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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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much. really appreciate the report. remember that you can always follow us on twitter. you just tweet the show @cnn sit room. be sure to join us tomorrow. that's it for me. we're in "the situation room" and erin burnett outfront starts rite now. outfront next breaking news on several fronts. the fbi arrests an ohio man for plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol and shoot people as they fled. is this an isis move? his father is out front. a fourth suspect identified. are there more accomplices out there. we also have new images inside the mayhem. isis leasing a disturbing image of a young boy exkutsecuteing to men in the head. why are children the newest tool? the special report. let's go out front.
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breaking news, the fbi arresting a man for plotting an isis inspired attack on the u.s. capitol. i'll show you the young man. his name is christopher cornell. he's 20 years old and from the state of ohio. he planned to set off a series of bombs at the capitol and attack lawmakers as they tried to flee. i'm going to be joined by cornell's father here outfront. i want to begin with all the details we know about this plot against the u.s. capitol. pamela brown is outfront live from washington. what can you tell us? >> reporter: this is pretty disturbing. the fbi arresting this 20-year-old man in cincinnati ohio today by the name of christopher lee. the fbi says he was in the final stages of executing an attack on the u.s. capitol building where he allegedly planned to detonate pipe bombs around the building
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and open fire on people. lawmakers as they tried to flee. he was put on the fbi's radar several months ago after a confidential informant told authorities about him that he had been making alarming statements on social media. he talked about how he wanted to commit violent jihad and how congress members were his enemies. according to one exchange he had with this undercover informant. he said i believe we should meet up and make our own group and alliance with the islamic state here and plan operations ourselves. he also told this informant he had been in contact with persons oversaes overseas and he would not receive authorization to carry out attacks so he said he wanted to do it on his own. this really highlights the concern among u.s. law
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enforcements officials of people here in the u.s. being self-radicalized wanting to commit an act of terror. the fbi says he bought weapons today and was in the final stages of carrying out that attack. that's why the fbi says they arrested him. >> pamela thank you very much. pamela giving us the key headlines. he was buying weapons today. in the final stages of planning attacks with pipe bombs and am ammunition to kill survivors. the father of the suspect. i appreciate it. i don't think anyone can really imagine what this moment is like for you. you've just heard the news about your son's arrest. the details of what he was planning to do. i know you saw him just last night. did you have any sense that anything was wrong? >> no. left the house with a supposed friend. came home two hours later. i asked him where he had been. he said that he had went to a
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mosque. he was home for the night or at least we thought he was. my wife and i went to bed probably about midnight. my other son works third shift so he didn't come home until 6:00 in the morning. for some reason my wife, he's like a mama's boy and she looked in. we always check on. we've done this ever since they were babies. i used to check on them when they were babies to make sure they were breathing. any way, we noticed they were gone. i said i never seen him leave. we figured out he must have left in the middle of the night. we went in his room and i found a note he left me. it was just a simple note saying he had decided to move in with a friend. the guy offered him place to stay. the guy offered him so work because he was out of work. he worked seasonally and he was
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out of work. i don't think he cared where he was working at any way. that's what the note said. not to worry about him. he didn't want to tell us in person because he was afraid we would try to talk him out of it. >> that was all it said. it didn't -- i know that you must be very shocked, but you do know he became interested in islam. how did he change when that happened? >> actually he had changed like when i first, when we first discovered we kind of mocked him. like why would you convert to islam. i watch a lot of news. i see what's going on in the world. i said why would you want to convert to islam. he explained to me. islam wasn't a terrorist group. it was a way of life. he had opened up to me a lot more.
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he was a lot more open with me. he explained that he said i guess you just got to let people christians have different beliefs and you have to let people believe in what they believe in. >> did he ever talk about isis? >> he never, ever talked about isis. i watch news cnn and msnbc every day. that's all you see. he would come in and see it. he never made any comments about isis. we had no inclination whatso whatsoever. the fbi story is out there. he was turned in by an informant. the fbi had to be playing him all this time.
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if they knew -- if they had threats he made i think he might -- he might have made some threatening stuff on twitter they're saying. they're saying he made threatening comments. why wouldn't they arrest him then? why would they let it go this far? >> what's your reaction? sounds a little bit, i understand what you're saying. it's got to be hard to believe. you seem to have bit of disbelief. they say he bought weapons today and in final stages of trying a pipe bomb attack on the capitol. you talk about looking in on him when he was a baby. what's your reaction when you hear that? >> we've done that through his whole life. i always look in on my boys. so does their mom. they both live at home still. we'd rather they be here. we were hoping they would get some kind of a college program or something. we're not rich people. don't have a lot of money.
