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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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and on and on. is there any more security there could be in that half block space when they shot that image of these world leaders marching? i think the point is look, there's a special relationship the united states has with france. i think culturally the united states kind of got away from it during the iraq war debate when france opposed the u.s. going into iraq and there were all sorts of blowback to that including members changing the voice. the bottom line is france is literally the united states oldest ally. the united states and france republics that we know them to be now were born within the same decade. there are thousands of americans buried in the beaches here having come here to fight in world war ii. it is a strong and special
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relationship. what i was expressing yesterday and in a piece on was not meant to be a harsh criticism of leadership in general, but more like a moment of regret. it was such a beautiful event to have attended covered, witnessed so many moving things. it was sad for me speaking as an american, not as a reporter. it was sad as an american not to see american leadership there side by side with francois hollande and other world leaders. >> your name did come up in the briefing specifically in reference to the article you wrote on >> yeah i noticed. josh asked who were the critics because one of the reporters steve holland asked if they had a right to criticism. josh gave a diplomatic answer like, we in the united states have right to criticism.
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that's one of the things the rally was about and one of the things the people in this building behind me were slaughtered for doing. i'm right outside the offices of charlie hebdo. i'm not comparing to what they did on a regular basis or the courage they showed in the face of islamic extremism and threats. the fact we all enjoy that freedom, ability to criticize people in power was one of the things celebrated in the march. one of the things josh said we have the right to do and he pivoted to we agree we should have had a higher level person. >> he admitted the white house made a mistake not sending a higher level representative. jake stand by for a moment. jake carney former white house press secretary is joining us on the phone. you and i spoke before the white house briefing. i asked you maybe the press secretary should come out and admit they made a mistake. that doesn't happen often, but that's when he did. were you surprised to hear him
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acknowledge they made that mistake? >> caller: i was a little surprised. i thought that it might come more gradually. i thought it was a smart move. i think jake was on target when he explained the wisdom of doing this. it sort of takes some of the sting out of the criticism when you say look in retrospect we should have done this. i also think it's smart not to unpack why this official couldn't go or that official. i think ultimately it's probably also true that anyone short of the president being there representing the united states would still have begged the question about why not the united states president? there are certainly good reasons for not sending the u.s. president. i think it's unusual but very wise. i think it was a smart move. >> yeah. get out there, acknowledge you made a mistake and move on. one thing that's probably going to happen now because you know how the white house works. media relationships and all of that. they're not going to be back
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around briefings for selective reporters with the tick tock. why this mistake occurred why did it happen no one at the higher level than the u.s. ambassador in france represented the united states at the historically important event. walk us through this process what's about to happen. they're going to brief reporters now. some are going to be blamed. who's going to get the blame for this blunder? car >>caller: i don't think in fact in this case there's probably going to be too much detailed divulge on background about decision making process. i think they'll explain complexity of sending the president and vice president. not impossible as you and jake pointed out but challenging in the security we the the united states bring to these events. it is substantial than the leaders of israel or european leaders like chancellor of germany or french president might bring. then you go down the list.
