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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  January 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we are your anchor team here on cnn for the next two hours. hey, everyone i'm errol barnett. >> i'm rosemary church. welcome to our viewers in the united states and, of course across the world. a game-changing win for greece. the far reaching party that sweeps to victory setting up a clash with european creditors. >> translator: this is leaving been a catastrophic austerity. it is leaving been fear. >> historic and life-threatening u.s. authorities urging people in the northeast to prepare for
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an epic blizzard. >> my message is to prepare for something worse than we have seen before:a pinful anniversary. at least 16 people are killed in protests marking the start of egypt's revolution. and a huge honor. barack obama becomes the first head of city to attend india's republic day celebrations. ♪ so much to get to this hour. let's begin with greece. after five years of austerity measures voters now essentially saying enough is enough. >> millions of greeks headed to the polls sunday and in a major shift voted in the radical leftist party. the leader and likely next prime minister alicks is tsipras promises to raise the minimum wage and renegotiate the terms
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of the bailout. >> translator: greece is turning a page. greece is leaving been a catastrophic austerity. it is leaving behind fear and autocracy, and it is leaving behind five years of humiliation and pain. >> now with nearly 100% of the votes counted, tsipras received more than 36% vote but fell short of the 151 needed to rule on its own. it will have to form a coalition. to get more let's bring in our reporter from athens. she's been tracking the dwms as they've been coming. with an outright majority out of the question, what can we expect the syriza party to do? what party might they aline themselves with considering reform is what brought them in? >> reporter: at the moment we're waiting for the syriza leader to
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start talking to one of the smaller pears. he has a meeting scheduled inan hour of in that with a -- in an hour of in that if w-- in an hour and a half with a small coalition partner that they're looking at. the other possible way that it could go is to choose a more centrist party that would be closer to what european partners want. we expect him to meet with the leader of the party later in the day, as well. at this point there are options out there. it's more of a question where syriza wants to take greece. is it going to try and be more conciliatory before negotiations with greece's creditors start again. this is what we'll see taking place in greece in the hours ahead. >> all we can do is look at
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likelihood. we're seeing the people placing a big bet that the syriza party can renegotiation austerity and bailout lenders would agree to new term. that in and of itself is still a long shot correct? >> reporter: well this is exactly what happened. it's an election where a lot of people took a gamble. not everybody believes not the people even vote for syriza believe the party can go through with pledge. people know what syriza is trying will be difficult, it's going to find opposition from the country's creditors. they're saying we've had austerity for so many years, it's made our lives so much worse, living standard have decorde dede-- have deteriorated. let's give this party a chance. >> you have 19 finance minister
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meeting monday. i know it's early, but what has the reaction been outside greece? >> reporter: the reaction outside greece has been very cautious so far. what we keep hearing is just words from party states from the ecb, from anyone really involve in anything to do with greece. just saying. >> greg: -- saying greece has to stick to terms of the bailout. there's a possible of that being for now that thing will become easier from both sides. negotiation will get underway. and we'll see how much the side is prepared to give. for the time being, europe is not giving gas price muchreece muchly leeway. >> a stunning development reject of austerity by the voros in greece. thank you very much. syriza has promised to renegotiate its enormous yet
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international creditors. and that's cause for concern in europe. out-the- out-the-out out-- the outgoing british prime minister david cameron said "for the good of this country, i hope the next government will maintain what has been achieved." prime minister david cameron said "the greek election will increase economic uncertainty across europe. but french president francois hollande who's long been against austerity pledged to work together "in service of growth and the stability of the eurozone." now to other stories we're tracking. the e.u. council president is denouncing what he calls appeasement of russia after a weekend of fierce fighting in ukraine. >> ukraun crane -- ukrainian leader say there were no attacks around don eco-sunday. this video shows a truck exploding after being hit on
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saturday. city officials say at least 30 civilians were killed there. meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama says he will look at nonmilitary options to ratchet up the pressure on moscow. the e.u. will hold an emergency meeting this week to discuss the attacks. now in nigeria, government forces are in a furious fire-fight against boko haram in a place known as the home of peace. >> hundreds of milltance are attacking the provincial capital, a city of more than 600,000. nigerian forces tenaciously fighting back. commanders saying the islamic militants have already overrun the northeastern town where a major military base is located. we want to get one major weather story. in the u.s. parts of the northeast are bracing for intense blizzard conditions. >> yeah. a in snowstorm is expected -- a
