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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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bill belichick this morning. let's talk, live in the cnn "newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- good morning. i'm carol costello thank you for joining me. we begin with world leaders urgently trying to contain the spread of terrorism. next hour in london secretary of state john kerry will discuss a coalition of 20 nations now united to combat isis. the terror group is gaining ground in yemen as the critical u.s. ally spirals deeper into chaos. in yemen's capital, u.s. troops are awaiting orders to evacuate the embassy if necessary, and there's growing fear that time is running out. across the region the rise of isis is creating a power struggle of sorts as al qaeda and its loyalists control more territory and more recruits. in yemen isis is challenging the dominance of the local branch of al qaeda in the arabian
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peninsula. jim sciutto joins us live now from washington. >> good morning, carol. the focus of this meeting in london secretary kerry arriving today, 21 countries represented. the focus there, foreign fighters returning from syria, iraq and elsewhere to bring jihad, it is feared to europe. it's the first time the coalition members have met since the attacks in paris. operations in belgium tracking former foreign fighters as well. it's a real problem, and now the concern growing because isis has one more potential safe haven in yemen. the terror group isis, a yemeni official tells cnn, now active and recruiting on a new front in yemen, competing for influence in a country now dominated by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. aqap believed to have hundreds of members in yemen compared to dozens from isis. >> they're promoting themselves as isis rebranding of a new
quote quote
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militant group. the understanding we have is they initially started recruiting within aqap ranks, but now recruiting in the travel area. >> reporter: as the threat expands, president obama used his "state of the union" address to call on congress for new authority to fight the terror group. >> this effort will take time. it will require focus, but we will succeed. tonight i call on this congress to show the world that we are united in this mission by passing a resolution to authorize the use of force against isil. >> reporter: since the start of military action against isis in august the president has already authorized the deployment of some 3,000 troops to iraq and u.s. warplanes have conducted more than 1,900 air strikes. the president's new call continues a delicate constitutional balancing act for the white house, simultaneously arguing the u.s. needs new authorization while continuing to expand the war under the old one dating back to the 9/11
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attacks. even democrats in congress are demanding quicker legislative action. >> american servicemen have already lost their lives as part of operation inherent resolve, this war against isil. if we're asking people to go out and risk their lives, it seems we could approach with seriousness and speed. why everyone is slowwalking this thing is a mystery. >> reporter: the call for new action comes as administration officials are making great efforts not to overplay the immediate threat from isis to the u.s. >> there's no existential throat the united states because of what's going on there, but there's a threat in the region. we are making progress. >> spoken to a u.s. counterterrorism official who told me in yemen, aqap remains the dominant group, but you do have isis there attempting to recruit. you also have aqap fighters who have multiple allegiances who are sympathetic to isis' cause,
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establishing the islamic state there. this is a constant brutal deadly competition. these groups thrive on success. isis has had success and that pays off for them in other countries. >> jim sciutto reporting live for us this morning. thank you. despite a tentative peace deal with the government of yemen, rebels have not release add kidnapped aide to the president. officials say the agreement which gives the huth think rebels more power is being held up by mistrust between the two side. it calls for rebels to withdraw militias from key government building. all of this happening after days of turmoil. u.s. officials are on high alert and keeping a close eye on the situation. yemen is a key ally in the fight against terror. so far two u.s. navy warships have been moved to the red sea and are prepared to evacuate american embassy personnel if necessary. so let's talk more about this with cnn international
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correspondent nick peyton also joined by ambassador nicholas burns, the former u.s. ambassador to nato and a professor at harvard university and cnn national security analyst peter bergen. welcome to all of you. >> thank you. >> nick paton walsh, i want to go first to you, who is directly threatening u.s. embassy personnel in yemen? >> reporter: unclear. the stage and threat has always been there. if you're referring to the more recent threat that would be related to the instability here. we don't know who is behind a u.s. shooting monday night. we do know historically it's al qaeda in the arabian peninsula who are the more broad threat because of the drone program that's been in place and because of how the u.s. embassy is an integral part of that. >> ambassador burns, how many diplomats do you suppose are inside that embassy and what are they doing?
