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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 21, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london. 8:00 p.m. in jerusalem. 9:00 p.m. in moscow. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. we begin with a brazen and brutal terror attack in israel. police say a palestinian man stabbed nine people including a driver and passengers on a basis in tel aviv. four were seriously injured. video obtained shows the attacker stabbing a woman. a warning, this video is disturbing. you can see the man running up behind the woman in the blue coat who's trying to get away. he stabs her and she calls to the ground. police later shot the attacker
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in the leg. he's under arrest and is being questioned right now. elise labott is joining us from jerusalem. what's been the response to this attack both from the israeli government and from the palestinian authority? >> reporter: wolf the israeli authorities captured this man right after the attack happened and they were interrogating him trying to see if he was working with anybody. it doesn't seem he was. seems it was more one of those so-called lone wolf attacks. but what the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said is that it's palestinian incitement against the israelis anti-semitism we've seen around the world that inspires palestinians to make attacks against israelis and thus after hamas praised the attack. there was no implication that hamas was involved. but hamas praising the attack and saying the israelis deserved
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it because of their treatment of the palestinians. >> has there been any official reaction from the palestinian authority leadership? >> reporter: no, there hasn't. this 23-year-old palestinian from the west bank city was shot in the leg, as we said he's in police custody in the hospital. we understand his mother was also called to the israeli authorities to talk to them. we're not really sure what the status of her is. but right now, there's no indication that this is any kind of larger plot or anything like that. >> i know you'll stay on top of this story. another developing story unfolding right now is the invitation by the house speaker john boehner to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to come to washington address the joint session of congress on the issue of iran. how's that playing over there? i know the prime minister has accepted this invitation comes in the midst the president of the united states warning congress don't pass any additional sanctions against iran right now in the midst of these negotiations to deal with
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iran's nuclear program that could undermine these negotiations. what's going on? >> reporter: well, that's right. that story broken by our own dana bash on the hill. the israelis aren't saying anything right now. i tried to reach out to prime minister netanyahu's office. they said, we have nothing to say at this point. not confirming the visit. why is that? presumably because the white house might not be so happy about that. as you said, this comes right after the president laid down the gauntlet last night at the state of the union saying he would veto any legislation with new sanctions against iran that he feels that that would really tie his negotiators' hands in those iranian nuclear negotiations. but house speaker boehner, the rest of the congress, feels very differently. they're really trying to send a message to this white house that they think the president is going on the wrong course of iran and certainly that's a sympathetic argument that you find here in israel. the israelis not supportive of these negotiations not
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supportive of his deal. so what they're trying to do is bringing the israeli prime minister over to the congress to send a message, a real poke in the eye to this administration on its course with iran. >> elise labott in jerusalem for us, thanks very much. let's get more insight into both of these developments the attack in israel the larger middle east conflict what's going on. ambassador mark ginsburg is joining us, the former u.s. ambassador to morocco, the ceo of peace works foundation and the one voice movement there's dedicated to trying to forge a two-state solution in the middle east israel living alongside palestine. ambassador first of all, these stabbings in tel aviv that's only going to further anger israelis and certainly undermine any efforts including any efforts that are under way right now to try to revive the two-state institution negotiations. >> well, there's no doubt, wolf. t fact is these lone wolf attacks have been occurring largely in jerusalem during the last few months as the escalation and hostilities between the palestinians and
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israelis as a result of the recent war between israel and hamas. as you know wolf, this attack in tel aviv represents one of the largest terrorist attacks that have been committed in tel aviv in years. so it clearly is going to weigh heavily on the conscience of israelis particularly going into the election campaign. >> but it sounds like if you heard what elise's report was, sounds like this guy was just some lone wolf he may have been inspired he may have been motivated. but it doesn't look like a formal hamas attack or an attack by hezbollah or any other terror group out there. it looks like some individual that just went on a bus and started stabbing people. >> well, there's no doubt. i'm sure the israeli investigators may wind up determining whether or not he had a relative who had been imprisoned or otherwise arrested or killed by the israelis may or may not have some ties to hamas. may have had some gripe that radicalized him. he could very well have been any number of reasons why this man
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decided to go on this rampage. i think we'll have to wait to see exactly why this happened. >> i'm sure we'll find out soon enough. on this other development, all of a sudden today the speaker of the house john boehner invited the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu, to come to washington next month to address congress on the issue of iran presumably the negotiations under way right now between the u.s. and others to try to end iran's nuclear program. what do you make of this development? >> it really is interesting, wolf largely because first of all the invitation falls exactly on the 36th anniversary of the iranian revolution. so i'm sure there was no coincidence about the timing of the invitation. number two, apparently the white house was not aware that this invitation was going to be extended by speaker boehner. and number three, wolf the fact of the matter is that israel's right smack in the middle of a very heated election campaign. i'm quite confident the israeli opposition leadership will find
