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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and how he addresses cuba. patrick, thank you. let's continue on shall we in you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour. we're following this widening web of suspected terror cells all across europe. look at the map and you can see. we're talking about police in belgium, greece germany, france and the netherlands. raiding these terror cells, capturing suspected jihadis. today, 13 properties in total were raided in germany. at the same time in france, four suspected terrorists were in court, now being kept behind bars as investigators are probing their links to the attacks in paris. despite all of these arrests, for people in europe the hunt is just beginning. two prime suspects are still on the run. you have this man believed to be the ring leader of the isis-linked belgian terror cell.
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then there's the world's most wanted woman, the widow of that paris kosher market gunman hayat boumeddiene. cnn is now tracking how boumeddiene may have escaped into syria. these men believed to have helped smuggle her out of turkey. let's go first to paris where there have been some huge huge developments today. joining me now, cnn's pamela brown. these four men were in court today over the "charlie hebdo" attacks. their links to the kosher store gunman. tell me about these four men. have they been officially charged? >> well those charges are still being prepared brooke. as you mentioned, the four men went before a judge here in paris today. they were basically indicted on terrorism-related offenses in connection to the paris attacks. the first indictments we've seen since the "charlie hebdo" massacre. according to sources, one of the men's dna was found on the car used to transport amedy
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coulibaly to the grocery store. another man's dna was found on the glove that coulibaly wore during the attack. that's what we have learned at this stage. of course, we know that authorities are on the hunt for other suspects who may have been in their network. but the problem is it's believed that a lot of them have actually made it to syria, which is going to be very tough for authorities to get to them there, including hayat boumeddiene, who you just mentioned. >> that's where i want to continue pamela brown. thank you. this hunt for hayat boumeddiene not letting up. it looks as though this widow of this paris supermarket gunman has escaped into the relative safety of syria. how hard is it to get into that country? cnn's senior international correspondent arwa damon sat down with two smugglers, one of whom had taken her across the border for less than $50. here's her exclusive report.
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>> hayat boumeddiene today among europe's most wanted women. before her name was known, boumeddiene and a male companion cleared customs with ease at istanbul's secondary airport. yet, something raised a red flag with turkish authorities and the two were placed under surveillance. they checked into this hotel on the asian side of istanbul were monitored for a couple days, but after engaging in what was described as touristic activities the surveillance stopped. all this happened in the days leading up to the paris attacks. following the paris attacks, the turks alertrd the french they had already, in fact gathered some intelligence on hayat boumeddiene. the french then provided the turks with phone numbers they were able to use to further track her movements. hayat boumeddiene's last known location along the turkey/syria border. it's become a key hub for transit into syria. the touristic city saw its population swell due to the
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refugee influx. and just about anyone can blend into the chaotic streets. from here there are plenty of routes to the next leg of their journey. we meet these two men in a town close to the border. they are both professional smugglers. for the last few months the soldiers have really cracked down one says. but there are always security breaches and alternate routes to be exploited. the other tells us that a woman in all black paid him around two to three times the going rate right around when turkish shorts believe boumeddiene disappeared into syria. she said i will give you 100 lira just to get me to syria, he recalls. she was entirely covered in black, like i am now. it's the first time since the war in syria began that either of them have taken a woman across on her own. the smuggler says she was of medium build and guesses her age to be like boumeddiene, in her