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>> i don't know how many diplomats are there. i can tell you, carol, we need american embassies in critical middle east countries like yemen. they're the direct link to the government of the country. we have had very close relations with the current government the embattled government of yemen. the question about security carol, will come down to this. can the local government protect our embassy. in every country in the world we depend on the local governments for the external protection of the embassy. >> ambassador the local government there doesn't exist anymore. >> it exists. it's embattled. that's the question. will that government be able to defend the embassy? the decision the u.s. government made in lib lib yeah was because of disintegration there, we couldn't be assured of embassy protection and, therefore, we shut down our embassy, as you know in tripoli some months ago. this decision is ahead of the administration. that will be the critical determinant. >> nick is there a local
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government in sun nah. aren't the marines protecting the embassy personnel at the moment? >> reporter: i'll have to be honest. the state department officials aren't overly concerned. there's always been a heightened security posture here. since september of last year down to the bare minimum staff. is there a government here? president hadi has not left his post. the government around him are protecting him. the key issue is who trusts who at the moment. we had a peace deal yesterday. that lined out a key series of steps. a lot of political concessions expected from the government giving the huthis a key rolle - inside the government. there could be a massive change in the balance of power. the huthis were supposed to withdraw their guys from the presidential residence and palace.
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they've partially withdrawn their people. there are reports the checkpoints are going back where they shouldn't be around the capital. they definitely have not released the presidential chief of staff. mistrust dogging this agreement. the real question being, if the government doesn't like how it's proceeding what can they do? that's a hard question to answer. they are very embattled here as you said. it's not clear really how much control they still have in the capital. that must be a concern for washington to assess whether or not they have faungsal ally here or have to carve a relationship with the huthis. >> there is this theory isis is trying to recruit because there's this power vacuum and they're competing with al qaeda in yemen. there's a sense if they are competing, one of those terror groups will want to be the first to attack something like the u.s. embassy. is there anything to that theory? >> maybe. certainly we've seen people, groups for instance in southern afghan stand in helmand, a taliban group claimed
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as part of isis. we have groups in the sinai in egypt identify themselves as part of isis. i want to go back to what ambassador burns said. there are real risks to closing an embassy. we've seen that in the past. when we closed our embassy in afghanistan in 1989 we basically were blind there until the 9/11 attacks. we missed the rise of al qaeda and the rise of the taliban. simply when we closed our embassy there. that's a very well defended embassy as nick has pointed out. it's been the subject of many attacks in the past, and it's pretty vital. soy think the idea that somehow we should close it down and get out i think is really not a very good idea at all. >> ambassador i think sometimes people have -- they have the wrong perception of diplomats. they actually want to stay. they're willing to take the risk right? >> our career diplomats are very
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brave. they know what they're getting into. these are people who studied throughout the arab world, speak arabic. they need to be there to protect other american citizens in yemen. they need to be there to conduct relations with the government there. as peter has said they need to be there to make sure we're doing everything we can to blunt the terrorist impact of al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and perhaps isis. the preference will be to keep our embassy there. we'll have to depend on a host government see how this latest crisis plays out. the united states needs to have diplomats deployed throughout the middle east as we have for many many decades. >> nicholas burns, peter bergen nick paton walsh, thanks to all of you. i'll be right back.f top-rated providers. visit today. at t-mobile, you can hook up the whole family for a $100 a month. get 4 lines with unlimited talk, text and up to 10 gigabytes of 4g lte data.
