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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 13, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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comcast business. built for business. right now france it on its highest level of alert. the big question in the wake of last week's deadly terror attacks -- are there other attacker out there? a message of defiance from "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine once again putting a cartoon out of the prophet muhammad on its front cover. also coming up this hour for you, we have breaking news in the search for airasia. a top official says divers have found the fuselage of airasia flight 8501. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the latest on
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the airasia crash. an indonesian officials the fuselage from the jet that crashed last month may now have been found. >> search verse also recovered the cockpit voice recorder. david has been watching all this from indonesia. the most important thing is that relatives of all the victims may get answers as to why this plane went down. what is the latest on the fuselage and blocks? >> reporter: that's right. big developments here in indonesia this afternoon. this is coming from a senior official with the search and rescue organization here. his name is mr. cipriati. he's been in front of the cameras regularly over the past two weeks. on the other side of the java sea, borneo they have been staging the ships, planes, and helicopters for this haasive search effort over the last 17
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days. the direct quote from him about the fuselage he's using the words "main body of the plane." he is saying, "divers have found it in the location to the northeast of where we found the tail." he goes on to say, "but i haven't received the full report on this yet." this is quite a senior official in a public position saying that the main body has indeed been located. of course we're trying to confirm with other officials not only in his oregon but certainly in the national transportation safety committee, military, and others on the front lines of the search who would know. it appears from what mr. cipriati is saying they have located the main body. he also added that cockpit voice recorder that we have been talking about for the last 24 hours, officials are 100% sure where it was. it was just a matter of time they're saying. they have lifted it out of the water. it is on a ship and it will
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make its way officially they're jakarta. back to you. >> yeah. david, i want to ask you -- we heard reports from the innesian search and rescue agency who said that based upon initial analysis that it is possible the plane could have "exploded or broken up apart about landing on the water." can you walk us through what that mean? >> reporter: this gentleman came out last night and said the plane exploded when it hit the water. that is my assessment. he's not a transport safety investigator. we've talked to many of them. they say, look, it's clear the plane broke apart. let's not speculate. we have the tools to go in, get the data and figure out what happened. actually i talked to one of the senior investigators with the national transport safety committee a few hours ago. we're talking about the
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condition of the flight data recorder and what would happen next with the black box. here's what he told me. >> the condition is good. it's good. no fire no signature of fire, i mean. and then no cracks. downloading is very fast. let's say one hour. then discussion on matters of say, the aircraft attitudes and movement it takes maybe months. >> reporter: he also said that this investigation is well underway when the cockpit voice recorder comes into jakarta. it will become the other major piece of the puzzle. and the floerd tells us what happened -- flight data recorder tells us what happened on board and the cockpit voice recorder will tell us why.
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>> thank you for reporting from jakarta, indonesia, with the promising development. the fuselage discovered and the black boxes. hopefully we'll get new information. appreciate you updating us on that. now for the people of france it is a time of healing and caution now six days after the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" magazine. right now, 18,000 soldiers and police are on patrol in the north african branch. it recently issued a statement threatening more attacks. >> all four victims of friday's grocery attack will be laid to rest in israel in the coming hours. their body were flown from france a short time ago. the editors of "charlie hebdo" have unveiled the next issue's cover art. it features a cartoon of the prophet muhammad holding up a sunshine reads "je suis charlie." >> the more in depth coverage from jerusalem to paris. our aaron mclachlan in paris and
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becky aniston from jerusalem. >> i want to start with erin mclachlan. i want to start with this new threat issued by al qaeda, north african branch in the islamic end inreb. what are people -- megreb. what are people making of the threats? >> reporter: well, authorities here in france are working to determine just how many accomplices were involved in last week's terror attack. they're also working to determine if there are any networks involved. though officials here saying that's looking highly likely. you mentioned the threat from aqim. a portion of it -- saying to france pays for the cost and cites french military activity in mally, central africa iraq and syria and says "as long as its lame media continues to
