given to the authorities, held until the assaults were over. and we now know four hostages did lose their lives inside. he said something else that doesn't make much sense. he said i am with isis. as you are well aware, one of the brothers said that he was with aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that he went to yemen, that he was working for the shaikh and that's who financed him. for the other man to be telling the truth, it was like this was an isis/aqap joint venture which no expert will entertain. so the question is how much what he said was accurate?
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we know he killed people inside we don't know about his targeting. but the affiliation with isis doesn't seem to make any sense, jake. >> chris cuomo monitoring developments for us in france. thank you. when we know who the victims are inside that supermarket, we'll report them to you. let's go to jim sciutto, he's also in paris, close by to the scene. jim, a dramatic day today. as we heard, one of the kouachi brothers allegedly spoke to the bm tv journalists and talking about before the ongoing operations but in the midst of the siege. but that call wasn't released until after it was all over. what exactly did he say? >> reporter: it was a truly remarkable moment in this day. a phone call coming from inside that first standoff hostage standoff scene. and in that phone call he said that they were doing this for al qaeda in yemen, it's not the first time we've heard this. earlier in the day, apparently
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the attackers told a driver of a car that they hijacked tell the media that we're carrying out this attack for al qaeda in yemen, which is also what an eyewitness to the shooting said on wednesday shortly after they stormed the offices of "charlie hebdo," drawing a direct line between aqap one of the most feared terror groups from a u.s. perspective as well to three tense days in paris that ended in just a handful of very tense minutes this afternoon. two tense standoffs in two parts of the city. the first at a printing shop in the northeast, another at a kosher grocery in the east. parisian's holding their breaths for hours. but authorities. >> reporter: waiting for their moment. several loud explosions gunfire and in a flash, near simultaneous raids bring two hostage standoffs to a rapid and a violent end. the first standoff near charles de gaulle airport.
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cherif kouachi answers a call from a french television statement. we are just telling you that we are the defenders of the prophet muhammad. i was sent me, by al qaeda in yemen. the result there, summed up in a tweet by the french ambassador to the u.s. quote, the two terrorists are dead, the hostage is alive. those two terrorists the same brothers whose attack at the offices of "charlie hebdo" magazine on wednesday left 12 dead and began a tense riveting three days of attacks, manhunts and hostage-taking. a witness describes his nervous encounter this morning with one of the terrorists. >> translator: we were standing in front of the door to the factory. i shook the hand of michell, the owner, and the terrorist. he introduced himself as a policeman. i then got into my car and left. and mitchell the owner, let the man into the factory.
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as i left for the periphery, someone told me what happened and i was shocked. >> reporter: just minutes after the first raid in east paris, we witnessed the second operation live on cnn's air. now i'm hearing gunfire. multiple shots, automatic fire. i'm going to stop speaking so you can hear as well as i am. it's continuing. another explosion. this all happening about 300 yards from where we are. an untold number did not survive. the hostage-taker, amedi coulibaly, dead. his companion, boumedien hayat, escaped in the confusion. both were wanted on thursday for an attack on police. with shoppers preparing for the
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jewish sabbath, witnesses described a terrifying scene. >> translator: we heard someone scream, in french i think, then in arabic. it was a little stifled so i couldn't understand what he said. then within just a brief moment that was followed by the arrival of police officers and they started to get down hide behind cars and started exchanging fire. >> reporter: a western intelligence source says amedi was a friend of the younger brother as close as 2010. but their recent association is unclear, one of the mysteries from a violent three days here in the city of lights. before the raid took place, they'd put the entire neighborhood around that east paris kosher market on lockdown one of the consequences of that is that many parents were kept away, separated from their children who were in school. the school was on lockdown, the parents outside the police cordon. many parents were crying to the
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police they wanted to get to see their children make sure they are safe. and it was more than an hour after the raid that they were allowed to reunite. we saw many tearful reunions, a sense of relief. but tonight, president hollande said in his address to the nation knows the threat of attacks isn't over. this is a country still on alert. >> a country and a continent, in fact fact. jim sciutto in paris thank you so much. just in to cnn now, the prosecutor of paris france is set to hold a press conference this hour. it is scheduled to start in just over 20 minutes at 4:30 p.m. eastern time, 10:30 located time in paris. we will bring that to you live as it happens. but right now, i want to go to
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issa suarez who is there outside the supermarket. we heard the president call the attack there an anti-semitic attack. police presence very heavy in the area you've been. tell us what you're learning about this attack. >> reporter: things are getting slowly back to normal. if i move out of the way quickly, you'll see the streets have now reopened people coming by. the train is going to pass us by in a minute or two. i was asking people if they thought this attack was targeted at the jewish community in france. many in this area were saying to me no this is targeted at parisian's. of course this was a kosher grocery store and people jewish people are there, as were a lot of muslims also shopped there. but interestingly enough i heard your conversation a minute or two ago with jim sciutto.