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giant snowstorm is expected to move through bringing freezing temperatures and snowstorms. parts of new hampshire have been getting snow upon the governor of new york is urging people to stay home if possible. new york city mayor de blasio is telling team prepare for when could be an historic storm. now that, dump up to a meter of snow in the city. >> so this literally could be one of the top two or three largest storm in the history of the city. and we need to plan accordingly. my message to all new yorkers is prepare for something worse than we have seen before. prepare to be safe. take every precaution. now is the time to get ready for this extreme weather. >> it is extreme. united airlines already
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canceling all of its flights. looking at an intense monday into tuesday. we have more on how bad it will be. pedram you've got tens of millions impacted by this. >> on average, two million people in the united states experienced blizzard-like conditions. now 30 million under a warning. >> particular impact more than that. 50 to 0 million-- to 60 million. >> yes, winds have to be 35 miles per hour visibility reduced to a quarter of a mile and blowing snow where you can't see in front of you for three straight hours or more. this will happen in new york, boston philadelphia potentially. this is a bad scenario shaping up. look at the perspective, delays over 450 flights pro tempore -- preemptively canceled. these are delays expected if you can get off the ground. about 350 out of newark's airport tuesday. two days ahead of the storm
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system will be pre-emtively cancel because of what is expected the next 24 to 36 hours. the mayor talking about it potentially being a historic snowstorm. we'll show you why. delays up and down the board, about 0 million dinner dealing with wintry weather with about 30 million in the blizzard zone on the eastern seaboard from boston to new york city. this blizzard warning will begin at 1:00 p.m. monday continuing until midnight wednesday. it gives an idea of how long this event, take place with the winds howling across the region up to hurricane force, especially on the coastline. we up toed on what makes it a blizzard. the 35 mile-per-hour winds, visible less than a quarter of the area for three hours. tapping into moisture and again, this will begin monday night and continuing into tuesday afternoon with snowfall two to three inches per hour. philadelphia this particular model puts nine inches.
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new york city 24 inches. boston and will polar, maine, 2 -- and portland maine, 25, 26 inches. this is in the scale for one of the most impressive snowstorms in history for the city of metropolitan. rosemary and errol, this is going to be something that could really impact a lot of people for a long period of time come tomorrow night. >> we'll see how bad it is i guess, you know, monday evening as it comes in. people should brace for the worst. >> most likely. power outage for several days likely. >> when you're talking about three feet. i mean just amazing. >> incredible. >> we thought those in buffalo, new york much smaller area. now you see the most densely populate portion of the u.s. >> different scenario there. pemrad thank you. two world leader work to build a stronger relationship. we'll have a live report on president obama's visit to india and what's been accomplished so
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translator: our victory is a victory for the people of europe. >> alicks is tsipra -- alexis
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psipras there. >> greeks sunday voted in the syriza party with hopes it will bring about change. tsipras pledged toen austerity, renegotiate greece's bailout terms and raise the minimum wage. and that anti-austerity pledge is impacting the you areeuro now. it slipped if trading after the left wing party wing. we've got the numbers from abu dhabi live. john britain's prime minister cameron says the greek election will increase uncertainty across europe. how are the markets responding now? >> that euro level you're talking about is the lowest level in 121 years. 110, little change again the
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u.s. dollar. that's the strongest reaction we've seen since discussion of this election. this is a very confused mark to be candid. woe had the stock market rally 6% ahead of the vote. it was down nearly 30% if the month of december. the worst performance since the crisis started in june 2013. to be very candid at it stage, investors don't know where this economy is going. once he took the acceptance speech alexis psipras said the troika will be a thing of the past. the combination of the european union and european central banger. we're suggesting greeks getting out of the euro wanting a reduction on debt $300 billion. larger than the size of its economy. david cameron is absolutely correct saying this will introduce more uncertainty. but the greeks realize here that the austerity has been ecotremely painful. this is the economy that's lost about a quarter, just over that was its gdp since the crisis