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it becomes a little uninspiring when huffyou have to say the decision was made for secretary kerry couldn't go because he was in meetings in india. the decision was made attorney general holder had to come back. he had important issues in paris. the decision was made he wasn't high level enough. none of it is going to help the story i think for the white house. my guess is they're going to try to say look we admitted we made a mistake. let's talk about more substance issues. >> in the end it's the president of the united states. the buck stops with the president. in the end he decides whether or not he goes or someone else goes right? >> caller: i think that's fair to say, wolf. i think again this is probably the counter to the argument that it's wise to do something like this that it engendered another round of questions and
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criticism. i think it's the right move to say we should send a higher level and try to hold that line. honestly i do think this is while important and symbolically important, not a story that is likely to cause a lot of damage to the white house, the administration or the country for long term here. i think there are more substance issues the white house will contend to. >> i suspect the lesson the white house is learning at least the next two years that this president remains in the white house, you've got to be really sensitive to these kinds of moments. learn a lesson from this mistake and then move on. >> reporter: this president has acknowledged in the past that he doesn't have the same foroptics for images as previous presidents. he has said it was not his
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strength. i think it was more than just optics. if you look at the reality of the march, world leaders were not actually marching but be that as it may, this is being referred to here in france as france's 9/11. this is being referred to as a demarcation, a moment this country is changing. truly, having been at the rally yesterday, having covered it for cnn eight hours straight i have to say it really looks as though france at least for one day, is embracing the right things and great things about france. all the pleuralism and open mindedness that usually thrives here. i think that it was beyond just optics. when you think back about 9/11 which obviously was a much bigger deal in terms of the fact that the united states had not really been hit by terrorism by
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islamic terrorists in the country homeland itself and also the fact that the body count was so massively huge. 17 innocent people killed here in france is horrific but can't compare to 3,000. you have to look at the fact of who was the first worlder to come to the united states after the trauma in who was it? the president of france. he came to washington d.c. and new york right after 9/11 within a week and a half or so. i don't think that's a mistake. we have a special relationship with this country. it's obviously not shaken by the fact president obama wasn't there or joe biden wasn't there or mitch mcconnel or john bay thoracic or boehner or any other leader. it reaffirms in the minds of french people and american people. that's important to convey. >> jake thanks very much. jay carney thanks to you as
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well. we're going to stay on top of news coming out of paris. that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern. "newsroom" with brook baldwin has the central command twitter and youtube accounts. that information and a lot more coming up right after a quick break. music: melodic, calm music. hi, this is jennifer... ... i will be out of the office until monday... ... and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work. sail with the number one cruise line in alaska. save up to $500 during our 50th anniversary sale. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new.
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how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. all right. here we go. breaking news on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. john berman joining me live from paris.
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we'll check with you on brand new information coming in on the search for more accomplices in the terrorist attack. let me begin with what's breaking here. attackers claiming to be in line with isis have hacked the centcom. the words i love you isis. one tweet listed what appears to be private information about military personnel while reading, quote, we won't stop. we know everything about you. your wives and children. another tweet, american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. isis. let's talk about this with our justice correspondent pamela brown and mark with the department of justice. great to have both of you on. pamela let me begin with you. we talk about private
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information yesterday dod is telling us nothing classified was posted, correct? >> yes. they're trying to take the appropriate measures to address this issue. it caught everyone's attention earlier today brooke when the unusual teet tweets came from central command twitter account aligning with isis targeting the u.s. military as we saw. it became quickly a parent isis sympathizers hack into the youtube and twitter accounts. it was disturbing. it says american soldiers we are coming. watch your back. it appears to be pentagon documents. the pentagon saying it does not appear anything of a classified nature was posted. there was one item marked official use only that reportedly included the names and addresses of u.s. military officials. that would be concerning if items of personal nature are out there in the public arena and isis had access to that.
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right now brooke what's important to note that officials are trying to piece together this extent of this hack. is this just a simple twitter, youtube hack? it's not that difficult to hack into a # twitter account. is this deeper more serious where the hackers were able to get into cent com itself and pull information out. they're trying to look how deep does this go how serious is this hack? >> i go back to this twitter avatar and words i love isis. this could be anyone. how significant is this hack in your opinion? >> the hack itself the hack of twitter account or youtube account is not difficult to do. what's more concerning is the fact they were able to post sensitive unclassified documents onto that account -- >> because it is sensitive information. let's be clear. >> sure it is. the truth is we have massive amounts of data that our service members and their families.
