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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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believe romney didn't run pay good cam paper. >> let's see what happens at this meeting of the two. we'll be anxious to report details whatever we learn. thanks gloria. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in the situation room. newsroom with brooke baldwin is right now. breaking news here at the top of the hour on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we have to break with what's happening in yemen. the government has fallen. a reminder of what has taken place over the course of the last couple of days. the key u.s. ally here yemen in the fight against terrorism has been em broibroiled in a political standoff with a group. now we're hearing the top yemen government has resigned. when we say top government that includes the president prime minister and the entire
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cabinet. joining me now, michael sawyer author and the man who led the cia hunt for osama bin laden. michael, thank you. >> thank you, thank you. >> let's begin with the i were occasions of ss ss ss ss ss -- begin with the news the consequence of the news. what does this mean? >> i suppose this means they'll try to take over the government and run the country. they're minority in the country, shia. certainly there will be a war from from them and is sunni groups al qaeda, isis that's there and other tribals. >> so if we're talking about the minority group, we're also getting word keeping the rebels in mind we're hearing michael about this deadly turf battle that could tote willy change the u.s. led war on isis is. for the first time we hear about
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this gun battle apparently taking place between isis fighters and al qaeda branch in yemen aqap. this is coming from the official that tells cnn isis now has significant presence in three provinces in southern and central yemen. i've been talking to analysts that call it competition. i don't know what word you would use. what word would you use michael? would you see this as a turf war of sorts? >> there's a competition between the groups. they clearly have different agendas and different view of use of violence especially like beheadings that time of thing. they're going in the same direction. they're attacking the governments in the middle east. they're eventually aiming at israel. they'll attack us when the opportunity arises. i think it kind of gives you a false sense of confidence if you think they're fighting each other more than us. i don't think that's the truth. >> that's interesting.
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i want to come back to that point in a moment. i'm hearing two ways you can look at this. david, let me bring you in. now we have a development of the prime minister president, and entire yemen cabinet gone. your reaction to that and then we'll talk about isis and the competition with aqap. >> this is bad news on many different levels. first, it's a big victory in a sense for iran which has been pushing for influence in yemen. iran is extremely influential and always has been in iraq. now it is influential in yemen. this could lead to reduction to what the u.s. can do in yemen in terms of counter terrorism administrations. >> we i should say the u.s. relies on yemen as a key ally. u.s. gives yemen a lot of money to fight terrorism.
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there's been talk for years about the pow irer vacuum in yemen and if and when and happened who would take control. we talk about the minority. who would it be? on paper, who have would be in control and in reality who would be in control? >> i think it's going to be chaotic. it's going to be a syria elect situation where the country divides into countries controlled by one al qaeda group and one by isis. the pattern we've seen since the strike began, when this chaos occurs, it helps the jihadists. they thrive in vacuums and chaos. i agree with michael this fighting between aqap and islamic state is -- we shouldn't see it -- the bigger issue is
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they're targeting us together. they're not going to cancel each other out. there's fighting between these different jihadist factions in syria, but they're not cancelling each other out. they're getting stronger. again, this is all worrying on multiple levels. >> so for now michael, if you have two different -- according to the source in yemen tells cnn there's indeed a turf battle competition competition. if you have two groups vying for recruit, money, support, do you see a day when the two would combine to wage jihadi against the west or a race to see who would attack the west first. >> i would never say never. they're going in the same direction. it's a situation when you look at these people the movement we face is splintered. that may make cooperation hard
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between them. >> which movement are you referring to? >> islamist movement al qaeda, isis and rest of them taliban. it takes it difficult to cooperate but makes it impossible forrous to cut off their head. there's always another head that pops up. right now, probably if sunni in yemen fight the shias, that's the best possible world for us. they'll kill each other, and we won't have to do it. our activity in yemen was minimal. drones special separations, nothing to destroy al qaeda. we had the same in iraq. we ought to let this alone. >> what do you mean? >> let them fight each other. let the sunnis and shias fight each other. iran will help. saudi arabia will help the sunnis.