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started. the unemployment rate before the crisis was 9%. it's up near 30% now with the youth unemployment rate of nearly 70%. this is a lurch to the left by the greek voros suggesting they don't -- greek voters suggesting they don't like the austerity program. angela merkel of unpopular in greece and the greek voros have decided to take a punt take a rick and decide to let alexis tsipras try something different than they've had over the laugh five years. >> it will be interesting to see where it goes. ambitious promises there that can't be paid for at this point. john what are the longer term implication for greece and the euro given the outcome of the election? it radically change the direction of the country. >> absolutely. this is the broader picture going forward. the euro came into being in 2000. the greeks joined it a few years later. there were not the safeguards in
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place to if greece italy, spain, portugal were adhering to the budget guidelines. as a result, the greeks entered but never really took responsibility of maintaining the budget deficit at 3% of gdp. in fact they cooked the box for a good three or four years before the later governments came in power and the debt program came into being. what, happen it the greek could say, look we can afford $300 billion of debt. we need a debt reduction now. the northern europeans who have been financing the effort including germany could say no debt relief. we don't upon to cut the debt package. you either pay the debt or get out of the euro. i go back to this point that getting out of the euro would not be a great panacea for the greeks. some forget that before kay they into the you are, interest rates were understand -- the euro, the interest rates were hovering around 15%. some big decisions to come
11:19 pm
forward. if you have a crack in the dike this could happen. if the greeks decide to leave the euro, it bring the question of the euro in italy, spain, portugal. economies that have struggled for last five years. that's why the vote is important. father-in-law point here. i met alexis ptsipras a few years ago. i will describe him as charismatic but pragmatic. i don't think he's going to want to throw the greek over water and take a big risk. he'll try to come up with a any way solution going for. we don't know what it is yet. >> we'll be watching closely. you mentioned spain, italy, portugal, they are watching closely to where greece goes from here. john, many thanks to you, joining you live from abu dhabi. rosemary during barack obama's high-profile visit to india, he receive an unprecedented honor for a u.s. president, he was the chief guest at the annual republic day parade which celebrates the
11:20 pm
adoption of india's constitution. as you see, this parade is fill with marching bands, military hardware even dancing. mr. obama and prime minister mody have announce progress on trade and defense ties during their talks. michelle kaczynski now live with an update on this ongoing visit. michelle president obama and prime minister modi appear to have quite warm personal chemistry, evident on this trip. where did this come from exactly, and how if at all did it play into the defense and trade deals? >> reporter: right. much isn't being made in the indian press, bear hug as they're calling it as president obama arrived in india. the genuinely warm feeling that seems to exist there. they're talking about how prime minister modi broke with protocol and met president obama on the tarmac. you see these little symbolic gestures. of course symbolism isn't just a show. there's also something behind it.
11:21 pm
and this is extraordinary. we know that president obama has been wanting to have a closer relationship with india for some time. past administrations, too, in the u.s. have been trying to cement more cooperation in a number of areas. it's been slow going. over the years, india has been much more aligned especially militarily with russia. we saw this today during some of those festivities. a large number of russian-made planes going by. they also had some u.s.-made new additions to their fleet as part of it today. part of the show for president obama. we heard some of the indian commentators talking, too, about how the relationship of difficult in the past. and now having president obama as a chief guest, it's much more than symbolic. that is,a they're calling it a foreign policy statement. modi tops position himself as a reformer. as someone who is a major player on the world stage. he was calling the relationship
11:22 pm
between the u.s. and india a natural partnership. so that kind of language too, is very significant especially given what we've seen with past administrations in india. at times wanting to downplay the relationship with the u.s. as they built up other partnerships with russia with china. other trade partnerships that were seen as more significant. now the u.s./india relationship is seen as a big deal moving forward, moving india forward. they're looking at defense technology that they're going to be working on together. a large addition in trade and other areas that even though it may be in early stage now, nothing necessarily inked and signed on the line it looks like there is much more to come errol. >> i guess the key question is will that include yet another bro hug for local media to obsess over? joining us live from new delhi approaching 1:00 in the
11:23 pm
afternoon. thanks. our fareed zakaria will sit down with president obama while he's in new delhi to discuss a wide range of topics for our international viewers. you can see that exclusive interview at 11:00 a.m. tuesday in london not in in berlin. for those of you in the u.s., you'll see it at 6:00 a.m. eastern only on cnn. still to come on cnn, the race to save a man from isis. details on what japan is doing and how jordan could help.
