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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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berman standing by live at this hour with cnn's special live coverage on the man hunt for terrorists in france. let me begin with something. we have this new video into cnn. this was video that was taken in the moments after those kouachi brothers opened fire in the magazine offices of "charlie hebdo." calmly returning to their getaway car. you've seen that part of course after murdering staff at the satirical magazine. but this is another look. here you go. [ speaking foreign language ]
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t about what you just saw. not just these gunmen and what they were shouting and this gesture, but also as we played the whole thing out, you see these gunmen firing on this police car that's backing out of that street right as they're making their escape in that small black car. now i want you to look at something else. a frenchman who has just been arrested in bulgaria all in connection with his ties to one of these kouachi brothers. french authorities are scrambling to try to track down these accomplices. they also identified this man a radical, once known as al qaeda's premier european recruiter. he was convicted of conspireing
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to attack the u.s. embassy in paris. now we know he was also the mentor to one of these kouachi brothers as well as a mentor to the gunman at that kosher grocery store in paris. all of this as al qaeda's north african branch is vowing to hit paris again. paul let me turn to you first. beginning with what these gunmen were shouting to this gesture, what was that? >> well they were shouting this is to avenge the prophet muhammad to avenge the honor of the prophet muhammad. this hand gesture with the raised index finger this has been a signal of jihadis for many years. it's been popularized by isis. it's very popular amongst all
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these jihadis. it means victory. and it also means the oneness of god, there's only one ideology and all others have to be destroyed. >> i'm also mindful of these people who are taking this video and seeing all of this play out in front of their very eyes. tell me what you saw. >> well the amateur video there shows us these two gunmen one of them clearly yelling out to no one in particular really. this is to avenge the prophet muhammad. we have avenged the prophet muhammad several times, with that finger pointed up in the air. i think most striking is their demeanor. it's their behavior. it's how calm they are as they sort of rearrange their weaponry reload get back in the car, and then come face to face with that police vehicle. you hear some single shots that presumably come from pistols. police officers carry pistols in this country most often, not fully automatic assault rifles.
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that's what we believe the killers had. so therefore, they were clearly outgunned when they came face to face. we saw video in the immediate aftermath of the attack on "charlie hebdo," brooke of a bullet-riddled windshield of that police vehicle. clearly they were aiming straight for that car, and the cops took no risks and backed out. but here's what's interesting. we were talking about the behavior. this is after in the timeline after these two individuals murdered 11 people in a complete blood bath at "charlie hebdo." and that's how calm they were. this just goes to show you their state of mind. their state of mind was extremely collected. it's quite chilling. after all of this went down that's when they killed the police officer on the much wider boulevard, which is outside of "charlie hebdo" offices, a side street away. there you have it. 11 people killed in that shootout then another murder. >> the calm the order, the control. i remember when all this was breaking and we kept watching.
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one of those gunmen taking the time to grab that sneaker to put it back in the getaway car before leaving down that street. paul stay with me. i know i've talked about jamal before. there are so many pieces of the story. it's the bigger picture and the affiliation with al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the inspiration of perhaps even meeting anwar al awlaki before he was killed in that drone strike the year before down to the other members at large in this 19th district group in france. but jamal, what more do we know about him? how did they meet him? where is he now? >> well he was part of an al qaeda setup in afghanistan. that plot that he was recruited into to attack the u.s. embassy in paris, they -- he was recruited to do that in bin laden's house in afghanistan. so his ties went back to al qaeda in afghanistan in the lead-up to 9/11. his mission is to attack the
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u.s. themembassy in paris. he meets one of the kouachi brothers and coulibaly in jail and becomes a mentor. he even introduces them to one another. he seems to have had a deep impact on at least two or perhaps three of these gunmen. they were all involved in 2010 in a plot to try and break free an algerian terrorist from jail. they go way back to 2010. but since then, he's been in jail. >> it's stunning to me as you learn more and more, not only where these people are meeting in training but the hardening of this radicalization behind bars. paul thank you very much. you know before they were killed in the spray of police bullets, the kouachi brothers invaded a printing business near paris. they quickly let one hostage go but now we're learning of a second hostage who managed to survive and even fed key