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what could be better? all enemies would be killing each other. >> i hear you but then what about the money that the u.s. has been giving our ally the president of yemen who apparently is no longer in control? now what? >> since i began working for the cia, we've been giving yemen money. most has been gone in corruption and buying whisky for the former president. all yemen gave us in terms of response for what we gave them was permission to use our forces in their country. there was nothing else. the government didn't rule anything but sanaa the capital. >> i was asking david who would be in control on paper. let's follow up because of your time with the cia and leading the hunt for bin laden. when you look at core al qaeda then and al qaeda now -- when i think of when we cover aqap. i think about the can detroit
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plane, the printer cartridge bombs, the massive plots versus what we saw at "charlie hebdo." a much different tactically speaking attack. do you see a change in evolution in attacks? >> i thinksis has an entirely different world view than al qaeda. al qaeda wants to deliver a big blow with the hope to knock us out of the region. a sis causes things to greatly increase country's expense, cause terror in the community, and really -- they both join with al qaeda in trying to choke civil liberties. bin laden set that as a goal this 2004. if you'll notice after "charlie hebdo," the response was double down on french population and in the united states and britain. so they're being successful around the world in many
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different ways. >> it's interesting and also going back to your point about -- i guess our one's wish could be these different groups end up fighting each other and killing each other. on the flip side, what if the opposite happens? would they join forces is that a possibility? >> of course it's a possibility. we're the united states of america. since 2001 we have used a fraction of our military power. >> political leaders in both parties will not unleash to kill these leaders. if they'd do this in numbers necessary, we could end this problem. we have to depend on other things like sectarian violence to blunt the edge of their weapon against us. >> michael scheuer, thank you
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for your time. and david on the phone with me. i appreciate you both. meantime the race is on to save two hostages held captive by isis. they may have just a few hours to live because the deadly count down started with this video. absolutely no one wanted to see this again, jihadi john isis hooded killer putting his knife to the throat of two japanese men and putting a $200 million price on their lives. in the video, the terrorist group says japan has million after midnight eastern time tonight to pay that ransom. the japanese government is working hard to establish contact with isis but this far, no luck. live during the show we're expecting tom brady to address the scandal involving his patriots. did they cheat by using deflated balls? hear what the coach of the pat's
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he didn't know a thing. that is what bill bell check said hours ago against the accusations his team cheated. the veteran coach, four decades in the nfl said he is shocked and doesn't know how the balls ended up with far less air in them than league rues require. >> i came in monday morning and was shocked to learn of news reports about the footballs. i had no knowledge whatsoever of
11:16 am
this situation until monday morning morning. i've learned a lot more about this process in the last three days than i knew or had talked about in the last 40 years coaching this league. in my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff member about football air pressure. that is not a subject that i have ever brought up. to me the footballs are approved by the league and game officials pregame and we play with what's out there. >> so that's belichick. let me read you this tweet, what we're hearing for a lot of people. on twitter, matt dells everyone to get over it. every team tampers with
11:17 am
footballs. ask any quarterback in the league. this is ridiculous. tom brady is set to give a speech to reporters live during the show. obviously we'll take that for you. let's go first to gillette stadium in foxborrow. let me get to belichick in a second. let's fast forward to when we see tom braydy in the next hour addressing these huge questions. what does he say? >> reporter: it's going to be very fascinating when he talks at 3:45. he's got two options. one is show total ignorance, i have no idea what happened. maybe it's due to weather. i think the patriots have decided tom brady needs to step up and take responsibility. there are a lot of eye balls looking at him and fingers pointing his way. quarterbacks around the league
11:18 am
are particular doctoring the footballs to the way they like it. tom brady has been fanatic about it. he had nfl rule changed one time. i think he'll take a responsibility flash a grin and say i'm sorry i didn't realize this was a big deal, it's a common practice, and nip it in the bud as soon as he can. >> whoa whoa whoa. you're thinking if super star quarterback tom brady says you know says he is responsible -- what happens next? what kind of penalty? you wrote the piece today about punishment? do they get to play in two weeks? >> reporter: of course bray can i did is going to get to play. patriots are going to the super bowl. he's not suspended for the game. there's a minimum fine of $25,000 of tampering with a football. i would think maybe a fine at least of that much if not more will come from the nfl office if
11:19 am