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pardon me whilst the train goes past. and there was a phone call between cnn's affiliate and the person -- the terrorist inside the store. i'm going to look at my blackberry very quickly. i hope people don't find this offensive because i want to get a sense of the conversation the terrorist, coulibaly, had with him. and he basically said that he's linked to the kouachi brothers and the attacks were synchronized. he was asked by the journalist are you still in touch with them why the synchronize? he said, no, from the beginning. they started at "charlie hebdo" and i started with the policemen. he went on to -- and we haven't confirmed this. he said that four people were in it from that time.
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he'd killed four people before the police stormed in. and then he said, the reason he's doing what he's doing is because he's defending oppressed muslims and says he chose the market because his target was jewish people which steps into what the president was saying today, that this was an anti-semitic attack. i was here last year i put a piece together for your show looking at the rise of anti-semitism here in paris that we have seen given the events happening in the middle east in gaza. we saw so many protests. we saw shots being burned. i saw one shop who was completely torched. i said to the store owner, what are you going to do? he said, i'm leaving. i'm going with my family and my sister. he said my sister can no longer
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go out in the streets by herself. and that's the environment in which we are living and working in. it's just not good enough. and the attacks at the beginning of 2014 were up 40%, jake. so it really paints a picture how much damage this has done to the community here in paris. jake? >> it does indeed. isa, stand by. we just got new video taken from inside the supermarket. as french police laid siege upon it and took out the gunman, amedi coulibaly. here it is. you see the police going into the kosher supermarket firing their guns. you can see his legs. that's it. we're cutting it off there. that appears to be the gunman,
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amedi coulibaly, as police shot him -- by his own words, in an interview with a french television station, he had -- the hostages running out having been freed after the french police took out this terrorist. let's roll it one more time. this is truly astounding video. this is the kosher supermarket earlier today. amedi coulibaly, a terrorist, who had said he had killed four hostages already, is inside the supermarket. that is him there. you'll see him there. we'll stop the video there. he is killed. and then the french police go inside an taked take out the hostages. obviously four were killed. but there are a number who did make it out. you can see them on the left side of your screen.
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obviously a trauma that most of us can't even imagine. we're going to take a quick break. we're expecting the prosecutor in paris to speak in a few minutes. these stories rapidedly changing we're getting new information about one of the brothers and his travel to yemen as well as the american terrorist, the american-born terrorist with whom he may have met. he claims to have met. how long was he there in yemen? what training did he get? how responsible is al qaeda in yemen, aqap, for this attack? we'll talk about all of that coming up next.