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information to police. he was hiding out for more than eight hours, crouched under a sink. now he is recounting that entire frightening ordeal. >> translator: so you were huddled under a sink that wasn't very big? >> translator: it wasn't big. you should imagine something like 70 centimeters by 90 centimeters and about 50 centimeters deep. he was about 50 centimeters away. he could have started opening the doors where i was. >> translator: that moment did you say to yourself, i'm done? >> translator: yes, i thought he would look in all the furniture. if he's looking for something, for food supplies. so he went towards the fridge and came back towards the place where i was hiding and he drank some water. he was drinking just above me. i could hear the water flowing because i was right next to the sink. i saw his shadow through the door opening. i moved a bit because my back was stuck against a pipe that was leaking. i felt the water flowing. a surreal moment completely
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surreal. i said to myself this is like a film. >> so moving to hear those tales of heroism for those who lived through those savage moments at the kosher market. of course i'm standing not far from "charlie hebdo." you saw that video at the top of the show of new view of the attack that took place right back there. it is eerie to see it the video playing out in front of me as i'm standing just a few feet from where it happened. all of this is emerging as the manhunt intensifies for anyone who might have ties to these terrorists. joining me now is jean pierre a professor of middle eastern studies at the paris school of international affairs. he's a special on french-islamic terror cells. sir, i want to ask you about this new information we just received today about a french man who was arrested in bulgaria. a security source tell miss e they suspect he was on his way to syria. he has his 3-year-old son with him, and the idea was to join
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the jooe that i did struggle there. what do you make of this arrest now in bulgaria of this man who may have ties to the kouachi brothers? all right. professor, we're having a hard time establishing communication with you. we're going to take a quick break and hopefully on the other end we'll talk to you about this new arrest, a man detained in bulgaria who may have ties to these terror attacks. stay with us. a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done. ♪ ♪
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your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $423. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. all right. john berman live in paris right now. a major new development
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potentially in the investigation into the days of terror in this city. in bulgaria a frenchman was arrested. we learned that just today. a man that authorities say could have ties to terror groups. a man that authorities say did seem to have some contact with one of the kouachi brothers before the attacks here in this city. a security source tells me this french man arrested in bulgaria seemed to be on his way to syria. one of the key questions now, was he involved somehow in the planning of what ended up happening here? again, he was arrested january 1st in bulgaria a full week before the actual attacks. joining me now to discuss this john pierre a professor of middle east studies at the paris school of international affairs, a specialist on french islamic terror cells. let's start first with the geography. bulgaria this man arrested in bulgaria trying to cross the border to turkey. turkey is a gateway to syria. of course so much of the fighting has been going on in
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syria. why do people head that way? >> well it has been now nearly a year that i've been warning against some kind of 9/11. the commanding center for the terror operation is in northern syria with isis and that very probably this french jihadi was going this way until the sanctuary in syria, the same way coulibaly coulibaly's partner has already taken shelter in northern syria. >> you hit on one of the things that jumped out on me. we have the girlfriend of amedy coulibaly, who we believe is in syria right now. now we have this man arrested in bulgaria who knew the kouachi brothers on his way apparently to syria. all happening in the days before the attacks here. could that just be a
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coincidence, or does that point to something to you that leads to the idea that it was some coordinated plan? >> no i think it was a plan. and i think the key man, i cannot prove it but i think we will soon have very important information about that is the key man of the 19th district network back in 2004 2005 when he was transitioning to syria with the help of police to help the american troops in iraq. and this guy now is a close associate to al baghdadi the self-proclaimed caliphate of isis. i'm afraid this could be a coordinated campaign against the european continent on one side
