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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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tonight. 9:00 p.m. eastern ponly here on cnn. you can follow us on twitter. tweet me at wolf blitzer. be sure to join us tomorrow right here on "the situation room." watch us live or dvr the show. thanks very much for watching. eric ber eric ber net out front starts next. moments after the deadly attack calling reloading and then trading heavy gunfire with police. we'll hear from the shooters in their own words for the first time coming up. a radical muslim cleric calls it an act of war. could tomorrow's release of that magazine spark another attack. we're learning about an alleged plot to poison the speaker of the house, john boehner. this story is incredible.
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it's hard to believe, but it is true. let's go outfront. good evening. we begin with breaking news. dramatic video of the paris attackers moments after the shooting inside the "charlie hebdo" office last week. both the shooters the kouachi brothers and the men filming can be heard on video. the gunmen seen here raising his fingers, shouts we have avenged the prophet muhammad three times. that part of the audio is difficult to hear clearly and confirm for you. we can tell you this then with remarkable calm the shooters reload their weapons as the man filming says to his friend he
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had nerve. it's pretty shocking to imagine someone sitting here and filming this as opposed to making calls. that's part of the incredible nature of this video. the two start to drive down a narrow road. they are confronted immediately by police car. the police appear to be heavily out gunned. we'll play that part. no one was shooting blanks. the police car quickly backs away. the policeman are uninjured. the gunmen drive away. jim scuitto is out in paris. this video does fill in some important blanks. >> reporter: that's right. it right at the moment they storm through the offices and massacres the journalists there. a couple of things stand out.
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one season the comfort level the the patience as they unload their weapons. it appears one of their rifles jams and one brother helps the other brother unjam his rifle. they continue on their way. finally just the ease with which they escaped here. this was murder in broad daylight on the streets of paris. they have the multiple encounters with the police. they get away. they were on the run for two more days. the question is whether the city was prepared for it. >> the other thing is just trying to understand what someone was thinking filming this. you're filming as the people are reloading automatic weapons and
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murdering people. your comment is he has nerve. they seem to think it's blanks. it seems possible they didn't think this was real and maybe that would explain why they are filming it instead of calling for help. >> reporter: people have -- when you see eyewitnesss they have difficulty expecting the unexpecting. they may have assumed this is a mock up or police operation, so they film it it's hard to hear. it's difficult to hear on that tape. >> it is now that we know what was happening. jim, thank you so much.
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now bob mcfadden saw the counter activities for the department of the navy. all right, phil let me play again the first part of this new video. they are walking towards the car. you see them. one of them raising his finger in the air yelling. the thing that stood out to me is they are taking their sweet time. it's almost like they are on display. they are hardly on the run. >> i think there's a really important message. it's gotten confused in some of the conversation. most of what i saw were not what i would call terror cells. that word is used way too loosely. there were clusters of people who were angry thinking about operation, a little bit chaotic, not well organized. that is in contrast to what you see here. i would not call this a cluster.
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i would use a word i don't use often is this a cell training financing, the cool calm collected behavior not only in selecting the target but after you go through that emotional experience of shooting up "charlie hebdo," this is a terror cell. that's not that common in my world. >> not that common but significant. bob when you see that calm in control. they even put ammunition on top of the car and switch it. what do you see? >> quite extraordinary in some ways. looking at this tape and what we saw last week some of the assessment was when they did their casing they seem to have timed it out to know when they would have a response from the police. when you see this part of the film it looks like they have no care for responders coming.
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i think in the degree of training they had some of the assessment was highly trained, highly skilled, precise. obviously they are showing some degree of manual dexterity and comfort in handling the weapons. some level of familiarity with the weapons. >> phil the other thing we see to the point jim was making is to why the person filming this may have thought this was a police exercise. they were both wearing blackout fits. their faces were obscured. this is different.
