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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hello and welcome to yours in the united states and across the world. i'm rosemary church. >> good to be with you. i'm errol barnett. we'll be with you for the next two hours. coming up manhunt. french police search for a fourth suspect who french media say may have been involved in last week's terror attacks in paris. isis wannabe. the fbi foils a plot by an alleged jihadist who attacked targets in washington. and an amazing feat you could say. two u.s. rock climbers set a mind-boggling record with nothing but their hand feet, and rope. student for that.
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we want to ghin hourbegin this hour with now details as it relates to the paris terror attacks including new information about who may have helped carry these attacks out. al qaeda and the arabian peninsula claims it had been planning the "charlie hebdo" attack for years calling it revenge for insulting the prophet muhammad. the group also praised friday's grocery store siege but did not claim responsibility for that attack. >> meanwhile, the a french newspapers the man who killed four hostages at that kosher grocery store, ahmedy coulibaly tried to get a bank loan in december and asked to be covered by life insurance tied to the loan. in other developments the french newspaper says authorities have identified a possible a possible accomplice of coulibaly. >> victimjim sciutto with details.
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>> reporter: this is the location of an apartment thought to be ahmedy coulibaly's hideout. keys to a motor bike belonging to another man, suspected of shooting a jogger in a park last week before driving coulibaly to the attack. the man may have fled france for syria. the deadly attacks were planned for years with order comingly directly from al qaeda in the saudi arabian peninsula. a video which is believe to be authentic features pictures of the gunmen with the group's commander praising the attack and calling it revenge for cartoons satirizing the prophet muhammad. we clarified to the islamic world that the one who chose the target laid the plan financed the operation, and appointed its emir, he said is the leadership of the organization. he provided no proof.
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one of the plot's mastermind he claimed, was american awlicki. it was not clear if he provided direct command and control or if it provided funding with the attackers selecting time place, and target. still, the investigation has already exposed a complicated and expanding jihadi network. the man seemed accompanying hyatt boumeddiene at the errant is tied to a pakistani -- at the airport is tied to a pakistani cell who pledged allegiance to isis in iraq and syria and is said to have cooperated with the kouachi brothers. tonight an inside look at the attacks. coulibaly seen in body armor, forcing shoppers to take down
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the cameras. others huddling together soon after the first hostages were killed. a baby stroller possibly belonging to a child who survived the attack hidden in a became refrigerator left abandoned in the aisles. the cctv images were available during the siege to police providinging in and intelligence before police were able -- providing information and intelligence before police were able to raid the market to free hostages. the publishers of "charlie hebdo" say they are printing another two million copies of the latest issue. the magazine sold out just as quickly as it hit newsstands on wednesday. isa suarez live from paris with more on that. so it is the first issue of "charlie hebdo" since the paris attacks, and demand is clearly outstripping supply. how many of those extra copies will likely be heading overseas and when portion will be translated into other languages? >> reporter: hi. yeah it is -- yesterday like
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you said it was already selling out. many people had already put reservation in before it hit the stores, the newsstands. now we're seeing there will be more an extra two million, bringing the total to five million. of course there will be a thousands an to tomorrow and a thousands an the day after. slowly coming. what you'll get -- i'm going to get up to give an idea. just down here at champs d'elysee, you'll be able to see a queue by the kiosk. look at it, rosie. people queueing up in fact before 6:00 a.m., before it opened. already 60 people waiting, being told there are no more copies. you get a sthaenense that people want to be part of history, part of this moment. so many around the world want copies. we have 25 -- going to be 25 countries, 16 languages including turkish and spannish and italian, we've been hearing. the u.k. we're told will get 1,000 copies.
