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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 10, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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hello, everyone. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and of course all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. at this moment it's sunday morning in paris, 9:00 a.m. the city has just been gripped with terror all week since wednesday. the worst part is that it is not over. >> that's right. police and security forces killed three terror suspects on friday. one suspect remains on the loose. after two separate gun battles that went down at the same time. in one of them brothers cherif and said kouachi, wanted in the "charlie hebdo" massacre were killed outside a print shop north of paris on friday. >> and in the other, ahmedy
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coulibaly took people hostage. he killed four hostages there. police killed coulibaly when they raided the store bringing the standoff to a violent end. take a listen. and we're learning this detail. police say coulibaly's girlfriend was also involved in the killing of the policewoman. she's there on your screen. she remains on the run at this hour. authorities have found evidence linking coulibaly and the kouachi's brothers. the wife of sheriff kouachi and coulibaly's girlfriend. >> all of these people appear to be linked. we have information from the yemeni government saying there
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may be a link to the aqap and that may have led to the attack that we saw earlier this week. >> well since wednesday's shooting 17 victims of the terrorists have died and one suspect remains on the loose. as we explained, that dramatic police raid at a coacher market unfolded down the street from where our jim sciutto was standing and he takes us through a day that left france gripped with fear. >> reporter: two tense standoffs in two parts of the city. the first at a printing shop in the northeast, another at a coacher grocery in the east. parisians holding their breaths for hours, but authorities were waiting for their moment. several loud explosions gunfire and in a flash near simultaneous raids bring two hostage standoffs to a rapid and violent end. the first standoff near charles
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degals airport. cherif kouachi answers a phone call. we're just telling you that we are the defenders of prophet muhammad. i was sent me cherif kouachi, by al qaeda in yemen. the result summed up in a tweet by the french ambassador to the u.s. quote, the two terrorists quote, are dead,, the hostage, alive. those two terrorists the same brothers hossa take at the offices of "charlie hebdo" on wednesday left 12 dead and began a tense, riveting three days of attacks, manhunts and hostage taking. they describe the nervous attacks. >> translator: we were standing near the door. michelle introduced himself as an policeman. >> reporter: we witnessed the second operation live on cnn's
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air. >> reporter: now i'm hearing gunfire. multiple shots, automatic fire. i'm going to stop speaking there just so you can hear it as well as i am. it's continuing. another explosion. >> reporter: an untold number did not survive. the hostage taken, ahmedy coulibaly dead. his accomplice hayat boumeddiene on the run. on friday with shoppers preparing for the jewish sabbath, witnesses described a terrifying scene. >> translator: we heard someone scream in french i think, then in arabic. that was followed by the arrival of police officers and they started to get down hide behind cars and they started exchanging fire. >> reporter: a western
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intelligence source says ahmedy was a close source of cherif the younger brother since 2010. their association since is unclear. just one of the mysteries from a violent three days here in the city. >> let's go ahead and connect with our team on the ground there in france. we're zbroind outside the kosher market in paris and jim biddeman is there. both of you were invaluable yesterday as this all unfolded. let's begin with you. let's talk about what was really unique about that attack. president francoise hollande called it anti-semetic. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah absolutely.
