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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 19, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. you're watching cnn. it's 1:00 a.m. eastern time. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. the top stories, belgium investigators are hunting for a terror ringleader. we'll have the latest from brussels. so these are scenes right here from yemen where there is a shaky seize fire in place after very very violent day. we'll have details from our correspondent. >> plus a prosecutor dies of an apparent suicide hours before testifying in a political case but hear why some believe there
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may have been foul play. here right now we begin with the latest out of belgium where there is a manhunt for the leader of a terror cell raid the last week. >> a counterterrorism official says authorities are looking for a 27-year-old belgium fighter and the alleged links to isis. >> he's believed to have directed this cell who were plotting this attack in belgium from graes.eece. he had connections to the senior leadership of isis. they believe isis directed this plot. >> more details on the terror investigations that have those countries right now on high
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alert. >> heavy armed security on the streets of brussels a side that country hasn't seen in 35 years. officials say five belgium nationals are charged in participation in a terror organizeation following last week's raids but the terror cell continues according to the justice minister. authorities say the group, which included individuals returning from syria plan to target police officers. ♪ ♪ >> boarders with the failed terror plot may have come from isis according to belgium newspaper reports and the search continues for the person whose dna was found on the kosher market assailant's gun. sources tell cnn another person whose dna was found in amedy amedy coulibaly's car, he
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claimed allegiance to isis. european recruits are told to return home and launch attacks. european officials are meeting on monday to tackle the spread of terrorism and potential threats. >> as the threat is not only the one we faced in paris but also spreading in many other parts of the world starting from muslim countries and we need to strengthen our way of cooperating together first of all with our countries and internally. >> the violence began when cherif and said couachi attacked the "charlie hebdo" office. they thought he gave up terrorist activities but a source tells cnncherif use that money to buy weapons and passing along an alert about one of the
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brother's phones. by the time it reached the main domestic spay agency the brothers were no longer under surveillance and they believe he and his brother traveled to yemen in 2011. even though cherif's passport was confiscated a year earlier. it's believe the brothers received funding by al qaeda that claimed reponcebility for the "charlie hebdo" attack. yeah but the threat isn't just in belgium and france australia in the meantime has raised the terrorism threat level for all police officers to high following recent terror-related attacks. >> a news agency report intelligence and discussions with international partners as the reason for increasing the threat level. government forces and rebels in yemen will sign a seize fire after a day of heavy fighting in the capital. >> the situation is so serious
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the city counsel will meet to discuss it. nick paton walsh is the only journalist with more on how this latest violence began. >> now it began when the presidential administration concerned that after the abduction by the houthi rebel movement more officials could be detained. narrated some security measures road blocks and they have their own check point system and been here for months didn't like that. clashes broke out and we don't know who started them. it resulted in an hour-long artillery jewel around the presidential administration itself a building which cabinet minister told me if you control that, you basically control the country. residential buildings caught up and the death toll as high as nine dead and dozens injured by seize fire was always mooted from the start. talks faltered when the prime minister left that meeting, he actually had found his convoy
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attacks, so did the houthi envoy unclear who the gunmen were. the ad minister said they have been taken over by the houthi and the guns fell silent about 4:30 in the afternoon. spore sporadic gunfire heard and heavy lifting needs to be done now. many sides are meeting in closed door discussions. there are suggestions they want to make it more amicable for a larger share of a power here and an exchange for that they might release the presidential chief of staff. that's what the information minister suggested. there are not just two sides, there are also those loyal to the form eraregime and this mess of violence this morning, people weren't really in control of the
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militias they claim to be. unless some sort of political miracle or remarkable compromise is found, many fear we could see a return to the violence of monday morning and that could certainly bring more civilian loss of life to this capital sanaa. >> yeah the seize fire there continues to be shaky. in the meantime fresh violence hit eastern ukraine. first an explosion outside a courthouse that wounded at least 14 people. it's the latest in a series of mysterious explosions around the city. ukraine security services called the blast a quote, terrorist act and they have now launched an investigation. >> to the south of there, pro-russian separatists renewed attacks on the battle over the donetsk airport. the prime minister claimed russia sent more military equipment across the boarder to support the separatists. >> we want to give you a closer
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look at the battle lines in eastern ukraine now. according to ukrainian government separatists, according to the government separatists rebels control the orange area on the map there with heavy fighting reported all the way from donetsk to the black sea, as well. months of fighting reeked havoc on eastern ukraine and torn apart many communities. >> not only have soldiers been killed civilians have paid a pretty heavy price. an end to the bloodshed does not appear to be in sight. >> after months of heavy fighting for control of donetsk airport, these dramatic images captured by an arial drone paint a startling picture of the devastation. just months ago, this was a modern functioning terminal progress in eastern ukraine. now it's a symbol of ruin.
