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tv   Forensic Files  CNN  January 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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welcome back. i'm natalie allen with our top stories here on cnn. we continue to follow breaking news out of paris after multiple acts of terror there. here is the latest. in just a few hours, france's interior minister will host international leaders to discuss the recent events. the minister said the meeting would symbolize their solidarity with france. also today, as many as one million people expected to march in a unity rally in paris. officials say of course they're taking extra security measures, as you can imagine, including snipers, plain-clothed officer and much that we don't know. also we're hearing multiple terror sleeper cells have been awakened in the last 24 hours. law enforcement officers are being warned to stay vigilant.
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let's return now to cnn's easea suarez who is up there as daylight comes. the meeting, these are high-level meetings with leaders from the world to talk about how in the world this is fought. >> exactly, natalie. in about two hours' time, sort of about 10:30 local time here in paris, there will be an international ministerial meeting that's being led by the interior minister of france. about 14 ministers will be here, including the u.s. attorney eric holder. they'll all be meeting together for about two hours or so. i looked at the schedule they have put in place. and they're talking, rediscussing counterterrorism measures in light of what has
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happened here in paris this week, but also how to tackle foreign fighters. because this is a huge topic and one that i'm sure we'll be listening to and hearing a lot more about. there's an estimated 600 young people have left from paris, gone to syria, to wage jihad and the concern is, what happens, many questions being asked, what happens when they come back? how do we tackle this? so implications that we've seen this week, they have weaponry, they've been trained. we saw the kouachi brothers. they had been trained in yemen by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we've seen weapons and coordination. so the game has changed slightly. and i think the meeting will look to tackle that. how exactly do we stop this flow of fighters? how also do we control it? because there's been so much pressure on the french government and french
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intelligence regards -- regarding the kouachi brothers. they had a history. they'd been to yemen. why did they slip out of authority's fingers. why did they decide after three years of monitoring them, they were no longer a threat? these are all questions they will be tackling, and also perhaps talking about the intelligence, they should be sharing more intelligence between each country. so huge topics, but one of course that there's no answer, but at least a debate is being had about this. because the terrorist attack we've seen this week is not a problem just here in paris, but indeed all over the world. europe's borders, you can so easily travel from one country to another. and that's a huge concern, how to tackle these fighters who are coming, gone to syria and then coming back trained and with the connections they may have. natalie? >> absolutely. that national debate will have
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to take place and it will take some time, but meantime, the people will take to the streets today. and you've been covering this story for the past few days. you were outside that grocery store, that kosher market. and you saw it first hand, how people are reaching out to one another right now and will do it again this afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i was -- i've been in different locations. i've been outside the offices of "charlie hebdo." i also was outside the kosher store. and it was just -- it's just so moving to see such different religious world leaders come together, holding hands, bringing flowers with banners that say "je suis charlie," we are charlie. basically saying, terrorists will not divide us, they will not separate us. we are united. the problem that france is facing at the moment, it's not a
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jewish problem, it's not a muslim problem, it's all our problem. it's moving to see that. but it's a debate that will need to be had. it's a national debate. already we're starting to hear a lot on french media, where do we go from here in terms of integrating the muslim community who many feel so disenfranchised. there are five million muslims in france. that's the biggest -- biggest muslim community in western europe. many people looking to that debate and to start a discussion about how to integrate them into society without, of course, without creating stigmatization, which is so important. >> thanks so much, isa. we'll see you again and we'll cover the rally that will take place in a few hours there in paris. >> many are questioning, could investigators have done more to try to thwart this from
