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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ery few opportunities to interrupt the operational chain. so this is fre -- very frightening. >> fran townsend paul cruickshank, general hert ling. thank you. that is it for me. this is wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, breaks news. dramatic video tonight. [ gunfire ] >> french police storming a grocery store to free terrified hostages. the hostage taker killed in gun assault assault. and the accomplice still searched for and how did this woman escape? intelligence officials said there are mass planned attacks on the west. let's go "outfront."
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good evening. and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm erin burnett. and "outfront" tonight, the breaking news. dramatic new video of the terrorist siege in france and its deadly end. [ gunfire ] >> police storming a kosher grocery store in terrorist to free terrified hostages. the hostage-taker shot to death to the gunfire. and inside of the store, four were killed. from paris to a small town 20 miles away and at the same time police took back that grocery store, another police assault.
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>> explosions and gunfire at a print shop north of paris. that is where the kouachi brothers the suspects in the attack of the charlie hebdo officer office -- offices were killed and ran into a hail of bullets and died. and yet this hour another manhunt in france, police and soldiers searching for a 26-year-old woman, seen here posing with the gunman in the kosher grocery. and we have new information about the massive arsenal the kouachi brothers had with them when they were killed. we'll have more. and stunning when you hear what they had on their persons. tonight fred pleitgen is live. and dave executo is in paris. jim was on the scene as the hostage situation unfolded and watched that happen. and jim, you have new information on how armed the terrorists were.
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>> that is right. we're learning tonight, erin they had weapons more suited for a war zone than central paris. the attackers northeast of paris, they had a rocket propelled again said and machine gups -- machine guns and grenades. here at the market he had a machine gun and 15 sticks of dynamite. the sounds and sights more suited for war zones in iraq and afghanistan than here in france. all of this as three days of terror in france came to an end in just a few frightening minutes. two tense standoffs in two parts of the city. the first at a printing shop in the northeast. another at a kosher grocery in the east. parisy ans holding their brother for hours but authorities were waiting for their moment. several loud explosions gunfire and in a flash, near
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simultaneous raids bring two hostage standoffs to a rapid and a violent end. the first standoff near charles degall airport. cherif kouachi answers a call from a french television station. we are just telling you we were sent by al qaeda in yemen. summed in a tweet by the french ambassador to the u.s.ment quote, the two terrorists are dead and the hostage is alive. those two terrorists the same brothers whose attack at the offices of charlie hebdo magazine on wednesday left 12 dead and began a tense rivetting three days of attacks, manhunts and hostage-taking. a witness described his nervous encounter with one of the terrorists. >> translator: we were standing in front of the door to the
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factory. i shook the hand of the owner michelle and the terrorist. he introduced himself as a policeman. >> reporter: just minutes after the first raid in east paris, we witnessed the second operation live on cnn's air. >> i'm hearing gunfire. multiple shots, automatic fire. i'm going to stop speaking just so you can hear it as well as i am. it is continuing. another explosion. >> reporter: an untold number of hostages. the shooter's companion escaped in the shooting. they are wanted for an attack of a police officer not far from a school and on the sabbath,
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witnesses describe a terrifying scene. >> we heard someone scream in french think i, then in arabic. that was followed by at rival of police officers and they started to get down. hide behind cars and they started exchanging fire. >> reporter: a western intelligence source say he was a close source of cherif kouachi but the association since is unclear. just one of the mysteries from a violent three days here in the city of lights. >> and jim police tonight the manhunt continues, this time looking for a woman, hyatt boum he had dean. she is suspected of killing a police woman on thursday. i know there are conflicting reports. was she in the supermarket with him today? she could be very very important as they try to find out, are there more people and attacks planned. what do you know? >> reporter: it is the police's best information that she was in the store today and they believe