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they are wearing their hats. it's clear who they are. >> i can't figure out. the people have been comparinge inging as to boston. this looks different. let's go through three or four characteristics characteristics. charlie hebdo, clear, immediate resonance. these guys had a get away plan. remember boston these folks walking around with hoodies but it's down. the cap is backwards, very easy to identify. i see home growns or informal people like what we saw in boston or something closer. i agree with the other commentator. >> the second part of the new video when you see the actual the fire exchanged with the police when they are shooting at police down the street. you can see this with the police car that backs off. what do you make of that? >> as we said before some degree of training.
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let me make clear, nothing e kwif equivalent to well trained law enforcement. >> the police back away. >> they are seeing they are being assaulted by an automatic weapon maybe two. their training would be to egress and find cover so they can engage. that's their reaction. looks like they were pinned in at the end of the street. >> the point you make when we look at them and their faces are covered up. they were obscured calm confident. they had some sort of a get away plan. it brings me to the question they made a mistake it seems. why would you cover yourself up and your identity if you meant for people to know who you are. they left their id. if they had not made that mistake, i'm saying ate appears it's a mistake. would they even know who did it at this point, do you think? >> sure. i think we would have figured
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out at this point. one of the things you think about that's changed in the past just five or ten years is video cameras. there would have been video cameras that might have identified the vehicle. you will get a claim of responsibility afterwards. you might get people trying to flee the country quickly. i think it would have taken longer. i look at the weapons cache and whether they planned a follow operation. i can't see why you would have that quantity of weapons without planning that. it would have been harder but they would have been identified eventually. >> thanks so mump to both you have as we go through that new video. chilling on so many levels. also tonight the investigation continues as to who else may have been involved in this plot. as you heard phil just say, he's saying cell. implying there were a bunch of people involved. debra is out front. >> reporter: the week before the
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deadly attacks this paris, at least two people linked to the gunman left france heading to turkey. fugitive hayat and french citizen who was in contact the week before the attacks. jouqin was arrested in bulgaria january 1st. he's charged with part of an organized crime group intending terrorists acts. boumediene seen here living with amedi coulibaly. she was flagged and followed to the syrian worder but disappeared. little is known about the man she is traveling with. he's been identified. french authorities believer he's
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part of a pakistani afghan terror cell. detonators found in the apartment. thousands of french police and soldiers have mobilized. investigators are working furiously to uncover the money trail. how among other things the kouachi brothers were able to finance multiple trips to syria and yemen where sharif met. after the massacre he spoke to french media telling them he was financed. he was known as the youtube bin laden. the key recruiter had sat in his home meeting with a senior figure back in 2001. a western intelligence source saying that he could be the key to all of this. >> thanks very much to deb.
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i believe we have an update. there's been a request to delay the tsarnaev trial. it appears the defense is trying to say that because of that report maybe the jurors would be tainted if they saw similarity between the cases. a radical muslim cleric calls it an act of war. those magazines are going to be going on shelves in the next few hours. what's at risk? airport security in america stepped up tonight. a seattle artist on a jihadi hit list that depict the likeness of
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cisco... ...tomorrow starts here. radical cleric tonight. the "charlie hebdo"'s new cover is called an act of war. that threat comes as the french
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satirical magazine is about to start distributing three million copies of its first issue since last week's attack. the newissues will hit newsstands in a few hours. bryan is there out front. how concerned is are they about publishing an image that obviously is the reason that two terrorists came in stormed their news room and murdered so many people last week? they are being well disguised. that staff put on a brave face today. >> reporter: if the terrorist who is attacked charlie"charlie hebdo" wanted to eliminate the magazine, they have failed three million times over. the first issue since the attacks rolled out the printing
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presses ready for sale on wednesday as scheduled. the issue finished. the editors and cartoonists met the press. fellow journalists, usually rivals gave them a round of applause. it's sparking outrage. it shows the prophet muhammad holding a sign reading i am charlie. all is forgiven. the picture may have led to last week's attack. the gunmen shouting out we have ae avenged the prophet muhammad. he said he had no fear drawing the cover. >> it wasn't the cover page the terrorists wanted us to produce. there was no terrorists. it's just man who is crying. we have drawn him again. the muhammad is a bubble of a