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this invitation and effort by the united states congress particularly the republican side of the congress to interfere directly in the israeli election. >> yeah it's awkward because it comes a month or so before the scheduled israeli elections, i think march 17th, or whenever. i'm already hearing that israeli opposition leaders who think they were moving ahead, had a chance to defeat netanyahu, they're upset because they think this will only elevate netanyahu and they think it's inappropriate right now for the republican leadership in congress to what they claim, isaac hertzog, they see it as some sort of political interference a month before the israeli elections. you understand the sensitivities there. >> of course. and the fact is that in a very closely contested israeli election which the polls in israel indicate right now, the labor party has a slight lead over prime minister netanyahu's party, the fact is giving this type of forum to prime minister
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netanyahu on the issue that is seminal in his reelection campaign that is contesting iran's nuclear negotiations with the united states and by the way, coinciding with the united states's efforts to try to close a deal in february with the iranians. this is all two coincidental given all the events occurring in february. >> marc ginsberg let's hope you succeed in your endeavor. >> thank you. coming up insurgents continuing their push to take control of yemen's capital. could the fighting there strengthen one of al qaeda's most dangerous branches? a lot of americans are in yemen right now and there are contingency plans to evacuate them before it's too late. plus a russian spy ship arrives in havana just ahead of historic talks between u.s. and cuban diplomats. and the republican national
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boumeddiene, outside a jewish institution in paris several months before coulibaly's attack on that kosher supermarket. a source close to the investigation says the video makes it clear the couple was planning to carry out surveillance of other possible targets. meantime france's prime minister has announced what he calls exceptional measures to respond to this new terror threat. his plan includes putting about 3,000 people with jihadi ties under surveillance along with creating more than 1,000 new intelligence jobs. allocating nearly $500 million to fight extremism in france. now to the situation in yemen, very dangerous situation. it's home to one of the deadliest branches of al qaeda right now. there are concerns that aqap based in yemen will take advantage of the chaos in the capital of sanaa. these are the latest pictures we're getting in from sanaa. the situation there very much in flux extremely dangerous.
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the houthi takeover of sanaa raising questions over who's in power. it also raises concerns about the safety of the united states embassy and the hundreds of americans who are in yemen right now. we have extensive coverage of what's going on. the stakes are enormous. our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is the only western journalist in yemen. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr joinings us and the former cia operative bob baer joins us as well. nick you're there. you're in sanaa right now. it looks like these shiite opposition these rebels these houthi rebels they are effectively in control of the presidential palace and other key installations, right? >> reporter: they have the presidential palace. we saw that as we drove around. they have since pulled back. interestingly, outside the presidential residence inside which president hadi is still
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staying, he is the president of yemen and the houthis haven't openly asked for him to step down. young houthi mischlitiamilitiamen one group in possession of tanks, they wouldn't let us near. it's said by one yemeni official they're providing protection for the president. part of his protection detail ran away yesterday during the fighting yesterday. he's not held captive i'm told by somebody who spoke to him this afternoon. so it appears as though he's in talks with the houthis to define what his political future is, what the houthis want in terms of their grasp on power in the country. it's obvious they have a dominant influence in the streets here. do they want hadi gone want their candidate there or a neutered hadi keeping him in
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check? he's still there. the question is is he running the country? >> barbara, there are hundreds of americans, if not more, in yemen. mostly military some diplomats, some civilians, some intelligence operatives and others. the fear is the longer the u.s. waits to evacuate them the more endangered they will be and the more endangered u.s. special operations forces and other troops will be will have to go in from "the uss fort mchenry" or the "uss iwo jima." what part does the evacuation get ordered? >> reporter: this will be a decision by the state department. do they want to shut the embassy down? today as we stand here all indications are the state department thinking they can ride it out and they want to. their interest is in keeping the embassy open as a diplomatic
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outpost. it's very important to them to be there to interact. but what government do they have to interact with, that's really the question now. is the government there so fragile, is it overtaken by the houthis? will the united states recognize any kind of houthi regime? this is the listening post and the intelligence post for so much of the u.s. counterterrorism effort against al qaeda in yemen. so it's important, they want to stay. but it is that fine line is it safe enough for them to stay? will they wind up waiting too long if the violence gets worse? >> is a third battleship on the way there or already there getting ready for a possible evacuation? >> reporter: there is a third u.s. navy amphibious warship there today. it is off the coast of yemen on its way to a routine deployment with other orders in hand. the navy the pentagon has to
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decide do they want to keep it there just in case they need it? but i have to tell you, in the last several hours the word we are getting is it does appear for now the state department thinks they can sit tight and ride it out. but there are two u.s. navy warships who will stay offshore and be ready to go if it comes to that, wolf. >> bob, i don't know if you saw senator angus king he was on cnn's "new day" earlier this morning. he's very worried about all those americans in yemen right now, especially about the possibility they could be taken hostage maybe by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula which is taking advantage of all this chaos over there to get even stronger. that's a real fear isn't it? >> wolf there's also the fear the army has really intervened up until this point. what side are they going to take? a lot of people in the army are sympathetic to the tribes in the mountains, in effect al qaeda, or at least sunni fundamentalists. and what if they got in the
