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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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coming forward and saying we are french, very moving. >> indeed. that tidal wave of humanity that was called for has shown up. there is the french eiffel tower as we move right now to frederick owe to carry on our live coverage. hello everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield in atlanta. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're looking at live pictures from paris at the grand synagogue, a symbolic and very poignant message being sent with the french president, francois hollande sitting alongside the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at services there. this on a day when millions of people by various estimations
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come out in france for a day of unity. this many days after that three-day siege in paris, beginning with that terror attack on the magazine publication where 12 people 12 journalists were killed and then followed by others killed at a supermarket in paris and also a police woman in paris as well. my colleague is also in paris. still, many people in the tens of thousands perhaps. it is nightfall there in paris. but still many people have descended on this city really sending a very symbolic message of solidarity. people of all walks, jews as well as muslims, people of all walks there in paris. give me an idea of the sense or the real feeling there, especially as this service is continuing to get under way at the grand synagogue there in paris. >> reporter: just past 8:00 p.m.
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here in paris. plus the crowds may have thinned but the sound level has not gone down. quite the contrary. i have very excited people behind me happy to be here after what was a historic day. we're hearing by some accounts this may have been the largest demonstration in the history of france. those are numbers we have to check to get a definitive final confirmed figure. here is the latest for the viewers around the states and around the world. we welcome everyone. as you mentioned, fred the president of francois hollande and the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu are visiting the grand synagogue in paris. we're expecting benjamin netanyahu to make a speech. we'll get to that when that happens. the investigation, we understand according to some sources who have spoken to authorities that there was a connection between the market attack conducted by
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cue bali and potentially someone in paris. as far as the worldwide reaction what's happened in france the group hamas has condemned the "charlie hebdo" massacre. among the other developments related to this story, the french ambassador the ambassador to france represented the united states here. there have been some raised eyebrows that the u.s. was not sending a higher level representative when across europe for instance we saw the german chancellor, for instance or the prime minister of the uk. also among the other developments in belgium, the newspaper there has evacuated its building in brussels following a bomb scare. all right. back to what's going on right now. we have people behind me in case you're wondering what they're chanting. they're saying france is the capital of the world. we heard from the french president that paris today is the capital of the world.
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my colleague fred pletgen. not sure where you are, fred. but we'll get to you in a moment. in the meantime let's get to arwa damon with the latest she knows. hi there, arwa. >> reporter: hi hala. we're in front of the synagogue where they're speaking. not just the french president, the israeli prime minister and the christian and muslim faith as well. this part of that ongoing massive show of unity that we have been seeing transpiring throughout the entire day. now, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has offered those four jews who were killed during the kosher market, the opportunity to be buried in israel. this has been for everybody an
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incredibly difficult time. but when it comes to the jewish communityn particular for them it has underscored what many of them are calling the significant increase in anti-semitism in france. if you look at the numbers in 2014 some 7,000 jews left france for israel. that's double the number of 2013. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also saying that israel will welcome with open arms any jews that did want to go and reside there. france, however, wanting to keep its jewish community here feeling that they make up what is the uniqueness of this nation with its many different religions and ethnicities. while we're talking about religious tensions and violence the muslim community also concerned here as well because of what has happened. a lot of the younger muslims that we have been speaking to french muslims, saying that they really hope that what took place, the massacres at the
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hands of the gunmen do not then turn around and impact their own lives. they're very worried that they're going to be stigmatized by what has taken place. now, most certainly that does not seem to be the case when we look at the shear volume of numbers of everyone who has come out with different nationalities and ethnicities and religions. the nation and perhaps the world needs to capitalize on this show of unity that we have been seeing here in france today. try to turn that momentum that compassion that people have been able to feel for one another because of the horrific nature of the violence that took place here but also what we've been seeing taking place in a number of other countries, massacres happening on a fairly regular basis and turn that into something concrete. perhaps this is a wakeup call for everybody. not just because of the violence but also because it did show the capacity that we do have as members of the international
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community to show compassion for one another. the top leaders of so many countries coming here today. perhaps this an opportunity to try to turn that around into concrete action in the future so that various different nation ks address their own underlying issues in ways that will prevent this kind of violence from happening again hala. >> reporter: all right. arwa damon, thanks very much at the grand paris synagogue. we'll get back to the synagogue once the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu starts speaking. simone rah -- i'm not sure if i'm pronouncing your name correctly. she joins me live. thanks for being with us. let me ask you first for your thoughts on this evening. because of course after that attack on the kosher supermarket, the jewish community here in france is feeling targeted and rather insecure. what are your thoughts on this