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canada will also get 1,000 copies. you know there's some like ten -- ten million french speakers in canada. the demand really -- it's really in need. there's demand but not enough supply. so what the -- the problem at the moment is that will there be more. most likely. so say the editor-in-chief, there may -- they may be printing more. if you want to get your hand on a copy, one way to do it is to actually subscribe to "charlie hebdo." you should subscribe viea amazon or by ebay. the prices have been astronomical between $60 to $600. the normal price just over $3. you get a sense of how much demand there is and how much people want to be part of this history that really is freedom -- about freedom of speech freedom of expression
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and not just parisians. >> when you're talking about only a thousand copies to the united kingdom, more than likely we'll be seeing more print off. it's also a somber day for those working in "charlie hebdo," isn't it with more funerals set for their former colleagues. talk to us about the impact that's having on the paper of france. >> reporter: that's right, another somber day in france. there will be funerals across the country really to pay tribute and homage to five people who -- five individuals who died in the officer of "charlie hebdo"ment one of those -- in the office of "charlie hebdo." one of those was jacques wolinski a cartoonist. if you remember his daughter just after the attacks, his daughters printed a photo of her father's office saying that, you know that basically how empty it was. so he's one of those. the other is frank leukemia he
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was a policeman tasked with really protecting the editor-in-chief. he will also be remembered today, alongside two other people. one cartoonist who was called tignous, well known. he was drawing cartoons here since the 1980s. and an essayest. around the country we're expecting people to take time to think of them but many people including the finance ministry and also senior politicians will be in some -- at some of the memorials for the people who died at "charlie hebdo." but this country, rosie going back to your first question, you know this sun and defiant still. and there's also a sense of pride, a sense of pride that france was able to unite in the face of the terror attacks and hold the values that to them is so dear, liberty. liberty, freedom and freedom of
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expression continues to sound not just here in paris but indeed throughout the world. that's why you're seeing such huge crowds so many people queueing up getting up very early where it's still dark to get their hands on a copy of "charlie hebdo." >> yes, sending a very powerful message to the terrorists. isa suarez many thank as always for your great reporting there from paris. we appreciate it. u.s. president barack obama and british prime minister david cameron have written a joint editorial condemning the paris terror attacks and defending free speech. >> it appears in today's "times of london" and says "along with our french allies we have made clear to those who think they can muzzle freedom of speech and expression with violence that our voices will only grow louder. there are more than one billion muslims in the world. the vast majority of whom are sickened by the evil these terrorists claim to perpetrate in the name of islam. the united states and britain
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will continue to work closely with all those who believe in peace and tolerance." the paris terror attacks have the u.s. on alert for new terror threats. wednesday the fbi arrested a 20-year-old ohio man for allegedly plotting an isis-inspired attack on the u.s. capitolment pam capitol. pamela brown has more. >> reporter: the fbi says christopher lee cornell was in the final stages of carrying out his alleged attack of detonating bomb at the u.s. capitol building and opening fire as officials as they ran out. officials have been keeping an eye on him for several months after a confidential informant tipped them off about alarming statements mideasted on social media about wanting to launch violent jihad. he had been in contact with people overseas. the complaint says quote, "i believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the islamic state here and plan operations ourselves." this allegedly of a coming up
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indication between cornell and the operative in this case. the fbi says from there he began to take concrete steps toward reaching his goal researching how to build pipe bombs and studying the buildings he wanted to target in d.c. wednesday he allegedly bought semiautomatic rifles. shortly after the fbi arrested him and charged him with attempting to kill a u.s. government officer, it's important to note officials say he did not pose a threat to the public during the course of the investigation. and his father did speak to cnn and says he had no knowledge of this and was shocked by the allegations. cnn, washington. >> and as pamela reported cornell's father is speaking out about the arrest saying he never heard his son talk about isis. >> he's completely stunned by this. his name is john cornell. he says his son left a note just before his arrest to say he was moving out of the family home and to not worry about him. here's more of what john had to say. >> no i did know that she recently converted to islam.
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and in the beginning i may have even mocked him, you know. because of what i see in the news and everything. but he explained a lot of things to me. he -- he explained the peaceful side of islam to me. and how -- you know that you just let people -- you have to let people believe what they believe, and you know that was it. you know what i mean? he never showed any signs of violence or any of that. >> john cornells he thinks his son was in his words kind of lost and vulnerable. referring to extremists, he said he wishes they would leave our kids alone. another story we're following, u.s. house republicans squaring off again against president obama with homeland security funding at stake here. the house approved a bill that ties the funding to the undoing
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of mr. obama's immigration orders. >> the bill would lead to the deportation of undocumented immigrant absolutes brought into the country as children as well as undocumented parents of u.s. children. the president threatened to veto the bill but it's not expected to get past the senate. still to come meet a muslim man in paris who is being hailed a hero in the jewish community for saving lives. and better armed and in larger numbers, nigerian soldiers talk about what they face in fighting boko haram.