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we have it in lots of places. we have it in the military with insurance companies, with a barbershop outside of fort hood might have names and addresses of members of military. we don't treat that stuff as sensitive information. we should in light of threats. >> pamela when i think of hacking, most relently talking about north korea. you think of russia. do you think of isis. have there been threats to do something like this in the recent past? >> we know isis has members that are tech savvy. look at use of social media and how they're able to use that as a recruiting tool. that is very different from being able to carry out a hack attack. we know that isis has some quote, unquote, hackers in syria where they're based. as far as they have the man power and resources to carry out a hack attack experts i've been speaking to and the law enforcement intelligence
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community, i don't think they think that's a real threat now. of course down the road that is skperng something they're looking at. also important to mention the defense department has been using a cyber count her program against isis to make sure a hack doesn't happen against u.s. infrastructure. >> mark i saw you nodding. i was told you recently worked on a case securing military medical records against isis threats? >> that's right. one of the problems you have when a military member goes to a doctor or hospital. there's a record of that. if it's paid for by military insurance or by military you can tie back together the name of the person family member's names. that information was not normally treated as sensitive information. they went in for a checkup. it's people from isis going after people on the homeland. sensitive information to know names, addresses, ranks and structure. >> if i could mention quickly.
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>> go ahead pamela. >> it's important the twitter and youtube was hacked and so forth. but to piggy back what he said there's a concern in the community isis members have been trying to pull in u.s. soldiers information any way they can. a big way is through social media. a lot of u.s. military members are warned to not post or have social heed i can't have accounts because of this concern. >> as they should be i suppose in this day and age. pamela brown, mark rasch my appreciate to you as well. let's go to john berman in paris. >> reporter: you can see the the offices outside charlie hebdo building where 12 were massacred. people still streaming through here to pay respects. this city is still in the aftermath of a pair of terrorist attacks. cnn has learned from a senior
11:19 am
official the kosher gunman seen in this video, had been on a u.s. terrorist watch list for quote, a while. as for the questions about suspected accomplice his girlfriend or partner, religious wife hayat boumeddiene. she's missing and believed to be in syria right now. turkish media say this video shows her. i think you can see her now in the white head dress on her way to syria arriving in turkey from spain on january 2nd. back here in paris, the french government has enacted a historic uptick in security preparations here. 10,000 military troops and 8,000 police officers deployed to key sites around the country. more than 8,000 of those police just to jewish locations, synagogues and schools. it was announced united states secretary of state john kerry will be coming here to france on
11:20 am
thursday. of course that now is so interesting after the administration just admitted josh earnest, white house press secretary, admitted it was a mistake not to send a higher level official here to the huge unity march in paris. you can see world leaders who did make it. the white house says it was a mistake not to send someone bigger. i want to bring in cnn now. the french prime minister in the interview with our own, said he believes the french government believes there was an accomplice in these attacks. particularly in the attack on the kosher market. at least the operational level, the finance level. talk to me about the significance of that statement. >> hello john. we've heard in the last couple of hours an exclusive interview with our very own the french
11:21 am
prime minister has been speaking at great length about the security measures put in place has been talking about the administration and what level, how much he can say at this stage about the investigation and asked whether there may have been an accomplice to the attacks in paris last week. he believes there may have been he must have been. must was the word he used. he went on to say this was someone who helped finance, helped organize. not necessarily a trigger person but they are looking also at aspects of the investigation, whether this is a wider cell wider group, wider web of terror of involvement here. he said he believes this is not a lone wolf attack. you and i know we are starting to see the connections between the layers, between the kouachi
11:22 am
brothers and coulibaly who said before the attack on friday in a television conversation with a french affiliate said he did have a connection with the kouachi brothers that his mission was to obviously target a police and the kouachi brothers was to target the store. of course we don't know if this accomplice the prime minister is talking about refers to the girlfriend hayat who sources tell us she's crossed over to syria having taken a flight to istanbul via madrid or whether there's an additional accomplice that may have been part of these attacks. all this raising concerns leaving the city on alert. already so weary, so worried about further attacks. we've seen 10,000 soldiers deployed. they will be deployed by tomorrow. additional 500 by wednesday. 10500. on top of that almost 8,000 police officers spread out across schools, mostly jewish
