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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and across the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. thank you very much for joining us. we'll be with you for the next two hours. coming up this hour let's make a deal. the president of yemen cling to power after a late night meeting with houthi rebels surrounding his home. many are asking who's really in charge there.
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>> who is the president now? they point at themselves. caught on video. a dash cam recording shows a man with his hands up being fatally shot by police officers. also coming up for you, decision day for the european central bank. how much money is it willing to spend to stimulate the eurozone economy? it's being called deflate gate. did the new england patriots cheat their way into the super bowl? thanks for joining us everyone. days of deadly fighting and an apparent coup attempt may have come to an end in yemen. a government official says houthi rebel have agreed to a tentative deal to restore order there. >> under this plan the government will make change tos to the constitution to give the rebels more political power. the rebels have agreed to withdraw their militias from government buildings and to release the president's chief of
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staff. he was abducted you may remember over the weekend. the tentative peace deal still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. whether the country's president is in control and what the new constitution will look like. >> that's right. our senior international correspondent, nick paton walsh, has the report. >> reporter: the president is at home this morning, but it's not safe outside. attacks, they're not his anymore upon instead, it's these houthi militia. almost dazed at the change. look at his hands when we ask who's president. >> nobody president. >> reporter: you can't see around the corner from the flag is presidential residence. where the president is but his guards they have left. instead, it is the houthi gunmen offering him, they say, protection. we asked who is the president
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now. they point at themselves saying the people are now the presidents. an easy win that may not last. >> i don't know. >> reporter: the country split? >> yeah. yemen without -- without country. >> reporter: the houthis were polite but are listening. tuesday they also stormed this military base, home to powerful weapons. and they used this entrance to take the presidential palace where the guard have left their posts. the houthis controlling this, literally the door to power. in the markets, the still land cart was sold as normal. division. the former president, the houthis, he says. as even the south won't stand. yesterday's man and what now in
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an al qaeda heartland for yemen's future. nick paton walsh, cnn, sanaa. some of the big headlines we're following for you -- japan appears to face a deadline friday to save the lives of two japanese hostages held by isis. the group says it wants a $200 million ransom, or it will kill these two men. they were captured during travels in syria and in iraq. prime minister abe calls the ransom democrat unacceptable. japan -- demand unacceptable. japan hasn't said whether it will cooperate. an official says his country wants to communicate with isis through a third party but has so far been unsuccessful. meantime the french prime minister's unveiling exceptional measures to fight islamic extremism. it includes spending nearly half a billion dollars to get that job done. >> and meanwhile, cnn has learned that several suspects may have been told to flee in advance of the paris attacks. that's raising new concerns
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among law enforcement. pamela brown respects. >> reporter: today for the first time, the paris interior identifying four suspects charged in connection with the paris attacks whose dna of found on amendy coulibaly's car, gloves and more at the scene. authorities are still investigating whether the four suspects were complicit in the attacks. he says "we think there's a group of individuals who contributed as part of an agreement, and that this has effectively served the terrorists to commit the attack." it's the others still on the run, suspected cohorts of amedy coulibaly and the kouachi brothers that have authorities on edge. sources tell cnn it's believed the terrorists urged around half a dozen of their soeshs to leave france before the -- associates to leave france before the attacks, including coulibaly's wife. the concern is they could be hiding in the terrorist safe haven of syria and soon try to attack the west.
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meanwhile, two weeks after the attacks, paris remains under heightened security with soldiers and police guarding landmarks and jewish sites. >> seeing on cnn the security and the eiffel tower and around the city be i've never felt threatened. >> reporter: the prime minister announced details of suspected jihadis living in france. he says 3,000 people with jihadist ties need to be under surveillance. the number of people linked to terror, in in iraq and syria has jumped 130% in just one year. >> they're talking they have 3,000 people they need to cover and you have the massive amount of resources it takes. people vehicles equipment, photography equipment, radio equipment and extensive training this is no small chore on their part. >> reporter: another jihadi hotbed belgium. tuesday night belgian police evacuated a neighbor as they raided a home at the request of french authorities, part of the wider anti-terrorism operation.