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we run on quickbooks.tha t's how we own it. back to our top story. the terrorist attacks in paris. new information we're learning about the harrowing moments inside the kosher supermarket where four people were killed. >> fred pleitgen introduces us to a muslim man being hailed in the jewish community and nation as a hero. >> reporter: this is lasan batarie, a migrant to mally and a hero especially to these people. among the 15 jewish hostages the shop assistant saved from ameddy coulibaly from the supermarket in paris. amedy kept them in the basement. >> translator: i heard gunfire and thought, oh my what is going on?
11:17 pm
then suddenly a group ran downstairs and shouted "the there's gunfire in the shop." then they said "they're here they're here." >> reporter: he ushered them into the freezer and waited. >> translator: after i'd been down below with the others for five minutes, we heard footsteps on the metal staircase. i thought it was him coming down but it was my work colleague. she said the man was asking for the keys to the shop. then she went back up. >> reporter: cold and frightened, the group remained in hiding. >> translator: the person came down again and told us we should all go upstairs otherwise hostages would be killed. everyone panicked. some said we must go up. there was just panic. >> reporter: that's when he made the brave decision to go upstairs alone. >> translator: before i left i asked if they wanted to leave with me. they didn't want to. they said no it wasn't a good idea. they thought if they came up they might make a noise, perhaps he could be waiting for us. i didn't want to force them so i turned off the light, shut off the fridge, and shut the door.
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>> reporter: he made his way out of the building but spent nightmaretime in handcuffs. initially police thought the shop assistant was a terrorist, but he gave police information about the store and its layout. >> translator: when i emerged, they told me to put my hands on my head and to lie on the ground. i panicked. there was lots of people and lots of shouting. >> reporter: later, once news of his heroics emerged, twitter lit one praise. his facebook page now has more than 20,000 likes and more than 220,000 people have supported an online petition calling on president hollande to grant the young migrant from malli french citizenship and medal of honor. >> incredible story there. and i mean it ended well for him. but chilling when you hear step by step through the story that he realized -- >> that split thinking the split-second thinking that we talked about yesterday that made
11:19 pm
a difference. >> difference between life and death. >> shows how the first impressions, even the police assuming he's a terrorist, can be wrong. he ended up being a hero. another big story we're following for you, the islamist group boko haram continuing to terrorize northern nigeria, has done so since twooin. >> human rights watch say new image show the large scale destruction the militants leave behind. the bremerton -- the bright red patches show the visuals near baga. that's where boko haram reportedly massacred as many as 2,000 people. now it is unclear whether boko haram has ties to middle eastern terrorist groups but its sympathies are clear. the militants released a new video of their leader praising the killings in france. take a look.
11:20 pm
>> nic robertson has more on the militants' growing reach. >> reporter: yeah the leader of boko haram there really trying to point out common cause between boko haram and other international jihadist groups. that's something that government officials here have been talking to us about today, as well. they say absolutely they see boko haram as a group with international connections. they say they arrest fighters from neighboring countries. they arrest fighters they say, who don't speak any of nigeria's languages. they want to see international action. we've also seen those satellite images that have been released of the areas of fighting. and again, they also show the strategic interest of boko haram targeting a military outpost so
11:21 pm
close to the border. and that gives them a freedom of movement across the border, enhancing their international threat. religious leaders here also telling us it's time for the international community to step in and help nigeria. >> the international community seeing perhaps the inability of nigeria to contain the situation should also offer help. and this is the help we are not seeing. now we saw it very glaringly. and i say i liked it when i saw the huge numbers in paris. and then the heads of state from different nations coming together for a common cause. where can we hear the same sympathy sympathy solidarity concern? >> reporter: we've also been talking to soldiers as well. they echo the call for international help. they say when they go into battle against boko haram, boko haram often outgunned them. their weapons have a longer range. they have more ammunition than
11:22 pm
the soldiers do. the soldiers just carry light ak-47s, light machine guns. boko haram coming in with big anti-aircraft guns, can shoot over longer distances. the soldiers say they're forced to flee the battlefield without international help giving them bigger stronger weapon they say, they can win the fight against boko haram. cnn, northern nigeria. >> many people have been asking why boko haram has stepped up its offensive in the north at this time particularly. you can find the answer to that and some other big questions about boko haram on our website at still to come this hour two free climbers -- this is my favorite story of the day -- two free climbers make it up this massive rock formation with only their bare hands, feet, and true grit. more on their record achievement. startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs.
