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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 21, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in the situation room for international viewers. get ready. for viewers in north america, newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. i will take it from here. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn as a terrorist happen hunt grips europe. this may -- man hunt grips europe. this may include three french terrorists that may be in the safe haven of syria. here's the fear now. this is according to sources at cnn. these terror associateds could make it back to europe to launch other terror attacks. in addition, sfrenchfrench authorities do not know if terrorists have planned for attacks beyond this month. we know the widow of the kosher
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grocery store, the gunman is thought to be in syria as well. as for her involvement, cnn has just obtained this new video which appears to show -- she's highlighted, both of them highlighted -- showing this summer over the summer walking by a jewish institution. sources telling cnn this may be the proof they had been hunting possible terror targets for several months. the man hunt also extends to the this man. the alleged ringleader of belgium's biggest linked terror cell. we have this new video, this chilling new video now linking this alleged ringleader to europe's terror network.
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life in africa should join the fight. author of dysfunction and decline, lessons learned from inside al qaeda and iraq. brian, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for coming on. i want to get back to specifics of what that alleged ringleader said in the video. first to this notion that half a dozen terrorists individuals, accomplices, colleagues of those that committed atrocities in paris could be in syria now. if you're counter terrorism officials in europe what do you do with that information? >> well i think it confirms what counter terrorism officials have worried about for a long time
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that the power vacuum in syria and parts of iraq that's been filled by a range of jihadi organizations, isis is one, maybe used as a launching pad for attacks in europe. one of the questions i think those officials are asking is what precisely are the organization inside syria that these people may be going to work with? is it isis the new organization that grew out of al qaeda and iraq or the new organization closely tied to al qaeda. those are in combat with one another in syria. the direction for europeans going to syria and which organization they link with tell us how they're motivated and the threat they may pose in the future. >> looking at launch pads and specific groups. let me move a along. we showed the video of the ringleader. the word humiliation references muslims and europe he's calling for retaliation.
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what do you make of this rhetoric? >> well this is rhetoric that jihadis going back to osama bin laden have used to describe the west. they think they've lost a period of muslim power in the world when a caliphate spanned a large portion of the globe that's now gone. >> this goes way back. >> yeah yeah. so that's been gone for over a century. this is what isis is say saying they're trying to rebuild, to recapture that sense of power and authority that's been lost. the reason why these jihadis attack for example the magazine "charlie hebdo" which depicted the prophet mohammed in ways is a symbol to them of humiliation that jihadis argue muslims have suffered at the hands of the west. "charlie hebdo" becomes a symbol of the west for jihadis to rally
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more people to their cause and make this argument about humiliation. >> then with "charlie hebdo" in the wake of that you have these ct counter terrorism measures in france specifically numbers we're seeing today, to show 3,000 people. how is that even possible brian? >> yeah i think at the end of the day it's probably not possible. ultimately the counter terrorism officials in france will have to prioritize, make a judgment based on what they believe is the level of radicalization of individuals, whether or not they've travelled to syria, yemen or some other place and figure out who they really need to keep an eye on and who they don't. the danger is even if french officials do a very good job it's unlikely they're going to be perfect. that's the dangerous world of
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counter terrorism. you have to try to be perfect all the time. that's not humanly possible. >> impossible. thank you so much for your time. i appreciate you this afternoon. we move on to another huge story to israel and a terror attack a board a bus in tel aviv. this mass stabbing was captured on video. it's obviously tufough to watch. you can see her stabbed several times. she is one of nine who were wounded. the suspect is a 23 year-old palestinian from the west bank. he was shot in the leg by police and has since been arrested. hamas praised the attack and called it a daring and heroic attack. israeli officials compared it to attacks in paris and accused the palestinian authority of inciting violence against israelis. speaking of israel the prime minister netanyahu gets the
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chance to talk about terror to the united states congress. house speaker john boehner inviting him to speak next month, february 11th, one day after the state of the union after dress speaker boehner admits he did not bother to ask the white house before he extended the invitation. >> did not consult with the white house. congress can make this decision on its own. i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. there's a serious threat that exists in the world. the president last night papered over it. the fact is there needs to be a more serious conversation in america about how serious the threat is from radical islamic jihadists and threat posed byiran. >> the president's political adversary at home invites a leader that's never gotten along with the president. let's talk to david rhodes. nice to see you.