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this as the manhunt continues for suspected belgian isis operatives. authorities believe he was directing a plot to murder bell an police officers. >> our pam wellela brown reporting. it's been nearly sweex sincetwo weeks since the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris. now we're hearing from another survivor. >> the cartoonist and editor known simply as riz was wounded. he told us what he saw that day and what he heard the gunman say. >> translator: i was in the room where the killers burst into the room opened the door. they appeared with submachine guns and a colleague in front of me was in front of him. as soon as i saw this scene, i started to shoot, then i laid down on the floor with my face
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on the ground. and then i just heard the sounds of gunfire. i, just hear the gunfire. i didn't hear -- i, just hear the gunfire. i didn't hear shouting screaming. all i could hear of the gunfire. i had my face to the ground. at one time i. something in my shoulder, and that's how it happened. >> reporter: we've heard they asked for some by name and others as well. is that what happened? >> translatorranslator: once the shooting was over, they approached my colleague who's called sharp next to me. he was lying down on the floor, his face on the ground. they checked that it was him. they said yes, that's him, that really is him. and that was the only one where they pronounced the name sharp, the only one. >> and now to some other news
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we're following. it appears u.s. police officer darren wilson will not face federal civil rights charges in the shooting death of an unarmed teen in missouri. sources familiar with the investigation tell cnn the fbi found no evidence that michael brown's civil rights were violated at the federal level. >> last november a state court chose not to indict wilson over the teen's death. earlier, our john vause spoke with cnn legal analyst jeffrey toobin. he says if it was the outcome, it wasn't that unexpected. >> in our somewhat unusual system for prosecuting crimes in the united states there are often two possible jurisdictions under which someone can be prosecuted. the state, in this case the state of missouri. but also the federal government sometimes can bring charges. but what made this case unlikely from the start was that in a case like this where a law
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enforcement officer shoots and kills a civilian the barriers to a federal prosecution are higher than a state prosecution. so the fact that a state didn't prosecute him made a federal case much less likely. >> the federal case was based on what hate crimes that officer wilson violate michael brown's civil rights? >> civil rights cases. yes. the federal government can enforce the broader civil rights laws that say there can't be discrimination say, on the basis of race. so in addition to proving that officer wilson shot and killed michael brown with bad intent the federal case would require a proving some sort of malicious or even racial intent. and that's very hard to do to prove what's in someone's head especially a police officer who in these circumstances already
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had a confrontation with michael brown in his police car before the fatal contact. >> an attorney for brown's family issued this statement, let's pull it up for you, "the family of michael brown jr. will wait for official word from the justice department regarding whether or not any charges will be filed against the police officer who shot and killed him. the family won't address speculation from anonymous sources." there's been no word from officer wilson's attorney. police in new jersey are investigating a deadly shooting during a traffic stop. we're about to show you dash cam video of the incident. we warn some may find is disturbing. it happened last month when officers pulled over the vehicle after the driver allegedly ran a stop sign. the incident quickly spun out of control when one officer says he spotted a gun in the glove box. >> show me your hands.
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show me your [ bleep ] hands. show me your hands! don't [ bleep ] move! don't you [ bleep ] move! don't you [ bleep ] move! get him out of the car, roj. we've got a gun in the glove compartment. i'm going to shoot you. you're going to be [ bleep ] dead. i'm telling you. you reach for something, you're going to be [ bleep ] dead. i'm telling you! keep your [ bleep ] hands right there. you -- jerome you reach for something, you're going to be [ bleep ] dead. he's reaching. he's reaching! show him your [ bleep ] hands. no you're not -- you're not. no, you're not. don't [ bleep ] move. [ gunfire ] >> don't you [ bleep ] move! >> very disturbing to watch that. in the wake of racial tensions in the u.s. when it comes to police we should note the officer who pulled the trigger himself was african-american. and you saw there the car's passenger appeared to have his hands out -- >> both hands -- >> as he stepped outside and died moments later. so again, very troubling
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interactions between police and civilians. the officer himself african-american. police say they did recover a gun at the scene. the two officers involved you saw another officer on the left of the screen they're on paid leave while investigators determine if what you witnessed, that shooting was justified. let's take a short break now. the european central bank is poised to make a move on a stimulus program. but will it work as well as programs in the u.s. and u.k.? we will take a closer look ahead. plus some are calling it deflate gate. did the nfl's new england patriots know they were using deflated balls in the game that sent them to the super bowl? we'll hear from the team's star player. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? an apron is hard work. an apron is pride in what you do.