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[ gunshots ]. >> recent days have seen a sharp upswing in violence and bloodshed. ukrainian government forces on the offensive using heavy weapons seizing territory controlled by pro-russian rebels. it's raising concerns moscow may intervene as it's been accused of doing in the past. [speaking foreign language]. >> the decision was taken for an operation which was successful. we almost completely got the territory of the airport as marked by military separation lines. >> but civilians continue to be caught in the cross fire. last week at least 12 were killed. it stood at a government check point southwest of donetsk. both sides blame each other for the tragedy, though it seems to have hardened attitudes in kiev. a peace march in the ukrainian capital to mourn the victims,
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the country's president was defiant. >> we will not give up any piece of ukrainian land. we will restore the ukrainian nation there and we will show that one more highly important factor of our victory is our unity. >> but ukraine appears far from united. it may instead be on the brink of more violence. matthew chance cnn moscow. did the u.s. start the digital war with north korea? coming up why some say the united states has been hacking computers for years. >> plus it's not quite easter so what had the pope bringing rabbits interest a conversation about contraception. that after the break. it's the big shrimp festival at red lobster. so open wide and pair 2 of 6 big shrimp creations for just $15.99. make room for crispy jumbo tempura shrimp or shrimp scampi linguini.
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or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪♪ still reaction after a report a u.s. computer agency broke into the networks. >> this revelation came out in a recent new york times article alleging that's how the u.s. quickly discovered north korea was rehind the attack. here is brian todd. >> reporter: tonight kim jong-un knows how the u.s. government came to point the finger at him for the sony cyber attack. >> we can confirm north korea engaged in this attack.
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>> how can the president be so confident? "the new york times" reports the national security agency america's super secret eavesdroppers, infiltrated them since 2010. >> it appears what happened is nsa a established footholds in the infrastructure and accomplished footholds in the chinese region and apparently accomplished footholds in the malaysia region. >> the times reports the nsa began skiing on north korea's computer networks after becoming increasingly concerned the team was bolstering the attackers. a secret hacking team and a larger cyber branch called the recognizance general burro, commanded by general kim young, a former body guard for kim's father and grandfather. >> one of the things they have to be is built up effective and strong teams with skills and training designed to break into
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computers and destroy them and gather intelligence. >> if the u.s. intelligence community knew kim's hackers were building their capabilities did anyone in the u.s. government warn sony it could be attacked? north korea warned as early as last june it considered the movie, "the interview" an act of war. >> is it real? >> it was a gift from my grandfather. in my country it's pronounced stallone. >> a u.s. intelligence official acknowledged sony was not warned. >> the u.s. intelligence community noticed north korea doing nothing more than the usual run of the mill acting activity. denial of service attacks so-called fishing e-mails. there was no indication such a massive cyber attack against sony could be in the works. >> "the guardian" reports e-mails were intercepted from major news organizations including bbc, new york times
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and reuterss. it credited edward snowden for the information. >> "the guardian" said they tapped five lines in 2008 as british editors challenged the call for more surveillance. a prosecutor is found dead just hours while he was due to testify. a officials say it appears to be a sueicide and his friends say a murder. after the break, details.