this is all proven. the investigation is still undergoing. many people around the league fame broadcaster john madden said brady has got to be the guy in all this. it would be viewed at cheating but it's more gamesman ship. many around the league said they like to tamper with the football. aaron rogers says he overinflates it. eli and peyton manning is particular about how they like a football and doctor it before the game. i think tom brady will own up to it with a sheepish apology. i'm really sorry, it's a common practice. >> interesting. >> tom brady is has more good will stored up than belichick does. i think brady will take responsibility with the hope everyone will move on quickly. >> that's the thing with belichick and this team in general. hearing from other people that have played the game for years and years, i'm wondering if this
11:20 am
is -- you know is this really about deflated footballs or about this visceral hatred and jealousy of this team that's been on top so so long. yes you had spy gate a couple of years ago. is it more about the latter than deflated balls do you think? >> i will say there are a lot of patriot haters out there. a lot of fans are tired of their success and don't like the way patriots conduct business. belichick can be gruff sometimes. certainly the spy gate scandal from 2007 has removed all benefit of the doubt from the patriots. for many teams, many fans patriots will forever be stained. some of that is playing into it. at the same time this may be an attempt by the patriots to skirt the rules and they probably need to be punished. >> we'll watch for tom brady next hour speaking live during the show. ben in foxborough.
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thank you. i appreciate it. sources have told cnn a federal investigation has not found enough evidence to charge former police officer darren wilson with civil rights violations in the shooting death of teenager michael brown. we'll talk to don west george zimmerman's outspoken defense attorney. he'll join me to discuss after the quick commercial break. stay right here. for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? (cough!) it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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former ferguson police officer darren wilson will probably not face charges in the death of michael brown. several sources tell cnn fbi has finished the investigation into the killing from last august and concluded there is not enough evidence to charge wilson. this is based upon more than 200 interviews and a review of other evidence and all of this comes fewer than two months after the
11:26 am
grand jury in missouri declined to bring criminal charges against wilson that officer who killed brown, setting off a wave of nationwide protest against excessive police force. despite all this this is important here the final decision as to whether or not to pursue legal action is actually up to attorney general eric holder. let me bring in criminal defense attorney west who helped defend george zimmerman in the trayvon martin case live in orlando and joey jackson is with me as well. welcome. >> hello brooke. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you. the bar for bringing civil rights charges is very very high. can you explain how high and why that is? >> it's certainly a very serious charge first of all.
11:27 am
a federal rights criminal investigation is life or the death penalty. the bar should be high and especially on the issue of content. the prosecutor will have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt the standard of proof rather in a standard case that the depravation of civil rights in this instance the loss of michael brown's life was intentional, purposeful under color of law by darren wilson a police officer. >> joey jackson, i mentioned eric holder. he could step in. if he makes a move that could change things. why is that? >> here's the problem brooke. eric holder has been well intentioned. he went to ferguson been committed to it. he sent a number of fbi agents to investigate. eric holder at the end of the day doesn't make the law and facts. i think he'll be bound by what the investigation says. just to be clear, at the federal level what ends up happening is regardless of what eric holder wants to do personally you're
11:28 am
bound by the law. unlike a state prosecution where you can charge recklessness on the part in the event that's what the grand jury determined. you could charge it was a reckless act, that the officer disregarded the risk that he was careless. you could come up with a number of theories for prosecution at the state level in the event that's what facts demonstrated. in the federal prosecution as don west was referring to it it was all about intent. unless you i have establish it was purposeful reckless violation free from excessive force, you do not have a conviction. you have to show that beyond a reasonable doubt. i think the attorney general will be bound by recommendation his assistants make to him. >> don, i guess michael brown's family could bring forth a civil
11:29 am
suit against officer wilson correct? >> it would be separate from the criminal prosecution. that would be filed against the police department. that's separate different standard of proof, different legal issues. >> don, what about -- we all watched you and the trevonayvon martin martin george zimmerman trial and where zimmerman has ended up sense. i'm wondering about officer wilson. he resign ed from the force in ferguson. he said he'd probably have to seek a totally different career. if you were advising him, what would you suggest? >> well i think so. that's probably good advice he's already gotten and that he seems to be following keeping a low profile. it's been to his advantage clearly. there's a bit of deja vu in the context of where things stand during wilson's investigation because -- >> tell me why.