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a crisis meeting in berlin is over after a joint call with the foreign ministers of russia germany, and france with a cease-fire. no major breakthrough reported. >> a rebel spokesman says shelling near donetsk killed at least five people and wounded dozens. ukraine's president says the fighting could end if moscow would comply with a peace deal made last september with kiev and separatists. >> and an emotional speech the world economic forum in davos, a large piece of metal was brought to the stage to illustrate the
11:17 pm
ongoing fighting in his country. take a look. >> i have here part of the bus with a hint of the fragments of the russian missiles which hit my people. and for me this is a symbol. symbol of the terroristic attack against my country. >> and mr. poroshenko says more than 9,000 russian troops are in ukraine backing separatist rebels. russia's defense ministry though calls the claim complete rubbish. ukraine is poised to ask for more sanctions against russia if the fighting doesn't stop. >> richard quest caught up with mr. poroshenko in dfs on -- in davos. >> the purpose of sanction is to keep russia responsible, to keep russia at the negotiation table and implement what we agreed.
11:18 pm
if russia starting for four millions after the agreement don't undertake every step, we should understand that we should make additional steps. if aggression and escalation will continue we will ask our partners to increase the sanction. >> russia's foreign minister sergei laugh rohr downplay -- laugh recover, downplayed the allegations. he asked for proof. . after months of delays the european central bank is expected to unveil a massive stimulus program. we don't know what will be in it. the key question will it be enough to cure what's ailing eurozone economies or pacify nervous marks? >> that's what people are asking. the moving move to purchase huge amounts of government bonds or quantitative easing has not come easily. here's some things to look for when the program is unveiled in the coming hours. first, how big will it be?
11:19 pm
ecb president mario draghi is considering pumping $58 billion into the economy each month. that will put the total at $1.2 trillion by the end of next year. how long will it last? right now the ecb is likely to adopt the program for at least one year but it may want to keep its options open on that. >> yeah. another key question who gets what here? how will the money be divided among 19 eurozone nations? how will they share that risk. another key question, what about greece? should the ecb buy bond from a country that could see a major political change in elections this weekend. patrick fause, new york bureau chief and editor for "the economist" joins us. many people watching europe specifically, they're waking up more concerned about getting to work on time and taking care of their day. why should we all care about this upcoming ecb decision?
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>> europe still remains one of the biggest economic blocks in the world if not the biggest. what we're seeing this week hopefully is policy maker wake up to the risk of a lost decade. europe's economy is still smaller to than it was in 2008. inflation is almost at zero raiding the fear of an -- raising the fear of a japanese-style inflation. if you compare europe to particularly the u.s. and britain, its central bank has been behind the curve. while those two countries have had huge stimulus packages that to try and get their economies growing again, europe's central bank has actually shrunk the size of its activity. now is the moment when it will try and reverse that and try and kick-start europe's economy. >> we went through what our viewers should look out for, the size of this program expected to
11:21 pm
be at 600 billion you are, the length -- euro the length, what to do about greece. it's like herding cats trying to get the marks on the same page. in your opinion, what kind of decision should we see? >> reporter: i think the expectation -- and it's changing as leaks come out, you but the expectation is probably a program that over two years would amount to about a trillion euros of stimulus by the ecb. and obviously that would be enormous and in many ways it would be the bazooka policy maker upon to try and -- policymakers want to try and stimulate the economy. there are three factors which i think make the odds of queueing in europe succeeding lower than they were in america. partly the first -- the surprise factor is not there at all. everyone has been expecting this for months and millions and months. secondly as you mentioned, the fine print is always important
11:22 pm
in europe. is germany really going to allow the central bank to buy the bonds of a dodgy economy like greece? perhaps not. and if the fine print is -- is slippery or difficult, investors may take flight. the last thing to bear in mind is that qe works by stimulating the bond market and stock market. europe is much more heavily dependent on banks to finance companies. and the banks are in bad shape. for those reasons, even a very big headline number from the ecb might prove less effective than it has in the u.s. >> a preview with patrick fause, business editor for "the economist." from new york thank you very much for your time to. >> thanks. the super bowl is a week from sunday. deflate gate is dominating pro football news. >> another kind of deflation we can talk about coming up next. the accusation that get the new
