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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 25, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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expectations are for whiteout conditions heavy ice and hurricane-level winds. a blizzard warning will cover new york city boston rhode island parts of new jersey and connecticut now extending up to maine and bordering with canada. new york's mayor says do not underestimate this storm. >> so this literally could be one of the top two or three largest storms in the history of the city and we need to plan accordingly. so my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. prepare to be safe take every precaution. now is the time to get ready for this extreme bert.
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warning people to stay off the roads tomorrow. an cabrera is joining us from the cnn's severe weather center? atlanta. tell me why this storm is so much more dangerous than other recent snowstorms. we've had some bad once ones here in new york and boston and rhode island. >> i think a couple reasons, obviously the amount of snowfall here, we're talking about 12 24 perhaps even higher than that. but it's the combination of the heavy snow and it would be falling with sustained winds between the 30 40 miles an hour and then you get the wind
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gusts and perhaps even 70 miles an hour. that's what will make it dangerous. what i thought i would do is take a step back. people are asking is it snowing already in new york? the storm is here it's south of indianapolis. it is not going to turn into a major storm until it dives down across the jet stream into the southeast, and then reintensify east of the carolina and head up the coast. that is when the storm will become dangerous. that's when we'll have the winds and very heavy snowfall. that will happen monday night. that is when travel will be impossible across the region. we now, poppy, have blizzard warnings from new jersey to the canadian border. we haven't seen this in a while here. there's north carolina new york haven connecticut, through providence portland all the way up through canada. this entire area could experience 12 to 24 inches and
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wind gusts between 50 and 70 miles an hour. that's why we're talking about a dangerous storm. that map over 2 feet some pockets likely looking at potential of over 30 inches of snowfall if all of this verifies here. once we're talking about 1 to 2 feet this is not going away. this storm will not fizzle out. we will not be looking at 1 to 3 inches in new york or boston. that's not going to happen. it's going to be a crippling storm, widespread and the inches we'll have to see how much we get. but we're in trouble, and then you have the winds, 50 to 75 miles an hour with the power outages, so again, this is the time if you're in the northeast, get out and get prepared and just plan for several days of no power. hopefully you'll not have to deal with more than one, but if you do you're going to be better safe than sorry if you have the supplies. >> absolutely. thank you for the update.
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we'll get back to you throughout the evening as we learn more and more about the storm. >> boston is used to a lot of snow the people bracing to be snowed in for days. joining me on the phone. boston mayor martin wallsh. >> tell me a bit about what boston is doing. i know the national guard is on standby. what else are you doing? we had a phone conference and public safety and really bracing for what seems to be a very big storm coming our way. we do have the plows ready to go 35 thousands tons of salt. more importantly it's about getting word out to the citizens of boston and massachusetts, to make sure you know, keep an eye
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out for elderly neighbors. making sure that people start their cars make sure you shovel out the tailpipe you know remove snow from around the hydrants and handicapped ramps. it's going to go on for days, so keep that in mind and always tell people to call 911 with any medical emergency. 635-4500 with any questions people might have. >> what are you telling people in terms of adults going to work and also kids in schools. we don't know about school closures yesterday, but this storm is expected to hit later in the day. if you don't want people to get stuck wherever they are. >> what we're looking at in boston the storm starting late in the day, 2 to 3 inches possibly in the late even. i don't know if it would change the way of work today, tomorrow
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morning, but we are going to get notification out very early about school closings and about emergency and all the other facts. we're not going to wait until tuesday morning to do it. i would ask -- tell people also if you need to go to the super market go tonight. if you need to fill up your base tank, do it tonight. this storm is giving you a 24-hour head start. be as prepared as you can for the snow. >> absolutely. cnn will have teams all up and down the east coast covering this so you can stay informed. just stay at home and stay out of this. that's the best advice mayor. good to have you on. thank so much. >> thanks for having me. all right. to the meet with the latest on the hostages being held by isis. japan's prime minister, says the image of kenji gotto showing the
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photo showing the corpse of fellow captive appears to be real. the two men seen hire. these were images released just a weekable. prime minister abe calls the culling of yukawa unforgivable. the new online ultimatum, an internet posting demarchds the released of a convicted female terrorist in return for kenji gotto's. she was sentenced to death for her role in a series of bombings back in 2005 that killed dozens of people in jordan. colonel, thanks for being here. we heard from prime minister abe condemning this saying we are not negotiating with terrorists just the same stance that the united states takes. is there any chance we will see the jordanian government work
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with japan here and release this woman, who is on death row in exchange for kenji goto? >> poppy, good evening. unfortunately my answer will be no. the reason is the jordanians have their own issues. as you remember they have the f-16 pilot that was shot done he's been captured by isis off daeshe. so there become as problem with what the jordanians are going to do. they feel horrible about this japanese gentleman, but there is not much they can do. >> they also know the stance of the japanese government which is to not negotiate with them. so why dough you this they're making this demand when clearly it's most likely not going to be met? >> well you know politics has made you know strange
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bellfellows. we know the japanese are in jordan. they're talking to king abdullah to try to figure out a way. one possibility could be you know you would notice eye says has not talked much about the jordanian pilot. that could be a strategic move by isis by doing that by keeping that soldier, that jordanian soldier, because the jordanians are fighting against isis. that could be a strategic move. there might be raa slight possibility, but i don't see it. a british citizen by the name of john cantly he was captured at the same time as james followy. the latest photo was posted earlier this month. he's in plain clothes, and actually out acting like a reporter giving a tour of mosul, saying you know you think the islamic state is one way, but in fact this is how they run a great city.