11:30 am
>> it's not -- there's no formal announcement. there's been apparently information disclosed by officials without confirmation. i say deja vu because something similar happened to me in the context of george zimmerman's federal civil rights investigation. so i don't want to suggest that anything is likely to happen other than what's been suggested and that the evidence supports no federal criminal charges against darren wilson but the george zimmerman investigation has been going on well over two years. in fact the media widely reported no charges would be filed back in october. then in november, i had contact with the federal prosecutor assigned to the case that said oh no the investigation is still ongoing. i don't take any comfort in the idea that there has been somewhat anonymous disclosure that there's no case. >> okay. >> brooke just a quick point.
11:31 am
>> go ahead joey. >> what ends up happening although it does not appear likely there will be charges levelled individually against darren wilson we have to keep in mind there's additional investigation the federal government is doing called pattern and practice investigation. they're evaluating the patterns and practices of the police department as a whole to determine whether or not there was an excessive force used disproportionately against a minority community or other communities. in addition to that they're looking at the stop and frisk rate what's going on there. there hasn't been indication they're not moving forward on that issue. as it relates to darren wilson there's information leaked as it relates to him, doesn't look like charges are forth coming. >> joey jackson and don west thank you both. >> pleasure brooke. >> have a good afternoon. >> you too. coming up next the twist in the mysterious death of the prosecutor accusing iran of a terror cover up.
11:32 am
this key figure in the case is asserting this prosecutor did not commit suicide after all. more on. that. plus the measles outbreak at disney land shining a spotlight on parents that choose not to vaccinate their children. i will speak to one mom that lost her baby that is incredibly outspoken on this debate now. [container door opening] ♪ what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. eh, you don't want that one. yea, actually i do.
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. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. today, another twist in the case of argentina, the president who is now saying what all these
11:37 am
protestors have believed since this prosecutor alberto was found dead sunday. the answer his death was not a suicide. the day before his body was discovered he indicated he knew the danger he was in because of the investigation he was leading. he told a journalist not once but twice, quote, i could end up dead from this. what exactly was he looking into? the 1994 bombing at a jewish center that killed 85 people. he was about to link the president to a year's long cover up of the case. let's fill in the gaps with anchor at cnn espanol. why does she think this was not a suicide? >> hi brooke. thanks for having me. there's no specific reason by now to explain why she changed her mind about the alleged
11:38 am
suicide. short question will be only she knows. she change her mind about the case because of what the head of intelligence said regarding two people mentioned in the investigation as spies. the head of investigation by the way denied this. that's what president fernandez says in the news statement, the investigation is beginning to chance. even though president fernandez ruled on her facebook page first reaction it could be suicide is, she never assures or denies it was. today in a new post she seems certain it is not a suicide. let's read the quote. this is what she said to me. it says the spies that were not spies, the questions that become fact the suicide of which i am convinced was not a suicide. the accusations made by nisman not only collapsed but constitute a true political and
11:39 am
legal scandal. this is what she said today brooke. there's no specific answer to that question at least by now. >> do we have any idea fernando what it was that this prosecutor knew about the president and her possible involvement in covering this up? >> well the investigation was based on telephone conversations between the iranian agents and people close to the argentina government. the fernandez administration was trying to separate iran from involvement in the bombing. the key players for nisman will be the president and foreign minister. allegedly the argentinian government reached an agreement to increase the oil imports and grain exports for helping them out in this case. this theory of nisman has been highly criticized by the government to theidiculousridiculous.