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two free climbers reached the top of el capitan after a nearly three-week journey. the rock formation in california is nearly 900 meters high. your favorite story. >> impressive. tommy caldwell and kevin jpmorgan chase son did it using only their -- and kevin bjorgenson did it using only their hand and feet. >> the world's hardest claim. the pair using just feet and hands to scale the massive 3,000-foot the wall known as el
11:26 pm
capitan in yosemite national park to become the first people in the world to free climb the formation's wall. they did have ropes and other safety devices in case there was a fall. they did fall from time to time. but they did achieve the impossible. tommy caldwell kevin bjorgenson doing the free climb. you're talking about a journey that goes back to december 27th. they did this supporters who were sending up supplies and food to keep them going. as you can imagine, going down will be a lot easier than going up. that moment five years in the making. >> well done. five years, how about that? president obama tweeted his congratulations to the climbers. >> that's right. take a look at the image. the white house tweeted this out. it's the president next to a painting. thumbs up there. >> closest he'll get, right? >> right. president obama said that the climbers remind us that anything is possible. they did ruin their hand, though. got the messed up. >> a lot of lotion for that one. >> impressive though.
11:27 pm
now, this was a very close encounter for a couple of fishermen on a speedboat in zimbabwe. >> how about that? they were hunters made the hunted by an unlikely underwater stalker. jeanne moos with the story of one giant hippo that's making waves. ♪ >> reporter: uh-oh. move over jaws. something's chasing the boat. is it a crocodile? is it a killer whale? better gun the engine. maybe they're going to need a bigger boat. holy hippo! fishermen on the lake in zimbabwe managed to outrub run-- outrun the hippopotamus. >> i think they came across the wrong one that day. >> reporter: malawi in style is a tour operation where the fishermen were clients. if the hippo had caught them -- >> it would have bitten straight
11:28 pm
through the boat, though doubt. if their boat hadn't moved, it would have been bitten the boat in half. >> reporter: and you thought jaws this powerful jaws so do hippos. don't fall for their cuddly cartoon image -- ♪ >> reporter: their beguiling eyes the game -- this wasn't hungry hungry. seemed angry angry. the hippo is considered to be the most dangerous animal in africa. said to kill almost 3,000 humans a year. at least the boat got away intact. beats having a bull elephant sit on your car while you're in it and then stand on it. authorities in thailand blame mating season. though mounting a silver sedan seems counter-reproductive. bullied and kicked around the bumper but no one was hurt. i plead guilty guilty of being clueless about how unpredictable and aggressive hippos can be. first i lost my heart to a hippo, then i almost lost my
11:29 pm
arm. it was 18 years ago. i was doing a story on a slobbering circus hippo. she seems to like to be mocked. just kidding. who says hippos report disarming? jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> wow. what they're capable of. >> the jaw strength is no joke. fishermen on lake victoria are mortally afraid of those things. they can kill you. >> it looks comical coming out of the water. >> don't be fooled. those are dangerous. we'll take a short break. still to come of course our top story. news organizations around the world are divided on whether to show the cover of the new "charlie hebdo" magazine. we will get per speckative from both sides -- perspective from both sides live next. coming up officials have spotted the fuselage from airasia flight 8501. it could mean recovering many of the more than 100 victims who are believed to still be inside. we'll get you the latest information on that.
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reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and, of course around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. here are the top stories we're tracking for you right now -- an ohio man has been arrested for allegedly plotting an isis-inspired attack on the u.s. capitol building. the fbi says 20-year-old christopher cornell planned to set off bombs and shooting congress people as they fled. he was arrested and charged wednesday just after buying guns and ammunition. french authorities have identified a possible accomplice to the man who killed four hostages at that grocery store in paris. the newspaper says investigators believe the suspect may have
11:33 pm
driven amedy kuehl bale-- amedy coulibaly to the store and has likely fled to syria. in france many funerals being held for victims of the "charlie hebdo" attack. meantime french authorities have released controversial french humorist and actor after he posted a comment on facebook. he's due to be questioned february th:a court in turkey banned website pages that show the new "charlie hebdo" cover. the court says its decision was based on turkish law and internet regulation that's include not insulting religious beliefs over freedom of expression. >> the country's deputy prime minister wrote, "those who are publishing figures referring to our spew premupreme prophet open incite and provocation."