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and arab democratic transition on the other because jooe hahihadis and dictators are working hand in hand. >> you mentioned the idea of an ongoing campaign. security sources i speak with here say one of the reasons that they added new troops to secure key locations, added new police is because they do believe that there were accomplices in these attacks, and they can't rule out the possibility that these people left behind could still be planning something else. based on your expertise about french terror cells, would that be how they operate? would the surviving members be looking to stage an attack now, or do you suspect they would lay low? >> i think the problem is not only a french one. it's a european one. what is a terrorist trying to achieve with such a massacre as the ones that took place in paris last week? they want to create sectarian
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strife to take muslims in europe as hostages to trigger provocations racist retaliation against them. so they could strike maybe tomorrow but i don't believe in france. or they could choose maybe germany, where the environment is pretty ripe for anti-muslim retaliation in the case that i hope will never happen of terror attacks in our neighboring country. >> professor, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate discussing how they are pressing ahead with the investigation here in france. of course while that's happening all around us here in the united states new security measures announced at airports. it's all being linked to an article in "inspire," the magazine put out by aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. this new article features instructions on how to make homemade bombs using common
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household products. joining now by karen greenberg, director of the center for national security at fordham university law school. karen, we have these new measures. the department of homeland security said they'll be doing searching of passengers and luggage, even for passengers who have already gone through a security check point. first, let's talk the mechanics of this. what can those secondary searches catch? >> you know i think that there are two things. first, the primary search is a very important one. and i think tsa and the government relies on them and thinks they're very effective. a secondary search can turn up smaller items. it can turn up liquids they might have missed. it can turn up a variety of things. it depends on exactly how they'll go about it. but it's more that extra layer of protection. you have to know that the united states has been preparing for this day for a long time. these are the kind of measures
11:20 am
they've had in place increasingly since after 9/11. so i mean the primary security check is the important one. and i think we place a lot of trust in it. >> it struck me that they're putting these measures in place after the attacks here in paris that may have a link to aqap al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. this particular branch of al qaeda seems will be obsessed with attacks on airliners. there was the underwear bomber. there was all this hard drive efforts they were trying to make to get some kind of explosive hard drive on a plane. there seems to be an obsession with nonmetallic explosive devices. are these new measures in place specifically because of concerns about this branch of al qaeda? >> no because al qaeda and planes and using planes for terrorism, whether as a bomb or to hijack them have been in place since before 9/11. and so it wasn't just the attack
11:21 am
of 9/11. there have been other attacks that have been planned through airlines. we know about the one from london many years ago. so i don't think it's new. it's more of same and we're paying attention to it perhaps in a heightened way right now. planes have always been tied to al qaeda. no more so to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. it's something authorities have been ever vigilant about. >> you brought up a good point, karen. they haven't told us exactly what they're going to do my don't suspect they will because they don't want to tip people off to what these secondary versions of the screening are. karen greenberg, i appreciate you being with us. brooke back to you. >> thank you. we'll check back in with you momentary. meanwhile, investigators have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from that missing airasia flight and may have found the fuselage. so the big question how soon will we know what happened in those final moments before the plane crashed? we'll talk to richard quest
11:22 am
coming up. and new video of the paris terrorists who killed those journalists inside of the "charlie hebdo" headquarters. more video showing them calmly reloading their weapons, shouting something, making some kind of hand signal. what is all of this telling investigators? counterterrorism officials will walk you through this coming up. you're watching cnn's special kormg. we'll be right back. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. 16 days after airasia flight 8501 vanished from radar, investigators are now getting closer to finally figuring out what happened, what brought done
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this plane and the 162 people on board. according to an official search teams may have found the fuselage. that's the body of the plane. and they have now finally recovered both of those black boxes. this is huge because as officials say, the flight data recorder will likely tell us what happened and the voice recorder may tell us why. aviation correspondent richard quest is with me now. so they found these two boxes, which is huge and ultimately hopefully, this fuselage. when will the world know what happened? >> well this depends very much on what the flight data and the cockpit voice recorder actually tell us. here we have of course or a second ago v the various recorders. now, once they get inside they download and they start to analyze. the first thing they're going to be working out is the general picture. but if they find something immediately, if they find something that's so serious about the aircraft the engines, the way the system's operated
