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hello. welcome back to cnn's special coverage of the terror attack in france. i'm rosemary church. it is 8:00 in the morning in paris and the terror that has gripped the city and all of france since wednesday is not over yet. police and security forces killed three terror suspects on friday but one suspect remains on the loose. it happened in two separate gun battles that went down at the same time. in one, brothers wanted in the
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charlie hebdo massacre were killed north of paris on friday. the man police say is suspected of killing a police woman outside paris took people hostage inside a kosher supermarket in the french camden. the paris prosecutors said he killed four hostages. there police then killed coulibaly when they raided the store, bringing the stand-off to a violent end. police say his girlfriend was also involved in the killing of that police woman. she remains on the run at this hour. you're looking at her shot there. authorities have found evidence linking him and the kouachi brothers. a paris official said the wife of cherif kouachi and coulibali
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phoned each other 500 times last year. and we are hearing from the yemeni government that there may be a link to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula of the attack. the terrifying events in france spanned more than 48 hours beginning wednesday with a heinous shooting at the offices of the magazine, charlie hebdo and ending friday with the killing of three terrorists. here's a look at how things unfolded. >> reporter: brazen, cold blood and in a methodical demeanor, apparently trained. this amateur video taken as they fled shortly before noon was among the tarting points of what has become an unprecedented manhunt. >> 80,000 people have been
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mobilized, of which 9,800. >> within hours, police had a lead on the suspects. one of them had left his i.d. in the abandoned get away car. >> it was a mistake. a single mistake. >> reporter: the search was on for brothers said and kouachi. one place said kouachi had lived. around the same time a third suspect, 18-year-old turned himself into authorities. in all police obtained at least nine people. the two remaining gunmen still at large. then on thursday, more terror as the police woman was shot dead in the paris suburb. it would later emerge her killer was connected to the charlie hebdo suspects. a short time after the second shooting the kouachi brothers were reportedly seen at a gas station. >> there was a man who told me
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apparently they left their car and went through forest. don't go through forest. don't go around the forest to avoid running into them. >> air and ground searches were concentrated around the woods until 10:00 friday morning when it became a sea, the two suspects holed up in a printing shop with a hostage. >> we were standing in front of the door to the factory. i shook the hand of the owner and the terrorist. he introduced himself as a policeman. i then got into my car and left. and michelle, the owner, led the man into the factory. >> reporter: heavily armed police placed the town in lockdown as police surrounded the scene and began negotiating with the brothers who said they wanted to die as martyrs. then three hours later, a second siege unfolded in eastern paris. two were named as suspects in the killing of the police woman were reportedly holding hostages
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in a supermarket. after more than three days of terror on french streets, police had all of the key suspects surrounded. three hours later, explosions and smoke. simultaneous confrontations left the two brothers responsible for the charlie hebdo attack dead. coulibali was also killed when police raided the supermarket. >> we want to bring in the reporter just outside the kosher market. tragically four hostages lost their lives at the hands of the suspect. at that supermarket. for the others inside it was a terrifying experience. what more are we learning about how they survived that experience and indeed, what do we know about those four hostages who were killed?
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>> reporter: good morning. you can't even start to imagine what those hostages went through yesterday. you know, although from the moment the police stormed in to the moment they came out, it was very, very quick. we were told about a minute and a half also. jim sciutto was here on the ground seeing it all. it was very, very quick. but the whole thing, the waiting for something to happen. that took such a long time and i'm sure for many of them inside, that was, that felt like an eternity. we are starting to hear snippets of information coming out from what happened from the many hostages. still too painful, still too raw. we have heard from one person, one hostage who was inside who spoke to a french affiliate of ours and he said that he tried to flee by freight elevator inside the store just over my right shoulder and he tried to convince several other hostages
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to join him. but they were so scared they would get caught. they were so scared that something would happen to them. so he had the idea, let's all hide in the, in a frig, basically, and they hid for five hours. and that really helps paint a picture for our audience of what was happening inside and how scared they might have been. >> the accomplice apparently fled the kosher market, although some suggest she programs wasn't even there at any point. what are the former hostages saying about that and what more are we hearing about the person on the run? >> there are many questions about exactly that point. we had heard that coulibali came in with his accomplice, his girlfriend. they've been together for such a
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long time. i think since 2011 or something. so everyone always assumed they were together. but it's interesting. we have heard from a telephone call. this is just so surprising. so shocking at the same time. coulibaly was inside with the hostages. he decided to call a french tv station and he called the french tv station and he said, hey, this is who i am. i am responsible for killing the french police woman on thursday. and i am inside this kosher store with hostages. he then had a conversation with the journalist that we're starting to learn about exactly the motives behind it. take a listen to what he had to say. [ speaking french ]
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>> reporter: apologies. there i couldn't hear all of it. i know for example there are a couple thing that really stood out from that one, the first thing in the conversation went on much longer, was that he told french tv when he made that call that four people were already dead. that gives you the impression, listening to that conversation, of course, cnn cannot authentic that conversation that the four people had already died before the police stormed in. that's the first point. second of all, there was no mention that his girlfriend hyatt was with him. to that first point you were
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talking about, was she even here in the first place. and then thirdly we got a sense from further on in that conversation of his motives. and this is what he said. he said he called because he is defending oppressed muslims and he said he chose the kosher market because his target was jewish people. the paris prosecutors told cnn he believes he went here. that four people died prior to the police storming the store. >> just horrifying details coming out of that particular incident. of course, the simultaneous hostage situations. although in the other situation, the person, the brothers didn't even know there was someone actually hidden there. joining us from outside the kosher market. so let's bring in senior correspondent who is covering the other half of the story for us. from the printing plant, not far from charles de gaulle airport.