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i told you everything i know. i told you everything i know. i have nothing -- i don't have an explanation. >> do you have a message to the fans who are watching all this? >> i've told them everything i know. there's nothing else i can answer. i don't have an explanation for what happened. i've told you all i can tell you from my point of view and anything coming from the investigative side from the league, needs to be directed towards them. a game to crown an nfl champion is turning into quite the supplied show as deflategate
7:15 am
steals the show. the patriots used 11 underinflated balls during the play-off game. >> when i came in monday morning, i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs. i had no knowledge whatsoever of this situation until monday morning. i've learned a lot more about this process in the last three days than i knew or talked about in the last 40 years coaching this league. >> cnn sports anchor rachel nichols joins me from shaurg. during that nine-minute press conference he mentioned tom brady and he said tom brady will explain how hard he likes his footballs. the reason he said that tom brady is holding a press conference of his own later this afternoon. >> reporter: yes. by the way this is coordinated. it's not as if they haven't
7:16 am
spoke men the past three days. i think he knows what tom is going to say. we of course don't know what tom is going to say. tom brady is on record in the past a few years ago just joking around talking about footballs and deflation. he said hey, i like a deflated football. the joke was that gronkowski spikes the ball so hard that he deflates the football. take a listen to what belichick said talking about his quarterback in this whole situation. we might not have that sound. i don't know. >> sorry about that. >> he basically said -- that's okay. he basically said tom will talk later about his preferences, being clear again this is not something that he is aware of he said because he doesn't really touch the offensive ball during the game. bill belichick is known for his micromanaging, he's known for knowing every detail of what
7:17 am
happens in his organization down to what kind of coffee different people are dinkrinking. he made it clear that not only did he not have a role in this, but he's unaware of what was going on and basically moved the attention to his quarterback. we were talking earlier about tom brady's attention to detail in that he recently explained that he had his food and workout regimen planned out pour the next three years. the idea that he wouldn't know the air pressure of a football he's throwing is different than a regulation football will be hard for people to accept. we'll have to see what he has to say. this will be an interesting case of passing the buck. >> the other interesting thing that came out of that news conference is bill belichick didn't say something like you know what i'm going to get to the bottom of this. i'm going to talk to all my personnel and figure out what happened. he just said he was cooperating with the nfl investigation. >> clearly bill belichick came
7:18 am
out with a plan today and we were talking earlier, that's the most we've heard him string together as many sentences in a row as he did in that press conference. you have to think that might have been a directive from above, the idea that robert kraft, the owner, wanted him to address this situation head-on. we'll never know the inner work innings of ings of the patriots organization. here is the sound bite now. >> my personal philosophy an mentality has always been for me to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice. so with regard to footballs, i'm sure any current or past player of mine will tell you that the balls we practice with are as bad as they can be. wet, sticky cold slippery however bad we can make them.
7:19 am
tom's personal preferences on his footballs are something he can talk about in much better detail and information that i could possibly possibly provide. >> it's important to remember that when the patriots went through spygate, when they were illegally taping the signals of the opposing team in 2007 we similarly heard from bill belichick, although in much more clipped sentences at the time that he didn't really know the procedures for videotaping, he wasn't involved with the videotape department. the only person that got fired from the patriots in that entire affair was the actual kid running the video camera. bill belichick and the organization was heavily find by the nfl. it will be interesting to see if in this situation the only person who is held responsible is the kid who manages the balls or whether that's found to be
7:20 am
the case at all. at this moment the nfl has not released any kind of statement saying that the patriots were at fault here. we can't assume that. that just seems to sort of be the direction that things are going suns we know the balls were regulation before and then they went into the patriots' care and at half-time they were not regulation. we're all waiting for the nfl to draw that conclusion. >> i have to leave it there. rachel nichols, many thanks appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," the ferguson cop involved in the deadly shooting of an unarmed teenager will likely not face federal charges. we'll tell you why.