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police in the state of california say they have arrested nearly 70 people that blocked a my juror bridge while protesting. community members took participant in the protest against discrimination and police brutality. police say the arrests were largely peaceful and that they opened the bridge a little while later. you can see traffic backed up there a little bit. we have new economic data from china the world's second largest economy posed the weakest growth rate. >> it expanded 7.4% the slowest since 1990. let's look at how the markets in asia react aed. economists reacted to slow growth and china continues to grow more rapidly than the other major economies. shanghai pulled back
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significantly in the past hour or so. up by more than 1.5% and now up by .5% and hong kong by .5% and nikkei shooting up. >> in the meantime projections for the world's economy aren't that much better than china as the international monetary fund lowered projections for the next two years. the imf expects the economy to grow 3.5% this year and 3.7% next year. that's despite trillions of dollars being pumped into the global economy and lower gas prices as well. well is it suicide or murder? that's the question being asked after a prosecutor was found dead just hours before he was to testify in court. >> yeah so he was investigating the link between iran and a terror plot he claims has ties to the president. here is our joe johns. >> the bodty tybody of alberto found
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dead. officials were tight lipped in the hours after his death. [speaking foreign language]. >> translator: as the days go by and we have the results from the autopsy, we'll be able to determine the cause of death sg while the signs point to suicide, supporters charge that's ridiculous. >> i was told about the death threats he received to him personally and his family and particularly a very nasty threat that he received complete with photos of what would be done to him and his family. >> he had been investigating the 1994 bombing of a jewish community center that killed 85 and wounded more than 300. for years he insisted that iran was behind the bombing and more recently he made the explosive charge that argentina's president christina fernandez
10:22 pm
and high government officials covered up for iran in which change for normalized relations and trade considerations specifically oil. allegations the argentina government strongly denies further fueling doubts of suicide, under the protection of ten-men security detail was scheduled to testify. some were asking could it be possible iranian officials are involved in his death? >> we don't know based on the details surrounding his death who was responsible but certainly not inconsistent with the iranian ammo which is consisted over 30 years of an assassination campaign against iran's enemies. >> others point to the conviction of an iranian american for plotting to kill the ambassador to the united states. he pleaded guilty in federal court to conspireing with members of the iranian military. even u.s. attorney general eric
10:23 pm
holder said the plot was endorsed by the iranian government despite the denial of involvement. joe john cnn, washington. >> okay. well the pope has announced some of the trips he'll be making this year that include visits to several countries in south america and africa. >> he will travel to the united states making stops in new york philadelphia and washington. francis talked about this on a flight which was from manila back to the vatican but these comments which seem to get everyone's attention. [speaking foreign language] tran. >> translator: some think that excuse me if i use this word, in order to be like good catholics, we have to be like rabbits. no, responsible paternity. >> he was making those comments during a flight back from the fill philippines. a law made birth control readily available there despite opposition by the catholic church. from a waterspout off the french
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costa icy conditions in london wild wild weather is a theme across europe. >> a wild wild weather man, hey, sir. >> that is -- >> do you like that segue? >> we have incredible images across the south of france and a vacation spot across france and france a lot of people don't know among the largest tornados across you are pop ochoeurope occur here. they use the f scale, not the ef scale you're familiar with. there you go. this was the scene on monday across there. don't know many you want to be in the helicopter. very active pattern. the jet stream taking a nosedive. the cold air in place and unsettled weather in place. significant snow accumulations to support this across portions of the alps and avalanches that
10:25 pm
have taken place in recent days but, bosnia and the scenes there with snowfall in recent days and milder temperatures down across the south. from 70 to 100 millimeters three to four inches have come down in the way of rainfall and been the stark opposite against northwestern england. this is across the northwest of england, snowy scenes across that region and the temperatures support it. minus three in london at this hour. winds calm so it feels like minus three but hard prezssed to the north of europe with temperatures. quite unusual to get that far down across london but here is the trend the next couple days. eight celsius the average upper 40s fahrenheit. the trend for the remainder of the week don't get close to average with monday finally getting up to 11 degrees celsius. warming trend in the long-term. want to talk about what is happening because we have high
10:26 pm