10:19 am
fight? this is a hard decision for the white house. if we were forced to close down the embassy in sanaa, there would be a major foreign policy defeat. and as barbara was saying we need a government in that country to crack down on al qaeda. you cannot do this from the air or the national security agency can't intercept intelligence. it's not good enough. we need a strong central government whether it's a houthi-backed one or an independent one. i can see why this decision to evacuate has been delayed. >> we know the u.s. already has evacuated the u.s. embassies in somalia, in libya, obviously in syria. we'll see what happens in yemen next. guys, thanks. up next, we'll take a closer look at president obama's state of the union address. we'll get republican reaction. the chairman of the republicans national committee, reince priebus, is standing by live. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season".
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or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. the economy and jobs were a major theme for president obama's next-to-last state of the union address last night. he challenged the republican-controlled house and senate on a number of key issues. let's start with the economy. watch this. >> the verdict is clear, middle class economics works. expanding opportunity works. and these policies will continue to work as long as politics don't get in the way. we can't slow down businesses or put our economy at risk with government shutdowns or fiscal showdowns.
10:24 am
we can't put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance or unraveling the new rules on wall street or refighting past battles on immigration. >> joining us now to get the republican response is the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus. reince, thanks very much for joining us. the president was very very confident, some would say defiant. you might not have necessarily known the democrats suffered a huge setback in the midterm elections only a couple of months or so ago. but he clearly seemed to be resonating with a lot of folks on the middle class right now. what's your reaction to his various proposals to help the middle class and maybe make the extremely wealthy pay a little bit more in taxes or make the banks, the big financial institutions pay a little bit more? they were bailed out by american taxpayers six years ago, as you know. what's wrong with that? >> well my initial reaction is
10:25 am
i thought the entire speech was sort of just strangely aloof to the world around him, whether it be foreign policy or domestic policy. so it seemed like he was detached from reality. now, as to the rhetoric on the middle class, i think the rhetoric is obviously political. but really isn't truthful either because what you've seen in the economy is that the jobs that have been added are jobs at the top and jobs at the very bottom. and it's the middle class that's hemorrhaging. as to the middle class, there are fewer people today waking up in the morning and going to work than we've seen since jimmy carter's been president. he just has fundamental problems with relaying the truth. that's the first thing. the second thing is -- >> hold on a second, reince. he says maybe he appreciates that and knows the middle class is suffering. that's why he was reaching out and trying to help the middle class with these new tax breaks these new tax credits, to go ahead and get the middle class a little bit more special
10:26 am
treatment. >> understood. but the problem is that statement that he made that what we're doing is working just isn't true because if he wants to tackle the middle class, he's not getting the job done because the middle class has never been more worse off since 30, 40 years ago. let me get to the second point. the second point is he talks about bipartisanship. and in reality, he talked about on one hand bipartisanship in the first part of the speech. in the second part of the speech he talked about vetoing everything that we've been talking about on the republican side that actually created this wave that we had in november. so again, two different worlds that he's living in. i think that we can get some things done, though, wolf. here's where i think the upside is. the upside is i know that people like paul ryan want to work with the president on tax loopholes and some of the things -- there's mutual agreement on some companies and some entities shouldn't be getting away with some of the things that they
10:27 am
are. and i think paul ryan wants to deal with that but on the same hand he has to work with the republicans on trying to create a lower, flatter tax that's fairer to people across the country. if he's willing to give and take i think he's got an audience. >> i think there are some opportunities in eliminating some tax loopholes. i think republicans want to work with the president on infrastructure building bridges and ports, sewage treatment facilities and all that. i want to play you another clip what the president said referring to the keystone pipeline. listen to this. >> let's set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline. let's make this country stronger for decades to come. >> what do you think? he wants to do a lot more -- doesn't necessarily like the keystone pipeline although he says he hasn't firmly made up his mind. he's waiting for the state department to come up with a recommendation. but he does want to go ahead
10:28 am
with a lot of infrastructure development. you do as well, right? >> i think there's interest in that in our party. but back to the keystone pipeline there are a lot of democrats that support the keystone pipeline as you know and you've reported. and the president's promised to veto the keystone pipeline. later in the speech he talked about all the energy production that's taking place in america. he forgot to say that was all on private property and that because of his policies we're not getting the production out of other property public property government property that we could be reaping the rewards from. the last thing is just as a matter of foreign policy clearly he's not living in today's news of what's happening in yemen, what happened yesterday between russia and iran and what's happening in the atrocities across the globe. we're in a pretty dangerous world. and i would say, i mean this genuinely, we want our president to shine overseas and abroad.