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mid-20s. she spoke classical arabic and did not have a syrian accent. that he claims is all he knows. i saw the 100 lira and did not ask anything, he tells us. on the back of a motorcycle they headed down this border road dotted with potential illegal crossing points. the turkish military stopped us before we could get to the area where this woman crossed into syria, but it is further down the road in a similar sort of landscape. there is no way of knowing if it was boumeddiene. within an hour of speaking to the smuggler the woman covered in black was in syria. arwa damon, cnn, on the turkey/syria border. >> arwa damon, thank you. lest talk about japan now. now less than 72 hours to come up with this $200 million for the return of those two japanese hostages. the executioner known as jihadi john back on camera today with another chilling hostage video. >> to the prime minister of
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japan, although you are more than 8,500 kilometers away from the islamic state you have willingly dared to take part in this crusade. >> i know you've seen so many of these videos before but this is different. this is why. until now, isis has never publicly demanded cash ransom for a hostage's life. you just heard him, this $200 million ransom. this wasn't chosen at random. this is the precise dollar amount japan had pledged to help regions affected by the war on isis. meantime the united states just announced the results of its terror crackdown. the department of justice charged these two members of al qaeda for allegedly plotting to kill u.s. military overseas. officials say the offenses happened between 2003 and 2009. the men are citizens of yemen. this is a nation well known as a breeding ground for jihadis bent on attacking america. at this very moment yemen appears to have no functioning
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government after rebels took over the presidential palace today. a yemeni minister saying quote, the president has no control. the palace, just about a 20-minute drive from the u.s. embassy, and cnn has learned that two u.s. navy ships are now in new positions in the red sea in case the embassy needs to be evacuated. so let's go to cnn's nick peyton walsh, the only broadcast journalist from the west in yemen. nick let's begin with these rebels that took over the presidential palace. who are they and where is the president of yemen right now? >> the president of yemen, as far as we understand, is still in his residence. but that had the streets outside of it subjected to gunfire today. at the same time we understand from the minister of information there were a number of rebel gunmen who stormed into the presidential administration and have been surrounding it requester quite some time. whoever controls that building controls the country.
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the rebels have had a lot of success moving across the country. they consider themselves to be marginalized by the government. they came into the capital months ago, put up check points all over introduced a degree of calm but found themselves clashing with al qaeda and now politically with the government. we've just heard from their leader. he's given a lengthy speech. he blames the government for trying to take a lot of influence from the west and made four key demands at the end, which effectively asked for changes to the constitution. the key thing here is he's taken, it seems, the key building here and left the president stuck in his home with gunfire in the streets outside. but he hasn't declared himself in charge. he still calls the president the president. many ministers and government officials wondering if they have jobs tomorrow. a sense perhaps that they want to explain to people they are in charge but aren't actually taking the title. >> back to that key building that presidential palace just
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about a 20-minute drive from the u.s. embassy. our cnn political analyst is reporting that senator diane feinstein believes the u.s. embassy should be evacuated. have you been in touch with any of the u.s. embassy staffers? what are they saying? >> well i spoke to them this morning to discuss the attack on that vehicle, check point nearby. armored vehicles. they're pretty easy to distinguish here in town. black armored suvs. they were quite clear they were literally shot at in the air. frankly, given the prevalence of al qaeda in yemen and what the embassy is involved in they've always had a heightened security level here. it's a very secure facility. they don't seem particularly nervous inside that compound. they don't leave the compound that often as well. yes, i'm sure there's a lot of nervousness.
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but i think possibly the -- the instability is certainly deeply troubling. brooke? >> nick thank you. just ahead, he's credited with the most sniper kills in american history, but as everyone debates the movie about his life we will talk about the veteran himself accused of killing chris kyle here on u.s. soil. plus, the mayor of paris telling cnn the city will sue fox news for reports about muslim no-go zones. do they have case? and more than two years after that shooting inside the movie theater during "the dark knight" screening, jury for accused gunman james holmes is now under way. not only facing a huge logistical challenge but a fight over the definition of insanity. stay here.