4:20 pm
man that cries. >> reporter: at times emotions overwhelmed him. >> the people are just simply who lacked humor and to take things very seriously very literally. >> reporter: a once lonely magazine with millions of fans. even the french president embracing the journalist. the same journalists who pointed their pens at him. will it continue? the editor of liberation said he will help charlie indefinitely with whatever else they need. in fact that newspaper has reprinted the charlie magazine cover on its front page tomorrow morning. i'm going to be watching in a couple of hours when this magazine go on sale to see if the newsstands are nervous. three million copies going on sale. many people will be lining up to
4:21 pm
buy a copy. >> thank you. again, those fears coming in part from a very well known british cleric who has called the new cover an act of war. outfront now, noah shackman. the daily beast have featured a number of covers with the prophet muhammad. i will note just for our viewers because you probably noticed i did not show the cover. we're not showing it on cnn. you're showing the image that will be printed in a few hours and you knowed many of the other ones. one of the images is someone from isis holding a knife to what they depict as the prophet muhammad. it's offensive. it's considered a form of idol worship. why did you choose to do it when it's offensive to so many around the world? >> for us it was an easy call.
4:22 pm
we stantdsd for the freedom of expression and we especially stood when it was under assault. when "charlie hebdo" was being attacked by a bunch of murders for expressing themselves, it was a no brainer. >> i know in a release you condemned be republication of the "charlie hebdo" cartoons. as i pointed out the image of the prophet muhammad is never shown in the arabic world. can you explain why you think people like noah shouldn't have published these. why is it so offensive when someone is using it as free speech? >> you refer to this cleric. it's not a cleric. he's a fool. he doesn't represent british muslims or islam. we are not at war with western societies.
4:23 pm
we condemn the killing of innocent people in paris. e we are free to challenge that through the democratic process and honest and open debate through your tv channel here on cnn and for anybody who engages in violence anybody who threatens who anybody, anybody who gives any death threats to anybody we oppose that. we're feeling the backlash from these attacks as well as having to deal with the aftermath of the terror attacks. we have to pick up the pieces. >> let me ask -- >> let me make one final point which i think is really important. the terrorists want to divide kmunlts communities. the jewish community was deliberately targeted. that's why i stand with the jewish community.
4:24 pm
the terrorists want to divide us. >> let me ask you because i understand your point you think what they did was horrific. you don't agree. i understand your point. in your release you say you condemn the republic indication of the "charlie hebdo" cartoons. why? why do you think it shouldn't have happened? why do you think it's the wrong decision? >> well look as i've said we live in a democracy here in europe and people are free to publish the cartoons. if they are free to publish cartoon and we are free to be offended by them. there's a double standard here when it comes to free of speech. a few years ago in 2008 a cartoonist who worked for the "charlie hebdo" magazine was accused of anti-sematism when he
4:25 pm
drew a picture about the son. we have pictures of the prophet muhammad and we're being told freedom of speech. if it's so important then why is there a double standard applied when it comes on this issue. >> let me ask noah -- >> i hope they defend my right to stand up and speak out against it. >> noah what about this point that he makes about a double standard that when they had a cover that was perceived as anti-s anti-sematic and he's saying he got fired and when you show muhammad bending down that's okay. >> there's no double standard. we printed cartoons that were print offensive to jews and catholics and michael jackson fans as well where we showed a dead michael jackson. we're being sort of equal
4:26 pm
opportunity boffenders here. we're defending their right to piss off everyone. >> to our viewers, we're not showing the image of muhammad. our network prosecute said journalistically every bone says we want to use and should use the cartoons. as managers protecting the safety of our employees around the world is more important. i know you might see that and say you should have the courage to stand up for that. i would point out, cnn broadcast hundreds of millions of muslims around the world. it's a mainstream publication which is "charlie hebdo" which is purposely trying to be provocative. you're mainstream website. you're broadcasting to a lot of people. >> millions of people a day. i understand the rationale. i just really disagree. there are times when the freedom
4:27 pm
of speech is under assault. >> thanks to both of you. it's very split in terms of which organizations decide to show these or not. airport security across america ramped up in response to a new threat from al qaeda. magazine instructions on how to make undetectable bombs from household products. a special report on that and the breaking news we're following tonight. an alleged plot to poison the speaker of the house. female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™.