11:40 am
by the way the new findings determine there was no gun powder on nisman's hand. the medical examiner concluded there was no third party involved in nisman's death. the lock smith called to open nisman's apartment door found a third entrance open. he gave testimony yesterday. this is a new line of investigation. we'll have to wait brooke. >> we will wait and will continue to figure out, answer those questions as far as what happened. fernando thank you so much from miami. still ahead, just a short time from now, new england quarterback tom brady will hold a press conference addressing the controversy over the deflated footballs in last sunday's game. did the team cheat? we'll bring you tom brady live. next measles making a sudden comeback in the most unexpected place, disney land. we'll look at what is behind the outbreak sparking the debate for
11:41 am
need of vaccinations in your children. stay right here. sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power.
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scientists thought the measlesle lele lele lele were -- measles were eliminated in the united states. boy, were they wrong. this outbreak is centered around disney land of all places. why are public health officials fighting a disease that was wiped out 15 years ago? one reason, parents who refuse to vaccinate children. many are frightened by medical risks, even science has proven skeptics wrong. others opposed for personal reasons. katie lost her daughter callie to whooping cough. she and her husband endured a
11:46 am
series of miscarriages before having their baby girl. she is advocating for children. i'm happy to have katie with us. and also elizabeth cohen. welcome to both of you. >> katie, first to you. i'm sorry. i know this was 2010 but i'm sure you don't see a day without thinking about your little girl. because it's so personal if i could get part of your story. if you can take me back to what you call the worst day of your life. >> um yeah she was our miracle baby. she came after five miscarriages and years of trying. she was born on christmas eve. she was feisty perfect little beautiful baby girl. she did spend time in the nicu because she was early. she thrived. she was happy, little perfect baby. she came home gained weight ate, giggled loved playing with her little brother on the
11:47 am
floor -- big brother actually. she got a little cough on a sunday afternoon. i was the first time mom. i took her to the doctor monday. they said it would take its course be a cough and go away. we went back to the doctor on wednesday because she kind of got more lethargic and wouldn't eat as much. at that point she stopped breathing in my arms in the doctor's office. they took us to the er. from that moment on we didn't know what was going on. there was a rush people throwing tubes on her, taking blood, all sorts of things. friday they came in and ran testing, spinal tab for meningitis and swab for pertusis. she passed away early morning january 30 2010. we didn't know it was pertusis until the following monday. >> all these medical terms and
11:48 am
tubes and here you were. how did doctors explain to you what had happened? >> they pulled us a side in the hospital. our whole hospital was there. they pulled me and craig after side and told us her insides failed due to what they assume was pertusis. we could have the results in 24 hours. i was baffled of why she was gone. i didn't sleep two days. we had no idea. cdc called and said it was indeed whooping cough. >> okay. elizabeth, let me hear your voice here. we're talking act this greater debate about vaccinations and children. i know a study linking it to autism was discredited in 2011. why do some parents feel it poses a risk to their children? >> first of all, katie i'm so sorry for what happened to your baby. i think this is a lesson for everyone if you choose not to
11:49 am
vaccinate your child, you're making a choice not just for yourself but other people in the community. it's not just to a decision for yourself or your child. when i've spoken to parents who have chosen not to vaccinate, sometimes they tell me you can tell me vaccinations do not cause autism. my child was fine and got autism. they link it the cause from vaccines is autism. just because it happened after the sack vaccination. that's not a cause. we hear some say we think the pharmaceutical industry makes money off vaccines. we think cdc and industries are in ka hoots with them. we don't believe them. there's a distrust issue.