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the life of former navy
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s.e.a.l. chris kyle who is proclaimed as the most lethal sniper in american history, is currently playing out in the film "american sniper." it documents kyle's life as a military sniper in iraq and gives an intimate look at the struggles he faced when he returned home and tells the story of his death allegedly at the hands of this man, this iraq war veteran eddie rey routh. he's charged with killing kyle at a texas gun range in 2013. his murder trial is scheduled to begin next month. his family says he suffered from ptsd. cnn has been following this murder case. >> hi brooke. this trial is just a few days away from starting. so it's ironic nearly two years after chris kyle was murdered on a gun range south of ft. worth, in a rural gun range, as he was
12:16 pm
trying to help and reach out to eddie rey routh, the suspect and accused in this case that all of this happens about the same time the "american sniper" movie is hitting theaters across the country and garnering so much attention. but we've spoke within the attorney of eddie rey routh. he says he is concerned about whether or not his client will be able to get a fair trial throughout all of this. >> he is concerned? >> yeah he is concerned. the trial will be held in a small town called stephenville texas, which is several hours away south of ft. worth. so there is concern about all of that. there's been a gag order that was put in place shortly after the shooting took place. so many of the principle players have not been able to give interviews is or talk about that. but as the attorney for eddie rey routh has pointed out, chris kyle's widow has been doing a lot of talking in recent weeks, promoting the film and being out there with bradley cooper and that sort of thing. he says that's a concern for
12:17 pm
them. >> so if the attorneys are concerned about this movie, add the other layer, which is the fact the prosecutors said they would not seek the death penalty. do you think that might change at all because of this film? >> it's hard to say, especially since, you know, prosecutors aren't talking and there's very little that anybody can say at this point. but we do know that eddie rey routh has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. so there will be a lot of focus on his mental state in the days and months leading up to that incident with chris kyle and chad littlefield, who was the other person with chris kyle and murdered that day. when you get into these mental issues in these murder trials it becomes very complex and very deep and serious issues that will be discussed in that testimony. >> it is incredible the timing with the film and the trial. ed thank you very much.
12:18 pm
i mentioned that chris kyle's widow has been out, speaking ahead of this film. she spoke here at cnn. she said she fully supports the theatrical release of this movie. while she hasn't publicly commented on this whole debate that has thus endued by filmmaker michael moore's comments about snipers being cowards, she previously told cnn she did not think there's a political slant to the film. here she was. >> it's just a real thing. the biggest blessing from the book and the movie is military couples are saying they identify they've had the same conversations, and sometimes stepping outside of yourself and seeing somebody else have the conversation is eye opening. i hope that it continues to help that dialogue between couples because we all go through it at some point. there's just a universal experience. my feeling is it doesn't matter what country you're from and it doesn't matter what decade you're from. if you're a human being and you're going to fight for your country and you have somebody who loves you, some of this experience is going to be relatable. it's just sort of a picture of
12:19 pm
humanity and what we go through when we fight for something we believe in and are affected by it and have to fight to find our way back to each other. >> the minneapolis star tribune is reporting she has scaled back her media appearances in the aftermath of the controversy. just ahead on cnn, the man accused in the shooting at the "dark knight" premiere in colorado is about to stand trial, and there could be 9,000 potential jurors here. why they need that many people. that's coming up. plus the mayor of paris says fox news insulted her city over these reports of these muslim no-go zones. now she wants to sue. but is it enough for a lawsuit? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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have you heard? the mayor of paris plans to sue
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fox news. you heard me right. this whole thing started when fox news started talking about those, quote, no-gone zones, for muslims, essentially suggesting there are parts of paris where islamic law is practiced and where police are hesitant to go. the reports were met with outrage and the network backtracked. >> we apologize for the error. >> we apologize for that error. >> we deeply regret the errors and apologize to any and all who i have ma taken offense, including the people of france and england. >> we deeply regret these errors and apologize to the people of birmingham our viewers, and all who have been offended. >> it seems the may your of paris is not buying those apologies, telling cnn just a short time ago she plans to take legal action. >> translator: when we're insult insulted and we have an image, then i think we'll have to sue. i think we'll have to go to court in order to have these words removed. the image of paris has been