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we figured we'd let them live at home where they can save and get into a college program or something. we felt safe with them here. i don't know. these are comments he had made on twitter, these threats. he never had the money to buy those guns. these guns cost over 1700 buck. somebody had to chip in. >> do you think he would have
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gone through it? >> i don't think chris could hurt a fly. his best friend is our kitty cat. he's such a lovable, kind person. he told the people i'm one of the nicest people you'll meet. they mock him and make fun of him a lot at work. it upset him and hurt his feelings. it hurt his feelings. his feelings were easily hurt. he hadeld a lot of stuff inside. lately he had been opening up to me and explaining some of islam to me. >> what was his muslim name? >> i forget.
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>> okay. >> fbi took it. he told me what it meant. it meant something about a journey and he was protected by god. mentioned god. mostly god. >> thank you so much. i know it's got to be incredibly difficult to talk about it. the father of chris cornell who is accused of plotting to pipe bomb the u.s. capitol and shoot those who tried to escape. when you hear this young man's father saying he doesn't think he could hurt a fly and talking about his conversion to islam and their life. he seemed so surprise this could have happened. what profile are you picking up? >> the tragedy here is you see
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it one time we saw it this evening a couple of minutes ago. i've seen it a thousands times. let me give you a couple characteristics. the parent doesn't know. we lost suicide bombers in minneapolis. single mother households came in. the mother came in and said where's my son. not only did i not know he wasn't radicalized, i didn't know he travelled to somalia. the kid knows as soon as he talks to a parent the parent will say what are you doing. it's tragic. it happens all the time. >> general marx what do you hear when you hear john cornell talk about his son? >> following up on what phil just said. my reaction is wow. here is a set of parents who love this child and routinely check up on him and here this young man has been able to radicalize himself. he's got challenges in the workplace ands among those with
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whom he associates. what this really tells you is the folks that phil has run with through the lifetime of his service through the fbi and those associations that we have in the agency it tells you that the intelligence work that is being done at the local levels is incredibly aggressive and precise. mom and dad don't know but you have a network of professionals who do and able to jump in the middle of this before it reaches the stage of execution. it's quite incredible. >> it was incredible hearing him and i thought very raw and real interview in terms of what he saw. he clearly loved his son and had no idea this was happening. next the breaking news of the man hunt for the man in paris. a comedian arrested for his facebook post saying they have support for terrorism. disturbing images from isis. see that young boy looks like he
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an international man hunt
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under way for a fourth suspect. french officials say the man is an accomplice of amedi coulibaly. this is al qaeda released this chilling new video claiming responsibility for the "charlie hebdo" attack and saying they ordered it. new images from inside the supermarket where four of the hostages were murdered. we'll have more on that in a moment. jim sciutto begins our coverage in paris. now there's been a thwarted plot to pipe bomb the u.s. capitol being realizing how serious these plots can be. what more have you learned about the fourth suspect in the paris attacks? >> reporter: one key line of inquiry here is the ammunition used in the attack on that kosher market is the same am ammunition used in a shooting attack on a jogger shortly before.
