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11:00 p.m. on the east coast. i'm don lemon. one terror suspect. a woman on the run tonight after twin raid in france. the first killed the brothers, authorities blame for the "charlie hebdo" massacre. the second, the alleged hostage taker at a kosher store in eastern paris. his death and the release of some of the hostages, captured in this dramatic video from
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france too. right to our breaking news t live for us in paris. first, to you, jim. jim, you were near the kosher grocery store when the raid happened. what did you witness? >> you know, don, tension had been building all day for hours. we had seen the police tactical units lining up. surrounding in position, it appeared to go into that kosher market. we had seen them there for hours. but we had no idea when they would go in. because we knew there were hostages inside. of course, they wanted to protect those hostages live. once that raid took place to the northeast of paris, with the two brothers, it was a few minutes later we heard the gunfire. heard the explosions. like beingen ape war zen again. he like being in a war zone again. here's how it unfolded in cnn's ear. >> now i'm hearing gunfire.
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multiple shots. automatic fire. i'm going to stop speaking there so you can hear it. as well as i am. it is continuing. another explosion. this all happening 300 yard from where we are. at this kosher market. as soon as the tactical team went in there, it was just a few moments later when we started to hear the ambulances follow them one, two, three. half a dozen in the end. we know there were wounded police officers. we found out there were a number of hostage whose were killed as well. >> jim, the video is up of -- that, that police rushing in. and hostages running out during the raid. we just speck to lieutenant colonel james reece. he was saying he doesn't believe the woman was in there. she want to another location. if she was in all of this chaos, you can imagine that she, it
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might not be that difficult for her to, to escape. >> well that's what the police union is saying. they're saying that they believe she took advantage of that confusion. to get away. as you watch that video though, a pretty good shot. it's hard to see where sunny would have come out. there weren't a lot of entrances, exits there. our information was there were just two. so, so it does -- beg some explaining. but that its the police's best information. and, and, you know this has been one of the things. we watch the police scrambling. each of these shootings. each of these events to try to keep track of people. remember, it took, it took, 48, 72 hours to find the shooters who carried out at take on "charlie hebdo." it took some time to find this hostage taker. remember, he carried out another shooting yesterday. that killed a female police officer. and now, of course they have to find his company yn w companion. still at large. a manhunt under way in paris.
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>> we know the male suspect. female suspect at large. and four hostages died. do you know anything about the condition of the officer? >> we don't. we don't. we do know that they're alive. there were no deaths among the officers. there were injuries. and, it's the, information, the french president put out, when he spoke to the nation on national television. i should say last night. it is the morning here. in paris. he said that, it's their belief, authorities belief that those hostages who died, that they died earlier in the hostage taking. and that appears to be clear. because in that great hostage video you can see, sadly, a dead body on the ground. as those police first go in. it looks to the be one of the hostages who was killed earlier. earlier in this hostage taking. >> want to go to fred now. fred, how do these four suspects fit together. and what was, what do we know -- might have been their ultimate
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goal. they fit together a lot more than we initially thought. we believed initially that the two incidents may not berelated at all. that the two brothers may have carried out at take on the "charlie hebdo" headquarters and the shooting of the police woman thursday may have been come fleetly unrelated to that. but it appears as though, the suspect in the kosher store raid, had, had various contacts to the kouachi brothers. in fact his wife apparent low had contacts to -- apparently had contacts to the wife of one of the kouachi brothers. they had contact. one of the things, the person who conducted the raid on the kosher store said when talking to the media apparently called french media here. he was absolutely in sync with the kouachi brothers for the "charlie hebdo" raid. there were serious contacts that they had. they were very much in contact with each other. the ultimate goal is a very
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interesting question. because -- the kouachi brothers were in contact with the media as well. a reporter from our affiliate here. bfn who called them. they called themselves, the avengers of the prophet muhammad. of course we, know that the satirical magazine, "charlie hebdo" had -- had covers, depicting the prophet muhammad. something people took issue with. that is something that appears to be only their goal up front. one of the things they said. they were sent by al qaeda and arabian peninsula. linked to al-awlaki. whether it was to show force or do sick advertising for al qaeda and arabian peninsula. certainly one of their goals must have ben to get as much attention as possible. that is something certainly that they achieved. in all of this. one of their other goals might have been to silence satirical comedy or pay aepers in this country. something they would not have achieved by any stretch of the
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if iffage -- of iffage nation. something that makes authorities go after the person at large, the woman, the one married to the person who, who conducted that siege at the, at the kosher store, is because she is the lone survivor. the only one who can shed any sort of light on what exactly these people's motives were. of course the authorities are trying to piece all this together by electronic evidence, by looking at things like facebook profiles. talking to the people would have been something, that would have helped a lot. but now of course, three of them are de. one of the them is still at large. if the policemanage to apprehend her will they be able to find out, or hopefully find out, what exactly drove these people, and what their goals were, don? >> fred rick aerick and jim, th for your reporting. a former special agent, ncis, and julia. good evening to both of you. >> robert first. the one woman escaped. only surviving suspect.