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>> thank you. >> beginning with what really hit me with this the fact speaker boehner reached out to leader of israel for such an invite didn't check with the white house. at the same time netanyahu accepts this invitation and doesn't consult president obama. which is worse? >> i guess if you're talking about formal ways netanyahu accepts without speaking to obama. speaker boehner was poking the president in the eye. >> you think he was? >> absolutely. this is the president's preview. this is round one of multiple fights you're going to see between the republican controlled congress and can white house. boehner saying we're going to come at you on foreign policy and iran. >> the white house has said they won't comment until they hear the message netanyahu plans to bring to congress. the topic is iran.
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can you explain why republicans in particular and some of the president's party are livid, critical of these talks with iran? >> there's a great deal of skepticism that iranians are serious and basically playing for time. for years they lied about building a nuclear bomb. they were discovered. economic sanctions brought them to the table. the talks are going on. like the relations with cuba a new relation with iran this deal is another historic legacy for the president. that's why both sides already have the gloves off with republicans saying talks are a joke. obama says give us more time. >> even senator bob mendes democrat was critical and said this. >> the more i hear from the administration and its quotes the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of
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teheran. it feeds to narrative of victimization when they are the ones with original sin and elicit nuclear weapons program going back over the course of 20 years. they're unwilling to come clean on. >> twofold. one, do you think some of the skepticism is justified, a? b, you mentioned the difficulties between a democratic president and republican congress but also increasing divide between whatever is going on between u.s. and iran. >> i think there's grounds for skepticism about iran. it's a divided society. there's hard liners that don't want to deal and president rouhani that wants to deal. the question is does rouhani call the shots? the danger for president are democrats like menendez. will enough democrats in the senate shift and vote with republicans to enact tough new
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sanctions that would basically derail the talks sanctions against iran. >> how would the chamber affect the sanctions for iran? >> it makes it harder. they're arguing the hard liners aren't negotiateing either. there's genuine skepticism from netanyahu and republicans and democrats about iran. it's unclear the next round of talks that end in june are critical after june. if it doesn't happen by june administration has run out of time. >> david, thank you. come back. >> sure. next the story that has everyone talking. did the new england patriots cheat in the game that got them to the super bowl? hear the new report about the footballs they used. brand new video in. looting in ferguson. hear why police are releasing this video, new from inside one
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angry and ashamed. that's what some new england patriot fans feel after shocking reports from the locker room. espn reports the investigation that the team's game balls sunday were underinflated. a bigger shocker, we're talking 11 out of 12 game balls were reportedly below league standard 11 out of 12. here's a little 101 for some of us. a regulation ball is supposed to way between 14 and 15 ounces. it must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds of pressure. league source tell espn that new england's were two pounds per
11:17 am
square inch too light. you with me? millions of fans watched the pounding -- that's what it was sunday -- boston put on colts. when word of the investigation first leaked brady laughed it off. this is what he said on the radio the day after the game. >> get the sense you were able to grip the ball better than the colts last night? would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i've heard it all at this point. oh god. >> joining me now, retired nfl quarterback and bleacher report analyst. on the phone with me from boston the guy you heard on the other end of that radio interview former new england patriot tight end forte. thank you for being here. chris, i ran through the ounces and pounds and yada about the balls. explain why not as inflated ball
11:18 am
would be easier to catch. >> sure. to catch or throw. i was a quarterback eight years. i didn't like when the footballs were deflated. i was the guy that would rather have them the opposite way. there's a majority of quarterbacks would rather have less air in the football. big reason let's say this football is close to regulation. you can't really squeeze it can't see the indention of the ball. if you get a ball that's deflated you can see right away how much easier it is to grab. in wet weather, that could help to a degree. >> cold weather in fox burrow. >> it was 51 degrees, not bad. there's a lot of details that have not come out. we have to be careful about jumping to conclusions. i worked for bill belichick. i was never around a bigger rule follower in the nfl. if we wanted to bet $5 a on miami heat against the spurs, he
11:19 am
would put the kabosh on that immediately. >> theat was back in 2011. >> that's what we're starting with? >> we've got to go there. >> the national perception is that's where it started. mull multiple teams in the nfl were video taping signals what have you on the sidelines t patriots league said don't do it anymore. specifically they made sure -- they said listen don't film from this area. they did it any ways got picked. as soon as that happened every super bowl they have been in was questioned there must be something up. they can't keep winning football games, going to super bowls and afc championships so many times.