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she escaped in the confusion as many of the hostages fled right after that exchange of gunfire that killed the hostage-taker. but it is very interesting. as the prosecutor was speaking tonight, he made it very clear that she was not just a peripheral player she was somehow involved. how do they know that? because in 2014 over the course of the year there was 500 phone calls between hayat, the companion of the hostage taker and the wife of cherif kouachi, one of the attackers that kill the people at charlie hebdo. 500 single phone calls ore -- over a single year. and why were the companions in such close touch, it is probable the terrorists knew they were under surveillance so their kman -- their companions would communicate and now the police are aware of those communications. >> jim execute yo live for us
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in paris. and right there next to the grocery store. fred pleitgen was at the print shop in northern paris where the two brothers were killed. we've been watching this manhunt unfold for 72 hours. fred we saw the siege behind where you are right now. you saw all of that and were there as it happened. what did you witness? >> reporter: it was about 400 yards away from our position. and it was a lot more clean than the siege that jim witnessed there in downtown paris. i would say that the actual raid on to the print shop where those two brothers were hidden out lasted less than a single minute. but it was a lot more violent than we thought at the beginning. there is new video from the french national police that shows there was actually a pretty large burst of gunfire that came apparently from the two brothers to begin that siege. the police then moved in very quickly. what we heard was we heard that initial burst of gunfire from our position. then what we heard was two sort of very damp detonations that
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seemed to be coming from the periphery of the building. it might have been the police firing stun grenades into the building. if you look at the aftermath, you can see the windows of the print shop were shattered. and then we heard single gunshots being fired and that seemed like the police firing accurate shots at the gunman and all of this was over within one minute. and afterwards you had a lot of police movement going on here at the scene. three or four helicopters landing almost immediately. one of them was a medical helicopter to take away any casualties. we learned that two police officers were lightly wounded in that raid. however, that was the entirety of all of the kaz umts that -- casualties that the police suffered so they were happy about this part of the operation. also we learned there was a man holed up the entire time inside of the building with the gunman we thought during the day this might have been a hostage but it turned out they never had any
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idea he was there. and so that is one of the many bizarre twists to all of this. it was a very long day, not just for us but certainly also for the people who live here in this village because it was on lockdown the entire day. people were not allowed to leave their houses and children could not leave the schools. and shortly after all of this was over they began busing the kids out of the housing and out of the schools. so certainly people here are very happy this is now over erin. >> fred thank you very much. and the person who was holed up with the possible hostage alive, those two brothers dead. it said they would die as martyrs but it doesn't appear they turned the gun on themselves. and with us now mark reese, with the delta force. i want to ask you first of all, we heard the police union spokesperson and he told us the woman on the run, we showed her head shot and her in -- and
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shooting. she had gone through some sort of training. are you surprised they haven't found her yet. he said she's very important? >> well erin i am. now, unfortunately, i think the southern target area today at the grocery store was not handled well. it was a difficult target to take down because of the proximity being closer in the city. but it was not managed very well and didn't have a lot of organization around it. so with her slipping out, which we call squirting. she squirted outside of the containment zone that is a failure for the hostage rescue team and a major concern right now. and all she has to do is blend in and continue to keep moving. >> so i want to talk more about that. because we haven't yet been able to confirm was she there and not there but she was able to escape very easily to your point. i want to watch the video again of police ending the hostage scene at the grocery store and
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there are three thingsly point out -- i will point out to you. and first you see, running into the barrage of bullets, you'll see the terrorist himself, the attacker there run into the barrage of bullets and is killed. there you see that. and then that is frozen. so he runs into the hail of bullets. after that happens, they storm into the kosher grocery store, so you see the s.w.a.t. team go in. and as that happens, you start to see the people there on the left the hostages start running out. they start running out. they are not being attended to they just start running out. and then the last thing i want to point out, colonel, is an injured policeman. and i know you have a strong view about what happened there but there is an injured policeman they drag on to the street who they found injured.