11:23 am
schools. some 717 schools. some jewish students saying today they are worried and fear for their life. some are actually considering going back home to jerusalem. john? >> reporter: it is unprecedented security deployment here according to the defense ministry. isa soeres thank you for that. i'm going to have a form her state department official. we're going to discuss the remarkable admission from the white house from the press secretary that the united states made a mistake not sending a higher level official to the march yesterday in paris. how did that mistake happen? brooke? also ahead, one high profile senator says there are sleeper cells here inside of america and u.s. has her phrase an achilles when it comes to how
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you're watching cnn, brooke baldwin. what happened in paris has many questions would an attack like this happen here. here on cnn sunday morning, we heard terrorists are at work now. she's basically as informed as a politician can get. she's vice chair of the intel committee just having stepped a side as its chair. here she was. >> i think there are sleeper cells not only in france but other countries, yes even in our
11:28 am
own. i think this calls for vigilance, calls for seeing the national security organizations of our country, the intelligence community is funded fully, directed ably cooperating with whether it be british intelligence french german intelligence. >> well today a senior u.s. law enforcement official down played the senator's comments saying quote, there are folks we are looking at. is there something we don't know about? it's possible. i don't want to call them sleeper cells. with me president of geico solutions, used to be secretary at homeland security. julie, welcome. >> thank you so much. >> define sleeper cell for me. >> sure. sleeper cell is a group organized by terrorists or another criminal organization lying in wait. gets into position in a certain location and waiting for direction in order to execute that direction so they might
11:29 am
move to a certain location in two or three years down the road. >> when you hear the security talking about potential sleeper cells in the united states. there are a lot of unanswered questions. how many there are. i don't know if you have that answer necessarily or if you're at liberty to say. what kind of capabilities do sleeper cells have? >> i think authorities are concerned about sleeper cells and threats the u.s. may be threatened. when someone like the senator says she's worried, we have to listen clearly. obviously she's had the been access been in the know absolutely. we've seen over the last few years it's not just sleeper cells. it's lone wolf sympathizer, home grown. we have to worry about all those. >> let me get to that. this made news when senator feinstein was talking.
11:30 am
she said these are the programs. take a listening. >> the visa waiver program is the achilles of america because you're right gloria they can come back from training go through visa waiver country. they come into this country. now, there are no fly lists, terrorists lists, but they're in the entens of thousands andle lele le millions. it's difficult. >> that's interesting because we were talking. these kouachi brothers apparently were on this no fly list. there's so many names on the list maybe they could have slipped in. do you agree? >> not the no fly list. the visa waiver program has strengthened intelligence we have about people wanting to come in and harm the country. >> you disagree her saying it's the achilles?
11:31 am
>> i think the achilles is complacency. you don't waltz in with your passport. you have to go through intelligence check in the system. because we have the visa waiver program, we have more intelligence with the 38 countries. what's important now is look at do we have enough intelligence? how are programs working? are we acting on that intelligence in a clear and quick manner? >> if somebody wanted to come from france into the united states they could do so for 90 days correct? >> they would have to apply online through the program. when they apply online they enter all sorts of information. actually secretary johnson as proposed they enter more information. when they enter that information, that is run through the same database the state department runs when you go in to interview. when reviewed if there's something in the file that's
11:32 am
problematic, they say no. it is denied. you can come in to a consulate or embassy for application for visa or forget about it. you're on no fly and never copping in. it's a little misleading to blame these problems -- and we have serious problems on the visa waiver program. >> thank you very much. room to disagree a little with the sther. john berman back to you in paris. >> reporter: thanks so much brooke. just a few moments ago you saw it here on cnn, the white house press secretary made a startling admission and says the white house regrets not sending a higher level official here to paris for the unity rally yesterday. i'm going to speak to someone that used to work inside the state department that call had the decision a mistake and perhaps can explain how and why it happened. cnn special live coverage continues right after this.