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the department of homeland security is ramping up security at american airports after a renewed threat that al qaeda is trying to smuggle non-metallic bombs on planes. they will not be spotted by most airport body scanners. al qaeda describe how to make the bombs. the u.s. is expanding random security checks of passengers once they get through airport security. it's a pretty frightening thing
4:32 pm
when you think about it. pamela brown joins me from washington. on a lot of levels let's start with this. the fact that not all airports are equipped to detect these non-metallic homemade bombs. what will they be able to do about this quickly to change that? >> full body scanners are not in some of the smaller airports here in the u.s. we're told by tsa, they said the numbers that are deemed higher risk that have more day-to-day passenger traffic that there are those full body scanners at those airports. we're going to see more expanded checks secondary checks at the gate that could include an additional bag search passenger patdowns and traces of explosive explosives explosives. this is in response to a new inspire magazine by al qaeda where they publish a new recipe urging westerners to concoct one of these non-metallic hard to detect bombs from simple
4:33 pm
household items that are readily available. erin. >> it's pretty amazing. when you think about those high traffic airports, you go through them. i go through them. a lot of times the scanners are full. the system is far from perfect. what about the point non-metallic bombs have been around. >> they say we're as prepared as we can be. no security is 100% full proof. when it comes to these full body scanners there's the cost a and the risk assessment. they look at the airports across the country. they say what airports do we want to focus on here that has the highest risk. s the tsa is going to tell us what vulnerabilities there are. they will say they have multiple security layers in place.
4:34 pm
these measures change depending on what the threat is. they have intelligence coming in to help inform their decisions and do have tools readily available even if an airport doesn't have a full body scanner to defect if there's a non-metallic bomb. you've seen the tools the tsa handlers use to search the bags. if someone makes a non-metallic bomb with household products some of those products are explosive precursors and that would be detected by tsa equipment. they say we have the tools available domcombat this. >> thank you very much. one american journalist fearing for her life is forced into hiding. al qaeda leader was calling for her death. the threat was so real the fbi advised she change her identity. >> i've been grieving for four years. >> reporter: it's been that long since tim has seen or heard from
4:35 pm
his colleague and friend molly norris a seattle cartoonist who went into hiding in 2010 after receiving death threats. >> at least the unlikeliest person to be at the center of an international incident involving hate. >> reporter: she was a prime target for execution for creating cartoons of the prophet muhammad. her illustrations depict the likeness of the prophet as several items including a teacup and a domino. >> she didn't mean to skewer or offend. she was just standing up for free speech. >> reporter: she created the cartoon in response to comedy central's decision to sensor an episode showing muhammad. norris followed up the cartoon with this one encouraging religious tolerance. >> her first impulse was not to strike back but reach out and
4:36 pm
embrace. >> reporter: the fbi told norris her life was in danger and she decided to disappear. she compared the threats to cancer. >> you never know if it's going to be fine for the rest of your life or erupt and end your life. >> reporter: three years after she vanished her name popped up again. this time on al qaeda's most wanted list. the list included "charlie hebdo"'s editor gunned down last week in paris. >> it was horrible. i thought now it's raising its head again. i think it's been shadowing her ever since. >> reporter: former fbi agent says assuming a new identity is not easy. >> to stay hidden like that would be the equivalent of being dead. >> reporter: it often means leaving everything behind including family and friends. >> there's no indication these terrorists will say it's been a long time we forgive and forget. >> unbelievable story.