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and you see him there. they are carrying him out of the grocery store. so those are the three key points we wanted to point out. so can you tell me first of all, on the issue of the hostages running out and the s.w.a.t. team runs in and the hostages run out, when you see that, what did you think? >> the hostages knew exactly who the terrorist was and knew at that time there was only one terrorist in there because as soon as that terrorist rushed he had his hands up but if you see at the end, he had his weapons slug around him. when he got hit by the bullets the weapon swings up and around. as soon as he dropped, the hostages come screaming out. so that tells me that girl was probably not in the building at the time because they knew he was the only hostage left. >> so you think she already escaped if she was there. >> that is my assumption right now based on what i'm seeing. >> thank you so much and we appreciate your time tonight.
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our breaking news coverage continues "outfront" next. three terrorists killed today. who were they? and how were they connected? you've seen the two brothers but then a new face. and the only one killed in the hebdo office? why was she killed when other women were so carefully spared. >> and more on the manhunt for the female terror suspect tonight. who is she?
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our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. breaking news al qaeda in the arabian peninsula taking blame for the attack on charlie hebdo. this claim coming as we are learning new information that links the brothers behind that attack to the man who unleashed a deadly assault inside of a kosher grocery store in paris. he and another woman are also suspected of killing a police officer in paris yesterday. that woman is still on the run at this hour. they are all believed to be part of a terror group that was named after the paris neighborhood where the men were from. we are out "outfront" live in
4:18 pm
paris. and what can you tell us about the dangerous group that it appears at this point, authorities weren't aware of? >> reporter: well they were aware of it up until a certain degree erin. perhaps not aware of how serious of a threat it posed today. they thought they had disassembled it. they go by the name of the 19th district. that is where the two car ouchy brothers -- the two brothers grew up. the group is headed up by far eedhe'd ed ben a. and it seems like he was trying to target young disenfranchised youth. prioring to meeting up with him, the younger of the two brothers was a rapper. he did not seem to have an inclination toward being a radical muslim but that changed
4:19 pm
when he met at this mosque. it was then when he was persuaded to begin on this journey to jihad, showing him carrying out things forces. this was a decade ago. he decided to travel to iraq and training in this park with others. there were some members of the group that were made to iraq and some were killed and others detained by u.s. forces. cherif was detained by the authorities and imprisoned for a few years. but upon his release he then moved to a northern suburb of paris. and this is quite interesting, erin, because when they were there earlier today we spoke with one of the leaders of the mosque where he was praying and the leader said he wasn't even amongst the more devout of muslims, only showing up for friday prayers if there were significant holidays that were taking place and things like
4:20 pm
that. he wasn't even really aware of how radical he was. he said that cherif seemed to be trying to blend in and taking great lengths not to stand out. at the apartment building where he lived, along with his wife who was only seen in public in the full black islamic dress, with only her eyes showing. people that live there did not want to appear on camera. people in the neighborhood did not want to appear on camera. but they described cherif as being a fairly polite individual. one man said he would help old ladies with their groceries. everybody was shocked when they saw the images of the two brothers appearing on television. but this is what is the most worrisome for western intelligence. these are individuals who did not necessarily stand out, who did not fit the profile or stereo type of what a -- stereo type of what a radical islamic terrorist would be and yet they
4:21 pm
were able to effectively hide in plain sight all the way planning this attack. >> thank you very much. and tonight we have pictures that link the men involved to another well-known terrorist. he is known as al qaeda's premier european recruiter. and deborah farric is "outfront." and how do you know this is one of the key links between these people? >> he really is. and that is what is so fascinating. the two men who were killed today, two of the three men who were killed they knew each other and hung out together and they have a common mentor and now authorities are looking closely to see who else may have been known to this man as well. they were not only friends, they were the parts of a terrorist cell. cherif kouachi and amedy coulibaly, both connected to a known al qaeda recruiter in europe with connections in
4:22 pm
belgium, the netherlands and united kingdom. beggal who travelled to pakistan was convicted of plotting to atk the embassy in paris. there are pages of wired transcripts and including this 2010 meeting with car ouchy wearing the white sweatshirt. beggal is in the tan pants. amedy coulibaly and now missing hayat boumeddiene visited him at his home. like the kouachi brothers beggal is french-algerian. so is the man convicted of the 1995 paris bombing. cherif and amedy coulibaly were arrested in a failed plot to release the bomber. amedy coulibaly was arrested with 200 rounds of kalashnikov ammunition and there was not
4:23 pm
enough evidence to bring cherif to trial. cherif kouachi and amedy coulibaly have authorities searching for a larger cell. >> and authorities are looking to see who else may be known to all of the individuals. again, these were coordinated attacks. it now appears they initially seemed random however they were acting together and now investigators are trying to make sure that this doesn't happen again. erin. >> the big fear is now what they don't know and who they don't know and whether there are more attacks. and we do have the head of the british national intelligence saying they are worried about mass casualty attacks on the west at the moment. i want to bring in bob baer a former cia operateive and marianne men rai who have been studying these men, and joining us from marsay tonight.