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we heard french president francois hollande saying it was an anti-semetic attack. this kosher shop wasn't just used by the jewish community here but also by the muslim community. so in many ways many people telling me it's an attack on all pa reeshians. i was here last year when we saw a rise of anti-semetic attacks against the french community. we saw shops being burned looted. i spoke to the head of the jewish community at the time and he said the beginning of 2014 he had seen a 40% rise in attacks against the jewish community. worst bearing in mind that was the time that we were seeing a lot of activity in gaza as a lot of problems in the middle east as well. so that could be related. we know now that he was specifically targeting the jewish community, but we also know errol, getting a picture of what happened inside the store. i'm going to move out of the
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way. i'm going to let adrian give you a shot of the super cache. everything is barry kidded. there were ten police vans there two or so hours ago. we have been hearing from witnesses. one of the witnesses told our cnn affiliate bfm tv that basically he tried to escape via one of the elevators basically in the store. he tried to convince the fellow hostages to join him but they were just too scared. they were scared that something was going to happen to them so he had an idea. he said why don't we all hide. some of us hide in the freezer, and that's what they did. they hid in the freezer for five hours. but there's an even more chilling account that we've heard in the last hour or so. a lady by the name of maki has told our cnn affiliate really what happened from the moment she went into the shop and this gives you an idea of not only what they went through but also
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the state of mind of coulibaly. the moment we went in we heard boom. we saw the guy, he had a bullet proof vest a green vest. he was holding two kalashnikovs. we were sitting and at our right there were two corpses. he scared us because he told us i'm not afraid to die and he said either i die or i go to jail for 40 years. he knew this was his last day. there was somebody who was behind us. she tried to take ahold of his gun but did not manage to. he retaliated by shooting her in the head. we were afraid we were not going to get out of there alive because we thought his demands were impossible to satisfy, that
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all french army get out of islamic countries. frankly, i'm very happy to be alive. >> absolutely shocking and chilling account there from marie. we're going to show you a closeup of the wall so you get an idea of we're seeing bullet holes really in that wall. really shows you how intense it was there. but, you know that is just one of many accounts we are hearing. we i'm sure in the next 24 hours or so will hear even more. many of the whose stages errol, it's too raw. still in a state of shock but it really gives you an idea of what happened in there but also also the state of mind of coulibaly. knowing he had a record and why they didn't keep track on him. >> so unimaginable for us to
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think of what it was like for those who were in that supermarket behind you, that one woman saying this man wasn't afraid to die and watching as he shoots another woman in the head. absolutely horrible. isa suarez live for us. rosemary. >> chilling details coming from a hostage. as isa says we'll hear more. let's turn to jim bidderman who's covering the other part of the story for us. the police raid that took down the two brothers. he joins us from a printing plant where it ran not far from charles degal airport. as they come to grips with this. many are asking how french authorities missed this given they knew so much about the kouachi brothers. >> reporter: that's a real question that's being raised around here this morning. the fact is a lot of people are
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relieved just to see this all over the immediate events over but there's a lot of questions being asked about this whole thing from the very beginning. for one thing, these brothers the kouachi brothers who died here in dammartin yesterday morning, exactly why they weren't being tracked in a close fashion by the police who had -- literally had tens of thousands of pages of phone transcripts of their conversations between each other and the people in the middle east and had photographic evidence going back starting ten years ago, that they were tracking them up to a point and at some point i guess decided that they weren't worth the manpower to continue tracking them because they were totally unaware that there was this plot forming to attack "charlie hebdo." there was other questions, too. why, in fact if it's according to reports that the police
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guards were withdrawn, a truckload of police guards were withdrawn at "charlie hebdo" weeks before the attack why that was done when in fact the prime minister said just before christmas that the threat level in france was as high as it's ever been. there are a lot of questions i think that will be raised but for the moment there's general relief that the immediate events are over. we're here in dammartin-en-goele. life is coming back to normal. one gentleman said he's still very scared. they haven't seen anything like that around here or around france. we see military operations with hundreds and hundreds of police involved and these shootouts like we saw here a violent end to this that brought an end to the kouachi brothers. >> fine situation for a lot of parents whose children were in schools in lockdowns. they were desperate to get to
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their kids who were being shuttled away. jim bidderman. we are learning more about what caused the kouachi brothers to go on the deadly rampage. >> one may have crossed paths with a well-known al qaeda terrorist. we'll investigate that angle of this story after the short break. stay with us.
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welcome back to cnn special
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coverage. we're learning authorities have found evidence linking ahmedy coulibaly and the kouachi brothers. >> the wife and the kouachi's exchanged phone calls.alled into a tv station first to discuss his terror plans and his relationship with the kouachi brothers. cnn cannot confirm this phone call but we think it is relevant here. do take a listen to the audio we received from our french affiliate. >> translator: are you in touch with the two brothers who perpetrated the attack at "charlie hebdo"? >> translator: yes, we spoke and we're synchronized. >> translator: are you still in touch with them? are you on the phone with them? >> translator: no. >> translator: you are synchronized in which way? are there any other events planned? do you have a scenario in mind?