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undermine our prophet, france will expose itself to the worst and more." the french prime minister yesterday telling cnn they're working to determine the nature of involvement of any of these terrorist networks such as isis aqim and aqap. saying that he believes there is more than one accomplice out there. take a listen. >> translator: no doubt the complicit and networks and maybe finance also. i don't really believe in the idea of the lone wolf. that was the case in oslo years ago, with but that's different. i think we will see some links. but it requires a beginning. we need to go fast in order to -- as the president said to france the threat is still there, and we have to be careful that there is no reaction to
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what just happened. >> reporter: meanwhile, fran remain on a heightened -- france remains on a heightened state of alert. 10,000 soldiers and 8,000 police officers deployed with a special emphasis on iconic landmarks as well as jewish schools. this is a country that very much remains on edge. >> certainly, and i do want to ask you more about the new issue of the "charlie hebdo" magazine. they've been defiant. they're going to portray another image of the prophet muhammad. this is clearly going to enrage radical islamist. what sort of security measures do the cartoonists who are still left at "charlie hebdo" have in place? ripe you imagine they have very much heightened security around those remaining cartoonists. and as you say, any hope that the terrorists may have had to kill "charlie hebdo," certainly
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seems to have had the opposite effect. "charlie hebdo" normally circulates to an audience of around 0,000. this week about over a million copies expected in circulation. on the cover, a caricature of prophet muhammad holding a sign that's "je suis charlie," and more. a defiance cover from the remaining cartoonists. any of -- any depict of the prophet mum is extremely offensive. >> clearly an act of defiance so, you know we'll keep an eye on this. live for us there in paris. we appreciate it. becky anderson standing by. there were 17 victims, but four specifically the ones in the kosher grocery store, will be buried in two hours. their bodies arrived in
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teleavolunteer a short time ago -- tel aviv a short time ago. becky, for israelis this kind of anti-semitic attack strikes a deep personal cord. what can we expect today? >> of course. the body of the four jewish victims arrive in dell volunteer from paris at around 5:00 a.m. local time tuesday. members conduct the prayers as the coffins were evacuated from the flight after which they were driven away. you know of this -- one of the victims belonged to a family with a temple in teleavolunteer. the rabbi delivered a eulogy saying israel was the only refuge for jouz. he did go on to protect the arab man who trapped some of these in the siege in the supermarket in paris. now to to's events the facial state funeral and ceremony will
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be held at the biggest cemetery in west jerusalem, five minutes or so from here in the bureau as protocol dictates in attendance will be the prime minister the president and religious leader. eulogieses will start at around 12:00 local time about two hours from now. benjamin netanyahu reported as saying that europe is not the same after the attacks and calling on french jews to claim the right of israeli citizenshipor to make aaliyah as it's known. >> i'm wondering what more we might expect to hear from prime minister netanyahu later today. he made a point, other french officials made a point when they were in paris last week to say to jewish people who felt like they are under threat and indeed that the appearances that jewish people in france are increasingly filing as if they're threat. they're inciting them to come home. as you mentioned, to take advantage of what is rightfully
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theirs. they say. will we expect benjamin netanyahu to hit home even more today i worn. >> quite possibly. let me give you numbers. over the past 2 hours alone, 2 -- 24 hours alone, 27 more members of the french-jewish community making allya -- numbers from the ministry of absorption here in israel. 15 more expected today. this isn't new. this isn't just post what happened in paris. as one of my colleagues reported yesterday, there have been growing number of the french jewish community making aaliyah . and remember the french jewish community third only to the number of jews in israel and the u.s. it is a big community, they have felt under tourettehreat for some time. thousands made aaliyah last year. does throw out questions, not
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least that was where would the new arrivals go and would they present to a certain extent an argument for further settlement expansion on the part of the israelis the u.n. of course warning the end of 2014. that could ignite more violence particular flow eastern eventually and threat be the viability of the future palestinian state. i think you're right to point out we will possibly hear more. as we have done from the rabbi this morning at the local funeral ceremony ahead of the state ones this as he said or reportedly said is the only refuge for jews. expect more of that to come. >> just a few hours ahead of the burial of four of the sfrims the paris attack. live in jerusalem. a couple past 10:00 in the morning there. thanks. still to come on cnn, boko haram is accused of what being called the deadliest massacre yet. more than a week later, hundred of bodies remain littered in the
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bushes of a northeast nigerian town. >> sickening. and isis sympathize ears hack into a top military site.