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>> welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we continue with cnn's breaking news coverage of this massive french manhunt or womanhunt still under way for the sole surviving terror suspect. we're learning more about the brothers who murdered 12 at the "charlie hebdo" office on wednesday. the older brother, said kouachi, traveled to yemen in 2011 and he trained with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, also known as aqap. now counterterrorism officials are taking a closer look at the younger brother's terror ties. i want to run that video one more time if checked. more time if we could. the police were going after amedi coulibaly who had taken hostages here. you see french police going inside. coulibaly had already said to local tv in france that he had killed four hostages already. so here at french authorities,
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the french police going after him. he runs towards the bullet, you'll see. after he is filled french police go in there to rescue the remaining hostages on the left side of the screen. you see them running out, grateful their lives having been in serious peril for hours, a terrifying ordeal. let's go to cnn's barbara starr, she's been speaking with her sources at the pentagon about the terrorists' connections to groups outside france. what are you hearing? >> reporter: what we now know is that said kouachi went to yemen in 2011. but what's he been doing since then? as he been back in france as a sleeper cell? what has he been up to? that is a very big question. u.s. officials believe when said kouachi spent several months in yemen in 2011 he got more than just weapons training. he got the attention of top leadership of the dangerous al qaeda affiliate there known as
1:23 pm
al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap. >> it tells me that he had assess to senior levels of the al qaeda organization in yemen. who else had access? it tells me that awlaki was in contact with people we didn't know about. >> reporter: the u.s. assuming that kouachi met the anwar al awlaki who led aqap external operations. it would have been just months before awlaki was killed in a u.s. drone strike. the u.s. is also trying to determine if kouachi may have even met with ibrahim al aseery. kouachi may have received some bomb-making training. with a french passport and the ability to return to europe he was a prime aqap recruiting
1:24 pm
target. >> there are a thousand questions here that an intelligence professional is going to have to sift through in the coming weeks. we haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg yet. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe it was only said that went to yemen. but hours before he died his younger brother, cherif told french media, he too, traveled there. >> translator: i was sent me cherif kouachi, by al qaeda in yemen. anwar al awlaki financed my trip. >> reporter: cnn has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the recording. the details of said kouachi's connection to awlaki are critical because officials say it may give them hints if the al qaeda organization has other operatives in the west waiting to attack. now, all of this said what u.s. officials also don't know is whether the kouachi brothers were inspired by al qaeda, by aqap or were they under direct
1:25 pm
orders to launch that attack? jake? >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you so much. this just in now, the intercept, that's a publication online reports an al qaeda source now says aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the al qaeda affiliate in yemen has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack against the office of "charlie hebdo," which claimed 12 lives two days ago. cnn has not independently confirmed this information. but the editor for the newspaper joins me. tell me everything you know. >> a source within al qaeda in the arabian peninsula provided me with two statements. the first statement did not claim responsibility but instead praised the attack and said it doesn't matter if they were directed by any specific jihadi organization. the point is they were muslims and they were in paris to avenge the disgracing and demeaning of
1:26 pm
the prophet muhammad by this french publication. a short time later, then i received a for more direct statement that claims that aqap indeed directed this operation. they used the phrasing that some asked the relationship between al qaeda and, quote, between al qaeda organization and the brothers who carried out the operation, was it direct was it the operation supervised by the al qaeda wing in the arabian peninsula? the leadership continuing with the quote, of aqap directed the operation and they have chosen their targets carefully as a revenge for the honor of the prophet. i'm also -- i also understand from a source within aqap that release of an arabic language statement from the leadership of aqap is going to happen very very soon. >> jeremy are these two different sources or is it the same source that changed his tune a little bit? >> jake, this is the same source. i wouldn't characterize it as
1:27 pm
changing the tune. what i think happened is aqap was trying to determine at its highest level how they were going to respond to this. so i was able to get insight on what they were trying to figure out what they wanted to put out about this. >> one of the kouachi brothers one of the two who carried out the attack and were killed today by police told french media that he had been in touch with awlaki and this in fact was directed -- it was directed by anwar al awlaki that's the american-born cleric who was killed by a u.s. drone operation in 2011. so at least on its face that would seem to match up that this is an al qaeda in the arabian peninsula operation, i guess, jeremy? >> well in the earlier statement, in the first statement that we published from this aqap source anwar al awlaki is referenced a number of times in the context of them
1:28 pm