11:20 am
i disagree. you have brady, belichick, great ownership, everything you need to have a winning combination. they have it. because that has exists and they made that mistake, they're dealing with the residue of it. >> live to rue what happened apparently. you were his -- you were with brady a couple of years, catching those balls. let me -- this is when he talked act gronk, rob gron cowkowski. he talked about him spiking the ball. >> he spikes it every time he scores. i don't know if that's flag rant or what. when gronk scores eight touchdowns a year, he spikes the ball and deflates the ball. i like the deflated ball. i feel bad for the football. he puts everything he can into
11:21 am
the spikes. >> tom brady likes the deflated ball christian. does that help or hurt the investigation here? >> isn't this a little much? aren't we kind of overreacting a little bit? if this was jacksonville or arizona. >> pats are my team. boston is a home away from home. this is a legitimate question when you have 11 of 12 balls not as they should be. >> i agree with you. when i woke up in the morning i was like a couple or three or four -- but 11 out of 12 you have to own it and address it. it came out today the reves checked the balls and everybody was legal. by the time the second half rolled around they weren't. play was delayed in the third quarter because they weren't sure if they had a kicking ball or throwing ball. patriots got that third quarter, drove it down indianapolis' throats and scored. you can say did it help or hurt? obviously the score indicates that.
11:22 am
it isn't something that i guess you can just turn a blind eye from. chris will tell you. i mean quarterbacks all have their own preference about how they want the football and how they want -- >> he's smiling on the comment. >> you can respond to the swirly comment. also respond to when he points out the refs checked the balls. this is football 101 realizing each of the teams bring their balls checked ahead of time. >> they're checked two hours before the game. once they're checked, they go to the team's sideline and sit there. it's not like nfl security watch watches the footballs. that's the time frame that's investigated, the time the footballs were checked in the locker room to now they sat on the sideline. team comes out for pregame warm-up. then go from there. all quarterbacks are a little
11:23 am
swirly thanks christian. nonetheless, i think we have to find out the details. even if we find out that some of this might be true. that doesn't necessarily mean bill belichick knew either. this could be a tom brady and ball boy issue as well. i think there's a lot of unanswered questions at this point. i think christian had a good point because of the spy gate in 2007 there's a cloud over the patriots. >> people love to hate the pats. >> they're the best organization in football last 15 years. >> chris and christian, thank you very much. my executive producer was saying in my ear the nfl is now again officially saying they're still looking into it. gentlemen, thank you. >> they're going to take their time and want to make sure they do it the right way especially with everything that happened with rice and peterson. >> as they should. all right. thanks guys. appreciate it. coming up next a u.s. ally reeling as a coup attempt
11:24 am
threatens to take over the government what this means in the fight against isis andle manies of u.s. dollars. the parents of a girl killed in the dark knight theater massacre speaking out saying they do not want the killer's name spoken. how they're trying to prevent his trial from turning into a total spectacle. they'll join me live. do not miss that conversation. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction.