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blatche . i'm john berman live in paris. this is cnn's live coverage in the after math of the terror attacks and the investigation of how it happened. now this does not happen often in any white house or among any politicians, but moments ago the obama administration publicly admitted a mistake. the white house spokesman acknowledged a higher profile official should have come here to the huge unity march in paris yesterday. more than 1.5 million people
11:37 am
marched on the streets, more than 40 world leaders attended but not a high level u.s. leader just the ambassador to france. here's what josh had to say about this last hour. >> some have asked whether or not the united states should have sent someone with a higher profile than ambassador to france. i think it's fair to say we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there. that said there is no doubt that the american people and this administration stand four square behind our allies in france. >> reporter: it was a mistake, so says is white house press secretary josh earnest. how did it happen? let's bring in aaron david miller former advisory to six secretary of state. he's a scholar with the woodrow
11:38 am
center. you were critical of the decision not to send a higher level official from the united states. now the white house agrees with you. how did it happen? i should say you work with both parties here. in your vast experience in many administrations, is an affirmative decision made not to come here or is it just a lack of appreciation of the significance of the event? >> well john i'm glad you pointed it out. it's not a question of democrat republican left or right, liberal or conservative. it's dumb on one hand and smart and effective on the other. yesterday when i heard about this i searched my mind to try to come up with justification or pretext as to why the white house would not send is. eric holder was away on business. why the secretary of state or congress could have filled someone to mark this historic
11:39 am
event. i cannot imagine. either it wasn't thought through carefully or wasn't thought through at all. it's a rare moment in the history and life of a nation when millions of people more than gathered since the end of the second world war come together in display of extraordinary unity on an issue that's incredibly important. not just to france europe and the international community but to the united states. as a victim of the worst terrorist attack in the last almost 15 years it seems to me the white house was tone deaf. i would have loved to have seen president obama there. who knows why he couldn't attend. the vice president, mrs. obama, john kerry was in india prepping for the president's trip. i know it's a pain and no one likes to fly on an airplane but he has a track record of doing so. he will circle back this week.
11:40 am
a moment was lost john. i think few things in politics are fatal. this is not fatal certainly, but it was certainly a lost and missed opportunity to demonstrate solidarity not only counter terrorism but the values we and french stand for. >> reporter: it was a remarkable picture to see those leaders lined up there together arm and arm. it is a picture president obama will never be in that is cast at this point. there was a suggestion by the white house press secretary. he said security would have been an issue had the president come. there wasn't any way for the president to come here without compromising you know the freedom of march for other people. when you have 40 world leaders, how is the security situation different for them than it would have been for the president of the united states? >> any time you put together a presidential trip secret service has demands and requirements which probably go above and beyond given the size
11:41 am
and consequential nature of the visit. they could have walked the streets of paris had they wanted to. it does raise the issue of the way -- i don't want to be overly critical because when this president chooses to engage and be on stage, he can be extremely effective. great presidents are characters in chief, literally. they present themselves to the country, to the world, as if they were actors on a stage. it will good ones the great ones for sure look for moments that have meaning which resinate broadly. again, if the president couldn't have come joe biden is extremely good at these things. michelle obama is wonderful when it comes to make presentations. they could have reached not across the aisle necessarily but to bill clinton who's extremely popular and very effective when
11:42 am
it comes to conveying a sense of bonding and solidarity and empathy. any number of these bodies could have gone. it will pass, but certainly again, missed opportunity to present on a historic stage at a historic moment. >> reporter: aaron david miller thank you for that. secretary of state john kerry will be here on thursday. he speaks fluent french. you can imagine he will now have perhaps even more to say in the fluent french he speaks. brooke back to you. >> i know when the secretary spoke last week in fluent french, it really residence igsnated with people there. >> reporter: it did. >> we have to continue talking about attacks in paris. we have to talk about something else. as many as 2,000 murdered in this bloody rampage by the
11:43 am
terror group boko haram. some critics are asking why is the world paying attention to paris but not nigeria? we'll discuss that right here. you're watching cnn.