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at this moment pope francis' visit to sabreasia is underway. we have emergency from the ceremony that welcomed him in sri lanka. take a look.
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a cultural welcoming. beautiful images in a country that has a quite ugly recent history. >> yeah. the 30-year civil warrened in 2009, the tigers against the government forces there. sectarian divisions remain even though the civil war is technically over. in remarks given shortly after his arrival pope francis called for unity and reconciliation. >> let's get you live to columbo now. we have more on the latest. as we saw there quite the scene of peace and pageantry as the pope arrived. how is he welcomed and what's ahead? >> reporter: a spectacular welcome. the images that stood out here is as he came out in his pope mobile there were elephants decorated, welcoming him. all these people along the way
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from the airport to columbo to see him. the pope you got out of the pope mobile for a time to bless those who had come to see him. right now he's meeting with the bishop of sri lanka, then he will meet with a president of the country who was voted in a few days ago. perhaps the most important part of the day is the interreligious meeting that will be happening in a few hours from now. this is something the vatican and sri lanka takes seriously. about a thousands people, there will be a hindu blessing, muslim blessings. then the pope talking about religious and ethnic harmony. this is something taken seriously because the country has been in the war for the past three decades. the war only ended five years ago. the memories are very fresh. and peace is something here
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people don't take for granted. the pope said he will be talking about reconciliation. have a listen to his comments soon he came from the airport. >> so many communities are at war. the ability to reconcile after these events whether old or new have given rise to ethnic and religious tensions. frequently accompanied by outbreaks of violence. sri lanka for many years knew the orders of civil strife. it's seeking to facilitate peace and to heal the scars of those years.
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>> reporter: pope francis will be heading north tomorrow where much of the civil war took place. he will be holding a mass there at one of the most prominent churches here in sri lanka. all of this very symbolic years. the first pope to be allowed to go north. for the past three decades until 2009 there was a civil war going on. very symbolic indeed. a good first day. thank you for joining us at 1:50 in the afternoon in sri lanka. a warning to the u.s. military on its own packed website. what officials are -- hacked website. what official are saying after the break. later, we'll be taking a closer look at individuals believed to be responsible for the terrorist attacks in paris. right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, no discomfort because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this?
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welcome back. hackers have issued a disturbing warning on line to u.s. soldiers around the world. the message claps to be from isis -- claims to be from isis and from the twitter account. >> officials say no classified information has been leaked. as barbara starr reports, similar attacks have been carried out before. >> reporter: isis is already here. we are in your p.c.s, in each military base, the hijacked central command account reads. the cyber-caliphate continues
12:24 am
its jihad. is this group really isis? >> it could have been anybody. it doesn't matter that much that it was isis. it does matter that a group calling itself isis is taking credit. the goal is to create fear and overreaction. we need to react appropriately but not overreact to it. >> reporter: the tweets threaten u.s. troops and n families including posting a document with name and addresses of u.s. military officials and documents related to north korea and china. american soldiers we are coming watch your back. we know everything about you, your wives, your children. the hackers warn. the cyberattack comes as isis has rereleased a video calling for attacks on u.s. targets including the military. the pentagon so far it does not appear anything classified was posted, and one u.s. military official said some of the information has already appeared on line elsewhere.