asking was his assassination his death by the hands of the u.s. drone justified? and implying that the individuals who carried out this attack in paris were motivated by anwar al awlaki. you should remember and i know you know this jake in june of 2010 aqap published the first edition of its magazine english language magazine called "inspire" magazine. and in that magazine anwar al awlaki had an article in which he called on muslims around the world to target four a assassinations assassinations cartoonists who participated in the demeaning of the prophet muhammad. it was molly norris in seattle, washington who had to change her name and go underground and was urnlnder federal protection and still has not emerged believes there's a real threat against her. and something that was a little bit strange in the communications i had with aqap
1:29 pm
is they pointed me to the most recent issue of "inspire" magazine the 13th edition of it which was released just in december. and if you look in that magazine there is an image of a muslim man kneeling in prayer. and there's a caption underneath it and he is next to a pot that was said it's similar to the cooking pot used by the boston marathon bombers. and it says underneath it if you have the knowledge and the inspiration inspiration, all that's left is to take action. under that is a picture of a french passport. my understanding is that was meant as a foreshadowing of the attack on "charlie hebdo". >> interesting. jeremy thank you so much. we'll take a very quick break. when we come back still waiting for the paris prosecutor to speak on the latest on the hunt for the female terror suspect. that's expected to start any minute. we'll have it for you live as soon as it starts. stay with us. please! no. for those headaches that just aren't
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this remarkable video that we got in our breaking news, our world lead. let's look at this. this is from the siege at a kosher supermarket earlier today. french police going after the alleged terrorist, amedi coulibaly, who had already told french police -- there he is being killed. we stopped the frame before the bullets hit. he'd told french media he'd already killed four hostages and that he had targeted this kosher market specifically because he wanted to go after jews. there he is right there, amedi coulibaly. he's now dead. but his female companion, hayat boumedien, is still wanted. let's go to the breaking news we got from our friend from "the intercept." an al qaeda source said aqap al qaeda in yemen, the arabian peninsula, is now claiming responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack on the satirical magazine "charlie
1:35 pm
hebdo." cnn can't independently confirm this information. let's go to paul cruickshank. it appears aqap is claiming responsibility. that seems very significant, paul. >> it is very significant. cnn hasn't authenticated this. the u.s. government intelligence hasn't authenticated it. so we have to be cautious. but it does appear an operative with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is claiming responsibility for this. this is after we learned that one of the brothers trained with the group in yemen in 2011. and from what we know about al qaeda in yemen, you wouldn't be allowed to train with a group unless you took an oath of loyalty to the leader and you actually formally join the terrorist organization. so there's been some thought they had ownership over this. they're now saying they directed this plot. >> right. of course it squares with the
1:36 pm
intelligence community in the united states and in europe saying that one of the brothers one of the now dead terrorists said kouachi, who is 34 years old, had traveled to yemen. also one of the kouachi brothers earlier today telling a french tv station that anwar al awlaki the american-born cleric who was with al qaeda, had been one of the people who financed this operation. how credible do you find that? it's 2015 and al awlaki was killed in 2011 by an american drone. how credible do you find it that it would be four years later awlaki would have a hand in this ugly incident? >> it's hard to assess the claim of responsibility and hard to assess that particular claim right now. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is unique amongst al qaeda's branches in that it's both very close to the core.
1:37 pm
they've increasingly been responsible for al qaeda's external operations. if they were to -- if awlaki personally funded and directed this particular plot, that would have involved a great deal of planning in advance and foresight. it's possible he intended it to occur much sooner and they delayed the operation. but right now, it's very difficult to assess the credibility of that claim. >> some of the other claims that officials are trying to assess the credibility of and media as well have to do with a claim made by amedi coulibaly, the algerian terrorist who laid siege at this kosher supermarket earlier today, saying that he did have a relationship with the kouachi brothers the two terrorists who killed 12 people at "charlie hebdo." he claimed that u.s. or european intelligence officials been able to make a specific connection
1:38 pm
between amedi coulibaly and the kouachi brothers? >> i think that's quite well-established at this point that there was a connection that they were friends, that they were all involved in an attempted prison break plot for an algerian terrorist who's in french jail in 2010. so i think that's now quite well-established that there was a relationship between these people. they're claiming these were synchronized attacks, that they were working together in this plot. i think we're going to find out a lot more in the hours to come. >> and, da'veed, i want to ask you how you think this entire episode will impact propaganda and recruitment, obviously that's been a big fear, in europe in the united states the ability of these groups isis aqap to radicalize and recruit normally what would be normally one hopes peaceful citizens? >> i think it will have a significant impact. in a few ways.