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11:47 am
officials are told there's been several violent attacks including suicide bombers, one including a girl as young as ten. young boys have been kidnapped in the latest attack. this deadly rampage nine days ago through the village, as many as 2,000 people. let me repeat 2,000 people were reportedly shot and killed burned alive, fire bombed. amnesty international describing this as boko haram's deadliest act. all of this as the 200 plus girls kid mapped last spring remainnin missing. one is asking where is the international help? the nigerian government has been accused of not doing a thing to stop boko haram. joining me now counter terrorism expert. when you read about this and the bodies still in the bushes because it's still not safe enough to get the bodies to bury
11:48 am
them and the people who swam to this island in chad to try to survive, why is the world not talking about this more? >> that's an excellent question. i think part of it is the fact you don't have news agencies there covering it. part is it's in africa. people are much more intuned to major tragedies in the west. some may be recent coverages. all of these is why our coverage has been away of this. over the course of the past year no jihadist group in the world other than isis has been more active than boko haram. they've killed thousands of people. they control a territory in borno state the same size as what isis controls in the middle east. >> what is boko haram -- i've read it's arabic for western education is a sin. what is the motivation of this
11:49 am
particular group? >> boko haram has been around for a while. the name is actually -- it doesn't call itself boko haram. that's the name that's been given to it based -- it's actually opposed to arabic. the statement is based on their view that western education is corrupting. they like isis and al qaeda have a interpretation of islam that they recite to be the earliest form of practice. they also have a lot of interwoven with nigerian islam, history within nigeria including clashes between muslims and christians. this is one reason over the course of the past few years they've so frequently targeted church services something upsetting to the christian community and caused violence one of the goals behind this specifically and targeted
11:50 am
attacks. >> so the obviously question the frustrating question is what is the nigeriam government doing to stop this? i talked to correspondents on the ground in nigeria saying the government has said they'll do x, y z and haven't done any of that. good goodluck has done nothing. >> the military has occasionally taken offenses in borno state. much less so than a government that's serious about counter insurgentcy would do. there's corruption in the nigerian state in addition to basically now governing, something which creates much more of a space for boko haram to operate. that's one thing that really all these states that have had jihadist groups take over significant territory have in common. the government is failing in
11:51 am
real way and lacks capacity thus allowing other groups to come in and at least at first outcompete the government in terms of offering services offering to people. a large part of that is brutality as well. boko haram is some of the most disgusting videos showing amputations, stonings with a crowd scripted out there being forced to cheer for brutal spectacles. >> 2,000 people again echoing this archbishop please give them international support to tackle boko haram. coming up next the brothers who murdered french cartoonists were a fill dated with al qaeda in yemen. one of the men mentioned having financed one of the visits to the country. he was kill had the year in the u.s. drone strike. who else did he inspire?
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college football fans tonight is the night. first ever college football championship game. ducks ranked number one. osu ranked fourth. oregon star heisman trophy winning quarterback mario at that while buckeyes have jones. they're each looking to win their first national title. twitter and youtube accounts hacked by someone claiming to be affiliated with the terror group isis. i'm talking documents and addresses, other sensitive information posted online for anyone to see. how could something like this happen?
11:56 am
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i'm brooke baldwin. many the u.s. fight against isis and iraq and syria, it's the group calling the plays in u.s. central command. centcom has taken a hit by the enemy, not on the ground but online. this is what you get if you visit centcom's twitter page. big block letter account suspended. it was suspended after reported isis sympathizers hacked it. hackers changed the top profile to this. you see the word cyber caliphate and also i love you isis. one listed private information about the members of the u.s. military. while reading, they tweeted we won't stop. we know everything about you, your wives and children. with me director