11:50 am
>> katie, i know callie was too young to receive the whooping cough vaccine. here you are as a national advocate for inmmunizations for kids. do you believe kids not vaccinated are affecting your child? >> absolutely. that's not fair to my child they don't have a chance because somebody doesn't believe in the vaccine that could harm my child. >> we found in los angeles for example, in a los angeles school only 21% of preschoolers were vaccinated. do you think this greater antivaccine push will lead to other potential cases of measles outbreaks and who knows what else down the road? >> experts i talked to say absolutely. the way this works is measles is widespread in other countries, not the united states.
11:51 am
it takes one person to colonel here from the philippines with measles. they by chance end up near preschoolers. preschoolers are going to get sick and going to get other people sick. measles spreads like wildfire. all you have to do is be in the same room with someone who has measles to get it. if you're in a room when someone that had measles was there an hour ago, you can still get it because it's hanging out in the air. the more that choose not to vaccinate, the more likely we'll see outbreaks of measles like disney land and bigger one in ohio. >> that is incredible. elizabeth cohen, thank you and katie, thank you both ladies. breaking news. out of the home base for incredible base of al qaeda, the president of yemen resigning after this attempted government
11:52 am
takeover in. the pentagon is ready to evacuate. thousands killed in air strikes. how did they get this information? we're a waiting a news conference from tom brady weighing in on alleged cheating in this week's game. stay right here. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit
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business. the popular cnn series morgan spurlock inside man returns for its third season tonight. slow your role. third season tonight 9:00 eastern. morgan spurlock is here with me. you're back because we have a little friend here. >> i brought a robotic friend. i thought a had to come back with a robot. >> i love the prop. this is so johnny five short circuit of you. we talked a couple of days ago. you talk on the show about how you're in tokyo and eventually robots can -- not replace humans in a negative way but in helping. what is this guy? >> this is a mechanoid.
11:57 am
>> hello. >> what's awesome is this is a great robot for parents and kids to build together to get kits into robotics at a young age. >> you can build this? >> mitt will be on the market later this year. it's about $400. when i was a kid, they used to say you've got to get into computers. today's kids need to get into robots. >> does he have a name? >> his name is mechanoid i. i like to call him morgan jr. he can talk dance, tell jokes. say something for us mechanoid. >> he's thinking. >> he's thinking thinking. he doesn't want to talk. doesn't want to talk to us. >> come on. i mean -- >> he's a little shy today.
11:58 am
it's an incredible thing. what i love about this. my kid see this is and going to freak out. it's the same size as my son. to think something a young girl or boy could build from scratch and experience this. as you build it from scratch, he starts telling you what to do and how to finish the build. he talks to you about how to finish building him. it's remarkable. there he is. >> i am an advanced robotic building platform. my purpose is teach every man, woman, and child about how fun and civil robots can be. >> awesome mechanoid. that's super cool. this is legos on crack. >> this is not like your mom and dad's director set at all. >> what do you think about robotics is so wonderful for kids but also in general, like your entire episode that will be
11:59 am
watching tonight -- >> it's about this. the world at large. what you see on tonight's episode of "insideman" it basically shows not so much this but robotics in general will surround us in every part of our lives. we're going to interact with them, use them. they're part of our technology whether we like it or not. they're going to be driving our cars. we need to embrace technology and be ready. >> all right mechanoid. there we go. whole whole. >> i love that mustache. good look. >> we'll be watching tonight 9:00 eastern of course the new season morgan spurlock inside man. thank you for joining us. thank you both. this is exciting. now we roll along. >> good job mechanoid. top of the hour i'm brooke baldwin. minutes from now, quarterback
12:00 pm
tom brady will address the scandal of cheating by using underinflated balls in the play pauf game pauf paufoff -- playoff game. the head coach saying he was absolutely shocked by these claims. we'll take tom brady speaking live within the hour coming up. first we're following breaking news out of yemen. it has fallen and the president has resigned. the houthi's took complete control of the presidential palace earlier this week. the top government has resigned. that includes the president, prime minister and entire yemeni cabinet. let's go to jim with the breaking news on this. >>