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this is nothing like you in the west think. why do you think isis is keeping cantly alive and using him in this way? >> what it gives isis is some credibility on a western journalist who, one, knows how to report. he's been asked to do something, he's in a strange position so he's being a professional reporter right now, which is keeping him alive, which is key. you know throughout history, whether p.o.w.s or other hostages studies have been done. we can go back and look at the case studies of why people fair in it. he's keeping himself alive because of his skills. >> you know it's interesting that they believe, it seems, and correct me ifs disagree but they seem to believe that people buy these videos that they don't look at them as the clear propaganda that they are. >> well i do agree with you, and you and i have talked about
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this. there are elements of you know some of these folks that are out there, especially some refugee camps, they don't have much to go on, they see the isis aspects as kind of being a rock star perspective. they guy them go on youtube, they keep watching and watching and it builds their credibility, and it's a big propaganda wheat. >> colonel reese, good to have you on the program. thank you. >> thanks poppy. i want you to look at this video for a moment. that is pretty unbelievable and disturbing. it is video of rocket attacks, new attacks inside of ukraine, the violence escalating by the hour. there's also a report that russian rebels may be using poison gas. a live report from ukraine,
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don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. attacks by pro-russian separatists have been ramping up up.
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pretty unbelievable video. it reportedly shows shelling yesterday. the attack killed 30 people including two children at a news conference today. with us now, the spokesman for the organization for security and cooperation in europe mike at joining us from ukraine. you have been on the ground there for months and months. listening to what the president said. if the u.s. is not going to take action, what will it take? >> well, they mentioned calling
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for folks to head back to the -- and indeed there is hope that possibly next week there could be another meeting. i can tell you tomorrow in the late afternoon in vienna there would be a meeting. and -- so there's a lot of diplomatic activity gig on. in terms of what we are doing, in terms of following up on the attacks yesterday which should reckless indiscriminate and a disgrace at the moment we found on the there's just a terrible mental barrage, about 19-plus -- this all came raining down on a saturday morning. tall apartment buildings, so you
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can imagine the carnage that our monitor saw there. so we're hoping there is possible -- and return to the negotiating table. >> your monitors on the ground have reported in the past week or so a big group, about 80 soldiers showing these symptoms of poison gas after an attack at the donetsk airport, right? are you ready to say this was carried out by russian rebels and indeed poison gas was used? or is it still being investigated? >> yeah poppy, that assessment is still under way. there were quite a few assuring -- quite odd symptoms after the attacks. so we're still collecting the facts on that. i can tell you, in addition to what we are doing in the airport, which is really been a flash point, is also the special monitoring mission to ukraine
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has offered to try to arrange a temporary truce so that some humanitarian corridor could be established, so could move in and out the aid that is so badly needed now. >> we know that john kerry talking on the phone today with ser vail lavrov underscoring the prepareds in to -- >> but as the senator said no boots on the ground as of yet, and the fighting gets worse. michael, thank you. appreciate it. in the wake of the parition terror attacks, the president took a lot of criticism after not showing up for the unity march in paris. now some are issuing new complaints. another major ceremony in europe that the president will not be there for. what is it? we'll discuss, next. ♪ [ radio chatter ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] andrew. rita. sandy. ♪ ♪ meet