4:18 pm
chilling new images of the gunman and the hostages he took men, women and children inside that kosher supermarket in paris last week. this photo stamped 1:40 local time taken during the first hour of the stand off. he can be seen dressed in jeans and a t-shirt wearing what appears to be a black bullet proof vest. lying on the floor two of the four people he first gunned down. here the legs of one man visible. the body closest to the camera believered to be that of an employee at the store. he reportedly grabbed a gun from coulibaly but it jammed and the gunman shot him to death. a grip lping photo of a child's abandoned stroller. these hostages seen here in photos released earlier this
4:19 pm
week were hidden in basement freezer by another heroic employee a young muslim man. he took some of the hostages ordering them to help him diz able security cameras. these photos taken around 2:40 in the afternoon. only a short time later he threatens to kill more hostages. now i'm hearing gunfire. multiple shots, automatic fire. just over an hour later heavily armed police storm in. coulibaly charges directly into the gunfire ending the siege and his life. in addition, to the enormous police and military presence around the country to prevent another attack enormous sensitivity as well to speech that might incite violence. just in the last several days more than 50 prosecutions or
4:20 pm
arrests for hate speech found on the internet facebook postings twitter. they are concerned about anything that might spur another attack. >> thank you. i want to get to that video tape from al qaeda which claims responsibility for the attack at the "charlie hebdo" office. we're learning there were questions are they just beginning to capitalize on this. this video isn't real. we're learning it's authentic. >> it is authentic according to u.s. intelligence sources. what they are trying to verify are the claims contained within the video itself. in the video al qaeda does say it order and financed the attack. sbrets interestingly it does not claim responsibility for the attack in the kosher market. the two friends cherif couachi
4:21 pm
and coulibaly may have coordinated on their own the simultaneous attacks. u.s. intelligence issing loo looking at the video closely keep in mind this video did come out after cherif said he was financed and after it became clear he made multiple trips to yemen. u.s. intelligence and u.s. authorities want to make sure that is true. >> they had an incredible cache of weapons. they made for that with something. you found out they did have money. what do you know about where it came from? >> reporter: the kouachi's
4:22 pm
received $20,000. that money was used to carry out the attacks and buy the weapons. for coulibaly he took a five-year $7,000 loan. that's $7,000 u.s. the equivalent amount of money. investigators found a lot of things inside. he took out in december of 2014. he alleged to have made about 3500 u.s. dollars the month before he took out that $7,000 loan. small clues but important clues to understand perhaps when he needed to money to get those weapons. >> thank you very much. now the former nato supreme
4:23 pm
commander. general clark, let me start with you on the point deb was making. they had an incredible arsenal of weapons. they didn't seem to need much when you think about the scheme of things to pull off a major attack. >> that's true. for that reason any amount of money is significant. it's significant because it leaves clues as to who organizes and supports such an attack. i'm sure that money and the web of people around these people in paris is being worked right now. it may lead to another wave of arrests. >> we just learned u.s. intelligence believes another 400 westerners have gone to fight in syria.
4:24 pm
is it may juror risk of coming home and planning attacks like this? >> they don't know. it's possible to walk across the turkish border. they arrive in turkey. they disappear and walk across the border. even the turks can't keep track of it. this is really a problem. people go there and learn how to use arms. the smart ones can come back and use them here. the people that don't scare me very much are the ones with the self-recruited they tend to mess things up. it's the ones that attack the magazine that really scare me. you look at that video tape of shooting that police car, the groupings, they weren't scared. they had a jammed weapon and the rest of it. that's what's really terrifying
4:25 pm
the french. >> they were cool calm and collected. my question is why in terms of responsibility did it take al qaeda a week to claim it? why would they wait? >> it might mean that. it also might mean there's some kind of dispute within the hierarchy where they have more to gain by claiming it or more the lose by making greater target and spect cal of themselves. it seems unlikely they would have planned an attack three years ago that would have had all this detail with it. maybe they suggested that "charlie hebdo" should be attacked. maybe they said do it when there's a group of people there. it will be very interesting as the intelligence agencies work through this to find out how, if at all, al qaeda really had anything to do with the actual execution of the attack. >> the head of britain's agency said as long as they are planning mass casualty attacks
4:26 pm
in western targets that fits exactly what with the united states intelligence has said. they failed to kill top commanders that are planning mass strikes from syria. france was horrific. it was not mass casualty. how worried are you about that? a mass casualty on the attack. >> call it what you want but the way they get it is we're killing muslims without justification. i know that's reducing this argument to silliness, but they are going to come back at us given the means and they need more experience. what worries me is the airplane bombs because you can bring down an airplane with common household grentss ifingredients if you know what they're doing. they have tried twice and they
4:27 pm
will try again. will they succeed? there's no way to know. that's their intention and we have to do something about it. >> thanks very much to both of you. next more on the breaking news. an ohio man's plot to blow up the u.s. capitol. the fbi says he was inspired by isis. his father talked to me about that and the latest chilling image in the isis war. this image appears to show a child, a little boy, looks like a gap ad except he appears to execute two men shooting them in the head. e financial noise
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more on the breaking news we're following tonight. the fbi arresting an ohio man, christopher lee cornell for plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. he said he was inspired by isis. he planned to set off pipe bombs and shoot people as they tried to escape. he actually bought guns today. moments ago i spoke with his father and we had a wide ranging conversation. i asked him specifically about his son's recent interest in islam. >> actually he had changed like
4:32 pm
when i first -- when we first discovered we kind of mocked him. why would you convert to islam. she explained to me that islam wasn't a terrorist group. it was a way of life. recently she had opened up to me a lot more and become a lot more open with me. he explained to me that he said i guess you just got to let people, christians have different beliefs. you got to believe people believe in what they believe in. >> did he ever talk about isis? >> that's all you see. he could come in sometimes and
4:33 pm
see it. he never made any comment about isis. we had know inclination. he was turned in by an informant, the fbi had to be playing him all this time. if they knew if they had threats that he made i think he might, he might have made some threatening stuff on twitter. why didn't they arrest him then? >> people on twitter were asking me this question as well. the father saying if he was
4:34 pm
making threats on twitter, why did they wait until today when he went to buy weapons and move in the final stages to arrest him. >> the informant looked ate him 15 times, 20 times and said the same thing. you sure you want to do this. giving him chance and an out. also when you go in front of a jury insuring that people say he was intrapped are proven wrong. they will show 15 times this kid said i want to do it. i want to do it. when you go through this process from this kid being initiated to akwarcquireing weapons to choosing a target. you want to be as close as possible to the actual attack event.