11:27 am
that it needs to be dealt with now, you would have an operator's emergency directive. you would have some sort of directive telling airlines this. i think that's very unlikely in the emergency sense. much more likely is the that the investigation will work out what happened and we'll start to see recommendations for how to avoid it in the future. >> there have been theories out there as far as how the plane hit the water. we don't know yet the catalyst that brought the plane down. but do we know more about what happened? >> we're starting to get a pretty good picture, that it hit the water horizontally. >> okay. >> and that was the same in air france 447. you don't need the data recorders for that. you need the wreckage. the wreckage shows -- the wreckage gives away its secrets of how the plane disintegrated. now we know or it seems very
11:28 am
likely that the fuselage -- that the tail is in one part and the fuselage is in another. again, the plane broke up when it hit the water. >> again, if you picture a plane, the fuselage is really the body, the middle section of the plane. that is where the majority of those passengers where those bodies would be. >> yes, and i'm afraid to say i suspect that what you're going to find when they go into the fuselage we won't see pictures thank god. what you're going to find is the majority of passengers were probably still strapped into their seats. >> okay. richard quest, thank you very much. appreciate it. and want to take you back to paris to john berman. john? >> thanks so much brooke. coming up for us next there is dramatic new footage. a new view of the attacks that happened just behind me showing the aftermath. what does this new video tell us about the two men who pulled off
11:29 am
this attack how they were equipped how they were trained? we'll speak to an expert who can break it all down. and then female jihadists. females, women connected to terror. we know that the girlfriend of one of the attackers here in paris is on the run. could be in syria. she is not the first woman to be involved with terrorist organizations. we'll talk about that as well. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right, she got me drinking boost. it's got a great taste and it helps give me the nutrition i was missing. helping me stay more like me. [ female announcer ] boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. man (sternly): seriously? where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday.
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all right. welcome back everyone. john berman live in paris. we are getting a dramatic new look at the attacks that happened just behind me at the offices of "charlie hebdo." a new video, amateur video just released that shows the aftermath of this attack. the kouachi brothers getting into their getaway car, driving off, and firing. look at this. [ gunfire ] [ speaking foreign language ]
11:34 am
s they drive off. earlier, you could hear them clearly shouting "we have avenged the prophet muhammad." so what else does this dramatic new view tell us about the attack and the attackers? i'm joined by former cia operative and a cnn national security analyst, bob bear. what jumps out to you? the first thing that jumped out to me is they seem to be the only two guys in the car. when this attack first happened a lot of people thought there was a driver perhaps taking them away. it certainly doesn't look like there was anyone else in the car to me. >> no. i think they were the lone attackers, the two of them. what strikes me about this, john is the military training. i've trained a lot of these
11:35 am
people. they've clearly been in a situation where they've been -- had to counter live fire. if not on the battlefield, at least in training. their ability to take weapons, a small grouping, against a police car of shots. a weapon gets jammed, they unjammed it. they had training in a war zone which is what concerns the french and the europeans, as it should concern us. >> there was almost an eerie calm in the way they operated. not to mention the fact they were heavily armed, seemingly with much more manpower than the police had. not even clear to me how much fire the police got off. that is a concern here bob. sources tell me there is a concern that even with the increased police presence that the police walking the streets here in paris are not equipped to deal with this kind of seemingly planned attack. >> not at all. i mean even with the police carrying automatic weapons,
11:36 am
which they are now in paris, it's not enough to deter a surprise attack. these people have military tactics that can only be countered with military tactics. and the french simply are not prepared for a second attack like this. nor are the american police. the police are trained defensively. how to keep violence down. they are trained to move fast aggressively and on the offense, which is something -- which makes this attack so surprising and disturbing for everybody. >> and bob, we did also see the beginning a man hold his finger up in the air, the one, before he got in the car. one of the terrorists holding up that sign there was some speculation they were signaling someone in this vicinity here. there was also talk that that's a common symbol among jihadi groups. >> it is.