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welcome back everyone. japan is racing to save its remaining citizen being health hostage by isis. >> the country's chief cabinet secretary says it's working with jordan now this isis apparently wants to swap kenji goto for a woman in a jordanian president. a new video shows goto showing a picture of a behead body. it's believed isis murdered the man after they refused to give in to the demand for $200 million. now live to tokyo and our will rip low for the latest on en's -- ripley for the latest on japan's force to free goto. how likely is it that jordan will consider releasing this terrorist that they're holding in exchange for kenji goto and why does isis specifically want this woman released?
11:27 pm
>> reporter: there's a high-profile terror arrest in jordan. she was involved in a arrest after an attack on 60 people. she was supposed to detonate a suicide bomb but it never went off. her brother of a top leader of al qaeda and iraq. group formed in 2004 and was rebranded as isis. she's an iraqi woman. some of the top leaders, many of the top leaders in isis are iraqi. so for their propaganda purposes it would be a major coup for them to get her released from print where she's facing execution since jordan reinstated the death penalty and getting her back in the foal. whether or not jordan would be willing to entertain such an exchange they are not commenting specifically other than to say that they've been working closely with japanese authorities, prime minister abe, and the king of jordan spoke over the weekend.
11:28 pm
remember jordan also has its own isis hostages including a pilot that they've been trying to get released. trying to work out a prisoner exchange in that case. we'll have to watch. all of this happening well under the radar, behind the scenes. no public details being released. >> of course. as it should be. now critics in japan will -- they are now pointing the finger at their prime minister shinzo abe, and blaming him for putting these two japanese citizens in harm's way. why is he being blamed? what's the back story to that? >> reporter: there's a chorus of criticism expected to intensify because the diet here the government is back in session. prime minister abe, one of his major agendas is what they're calling proactive pacifism. japan's military doesn't engage in combat operations but abe wants japan to be seen as a major global player. he went to the middle east and made this big announcement this japan is pledging $200 billion
11:29 pm
to help the coalition that fights isis. now that money was intended for humanitarian aid but he made a very big deal out of it. a televised, publicized announcement. then two days later, isis pulls out these two japanese hostages the japanese government was aware that isis of holding these captives. perhaps they didn't anticipate that in two days as retaliation isis would put their hostages on camera democrat their own ransom and now it's believed that one has been executed and another is in grave danger. some are questioning the prime minister's judgment. why he made a public announcement instead of offering the aid more quietly to countries can would have accepted it and been grateful either way. >> yeah. very difficult time for the country. and specifically for the family members of the hostage who still remains with isis. many thanks to will ripley with the latest from tokyo. still to come on cnn, questions swirl after a special prosecutor in argentina was found dead in his apartment. stay with us.
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welcome back to our volunteers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. want to update you on our top stories now. in the u.s., a powerful snowstorm is expected to slam much of the northeast on monday and tuesday. storm and blizzard warnings are in effect from northern new jersey to the canadian border. some areas could see up to a meter of snow. that's three feet or so. along with freezing rain and strong winds. barack obama is the first u.s. president to be honored as the chief guest at india's annual republic day parade. the of have has led to progress on nuclear trade and deeper
11:33 pm
defense ties. mr. obama travels to saudi arabia next to pay respects to the family of the late king abdullah. greek voters have spoken and the leftist syriza party will head greece's parliament. tell likely have to form a coalition after falling short of the number of seats needed for the outright majority win. party leader alexis tsipras has promised to end austerity measures raise the minimum wage and bring growth to greece. rosemary the greek results are making a lot of people in europe nervous. with more on the election, i'm joined by our journalist of sky-tv live in athens to talk about this. the key question is, you know this talk of renegotiating austerity, of it more of an emotional political pitch, or do you think this is something the syriza party can actually accomplish in the short term here? i mean, it's a tall order.