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how much threat does she pose now? >> right now, i can't imagine anything other than her trying to go underground. stay underground. find a safe place. in order to just -- live another day. i mean she could very well be dangerous. particularly if she takes a paige from hpage from her company yn's playbook. the way the guys, conduct themselves thaflt go down fighting. hail of bullets or blow themselves up. her by herself. don't think anything much more than trying to hide for as long as possible. >> the idea that i have been seeing and reading in news reports, jewel yette -- jewelet. will she strike again? do you think that is a real polsability? >> she find herself in a situation she did not anticipate. she would be the sole survivor. they had an exit strategy. didn't get executed as planned. beginning with the car accident. after the attack on wednesday.
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so, she is, isolated. and, and, is likely not to reach out to any network. and is frying to survive until the next day. but we don't know who else they're affiliated with. that's what the french authorities are looking at. that's why the phone calls are important. of course, capturing her in hopes she will talk about what, what, who supplied the weapons. how did they get this money. how does a plan like this get executed? pretty well. pretty effectively, unfortunately for the french. >> pretty comprehensive question for you, aqap, al qaeda, arabian peninsula claimed responsibility for orchestrating the attack on "charlie hebdo." cnn has not confirmed this. what could this mean for al qaeda? could the notoriety of what happened in paris electrify terrorists could it helpen recruiting? >> yeah, don, very important question right now. and you know we are still in the territory where there are many more questions than answers. but, i emphasize that, this is a
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however. the proviso depending on what intelligence shows. it could represent where say, the al qaeda mother ship and its most lethal down range element in the arabian peninsula has changed tact. where, yes, now it is going to go in the direction of supporting at least whether it is just verbally or actually with direct command and control. small scale either lone wolf or wolfpack type operations against soft targets. but i really can't emphasize enough though there is so many questions. for example over the 3 1/2 year gap for one of the brothers going to yemen. one doesn't need to go to yem tune handle a long gun the way we saw it handled in the film and tragedy the other day. yeah, disciplined single shot burst. multiple, around, fully automatic. that doesn't take extensive
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training years ago in a place like yemen. one of the other things that is kind of quirky here as well you. know there is some bonafide conduit is, social media from islamic state and al qaeda. over the last 48 hours, both have had duelling entries on the internet, about, taking responsibility. or credit. say credit. also too in the past. we know al qaeda core, as well as islamic state. after the fact, may not necessarily take credit for it. but actually sa lults the actions. so, last part of your question though, could it be a boon for recruitment? potentially. absolutely. >> i want to go more in competition, juliette, there is attention for recruitment, al qaeda and isis? >> it's absolutely right. it's been anticipated for a long type. we have seen it played out. in particular, as all eyes focus on isis and the syrian
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peninsula, al qaeda was looking for relevance in the, you know the sort of "i'm not dead yet" philosophy. and trying to show their strength. we saw the growth of al qaeda in areas of the world. or at least, sort of, them trying to stabilize and create groupings in parts of the world that hadn't been seen before. and to make themselves rel vanlt through the way terrorist organizations make themselves relevant, successful terrorist attacks. so, once again as robert said, we have all been saying all week. there is a lot of what, ifs, unanswered questions. if you are looking at the competition that we have been anticipating, over the last couple years between al qaeda and isis, this is exactly what you would expect al qaeda to do. to show that they still have capability in western europe. against soft targets. and a very, very organized fashion. we can't repeat that enough. that this is just, this is not the sociopaths who are on facebook and twitter saying "oh,
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i believe in isis now." this is, this was real. >> much more orchestrated. >> made more real today. yeah. >> i want to ask you, quickly. up against the clock here. short answer. possibility it could happen anywhere, here in the united states. how concerned should we be? first, juliette, to you? >> i am of the philosophy having been in homeland security. a long time. it can always happen here. just stop, not worrying. just stop asking the question. in some ways, don. because we are vulnerable country. we are built that way. we are welcoming to people. we have commercial activity. we are a global, economic juggernaut. this is, this its -- the nature of the beast right now. we can make ourselves stronger through intelligence and other ways. >> robert. >> yeah, don. agree completely with her. what she is saying. what i would add though, you know it's -- it is instructive and helpful to look at individual or unique circumstances. in different parts of the world. different countries. different regions.