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ferguson police officer daryn wilson will likely not face federal charge ms. the shooting death of michael brown. the final decision will be officially announced by u.s. attorney general eric holder likely in the spring sources do tell cnn that insufficient evidence is the primary reason. cnn's sara sidner is in ferguson. >> reporter: both a u.s. official and law enforcement officials have told us that the federal investigation into the civil rights violations case that they were looking at bringing against former officer daryn wilson in the killing of unarmed teenager michael brown has been concluded and handed over to the department of justice. what we're hearing from our sources is that basically there is not sufficient evidence to charge officer daryn wilson with civil rights violations in this particular case. they have been looking at many things including 200 interviews they did alongside local
7:25 am
officials and all of that information ha that the grand jury saw as well as interviews on their own. the fbi concluding that there isn't enough evidence and has pass thad on to the doj. but ultimately the person who makes the ultimate decision obviously would be the u.s. attorney general eric holder. we are expecting to hear something from him for sure before he leaves office which we're expecting that to be in spring. but there is also another case that is still lingering out there, another case being looked at by federal officials as to the practices of the ferguson police department itself and whether or not the department itself violated civil rights in any way. so that is still on going and we still have not heard whether or not and how close they are to completing that investigation. again, expecting to hear something before mr. holder leaves office. and then at the same time we were getting this information, there was some video released by st. louis county police who have
7:26 am
been looking into what happened on november 24th when there was extreme reaction from the fact that a grand jury did not indict then officer wilson with people looting, burning some of the buildings, and so they released this video showing what is 180 people according to police going in and out of one particular business after they kicked in the window broken through and started taking things out. those who have nothing to do with one another. the police have been saying look we've been putting these videos out every couple weeks. we're doing it in way in part because we want to give the public a chance a chance to look at each and every picture and each and every face to try and help identify those who were involved in the looting and burning of the businesses here in ferguson. but certainly this town is still dealing with the repercussions of what has happened. and there is still a movement out there trying to make change
7:27 am
in this community and around the country. carol? >> sara sidner reporting. in a speech to lawmakers, missouri governor jay nixon spoke not only about ferguson's past but how the incident could shape the future. >> last fall i created the ferguson commission which continues the vital work of listening, learning and evaluating solutions. i look forward to receiving its final report this september. but make no mistake, the legacy of ferguson will be determined by what we do next to foster healing and hope and the changes we make to strengthen all of our communities. [ applause ] >> governor nixon also vowed to recruit more diverse officers so police officers better reflect the communities they serve. an anti islam protest leader
7:28 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in germany the leader of a prominent anti islam movement is stepping down after backlash
7:32 am
over several controversial photos. he's been a key organizer of anti muslim rallies. thousands have turned out for these rallies, but they may have been out numbered by counterprotesters criticizing in part because of the picture you just witnessed. fred pleitgen has more. >> reporter: an incredibly powerful demonstration here. the people are here because they want to demonstrate against what they call the islamization of europe. they also want stricter laws against asylum seekers who want to come to this country and generally want fewer foreigners in germany. they're also very anti media which is why very few of them were willing to speak to us. >> excuse me. do you speak english? >> yes. >> do you speak english? we're from cnn television in america. >> no no. >> reporter: this movement has been gaining a lot of steam in
7:33 am
germany. they're very pro russia and very anti american. one of the main speakers here was calling on all americans to get out of germany. however, the anti islamization movement is running into problems. one of the leading figures, lutz backman had to resign because he posted pictures on his facebook account of him posing similar to hitler. there was another one that showed him, it would appear to be a ku klux klan costume. after that he resigned. one of the things we also have to say is you have this movement here which does contain right wing elements but you have a very big countermovement. that was evident here as well. there were 19 demos counter to this one, many of them calling for more tolerance, calling for germany to allow foreigners into this country. fred pleitgen, cnn, germany. still to come in the "newsroom," a new era in u.s.-cuban relations could begin
7:34 am
today. we'll take you live to havana as diplomats hammer out details as each prepares to open an embassy. curling up in bed with a favorite book is nice. but i think women would rather curl up with their favorite man. but here's the thing: about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and remember, you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra.