tides taking place on coastal communities and portions of california. high tides because the sun, moon and earth coming in alignment here to allow the king tides to take place, so if you're tuned in from los angeles to san francisco and beaches of the northwest, some low-lying areas will get minor coastal flooding in place and gorgeous weather. high pressure in place. high pressure causes the air to sink and really calms the weather here so we're going to see mostly sunny skies after some morning fog from seattle to portland and your temperatures generally around 50 farenheit, ten celsius and not until friday does rain come back into the northwest picture there while season fran's morning fog gives way to afternoon sunshine in the forecast again with snienunny skies and the long-range outlook if you're tuned in an 80% chance for much of california parts of oregon to have temperatures above the norm beginning late next week even the pacific northwest in on the warmth. midwestern and central plains
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half past the hour and you are watching cnn. i'm john vause. >> and i'm zain asher. in belgium a man munlthunt is underway. a belgium counterterrorism official says authorities are looking for a belgium, isis fighter his last known location believed to be in greece. >> france is on high alert when
10:30 pm
the person whose dna was found on coulibaly's gun magazine. the dna was traced to one of the nine suspects in custody. >> in the meantime government forces and rebels in yemen are due to sign a seize fire agreement in the coming hours after a day of heavy fighting near the presidential palace that left at least nine people dead. there are fears the chaos could give the yemen based al qaeda affiliate a safer haven. gdp expanded and economy mosts expected a slower growth rate. china is the second largest economy and grows more rapidly than any other haymajor economy around the world. >> nearly 300 people are in french jails on terrorism charges. more than half believed to be radical extremist. >> as cnn senior international
10:31 pm
correspondent reports, this are growing concerns these are a breeding ground for radicals. >> reporter: inside a french jail prisoners hang bed sheets from a window yoyoing spreading messages a gaping hole in prison security. >> it is becoming a university of terrorism. >> cameras yet prisoners including amedy coulibaly shot this. the jail is on the outskirts of paris, the same jail where "charlie hebdo" killer met coulibaly in 2005 and 2006 where both were radicalized by a fellow prisoner and al qaeda
10:32 pm
recruit recruiter. >> for both young men being in contact for seven months had a terrible effect on them. >> when i come in jail i come from -- >> a 17-year veteran at the same jail tells me he is more powerless than ever to keep order. >> sometimes we are -- >> you see. >> yeah it's really hard to do. >> the french justice ministry says 283 people are in french jails on terrorism charges and judge 152 of those to be radical islamist and there are growing concerns they may be trying to radical ice others. the french government says there are close to 67,000 people in jails here and experts estimate as many as 60% of those are muslims. this man is on the front line one of nearly 200 who visit prisoners, ones without more like him extremist could get the
10:33 pm
upper hand. [speaking foreign language]. >> translator: prisoners will persuade other inmates of their message. that's a certainty. up until now, authorities have not listened to us. >> the pretty near's video reveals a jail rotting on the inside delap tated showers, walls covered in mold and trash on the floors and a system overwhelmed and harvesting terror. >> there is only one officer of intelligence for 2,000 prisoners in france for all the prisons. so it's not enough. >> how many terror connections made here still unknown. nick robertson, cnn, participate paris. >> we want to turn to the unrest in yemen. the gunmen and rebels are set to sign a seize fire agreement but
10:34 pm
there is a great growing doubt that will settle the situation. >> i spoke a little early with the specialization in arab and islamic affairs. >> the bottom line here and the reason why many people around the world are so concerned about what is happening in yemen right now is this u.s. backed government there is losing the battle with this rebel group the houthi's and leaves al qaeda free to do whatever they want. >> not exactly, john the houthis have been at war with al qaeda since day one. the original leader of the houthis was upset when they turned to the united states for help and said hey, we can do it ourselves. we can fight al qaeda and there might be a silver lining in this cloud if the houthi's take over they can take on al qaeda
10:35 pm
without having to panlder to domestic public opinion. >> the shiites, al qaeda, soon knees and the rivalry war in islam and you believe maybe they will be more effective? >> they have always been against al qaeda and saw encroachment in the province in the north where they originated. they have been out fighting al qaeda and al qaeda has gone after the houthis for sometime now in rhetoric and the magazine and in attacks, john. so this could be a war that the united states and the west could benefit from. >> but the international dimension, the yemen government is backed by the united states and by sod did arabia and backed by iran. washington and royal, are they willing to sit back and let teheran have their way?
10:36 pm
>> we shouldn't see this through the approximate see that we have in lebanon and syria. they are from the islam, it's a very moderate school of islam but not very close to the she ya that per pond rate in iraq and lebanon. that said we believe there has been some type of aid profit by iran to them but they should not be seen as an iran approximate see. >> the government in yemen says right now this is the beginning of an attempted coup but it seems that if they wanted to do that they could have done that in september when the fights swept into the capital and pretty much stayed there. >> that's true. they have become one of the predominant forces in the country. the government of yemen is a government in name only. he does not control all the military forces. there are still loyal to the post president.