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even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it is the talk of pro football in the united states. deflate gate is overshadowing the upcoming super bowl. >> it's big if it has "gate" in it. the scandal. the alleged rule-breaking came to light during the patriots' victory over the colts this sunday. john berman breaks down the
11:26 pm
controversy. >> reporter: the second half of is not's afc championship game began with confusion. >> we're looking at each other, none of us know why it was held up. >> reporter: officials stopped the game. was there a problem with the ball? we now know this could have been the first public sign of deflate-gate. it might have actually started here late in the second quarter. >> intercepted -- jackson -- >> reporter: this colts linebacker became suspicious about the football he picked off, noticing it felt like it didn't have enough air. according to "newsday," his head coach was notified. within minutes, it soon got to league officials. so why would the patriots' ball he had just intercepted be any different than the ones his team was using? it turn out both teams supply 12 footballs to officials to inspect before the game. then each team controls their own footballs when they're in possession. if a quarterback is flowing a deflated football in theory it is easier to grip easier to
11:27 pm
tloerks and easier to catch -- to throw, and easier to catch. the patriots scored 28 more suspense in the second half but whispers of foul play began almost immediately. >> some reports post-game last night that the league is going -- looking into the patriots for deflating the balls within the game. have you heard this? do you know the story i'm talking about? >> no. i don't. >> would you care to tell me if you were deflating balls? >> no. i have no idea. >> reporter: patriots' head coach, bill belchick was also asked about the accusation during his weekly radio interview. >> i really don't know what to say or know anything about what we're talking about here. so whatever it is we'll cooperate with them the best we can. >> reporter: and this is not the first time that belichick's team has been accused of cheating. in 2007 he was personally fined $500,000 for having an assistant spy on the new york jets by
11:28 pm
videotaping their sideline signals. the team also lost a first-round draft pick. as far the nfl, they have publicly acknowledged that they are investigating and said "we are continuing our review and will provide information as soon as possible." according to multiple reports, the nfl has already found that 11st patriots' 12 footballs were deflated. if found guilty penalties could include fines and a loss of draft picks next year. few believe deflate-gate will stop the patriots from playing in the super bowl. john berman, cnn, new york. >> a shame. literally sucks the air out of the excitement of watching the super bowl. >> yes. >> knowing that -- knowing that the allegations are out there. that's a spectacle in the states. kind of takes away -- >> unfortunate. they did so well. >> yeah. fantastic team. >> so extraordinary. there was no necessity to go that far. anyway i'm sure they'll be investigating. an invitation is sentenced
11:29 pm
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and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to those of you watching in the states and around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm church. we want to check the headlines now. it appears u.s. police officer darren wilson will not face federal civil rights charges in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in ferguson missouri. the fbi has completed its
11:32 pm
investigation saying there was not enough evidence to prove that wilson violated michael brown's civil rights. the u.s. justice department is still finalizing its report. sources tell cnn it's believed the paris gunmen urge good six associates to leave france just before the deadly attacks there two weeks ago. and now, authorities are concerned they may be hiding in syria and planning to launch more attacks on the west. yemen's president says he is still in power days after houthi rebels took over the presidential palace. the rebels and the government announced a tentative peace deal wednesday that would give the houthis more political power. in exchange they have agreed to withdraw their force from government buildings. meantime, a yemeni official tells cnn that isis is now reycruiting members there. that is essentially a head-on rivalry with aqap al qaeda in
11:33 pm