11:34 pm
>> the security was stepped up around the offices of a secular turkish newspaper after it published excerpts from the new "charlie hebdo" issue. >> newspaper staff received death threats. we have more on the details on why the paper chose to publish the excerpts. >> reporter: the newspaper's editor said that they dedicated a four-page sample to a selection of the cartoons translated into turkish. >> translator: we did this to show support for freedom of expression. we did this to give the message that freedom of expression should be maintained and it should not be please concludeprecluded by terror. >> reporter: police showed up at the printing press and inspected the paper, holding district trucks for 14 minutes before allowing them to go ahead. according to its editor-in-chief, the newspaper had decided to not include the cover of the latest edition of "charlie hebdo" in the four-page
11:35 pm
sample. two columnists used a small black and white reprint of the controversial cover. many muslims consider visual depictions of the prophet muhammad and publishing such cartoons and insults to their religion. >> here at cnn we've decided ton show the "charlie hebdo" cover with the cartoon of the prophet muhammad. >> the cnn president says "journalistically, every bone says we want to use and should use the cartoons. but as managers protecting and taking care of the safety of our employees around the world, is more important right now." with so much controversy surrounding the "charlie hebdo" cover, we wanted to bring in two guests to get their opinions. christine augrant is the former chief operating officer at france 24 and rfi. she's in paris. and in london frenchal janet reno award winninging journal -- french algerian award winning journalist joins us. thank you for talking to us on
11:36 pm
this day. "charlie hebdo" refused to be censored with the first cover since the paris attacks depicting the prophet muhammad with a tear in his eye holding a sign reading "je suis charlie" under the headline "all is forgiven." did "charlie hebdo" get it right? right? >> no i don't believe so. it got it awfully wrong, in fact. i think it's a very provocative thing to do to publish a blasphemous cover that is perceived by muslims in france and, indeed muslims around the world as being deep lyly offensive at a sensitive time. it is sheer provocation and the idea that you can get revenge effectively on the terrorists by rushing out what is a divisive and indeed provocative cover is ludicrous. and i think there's a time and place for that and was a
11:37 pm
necessary provocation it's a bit, if you like provocation of publishing those who died in the nevin a 9/11 atrocities. i don't believe americans would be impressed if newspapers had mocked and religion of those who died in the atrocities. >> christine your opinion? what do you think? did "charlie hebdo" get it right or not? >> i think it's a perfect cover. it talks about forgiveness, there are tears, and it depicts this france as a secular country. it's a notion which i understand.understand that some cannot accept. in france we have fought for centuries to get religion. whatever the religion starting with the catholic religion out
11:38 pm
of the public field. there's a strong shield strong separation between the state, the community if you will, and religion which is a personal matter. >> let me add this -- murder, violence cannot produce offense. that's ridiculous. we cannot let al qaeda decide what is politically, religiously correct in any of our democracies. and let me remind you that the same guy do murder hundreds of thousands of fellow sunni muslims for the same reasons. so i think in this particular circumstance "charlie hebdo" did it right. that is why today that in france
11:39 pm
all over the country they still -- there is still deep support for that publication. however limited its soldiers may have been throughout the years. has nothing to do with them. has to do with freedom -- >> but at what point does freedom of speech turn into hate speech? where is the line? i want to address that question to both of you. perhaps as you're talking, continue that. where does the line where does it end? from it being free speech and it becomes insulting, it becomes the point that some people read it as hate speech? >> nobody forces you to buy "charlie hebdo" or indeed, to read "charlie hebdo" or to look at "charlie hebdo." there are all sorts of offensive stuff which i resent and i just choose not to read it or not to look at it. this is called freedom.