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got breaking news out of yemen. a critical ally in the u.s. war against terror, a yemen official says rebels have agreed to a tentative deal with the government promising to withdraw fighters from government buildings including the presidential palace. look at what happened to the presidential palace just yesterday.
11:29 am
rebels pounded this before taking it over. now these rebel leaders are agreeing to this deal in exchange for changes in yemen's' constitution to give them more power. it's a positive step in the nation where the al qaeda and peninsula is headquartered. american officials says that branch of the terror group poses most active threat to the united states. let me bring in bobby, cnn analyst. let's begin with the news about the brokering a deal. if x, y, z happens, what do you make of that possibility? >> there's been deals before. this is not the first time rebels have disregarded previous agreements on this. there's no reason to believe they automatically will honor this one until they get what they want quite a lot of power, not something that will sit well with the majority of yemen. >> you said yourself on commercial break the capital is
11:30 am
in chaos. you have been to yemen spent a lot of time in yemen. who's in charge? >> at this point there's hard to see there's one authority over the entire country. east is where the al qaeda and peninsula is headquartered. government is always run loose even before aqap existed. there are parts of the country government exists only in theory. in the south you have a separatist movement that is lying low key but can pop up any time they like. the center was run by the government less so now. the border along with saudi arabia is run by those exerting influence. >> these are rebels pounding the presidential palace. >> they're shiite rebels backed by iran with training and money is and materials. that makes saudi arabia very uncomfortable. saudi arabia sunni majority country regards shia run iran as mortal enemy.
11:31 am
both are facing each other off in the bizarre of chess they're playing. you have now additional element and very very poor and unstable country and additional element of sectarian violence with shia and sunnis. that's bad news for everybody. >> what about the u.s. presence the u.s. embassy. i read it was a 20 minute drive from the presidential palace. do you think embassy workers should get out of there? >> it's a long way from the palace. i've been there. it's guarded however it has been attacked before. you think the moment the presidential palace is overrun would be a moment of exercising caution with the embassy. this would seem a good moment to get them out. they're there and have the best dynamic. caution is wise. i'd be comfortable if they went
11:32 am
south to the secure area there. >> we'll see if this deal -- healthy skepticism on this deal. >> fingers crossed. >> bobby, thank you. brand new video of looting in ferguson inside one of these stores. hear why police are just now releasing this. plus parents of the girl measured in the theater massacre want to keep from turning this trial into an absolute spectacle. stay with me. ameriprise asked people a simple question: can you keep your lifestyle in retirement? i don't want to think about the alternative. i don't even know how to answer that. i mean, no one knows how long their money is going to last. i try not to worry but you worry. what happens when your paychecks stop? because everyone has retirement questions. ameriprise created the exclusive confident retirement approach. to get the real answers you need. start building your
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you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. police releasing this video showing how bold looters were in ferguson in the chaos. more than 180 looters were caught on camera after the prosecutor revealed the police officer who shot and killed michael brown would not be indicted. sarah was in ferguson through all of this. she is back standing in front of that store. it's been sarah, two months since that on this indictment was announced. why today, why now release this video? >> reporter: that's a good question a question a lot are asking. it's twofold really. i got off the phone with the police. they said look one of the things is that our detectives we only have so many. they're working daily cases as well as the load of ferguson. the other thing is they do not want to flood everybody with a lot of different pictures. they want to do bits at a time. there is a lot of surveillance