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the two kouachi brothers died in a blaze of fire which was their design. leaving behind many unanswered questions. and now people are asking how french authorities didn't see this coming? given they already knew a lot about these brothers. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. it turns out there were thousands upon thousands of pages of transcripts. telephone conversations between the brothers and between the people in the middle east. that french intelligence had accumulated over the years. and i think that's one of the questions going to be asked. another question is this link that we had a hard time establishing yesterday, verifying between the two incidents. the police knew very well that these three gunmen were all from the same terrorist cell and had they known that for many, many years. also, going to be the question, why they hadn't been following these people more closely. the one brother, the younger
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brother of the kouachi brothers, in fact, wanted to join the jihad in iraq against americans with al qaeda as early as 2005. so ten years ago. and they had accumulated a lot of documents, a lot of information about these two. that will be, the moment most people are happy to see this whole thing over. i wanted to show you kind of surprising video. surprisingly violent video that came out overnight from the printing plant here when that final assault actually took place yesterday. it was quite a lot of gun fire indeed. take a look. [ gunfire ]
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no one was hurt in this incident except the two kouachi brothers who were shot dead. the one man inside the building was hidden away and it is not clear if the kouachis ever knew they had unsuspected hostage inside. and he was able to get on his cell phone and talk to the police during the day, kind of guide them in their final assault. so they had inside word and inside tips that helped them come in and approach this final assault and kill the two gunmen. >> extraordinary story. and of course no doubt we'll hear more of the back ground there from that man hidden in that printing storage area. jim, many thanks to you for bringing us up to date on that part of the story. and we will talk to you a little later in the program. we're learning more about what drove the kouachi brothers to go on their deadly rampage, including their links to jihadi groups. officials say one may have
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french officials are comparing notes about the kouachi brothers with u.s. intelligence officials. both nations are concerned about ties to al qaeda. >> arabian peninsula.
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as barbara starr reports, intelligence agencies are scrambling to figure out if there are other operatives waiting to attack the west. >> if it proves to be true that both that kouachi brothers traveled to yemen in 2011, were they essentially a sleeper cell in paris? u.s. officials believe when said kouachi spent several months in yemen during 2011, he got more than just weapons training. he got the attention of top leadership of the dangerous al qaeda affiliate there known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap. >> it tells me that he had access to senior levels of the al qaeda organizations in yemen. who health access? was he there with somebody? did he travel with somebody else? number two, it tells me that he was in contact with people we didn't know about. >> they are trying to put the pieces together.
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they believe that he met with anwar al awlaki who led the external operations. it would have been just months before awlaki was killed in a u.s. drone strike. the u.s. is trying to determine if kouachi may have even met with aqap's master bomb maker, according to u.s. officials. kouachi may have received some bomb making training. with a french passport and the ability to return to europe, he was a prime aqap recruiting target. >> there are a thousand questions here that an intelligence official will have to sift through and we haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg yet. >> u.s. officials believe it was ond said that went to yemen but hours before he died, his younger brother cherif told french media he too traveled there. >> translator: i was sent, me,
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cherif kouachi by yemen. i went there and anwar al awlaki financed my trim. >> cnn has not independently confirmed the authenticity of the recording. the details of the connection are critical because officials say it may give them hints if the al qaeda organization has other operatives in the west waiting to attack. all of that said at this point the u.s. simply doesn't know officials say, if the kouachi brothers were inspired by al qaeda in yemen, or were they directed by the group to undertake an attack. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> so who is the man who apparently influenced the kouachi brothers? before he was kill, anwar al awlaki was a radical preacher at the center of al qaeda in yemen. nic robertson has more on that.