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>> translator: no. we synchronized from the beginning. they started "charlie hebdo" and i started the policeman. >> coulibaly said he was linked to isis. we also know that one of the brothers the kouachi brothers did receive weapons training from al qaeda affiliate in yemen. for more of this we bring in john gohel, he's an international security director and joins us via web cam. regular viewers will be reminded from london. thanks again for your time sir john. i want to talk about one of the kouachi brothers and the training that he received. the training of jihadis is nothing new. the training from aqap to attack also not new. where exactly in your view then did french officials drop the ball here? because they did appear to have quite a lot of information.
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>> there are areas, gaps that have existed now in the french security apparatus which is unfortunate. in the past they've had a good track record with the blow back from algeria in the 1990s and subsequently in the aftermath of the 91/11 attacks. this illustrates gnat security apparatus has had problems both in the case of said and cherif kouachi. in the case of cherif kouachi, the connection to iraq where he was prosecuted a few years back from creating a network to travel and insight terrorism. it's going to have to be investigated why not enough focused surveillance was done of these individuals. >> another question is what is the answer what is the appropriate answer the manpower for surveillance doesn't appear to be there. you talked about cherif. he in fact served time 18 months for terror-related
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charge ended up meeting apparently reportedly al qaeda contacts while he was serving time so what is the issue here as far as where these holes are being exposed in the french system? is it about the harsh punishment that perhaps needs to be readdressed or is it about the flip side social outreach to many perhaps arab or north africans in france and more inclusion for them? where do you think the hole is exactly? >> social outreach does get mentioned a lot, but we have to keep in mind that these individuals have bought into an ideology whether it is from al qaeda in the raven peninsula or whether it is isis in iraq the narrative is very much a warped ideology where they have shown no mercy in killing civilians like the journalists and the muslim police officer that was shot dead on the streets of paris. there has to be an investigation into the network developed in
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france that has largely gone unnoticed. if cherif kouachi got further radicalized in prison it's another network to another person called jamall galal. his connection to the u.k. connected to the notorious abu hamsa. there's a network that's taking place and we've focused on the blow back from iraq and syria, pakistan, al qaeda. we've not looked enough with the connection with yemen. >> let me just quickly ask this with the little bit of time i've got left. what then do you make of the suspect still on the loose. if the brothers have been killed this third suspect also killed this fourth suspect appears to be a girlfriend. how much of a threat is she if in fact she was a part of all of this and is still on the loose? >> well the suspect connected
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to ahmedy coulibaly needs to turn herself in. if she's not done anything wrong, then there's nothing to fear. france has its own procedures. my concern is she may have been ideologically disturbed as well. we know women are playing a much more prominent role in terrorist-related activities especially the self-inspired ones. one hopes this is the end of the tragedies in france. while she's still on the loose there is that concern we could have some incident take place. >> much better to turn herself in than to meet the same end of those she's suspected to be coordinated with. john thank you once again director of the asian pacific. we appreciate that. many people in the muslim community including the leader of hezbollah are outraged with the acts of terrorism in france.
12:23 am
they said acts of terror in the name of islam are causing more harm to the religion than any cartoon would. >> translator: and those through their actions, words and shameful, heinous, violent, inhuman and brutal practices offended the messenger of god, the religion of god, the book of alla and the muslim nation more than his enemies did. even those who have attacked the messenger of god through books depicting the prophet are making films depicting the prophet or drawing cartoons of the prophet. >> sayyed there. as they gathered at mosques, many held signs to show their support for the people of france and condemn the terror attacks. one sign raid not in my name.