4:37 pm
i want to bring in a friend of molly's who has supported her since her illustrations. thanks for being with me. i appreciate it. let me start by giving more information by what molly did. her illustrations included faces on a teacup and the headline will the real prophet stand up. the depictions were not as vulgar as the cartoons that showed up on a facebook page. the question to you is did she have idea what she drew was offensive to muslims at the time? >> let me tell you a bit about the molly norris person i know. she's the most sincere person i've met. she's the most well meaning person you'll ever meet. when she learned about facebook page with the vulgar cartoons she distanced herself
4:38 pm
immediately. she realized this is the wrong thing to do. she distanced herself. she went onto meet local muslims here in seattle including my friend. molly norris made this great short film about the experiences of american muslim women who wear the head scarf. she said to destroy stereotypes, she found them to be so hurtful. she drew the cartoons not to insult but to stand up for free speech. >> her life has changed. she had to change who she was and perhaps how she looks. anyone thought those lists know they were very wrong. as we know one of the editors of "charlie hebdo" was on that list
4:39 pm
and he's now dead. what has it been like for molly to disappear and change her identity and become a different person? >> it's everyone's right to live happily and freely. that's been taken away from her. no one deserves to have that happen to him. i feel for my friend. i can only imagine what it's like to be her at this point. i was hoping and she was hoping over time things would fade away. this controversy would fade away but this has resurfaced again. we're hoping it would fade away and she can live a normal life like you and i. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. next the breaking news a plot to poison the speaker of the house. we have the details. it sounds strange. it's right here in the court papers. breaking news, the black boxes in the air asia crash. they have been recovered and we have learned the cockpit's voice
4:40 pm
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breaking news out of ohio. the house spoker john boehner's former bartender has been indicted on charges of threaten to poison john boehner. he used to serve drinks to boehner for years at his country club. after being fired last october he called police blaming boehner for his problems detailing an elaborate plot. he thought boehner was the devil who was responsible for ebola. joe john s live outside of washington. this person is insane but he was a bartender, very close to the house speaker for years. what are you learning? >> it sounds like the authorities are taking it seriously because there was a weapon involved. he's charged with issuing a murder threat against a u.s. government official.
4:45 pm
he's being held pending a psychiatric evaluation. this started with a call to 911 that hoyt made on october 29th. he told authorities he had been fired as a bartender at a country club in west chester before he had time to put something in john boehner's drink. boehner is a member of the country club. hoyt suggested he would kill boehner because boehner was mean to him and he said baneoehner was responsible for the ebola virus. authorities did find his gun and confiscated it. the document said quoting here hoyt has imagined and believes john boehner is the devil and he meaning hoyt believes he's jesus christ. he said he had no intention of doing harm to the speaker and while he poured drinks for
4:46 pm
boehner it would have been easy to slip something into his drink. he e-mailed his wife and said he could have hurt the speaker but have not. he was fired because he had a bad attitude and several members complained about him. the document says hoyt was previously treated for a psychotic episode two years ago and prescribed medication for it. boehner's office has known about him since november. had a level of awareness about this guy because the club is near their home. erin. >> thank you very much. our cnn law enforcement analyst is up front and former fbi assistant director. there's been a response from john boehner's office. i want to share. he did come out and say speerk boehner is ware of the situation and thanks the fbi, capitol police and local authorities in ohio for their efforts. michael hoyt was treated for a psychotic episode.