1:39 pm
one is it will have an impact because it's another incident in the context of a chain of attacks which shows what the power of an attack can be, how it can captivate a nation. this was an urban warfare-style attack spread out over a number of days. and targeting people of media. we will see that replicated. and a third way, there's a competition between al qaeda and the islamic state for control over the global jihadi movement. and this is going to factor in heavily between a propaganda war between the two. >> thank you both so much for being here. this intense day isn't over for authorities in france even after three other terrorists were killed today. let's go live right now to fred pleitgen who's live north of paris. what do we know about the search for the suspected female accomplice, hayat boumedien?
1:40 pm
>> reporter: it's very interesting, jake that no one heard after this woman beforehand even while that's events were going on around "charlie hebdo." and now all of a sudden she is the prime suspect in all of france. what we know right now is police are searchinging for her, apparently searching in paris to see if they can find her there. it's been reported that she was part of that siege in that kosher supermarket and that some believe that she might have gotten out when the hostages were escaping from that place. now what we're hearing is that's not really clear. she might have never been there. but authorities are implicating her in the death of a policewoman on thursday. amedi coulibaly went up to a police checkpoint and shot a policewoman who was shot. and hayat boumedien was implicated in that as well. the interesting thing is even before the siege happened today on the kosher supermarket, the
1:41 pm
police in paris was putting out wanted signs of both him and her. obviously she is his girlfriend and apparently they've been together for a couple of years. some people even claim that she is his wife and that she obviously went through this whole radicalization process with him as well. there are pictures that showed up in a french magazine today that show him and her apparently shooting something like crossbows somewhere in the french countryside. so this radicalization process is something apparently these two went through together. now, of course after all these other suspects have been killed the police is putting extra effort into trying to find her because right now, she is the only link the only person who is still alive from this greater plot who could shed some sort of light as to what these people were trying to achieve, who the people behind this are and how this all came to be and what exactly they wanted to do with all this. >> the only person we know of that knows all the details are
1:42 pm
who's still alive. >> reporter: of course. >> i want to ask you, you're at the site where the kouachi brothers were killed earlier today. tell us what you're learning about how that raid went down. >> reporter: yeah, it was really bizarre in many ways. very strange twists went on as all of this unfolded. the actual raid that happened i have to say, compared to what went down in central paris, what went down here was very clean. if you can say something like that about an operation like this. i would say that the actual shootout lasted less than a minute. we're about 400 yards away from that printing shop where all this happened. we heard gunshots a damp detonation a single gunshot and then more detonations and then it was all over. we are reconstructing that apparently the two terrorists came out, opened fire on the police the police shot back single shots, very accurate. and shot off those stun grenades as well. all this went down very quickly.
1:43 pm
however, importantly this morning after the terrorists went into the printing shop there was an employee who came in actually greeted them and shook their hands thinking that they were police officers. they then told that person to get out because they quote, wouldn't kill civilians, which is something that was proven untrue. but he was absolutely befuddled by the fact that he had just shaken the hands of these two terrorists. then we know that one french television station actually called the offices there and talked to one of the two, talked to cherif kouachi, who told them that he was send by anwar al awlaki. we have been talking about that exchange here on cnn a lot. and then one of the other really interesting things that happened is there was another person inside the print shop. we were reporting the entire day that these two terrorists had taken a hostage apparently the entire time this person was hiding inside the building the two men didn't even know someone else was there. they didn't have a hostage. they were just holed up there. the police didn't know that
1:44 pm
either. in the end, the raid went down certainly in the best possible way, at least from the vantage point of the french police. >> fred pleitgen, thank you so much. the paris prosecutor is expected to speak at any minute. we'll bring it to you live. a new bulletin issued in the united states hours ago to law enforcement across the country noting the sophistication of the terror attacks in paris and warning police to be individual atlanta. we're getting new details on that bulletin. and that's next. ncial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
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welcome back to "the lead." we continue to wait for that paris prosecutor who's going to give new details on today's amazing, stunning, tragic events. but turning first to our national lead we have just learned that in the wake of this terrorist attack in france on wednesday and the hostage stand-offs in paris and outside paris today, the fbi in country is warning law enforcement across the country. cnn's pamela brown is live in washington with more on that. pamela is there any specific threat? >> at this point, jake we're being told by sources that there