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day? >> reporter: thank you very much for having me on hala. yes indeed the jewish community has been worried. it's really the consequence of feeling of insecurity for the past 15 years. we've had attacks really for the past 15 years basically increasing year after year. this year we will have probably about 1,000 anti-semitic acts committed. we have people who died certainly under this attack but even before. in 2012 we had the murders of jewish schoolchildren in the southern city of toulouse, france. it is an extremely difficult for the jewish community. to see such outpouring of support not only for the jewish community but for everything that has happened over the past three days is incredibly important for the jewish community. what they have been saying over and over and over again is the
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fact that the jewish community being threat yented is more than just that. it's not the fact that a minority is at risk but the entire nation is at risk. that a democracy is at risk and our entire values. >> now, we saw the french president francois hollande today meet with representatives of the jewish community in france at the palace. what do you think that france's jews want from their government in the current environment? what is it that they're looking for do you think? >> reporter: first of all, what i would like to say is that the government has been very outspoken and has been very very clear on their will to combat anti-semitism for the past few years. prime minister has been one of the most outspoken leaders on that leaders. president hollande himself has been very very clear. but what we're now looking for is very concrete steps.
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there needs to be much more needs to be done in terms of counter radicalization what is going on in prisons, questions arise very, very clearly. we have about nearly a thousand jihad i fighters that are involved in syria and iraq. they pose an imminent danger to our country. much more needs to be done on that. also there needs to be things done in terms of education in schools in terms of teaching tolerance, in terms of teaching about the religion of the other. these kind of steps are really asked for by the jewish community. >> reporter: and simone were you inspired in any way or encouraged by the show of unity today in paris and across france? we saw the rector of the paris mosque for instance in the front rows of this march. here in paris. we saw the paris cardinal for
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instance. i believe there's also a representative of the muslim community at this synagogue service this evening in paris. were you encouraged by all that happened today? >> reporter: yeah of course. how can't we? i was at the demonstration. it was an incredible feeling of unity. the fact that the three religions were present that representative from the muslim community was present is absolutely important. but what i hope is that this doesn't stop here. we need to hear voices much clearer, much louder. not only religious voices but even secular young muslims that have been silent. maybe because of fear maybe for other reasons. i believe that the vast majority of french young muslims believe in the french values believe in our democracy. they need to be speaking out. not only for themselves but for the good of our country. >> reporter: all right.
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well thanks for joining us. the director of the american jewish committee, simone benza. thanks for being with us on cnn. we're going to take a short break here on cnn international and cnn u.s. thanks for all of our viewers being with us around the world. we'll have a lot more on this big unity rally after a quick break. don't go away. eeeeeeeeeeeee financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
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a historic day here in paris. just a few days after that horrific massacre at "charlie hebdo." paris and all of france has come out in support of the victims and in support of the values of
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liberty and freedom of expression. you have all sorts of signs here behind me. after that hash tag went viral. you have all sorts of messages being printed and written on signs that people are carrying in this big unity rally and demonstration. i am jewish this of course after that attack on the kosher supermarket on friday in east paris. you have all sorts of things. then you have causes kind of several types of groups that have come out here to express or send out their messages to the world through the media as well. my colleague fred pleitgen has been covering this march from the beginning point of the march. fred where are you now and what's going on around you? >> reporter: i am actually at the place de la republique. the crowds still there. there are a lot of people on the
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place de la republique. they took the march to where you are. almost an hour and a half before they were able to start marching because the streets were that full. you were mentioning and some people were saying this is one of the biggest if not the biggest in the history of france. it might have been up to 1.5 million people here in paris. that was certainly the impression that we got on the ground as well. as we see these amazing pictures of the grand synagogue in paris here with francois hollande and benjamin netanyahu next to each other, one of the greatest things i saw was a group of muslims who came to us and wanted to speak on camera. they all had that saying on paper saying i am jewish. one was an imam and said he was fed up with the way things were going and was absolutely shocked by the events unfolding over the past couple of days and wanted to show his solidarity with the
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jewish community and wanted to say they're french citizens like everybody else. it was amazing. one of the women there, one of the muslim women was actually a police officer here in the french police force. she didn't want to show herself on camera. she was a police officer. of course also very important to say that in that initial attack on the "charlie hebdo" headquarters one of the police officers who was killed was in fact muslim him search. it was a big showing here today. huge crowd. i think aside from the fact that it was people of all faiths of all religion coming together there was of course also this great sense of defines. what i always heard again and again, we will not be silenced. we are not afraid. there were people calling for freedom of speech. there were pens being held up into the air and if nothing else it certainly was a reaffirmation of the core values of french society, of liberty, of freedom that are so important here. that's certainly something that was celebrated today without any sort of fear and certainly with that big sense of unity, hala.