11:38 am
video out there. as you remember from that night, there were a lot of buildings that were burned and/or looted. this being one that was looted. they also told me the video you're seeing of people going in that they have released is just a very tiny portion, only five minutes of a very long surveillance video from that night. police told me there were more than 400 people they saw going in and out of this particular store here in dellwood which is one minute's drive from the city of ferguson. we're right next door. yeah there were more than 400 going in and out of the store. what you see there are those that could possibly be identified. again, not wanting to flood the neighborhoods with all these pictures out there on the internet because they want people to focus on the people they can actually see faces. we know they released last couple of tuesdays ago about 28
11:39 am
pictures and some video. again, a different store, phillip 66 of people caught in the store taking things out, looting that store as well. what they're going to do every tuesday, brooke they're going to start putting these videos out. the businesses here are hurting. they are having a difficult time. >> of course they are. >> this one though is doing okay. yeah yeah. >> of course they are. this is really one thing to see, seeing you and talking to you outside the looted stores. to see inside it definitely tells the story. sarah, thank you so, so much. 9,000 potential jurors summoned for the "dark knight" shooting trial. it could mean the death penalty for the gunman that walk into the movie theater in 2012 killed 12 in cold blood and hurt 58 others with his gunfire, all as this batman movie played out
11:40 am
behind him. more than two years after the military style assault, the judge has ruled the cameras will indeed be allowed in the courtroom. it's something loni fill lips says will turn this step dad's daughter's trial into a spectacle. we've talked before. nice to see you in person. i'm truly sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> you wrote this stunning piece. let's begin how you started talking sandy about the night. take me back to the night you got the phone call from jessica's friend who was with her and moments that ensued. >> actually jesse and i had been texting before the movie started. the last thing she texted to me was she couldn't wait for me to come see her the following tuesday and that she needed her momma. i wrote back that i needed my
11:41 am
baby girl. that was the last thing we said to each other. that was exactly 1:06 my time 12:06 her time which was when the movie started. i didn't know for quite a while if she had gotten that message or not. found out later she had. she had. that gave me a sense of peace. brent called about 25 minutes later. i could hear the screaming going on in the background. he said that there had been a random shooting. i asked him if he was okay. he said i've been shot i think twice. went on to hear the screaming going on. i asked him -- all of a sudden i realized why is he calling? why isn't jesse calling? i said where's jesse? he said she's been hit.
11:42 am
i said is she okay? he said i tried. said brent, tell me she's not dead. in that instant i knew my life was forever changed. >> that's the instant i woke up because the screaming was so horrific. >> her screaming? >> yeah. that got to her -- i knew something really bad. i thought probably someone had broken into the house. when i got to her, she was backed against the wall screaming. i grabbed the phone and tried to talk to brent. it was bad noise. i could hardly hear him. i just tried to comfort her. that's the moment that we knew or i knew that my daughter was dead and my wife would never be the same again. >> whew. you lost your daughter. yet you still -- what really
11:43 am
struck me in this incredible piece was there was a little bit of a blessing that she was in that police car. explain this to me. >> we didn't know for the first three days that she had actually been taken from the theater. i was unable to sleep because i kept having visions of my baby on a theater floor dying, bleeding out, not being there with her. i couldn't sleep. my son who had gone to colorado to take care of things -- he wouldn't let us go -- he went to colorado and called me. he said i don't know how to tell you this. i said what more do you have to tell me? how much worse could this be? he said jesse didn't die in the theater. she was taken out of the theater by two police officers who tried to save her. it was too late. i said oh my gosh. that's such a blessing for me.