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here to discuss it. treasury secretary is a relatively high position. do you think it could be higher? do you think this is disrespectful? >> i think in light of what's been going on lately and the united states reliship with our allies particularly with israel i think that's why we're having this conversation. and with the president cutting his trip to india shot to go to the funeral of the king of saudi arabia and at least not sending someone like the vice president biden to auschwitz, not having someone -- not having the united states represented there with someone higher up i they it sends just another indication that our relationship with israel our relationship with our allies is just not as strong as it used to be. i know chris will a little there. a president of the united states hat not gone to one of these
2:23 pm
commemorations ever but the tension between the united states and israel or questioning of our relationship i don't think has -- >> which the obama administration says that's not the case at all. so chris, to you, the president will be in the saudi arabia visiting the new king after the death of king abdullah. everyone knows how critical that relationship is to the united states. do you think this is being overblown a bit? >> it may be. it also comes at a time when benjamin netanyahu is coming to the united states. he won't be meeting with the president, but will be addressing congress so the context does matter but i think the without looked at this and said this would have been the first president to attend an event like this an anniversary event, but on the other hand this would probably be the last major anniversary where there are living victims of what
2:24 pm
happened there. also in 1995 bill clinton sent ellie ellie, the author but -- >> the context of it all. >> not being at the unity rally. >> there's a rise of anti-semitic that's being underreported in u.s. but very real. i don't mean hip, but the cool relationship between the united states and israel -- well personally the obama administration and netanyahu no not be ignored. over israel and that is critically important. we need to pay attention to this. >> this brings up an important point, right? house speaker john boehner inviting benjamin netanyahu to come to the u.s. which he plans to do in march, to talk to congress about the potential increased sanctions against recall which, you know many in the gop, some democrats like
2:25 pm
senator bob menendez want and the president is saying hold on let's give this to july to see if we can reach a nuclear agreement with iran. interesting on "state of the union" this morning, even jon huntsman said this is not a good idea to have netanyahu talking to or seemingly trying to dictate u.s. policy. >> he was invited by john boehner, though there was very interesting that he didn't inform the white house that this was going on but we've seen as you said a cooling of relationship here between the obama white housened israel. a lot of obama aiding off the record or on deep background have been talking to reporters. they called netanyahu a chicken hawk and then had some other words for him this week. and to say chicken hawk -- not chicken hawk -- excuse me -- chicken -- an expletive word but to say that anonymously he
2:26 pm
was criticized for. >> and another thing, too, the president is going to india. india is an important ally but relatively ignored at a time early on in the administration -- >> tuesdayly this is the first u.s. president -- and president modi applauded him for that. >> of course he's being diplomatic but this is not a pressing trip. the president, even jewelie pace said the president is going over to and to visit the taj mahal. so again this goes to the seriousness of this president on an international left level that a lot of people are questions and -- -- >> but the economy tiessh. >> guys thank you very much. got to take a quick break. the president is on the road. don't go anywhere we'll have more next. we're going to talk about a meeting between mitt romney and jeb bush to potential 2016 candidates. why are they getting together? that's next.
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a lot of potential republican candidates for the white house assemble in iowa this weekend. they made their best pitch to more than 1,000 conservative activists in that state's first -- ratherly is the first in the national presidential caucuses. senators rand paul and had scheduling conflicts, but bush and romney did clear their schedule for a private meeting on thursday in utah. entried by this bush/romney private meeting. >> i'm interested more in policying. i respect him a lot and consider him a friend.
2:31 pm
the awkward side of this we put a side. that's a decision he'll make and i'll have my past for decision and who knows where that will late. >> what do you make of this? i buy it that they didn't talk about which one is going to run. that's a very awkward conversation but what do you make of the meeting? >> i think it's an issue of resources, too. this has always been a back and forth about whether romney would run. they're going to pull from the same resources. >> that's when mid romney said he was considering it. he phet that he's been vin caughted on issues of foreign policy that maybe he needs to rethink this. it's divided even in his own camp.