12:25 pm
prejudiced and the honor of paris has been prejudiced. the great discussion of truth, everyone has to play a role. >> joining me now, cnn senior media correspondent mr. brian steltzer and jeffrey too bin. to hear the mayor of a great european country is suing a cable news channel, does this have muster? >> no you cannot sue in an american court or french court for dedefamation. the system has worked as it's supposed to work. the marketplace of ideas has succeeded. fox news has been embarrassed, humiliated is a joke in france. they have apologized. the courts don't need to get involved is here. >> we'll get to the joke in paris in a minute. we have some video we'll share. to you, is this a cable news channel that apologizes very
12:26 pm
often? >> it might say it does but i think there are a lot of times when the network chooses not to speak out or pull back when it's had something said on air that seems wrong. i think other channels more frequently apologize. that's why this was so notable torsion see four in a row on saturday. and maybe that's because this was so far beyond the pail. there's no evidence to back up what they were talking about. if there was, their reporters could go out and find it and show it to the audience. this might have been a case where they were relying too much on talking heads from the outside. >> this isn't just fox news channel. we heard from bobby jindal, the governor of louisiana, talking to wolf blitzer about this yesterday. this is what he said. >> you had a police chief here in london today say to "the daily mail," there are absolutely neighborhoods, i'm not talking about entire cities i'm saying there are neighborhoods where the police say they don't go as frequently. there are neighborhoods where women do not feel comfortable walking without veils. you're right, we don't see that
12:27 pm
in america. we wouldn't tolerate that in america. in america, if we continue to allow folks to come in without assisting on assimilation, on integration, this is what lies in our future. what i worry about in america, it's become politically correct to say that's just a religious difference. we need muslim leaders to stand up and denounce these radical islamists and say that not only condemning the violence condemning these individuals and saying these are not myrrhartyrs. >> you're not backing at all away from your comments about there being various so-called no-go zones in the united kingdom? >> not at all, and i'm also making a bigger maybe even more controversial point that radical islam is a grave threat. we need muslim leaders to denounce the individuals, not just the acts of violence and also that it is absolutely correct to insist on assimilation insist that people coming into our society, into our country adopt our values. >> so tell the people what you were just saying while you were watching that.
12:28 pm
>> when people worry about conservatives choosing their own news and liberals choosing their only news and only believes what they want to believe, this might be what they're talking about. i don't want to be presumptive about what he's getting his information, but it's right-wing media that's really pushed this. a more objective news sources have been clear this doesn't have a lot of merit. >> you're being way too nice. daniel patrick moynahan, the great senator, used to say everyone is entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts. there are not no-go zones in paris. there are not places where the police don't go. you know some things are true. some things are not true. you notice that jindal said there are areas where police are hesitant to go. >> so he was a little more nebulous. >> police are always hesitant do to go where it's dangerous. >> could he get into trouble? >> no but he can make a fool of himself, which is what he did. he can't be sued. he can't be arrested. he's just looking ridiculous. >> on that note i want to end
12:29 pm
with the video that we have. this is the french fake news show. this is a thing. >> it's like a "daily show" there. >> they made fun of fox on friday. they had these correspondents. stand by for this. running down the streets of paris calling every stranger a dangerous islamic and periodly screaming "paris is the most dangerous city in the world." >> this is the best solution to bad journalism like what we saw on fox. it speaks for itself. by the way, cnn was once sued by a small town in brazil but cnn won that case. there's maybe precedence for this behavior from a city or town but it's never succeeded. >> final thoughts? >> the system works. people respond in the appropriate way. the courts don't need to be involved. >> brian and jeffrey, don't go too far. i want to keep you for the next segment. up next at this very moment jury selection is under way for "the dark knight" movie theater massacre as this alleged gunman is sitting there in court. but there's this whole battle
12:30 pm
here potentially over the definition of insanity as it pertains to james holmes. plus a major development as investigators close in on what happened during the airasia flight's final moments. one official is now comparing the plane's final speeds to that of a fighter jet. stay right here. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