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happening? these suspects were known. authorities do try to keep track of people who could be potential terror threats, but of course there are challenges. earlier i spoke with our national security analyst about that. >> the french are clearly and obviously embarrassed by this. all of these people are suspects prior to the attacks. they should have been under surveillance. it makes me wonder if they weren't the most important targets, who is more suspicious than them and what are they up to? but getting back to that one state, once the attacks had occurred, and they had these suspects, it was a matter of going through the metadata to determine who these people were and that's when they come up with the telephone records and the flight reservations and they've clearly gone to ankara to find out that she had arrived in turkey and then probably walked across the border into syria. but in all these investigations, the first leads are often wrong and lead nowhere. but i think we'll get the full
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picture within a week or two. >> right. i want to talk to you about tracking these people who are on all of these watch lists. we've read so many things in the past three days, everyone talking about how you keep up with thousands of people that set off red flags and are known to have gone to yemen or afghanistan or to isis. some say it's impossible to track their every move, but you would dispute that? >> no, i think you can track them in the west, or the united states. and you can figure out who is communicating with whom on cell phone calls and the rest of it. and traveling together. the problem really occurs when these people disappear in syria or yemen. i mean, there are legitimate schools, you can study arabic or
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islam, the moderate form of it. but without a government in yemen or syria, we don't know what they're doing there. they simply wander out out of the capital of yemen, up into the mountains, go into a training camp. the government has no sources in these training camps. and they disappear for six months. i think the two shooters at the magazine that hit the magazine, the cartoonists, were clearly trained in a camp. there was a very professional attack. but there's no way for western intelligence to figure out what they're doing in these countries. >> and i want to ask you too, now there are reports of so-called sleeper cells being activated. exactly what does that mean? >> that means there are probably isolated groups in france that are armed, maybe with automatic weapons or even bombs, that have been given orders to carry out a follow-on attack to these two
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attacks. and the french clearly are taking this seriously. they've advised the police to carry their arms, which isn't always usual in france. and to get off social media sites. so they have some tangible leads that there could be an attack on french police. i think it's credible because you have to look at the attacks on the grocery store. was a very direct attack against jewish people. and the attacks on the magazine were an effectively assassinations, and the murder of the police. so you're seeing a group that's very well focused, very well disciplined and the french think any disciplined group like this, there will be follow-on attacks. so they have reason to be worried. >> well, the hostage situation at that kosher market in paris ended three days of terror there. 21-year-old yoavhattab was among
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the victims killed. hattab's friend told cnn he no longer feels safe in his own community. >> translator: i think we should be united. we shouldn't be afraid. it's weakness. however, we need to react now. we didn't react before. but we need to react right now. we need to take new measures. politicians need to take new measures to stop this. from what i understood, it's possible that this isn't over and that there would be other attacks. if there are other attacks, we already have 20 people dead in only three days. it's like a civil war in a country. i thought i was safe. and since friday afternoon in my own city, i'm afraid to leave my own home, in a way. >> we'll be hearing from so many
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people later today that are going to take to the streets in a mass rally, up to one million set to show their support for paris after what happened this week. ahead here we'll have the latest on the preparations and concerns of police and security forces. also ahead this hour, officials now have the tail from airasia flight 8501. the next quest, the black boxes. we'll have a live report from jakarta. vo: 85 percent of people who travel
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welcome back. it could be a matter of days before officials find the crucial black boxes from airasia flight 8501, that according to the crash investigators. the plane's tail, as you can see it there, was lifted from the water saturday. but the flight recorders were not inside. officials did hear pings nearby and they have intensified the search for those recorders. cnn correspondent david mogo joins us from jakarta. david, time is ticking certainly to find those. the tail has been found, but these black boxes, they hold the critical information that everyone is waiting for, perhaps. >> reporter: natalie, that's absolutely right. time is ticking. but the search is ramping up today. sunday, day 15 of the search, two weeks since that plane took off from surabaya and crashed into the java sea.