1:49 pm
is no specific information indicating that anything's happening here in the u.s. but this bulletin is reminding law enforcement officials that al qaeda and its affiliates are focused on attacking aviation mass transit and major cities as well as anyone who might offend islam. the bulletin mainly focuses on the fact that these attacks demonstrates a degree of sophistication and training traditionally not seen in recent small armed attacks. that's what caught the attention of officials here in the u.s. the bulletins said the shooters handled the situation with competency and familiarity. and that suggests formal training. one of the brothers apparently traveled to yemen in 2011 and had some level of training with aqap. >> pamela, thank you so much. let's go now to congressman ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, thanks so much for joining us today. when you look at how everything has unfolded in france and you
1:50 pm
have the information about one of the brothers said kouachi, going to yemen in 2011. the claim of one of the kouachi brothers that this entire operation was financed by anwar al awlaki and aqap other information, possibly aqap taking responsibility today as jeremy told us. what concerns you the most about what that might mean here in this country? >> several things. anwar al awlaki obviously was an inspirational figure and able to convince people to undertake really heinous actions if you think of the fort hood shooting if you think of the way in which he convinced these two brothers basically to martyr themselves. what he was good at was convincing people that martyrdom was the way. and if you look at the attacks on the hospital in yemen or the attacks on our embassy or the attack of the underwear bomber it is clear that he and his
1:51 pm
particular affiliated al qaeda organization down there has found a way to reach out far beyond the region into europe into the united states in order to get recruits to the cause. >> and what can be done about it congressman? >> well, better intelligence. and in this particular case french authorities did have a heads-up of the of the algerian intelligence services. it is unfortunate that they weren't taken down very, very quickly. obviously they were able to escape after the attack. now, we can say one thing. it was good that once hostages were taken, that the operation in paris ended up with the release -- because of the good work of the french authorities. but obviously this is going to be a real challenge for going forward for our counterterrorist organizations because of the degree of training they're getting is equivalent to the degree of training that our police have. and that's part of the problem
1:52 pm
here. >> very disturbing. congressman ed royce, thank you. they came face to face with murderous terrorists and lived to tell about it. one survivor says he even shook the hand of one of the killers. his story and more coming up next. narrator: this is the storm sea captain: there's a storm comin narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm. chipmunk: there's a bad storm comin! narrator: the internet of everything is changing how energy works. is your network ready?" please! no. for those headaches that just aren't bad enough for a lot of medicine, there's new excedrin mild headache. 35% less medicine plus a booster to end everyday headaches fast. please! oh, what a headache! headache's gone. excedrin mild headache. wow, that was fast!
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welcome back to "the lead." we continue to wait for the paris prosecutor. is that him standing up right there? that looks like him standing up. it will be simultaneously translated. let's take a listen.
1:57 pm
l i'd like to pay my respects to the victims of the terrorist barbarity, the journalists, police and citizens who died. i'd like to emphasize the exceptional support the police services throughout these three days days. several hundred police have been mobilized, 23 magistrates have been committed, involved in this work in paris 16 detentions in
1:58 pm
police custody, 67 expertise in terms of witnesses, the work which has made it possible in about 48 hours to identify the killers, those who carried out the killings at "charlie hebdo" on wednesday, the professionalism of the units, those who made it possible under dangerous conditions to free hostages who were detained in dangerous conditions. i'm not going to repeat all the details about the facts, about what happened two days ago about the precise -- how the exact things happened at "charlie hebdo" and near the building. there were numerous injuries including ten serious ones 12
1:59 pm
killed. we just need to remind the extreme, extreme violence. three shirts were found inside the premises. the cartridges were found on the outside as well showing the extent of the violence and the force that was used. the police and other tactical services were there on the scene of the crime distributing material cars which were stolen in the 19th district the information that they used in order to escape the vehicle which was found, which the perpetrators used. the citroen car that was found, a charger, a jihadist flag.
2:00 pm
there was a charger as well as other equipment that was found in the car, a national identity card card. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." we continue to cover the breaking news. lets listen in to the prosecutor in paris. >> translator: one of the perpetrators of the killedings -- from what we can say, he was involved -- never detained in police custody.