12:25 am
>> this is something we're looking into and something we take seriously. however, a note of caution to folks as they're covering the story. there's a significance difference between what is a -- a large data breach and the hacking of a twitter account. >> reporter: the fbi is assisting the military with the investigation of the hacking of both its twitter and youtube accounts. this latest in a string of online hacks. last week several media organizations were hacked and similar threats posted. all of this comes as isis in the wake of the paris attacks is also fining itself targeted -- finding itself targeted on line. the hacker group anonymous says it's targeting isis. >> what's more concerning is not what they stole and posted, it's what they might have stolen and what they might be able to steal in the future. >> reporter: the attack on central command came on the
12:26 am
president took to the stage to push for cybersecurity. as the hackers were posting the threats, the white house was sending a message from the president on its own twitter account -- if we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected. the military is making the point that its youtube and twitter accounts reside on commercial servers, and whoever conducted the hack attack had no access to classified information or at least they hope not. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. from turkey to the middle east another round of wintry weather is moving in this week. pedram joins with us details from the international weather center. what are folks in store for? >> last week we were covering snow across portions of the middle east. it was around jerusalem where we had significant snow push through. the storm system resembling what we saw last week at least for portions of turkey. this storm has a center of
12:27 am
circulation over crete sire cypress. the orange and yellow colors are the highest cloud tops, typically the coldest, most abundant in the way of moisture. ankara higher jeflz seeing upward -- elevations seeing upwards of 15 centimeters of snowfall. this region dealing with travel delays. athens up to an hour and a half delays possible to the overnight hours. tonight in ankara blizzard-like conditions with two-hour delays expected. in paris, gusty winds could slow you down just a little. notice this fizzling out before it falls apart. five or six days ago we were talking about the refugees dealing with the significant me? came down. fortunately for them, it will be cooler as opposed to having the cold and snow that we saw a couple of days ago. improvement in the weather there. want to show the images out of saudi arabia. impressive. the video also showing you some
12:28 am
of the higher elevations across saudi arabia this being in the region about 1,-500 kilometers northwest of the capital of riyadh. san mateomen being made in the -- snowmen being made in the desert. impressive. not a scene you see often. in fact each of the last three years we've had snow accumulations occur in this portion of the world. this of the scene across this region. and we have updates across the southwestern u.s. about a million people dealing with wintry weather. notice the major cities of albuquerque out of the warning spot. even salt lake city remains out of the warning spot for wintriy weather. that's the latest. more news coming up.
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you are watching cnn. thank you very much for staying with us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm zain asher. let's get straight to the headlines. an indonesian search officials say the fuselage from the airasia jet that crashed last month may have been found. searchers have also recovered the cockpit voice recorder. divers pulled the first black box, the flight data recorder from the underwater wreckage on monday. al qaeda's north africa affiliate has issued a warning to france on jihadist websites. it posted a pledge to wage more attacks. some 18,000 soldier and police are patrolling france in the wake of last week's terror attacks there. defiance from "charlie hebdo." the french satirical magazine attacked by terrorists last week. the cover of the upcoming issue has a cartoon again depicting the prophet muhammad. he has a tear in his eye. he's holding up a sign that says "je suis charlie." the investigation into last week's attacks in paris is just
12:32 am
the beginning and the main focus of the investigation, the four terror suspects. >> we take a closer look at the individuals. >> reporter: the kouachi brothers are thought to have carried out the attack on wednesday. they died in a gun battle after they holed themselves up in a print factory on friday afternoon. the brothers were both on the u.s. no-fly list for their suspected links to terrorism. they're known to have spent several months in yemen in 2011 and it's thought that cherif may have trained at al qaeda camps in the desert there. yemen is the heartland of aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. cher ever kouachi said he met with the american-born muslim who was the face of aqap until