4:47 pm
he was given medication and stopped taking it. they are taking this threat seriously. is that fair? >> sure it's fair. in the past year three different people have been arrested for threats to congressman boehner. was in new castle indiana who sent threats to the congressman. another was by twitter from arizona. in this case this is somebody that knows the congressman personally has poured him drinks served him drinks at the country club. being in his district, obviously, the congressman would go back and make public appearances all the time and be very vulnerable. we know what can happen when you have a mentally ill person with a gun going to a political rally as we saw in the case of congresswoman gabby giffords being shot in the head in tucson arizona a few short years ago. fbi and the police took this very seriously in this case because this person would be in a much closer proximity to carery
4:48 pm
out the attack. >> just because someone might be in insane doesn't mean it's a serious real and present danger. three threats to john boehner in the past year. according to police it was hoyt who called police and told them about his plan to kill the speaker. if he had not made that call would there have been any clue? this is a guy who was sitting there pouring the guy drinks. someone you wouldn't even think twice about wanted to take your life. >> yes. he had been fired from that job for which he blamed boehner. you would think he would tell other people or brag about it. that's the hope is that some other way this would come to the attention of the authorities without quote, ratting himself out on the phone call. it's just sounds ridiculous and almost funny in its absurdity except mentally ill people with guns in this country, how many
4:49 pm
times have we seen that movie? >> it's fair point. i think you maybe it. sobering anyone up who did take it with humor. breaking news on air asia flight 8501. data is being downloaded from one of the black boxes. we'll be back. daughter: do you and mom still have money with that broker? dad: yeah, 20 something years now. thinking about what you want to do with your money? daughter: looking at options. what do you guys pay in fees? dad: i don't know exactly. daughter: if you're not happy do they have to pay you back? dad: it doesn't really work that way. daughter: you sure? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. music: melodic, calm music. hi this
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breaking news tonight. a crucial turning point in the search for airasia flight 8501. information from the flight data recorder has been downloaded. telling cnn that the cockpit voice recorder which has also been recovered is in good condition. that was a big question as to whether they'd be able to retrieve the data. it's very possible. an indonesian official said the fuselage the main body of the plane, may have been found at the bottom of the java sea not far from where the tail section was discovered. families are now closer to learning what brought down that plane with 162 people on board. rene marsh is outfront. >> reporter: this mangled twisted metal is wreckage from air asia flight 85501 key for investigators pulled from the
4:54 pm
java sea. >> the recorders are key to understanding what happened in this tragedy. >> reporter: indonesian investigator will analyze the boxes to understand why it crashed. it will tell investigators what was happening with the plane, how fast it was flying at which altitude and if any systems failed. the cockpit voice recorder will reveal what the pilots were saying and which warning alarms were going off in the cockpit. >> were they responding appropriately? what was their decision making? their state of mind when they were making decisions? that's why the voice recorder is so critical. >> reporter: the airbus recorder is in this section of the plane where it's less likely to be damaged but when the tail was hoisted out of the sea, the black boxes were not inside. they were found about a mile and a half away. divers may have also located the plane's fuselage many of the
4:55 pm
passengers bodies could still be inside. 48 have been recovered. they were originally seated throughout the cabin. more than 100 passengers are still missing. >> we expect that other people continue to search the passengers which is quite important. >> reporter: and with thousands of a-320s in the sky, finding what happened is critical. >> we do whatever we can to support investigations and all are drawn forth for the future. >> reporter: the voice recorder has enough space on it to record everything that was said every sound in the cockpit from the time the plane took off to the time that it crashed. the same goes trt flight data recorder. now, downloading all of the data that's the easy part. it takes about an hour or so but analyzing it is what takes time. investigators say we could get a preliminary report by the end of
4:56 pm
this month but erin we would not get a final report that quickly. that would take much longer. >> all right rene. thank you very much. we'll be right back with the emotional farewells. that's more... shh... i know that's more than 100%. but that's what winners give. now bicycle kick your old 401(k) into an ira. i know, i know. listen, just get td ameritrade's rollover consultants on the horn. they'll guide you through the whole process. it's simple. even she could do it. whatever, janet. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in.
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thousands gathering in jerusalem today for the funerals of four
5:00 pm
jewish men killed in paris. the bodies layed wrapped as prime minister netanyahu spoke. francois hollande paid respects to those murdered. awarded france's legion honor. dvr outfront to watch anytime. anderson begins now. good evening, thanks for joining us. new video revealing what parisians were up and the two gunmen who stormed charlie hebdo last week. we show you all of it and then break it down moment by moment. what you see took place after they stormed the offices of charlie hebdo killing those inside. 12 people would be dead and said and cherif kouachi would take off. take a look.