4:35 pm
>> bob, also his father he was pretty honest. obviously that doesn't fit with what the authorities say happened. his father said he couldn't hurt a fly. yet he was going ahead with this plan. his parents had absolutely no clue what so ever. even now that they are looking at this. i know that's standard but still incredible incredible. >> i've seen this before in lebanon when i was there. a young boy kissed his mother good-bye and said i'm going out to lunch. it happens all the time. they hide this conversion. they don't want to tell their parents because their parents will try to turn them against
4:36 pm
that decision. think how hard it is for the fbi to deal with this when the parents don't know what's happening in a kid's head. this is what the guy phil was saying. >> the people across the u.s. doing these kinds of threats. they fooinds thisind this guy. now you have to look and say if this person was going ahead with something like this how many more are there out there. >> the problem with this case and let's contrast it quickly to paris is the difference between quantity and quality. paris was high end. i rarely saw operations like that in the united states. we did see years ago, trying to blow up the subway in new york. very high end plot. for every one of those you'll get, i'm going to take a guess,
4:37 pm
dozens or maybe hundreds or more like these. these are low end. the problem is not that they are sophisticated or high end but if you miss one of them you'll get something like what we witness in oklahoma city. whatever that was 20 years ago, people who weren't high end but put together a car bomb and kill a lot of folks. a lot of folks like this in the united states. a lot less of what we saw in paris last week. >> thanks very much to both of you. our other top story is the man hunt in france after a fourth suspect has been attacked by officials according to a french newspaper. they haven't named this individual he's believed to be an accomplice of amedi. 54 people have been arrested in france for expressing support for terror in the aftermath of last week's attacks. never mind buying weapons. just expressing support as they
4:38 pm
see it. he's been released from custody and will be questioned. >> bonjour le france. >> he's a popular french comic like in comedians undeterred of offending. french law bans it and condoneingeing terrorism. he's been convicted nearly a dozen times of inciting racial hatred or similar charges. now he's charged not for his show or material but for this
4:39 pm
facebook post after he attended the march condemning the "charlie hebdo" attacks. he called march historic but it's the last part that brought new charges of condoneing terrorism. know that tonight i feel like charlie coulibaly. he later deleted the post. there's a difference between freedom and racism and anti-semitism. defending terrorism is a crime that must be punished with force and strength. 54 cases of condoneingeing terrorism have been open. a 22-year-old man posted a video mocking the dead policeman.
4:40 pm
his lawyer told sky news the post was quote completely innocent and the comic feels like he is treated like a terrorist in his own country. the comedian was photographed making a created gesture that many compare it to a natzi salute. parker apologized saying he had no idea what the gesture meant. a new test for liberty, equality foreternity. >> they say they stand for free speech but maybe only for some. video shows a young boy shooting two hostages in the head. can isis's disgusting strategy of turning children into killers be stopped? we'll show you this. we believe it's important.