12:33 am
he was killed in 2011. seen here in this 2005 documentary, cherif began his journey from hip-hop loving pot smoking dropout to radical about ten years ago. in 2008 he was sentenced to three years in jail for recruiting jihadi fighters to join the conflict in iraq. the third suspect is amedy coulibaly. he's believed to be responsible for shooting dead a policewoman in paris on thursday before taking hostages and skilling four at a store the next day. coulibaly of killed by police at the scene. a video has emerged showing coulibaly pledging allegiance to the isis leader. it's also believed that he knew cherif kouachi. they had been involved in trying to free an algerian man from prison involved in the subway
12:34 am
bombing in paris. the next suspect is hayat boumeddiene. she was named in connection with thursday's killing of a police officer. she is still at the large and is believed to be in syria. the cct coverage shows boumeddiene in the turkish airport. she traveled to turkey via madrid and crossed the border to syria a few days later. as details continue to emerge about the people involved in these attacks, many questions still remain. not least about how much the kouachi brothers and amedy coulibaly coordinated, especially since they were with rival terrorist groups. there's a lot the to discuss concerning the paris terror attacks. for a bit of analysis we bring in christian mallard in poirz, a senior international -- in paris, a senior international correspondent. thank you very much for joining
12:35 am
us on cnn once again. let's begin with what we expect to happen today. the prime minister will speak about reforms potentially in france's anti-terrorism laws. what does he need to address then? what needs to change exactly? >> reporter: very good question. it's -- we put the emphasis now after the big electroshock. it was an electroshock. the government understood the necessity to take drastic steps against terrorism, islamic terrorism. we have to call it this way. and of course as you alluded to previously your various editions 10,000 soldiers are going to be patrolling the country. a lot of sensitive areas concerning the jewish and muslim community in this country. and at the same time, we have the prime minister who is the first to say we are still
12:36 am
threatened by the islamic terrorism. we are at war with radical islam, understands that we have also to reform our penal system with the jail and all that. they are going to decide probably from isolate all radical prisoners. probably one of the decisions which would be taken in the coming hours. at the same time they'll have to reform at the government the education system in the schools to put the emphacicero secularism and say to the young people of muslim education that they have to adapt themselves to the secular life in this country. >> let me push you on that -- those are very large goeps for a nation that is unified now. in order to push the unity through, you know you have to wonder what will be done with
12:37 am
the far right anti-immigrant groups who only become more popular in this country in recent months. do you foresee issues as it relates to the right political response here? >> reporter: well it is true when you look at germany and all the movement the anti-islamic development in this country, we might have that in france. and the muslim community, i have met somal janet reno people-- some algerian people saying they're against the muslim values and definitely we are going to have a problem of community -- it's going to be difficult to deal with especially when you have in some schools what i'm struck by young muslim kids 7 to 8 years old, saying we are not charlie. i have heard a lot of them saying this the journalist of
12:38 am
"charlie hebdo" deserved to be kill because they were insulting the prophet. so it's a whole massive problem at different levels which has to be dealt with. the countries at war in radical islam. we need to undertake drastic reforms against islamic terrorism. so it's far from being over. it's going to be a long long task. >> certainly isolating prisoners would have helped in this past situation, amedy coulibaly possibly meeting his al qaeda affiliate. thanks for joining us just past 9:30 in the morning in paris. >> thanks. in the meantime the funeral for four victims of the attack on the kosher grocery store will take place in an hour and a half. atika shubert is just outside the cemetery. i know that in about an hour and a half you're going to have prime minister benjamin netanyahu speaking president rubin rivlin as well.