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what we're hearing are a lot of different reports from different officials out in the search zone and on land, hearing pings are possible, pings from those black boxes, detecting objects. one of the search and rescue officers said sonar from a ship picked up an object about ten meters or 30 feet long. they're all over the place with the numbers, where the pings are coming from, but what's interesting, natalie, is all of these officials are starting to sort of agree that they are on the right track, that they are close, and it is just a matter of time before they find the black boxes and the main wreckage. the ceo of airasia group, tony fernandez, actually tweeted a short time ago. he said, quote, we are led to believe the black box may have been found. still not confirmed, but strong info coming. but my main thought is the fuselage. the main thoughts, he's saying,
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with the main wreckage where the rest of the passengers and crew, it's widely believed, are still in their seats or with that part of the wreckage. family saying, while you're looking for the black boxes, do not forget about us. natalie, the president here in indonesia promising this search will continue until all on board are recovered and returned to their families. >> we certainly hope that happens and soon. thanks so much, david. well, again, france trying to heal after three days af terror. coming up, a look at the deadly attacks that rocked the nation, how it all unfolded right after this. our shoe there. a price tag! danger! price tag alert! oh. hey, guys. price tag alert! is this normal? well, progressive is a price tag free zone. we let you tell us what you want to pay, and we help you find options to fit your budget. where are they taking him? i don't know. this seems excessive! decontamination in progress.
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well, this past week, for three days, france was gripped by terror in a series of deadly attacks. 17 people lost their lives in the violence. chief u.s. security correspondent jim sciutto shows us how this week unfolded. [ speaking french ] >> translator: during this ordeal i assure you that we'll get out even stronger. long live the republic, long live france. >> reporter: a call for unity by the french president after three days of terror rocked france, two sieges, 17 people dead. a country in mourning. it all began on wednesday. two armed gunmen stormed the offices of the satirical magazine "charlie hebdo" in paris. this amateur video taken of the attackers as they fled just
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shortly before noon. they escaped by car, stopping to execute a police officer laying on the sidewalk, begging for his life. when it was all over, 12 would be dead. and the suspects on the loose. as police descend on the crime scene, they find an i.d. card belonging to one of the gunmen, that and their abandoned get-away car. the starting point in what would become an unprecedented national manhunt. more than 80,000 join the search for two brothers for cherif kouachi, 32, and said, 34. both well known to french international intelligence. the world responds in solidarity on social media. i am charlie goes viral in numerous languages. thousands of people gathered to condemn the attack and mourn the victims. president hollande raises the terror alert to his highest
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level. a policewoman is shot dead in a paris suburb. it would later emerge her killer was connected to the "charlie hebdo" suspects. french commandos move into the countryside, searching for the two brothers. a gas station attendant reportedly telling police he was threatened by the brothers, stealing gas and food and driving off. police set up checkpoints as air and ground searches are concentrated around a wooded area some tens of thousands of acres large. 10:00 friday morning, the two brothers take refuge 20 miles away in a print start in dammartin en goele. heavily armed police put the charles de gaulle airport on lockdown. residents told to stay in inside, children shelter in place. police try to negotiate with the brothers who vowed to die as martyrs. three hours later, another siege in east paris. amedy coulibaly, suspected in the killing of the policewoman, holds more than a dozen people
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hostage in a kosher supermarket. >> translator: as soon as he got inside, he started shooting. he scared us because he told us, i'm not afraid to die. >> reporter: several hours later, explosions and smoke. a move by security forces to storm the print shop ended with two brothers dead. and minutes later, back in east paris -- [ gunfire ] -- police stormed the grocery store in an attempt to free the hostages. coulibaly dies in that attack. 15 hostages make it out alive. four do not. investigators still trying to piece together the web of connections among the suspects. and after more than three days of terror on french streets, the country begins mourning the loss of those killed and tries to cope with the shock of what happened. jim sciutto, cnn, paris. you can watch coverage of the paris unity march as it happens here on cnn.
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that's the next step in paris after what happened in this deadly week that they all suffered through. the rally begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, 3:00 p.m. local time. and of course keep up with all of cnn's coverage of the developments in france. head over to you'll find much of our extensive reporting from the ground and learn how you can get involved in the global conversation. again, thank you for joining us. we have much more news after this. i'm natalie allen from cnn center. ♪ ♪ ♪ car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that.
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preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. hello and welcome to our continuing coverage of the terror attacks in france. i'm rosemary church. thanks for joining us wherever you are across the globe. leaders from countries far and wide will join hands with the people of france on sunday. we are now about six hours from the start of a massive unity rally that's expected to draw as many as a million people into the streets of paris. french police say exceptional security measures will be in place. the prime ministers of russia, israel and the united kingdom will be among theum


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