4:24 pm
and now we have learned they all new each other. you have been looking into all of the people what have you found out >> well originally they were from the same neighborhood and the first mentor of the group was actually a guy from the 19th as well called far he'd bennette tu. they are linked by this neighborhood belonging -- the could you auchy brothers were known criminals. they were part of the lost youth very characteristic of these districts in paris and paris suburbs as well and they were looking for -- they were more or less in a state fof school failure, neglected by their parents, abandoned as children and so there is a pattern of
4:25 pm
very difficult childhoods in most cases, to which you can add the fact that they are of background of foreign origin. the kouachi brothers are [ inaudible ] and also children of the immigration. and there is a deep moral crisis among french youth and we can see that in the case of converts to go to syria or iraq. and in this case they've known each other for a while. they always maintain more or less the perception of jihad. they had planned ongoing -- cherif failed in 2005 but he never gave up on the idea of realizing the great coup. and that is how they say it. >> and they kept pushing and
4:26 pm
pushing. i know there was one of them being monitored but on a lower tier. bob, and you have mr. amedy coulibaly who was in the store today who killed hostages. at one point he was safe enough to meet the president of france nicolas sarkozy to talk about youth unemployment. that is pretty incredible? >> erin exactly. but the problem is the french need to catch him committing a crime, either abroad or locally. otherwise what do you do? they have french passports. you can't expel them. and they don't have enough personnel to watch all of them. it is an enormous amount of effort to watch a dozen people. so if you are dealing with tens of thousands of diseffected muslims in france the french don't have enough police to deal with it and these people slipped through. and some mistakes will have been made but we have the same problems. and mind you, the french police are very very good.
4:27 pm
they very efficient. and when they recognize a problem, they know how to deal with it. >> and we've heard that again and again and how skilled at counter terrorism they are and eavesdropping and listening in. they have been lauded around the world for that. and how deep does this go? and there is now a report of mass casualty attacks against the west. there are reports the gunman at the supermarket phoned other people -- other people. not the two men who were killed in paris today. other people urging them to stage additional attacks. how concerned are you? >> i talked to a frenchman who has been in the presidential palace for about five years, he's no longer there, he said they are waiting for a series of attacks across europe. homeland security here and this is going to sound alarmist here
4:28 pm
but the ease of a automatic weapons and a soft target. and so many are soft. and the police in western europe and the united states are able to defend places but not used to military assaults. and even something like the white house is not really prepared for military assault on its front gate. >> thank you very much to you. and as you said it is alarmist in some ways but there is certainly concern. in britain and also in the united states. where senior intelligence officials have warned there are pass attacks being planned from syria against the west and the united states at this time. "outfront" next three terrorists killed today and a woman still on the run. we are learning new details about the relationship and how they became radicalized. and the shooters did something that is hard to understand and very important here. they spared all of the women in the charlie hebdo offices except one. why was she murdered? her cousin is my guest tonight.