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>> reporter: yes. given some of the threats and the tense environment across the country right now, it was a huge showing. let's be honest. over a million people by all accounts coming out in the streets. let me ask you about the investigation. we've got several other pieces of the puzzle completing the picture or on their way to completing this picture here. we have a video that's been circulating with the suspect in the hostage standoff at the kosher supermarket, as well as other elements concerning the woman who is believed to be his girlfriend. what more can you tell us about that fred? >> reporter: well you're absolutely right. there is that new video that was apparently posted by some extremist organizations showing amedy coulibaly pledging allegiance to isis. you can see the isis plag in the background. we can see very well here some of the arms that apparently he had. there's a rifle next to him there.
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one of the other things found today was the stash of weapons that he had. apparently they were more likely to be used in a war zone rather than inside a western european capital. we know that when he went into that kosher grocery store, he went in literally guns blazing shooting. there was one woman that he said he was not afraid to die and this was his last day and that made him so dangerous. that's one of the most important piece of the puzzle. that series of pictures posted today and also the fact that his weapon stash was found. also we did learn late last night that his alleged accomplice hey i can't boumeddiene was in turkey. she went there on january 2nd was immediately traced by turkish intelligence and security services because she did trigger an alert at the airport when she landed in istanbul. spent several days in istanbul before making her way to the
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turkish syrian border where her trace appears to have been lost. there's people who believe she might be in syria at this point in time out of the reach of french investigators, hala. >> reporter: all right. fred pleitgen where the huge rally started a little earlier on this sunday. thanks very much. we'll get back to you. stand by in the coming hours. let's go to samuel la rang a cnn terror analyst and joins us from our paris bureau. what do you make of this video that was apparently recorded by the suspect in the kosher supermarket shooting and hostage standoff? what does it tell us exactly? >> well it tell us a couple of things. actually this is rather typical of an i.s. video. you can compare it to another one that's been done in syria. by three belonging to isis.
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the speech is exactly the same. at one point it starts to ask the french muslims what they are doing, what they are doing to stand against what they see as an oppression for muslim in the french republic and obviously this speech is i would say, very formatted and therefore, obviously this gentleman, this terrorist tried basically to copycat the videos that are flowing over the internet and that are done by isis people in syria and iraq. >> but from all of our reporting, it doesn't appear as if this coulibaly individual ever went to syria. many of the isis videos we've seen that officially sanctioned by the group have a mark on them with a black isis flag in the corner. this one didn't. did this seem more amateurish more homemade to you?