2:32 pm
so i think this political drama will play out for a couple more weeks,d but cannot play out for too much longer. he has to get an organization in place. >> some people make the argument it doesn't benefit any candidate to come out so early. >> gem bush saying he's interested kicked mitt romney into gear. i heard others reporting that romney wanted to be the white knight that rescued the republican party, but jeb bush talking to donors early and publicly that made him have to act very quickly. also when gem bush says i consider him a very good friend there's no more strange word in politics than friend. that's a widely defined word and something you say after
2:33 pm
maybe a tense meeting. >> we also saw donald trump and sarah palin, and daniel trump said i'm kerrly considering it. is there any chance? >> and i'm a chicken with lips. he does this all the time. it's a way to get attention. maybe he will but i won't necessarily -- until he starts putting toes hi financial disclosures. >> we know he likes that publicity, it gives him a strange and keeping him relevant. people clamor to hear what he has to say, because he's a character. and i really hope she does not do it again, but she's the same thing, the same thing in 2012, and she went and didn't need to and kind of stole the thunder from a lot of actual candies.
2:34 pm
so i would be interested to what she does, too. >> we'll be watching. guys good to have you on. thank you so much. next coach belichick insisting his team did nothing wrong and the cold weather likely caused the team's footballs to dough flay. is that possible? my next guest went straight to a stop krein 'tis. find out. this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of
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or how you figured you were covered for this. when you're actually paying for this. you might be surprised at what's hiding in your coverage. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum bum-bum-bum-bum ♪♪ all right. you're looking at live pictures of -- there you go. seattle seahawks arriving in phoenix just about an hour ago. they're preparing for the big game the super bowl next sunday night. of course the patriots will arrive in phoenix tomorrow. well is it possible that the laws of physics can explain away the furor over deflate-gate? i know a lot of you are over it. the nfl says the new england patriots used underinflated
2:38 pm
footballs during the afc championship win. why? some accused the patriots of deflating the balls to get a better grip a competitive advantage in that weather. head coach bill belichick explaining the cold could explain it saying the team did nothing wrong. this controversy has overshadowed the super bowl and belichick says he's embarrassed by the amount of time he's had to spend addressing the controversy. >> this whole comment by -- >> it's the end of this subject for me for a long time. okay? >> like it or not, the subject likely is not going to go away any time soon newspapers the internet obsessed with this potential scandal. it was written about it in "the daily beast" today. i have to read -- the first line note to scanned appear-seekers -- gases lose
2:39 pm
volume when it's cold. you say there are scandal seekers in this. >> i don't know about that but i happened to not sleep will you high school physics. i remember the law of ideal gases, which is pv equal nrt. the important letters be p, pressure "v" volume and "t" on the other side. you change the temperature, the pressure changes. >> well you called a physics professor from boston who by the way is not a patriots fan, a bull lo bills fan. >> right. >> what did he say? >> he said you're on the right track, and i said to him, i found out that the balls are actually measured for pressure indoors, then taken outdoors and there may have been as much as a 30 degree difference between where they were measured and where they were actually
2:40 pm
played it. >> like 51 degrees. >> it dropped to the mid 40s, so if you figure 70 75 -- >> so he bought belichick's explanation? >> i don't know if he bought it but he said he did the math and you could expect a 30-degree change, a 1.54 psi pressure change this is pounds per square inch let's say the trots -- they're known to prefer lower deflation, so let's say they're at the bottom limit, 12.5 and you've got a drop of 1.5, you get down to 11 which is by what it was. >> but michael, you write in this one piece, one seeming mystery is why the balls for the second half of the game after they noticed this tested within the limit at the end of the game. >> i thought, well, daly's theory is gone about but if you figured they measured them indoors before the second half
2:41 pm
and then they go out and play with them and you figure there's a big victor. >> it's not like everybody will go let 'go measure, you have to figure they're not going to leave the balls around the sidelines for trophy seekers to take so they've been to bring them in and put them someplace indoors, and probably ended up by the time they got to measuring the balls, they should probably bag to the temperature. >> controversy? >> science, i think. >> non-troversy. >> we're quick to call people liars, but it's possible this guy was not lying. >> interesting article. check it out on thedailybeast thedailybeastcom. the driver didn't even break the law, the police seizings the cash are doing it in a legal way, even when folks aren't
2:42 pm
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. all right. this next story would be hard to believe if it wasn't cause on camera ras. >> if you are carrying cash in your vehicle and you get pulled over authorities are confiscating money, even if you're not charged with a crime. it is legal for them to do it. here is gary tuckman with our cnn investigation. >> reporter: you're looking at a desolate stretch of interstate highway in rural nevada. if you were driving here on i-80 with cash in your car last year this could have happened to you. >> how much money you got? that's not yours, is it? >> it's mine. >> i'm sizing it. >> this is humboldt county sheriff's departmentally bee dove. he's being to seize $40,000 from a driver who wasn't charged with a crime or even traffic violation. the attorney represents the driver and is in the process of organizing a class as suit on behalf of others who believe this is nothing more than thievery. >> i get my receipt, but it
2:46 pm
doesn't say how much they took and if he wants to protest it they'll take his car do. he won't do any other official acts other than put it in the bank. no police reports, no lawsuit, no forfeiture lawsuit, which is generally what's done. take the money and run. >> the traffic stops are called interdiction shuns by the authorities, part of civil asset forfeiture in which cops if they believe it's part of a criminal enterprise. >> they take the money, go back to tony and put it in the bank. >> deputy dove was so proud of the stops he made he began autograph him will have with his canine dog and on the highway, he berated -- >> i'm quillsed that dope money. you may get away with the cashier's checks and stuff, but you ain't getting the cash. that's going to be seized. okay?