12:39 am
french speaking israelis as well. what goes through the schedule of events? >> reporter: what we expect to happen -- they're setting up now, doing sound checks. you might hear some of that. the family members have also just arrived. we do know people to start filing in now. we, see as many as thousands attending the funeral. many of them from israel's french-speaking jewish community. what we expect to happen as you mention, the prime minister will speak as of the president. we will hear readings from leading rabbis in israel from the book of psalm and prayers from family members. we will also see family members light a candle for each of the victims. after the ceremony they will proceed to the burial area. so that's the order of events that we expect to see. i think it's significant that this is a state funeral. not only will the prime minister be spoking, the national anthem
12:40 am
will be sung as well the end of the proceedings here. it's unusual that civilians would be given a state funeral. goes to show how much these attacks and the victims have impacted society in israel and how much it really has had an emotional impact on people here. >> i to want to ask, of course the recent attacks bring back memories of other attacks in france especially when you consider what happened in 2012 in toulouse with young jewish children in france being attacked. now you're seeing a wave of french jewish immigrants moving back to israel because they don't feel safe on the ground in france. what are people in israel saying about that? >> reporter: i think people are welcoming those who wish to emigrate. there's already a large population of french-speaking jews that have chosen to move here. you mentioned that tuesday lou attack in 2012 a horrific
12:41 am
attack on a jewish school. some victims are buried right here at the cemetery in jerusalem. so there is already this connection of victims being buried here. as a result of the toulouse attack we've seen a significant flight of the jewish community from france in 2013. an estimated 3,500 french jews left for israel. that nearly doubled last year, in 2013 we had 7,000. so after this attack, many in the jewish community and france are saying they will consider now moving out here. they simply don't feel safe. when i was at the kosher market outside, that's what most of the people told me. they are now seriously considering how soon can they made to israel because they don't feel safe in the area anymore. >> i see the private citizens giving a state funeral there.
12:42 am
thank you very much. new information to cnn this hour. egyptian state media reports that a court has thrown out former presidenttresident mubarak's sentence. he was convicted last may, you may remember. the court found he and his two sons had stolen some $18 million in public funds. his sons were sentenced to four years ago. those two have been thrown out. the four year sentence now all three face a retrial for the same charges. mubarak, his three-year sentence thrown out. next an army says boko haram attacked. and later the stories from people who survived the paris they're attacks.
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12:46 am
about boko haram attacks in nigeria. you wonder with all the attention it's received where the government is where the military forces are, and where the help from other african nations is. what can you tell us? >> reporter: first and foremost i think the president is focused for now on campaigning for the election which happens on february 14th. he hasn't even mentioned the situation in the north or expressed his condolences to those who lost their lives in this recent week of unbelievable violence. up in the state and centering around bagger. the death toll ranges from hundreds local officials say, to as many as 2,000. and amnesty international said if the death toll of 2,000 is confirmed, that would make it the deadliest massacre in boko haram's history. that is a history of massacres. last week not only did we see the terrible violence where the nigerian military which occupied
12:47 am
a military base up there essentialy had to flee in the face of the militants and until now we don't see any evidence that the military is actually managing to make headway there. but there was another attack on the capital of the province another of the three provinces in the northeastern nigeria in a state of emergency as a result of boko haram. there the nigerian military did manage to push boko haram back in a long battle last friday night. as you said this attack in cameroon just across the border from nigeria's borneo state happened yesterday. boko haram trying to take over the military base there and the soldiers pushed them back. they said 33 militants were killed in the attack. i think what's significant is that the head of boko hard action said specifically to cameroon that they should the
12:48 am
president should be aware that he intends to unleash violence on the same scale as he has unleashed in nigeria. that's because the cameroon military is taking boko haram on. in the last month they've launched air strikes against boko haram. that is in sharp contrast to the actions of the chapian good and niger, all of whom have take own thousands of nigerian refugees but seem to be dealing with the boko haram issue more as a humanitarian threat and issue rather than a security one. to a certain extent allowing boko haram to sort of congregate at least along the border areas without sending in to take them down. there certainly hasn't been the coordinated effort promised in meetings between the various governments to actually combat
12:49 am
boko hard action in any coordinated military fashion. >> yeah. the nigerian government may be working to stomp out boko haram, but not in a way that we can see. from the overview and maps that we showed it appears as if other nations are doing more to attack than nigeria. we'll continue to until story. live in johannesburg, south africa. okay, we turn now to weather. nearly 70% of the u.s. has experienced below normal temperatures in 2015. big changes coming in the next days. pedram? >> i know you're going to be excited about this. >> okay. go ahead. >> you're not a big fan of the cold stuff. it's it began way for quite a while, 12, 13 days heading to the middle portion of 2015.