10:29 am
we want him to be strong. we do not want president obama to be weak. he has to start leading across the globe. and i think republicans and democrats alike really weren't buying what he was selling last night in regard to foreign policy. >> a lot of people will agree with you on that. strong on domestic economic issues maybe not so strong on national security issues. he's been coming under a lot of criticism in that area as well. we'll see what happens down the road. reince priebus is the chairman of the republican national committee, you have your hands full over there. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> reince priebus joining us from washington. up next the president's push on cuba and normalizing relations with the castro regime. we'll hear from the first cuban american elected to congress and get her take on the president's plan. female vo: i actually have a whole lot of unused vacation days, but where am i gonna go? i just don't have the money to travel right now. i usually just go back home to see
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. let's turn to cuba right now. the historic meetings between american diplomats and cuban diplomats in havana are under way right now. their meeting is part of the larger push to fully normalize relations between the united states and cuba. it's been more than half a century since the u.s. cut off diplomatic ties with cuba. before the two governments restart the dialogue look at this, a russian spy ship is seen dockeded in havana. what does that mean? president obama is calling on congress to get behind his plans to re-establish full diplomatic relations with cuba. listen to this. >> when what you're doing
10:34 am
doesn't work for 50 years, it's time to try something new. and our shift in cuba policy has the potential to end a legacy of mistrust in our hemisphere it removes the phony excuse for restrictions in cuba stands up for democratic values and extends the hand of friendship to the cuban people. this year congress should begin the work of ending the embargo. >> strong words from the president. joining us from capitol hill is republican congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen the first cuban american elected to the united states congress. you're not very happy with this at all. but do you see the train leaving the station, that it's only inevitable that within the next few weeks or months the u.s. and cuba will have full diplomatic relations and american embassy in havana a cuban embassy in washington? >> i was deeply disappointed in
10:35 am
hearing the president's remarks about cuba last night. wolf i was staring right into the eyes of two dissident leaders from cuba who were the guests of speaker boehner last night. one who spent 17 years in castro's jail his wife who heads a pro-human rights movement in cuba named for rosa parks and they are the face of the new cuba. what the president is talking about is re-establishing diplomatic ties with a regime that has put people like this in jail. i asked her, how many times have you been arrested? she says after the 100th time, i stopped counting. that's the reality. we establish diplomatic ties with a group that keeps silencing its opposition and the president gave no hope to that opposition. that's what i found really discomforting. one thing is the president saying we're going to establish
10:36 am
diplomatic ties, he can do that without congress' permission. marco rubio is going to make sure that we don't confirm an ambassador to cuba while the castro brothers are in control. i favor lifting the embargo as the president asked for, once three conditions are met -- free multi-party elections, freedom of speech and freedom for all political -- >> the argument the president makes, he has the backing of a majority of the american people and wanting to normalize relations, for 50-plus years the u.s. has engaged in this isolation, this embargo against cuba it really hasn't worked. it's time to try something else. you have a whole bunch of americans showing up in havana elsewhere in cuba maybe that will improve the human rights condition there. >> well, the reality tells us the opposite. every country in the world has been going to cuba for all these years that we supposedly have had an embargo, sort of like
10:37 am
swiss cheese, there are so many holes in it. but every other country has been doing that for cheap sex, cheap booze and cheap cigars. has that brought the cuban people any closer to freedom, democracy and human rights? quite the opposite. there have been more arrests by the castro regime in this past year than in previous years. we have got to wake up to the reality that castro and his thugs are in cahoots with folks who are adversaries, to put it lightly. as you pointed out, there's a russian spy ship docked in havana harbor today. what does that tell you about the intent of raul castro? he doesn't care about the united states. he wants the cash to keep him afloat. that's all. >> so i take it congresswoman, now that they're easing travel restrictions people are going to be able to fly much more easily from miami or elsewhere to havana you're not about to get on any flight to cuba anytime soon is that right? >> well i don't think that raul castro is going to let me come in. when we had a great human rights