2:47 pm
you're up to no good. >> reporter: this kind of language is very disturbing to mike allen, who happens to deputy dove's new boss after campaigning with a promise tend this type of activity. >> when i first learned about it i guess i was in denial thinking this can't happen that something is being misled and that all the information isn't coming forth. >> reporter: today how do you feel about it? >> after i viewed a videotape, i feel these highway interdiction programs need to be looked into to ensure that people's rights are not being violated. >> reporter: divorce so that dependly lee dove was trained by desert snow an oklahoma company responsible for training thousands of police in roadside tactics. so we wanted to ask deputy dove about this why he thinks this
2:48 pm
is in any way appropriate. it was nightfall when we walked up to a fence outside his house. deputy dove this is gary tuck manner from cnn. we had a question for you. no answer. as on you cnn team was driving away this happened. >> we'll wait for you, thank you. >> we were pulled over by some colleagues. why? because the other deputies told us dove had called after our visit. we had done nothing wrong, but one of the deputies told us quote, lee has been having a tough time. a few minutes later we were let go. >> i've got in totalitarian societies. i was in bulgaria before the fall of the wall and the iron curtain. it's real spooky. and i think this is one aspect that you would be worried about, but even more than that i think that the average traveler traveling on an interstate highway in this country would never imagine this kind of thing could happen to them. >> the attorney and the new sheriff both say the nevada
2:49 pm
attorney general's office is investigating the situation. the attorney adding he has been informed that deputy dove and one or move of his colleagues are being investigated for at least 38 similar forfeiture stops. the new sheriff says the stops have in and out been suspended, but is the deputy still with the department? the answer is yes. the sheriff says he's been taken off active duty, but is still being paid. what about the $40,000 seized from this driver? it has been returned as part of an out-of-court settlement. gary tuchman, cnn, humboldt county nevada. without, fascinating story. coming up next we are going to introduce you to one of sill sillie's top engineers, her husband, her boyfriend, her girlfriend and other dates on the side. the multipartner relationships are growing in the valley. coming up next a special
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valley. i'll bet you're listening right about now. imagine being in a serious relationship with your husband, add a boyfriend and a girlfriend plus a date or two on the side. it is called polyamory. it is nothing new, but it is infiltrating some in silicon valley according to our lori segal from smart drugs to high-tech swingers and life is different for those that work in california's tech hub like this engineer who juggles four relationships. >> i am in four relationships right now. i am -- i have been seeing a woman for two years. we say "i love you" to each other. i also see a man about once a month, and then i have what i like to call my distraction spot for whoever happens to be catching my attention at the time. in technology people have higher appetites for risk. opening up the relationship is really risky, kind of in a similar way that starting a
2:53 pm
company is really risky. >> all right. that revelation part of a fascinating new series put together by our tech correspondent lori segal. she joins me now. it's fascinating just hearing what she said that we are a little more open to risk in terms of being in the valley so we're also risk ney our relationships. what did you find? >> you know, i got the idea for this series because i was going to my tech sources and i said what's big and hot in silicon valley and they were joking with me all my friends are turning into swingers and people are opening up relationships and they're telling me about drug use and i said i have to dig into this. there is a very experimental culture out there. >> right. >> these are people that always question society. they question everything and it doesn't stop when it comes to disrupting education or transportation. they're also questioning their relationship status. they're trying to you know trying to enhance their brain with mind-altering drugs, nisu who you saw right there when she was explaining it she said we have more money, here, too, and
2:54 pm