11:40 pm
and again, offense cannot be policed by murder. these people have been murdered in paris a week ago. >> where is -- where is your line there? >> in a -- a free society cannot accept -- >> navila where's your line there? where do you see? clearly a different point. >> absolutely. as all of us involved in this discussion know there is nothing as absolute freedom of speech. we are all journalists here. we know we can get away with putting forward, venting offensive things about communities. there is the boundary of the law that prevents whipping up racial and, indeed religious hatred. do you honestly believe it's the best way to commemorate the muslims who died in the attack by taking -- by mocking effectively and humiliating them
11:41 pm
and, indeed their religion? i don't think that's the best thing to do to commemorate them. that's common sense. and the legislation also dictates that the definition of inciting racial hatred is when you cause so much offense to a community that it can 3d violence. this is exactly what happened in central paris. this is exactly what happened in 2011 when even the white house, mr. carney the spokesperson for the white house, had warned "charlie hebdo" saying it was very misguided. the question the judgment about publishing the cartoon saying it could be inflammatory and that the cartoons were deeply offensive. led to violence enflaming middle east -- >> christine -- [ all talking at once ] >> your replay chrisy, christine? >> yes, please -- [ all talking at once ] >> if we could hear christine's reply to that. christine, if you could -- you can reply to that. >> if i understand navila's point, you have to ask for those
11:42 pm
people who have been slaves for their religion before condemning their murders. we don't do that in this country. we don't ask about people's religion or personal beliefs. it's not a matter of public concern. we have laws against racism. we have laws against the support and publicity for terrorism. we have laws for protecting privacy. this is a country of law and order. we never ask for religion. and i think it's really preposterous to say that it aeps's to the mostly victims -- >> quick -- >> and the -- >> a quick last word please. >> what about the agnostic victims? why do you always bring religion in? this is a secular society and --
11:43 pm
>> and navila your quick reply? >> we are very proud -- >> christine? let navila reply to this. >> this idea that the secular society stifle the expression of religious belief is preposterous preposterous. it's misleading. a secular societal louse the expression of religious belief. and as christine was saying the idea that france has all sorts of legislation, in fact to present it as the bastion of free speech is a myth. france has -- is a massively restrictive society which has legislation against racial hatred, against the expression of discrimination against, indeed strict privacy laws. and to -- you know to come up with the idea this in the midst of all these legislations there's a crack in the system that allows the french republic to uphold the triteright to uphold islam to followers is absurd. >> there's so much more to talk
11:44 pm
about this topic. unfortunately, we are out of time for now. navila and christine thank you very much. to both of you, thank you very much for bringing your very much opposite the opinions on this to the table. we appreciate it. we're going to take a short break. we'll be right back. ameriprise asked people a simple question: in retirement, will you have enough money to live life on your terms? i sure hope so. with healthcare costs, who knows. umm... everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor.... can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today.
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11:47 pm
its people. it's been five years since a three decades' long civil war ended. the pope said the country can't fully heal without reconciliation. parts of the philippines are on alert ahead of what will become the first tropical storm in 2015. our meteorologist pedram joins with us more. we're hoping the pope's tour without be affected by this. >> gosh, it's going to be wet. that is the only certainty we have with the storm system guys. the storm named, meaning the angel of thunder. a thailand-derived name for the storm system. about 1,000 kilometers east of tacloban. the pope will be visiting after the super typhoon visited in 2014. the storm system here will approach tacloban. we believe it will make a right turn and approach with landfall across the region sometime saturday evening. the rainfall certainly in the
11:48 pm
forecast. sometimes saturday evening, late saturday night when the wet weather moves in. the winds could be gusty at times. say 3:00 local time, notice the moisture and rains to the minority want plenty of wet weather in place. then the heavy band pushes through luzan. and flooding likely across the region. here's the forecast -- notice saturday afternoon's forecast for tacloban city a 90% probability for rainfall across the region. it becomes more scattered in nature as you head through sunday. climatologically speaking, the purple has no dry season. wet december through february. look at the area in purple the eastern coast of the philippines. no dry season typically seen across the region. this serial going to be what you expect. the pope certainly, i'm sure advisers told him wet weather is prevalent this time of year across the region. a tropical storm will be impacting the region, as well with 150 millimeters of rainfall
11:49 pm
in the forecast across the area. fortunately not as severe as it approaches the region. out of wales, eight centimeters in recent days take you across northern ireland or areas of scotland saw 30 centimeters come down in the region. 90 schools were closed over the past couple of days. hurricane force winds, also major travel disrupted across the region. snowfall not much but the skiers and snowboarders will be enjoying life with the storm. take a look the perspective, an impressive sight. about a 5,000-kilometer expansion of the atlantic ocean with the storm system as it moves in. a lot of wet weather across the area the next couple of days. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice, once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back. then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win .