10:38 am
leader in congress like frank wolf every year he petitioned the cuban regime to let him go to cuba, they denied it. chris smith, a great human rights leader in congress who is here serving now keeps applying to cuba and they don't let him in. they are very selective about who gets to go. i just think we need to re-evaluate this position and really use our leverage when it counts. when you talk about travel -- >> hold on, congresswoman. we have to wrap it up because we're out of time. but if they give you a visa will you do? >> yes, if i'm going to talk about human rights and democracy and visit the prisoners in jail that would be an opportunity for all of my colleagues -- let's do that. go on a human rights mission. i'm not sure that i'm the right person. but i think my colleagues should do it. >> let's see if they're watching in havana and will send you an invitation, congresswoman. >> i won't hold my breath. >> thanks very much for joining us.
10:39 am
up next we'll hear from a member of the president's party and ask about the message on middle class economic issues. stay with us. much more coming up right after this.
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president obama certainly laid out his wish list in his state of the union address last night. we just spoke about cuba. he wants to normalize relations with cuba. on the domestic side he has a plan to try to make community college tuition for two years free increased tax credits for the middle class. jim hines of connecticut is joining us.
10:43 am
your quick reaction on cuba -- you support what the president is doing wanting to normalize relations with cuba? >> i do. the president laid it out exactly right. 50 years this policy has not only not worked it's contributed to the resilience of the castro brothers because they've blamed the united states embargo for a lot of their problems. if they want to not change the policy probably have to come up with one that actually works which we're not hearing. >> the current policy hasn't worked for 50 years. so maybe try something different. all of this tax increase proposals that he's putting out, those are dead on arrival in this republican majority in the house and senate right? republicans are not going to raise taxes on rich people or increase banking fees or whatever on financial institutions to pay for increased tax benefits let's say, for the middle class. they say that's a nonstarter. >> that's probably true. but i think the point of a speech like what the president said last night was to get people talking about the idea of making community college or just
10:44 am
education generally more available to more people. if you get enough people asking that question you can create alignment in the congress that we ought to do that at which point, you have the question of how do you pay for it? >> i think everybody will agree, high school is free. why not two years of community college? you increase it a little bit, given the fact that people need more education to compete in the international environment right now. maybe make two years of a community college free. but where does the money come from? >> back when high school was made free and mandatory for everybody, high school was a big deal. if you had a high school education, that was more than most americans did. today the situation is very different. without some post-high school education, you'll have a hard time staying in the middle class. >> where does the president want to get that money? >> he pointed out a few things. raising the capital gains tax, an idea that came from a republican david camp when he was chairman of ways and means, proposed a tax on the big banks. the pay-fors are usually the last thing you talk about. there's more than one way to skin that cat.
10:45 am
instead of raising taxes, if that's what the republicans don't want to do find programs to eliminate to pay for something we all agree -- >> i think everybody agrees there's still a lot of waste in the government you could find ways to cut spending to pay for something critically important for something like that. >> everybody likes talking about waste, fraud and abuse. who would be for that? the tough stuff, if you're going to meaningfully change the budget, you're going to eat into somebody's cheese whether it's defense or education or medicare or social security. >> i know you have to get back to the hill and vote. thanks for coming in. there was a moment last night furgtduring the president's speech that's getting a lot of attention. it's a moment i'll shallow you right now. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ]
10:46 am
i know because i won both of them. >> as the president regained some of that political mojo or is he missing the point entirely? stay with us.
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10:49 am
got breaking news coming out of yemen. i want to go to nick paton walsh who's in sanaa for us, the only western journalist there. what are you learning, nick?