11:44 am
our hearts really went out to the other family members who's children weren't taken out, that they were left there. we know most of those families now. we know the pain that they have gone through. we do feel blessed. >> it was at the trial in one of the police officer's testimony where fortunately sandy and i weren't there. he described what happened. the police got there first because they were ahead of the fire department because of proximity. when they started taking victims that were breathing, jessica was one of them, had taken so many victims, the officer commented he could hear the blood sloshing in the back floor board when he would take a corner. he broke down and started
11:45 am
sobbing on the witness stand. it was horrific. i can't imagine what we're going to go through when we get to the trial. >> that's not just reliving what happened a couple of years ago, but you wanted to come forward and talk about this campaign. the don't name him campaign. >> yes don't name him and no notoriety. karen who lost her son in the theater along with our daughter has been adamant at pushing forward no notoriety. don't give any killer the fame they're seeking. especially mass murderers. there's been studies. fbi don't name them. they've proven these sick individuals are really wanting fame. we give it to them. we feed the beast. we've got to quit doing that. >> we had a personal interview with christopher cull lens the
11:46 am
fbi agent in charge of the region. he's working in conjunction with pete blare that works with texas state university in san marcos. they have a $8 million grant from the government that studies these phenomenons where each one of these killers will study a previous killer and the killer in the columbine was studied by the killer in aurora. the killer in aurora was studied by the killer in sandy hook. this can actually prevent future mass murders. we know mass murders aren't the biggest killer of people but they're the most horrific and most attention getting. sandy and i are in gun
11:47 am
prevention working with other groups. we're based in san antonio. we try to work together with groups and each one of us has a different avenue things we work with. that's one of the main things we want to stop. >> i appreciate the time of you coming to talk to me. i hate the circumstances in which we're talking. it's important for your voices to be heard with this huge huge trial that is coming up. thank you both very much. again, i'm so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> we'll be right back.
11:48 am
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cuba today is hosting the highest level delegation to that country in 35 years. we are live from havana.
11:52 am
carl let's begin with this delegation. what exactly are they hoping to accomplish? >> reporter: well brooke jacobson the assistant secretary of state is the one in charge of normalize relations with cuba after the cold war that lasted more than 50 years between the two nations. we caught up with her around midday as she arrived around the airport terminal three. let's look at exchange. good afternoon. how does it feel to be here? >> i'm delighted. that's all. thank you. when do you think is the first thing on the agenda? >> jacobson is said to be in action thursday. she'll meet with one of her counter parts.
11:53 am
>> reporter: the nuts and bolts of how to put a diplomatic relationship together after dwight eisenhower in 1961 in the last acts of his presidency broke off the relations. the first off agenda is open a embassy here. can they get enough starters to do it? cubans will ask for the same thing. over the coming weeks and months cubans and americans will meet many more times to talk about further steps which will include trade and commerce. cubans will look for an overall lift of embargo on this island as well. >> maybe she'll be more communicating as this process goes on. the spotlight is on this delegation delegation. thank you so much. coming up next why a war movie about iraq is resinating with such a wide audience.
11:54 am
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11:58 am
"american sniper" is without a doubt one of the biggest war movies in a long time. it's generate aid lot of controversy. our senior media correspondent brian stelter finds out why audiences are loving it. >> reporter: iraq is a war americans want to forget or do they? it has been nearly 12 years since the invasion. since then none of hollywood iraq war themed movies have resinated with viewers, until now. until "american sniper." clint eastwood's film about navy seal chris kyle has made $110 million in the u.s. alone. >> "american sniper" broke all kinds of january records. >> why is sniper connecting with
11:59 am
viewers? it's a heroic story, one with special meaning for u.s. military veterans. >> it shows the fight we encure in camouflage and in civilian clothes. americans appreciate the movie and that it shows it's not over when it comes home. quite frankly that's not what you see in most films. >> activists hope it's a conversation starter, way to help others understand their service overseas. former army captain fweets it's exposing people to conflict they've got out of their way for a decade to ignore. michael murphy portrayed in the 2013 movie "lone survivor" have inundated support for the new movie. michael moore tweeted snipers
12:00 pm
weren't heroes they were cowards. hey michael moore tweeted charlie daniels, these are the ones that fought for you. >> this is to different than controversy sales. it will help the movie down the road. >> reporter: brian stelter, cnn, new york. let's continue on. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. let's start with the man hunt for suspected terrorists. it's grown. a law enforcement source telling cnn that the man hunt may include a half dozen associates of the three french terrorists. they may be in the safe haven that is syria. the fear now is that the network of terrorists could return to europe and launch other attacks. these sources also believe the paris suspects urged their comrades to leave france prior to