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12:35 pm
in centennial colorado. it was the summer of 2012 when he allegedly called himself the joker and entered a crowded movie theater in aurora colorado and without warning began spragying people with bullets from his ar-15 and did not stop until it was jammed. when it was over 12 people were dead 58 were wounded. now, holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. now, listen to this number 9,000 people are getting called for possible jury duty in the case in a trial that may not be over until thanksgiving. anna cabrera is on this for us from centennial colorado. back with us is our cnn legal senior analyst jeffrey toobin. couldn't believe the 9,000 number for the jurors. why is that? >> right. 9,000. to put that in perspective, that's even more than were summoned in the boston bombing trial. but there are a few reasons
12:36 pm
here. first, this happened 2 1/2 years ago. there has been a tremendous amount of media coverage in the past couple of years regarding this high-profile case. of course, it's happening, this trial taking place in the same jurisdiction where the crime was committed. also this is a death penalty case. so people who don't believe in the death penalty are automatically going to be exkuded as potential jurors. and it's a case about sanity. james holmes pleading not guilty by reason of insanity essentially meaning he admits he was the gunman but that he didn't know what he was doing was wrong when the crime was committed. his lawyers say that he was in the middle of some kind of psychotic episode and suffering from severe mental illness when he went into that theater on that fateful night. so 12 jurors ultimately will decide his fate. 12 alternates will also will selected from this humongous jury pool. they want to cast a wide net in
12:37 pm
determining who's going to be fair and impartial in determining the ultimate death penalty or being locked up in an institution for the rest of his life. >> ana, you bring up insanity. jeff toobin that's where i wanted to begin. i was reading "the denver post" today. there was a piecely alicia caldwell. she asks, what kind of insane was he when he sprayed those bullets? she said either was the kind of insane where he'll be locked up in a mental institution for the rest of his life or it's the kind of insane in which he was clearly cognizant enough to carry out such a heinous attack. >> the legal system has been struggling with precisely this question not for 100 years but for 200 years. defining what is sane and what is insane is just really hard to do. the best way i can explain it, and i hope no one takes offense, but this is the clearest way i can do it. if a murderer really believes that he is shooting a group of watermelons, not people, watermelons watermelons, then he's legally insane. if he knows he is killing
12:38 pm
people even if the reason he's killing people is irrational and stupid and heinous and immoral, then he's not legally insane. >> so how do you determine whether it's watermelons or actual people? is that when they look at the notes, the plotting the planning? >> that's where it gets very difficult. it's hard enough to define what legal insanity is. then to slot someone into the category using the evidence that's available, you have psychiatric people who evaluate the defendant. john hinkley, who shot president reagan in 1981 that's when the country first focused on this issue. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. now he's been allowed away from the institution for longer and longer periods of time. so it can be really beneficial to be found not guilty by reason of insanity as opposed to being convicted, especially of course in a state like this in
12:39 pm
colorado where the death penalty is a possibility. rvelt >> finally, i think you were telling me in commercial break, the tsarnaev jury pool was looking from 1300. this is 9,000 people. >> i've never heard of that many people. look you know they must -- they don't want to waste people's time but it just shows how these high-profile cases impose such tremendous costs on the community because when you pull that many people in when you send that many questionnaires out, it's enormously expensive. in addition to the horrible personal cost that's been imposed in this area, you know it's just a lot of dollars. >> jeff toobin thank you. ana cabrera, thank you as well in colorado. coming up pope francis unplugged. again, this time the pontiff raising eyebrows with his reminder to catholic about reproducing responsibly. we'll leave it at that for now. stick around and you'll hear what he really said. plus robots that look eerily like humans. why companies are making these
12:40 pm
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just about five hours from now, president obama will take a ride down pennsylvania avenue. he'll walk into the u.s. capitol with millions watching from home and deliver the annual state of the union address to members of both the house and the senate. to washington we go. let's talk about this with congressmen from both parties. you have representative ben rey lujan and congressman luke messer in indiana. welcome. thank you. >> glad to be here. >> congressman lujan, we have this early indication of what the president will address. we'll told he'll propose a hike in capital gains tax, free