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>> yeah. it is definitely more amateurish. in the videos produced by al hey yesterday or basically the production companies in the isis then obviously you have the flags and you have a morrow physician value to them. but actually you have to understand the mechanism of this is sending orders to muslim not only in syria and iraq but also to the whole muslim communities. therefore, this man has just followed the order of the khalif. in the video, he's basically saying he pledged allegiance to the khalif and acted as basically following orders to kill all westerners participating in the coalition and basically to bring the war to their country. he was also explaining the other day that, because the french and
11:24 am
the western soldiers were not ready to step in syria and iraq to come from the isis troops then the war shall be bring back to their own country. basically, this is the same rhetoric that we here in old isis video propaganda and we can assume that despite the fact that it has been homemade and that it doesn't come from syria, it has the same value and authenticity. >> now, hayat boumeddiene, the presumed girlfriend possibly in syria, that has to give us some clues as to the premeditation involved in this operation. but also some transfer of funds must have happened. i mean somebody had to pay for this trip. somebody to h. to greet this woman in turkey. >> exactly. actually somebody had to pay for the trip but somebody had to pay for the whole operation. you know as you know war
11:25 am
weapons are transferred by black markets. munitions are costly. all this operation required funding and they're hired at the heart of the problem. we knew that she had so many phone conversations in order to ensure logistic between her and the wife or girlfriend of the other brother, the cure aceh brothers. she was a mind of information. that's probably why she went back to syria. another thing, the fact that she's been signaled into istanbul at the day of her arrival. so therefore, that means that either -- and we don't know yet. there was refraining from the turkish intelligence service to transmit the information to the french because obviously this person was known. either this is another to be
11:26 am
added to i would say this series of mistakes that has been made and that ended up with the "charlie hebdo" and the hostage taking killings. >> with everything that's emerged over the last few days it seems like there was some significant failures in intelligence and in communication of vital information and we're going to continue to cover that aspect of the story as well. thanks very much samuel laurent. we'll speak to you a bit later. the latest from where we are right now. as you can see the crowds have thinned, but there's still a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind me. we'll bring you the latest on the unity march as well after a quick break. thanks for being with us. we'll be right back. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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♪ ♪ welcome back everybody. a remarkable scene inside the paris synagogue, of course
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which is the most important jewish site in paris. but just minutes ago, there was the singing of the french national anthem. let's listen for a moment to what happened inside the synagogue just a few minutes ago. the musical manifestation of a secular republic sung inside the grand synagogue of paris. a message, of course sent even from inside the synagogue that it is unity among religions, among faith that is the big message of the day. as i was mentioning earlier, i'm
11:31 am
at the place de la republique. the end of the rally. possibly the best demonstration in the history of modern france on this sunday. why is this country united on this day? because so many french people ordinary residents of paris, but even visitors as well i spoke to a futurists here today who said it was important for them to come out and reaffirm that the terrorists cannot win. after the carnage on wednesday at "charlie hebdo" and the terrible shooting and hostage taking at the kosher supermarket on friday they would not allow those messages to stand, that the message that they wanted the world to hear coming from france was one of harmony. jeanine di giovanni is joining me live. i'm sorry, morgan are we going back to the synagogue? no we're going to jeanine.
11:32 am
we were expecting benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister once he starts speaking we'll go to him. first of all, you saw all these world leaders in france today, marching arm in arm. but the highest level representative from the u.s. seemed to have been the american ambassador to france. what did you make of that? >> reporter: hala i was very disappointed to see that there wasn't a stronger representation on the american side. we had the u.s. ambassador to france of course and we had eric holder who was here for a conference anyway. i think that as an american living here, it was surprising that kerry, first of all, john kerry could not have flown back from india, that michelle obama couldn't have come if obama himself was unavailable. i think it's a disappointment and i think in some ways it will be a slight backlash. i think the french will take offense at it.
11:33 am
nearly every other leader was here and i think that it was very much if not sending a message, a slight act of disrespect. >> well you also had world leaders who may not be as excited about press freedom in their own country as they seem to be in france today and that's been another criticism, jeanine. >> you're talking about turkey i think. i do think that in many ways we can pick apart what happened today at the march. overall, it was a very strong show of solidarity of unity of strength and again of all of the principles of the republic that we know fraternity liberty, equality. but hala what i'm wondering is what's going to happen tomorrow. today was extraordinary. it was unprecedented. it was emotional. tomorrow is when it all starts. the march was not politicized. as you know. which was quite rare for a
11:34 am
french march. but will tomorrow it start, the politics and the extreme right perhaps using what happened last week as a chance to make this story their own? to own this? to use it to their advantage. these are some of the things i'm thinking about that i'm concerned about and also again attacks on muslims in mosques and various other places. hala? >> yeah. i have to say, i agree with you. it was a remarkable day. when i was standing here a few hours ago looking behind me with signs, it's considerably thinned out, it has to be said. but i am jewish i am muslim i am christian, we are all french. i have to say, it was quite emotional. i don't know what was going through your mind as you were watching this big unity rally unfold. >> incredibly emotional. being american and french i felt incredibly proud today of
11:35 am
how france has responded this entire week. francois hollande is a president with dignity. the people coming together with this kind of solidarity. i think it has really shown that the fear the sense that we can overcome this. whatever is going to lie in the future which we have to take with greater security. i mean one thing that is evident is that we're going to have much tighter security. not just in france but in all of europe. and this is going to have to start tomorrow. the day after. today was a great day of commemoration. but tomorrow is really when it will gino owe we'll begin to see what happens post "charlie hebdo." >> all right. thanks very much jeanine. joining me live in paris. we'll have a lot more after a quick break. we'll be right back. e announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels.