11:34 pm
>> reporter: i think it's very difficult to say at this stage whether they will be able to accomplish this. i'm quite certain they will attempt to. they will try to renegotiate, they will try is on set new ground rules. and they will also try persuade their own political audience that they're doing this. whether they will manage to implement a new agreement, a considerably radically different agreement from those that previous governments had, that remain to be seen i suppose. >> of course tsipras expected to become the new prime minister. naturally he's believed to move toward a more central stance, but he need to form a coalition. i guess what i'm trying to get to is how tall is the order ahead? >> alexis tsipras is forced to form a coalition government.
11:35 pm
he has two choices. he would have two choices. i think he's made his views clear. it's quite clear that he's going to try and form a coalition with the independent greeks. a strongly anti-austerity party. leaving the centrist river party to the side. this will be a rather negative signal to europe and the country's creditors. the party would have been more of a moderating force in a coalition government whereas the independent greeks force him or put pressure on him to move in rather radical positions and views views. it's a matter of hours before we know. except for a siri of independent greeks coalition. >> let's talk about the reaction in the wake of the results.
11:36 pm
the euro at one point dipped to an 11-year low again the dollar. what have you seen as far the key responses to this which will be telling in the days ahead? of course you've got the finance ministers of the eurozone meeting monday as well. >> i think that the result of the greek election has played a major role in that. i think that's common sense. syriza has adopted over the last few years some strongly radical views on the country's financial crisis and on the ways out of it. and this is -- i not that this is only expected that it should cause some nervousness in international markets. obviously they'll be watching the euro groups meeting tonight, today very closely. >> our journalist with sky-tv
11:37 pm
joining us from athens this morning. just past 9:30 there. thank you very much. it has been one week since an argentinian special prosecutor of found dead in his apartment with a bullet wound to the head. some officials say it was a suicide. other, including the country's president, disagree. his body of found hours before he was due to appear before congress. he was going to present evidence that the country's president covered up iran's involvement in the bombing of a jewish center. we have more. >> reporter: a wall crashes down. as rescuers scramble to find survivors after a car bomb ripped through the binjewish center. this man of in his bakery a block and a half away. "how could i not remember," he says. "i was right here. the blast blew through ander to
11:38 pm
off my roof." argentina's worst-ever terrorist attack hit the large jewish community hard. now the death of the man struggling to bring the perpetrators to justice has sharpened the pain. this is another bomb he says. the death of the prosecutor is another bomb for us. they keep throwing bomb at us. no one of ever convicted for the bombing. the new jewish center of built on the same spot with the names of the 85 victim written cross the front as constant reminders. ariel cohen shows some of the few remnants of original building. it's all that's left he says. now he's worried the investigation will die with neesman. neesman took over the sputtering investigation a decade ago. he has long accused duran of planning and financing the attack and said that hezbollah had carried it out. iran has denied it. about two weeks ago, he accused
11:39 pm
the president and will her foreign minister of trying to cover up for iran. the sudden death a new blow to argentina and the jewish community. "we're argentines children of argentines. all of argentina is afraid now." thousands of people protested in front of the jewish center last week democratic a thorough investigation. sophia gutermachine lost her only daughter in the blast. it lasted send days and seven nights she told us. then the morgue called. she says now they must fight for just for the man fighting for her daughter. shasta darlington cnn, buenos aires. >> one of the first joushlists to respect the allege -- journalists to report the alleged cover-up in the bombing has fled. >> he arrived sunday after
11:40 pm
telling cnn he was being follow by government agents and feared for his life. he was also one of the first to report neesman's death. 70 years ago the soviet army elizabeth liberate ed liberated liberated. >> one veteran of among the first soldier to reach the notorious iron gates. we must warn you, some of the images you're about to see are disturbing and graphic in nature. >> reporter: he witnessed some of worst carnage of the 20th century. and there's a chest full of medals to prove it. he's a veteran of stall grad and kursk, some of the bloodiest battles of the second world war. it's the memories of auschwitz, he tells me that continue to haunt him. >> translator: we didn't know what it was at first. we entered the gates and saw a
11:41 pm