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today marks the start of a new chapter in cuban msh american diplomatic relations. each prepares to open an embassy on the other's soil. it's being done in the shadow of this a russian spy ship docked on a havana peer. cnn's karl penhaul live to tell us more. good morning, karl. >> reporter: good morning, carol. as we speak, the u.s. assistant secretary of state has started the historic meetings. roberta jacobson arrived in town yesterday. we noefr know overnight she had a working dinner with some of the cubans to try to smooth the
7:38 am
path for what is going on right now. although it's a historic visit, i think this morning's session is pretty much about the nuts and bolts, the nuts and bolts about how to open a u.s. embassy here in havana and allow the cubans to do the same thing in d.c. the kind of things they'll be talking about, how many staff can they have at the embassy. right now they have 51. that includes the marines that are down there. they want a few more to allow them to do business as usual. what they also want to do is for the cubans to lift a restriction that has been in place on u.s. diplomats here to allow them to travel around the whole of the island not just the capital havana. both sides are in a little bit of a return. they want to try to get this thing done get the embassies open before april. then there's a key summit of the americas in panama. it remains to be seen whether they can do that on the timeline.
7:39 am
they'll be moving towards that kind of stuff. in the course of the morning, there may be hiccups, the cubans may stand in the way and say we may left the embargo. that is likely to be political posturing. even the cubans are pragmatic. they know it's u.s. congress not u.s. administration are the one that can lift the embargo. >> any movement from that russian ship behind you? >> reporter: you ask about that russian ship. the timing of that is key, isn't it? that pulled into port the day before the u.s. delegation arrived. of course, russia and cuba a long-standing allies. that's a spy ship bristling with all kinds of eavesdropping equipment. it could be putin saying hey, cuban is my sphere of interest. watch what you're talking about, america, when you come down here. he's hidden it in plain sight.
7:40 am
trying to send a message rather than any receive yous eavesdropping i would guess. we haven't seen much movement on that boat. we have seen the sailors disembarking. my guess is they're still running around havana possibly taking advantage of that 80 cent a bottle rum that they call here train sparks. it's industrial strength rum. if they have their hands on that i imagine it's havoc in havana carol. >> actually sounds pretty good to me. karl penhaul, thanks so much. appreciate it. checking other top stories for you at 40 minutes past. in newtown, connecticut, they've agreed to tear down the home of adam lanza. neighbors urged officials to raise the josing it's a reminder of the evil that resided there. in new york fbi acts have arrested the long time speaker
7:41 am
of the state assembly. sheldon silver faces corruption charges on accusations this a law firm secretly paid him money. in a few hours federal prosecutors are due to lay out their case against the manhattan democrat. house republicans have decided to drop a controversial measure that would have banned abortion after 20 weeks. lawmakers were scheduled to vote today but couldn't round up enough support. instead they'll vote on a measure banning taxpayer money for abortion. the vote coincides with the anniversary of the landmark roe v. wade decision which is being commemorated by rallies around the country. a top health issue in california is issues new guidelines on the meis ls at disney land. since december there have been 59 cases of measles across the state. 42 of them linked to the disney properties. wlets take a look at how what street is doing.
7:42 am
the dow, nasdaq and s&p all opened hire only to start falling. now they're back up again. who knows what the day will bring. maybe alison kosik willdoes. >> the big talk is the layoffs we've seen happen. many people think it's really coming in waves where it's stully not. oftentimes because it's earning season you see these companies, when they report their earnings they go ahead. if there are going to be layoffs, they'll announce them. we have a bunch of companies announcing the lay-offs. ebay laying off 2400 workers, about 7% of its workforce. american express getting rid of 4,000 jobs 6% of their staff. baker hughes letting go of 7,000 positions, 11% of their staff. what's going on here? there are a couple things going on. first of all you've got the companies like ebay and american
7:43 am
express laying off workers because of company specific reasons. ebay is spinning off his payments arms paypal, simplifying the structure. the tinge saem thing for am ex trying to streamline. then you have the oil industry. you have the repercussions of a dramatic drop in oil prices over the past six, sechlg months. you're seeing this all kind of start to filter out. oil companies, the big oil companies like chevron and exxon, the ones i know you love. i say that sxwroekingly they're not profiting as much. that means they're not spending as much money, not drilling as much exploring as much. they're not using the services of these companies like baker hughes which service these bigger oil companies. you're seeing companies like baker hughes have the lay-offs. u.s. steel laying off people because there's less demand for equipment like pipes that the oil industry uses. all is not lost. there's a silver lining here. >> i'm ready for it. >> it never feels good to be laid off. it doesn't feel good.