12:45 pm
community college tuition, paid leave for workers. when you look at those issues let's just face it they're doa in a republican congress. my question to you is let's look past this. is this speech really about setting the stage for 2016 and thus putting your colleagues on the opposite side of the aisle on the defense? >> brooke middle class tax shuts should not be a nonstarter. i think what the president's going to lay out tonight is a clear path to help the middle class. we're seeing the economy get better but the middle class is still feeling the squeeze. tonight is about reaching out to them making sure they understand we're on their side and we're going to be working with them. middle class tax cuts is not about politics. this should not be a partisan issue. i'm hoping my republican colleagues will join us in making this a reality. >> but it is partially about politics here. we can ask your colleague there, congressman messer these are not survivable if you ask a republican member of congress. >> yeah i mean this is about
12:46 pm
politics. it's a tax and spend policy out of the 1970s. it didn't work then and it wouldn't work now. a couple decades ago in a state of the union, president clinton famously declared the era of big government was over. once again, president obama is declaring it's back and from his mind should be roaring forward. you know rather than raising taxes and trying to redistribute the wealth, what we need is a healthy economy. you know, for example, last year the federal government received $3 trillion. that's a record. it's a 40% increase from just four years ago when it was $2.1 trillion. if we had that kind of growth in the private economy, we'd have the biggest economic boom in recent memory. >> billion, trillion i know it's hard to keep track. i think both of you gentlemen would agree we want to grow the economy. let me ask you, congressman messer, staying with you, we heard from and i'll say
12:47 pm
potential, italicize, potential presidential candidates. mitt romney and jeb bush both talking about income inequality. that's something i thought you really hear more from democrats. is that -- do you think this is a victory that republicans are sort of trying to kick off their own presidential campaigns? this is really primarily a left-leaning talking point. >> yeah there's no question that shrinking paychecks are a reality for working americans. the problem with this plan is not so much that it would somehow hurt the rich. the problem is it hurts the very people that tend to help. if you tax job creators you get fewer jobs, which means fewer opportunities an lower wages. what we need is a healthy economy. to do that we have to stop spending money we don't have. we have to reform our tax code so it works for every day, hard-working americans, and put more money in the pocketbook of consumers so they can grow the economy from the bottom up, not try to grow it from washington. >> let me loop back with you on
12:48 pm
this whole mitt romney potential issue here. congressman lujan, we know the president has overseen this rise in income inequality. that has to be a big problem for your party. >> well brooke, you know the problem is that our republican colleagues are targeting tax breaks to the middle class a nonstarter. democrats and republicans agree that the middle class needs our help. wall street is doing great. the middle class continues to feel that squeeze. why not agree we can work towards this effort? i don't know about my colleague what folks he's talking about, but when i look in new mexico it's the middle class that are the business owners. they're the ones creating opportunities. they're the engine that we have to pay attention to. that's where my focus is. that's where democrats' focus is. that's where the congress' focus shob as well. >> i would just add, the middle class has been hurt under the policies of this president. paychecks are shrinking under
12:49 pm
this president. frankly, this policy is more the same from this president. it would grow washington at the expense of our broader american economy. what we need is a healthy economy and to make the common sense decisions it would take to get that jump start. >> all right. >> the priorities have to be the middle class. >> i see both of you shaking, nodding. i have to ask you, congressman messer mitt romney could the third time be a charm? would you support him? >> listen i want to have a candidate that can win in the 2016 race. mitt romney obviously is a good man and someone highly thought of in our party. >> is that a yes or a no? >> not ready to say yes. we need to consider others. he's certainly a legitimate candidate. >> can he win? >> i think the first test of that will be can he win a primary. we'll have time to see. >> all right. congressman lujan and congressman messer thank you both very much for joining me. cnn's special coverage of the state of the here on cc.
12:50 pm
when we talk about state of the union, obviously we know some of the issues the president will hit, including the terror sweeps poe materially across europe. we're getting word that a man in london has pleaded guilty from returning from a terror camp inside syria. hear what he's revealed. plus morgan spurlock joins me live on this new kind of robot, very lifelike. i think his word was "creepy." check this out. hear what they do and why companies are making them.