the arabian peninsula. >> that says a would-be jihadist is waging war in western countries. >> reporter: disturbing new information on the most dangerous terrorist groups taking advantage of the chaos in yemen. cnn has learned isis is now active in recruiting inside yellen according to a embassy -- yemen according to a yemeni official saying isis militants engaged in a gun battle against al qaeda in the arabian peninsula in the eastern provinces last month. >> they may be competing with the al qaeda group. yemen is significant in islam. it is a place where we've seen attacks again the united states. also has been a major feared for foreign fighters. >> reporter: for years, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has dominated the terrorist foothold in yemen. the yemeni official says aqap still far outnumbers isis there with hundreds of fighters compared to dozens for isis. a u.s. counterterrorism official tells cnn aqap's leadership and
11:34 pm
key technical experts remain committed to plotting against western targets. in a new video, a top aqap leader renewed the group's call to launch attacks. >> i think the target as we saw is going to be the europeans simply because of their ease to get on to the continent. ultimately their aim is the united states. >> reporter: a u.s. official tells us american intelligence is working intensively to track aqap's leaders. the most wanted aqap's founder, the man who approves targets and order attacks. and the group's master bomb-maker who was behind the christmas day underwear bomb plot and the attempt to place bombs in printer cartridges. both attacks targeted the united states. both almost succeeded. asiri once placed a bomb in the body of his brother in an attempt to kill saudi arabia's interior minister. >> he detonated it in a meeting where he was in theory surrendering to the saudi prince. so this was an asass nation
11:35 pm
attempt. fail -- assassination attempt. failed but it illustrates the lengths which somebody like this will go to try to achieve their target. >> reporter: now officials and analysts worry aqap and isis will compete inside yemen to see who can strike america and its allies first and hardest. >> could lead to an attack in the embassy in sanaa which is vulnerable. it also direction attention northward to saudi arabia. >> reporter: the foothold isis has in yemen is still small according to officials we spoke to. isis is trying to lure recruits from aqap promising them that isis has more money to fund operations. we're told aqap is struggling to raise money now. brian todd, cnn, washington. new video shows part of the stabbing attack in tel aviv wednesday. we want to warn you, the video is very disturbing. witnesses say the attacker boarded a bus and stabbed the driver and some passengers. >> that's where this video picks up. some passengers run off.
11:36 pm
what you see highlighted is the attacker chasing them stabbing one woman in the back before running away. nine people in all were stabbed and injured. a 23-year-old palestinian man is under arrest. shocking. >> shocking. absolutely shocking pictures. israel's prime minister is set to address a joint session of congress next month on the issue of iran's nuclear capability capability. >> our dana bash reports that the way he was invited to speak underlines a number of political tensions. >> reporter: gop sources admit to cnn congress traditionally coornates with the white house before asking a world leader to address congress. not this time. >> i did not consult with the white house. >> reporter: it was a back channel between john boehner and benjamin netanyahu who both want congress to pass new sanctions against iran which the president opposes. is this a way to poke the president in the eye on an issue like iran where you know he very much opposes what you want to
11:37 pm
do? >> i don't believe i'm poking anyone in the eye. there is a serious threat that exists in the world. and the president last night kind of papered over it. >> reporter: it was just hours earlier that obama warned congress more sanctions against iran would jeopardize delicate diplomatic nuclear negotiations. >> between now and the spring we have a chance to negotiate a comprehensive agreement that prevents a nuclear armed iran, and that's why i will veto any new sanctions that threatens to undo the progress. >> reporter: as he spoke, the president had no idea what john boehner had been planning for weeks -- to bring the israeli prime minister to stand in the same place and tell congress the opposite. >> we have a shared cause, common ideals. and now we must rise to that moment once again. >> reporter: baner is taking advantage of a long history of tension between netanyahu and obama, like netanyahu's infamous
11:38 pm
lecture in the oval office. >> i'm sure you appreciate that israel cannot permit such a state to have the ability to make atomic bombs to achieve that goal. >> reporter: last year anonymous senior administration officials badmouthed him with strong language, one calling him a chicken blank. the speaker isn't just undermining obama, he's assisting netanyahu. a hawkish israeli leader republicans like and is on shaky ground in israeli elections scheduled next months. a high-profile u.s. speech on a nuclear iran which israelis see as an existential threat could help. boehner has some high-profile democrats on his side who think the president's diplomatic talks with iran is a fool's errand. >> the more i hear from the administration and its quotes the more is sound like talking points that come out of tehran. >> reporter: cnn, washington. thousands of anti-islam protesters marched in germany on wednesday.