7:44 am
if you're going to be laid off anyway i guess now is the best time if there's ever a best time because your prospects forgetting work are better than they were let's say two years ago if you were laid off. you look at how the jobs picture is right now, last year was the best year of job growth here in this country since 1999 almost 3 million jobs created. the sky isn't falling. if you want to see the downside to the jobs picture, it's wages. our wages really are stagnateing. >> the old jobs are good paying jobs. >> these are good paying jobs. these are people losing their jobs. once again, the sky isn't falling for the overall jobs picture. >> i feel a little better now. then i'm not the one being laid off. alison kosik, thanks so much. still to come bill belichick says he was shocked to learn about deflate gate. but is ignorance an excuse? we'll talk about that next. you should just give them i mean, we're going to be there anyway
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from new england patriots quarterback tom brady on deflate deflate-gate deflate-gate. this comes after his coach, bill belichick said he was shocked to learn about the investigation. >> my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff member about football air
7:49 am
pressure. that is not a subject i have ever brought up. to me the footballs are approved by the league and game officials pregame and we play with what's out there. >> belichick also says he had no knowledge of the situation until monday. joining me now nat newell the assistant sports editor for the "indianapolis star," luke shuthise? >> it's shutise but you're close. >> colts super fan and editor of msh horseshoe heroes." and michael holly, a author on two books on bill belichick. >> my name is the easiest to pronounce. you got the holley right. that's the easy one.
7:50 am
>> mike i want to start with you since you're an expert on bill belichick. what did you think of his press conference? >> i thought it was an interesting press conference. there's a puzzle here. we've been thinking about these 11 underinflated footballs, 11 out of 12. the puzzle was, one of the big pieces and i think a lot of people in indianapolis and look and matt can speak to this more closely, people in indianapolis and around the country was organizing was bill belichick in some hoodie at gillette stadium, either underinflating the footballs himself or telling people to do that. he cleared that up today. he said he had no knowledge of it. it comes down to if you believe bill belichick or not. i think the other piece of the puzzle will be solved around 4:00 eastern when tom brady gives his press conference. as these guys know luke and matt both know the quarterbacks around the league are puck ki
7:51 am
about the air pressure of footballs. maybe that will clear that up. >> luke i'll ask you, do you believe bill belichick? >> i think i -- i'm not sure actually. i think he might know or might not know. i know it was a little fishy he's kind of deflecting the blame to come brady now. maybe he's covering his bases or actually didn't know. i don't know. we'll see. >> i don't think he's really selling out tom brady, do you, nat? what he said is i'll let tom brady talk about that and then we found out he'll talk about that later anyway. it had to be coordinated. >> it will be interesting to see what tom brady said. we talked to jack trudeau, a long time nfl quarterback, spent eight years with the colts. he said it was very possible -- he took care of the footballs when he was quarterbacking. the coach didn't have a lot to do with that process. he said it's very possible a coach wouldn't know if something was going on with the inflation of the balls, that the coach wouldn't know. it's entirely possible bill
7:52 am
belichick wasn't involved in this. >> do you think tom brady might have been? >> again, i don't have any knowledge of how the patriots handle the preparation of the balls. all i can tell you is jack trudeau said when he was a quarterback it was between the quarterback and the equipment manager. there's any other number of reasons that could have caused this. the weather could have caused some problems with the balls. in the teleconference bill belichick noted if they're inflating them to the minimum amount any amount below that would cause a violation. of course they were two bounds below it. i have a hard time believing the weather caused that. it will be interesting to see what tom brady says at 4:00. >> lou, i'm a detroit lions fan and i'm upset about how this all went down. as a colts fan, i can't imagine the emotion coursing through your body. >> absolutely. it's really troubling. i think the colts probably would have lost that game regardless.