12:24 am
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brothers suspected in the "charlie hebdo" attack ended dramatically friday in a village near paris. >> stores shut down people were told to stay inside and police evacuated students to safety. minutes later, explosions and gunfire rang out. atika shubert has reaction to the dramatic siege. >> reporter: the day began with police flooding the tiny town fof dammartin-en-goele. parents rushed to get their children. now this is the road leading to that industrial site. there's an elementary school right here. we're seeing a flurry of activity by police to evacuate the children to safety as soon as possible. they have several buses and a police escort. the children came out in twos and threes clutching the hands
12:28 am
of their teachers so small a police officer had to lift them into the waiting bus. as he waits, teddy madlon says he does not know how he will explain this to his 5-year-old son. >> he saw all the policemen and it's like a war here. it's just like -- so i don't know. i don't know what i'm going to explain to him. >> reporter: at the homes just behind the office under siege an eerie quiet. around the corner here are police. they do not want us to go any further. they do not want us to film there. we did go into this home right here and talk to the owner. we could see from there the building and -- but we can't see what's taking place inside. now they've asked all the residents to come in close their windows and doors. pretty much this area is on lockdown. by late afternoon the last children were evacuated to safety but minutes later, this -- automatic gunfire,
12:29 am
explosions then silence. both suspects dead. the employee trapped inside safely freed just as the sun set, but it will be a long time before life here returns to normal. atika shubert dammartin-en-goele france. >> as police are tracking down the remaining suspect, we're digging into her past and her relationship with one of the hostage takers. stay with us.
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welcome back to cnn's continuing special coverage of the french terror attacks. i'm errol barnet.
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>> i'm rosemary church. here's the latest. three suspects were killed friday in two different police raids. the two brothers behind the "charlie hebdo" attack were killed out side a print shop. ahmedy coulibaly was shot on thursday. >> the search is underway for the woman that ahmedy coolulibaly lived with. hayat boumeddiene, there were reports she was there initially but now that remains unclear. four hostages were killed but a french prosecutor tells cnn that may have happened before the police raid. two police officers were injured. meantime we are learning more about the 26-year-old female suspect now on the run from police. she was apparently the
12:33 am
girlfriend of the hostage taker at the kosher market. cnn's andrew field tells us more about high add boumeddiene. >> reporter: she may be the most wanted woman in france hayat boumeddiene. her alleged accomplice ahmedy coulibaly killed when police raided the kosher grocery store when he took more than a dozen hostages killing four of them. new photos show more of their shared past. published by a french new hampshire, it showed the two of them in southern france. boumeddiene in a burka wielding a crossbow. this person known as djamel beghal. the brothers were killed during a separate police raid.
12:34 am
according to prosecutors boumeddiene has had five calls with cherif kouachi's companions. >> reporter: she was linked to counter terrorism police in 2010. she started a relationship with coulibaly that same year and that same year she met with him parisians of prison. the two reportedly lived together and traveled to malaysia. >> this woman does not have much to lose so to speak, if hero man particular partner has been killed if her life of freedom is over in france. she can access the capability to conduct another attack that's certainly within the cards. >> reporter: french and u.s. authorities are sharing intelligence hoping to track her down. alexandra field, cnn, new york. we are also learning a lot
12:35 am
more about said and cherif kouachi. arwa damon takes a closer look at the brothers and their apparent journey to jihad. >> reporter: around a decade ago in the 19th district of paris two orphan brothers began their journey to so-called jihad. said and cherif kouachi's path seemed to differ. little is known about said the elder of the two, other than he traveled a few years ago to yemen meeting terror groups there. cherif went from rap loving hipster to radical. this video was made in 2004, not long after his life changed course. it was at this mosque now under reconstruction. he met and studied under extremest fared benyettou.
12:36 am
sheriff cherif is said to have trained here. despite links that later ee mejed to benyettou's recruitment ren, cherif was released for time already served. he seemingly fell off the intelligence radar. this mosque is where he last worshipped along with 2300 others. we're told he wasn't even among those who were particularly devout. for the big prayers, for the big events he preferred to come hire this representative says. five minutes away, cherif's residence, this building apartment 143. the one neighbor on his floor who answered the door in no mood to talk. few are. another of the residents who lived on the third floor did not want to appear on camera but he did say he saw cherif on a number of occasions, at times with his wife.