railway track with lots of trollies. then we noticed the trollies were design to go straight into some ovens. we counted nine big ovens with cast-iron doors. >> reporter: he found the ovens used to incinerate body disposing of victims. the horror only dawned on him, he told me, when he and his comrades opened the doors of the storage buildings next door. >> translator: we opened one door and load of shoes fell on us. the whole building of filled with shoes. men's, women's, children's. we thought, oh my god. what do you think of in sacks -- people's hair. short, medium long packed in sacks. later we hear the hair to have stuff mattresses for german sailors serving on submarines. >> reporter: it is with immense pride that he along with many other red army veterans look back on their role as liberators
11:42 pm
of auschwitz. even 70 years since these atrocities were revealed it's pride mixed with pain at what the nazis did. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. ♪ there are still so many amazing examples of courage and strength from survivors. you can hear all their stories during our special "voices of auschwitz with wolf blitzer." for international viewers, that's tuesday at noon and 9:00 p.m. gmt. viewers in the united states can see it on tuesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. welcome back. at least 14 people were killed sunday during protests to mark the anniversary of the uprising in egypt. >> it's been four years since the arab spring. where do the demand of those who led the protest stan now? ian lee reports. >> reporter: hamid work the cairo suburbs trying to energize people around his run for parliament in march. his platform -- fulfilling the goals of egypt's revolution. when there is bread and freedom, social justice and human dignity will be achieved. for people it begins with bread, he says. hamid knows victory is a long shot for his new freedom and
11:46 pm
liberty party. money is tight. he believes their presence keeps egypt's politics open to everyone. a revolution happened in this country to hole people accountable, says -- to hold people accountable,s hamid. this man replies, the revolution didn't give us anything. his message is a hard sell. little has changed if the four years since the january uprecognizing. police -- uprising. police continue to use deadly heavy-handed tactic. sudden they killed an unarmed -- saturday they killed an unarmed peaceful protester in cairo. thousands have been killed and more arrested over the past four years. all the while, former president hosni mubarak who the revolution ousted and his sons have been cleared of charges leaving many demand of the revolution unresolved. egypt faces a laundry list of issues from security and housing to health care and unemployment. the government says though they understand the importance of delivering.
11:47 pm
minutes the minister of finance believes it begins with employment. >> the most important thing is to rebuild confidence in the egyptian economy to attract investments again because we believe very much that having a job is your first line of protection against poverty and hardship. >> reporter: the government also faces other problems. an islamist insurgency has killed hundreds of police officers and soldiers. almost daily attacks target security personnel. at hamid's party headquarters we learned their secret to bring about change. their strength is their youth. at 47 hamid is considered an old man. per several eastern, they believe -- perseverance, they believe, will eventually achieve the revolution's goals. cnn, cairo. experts have started restoring king tut's iconic burial mask after it was damaged in an accident. >> quite an accident. the braided beard of knocked off and then glued back on with
11:48 pm
epoxy that left it scratched and stain. the beard has been detached before and has likely loosened over the years. one official called it a small mistake that will be 100% corrected. >> small, huh? all right. it's being described as potentially an historic snowstorm for some of the largest cities in the u.s. a record-breaking blizzard forming this morning as it moves toward the northeast of the country. we wanting to to our meteorologist, pedram javaheri who has all the details on that. it's extraordinary what is being expected. >> for a city of 20 million people, officials in stork city have set aside 120,000 ton of salt. ahead of the system some 1,800 flights have been canceled across the united states. some 1,600 canceled preemptively to tuesday. these are delays if you were to get off the ground in the northeastern united states. a lot of regions up to two hours. the general theme more than two
11:49 pm
hours potentially, especially around boston into delays around portions of baltimore. freezing rain possible could be generally 60 to 90 minutes, as well. here the culprit. storm system drops out of canada off the eastern sea board. classic position for a near easter and the ingredients of at least 35 mile-per-hour winds. visibilities less than a quarter mile. also this continuing for a period of at least three straight hours. we'll issue the area around the eastern seaboard a blizzard warning. that is for nearly 30 million people including new york city and boston and stretches toward the eastern portion of maine. also areas of new hampshire, as well. this is where we expect continue to begin sometime machine night, continue on into tuesday afternoon, as well. some of the models the european model does a good job of giving you snow forecasting. and you see it puts about nine inches around philadelphia 22 inches around new york city. 24 to 25 inches from boston and points north ward. want to show the variety of models. it shows how challenging the forecast. the american model, the forecast