7:53 am
still at the same time you'd like to think that everyone is playing on a level playing field and all the nfl's 32 franchises are abiding by the same rules in that regard. it's also troubling to know how long this has been going on. we've heard reports this could have been occurring as far back as week 11 when the colts played the patriots in the regular season. who knows how many games or how many years this type of thing has been going on. it's pretty unclear right now. >> let's pose that question to michael. you know the new england patriots have a reputation michael. >> right. i just wanted to clarify the ball pressure situation and who done it for lack of a better phrase. when i heard about this story, i put it into four categories without a lot of information. there are four villains so to speak, of who could be responsible. it's the officials. possibly they didn't do their jobs. >> come on michael!
7:54 am
>> i'm giving you the breakdown. just kind of process of elimination. they've been exonerated by the league. so the officials did their jobs. they're supposed to check. they're off the list. then you go to bill belichick because of the reputation people nationally think bill belichick is that guy. based on what he said you can cross him off the list or keep him as a suspect. i'll cross him off the list. now you have two other people. you've got the equipment manager and you've got tom brady. they probably should be in a category together. that's really how it happens. as nat said earlier, a 51-degree night at kickoff. even though you say the balls were inflated in 71-degree temperatures perfect control temperatures. going from 71 to 51 is not enough to take that much pressure out of the ball 15% below what it's supposed to be. i really believe that it's
7:55 am
probably something with the equipment manager or brady. let me add this quickly, carol. bill belichick would be a fool he would be an absolute fool to stand there and lie today with all the scrutiny on him. because of the history and because of the tense relationship between goodell and belichick, goodell is ready to tear his head off if there's any inconsistency in what he has to sachlt he has to tell the truth, otherwise he will be suspended or get a significant fine like he got in 2007. >> we'll see what tom brady has to say later this afternoon. cnn will carry that press conference live. thanks to you, michael, luke and nat. >> carol, good luck with ohionhigh lions. >> jeanne moos reports from twitter last night to your breakfast cereal everyone is getting a jab in. >> reporter: the lack of air in
7:56 am
footballs sure hasn't resulted in a lot of air time. >> deflate-gate. >> deflate-gate. >> deflated balls. >> soft balls. >> deflate-gate. >> deflate-gate is spawning everything from cookies to cartoons in this case mimicking salvador dolly's famous soft time pieces. the nfl reported finding 11 of 12 patriot footballs were underinflated just inflated the controversy. >> 11 out of 12? they should say you're not the winners. the others get to go. >> reporter: cheatities breakfast of chums. this is what they're playing for, a deflated super bowl trophy. it was a gift to late night comics. >> they've been using deflated balls for quite a while now. take a look. >> reporter: even the vice president was asked his opinion. >> having been a receiver i
7:57 am
like a softer ball. that's all i can tell you. >> reporter: grown men and women succumb to a tax of the gigless. >> patriots' response about their balls. >> reporter: of course a couple of companies ran with the ball. krispy kreme noted ours are fully filled. notice what i'm not holding. i mention this because i think i'm one of the on ones. >> this is a less inflated one. >> a little bit. >> i have very small hands. >> oh my god, it makes a difference! >> reporter: not since mr. whipple. >> mr. whipple please don't squeeze the charmin. >> reporter: has a squishy object been subjected to so much fondling. if only the patriots listened to the little rascals, quarterback tom brady wouldn't be trying to laugh off soft ball questions. >> [ laughter ]. >> would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i heard it all at
7:58 am
this point. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. cnn "newsroom" with john berman up nkt. -- captions by vitac --
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