10:50 am
>> reporter: wolf what we have now are the early signs of a deal potentially between the current yemeni government and the shiite houthi rebels who have taken over the key institutions here. these are this is the first time we've seen something laid out that looks like a road map out of the crisis is. we don't know if these are agreed to yet. we've seen a draft of the deal. i've spoken to an official that outlined key points. in short, it's who would get edits, changes to the new draft of the new constitution. they would effectively see that altered to suit their demand. in exchange the government would have key institutions released by the militia that have swept into the presidential palace around the presidential residency as well. they would have the immediate
10:51 am
relief of chief of staff who over 72 hours ago was kidnapped from the capital city. this is the early stages. we're getting the details from twitter account of the spokesperson of the washington d.c. embassy for yemen and on the state news agency is. these details could change and fall apart since this broke out, it's been about who's been in control on the streets. this is the first time we've heard of the deal points of the deal. if you look at it on the surface, it appears to more or less conform to demands put up. it's still early days. >> very early indeed. nick we'll stay in touch. be careful over there. the president obama of the united states struck a different tone last night, one some loved
10:52 am
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we've talked about the policies in the president's state of the union address. now we want to focus in on the tone as well. some call it swagger, others humorous. one columnist said it was as president obama missed the outcome of the november election. someone needs to tell him his party no longer controls one house of congress. democratic stat gist says quote, america has regained mojo so has the american president. let's bring in our analysts. a lot of people are focussing on upbeat confident, defiant tone of the president. >> this is a president that feels liberated. he knows he's got a small window he can try to get something done. i've never heard a president lay out his vision for the future at
10:56 am
the end of his presidency as opposed to the beginning of the presidency is. that's what we've got from obama last night. they know most of this isn't going to get through the congress. i think he was setting the table for 2016 as we've be been telling you about. also saying to washington you know i'm so over you. i'm done with you. >> listen to this ad lib here. it's getting a lot of buzz. let me play it for you. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- [ applause ] -- i know because i won both of them. [ applause ] >> that was not scripted or part of the text. he clearly was giving it to those republicans who were trying to have fun at his expense. >> there's the edgey core that i've got this, you hear sometimes from obama using that phrase internally. this might have been more appropriate for a president that gained seats in the house and
10:57 am
senate rather than losing them. pushing 60% in the polls rather than getting back to 50%. i think the president has at his core a belief that he has put the democrats on the right side of history, side of the growing parts of the lekelectorate. i think you saw that last night. >> he wants to wince the american people after six years, eight years, the country is better off than when he took office. hillary clinton tweeted this. i'll put it on the screen. president obama pointed way to an economy that works for all. now we need to step up and deliver for the middle class. >> she's on board with the president. >> totally on board with the president. he delivered the speech she's going to be delivering when she runs for the presidency. what he's done for democrats is lay it all out there.
10:58 am
what you hear is reframe from people that work in the white house. okay we've shown you what we have. show us what you've got. they're trying to coax the republicans out of the corners there on domestic policy. they know there's certain things they can agree on. the question is whether they can walk together. >> why didn't he do it leading up to midterm elections? some democrats defeated were reluctant to be seen on the stage with him. they may have had a better chance. >> in the states at risk not necessarily a better chance -- they were running lower than than nationally. he feels deliberation of not being on the ballot again, not worrying about red state democrats and the lift of improving economy that is lifting attitudes. may not lift all votes but lifting his vote and giving him a stronger standing with the public. the key here is difference between the pretds deshl coalition and congressional coalition. the president has been willing to accept losses in congress to build that national coalition.
10:59 am
there's a real price. arkansas west virginia places like that. you saw the flip side last night. his belief he's leading the party toward a stronger advantage in the presidential competition. >> there was one piece of video when the the president said women should get equal pay for equal work. biden stood up. boehner was sitting. it was an awkward moeptment. >> it was awkward. even if you disagree with the president on the policy you still stand up and applaud for pay equity for women because republicans would say what the president is proposing guaranteed equity. the optic of it is bad. we're in the middle of a campaign. >> or going after women votes. >> hit must be exhausting to decide when to stand up for boehner. >> biden is standing up all night after plauding. >> that's it for me.
11:00 am
i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room for international viewers. get ready. for viewers in north america, newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. i will take it from here. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn as a terrorist happen hunt grips europe. this may -- man hunt grips europe. this may include three french terrorists that may be in the safe haven of syria. here's the fear now. this is according to sources at cnn. these terror associateds could make it back to europe to launch other terror attacks. in addition, sfrenchfrench authorities do not know if terrorists have planned for attacks beyond this month. we know the