10:37 pm
he doesn't control many airreas in the country. they are slowly encroaching and it might be their time now to take over power completely. >> so if this government falls, do you think there is a possibility the houthi's will take over running yemen or want aton me where they control? >> that's a problem, john the houthis have come across. they are against federalization of yemen in 2013 there was an agreement to divide them. they want to keep yemen whole. that said it's not at all clear if they can run yemen on their own and not have other parties involved in that process. >> it is a complicated story with a lot of moving parts and implications for the rest of the world. so we appreciate you walking us through that. thank you. okay. we want to turn to the world economic forums. political leaders and other top
10:38 pm
power players have descended on switzerland to take on some global issues. ahead, our richard quest gives context to this year's theme at the world economic forum. >> plus a chanting u.s. football team under investigation in a scandal called deflate-gate. what one player has to say about a it. the new england patriot cheaters. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud. flo: hey, big guy. i heard you lost a close one today. look, jamie, maybe we weren't the lowest rate this
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welcome back. the world economic way with a theme of new global context. today's leaders will need new skills to navigate it. richard quest puts things into context for us by learning new skills of his own on the mountain. ♪ ♪ wider, bigger picture and it's a word we're going to hear echoing around as they discuss
10:42 pm
the new global context. context! context! >> we have to reorganize since the world fund mentally changed so that's the reason why we have given to this meeting so see new context. >> low oil prices uneven growth. the spector of deflation. some of the issues and risks challenging those. blue sky thinking that's the answer because tackling these challenges will require new lessons, new techniques. ♪ ♪ >> this means without with the familiar equipment, time to try something new. >> it's quite heavy. >> i've never tried sledging before and most of the policy makers here are dealing with
10:43 pm
risks they never face the before either. my teacher today is marcus wendler, the c,eo of the mountain. >> you have to follow me and my instruction. when i say go right, go right. push. huh? ♪ ♪ >> being pulled in different directions is an undignified but necessary part of this. the problem with learning anything new whether it's sledding or tackling deflation, the risk of catastrophe is only that far away. >> and push, push, push.
10:44 pm
>> catastrophe, fear discomfort uncertainty. i'm beginning to understand how today's economic leaders feel. when i can barely see without my glasses. >> perfect. perfect. >> however hard it gets however the bend the trick for everyone is just keep moving forward. >> now pull. pull pull pull push with the leg. great. great. perfect. perfect. >> with the right equipment and the correct technique we made it in one piece but it's one thing we don't want to have to do all over again. >> you made it in one piece. >> thank goodness. >> a lot of fun there. >> he works hard. >> i know so hard. >> okay. the highest level talks between u.s. and cuban officials in decades are taking place this week. a u.s. state department delegation is meeting with cuban
10:45 pm
officials to begin restoring diplomatic ties. >> and amid those hoping for change is one man pushing the boundaries of free speech. here is carl pinhole. up on the roof padro takes sanction wary from his dirty havana. [speaking foreign language]. >> up here i'm like a ghost. i've been living here for 30 years and been a privileged witness to what has gone on in the neighborhood. things that continually happening down there, graphic, erotic happenings. >> scathing foul mouthed, gutierrez tells me he turned to buddhist but downtown havana has not changed with the times.
10:46 pm
[speaking foreign language]. >> everything stayed the same. the same poverty, the same mystery, the same people who are just survivors. i write about people surviving on the limits. >> such gritty themes enraged crate ticks and the cuban authorities. >> the first reaction was that i was a monster a salve individual. >> he's never been jailed for speaking his mind. he's adamant he has nothing in common with cuba's right wing movement. he was, though fired from his job as a journalist at a state-run magazine. even that didn't keep him quiet. [speaking foreign language]. >> i'm going to be 65. i have to take advantage of those years to say what i have to say. people don't dare they just die with their mouths shut.