4:41 pm
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isis showing a video of a young boy murdering two men. he can be seen pointing a pistol at the men's head and pulling the trigger. what you're about to see is upsetting but we're showing it to you because it's not rare. it is a terrifying trend of terrorists using children to carry out their massacres and it may be growing. the world should be aware and michael holmes is out front. >> reporter: a tactic raising a new generation of terrorists. it purports to show a young boy executing two hostages. a young boy about ten years old with long hair dressed in a black sweater and military fatigues stands before the hostages armed with a handgun. while a bearded isis fighter
4:46 pm
stands next to the boy resiting religious versus. the boy pulls the trigger and appears to shoot both men once in the head and fires several more times as the hostages slump to the ground. like previous isis execution videos this one is carefully edit edited. it's unclear if the boy did kill the hostages. the message is clear. they are turning children into killings. >> there is the use of children for atrocities. we've seen in in africa and before in syria. the difference here is they are bragging about it.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: they are shown training to fight, learning in isis run schools and training with automatic weapons. this boy has appeared in earlier videos. he wants the grow up to kill infidels. this isn't the first time isis has used shocking images of children online. a young australian boy holds a severed head in a photo posted last august by the child's father an extremist who took his children to syria to join the fight with isis. another group is also using children to further their evil agenda. nigeria behind a deadly attack this week strapping a bomb to a young girl an setting it off in a busy marketplace killing 16
4:48 pm
people including the girl. just this week a chicago teen pleadsed not guilty to charges he planned to join isis fighters in syria. his mother issuing an emotional plea to the terror group. >> we have a message for isis lever our children alone. >> reporter: children used as pawns in a propaganda war in a global jihad. the. >> announcer: lost what happens to these children as they grow up. what kind of adults will they send into the world. michael holmes cnn. >> ending with a crucial question? question. one wing is still attach and we have the latest on the investigation. they'll be looking in there and two americans have made it to the top of the world's most difficult rock climb. they used super glue to keep their fingertips intact. our report.
4:49 pm
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our top story tonight. the fbi arrests an ohio man for allegedly plotting to bomb the u.s. capital.
4:53 pm
this is 20-year-old christopher lee kornell. among the charges against him his plot was inspired by isis. exclusive from wkrc we learn from his father he knew nothing at all when he saw his son last night. he appeared completely normal. a significant breakthrough in the search of airasia flight 8501. searchers found a massive area of the plane, the wreckage part of the airline's slogan in a very sobering. when you look at these pictures as you'll see. saying now everyone can fly. a section of the wing with the registration number on the plane on it. within hours, divers are expected to search the fuselage. this is, of course a grave. more than 100 people remain missing after the plane crashed 18 days ago with 162 people on board. now is our safety analyst, david soucie the author of why planes crash. the book about the missing malaysia flight 370 is coming
4:54 pm
out soon. we have the black boxes recovered and now the images of what we found today. the section of the plane along with the side of the plane and one of the wings. part of one of the wings attached. as i said you could see the slogan which, you know, underneath the water there is very sobering. when you look at this piece, what does it tell you about how this plane may have gone into the water? >> it appears as though that main section was pretty close to the tail meaning within about a half mile. to me that indicates that the aircraft did more of a pancake with a little bit of a forward air speed to have lost the tail at the impact not before the impact as sometimes we were guessing before because we didn't know where that main body was but it appears at this point to me that the plane made a flat pancake type of landing, main broke off and the section, 100 feet there they found.
4:55 pm
that would indicate remember, the airbus only about 120 feet. so well that section anyway. where that is there's a good portion of the airplane there and right now, as we speak, there's divers down there examining what's there. we'll know a whole lot more in a short time. >> we will and we hope for the families their loved ones are found. of course the question that everyone has, the families and anyone watching everyone who flies, when you talk about it landing like a plat pancake, what does that mean for how that plane fell? what it was like on board? >> well what it means is that it's too early to actually tell exactly what it means, but we will have some graphics that will show this exactly within a short time from the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder. but what it means there was a severe stall, power on type of stall where the aircraft lost forward momentum but was in a steep decline or the aircraft engines themselves were either damaged by hail or damaged by the wind. the angle of attack would have
4:56 pm
possibly stalled those engines. at that point, the engine makes a steep spiral spin in an attempt to get more air flow to the wings in an attempt to maintain control, so the aircraft can be levelled off. it was a little too late and too short at this point. >> david soucie thank you. we'll continue to follow that as we get the images coming in over the next day. we'll be right back.
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caldwell and kevin jorgeson have reached the summit of el captain in yosemite park. we told you about this recently but they free climbed, free climbed. no gear just their calloused hands and feet. the ropes were only to catch them if they fell. it's been called the toughest climb in the world. the president just tweeted themselves congratulations and we add ourselves to that list. thank you for joining us. ac starts now. good evening, thanks for joining us. there is a lot happening tonight. we begin with breaking news. the arrest of a 20-year-old ohio man apparently inspired by isis who authorities say was allegedly planning on attack on the u.s. capital. he came to attention several months ago. arrested today by the fbi in an undercover operation. our