12:37 am
she was dressed in the full black islamic garb with just her eyes showing. she was described as being fairly discrete keeping to themselves but on few occasions heard loud voices from the apartment. at the local kabob schaub these men said they were shocked when they saw cherif's picture on tv describing him as polite. exhibiting no signs of his radical views. one man says he remembers him helping elderly women with their groceries. the brothers are the exact kind of jihadis western intelligence fears, one that doesn't look or act like the perfect terrorist. arwa damon, cnn, paris. breaking news just into "cnn newsroom." the tail section of airasia flight 8501 has been pulled to the water's surface near indonesia. divers discovered it underwater
12:38 am
on wednesday. you'll recall the tail is normally where the plane's crucial black boxes are held but officials have expressed doubt that they are still there. 162 people were killed when the plane crashed after taking off from surabaya indonesia. 48 bodies have been recovered so far. still ahead for you, one of the most prominent fixtures of the parisian skyline is doning the phrase paris est charlie. we'll be back in a moment.
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. welcome back. it's been a week that parisians will never forget. the past three days of terror have left the city shaken and stunned. in the midst of this grief there is a sign of solidarity and strength there in the french capital. the french words for paris is charlie lit up and projected here across the heart of paris. incidentally it's near where one of -- i should say near where wednesday's attack took place and as french president francois hollande said unity is the country's greatest defense. >> translator: i express myself to the french people this is our best weapon unity that we
12:42 am
must demonstrate our determination to fight against anything that can divide us. >> mr. hollande will also attend a national unity rally in paris on sunday along with german chancellor angela merkel and the prime ministers of brittain spain, italy and finland. it will honor the values of the slain french cartoonists and the expression of freedom their work represented. our halla garani spoke with christian milaud about that rally and what je suis charlie means to the french. >> reporter: thanks for being with us. i don't know if our viewers can see it but paris est charlie is projected on the arc of triumph here. france wants to show and the city wants to show the world we are resilient? >> yes. it corresponds to the message that wanted to be delivered by
12:43 am
president hollande but vigilance, solidarity. this is what it means before the march where a lot of european leaders will come over from cameron, spain, angela merkel i guess will come over. we'll have all europe all united i should say. this is what the meaning, the message that french president hollande wants to convey. >> i can't remember another tragic event where leaders of countries have converged on to a european capital like paris to show their support for a president, francois hollande. this is the biggest domestic crisis they've ever faced. >> i think they're all aware of the fact that they might be threatened with terrorism after what happened to several countries far away from europe like australia and canada. this kind of terrorism can be exported and it comes to europe and france has been the target
12:44 am
and still will be the target because we could see when you hear president hollande tonight, he was very careful. no triumph. the issue was okay in spite of the fact we had four five people dead in this shop. the prime minister said we need to adapt a new message to counter the new form of terrorism which is barbaric. the problem in france -- >> but what is the message? the police scene has been done. the surveillance has been done. it's angered people. by the way, french intelligence services are very good at keeping tabs on potential terrorists. they foil plots. they don't necessarily publicize it but they do but how much more surveillance can a free society accept? how much more policing can it accept? what is the other solution here? >> we need to give far more arms to the police because you remember the poor policeman was
12:45 am
shot by the terrorists with a small pistol and the other a kalashnikov. the solution is to strengthen the exchange of information, be careful to watch the web more carefully and have more exchange. >> what's beyond policing beyond arms beyond surveillance? that's the question now? >> when we have this kind of information you are eluding to the signal concerning the two brothers knowing they were very dangerous, they were trained, they were in jail they were out, how could they have gotten started on this kind of terrorist action? i think we have a problem as i said many many times. i reit rate what i have said we have been very neglectful. too much laxism. we have to look at this -- >> you know many people will disagree with you on this and they will say, christian, we've done all those other things okay? we need to address a deeper
12:46 am
issue in this country. >> we need to work more on prevention and not wait until the very end when it's a tragedy. >> the justice minister you're referring to? >> yes. >> yes. absolutely. >> heated discussion there. also drivers are starting to come forward to share their stories. terror they've seen unfold in front of their eyes. jake tapper sat down with them who faced the "charlie hebdo" people straight on. >> reporter: three of the four terror suspects are dead. they did not go quietly. in the day's long wake today's relief does little to relieve the trauma they left behind the brutality of these terrorist's makes the survivor's stories all the more remarkable. hours before a dramatic scene
12:47 am
unfolded a salesman told us that he had shaken one of the gunman's hands as they arrived at a print shop in dammartin-en-goele. >> people that i assumed were policemen said they were members of the paris force and they interrogated me greatly. i suppose he was a terrorist. he was wearing a uniform and he had a bullet proof vest on. >> despite that close encounter, he was remarkably lucky. so too, is patrick pilot, a columnist at "charlie hebdo."