11:37 am
it's symbolic for an arabic law there's only one god. and it's the unity of god. that means there are no other valid religions. it's al qaeda's symbol. they get to interpret who's a true muslim and who is not. >> question is who were they making that symbol to? was it someone watching or to be the world for after the attacks? that's an unanswered question at this point. bob baer thank you so much. brooke back to you. >> berman the men in this video, the gunmen, but there are also the women, the women who feel this need to wage so-called jihad. if there is one woman that french police want to find right now, it's hayat boumeddiene. she's the girlfriend of the terrorist who held up that kosher grocery store in paris. this video shows her arriving in turkey days before the deadly terror attacks. she may be this latest high-profile woman in a troubled
11:38 am
trend, women joining jihad against the west. here's another. remember this one? 46-year-old from pennsylvania. better known as jihad jane. she traveled to europe back in 2009 to scope out an attack on a swedish artist who drew a cartoon of the prophet muhammad. she's not alone. two women in europe also played a role in terror operations. one in a suicide bombing in 2005. another who stabbed a british politician of his support of the iraq war. i want to talk more about this with a world affairs columnist from "the miami herald." she joins me from atlanta. frida, good to see you. >> good to be back. thank you. >> women wanting to wage jihad, from what i've read this is relatively recent maybe in the last four years of the syrian war. my question is are these terror networks are they actively seeking out women? are they more assuming -- unassume unassuming i should say, to authorities? >> isis is actively seeking to
11:39 am
recruit women. they have a social network that is dedicated specifically at enticing women. but they are looking for them not to take on combat roles for the most part. they want to have more support roles. >> that's interesting. and you said isis has specifically crafted a website just for women? why? what is the allure for these women? >> well there's a benefit to isis and there's an attraction for the women themselves. isis considers that bringing western women makes them look really good. if women are turning away from the west to join this jihadi ideology it makes isis gain some points in the view of its potential supporters. they also want women to be wives for their fighters. you know when i'm watching these images here with you, i'm looking at hayat boumeddiene with this -- holding a weapon a cross bow, while she's completely covered. my thought is that she considers
11:40 am
herself a jihadi who is going to be in full combat with isis. but that is not what most jihadi groups want from women. you can't miss the irony of women going to join this organization, this ideology that is really so hostile to women. >> right. >> they do it for the same reasons that men join jihad. they want to be part of the something big, part of something that seems very meaningful. like most people especially young people they want to change the world. they want to be part of something greater than themselves. but when women participate in this the irony is so sharp because this is a group that has horrific ideas about women. >> well i can think of much better ways to change the world, frida. on your point, this is what peter bergen recently wrote. he wrote, it's a strange kind of
11:41 am
jihadist equal opportunity. you, too, can be a part of the holy war that seeks to install a taliban-style utopia that will ensure you can never have a job or get an education. when you hear about these jihad brides brides if they're not actively working in combat what are they doing? >> well in some of the isis-held territories in syria, for example, women have their own groups organizations that are in charge of enforcing social rules, dress rules. a lot of the norms that have been imposed on women that are based on this ultra extremist view of islam. for women who might be thinking that th is a lifestyle they would like i would suggest they take a look at what life was like for the women in afghanistan when the taliban were in power there. it was not exactly a happy time. they had the highest suicide rates in the world for women. i think it's also worth pointing out that the fight against jihadis, against isis is also
11:42 am
being led by women. you and i talked before about the women of kobani the kurdish women. the >> we talked so much about the women fighting for the good guys but not as much this side. frida ghitis always an incredible wealth of knowledge for all of us. appreciate you coming on very much. talk next time. next "charlie hebdo's" new magazine new edition out today. out to millions. and it shows the prophet muhammad once again. and in some very emotional moments earlier today, we are also hearing from the surviving cartoonist one of whom penned this cartoon on the cover. stay right here. you're watching cnn.
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11:45 am
title 42-20 over the oregon ducks. critics said ohio state didn't deserve a place in the playoff. alas the buckeyes proved them wrong as they won the title game and the trophy. back in 60 seconds. >> just like six weeks ago he didn't like me. crazy.