11:50 pm
for boston easily the most impressive. the european brings it up a little for new york city. keep it high for boston. another american model that really downplays it and then the national weather service, the authorities in these cities show you 30 inch potential for new york city and boston. this all we can tell you now, this will be a lot of snow beginning monday around philadelphia pushing northward. picking up in intensity by monday afternoon, evening, and culminating tuesday afternoon across the northern portion of the united states. so,as my personal financial psychic, i'm sure you know what this meeting is about. yes, a raise. i'm letting you go. i knew that. you see, this is my amerivest managed... balances. no. portfolio. and if doesn't perform well for two consecutive gold. quarters. quarters...yup. then amerivest gives me back their advisory... stocks. fees. fees. fees for those quarters. yeah. so, i'm confident i'm in good hands. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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you had the screen actors guild awards this weekend. one of the big winners at the 21st annual event is "birdman." >> it won the top prize for outstanding cast. for more on the awards we caught up with kim serafin, a senior editor for "in touch weekly." kim, thanks for joining us. let's look at all the other big winners and losers at the screen actors gill awards. of course all the highlights. >> yeah. it's certainly a big night at the s.a.g. awards. you have to look at this when you look at the best actor and actress cat divorce and supporting actor and actress. these are the actors that pick these. that is the largest voting block of the academy. this is always a good predictor of who wins an oscar. let's start with eddie redmain upon he won for best actor in
11:54 pm
"the theory of everything." this is interesting. he did win the golden globe. i talked to him after he won, he was in shock. of course michael keaton also won. i think everyone think this race has really been about michael keaton versus eddie redmain and possibly bradley cooper considering "american sniper's" success, eddie redmayne he transforms himself into steven hawking. it was incredible. an amazing thing to win tonight. >> best actress? >> julianne moore. and i think this make so much sense. this is for "still alice," where she plays a woman playing with early onset alzheimer's. a small film. for so many they think julianne moore is so overdue for an oscar. great that she won. i think it definitely sets her up to win the oscar. she was great. she is an actor's actor. i think this really puts her in a good position for the oscar. >> some of the other miles for the s.a.g. awards -- other highlights for the s.a.g. awards? sght supporting actor
11:55 pm
categories, this tells tau patricia arquette for "boyhood" and jailon for "whip lash" are locks. they've won golden globes. they've been on everyone's list this year long throughout awards season. if you look at them certainly look at them to win oscars. i think we can shut the door on the supporting actor categories in the oscars. it pretty much seals it. >> interesting. what about the producers guild award saturday? like the s.a.g. awards they often are a great predictor of the oscar. who were the big winners there? >> yeah the producers guild awards were saturday. if you look at the last seven years, the producers gilds have predict who'd wins for best film. this is interesting. a lot of people thought "boyhood" would be a lock. wasn't. it was "birdman." this throws the race into a completely different realm. "buryman" now look like a front-runner. it didn't win at the golden globes it was beat by "the
11:56 pm
grand budapest hotel." this has been a strange year. although producers guild does predict things. look for "birdplan" to take -- "birdman" to take the lead. there's still a month left to the oscars. lots of campaigning going. on thing could shift. "birdman" has the front-runner status after the producers guild awards. >> interesting stuff to see when the oscars come. many thanks as always. >> thank you very much. all right. european investors are getting their first chance to react to sunday's election results in greece. we will have that story and more after this. here at quicken loans, we like to go the extra mile for our clients. with the wassman family, it was 2,500 extra miles. we're the wassman family from skagway, alaska... livin' so far out i was runnin' into dead ends... happened to come across quicken loans online... walked over to the computer... i was able to see all the paperwork... while i was on the phone i was able to go through the checklist.
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voters in greeks make a bowl and historic statement elect -- bold and historic statement electing a radical left wing leader who promises to put an end to bailouts and the fallout across europe cowgirl massive. a minimum wage -- europe could be massive. india's republic day parade. a prankster somehow get to talk to british prime minister david cameron on the phone. now officials are taking a closer look at the security. and what could be the biggest thunderstorms ever seen in the northeastern u.s. will arrive in a matter of hours.