we can get a job very easily somewhere else if it's not very popular to describe yourself at a more traditional place as poly amorous, she can get a job somewhere else and it's interesting to see what's happening out there. >> i wonder what surprised you most? i think everything would be surprising when reporting this seary, about you what surprised you most. >> i went to a high-tech swingers party. >> did you wear a badge that said reporter. >> i made it very clear that i was there for the job, but you know it's almost like talking to some of these people the body is the next pillar of disruption. we spoke to a guy who takes smart drugs and these are mind-altering drugs or brain-enhancing drugs and he would pop 15 pills a day. picking them up he said this one makes me smarter and this one makes me code longer and these are natural and these aren't natural and you put them together and he doesn't know about the long-term effect but what he says is in silicon valley your mind is your money. so it's these types of
2:55 pm
revelations that were really interesting and obviously with relationships how one of the guys who coined the hash tag twitter use of the hash tag, he said he was very analytical about the idea of love and heed you know if 50% of relationships fail you might want to try something else. >> up your odds. >> i know i said but you know, there are all these other factor too, but it was interesting to hear it from them. >> i have seen it and i can't wait for everyone to see it. joining us cnn all week. we'll explore the lifestyle choices that make life a bit different for some in silicon valley. on monday tripping on lsd, can it make you a billionaire? fascinating reports from these tech entrepreneurs. kicking off at 2:00 p.m. eastern on cnn tomorrow. >> the world economic forum in davos. a transition from that to this. it is an annual meeting that brings in global leaders from business government and academia. the goal strategizing ways to deal with the most pressing
2:56 pm
issues facing the globe. i had a chance to be there all week. i spent some time with a quintessential davos man. >> welcome to davos, switzerland. this is the world economic forum. it is where i have been all week long so we wanted to take you a little behind the scenes and show you what it is all about, but this is only my third year so i thought of someone much better to do that. sir richard quest, a veteran of davos, he's been here 14 times. ♪ ♪ >> and this is where we broadcast live from all week. come on in. sort of a makeshift stewed why on in the mountains. >> hi guys and there's richard. studying studying richard? with the turkish prime minister? >> would you like to discuss that? >> yes. that's what we do all day. ♪ ♪ >> the people here are the decisionmakers and the power brokers, for better or worse, for good or evil for richer or poorer, in sickness and in
2:57 pm
health these are the people who can make change. >> so something you should know about davos. i've been here three times now and what i've learn side two things. a lot of the important meetings you'll never see. they don't happen in the sessions that are open. they happen in the hotels and private meeting rooms. the other thing is the davos, what do you call it? the duck? >> the double stoop. >> look at the size of the card. all right? unless you recognize someone by that face you'll have to recognize them and know who they are by their card but you only have about one second before you've got to realize that you don't know who that person is. >> hello. how are you? >> nice to see you. nice to see you. so that's how it works here in davos. we wanted to show you a little bit of richard quest davos because as i said he's been here for 14 years. you have ten minutes before you interview the turkish prime minister. >> already interviewed the commissioner of economics.
2:58 pm
>> oh what you're always really watching for in davos is an entourage. this is christine leg art, managing director of the international monetary fund. he's super important. madam leg art, just saying hello. >> hi richard. >> good to see you. >> and that -- and that is why this is richard quest, davos. >> and that's a davos moment. ♪ ♪ >> this is another davos moment. the president of mongolia. now, you never know when you'll meet him in the future. you'll never know when it's relevant so you make every opportunity you can. >> always. this is classically, this is classically dating. >> looking. >> he's never really looking at me. he's just looking for who is behind me. ♪ ♪ >> when it's all over and done with everybody says never
2:59 pm
again. it's too much. it's too long. it's too tiring. it's too boring and there's too much nonsense and i'm never coming again. never coming again. >> and guess what? >> never coming again. >> see you next year! [ laughter ] >> never! -- captions by vitac -- good evening, everyone. 6:00 here on the east coast. you're in the cnn quote newsroom" i'm poppy harlow joining you in new york. 57,000 people in the path of the a winter storm. expectations are for white-out conditions and heavy ice and hurricane-level winds. a blizzard warning will cover new york city and boston that will stretch up to the canadian border and maine. millions of people being washed to stay off the roads. new york's mayor says this storm could be the worst of his life time. >> so this
3:00 pm