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"charlie hebdo's" latest cover does exactly what the terrorists did not want. it shows a cartoon of the prophet muhammad. now, cnn, as you probably know has decided not to air a picture of that cover, but soon 3 million copies of the new issue
11:47 am
will hit the streets. some of the first batches have already been seen. the cover shows muhammad holding a sign that says "je suis charlie," i am charlie. that's a message you can find everywhere now in the city of france. it has unified the city and the world since the terrorists massacred 12 people last week here at the magazine. above muhammad's head on the cover it reads "all is forgiven." and in muhammad's eye, there is a tear. the cartoonist who drew the cover seemed to get very emotional as he described how he came up with this notion. it wasn't easy. >> translator: i looked at it and he was crying. and then above i wrote, everything is forgiven, and then i cried and that was the cover
11:48 am
page. we'd found the cover page. we had finally got this wretched cover page and it was our own cover page. it wasn't the cover page the terrorists wanted to produce. there are no terrorists. there is just a man who is crying. and that's muhammad. i'm sorry, we've drawn him again, but the muhammad we've drawn is above all a man that cries. >> that was the cartoonist. i was at that news conference. it was incredibly emotional. a high level of security to get in. i'm joined here in paris by cnn's senior media correspondent. brian, thanks so much for being with us. we talked a lot about the cover. we saw them hold up the magazine at that news conference. now you have your hands on an actual version. what's inside? >> it'll hit newsstands here overnight in the next few hours. we've seen an online copy of it.
11:49 am
we've had a number of french speakers reading it for us. i think one of the most poignant quotes on the second page it says charlie has a lot of new friends this week. that feels like it sums up the mood of this city. it is much like the magazine the people either loved or hated before. it has equal opportunity, derision of religions of all stripes. i see jokes and critiques directed at the pop, but certainly also at the prophet muhammad and extremist forms of islam. for example, there's a sexually explicit image of a woman in a burqa, lifting up her dress. that's going to get some attention. there are also jokes about the 72 virgins idea. there are a lot of barbs in different directions that will probably get a lot of attention. there's also -- one of the few english illustrations is a "keep calm and charlie on" message. >> it's very interesting. they take note of the moment. they don't ignore the significance of what happens, but they also go back to what
11:50 am
they have always done which is to offend a lot of people quite intentionally. >> a lot of conversation about the attack and impacts of the attack but it's not an obituary issue. there are not blank pages to signify what's been lost. instead, what there are, are unpublished cartoons from some of the slain cartoonists. >> not blank pages but full pages. that's an even bigger tribute. brian, they're putting this out tonight, tomorrow. then they're going to take two weeks to get themselves really ready to go for the future. >> yeah, and i think part of that time will be spent with funerals. we heard from the editor of "liberation" today. >> the offices now that "charlie hebdo" is working at now. >> they've been getting a lot of help from that newspaper. they say that's not just one week's worth of support. they'll be there for this magazine through the duration. they said for the century, if they needed. they want to help and they're not the only ones. whether they agree with the politics of the magazine whether they agree with the ie
11:51 am
dpee -- ideology or not. >> hits the stands tomorrow. >> i think it'll come out in the united states in some form. we're working on the details. i bet some folks back home are curious to see it too. >> they're talking about releasing it in many languages. thank you very much. brooke back to you in new york. >> many languages, including arabic. thank you very much. coming up police officers from the united states travelled to france to pay their respects to the victims and those survivors of the "charlie hebdo" attack. you'll hear from them next in paris.
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two nations joined today by common grief as victims from the terror attacks in france were laid to rest four of them jews murdered in the attack at the kosher grocery store. in france mourners paid their final respects to three officers shot and killed in that rampage last week. two were killed at the "hebdo" magazine office and the third lost her life in a suburb. some u.s. police officers went to pay their respects. >> i think it's a real tragedy. i think law enforcement all over the world is grieving for the french and this isn't a problem just for france. it's not a problem just for europe. it's a global problem. we need to come together even
11:56 am
stronger than we are today to weed it out and prevent it from occurring. >> still ahead, developing right now, this dramatic chilling new video of the paris terrorists in action on the day they attacks the offices there at "charlie hebdo." you'll see their getaway. and a new wrinkle in the al qaeda playbook involving homemade bombs and passenger planes. how u.s. airports are already reacting. stay right here.
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11:58 am
so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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12:00 pm
top of the hour here. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me here on this tuesday. got a lot to talk about. new details in hunt for wider ties and more suspects in the paris terror attacks. first, i have to show you some incredibly chilling new video. this was taken moments after the shootings inside of the offices of "charlie hebdo." in it as you see here the two masked terrorists the kouachi brothers, calmly returning to their getaway car. when you wait for this whole thing to play out, you see them beginning to fire on this police cruiser, all the while yelling about avenging the prophet muhammad. take a look.