11:39 pm
but the group behind the rally suffered a setback when one of its leaders resigned after media outlets published this image of him posing as adifficult to hitler. >> the ant -- as adolph hitler. >> the anti-sdlom rally call for tolerance. >> reporter: this is an extremely controversial demonstration here in the town. these people want to demonstrate against what they call the islamization of europe. they want stricker laws against astyle -- stricter laws against asylum seekers and want fewer foreigners in germany. they're anti-media one of the reasons very few of the folks who took part in the demonstration were willing to speak to us. excuse me? do you speak english? do you speak english? >> yes. >> reporter: can you tell me why you came -- we're from cnn television in america. >> no. no thanks. >> no. >> reporter: this movement has been gaining steam here in
11:40 pm
germany. they're also pro russia and very anti-american. one of the main speaker here of calling on all americans to get out of germany. however, the anti-islamization movement is running into a lot of problems. one of its leading figures had to resign because he posted pictures on his facebook account of himself posing similar to adolph hitler. there was another one that showed him, it would appear to be a ku klux klan costume. after that he resigned. now one of the things we also have to say is that you have this movement here which does contain right wing elements. but you also have a big counter movement. that was evident here, as well. there were 1 demos counter to this one -- 19 demos counter to this. calling for more tolerance, allowing more foreigners into the country. cnn, germany. coming up next here on cnn, it's a four-letter word you may
11:41 pm
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time to stand up for yourself. >> let's do it. >> all right. >> i challenge you. >> maybe after time. a study says if you're sitting down on the job or turning into a couch potato all that inactivity could damage your health. we're talking about prolonged sitting. eight to 12 hours or more a day. that is a very long time. researchers from toronto who are also seated now they say this kind of sedentary behavior can lead to massive health problems. >> yeah. they point to possible death from cardiovascular issues and cancer, as well as chronic condition such as type two diabetes. the revelation comes days after another study showed each a little activity is better than nothing. researchers in europe studied 330,000 people and found just 20 minutes a day, mean a longer life. a lot of us were very excited
11:45 pm
about that. i've been doing some research of my own. for more we reached tout mike tinny, ceo of the company sitting is smoking -- thank you very much for joining us here. i top talk about the study that too much sitting will kill you even if you exercise. that's confusing when just last week we were told 20 minutes of walking a day will add to our lives. how do you reconcile those two studies? >> i don't think the studies are in conflict with one another. i don't think it's a knowledge-based problem. i, people know if they are more active they live a healthier, less six-prone, more enjoyable life. that activity can come through hourly movement. can come through walking and ideally for a person who's well rounded, they incorporate both. they have exercise diet. they have activity and have
11:46 pm
lifestyle and recovery built in. >> okay. what you're saying is we all know the information, we know about not eating too much. exercising, not sitting too long. there's no mystery. there somehow we've got to change our behavioral habits. how do you do that? that's a tough one. >> correct. it's not a knowledge problem. it's a motivation or engagement problem. the -- there are a lot of ways to solve that. the way my company has chosen to tackle it we make game that make you healthier and more active. >> how does that work? >> we are hired by companies to provide games. our most popular game is call a step ahead zombies where you are chased by a virtual horde of zombies, and it tracks your movement across a virtual screen. if you keep ahead of the zombies which is a prescription of pace and distance a certain amount of steps every day, every week you don't get caught. >> diet versus exercise which
11:47 pm
is more important? >> i will say both. you can do both. there's a study that shows that our general caloric intake has not changed significantly over the past 100 years. but our activity levels have. our rising insurance claims 75% of which are attributable to preventable health conditions linked to lifestyle and behavior. you, link it to activity -- you could link it to activity. you could make the argument that we're less active and that's the root of the problem. >> all right. great. thanks for coming in and sharing all of your perspective with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> follow the rules. >> we're changing our behavior. >> 47 minutes we've got to keep moving. >> we should do the whole show standing. >> i wouldn't go too far. >> you do usually. >> we know someone who's quite fit, as well. he stands he runs evening he push the kids in the park with the strollers.
11:48 pm
we're joined pedram -- fit science important. >> we were -- fitness is important. >> we were talking about trackers for your wrist that but every 15 to 20 minutes to remind you -- >> to nag you. >> there's the wave of the future. we'll talk about what's happening weatherwise. i want to take you to australia. across portions of eastern australia, tremendous thunderstorms developing. around brisbane north of brisbane around the sunshine coast, as it's known, right here. talking about cities around say, rockhamper tremendous rainfall the next 24 hours. record heat in the westernous. we're in the heart of summer down under. when you look at the thunderstorms, this region is sunshine the coast again draws some three million people per year. among the most beautiful regions in the world when it comes to having some of the highest density of national parks in one area in queensland. all right here. the steve irwin australia zoo also there. unfortunately, all of this going to be rainfall.