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11:52 pm
ultra high-performance super car. >> with an ultra-high price. wait for it -- more than $150,000. start saving now. poppy harlow on the new g. t. this serial the culmination -- this is really the culmination of all the innovation and technologies we've put into vehicles the last couple of years and what consumers can expect from us from vehicles going forward. this is, i call it a go-fast program for a go-fast product. we developed it quickly, a little over a year. this vehicle has our ecoboost engine the ecoboost that we've developed over the past years. there's power, 3.5 liter. it gets 600 horsepower. so we're focusing on that. we're focusing on the lightweight materials in the vehicle. aluminum carbon fiber. this vehicle really is the culmination of all those authorities. it's a showcase of all the
11:53 pm
innovation and technology that we've been putting into vehicles the last couple of years, wrapped around hot design. >> for a closer look at the new cars rolled out, i spoke with lauren fix. she was also a judge at the this year's event. industry analyst lauren fix joins us via web cam from buffalo, new york, to talk about the detroit auto show. you were one of the many judges who got to decide on car of the year truck of the year. we saw ford's upcoming g. t. in your view, is that the hottest car that we saw business aside and fuel economy aside? was that the standout to you? >> i will say that took the show by storm. nothing would come close. the acura sx was close, it didn't not impress us but the ford gt was kept under raps. nobody knew it was coming. impressed all the judges and
11:54 pm
anyone who was there. >> but you know in a way, that's what those kind of reveals are supposed to do. on the business side of things detroit has struggled financially. what kind of vehicles are much more reasonable that you and i could possibly get at the some point, what are the standouts for you? >> i think initially the car of the year which is the v.w. golf is a very important car not just to v.w. but to consumers. it's built for the u.s. roadways. that's important because they're not nearly as well put together as some of the roads in europe. that's important. what's also interesting is the price point is around $18,000. that's a car for every person, whether it be the gasoline version, whether you decide to go with the diesel or high-performance version. they are reasonably priced. every manufacturer seems to be suddenly considering diesel. not that i haven't been suggesting it personally because
11:55 pm
it's the way they do it in europe. >> it's financially easier for documents turn to diesel rather than perhaps going the all-electric route, much more expensive. tesla has seen relative success with its models, they're quite pricey though and get good range. where are the advancements in electric or more fuel-efficient vehicles this year? >> to clarify that when eland musk did speak, he said the company would not be making profits in tesla until 2020. the stock market price dropped just today alone. this is sort of a -- an insight to the fact that electric cars are here they're probably not going to go away for a while. it's only 2.3% of the marketplace. >> we did see chevy reveal more fuel-efficient vehicles. ones i guess that aim toward trying to gain some of the electric market right? >> absolutely. the volt has done well, but the number-one-selling vehicle is the nissan leaf. although it may be different looking, the car does very well.
11:56 pm
and they have lots of incentives in almost every state. the chevy volt is a nice car. the new car is going to be a little bit more expensive. they also tease the chevy bolt which i'm not sure i'm a fan of the name. but -- >> that's confusing there. right? people are easily mixing those up. surely they knew that would happen. >> the sad part is i heard a lot of people saying dolt which is really -- sad. but that is one of those things when we create a name you have to look how it affects people not just here in the u.s. but across the world. the vehicle might be a world class platform. >> lauren fix there. you know confusing names aside it seems at auto shows they want to show something to everybody. the gt is like the wiz bang moment. there's more cost-effective things companies are rolling out. >> i'm guessing that was your favorite. >> that was my favorite -- >> are you saving? >> starting to save now. will take me 23 years. >> all right. a french newspaper says the paris terror suspects had help from at least one more person. we will have that.
11:57 pm
more after this very short break. i'm one. >> -- i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. stay with us. e financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise introducing data stash. now at t-mobile, all your unused data rolls forward to the next month. we'll even get you started with 10 gigabytes of free 4g lte data. data stash.
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hey what are you doing? i was thinking about taking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. new developments in terror plots on two continents. in the u.s. the fbi arrested this 20-year-old ohio man who they say was inspired by isis in plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. the man had allegedly posted messages on line about his support for violent jihad. and half a world away, al
12:00 am
qaeda and the arabian peninsula is claiming responsibility for last week's terror attack on the french magazine "charlie hebdo." hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and, of course, around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. thank you very much for joining us or staying with us at. at this moment it's 9:00 a.m. in paris. we're learning new details about the terror attacks there including information about who helped carry them out. first, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula claims it had been planning the "charlie hebdo" attack for years, calling it revenge for insulting the prophet muhammad. >> the group released a video saying u.s.-born cleric anwar al awlaki was the mastermind behind the plot. he was killed by a u.s. drone strike in 2011. >> we want to get you live to the german parliament now as they observe a moment of silence in the wake of the terror attacks. let's listen in.