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breaking news three terrorists dead and another suspected terrorist is actually on the run tonight after an eruption of attacks in france throughout the day. tonight the attack on charlie hebdo and the arsenal they had on hand as they hunkered down in a final standoff with police today. the siege entered when the gunman came out firing in a barrage of bullets. at the same time another gunman opened fire at a store in paris, killing four people and taking other hostages. this shows the end of the siege
4:33 pm
as the accused terrorist ran toward police who had their weapons ss drawn. he ran into fire at the end in a dramatic moment and there the hostages were able to run to safety. as i said four of them lost their lives. tonight there is an all-out manhunt under way for the fourth suspected terrorist, a female who may have escaped during the chaos. jim sciutto is "outfront" in paris and there during the shootout. first, what can you tell us about the manhunt for the woman. i know she's 26 years old and considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: that is right. they are taking this very seriously. they say that she escaped somehow during the confusion after the raid when the other hostages came out of that kosher supermarket. remember one thing we learned in the last 48-72 hours it is hard for them to find one person. the killers at charlie hb hebdo,
4:34 pm
they were tracing them around the country for a few days. and the hostage-taker killed a female police officer and they were not able to stop him before he was able to kill again. and remember this as well hayat boumeddiene was not a revealed player. she had some 500 calls between her and the kouachi brothers' wives and that hayat boumeddiene, the partner of the hostage-taker here was clearly not a peripheral player. she was somehow involved. >> not peripheral at all. and you have new information on what they had when they were killed. which was a stunning arsenal. and even a go-pro as if they were filming their activities? >> reporter: well it shows the era we're in. that they would think of bringing in the case of the northeastern paris attacker a rocket-propelled grenade, and assault rifles and in the case of the hostage taker here, not
4:35 pm
just a automatic pistol but 15 sticks of explosives showing both of the groups were prepared to dig if and die in a blaze of gunfire, which is exactly what we saw pan out in the very end here. jim sciutto, thank you so much. live in paris for us. as you can see, 1:30 a.m. in paris. and despite a massive police presence in and around paris, including rod blocks door-to-door searches and helicopter hunts which you saw unfold, the attackers staged the attacks in paris and near an airport. and tom fuentes is here. how were they able to escape police for days? >> that is the key question. and really aaron, if you look at the map of what has happened here there are three key tactical questions that have to be answered. the first one is how did the
4:36 pm
kouachi brothers get as far as they did. their crime was commit dmd paris and they started -- committed in paris but they started the day up here in the woods surrounded by authorities and they slipped through and hijacked another car and head back toward paris. now something. so there was a conflict with police and they held up in the print shop. you can see an industrial area here a neighborhood close by. they finally get nailed down in this print shop. but a big question number one, how did they make it so far with so many people looking for them. and second question. what about the other couple out here they were believed to be responsible for shooting and killing a police woman in the southern part of paris and yet, according to all beliefs, they today, managed to go into this supermarket, not far from
4:37 pm
charlie hebdo and took hostages. and you can see how close that was to the office of charlie hebdo. that is the red dot there. and that became an explosive situation with hostages as well. so second question how were they able to elude police for all of that time and go into this explosive situation. and then it came down to the big finish there, all of this happening in a very short period of time as you reported erin and that brings up the third question. three of them are dead now. she's still out there somewhere. where is she? and is there some network supporting her out there? three key tactical questions that have arisen today that have to be answered to begin to make sense of this. erin. >> surely do. and to know indeed whether it is over. and thank you so tom foreman. and now tom jones from the policy center at rand. let me ask you about this woman. not peripheral considered armed
4:38 pm