10:47 pm
when you have ideas, you have to express them. >> gutierrez was a kid selling ice cream on the street when fidel castro and rebels seized power. he remembers the celebrations and hopes for new freedom but through his works, he clearly feels the revolution went astray at least here in central havana. [speaking foreign language]. >> this neighborhood was always on the margin of talk about revolutionary ideals. maybe in the '70s and '80s, it was a little different but generally, people stayed on the margin. >> now as reforms gather pace he boldly predicted cuba could be destined for brighter times than the ones he depicts. >> i think the authorities are trying to save the good things of socialism like education, health and national pride. we still have a long ways to go
10:48 pm
in human rights and personal freedom but i think cuba is heading towards social democracy. >> but gutierrez is less sure of a quick fix in cuba and u.s. relations. >> the key is to do things slowly. there has been a lot of hate between cuban leaders and the u.s. and those here on the island. there is a lot of thirst for revenge, so we have to wait for the odd men to pass away so we can resolve things in a civilized way. >> and so gutierrez waits up on the skyline for his dirty havana to clean up. coming up on cnn, why this police officer's taylor swift rendition, hilarious, has gotten over 17 million views on youtube. >> i was one of them. >> you were? >> i was.
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and forget about it. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for this. [boy] check it out,mom! [prof. burke]when you're really only covered for this. or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪♪ in the nfl, the balls they used are being criticized. >> officials are looking into whether the patriots deflated the footballs, which some say make them easier to catch and grip. tom brady, the star player spoke to a boston radio station about the allegations.
10:52 pm
>> i think i heard it all at this point, so oh god. it's ridiculous. that's the last of my worries. that's yeah. >> you know what? >> i don't even respond to stuff like this. >> the patriots trumped the colts advancing to next month's super bowl. if they did do it, wouldn't it page make it easier for both sides? >> i definitely believe the patriots wouldn't do anything like that. >> they are a good team apparently because brady's teammate became a hero on his way home from the stadium after the game. he came across a jeep overturned in massachusetts, that one there and pulled the driver out of the wreckage. >> like i said i was something that we saw and we know she needed help and we helped. ed got thing was we got her to safety so glad we did. >> teammates say they are not
10:53 pm
surprised he jumped into action. the woman he saved is charged with driving under the influence. we're guilty of it. your favorite song comes on the radio and you're driving and can't help but sing along. i do that with bob marley quite a bit. [ laughter ] >> why are you looking at me like that? he always does this. >> it even happens to police officers on patrol or pretending to be on patrol. the latest viral mystery. >> the next time this cop gives someone a ticket don't be surprised if they just -- ♪ shake it off, shake it off ♪ >> jeff davis will forever be known as a the cop who lip singed to taylor swift, even taylor swift will remember him that way n. a tweet she strung a few lols together and complimented his sass siness. you would have to have nothing in your brain to think this was
10:54 pm
staged. the dover pd said we never intended for it to be taken for being real. we thought the public affairs production was a hint. another hint normally the dashcam points that a way to catch the action but in this case a go prowas pointed at officer davis, as for driving with both hands off the wheel, he was in a secluded parking lot done in two takes. ♪ ♪ >> the point was to make police officers seem more human, a similar video went viral this past summer when the rosenburg, texas police tried to lightening their image bewith officers lip singing to "dark horse" and who could forget the emt that resuscitated the internet voguing to rihanna while driving a private ambulance, this wasn't
10:55 pm
staged and he was rep rebanded. he was off duty and says he would never carry on with a patient on board, how is it a cop knows every word to a taylor swift hit? officer davis told fox news. >> i have a 10-year-old daughter who loves taylor swift. that's not the only song i know all the awards. >> an award-worthy performance to passers and flipping his non-exist tablet hair. >> i have a ten-year-old daughter who -- >> so you know the taylor swift stuff, as well. >> i know many of them yeah. >> thanks for watching i'm zain asher. >> erin burnett will be up next with a preview of barack obama's state of the union address. you're watching cnn. startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing
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hollow, andell oh -- hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and across the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. coming up fighting word. barack obama wants to hike taxes on the wealthy. he'll maybe his pitch to congress and the american people during his state of the union to. slowdown.
11:00 pm
china's economic growth hits the lowest level in nearly a quarter century. . outrage in kenya as children are teargas ator a playground. and later -- ♪ shake shake shake shake ♪ >> police dash cam video that's gone viral for a very good reason. ♪ thanks for joining us everyone. u.s. president barack obama is heading into his annual state of the union address later to with an ambitious agenda. >> yeah. he'll do this before a republican-led congress for the first time in his presidency. aides say his theme will be middle-class economics. he wants tax breaks for married couples, a hike in the childcare tax credit and two years of community college for free to qualified applicants. >> he's proposing paying for it with a capital gains tax hike and new bank fees. mr. obama is also expected to address his surprise agreement