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france has a particular set of circumstances that were definitely if not an incubator, would have facilitated an act like this. could it ham pppen in the unite states? absolutely. any intelligence from the secretary? not at this point. still these are the things that can't be ruled out. keeping it in local context of what the circumstances are, i think helps keep things in perspective. >> have to admit a friltenning possibility. frightening possibility after looking at what happened at the office of "charlie hebdo" and then looking at the hostage situation in the -- and the killing today. thank you very much. appreciate it. good evening. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> much more to come on our "breaking news" female terror suspect on the run after three male suspects were killed in police raid. when we come right back, muslim whose say killing in the name of muslim is the worst insult to the prophet.
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early saturday morning in france where police are searching for a suspected female terrorist. three suspects were killed. many muslims are using social media to express revulsion about the attack on "charlie hebdo." posting statements, i am livid. these attacks have no place in islam. >> reporter: friday prayers at the islamic center of southern
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california. the sermon a reaction to the attacks in paris. >> i made a few notes that were swirling in my mind. i listened in horror, once again, at another crime perpetrated in the name of islam in paris. >> reporter: the message killing in the name of islam is by far the worst insult to the prophet. in recent months that's exactly what we have seen. a string of attacks perpetrated in the name of islam from "charlie hebdo" headquarters and a kosher market in pair tiris t school in pakistan. we spoke to many at the islamic center about the mix of islam and terror, including police officer omar ritchie. what is it that attracts this? >> we are living in the dark age of islam, christianity went
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through its dark age. we are that point. >> reporter: the president of the muslim public affairs council blames some on lack of moderate leadership in muslim countries. should moderate islam take some role in trying to combat extremism? >> it has taken a role. i think it depend on how we define moderate islam. if we expect governments of the middle east and south asia to be the voice of modern islam. no. they don't represent islam communities worldwide. they represent their self-interest for imed me yacht short term. if it makes since to them. sure they will say a few things here and there. reality is if you look at the long term i you look back to what has been happening, 10, 20, 50 years, if anything they have only fueled more extremism. deliberately or indirectly. >> reporter: attendees at the mosque couldn't wait to speak with us. it is always the extremist in the spotlight when it comes to their religion. the real voice of islam they say
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is rarely heard. >> the media doesn't ever hear that. the media is very silent and brg to hear this side. there is no thrills. there is no excitement. i think the media is responsible because you glorify that end. >> reporter: gets a lot of attention? >> gets so much attention. the actual facts get no attention at all. >> reporter: again, terror in paris in the name of islam has taken center stage. >> let's talk now with zudi jasper, and author of "a battle for the soul of islam" and also, a jihadist, turned counterterrorism operative and author of "undercover jihadi." good evening. i spoke with fareed yesterday, he said there is a battle going on within islam. this isn't just islam versus the west. >> of course there is a bat going on in islam.