and dangerous and the spokesperson for the police headquarters told us this afternoon so how important do you think she is the fact she is still on the run tonight. >> well i think if she was involved in any way, and it looks like she was, that she is extremely important and dangerous and that her either capture or killing will be a critical part of this. as long as she's on the loose, the impact of this is it causes tremendous fear in paris and more broadly in france. so the fact she's on the loose is a very very serious issue right now. >> and to the question that tom was raising, that i've had and so many have had, obviously the french were able to with the s.w.a.t. teams, kill three of these people. but yet how did they make it so far with so many people looking for them and not get caught for days? >> well this is actually not that uncommon erin. we've seen it take several days
4:39 pm
for a range of terrorist attacks in spain. this led to a major fire fight in a spanish house after the madrid attacks. we've seen it happen in various terrorists plots and attacks in the u.k. we saw it in the u.s. with the time square bomber a two-three day hunt finding him and getting him at jfk airport on the way out of the country. and the issue here is it takes time to identify individuals, what cell phones they're using and where they've been. and unless you have that information handy, it can be difficult and time intensive to get that. including credit card information. you would want all of that if they were using it. >> right. right. and what do you make the fact that these two groups are supposedly linked as part of some sort of a cell perhaps or at least group, but that there are codes of activity or conduct were very different. the brothers they wanted to separate men from women. and when they carjacked, they
4:40 pm
let the man out. and they went to the gas station and they didn't hurt anyone and they had the hostage and didn't kill anyone. but then at the supermarket, he and the alleged woman killing four people. very different. >> what is interesting, they have different tactics what they are using and this is not the same kind of thing we've seen in some attacks where they are interested in mass killing, that is killing everybody. putting bombs on a site and trying to kill everybody. this is very specific targeted attack. this is not the kind of thing people are concerned about in the united states which is the mass killing of individuals at movie theaters and we've seen that with active shooters and the nadal hassan shooting at ft. hood. this is a specific targeted attack. and that is interesting because we haven't seen a lot of that recently. it is more of the mass casualty stuff. >> seth jones, thank you very much. and next the only woman killed in the attack on the charlie hebdo offices.
4:41 pm
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breaking news we have reports that the biggest synagogue in paris is closed tonight.
4:45 pm
that is an incredible statement because it is the first time the synagogue was closed since world war ii. the reason is far of another terror attack after a kosher supermarket was the scene of a hostage scene today with four hostages murdered inside. that brings the number of people killed in france this week to 17. and the terror began here at charlie hebdo magazine when two terrorists attacked journalists during their weekly editorial meeting. amok the victims, the only one killed elsa cayat and she was there this week. joining me her cousin sophie romly. and thank you for being with us so late on this friday night on such a horrific week for you and your family. i know you're trying to come to grips and understand what happened. as we all are trying to understand this horrific act. we know the killers came into charlie hebdo and called out the names of some of the men they
4:46 pm
killed. do you think your cousin was among those specifically targeted? >> yes, i do think so. though, obviously, i can't know for sure. but that is the feeling i have. they spared all of the women, and she was the only one killed. and she was the only one jewish. and also when i talked to her brother last night, he was telling me she had been getting phone kaulds for a while -- phone calls for a while, anonymous phone calls but the calls were saying basically, dirty jew. you should stop working for charlie hebdo otherwise we're going to kel -- to kill you. and if you put two and two together she was killed because she was jewish and it brings
4:47 pm
back ugly memories and because the press hasn't really talked about it that way here. it was only about freedom of speech that was attacked and my feeling was that religion was there too. and today, unfortunately, it seemed to prove that i wasn't totally wrong. >> well yes, as you said because they targeted the kosher supermarket. and i know speaking to the president of france they are trying to beef up security at jewish targets so it is a significant point you maze. and it is also tragic. she was the only woman killed. as you know according to the new york times, the female cartoonist who was downstairs they forced her to open the doors to the building and spared her. a freelance journalist with a gun pointed to her head and they said no we don't shoot women. but one of the journalists in the meeting said the gunman ambushed and said they wouldn't kill women at all. but of course your cousin was