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>> reporter: anwar al awlaki. the radical american born yemen based preacher killed in a u.s. drone strike september 2011. an inspiration for some of the paris gunmen and rt spokers worldwide. >> reminds me of osama bin laden and also al zawahiri in terms of his soft-spoken, at the same time the knowledge that they have. >> reporter: reality was awlaki was sufficient a al qaeda rising star in 2011, bin laden was jealous of him. blowing off suggestions the cleric should run al qaeda in yemen. awlaki's father was a minister in the yemeni government. he had lived in the u.s. he was smart and privileged and preached at a mosque in virginia but was name in the 9/11 commission as knowing some of the 9/11 hijackers. soon after, he left for yemen. that is where this man, a danish
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biker turned jihadi who said he became a cia spy. >> his passion to obtain revenge on the west and spread global jihad was, it was his whole life. he sacrificed his life to achieve that. >> reporter: he also had a taste for western women. storm said he asked him to fix him up with a white blond european wife. they met on video. >> this recording is done specifically for sister alena. the brother who is carrying this is a trust worthy brother. >> i hope he will be pleased. >> she could not be reached by cnn. storm says the cia used him to track awlaki who had become reclusive fearing u.s. attack but he was also becoming more dangerous. asking storm and others to
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recruit western radicals for training. >> once they have trained, he will request of the leadership of al qaeda, he will ask that he will return to the west and the way forward. >> reporter: the tally of hits and near misses was growing. inspired the' hood shooter who had gunned down 14 servicemen at the base in 2009. and the london subway bombers in 2005 who killed 52 people. also inspiring two foiled plots to blow up u.s. airliners flying to the united states. by the time he was killed, awlaki had become a massive global threat. but storm warns the paris attacks may not be the last time he reaches from beyond the grave. >> there are sleeping cells and they are willing to be patient for even a couple of years to be ready to hit. >> reporter: with this paris threat apparently nearly over, the world's counter terrorism
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officials can turn their attention to that looming threat. cnn, atlanta. and later this hour, rare insight from a journalist who covered the paris terror cell that the kouachi brothers belonged to. plus a look at how the muslim community in paris is reacting to the terror rampage this week. you pay for you data every month. so why does your carrier take back what you don't use? it's your data. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward to the next month. and we'll even get you started with 10gb of free 4g lte data. muhi, this is jennifer...c.
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welcome back. president barack obama says the u.s. grieves with france in the wake of the heinous terror attacks that have left 17 people dead. mr. obama reiterated his support for the people of france and said the spirit of paris will endure forever. >> france is our oldest ally. i want the people of france to know the united states stands with you today. stands with you tomorrow. our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been directly impacted. we grieve with you. we fight alongside you to uphold our values, the values that we share, universal values that bind us together as friends and as allies. >> the french prime minister admits there were failures in the country's security and surveillance measures, allowing the terrorist rampage that left 17 people dead over the past
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three days. manuel valls said intelligence agencies need to investigate how the main suspects fell through the cracks after being linked to al qaeda in yemen. mr. valls also vowed that france would fight terrorism and not islam. >> this is a war against terrorism. not a war against a religion. this is not a war between civilizations. this is a war in support of democratic values, universal values. >> the french prime minister said massive security measures are planned for sunday's national march in paris which president hollande and other world leaders are set to attend. this week's attacks are by far the most violent seen in years in france. the country has long faced threats from extremists.
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>> reporter: even before this mass murder in paris, the nation of france was on alert because of threats from islamic militants including this isis video released the week before christmas. the masked militant begins by saying i would like to talk to my brothers and sisters in france. and later continues by saying, make france explode. disintegrate france into pieces. shoot these guilty please in the head. shortly after release of the video five days before christmas, a man called out god is great in arabic and began stabbing police officers with a knife. he wounded several officers before he was shot dead. a french supremist with an isis flag on his facebook page. one day later a driver also shouting god is great, drove his
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vehicle into a cloud of pedestrians. at least 12 people are injured and he is arrested. then the very next day another driver, another vehicle into a crowd of people. this time at a christmas market. one person died in that attack. police arrested that driver, too. authorities believe he and the other attacked that you can may be mentally ill. in paris, shots are fired in a synagogue. nobody was hurt. the so call lone wolf incident, this headline translats into fear over christmas. and they added hundred of additional soldiers. >> and 1,000 have links to jihad. nearly 380 are present in syria and active in terrorist groups and learning terrorism and horror, then of course let me emphasize there is a threat of
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proportions never seen before. >> day after the car attack, shoppers returned wearing white arm bands in solidarity with the victims. >> we must come back. we have no choice. a sentiment shared in paris now as massive crowds turned up in support of those killed at charlie hebdo. cnn, atlanta. >> we'll take a very short break. as police scramble to track down the remaining suspect, we are digging in. at this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees.


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