12:51 pm
meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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i do this bit i'm known for called "nonsense." basically, i just spout out word
12:53 pm
that don't really go together
12:54 pm
. do you ever wish you could be in two places at once? that day may be closer than you think. the newest robots are getting so humanlike, you may not be able to tell the difference soon. this is from our popular cnn series "morgan spurlock inside man" which returns thursday 9:00 p.m. >> these robots plunge deep into the valley, the feel that you get when you're interacting with something that looks human but
12:55 pm
is not. >> that's creepy. >> do you feel comfortable talking to me? >> i feel a little weird because what happens is there are things that make the android look incredibly human like when you move the eyes. but there's thing that's give away the facade like the movement of the mouth or the movement of the arms. the minute all those things are fixed, it will be unbelievable. the telenoid what are the bare minimum requirements for human appearance. the tell e tellenoid was created to understand this. meet telenoid another teleoperated android. >> hello. oh my gosh this is so -- it's like a freaky baby. >> hi morgan. >> hi. how are you? >> okay. yourself? >> i'm like in the movie "cocoon" right now.
12:56 pm
this is like preparing us for an alien invasion. say hello to everybody at home. >> hello, everyone! >> morgan spurlock i agree it's a little creepy. >> like little baby vovoldemort. >> what's happening? this was all in tokyo. >> all in tokyo. there' a museum about the advancement of technology. part of that are these kind of human humananoid robots. the idea is you will have robots in a place where you cannot be who will speak for you and interact for you. they are very strange to see in person for the firt time. >> what is happening right now in tokyo? is this sort of a test phase of what could be? >> this is a culture that has already embraced the technology of robots and relying on robots more tlanhan we have. you can go to a restaurant and a
12:57 pm
robot will bring the food to your table. >> why do you think they've embraced this robot centric culture? >> they've made the movies where the robots save the day. i think it's ingrained in them from a technological standpoint. post-word war ii technology has been at the heart of japanese culture. from their point of moving forward, robots are part of moving ahead and changing society. >> not only did we see those robots weren't you in a car racing around a track? tell me about that. >> this is one ever the greatest things i've done in my life. i believe self-driving cars will happen probable ryy within the next five years. >> still is crazy to wrap your head around. >> still crazy. >> but i agree with you. >> i was on a racetrack. these are the guys from stanford who created a self-driving race car. we're in a car going almost 90 miles an hour around a racetrack that nobody is steering.
12:58 pm
it's dog it all using gps, mapping the track, knowing where to go when to stop. it's an incredible thing to experience. ure in this car and like self-driving cars will be here soon. were you nefrns? >> the first lap, you're just watching -- you're going into the first turn at 80 miles an hour is it going to turn? then the car jams on the break and turns by itself. >> robots is one part of this. let's talk about medical tourism. we've heard about people going places. i think you were in thailand? >> pang cobbangkok. >> is this just part of recuperateing as you're getting fixed? >> i think part of the idea is you can get the tourism part but the medical part i think is the key part of the equation where it's infinitely cheaper. you can get a procedure done a fifth of the price with doctors
12:59 pm
who went to harvard, yale stanford. >> why aren't they practicing here? it's so much cheaper you automatically wonder does the quality plummet as well? >> the answer is no. in some of the places, probably. we were in a hospital that's nationally accredited where the doctors chose to go home because they wanted to treat patients in their own country. like you want to go home i want to go to west virginia. >> is this covered by insurance? >> some procedures are. if the insurance company honors it why not go? why not go and get a fifth of the price, won't affect your premium or co-pay you're good to get out ahead and get a great vacation. >> and pay $100 a night according to the guy at the beach. >> that's exactly right. >> thanks morgan spurlock. make sure you watch the brand-new season of "inside man" starting thursday night.
1:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you so so much for being with me. see you back here same time tomorrow. in the meantime, "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. live from capitol hill tonight showdown at the state of the union. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. a scene absolutely no one wanted to see again. jihadi john isis' hooded messenger, back on camera put being his knife to the throat of two japanese hostages and putting a price on their lives. plus europe continues to crack down on terror. more arrests. more police hunting for terrorists in the shadows while a key u.s. ally and a breeding ground for al qaeda descends further into chaos. plus it takes weeks to prepare, months even a fridge full of red bulls, perhaps single light malt scotch. but with the world seemingly coming