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there is a battle. seems to be a bat bell tween islam and the west. the west and islam. an islam and islam and the west. it is a complete mess. so i think a lot of it is, this, this, desire to see change. being triggered by western educated muslims. people who have the luxury of education. that the muslim world was known for. christians in europe would flock to the muslim world to obtain education in areas like philosophy, astronomy, medicine, so on. and it is just now the roles are reversed. >> last night, do you remember when we spoke with rezla aslan, you were here, he said what happened in paris is specific to the issues they're having in france. but do you connect all of these violent attacks we are seeing around the world or do we need to look at each specifically? to try to figure out what is going on? >> look, a basic concept in
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psychology called fundamental attribution error and situational attribution. they give the example of a girl who slips on a banana peel. some one says because she is a cluts. no, she slipped on a banana peel. every country has the a particular context. yes it does. but i want to like, draw attention to the general thing that applies across the wororld and that is extremist ideology. it's medieval, backward, dark age thinking. >> do you think he is correct is? islam the underlying cause of -- at least backward idea of the theology, what is the underlying cause here? i have off to tell you listening to a lot of this. there is too much vagaries and apologetics. we have a problem, don. a clear problem of ideology. what is the ideology. political islam. islamic state. not just isis. all forms of the islamic state. why? we are at the same time in history as christianity when it
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fought back against theocracy, we need thomas paynes and thomas jeffersons. to say they're unrelated. the attacks on free speech in france. today, a blogger, raif bedowe was whipped by the saudi government, he had a website similar to ours. these are not unrelated. not just the violence. as long as we have the narrative about violent extremism. we are not going to win this. >> did you say all of islam? >> no. no, it's a large political movement. the muslim brotherhood for example. won, 30%, 40% of the vote in egypt. one year of opening up society did more to defeat islamism than 60 years of nasir, sadat, and mubarak. same in tunisia. they within the election. but got rejected. the west is missing in this. muslims are too busy, we're being victims, islamaphobia, and
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bigotry. not dealing with theology. not talking about the drive of kill the apostates, women get second-class, third-class citizenship, no equality. islam has to be constitution, versus a western form, liberty based constitution based in reason. >> so, along the lines of whatever you are saying, rupert murdoch tweeted out -- >> does it sound like he is blaming all muslims to you, first to you, doctor, and then i will get moving. >> we need tough love. we need to take the tough medicine that ultimately. if you love islam. the best thing that can happen to it is. the rejection of theocracy. and huge movements of the brotherhood, iran hkhomeini's movement. there are green revolutions in these countries. yes we, have to acknowledge,
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political islam, the threat. the solution against that islamopatriotism is, america, france, that believe in equality of all and universal declaration of human rights not the cairo declaration. >> many people will say what you are saying, doctor, is islamaphobia, you are some how being bigoted in your comment and targeting muslims? how do you respond to that? >> that is people who don't want to deal with the issue. that want to divert it from engaging in true reform. was thomas jefferson, thomas payne, those who didn't want the word christian in our documents, anti-christian. or were they pro freedom and want aid personal relationship with god. that's what i, i pray, i fast, i go to mosque, i believe in my scripture. i don't want any leader or government telling me huh to do that. anti-islamist, pro muslim. >> go ahead. >> rupert murdoch did blame all
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islams, in the tweet, pretty obvious. yeah, sure most are peaceful. but we are going to blame you anyway for the actions of the extremists. point number two, these extremists consider most muslims not muslim enough as it is. so the idea that the, the vast majority of sensible muslims can just, in the west, separate, what's happening in the muslim world that we are going to influence the rest of the muslim world is not realistic. and number three, you know, i dent bla don't blame the religion. interpretations. hearing thomas payne, philosophers being quoted. european renaissance philosophers, aristotle's philosophy came to europe through the muslims. muslims were studying, philosophy. let me finish. >> let him finish. >> studying all these things they had a desire for knowledge, scientific pursuit, the scientific method intro dugsed
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into europe by muslim scientists. today there is a huge deficit in the muslim world in turning to that kind of thinking that brought islam to the golden age which a lot of these guys are frying to, to, to, to gain again. minus all of the critical thinking. >> okay. have to run. they're mine ear telling me i have to go. doctor, do you want to respond. quickly? >> yeah, those, those apologetics, sorry are in the 12th, 13th century. we are finishing, we are dealing with 500-year-old, that says you should kill apostates, if you look at books, saudi, and it says people who leave the faith should be killed. they should not speak against islam. that is 12th, 13th century mind set fueling radicalism, need the advocacy of liberals you. are not engaging the idea. you are dismissing it. we are in denial. >> how did i dismiss it, i talked about history of islamic science. i agree with you about backward interpretations.
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medieval thinking. i agree with you on that. but to deny. >> the problem is the islamic state. >> an ongoing conversation. i promise if you both come back i will have you beth back. >> history, not apologetics. please use the correct terms. thanks. >> we have a stunning story out of the hostage crisis. tell you about the kosher grocery. french media reporting, hostages survived by hiding in a refrigerator nearly five hours. one father reportedly hid his toddler son wrapped in a jacket. authorities praise the quick thinking of the hostages saying it might have saved their lives. we'll be right back.
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