12:48 am
offices during the attack. >> a colleague was going for a smoke outside and he told us that two guys two persons were sitting out and getting two call lisch kalashnikovs. >> we heard two shots and then more and more shots. it was like a massacre. bodies on the left into the meeting room and the other people from -- from "charlie hebdo" who were spared or who were hiding. >> reporter: among those who survived survived laurent, he hid under a table when the gunman entered the room. i was just in front of him when i threw myself back.
12:49 am
i heard him in french we do not kill women. i was curled up in the corner. this is probably what saved me. sadly he will not be the last account of carnage in this ongoing story and his colleagues are not the only victims, but today we can be grateful for at least this there were survivors able to walk away. >> now the manhunt for the french terrorists began wednesday and it ended in a hail of gunfire explosions at two separate locations friday. >> we will have a breakdown of all events from the beginning to end right after the short break. do stay with us.
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right now police in and around paris are searching for a woman who may have been involved in this week's string of terror attacks. according to a police spokesman hayat boumeddiene is believed to have been in a kosher grocery store during friday's raid and she may have escaped with a group of hostages according to some early reports. >> other reports indicate she was never inside in the first place. boumeddiene is accused in thursday's shooting death of a french police officer. she allegedly lived with fellow terrorism suspect ahmedy coulibaly who was killed in the grocery store raid. well the terrorist attacks in paris have gripped the city and of course the world for the last four days. it started with a deadly shooting at "charlie hebdo"
12:53 am
magazine. >> and it ended with two separate simultaneous raids by police where the terror suspects were killed. isa suarez has the timetable of the tragic events. >> reporter: brazen cold blooded and methodical demeanor apparently trained. this amateur video taken of the "charlie hebdo" attackers as they fled shortly before noon on wednesday was among the starting points of what had become an unprecedented manhunt. >> 80,000 people have been mobilized of which 9800 in france. >> reporter: within hours police had a lead on suspects. one of them had left his i.d. in the abandoned get away car. >> it was a mistake. the single mistake. >> reporter: the search was on for said and cherif kouachi. they were on u.s. terrorist
12:54 am
watch lists. later on they went to one place where said kouachi had lived. around the same time a third suspect, 18-year-old hamyd mourad turned himself in. they retained nine people. the two gunmen still remained at large. thursday more terror as a policewoman was shot dead. her killer was connected to the "charlie hebdo" suspects. a short time after the shooting the kouachi brothers were reportedly seen at a gas station in villerspcotterets. don't go through the forest. don't go around the forest to avoid run being into them. >> reporter: air and ground searches were concentrated around the woods until 10:00 friday morning when the hunt became a siege at an industrial state in dammartin-en-goele. the two suspects hold up in a printing workshop with a
12:55 am
hostage. >> we were standing in front of the door to the factory. i shook the hand of michel the owner, and the terrorist. he introduced him self as a policeman. i then got into my car and left and michel the owner, led the man into the factory. >> reporter: heavily armed police placed the town in lockdown as heavily armed police surrounded the scene and negotiating with the brothers who told them they wanted to die as martyrs. then three hours later a second siege unfolded. hayat boumeddiene and ahmedy coulibaly were reportedly holding hostages in a supermarket. after more than three days of terror on the french streets, police had all of the key suspects surrounded. three hours later, explosions and smoke. simultaneous confrontations left the two brothers responsible for the "charlie hebdo" attack dead.
12:56 am
coulibaly was also killed when police raided the supermarket. isa suarez cnn, paris. >> chilling details there throughout that time line. thank you so much for joining us. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. we have two more hours of our special coverage. stay with us. -- captions by vitac --
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hello and welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> thanks for your company. we do of course begin in france where police and security forces killed three terror suspects one remains on the run. >> it happened when two gun battles went down at the same time. in one, the brothers wanted in the charlie hebdo massacre. >> the paris prosecutor