12:50 am
temperatures remaining cold for the eastern half of the country. is chicago finally getting up to 17 fahrenheit? mind you they were topping out at minus one fahrenheit 20 below zero in celsius a couple days ago. here the perspective. this is the dead of winter as it's known between the middle portion of january through, say, the second or so week of february. it is the coldest time of year across the country. this is what you expect as far as the cold weather in place. across the southwest, seasonal 8 fahrenheit 2,0 sellsoutcelsius out of arizona. martin luther king day, next monday across the united states through the latter portion of the week. the temperatures expected to be some 60% possibility for temperatures to be above average over the eastern half of the country. the areas that had some of the coldest weather, an 80% chance of above average temperatures and much of the southern u.s. will experience warm weather, as well.
12:51 am
relatively "newsweek" ingspeaking, good news there. severe weather a possibility. a level wound a scale of one to three here for heavy rain powerful winds and tornadoes a possibility in the southern portion of the u.k. some snow showers in the higher elevations of say, breaken beacon's national park in wales and outside of exeter when you get to the higher elevations of the southwest of the u.k. we'll leave you with photographs in recent weeks. in scotland ice pancakes. the disks form when waves knock into each other and create round edges and round out across a cold ocean. you see that across the baltic sea, antarctica. this of the scene in recent weeks. that's the latest. more news coming up.
12:52 am
12:53 am
12:54 am
we're hearing the stories of strength and courage now, merging from those who -- now emergeing from survivors of the paris attacks. >> we have more on the people who are being hailed as heroes. here she is. >> reporter: in the face of troyer survivors and heroes -- terror survivors and heroes emerge. like there practicing muslim who herded people into a freezer at the kosher market where he
12:55 am
worked. the gun gunman amedy coulibaly, had charged in and opened fire. >> translator: i switched off the light and freezer. he asked us to come upstairs otherwise he will kill everyone who was downstairs. i asked my colleagues. should we go upstairs or stay here? with me was a person with a 2-year-old baby. i told them you stay calm, i'm the one who's going to go out. i went upstairs. >> reporter: missan managed to run outside to tell police about the gunman and hostages in the freezer. one of these in the freezer, rudy haddad later spoke slufb three israeli channel 2 news. >> translator: he was there to kill people. we heard a big explosion. we were still all closed in the fridge. we heard gunfire from everywhere. they said to climb upstairs and not look on the floor because there was a lot of blood on the floor. it's a miracle that we're all
12:56 am
here. mean and the people in the fridge. >> reporter: as news of the hideaway spread, social media lit up. this man hailed a hero "muslim worker in kosher store hid jews saved them. right now, lassana bathily is coolest man on the the planet." north of paris, the suspects in the "charlie hebdo" group were cornered in a plant. what they didn't know a graphic designer was hiding inside a cardboard box texting police about the gun's movement and his own whereabouts in the building. he also reported lie sent this chilling text to his father -- "i am hidden on the first floor. i think they have killed everyone. tell the police to intervene." his text like helped snipers set their positions. in the end, the pair and a hostage being held at gunpoint survived. turns out there were no other
12:57 am
victims. another man at the plant also survived a close encounter with the kouachi brothers. he told french radio he mistakenly shook hands with one of the suspects before the owner told him to leave. >> i suppose he was a terrorist. i didn't know. i took him as an armed policeman. he wasn't wearing a uniform and he had a bulletproof vest on. >> reporter: when the siege was over he told reporters he was going buy a lottery ticket that it was the luckiest day of his life. randi kaye, cnn, new york. we want to give you a quick reminder -- the funeral for the victims of the attack on the kosher grocery store will be begin in jerusalem about 1 hour from now. we'll have complete coverage with our team on the ground. >> thanks for watching cnn special coverage. i'm zain asher. >> i'm errol barnett. "early start" is next. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into
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terror alert in france. overnight, new threats from al qaeda. officials not taking any chances. deploying thousands of troops to protect jewish schools and institutions. investigators hunting for terrorists on the run. this happening as the world mourns and says good-bye to several victims of last week's deadly attacks. we are live. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. nice to see you this morning. it is 4:00 in the