4:48 pm
brutally murdered. and i know you believe that it could have been because she was jewish. was she afraid? you talk about her getting these calls? was she nervous or afraid at all to go to work feeling she was a target? >> she was an incredible woman. she was a brilliant psycho analyst and she was doing this only by passion. because she cared about the team doing charlie hebdo and because she cared about the ideas they had and she over the top for everything. nothing was never enough. and then she was a workaholic. she was an incredibly passionate woman. i think she did it because she thought her own freedom and her passion went above the best basically. >> because she believed in her
4:49 pm
cause. and i know she was a cloumist and a workaholic but she was a mother too and i know her daughter must be missing her dearly. and her whole family. thank you for being with us and sharing her with the world. as we try to remember each of the human beings who was so tragically murdered this week. "outfront" next dressed in a burqa, with a crossbow pointed at the camera who is the women who was allegedly with the terrorists and where is she tonight? we have a special report on everything we know. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. e financial noise financial noise
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breaking news. a manhunt under way tonight for 29-year-old. she may have been an accomplice in the standoff at a kosher grocery store and the killing of a police officer paris suburb yesterday. they consider her to be armed, very dangerous and very important to the center of this story. alexandra field reports about what we know about this woman on the run tonight. >> reporter: she may be the most wanted woman in men. the only suspect standing after
4:54 pm
thee day reign of terror. police raided the kosher grocery store where he took more than a dozen hostages killing four of them. new photos reveal more of their shared past. published by french newspaper lamont appear to show the two in 2010 in the region of southern france in a burr ka and wielding a cross bow. this man in the photo, identified as jah mel bigal as al qaeda's premiere european recruiter. had known links to jihadist groups and the suspected charlie hebdo shooters said and cherif kouachi. had 500 calls with the cherif kouachi's companion. >> the question is are there any other coconspirators out there she may be trying to link back up with?
4:55 pm
>> reporter: reports she was interviewed by counterterrorism police in 2010. the newspaper says she started a relationship with kunabali the same year and released following a four year sentence. two reported live together and traveled to malaysia. french and u.s. authorities are now sharing intelligence hoping to track her down. >> this woman does not have much to lose so to speak, if her romantic partner had just been killed if her life as a free civilian is likely over in france. if you can access the capability that's well within the cards. >> reporter: there is a tremendous amount of manpower going into this search but the intelligence work equally if not more important, the fact there were 500 phone calms made. just a whopping amount. you realize this is a figure very central to this investigation who's believed to be very connected here and it's important to find those connections because it could leave them to somebody or a
4:56 pm
group of people who could know more about what may have been planned here. >> 500 calls indicate there was a lot of action going on and perhaps other names they're not aware of. alex thank you so much. up next the three words heard in tribute tonight around the world. that's more... shh... i know that's more than 100%. but that's what winners give. now bicycle kick your old 401(k) into an ira. i know, i know. listen, just get td ameritrade's rollover consultants on the horn. they'll guide you through the whole process. it's simple. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission.
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three words that mean i am charlie have become the rallying cry for people worldwide who refuse to be silenced by the terrorists who killed 12 victims in the charlie hebdo attack. the hashtag is one of the most popular on twitter ever peaked
5:00 pm
at nearly 80,000 tweets per minute with the jesuis charlie hashtag. and paris is charlie were lit up and projected across the ark to triumph. thank you for joining us. we hope you have a safe and peaceful weekend where ever you are around the world. "ac360" begins now. good evening. it is 8:00 p.m. in new york on the east coast. 2:00 a.m. in paris. a manhunt, reached a bloody climax earlier in a pair of hostage takings and a manhunt once again. bottom line, the terror that gripped this city and all of france is not over yet. two brothers wanted in the killings of two people charlie hebdo, just a couple of blocks from where i'm standing dead after killing and taking print hostages on the