11:49 pm
we're talking about rainfall possibility of 150 or so millimeters of rainfall in the next days. that again is going to continue with roughly about, say, three our five inches in a couple day period. a lot of flooding issues. upper 40s celsius, 117 degrees fahrenheit. among the hottest temperature on the planet occurring there around western australia in recent days. take your attention down to the south. the australian open taking place. temperatures 26 celsius on friday. if you're going to the matches on saturday 31 celsius roughly 90 fahrenheit. toasty weather when it should be down into the upper 70s fahrenheit for this time of year. a quick glance across the southern united states get ready for it. a blockbuster weather event as far as heavy rainfall in the forecast. possibility around two inch of rainfall around dallas. maybe an inch or so around atlanta. all the rich tropical moisture going ride up the eastern seaboard. as we head in from friday to saturday cold air in place. a potential for a nor'easter develops across the east coast of the united states. especially around say
11:50 pm
philadelphia new york city. you, get an inch or so working toward boston. some of the models suggest we can get up to around two -- four inches, i should say, of snowfall. varies between models. looks like a snowmaker in the works across the northeastern united states. a quick glance over asia as well. we have remnants of the tropical storm that at one point was a typhoon that's impacting japan. blizzard conditions around western japan in the forecast. remnants of the tropical feature work in that direction. we brought up to date on weather. last glance here at news with rosemary and errol barnett in a minute.
11:51 pm
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announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. it seems american tv viewers care less and less about the state of the union address. nielsen says about 31.7 million people watched tuesday's speech. the lowest rated of the obama presidency. >> the white house is trying to put a positive spin on that. it says the speech got more than a million views on line. [ applause ] some of youtube's biggest stars are getting the chance of a lifetime. they are going interview the president of the united states. how about that? >> why do youtubers get to do it while we don't? what do they have -- we're doing something wrong. what too they have that professional reporters don't? cnn's jake tapper explains. hello. i want to know -- >> reporter: this is called the cinnamon challenge by glozel and
11:54 pm
her big behind earring. and this woman jamming a ladle of a spice into her mouth, believe it or not, will be interviewing president obama tomorrow at the white house. >> ah! >> reporter: and so will bethany mota. >> hey, what are you doing in my room? >> reporter: a california teen perhaps best known for dishing advice on hair make-up, fashion, and diy projects. >> lately i've been buying little things and doing diy projects. >> reporter: also joining the ranks of presidential interviewers along murrow jenning, and brinkley, hank green. part of the brother duo vog brothers. >> we're looking at topics more off the beaten path. we started anatomy -- >> reporter: the brothers have a collection of 26 youtube channels about science and education and more. so you're probably asking yourself why. why is the president meeting with these stars of youtube to chat about the "top concerns
11:55 pm
facing them and their audiences." it's not really all that complicated. grozell's cinnamon challenge was viewed 42 million times on youtube. per channel -- her channel on the site has more than three million subscribers and claims half a billion clicks. she's the self-described queen of youtube. bethany motz's channel has more than eight member subscribers. she's amassed more than six million clicks since 2009. and the brothers 890 million clicks. >> subscribers upon to know about education -- >> the lack of jobs for college graduates. >> the economy. >> racial profiling. that's a good one. >> reporter: some in the white house press core like cnn's -- press corps like cnn's jim accosta have questions about the live stream -- >> was charlie bit me finger not available? >> reporter: the press secretary claimed to be unfamiliar with david after dentist, a viral smash --
11:56 pm
>> is this real life? >> yeah in is real life. >> reporter: he did seem to suggest to the room full of rrps from an apparently bygone era of television radio, and printed words on dead trees that the interwebs is the future dummies. >> this is part of an integrated communicationsistrate sdwree make sure the -- communications strategy to make sure the people know what the president is fighting for in washington, d.c. >> reporter: they will discuss what came forward in the state of the union. no word if the president will take part in the cinnamon challenge. >> ah! >> jake tapper. you have to ask is this real life? serious, right? >> i think you're right. >> i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. we'll be right back.
11:57 pm
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reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. growing concerns over chaos in yemen. growing threats to the west. jihadis being told to stay where you are and the attack at home. is this case closed? the u.s. police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in ferguson missouri will not face federal civil rights charges after all. plus -- >> show me your hand! show me your [ bleep ] hands. >> another police shooting. this time caught on dash cam video. how an ordinary traffic stop turned deadly. and the number-one sport in the u.s. is plagued once again with