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all right. welcome back everyone. as we continue to cover this big unity rally in paris and in several cities across france on this day, the country coming together saying we will not allow the terrorists to win, to hijack our message of unity, of harmony, of liberty, of equality, of brotherhood of the french republic. you're seeing images coming to us from the grand synagogue in paris. we saw the former president nicolas sarkozy leave a few minutes ago. hollande is still there. benjamin netanyahu is still there perhaps to say a few words. if you're wondering what the loud music is behind me well it's an entire marching band that just made it here with a very large brass section. so if i'm speaking at a higher
11:40 am
volume than you're used to hearing me that is the reason why. the crowd has thinned here. but there is still, as you can see, a party atmosphere. people those who stayed behind finished their sunday evening with some color and some music and having a good time. all right. french president francois hollande is making his way out of the grand synagogue in paris. he won't be there in the synagogue when the israeli prime minister makes his remarks. that wasn't expected however, so that's not unusual. we'll be right back here on cnn with a lot more as we continue our coverage coming to us from the synagogue in paris. just to bring you up to date with more on what we know from paris. it appears as though this may have been the largest march in modern french history. 1.5 million people perhaps. up to 2 million according to
11:41 am
some estimates. but those final numbers will be coming to us i'm sure tomorrow once police and organizers communicate the definitive figures. all right. some people there making their way out of the grand synagogue. at the very end of this unity rally path the party is now in full swing. ♪ ♪ >> here's a look at the area with people holding up their signs, we are charlie, charlie is not dead. france is still standing. all right. let's get you you back to the grand synagogue in paris. the israeli prime minister
11:42 am
benjamin netanyahu making his way to the podium to make a statement and deliver a speech. let's listen in. [ applause ]
11:43 am
11:44 am
r: on this day this day of emotion i cannot express myself because i do not speak well enough in french to be able to express myself fully. so i will speak in hebrew with an interpreter.
11:45 am
but it must be precise interpretation, precise translation.
11:46 am
this day we citizens of israel and all the jews throughout the world --
11:47 am
[ applause ] >> translator: we determined president hollande and prime minister who have spoken out against the scourge of anti-semitism and against terrorism and here in france it's important i'd like to express my thanks -- i'd like to express my condolences to all the families of the journalists who were killed all these
11:48 am
innocent people who were killed just carrying out their everyday lives and everyday duties. these values which -- and this worries france these values -- we have to fight for these values. in the streets of paris today.
11:49 am
[ applause ] >> translator: i'd like to give my thanks to the citizens including the muslim
11:50 am
. i've come here in order to join you this evening. [ inaudible ]
11:51 am
remember them eternally. [ applause ] >> translator: being remembered in our hearts. alas we've been living with these threats for years, these murders. for years we've been fighting terrorism. and personally, the pains of
11:52 am
terrorism and pains of these losses and the many hostages who were taken and to the person who was killed trying to save the hostages.
11:53 am
[ applause ] >> translator: but alas he died in acts of terrorism. and soldiers fighting against terrorism in these operations. thank you. [ applause ] >> translator: we are thinking today of these victims ancient,
11:54 am
proud people we are. we will overcome this.
11:55 am
11:56 am
fundamentalists islam.
11:57 am
ey want to take over the world world, want to bring humanity backwards. in particular in the way that
11:58 am
they attack western cultures freedom, freedom and rights these values --
11:59 am
ive. ize israel and hates israel and the west.
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o the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu at the grande paris synagogue right now. in the