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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 27, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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away from high tide and coastal flooding. the wind gusts, we're talking hurricane strength wind gusts at times. it's a bad, bad situation for a lot of people in that part of the state. the story isn't just here in massachusetts. we have crews throughout the northeast. seven different states in states of emergency. this is huge. let me walk over and bring in our meteorologist jennifer gray. and the fire commissioner here joe finn. thank you very much. good to see both of you. we also have dana rosenguard who's with the american red cross. so let me begin, commissioner with you. so far you were saying, you know -- i don't even know what hour we're in and it's continuing -- no major fires, no major issues for your firefighters yet. >> we were very fortunate we haven't had a major incident so far in the last 24 hours. we're certainly staffed and adequately staffed to deal with any situation. the mayor was gracious. we sat and had a very defined
12:01 pm
operational plan. we have additional engine companies and companies throughout the city to reduce the response times. side streets, the dpw commissioner is working diligently. they're doing a great job staying ahead of this. we have some issues on some side streets. so we are taking it very seriously. we're working very hard. we're certainly ready for anything that comes our way. >> it was interesting. you were saying earlier because it is so cold the snow is so much lighter, there haven't been as many issues as far as downed power lines. it's not heavy enough to bring them down. dana let me bring you in. as you've been watching for people potentially stranded, tell me with the red cross what you all have been dealing with the challenges you've been facing in the city of boston. >> well this is as we say in boston a wicked big storm. and we have run or supported shelters in the region.
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i think 170 of them -- 170 people excuse me, in shelters. that's our first concern, for the people who can't stay in their homes and need some place safe and warm to be. >> i know one of the big concerns -- we were talking with someone who runs one of the big homeless centers and shelters. they are absolutely at max capacity from what we're hearing. and this could be jennifer gray record setting if the snow continues to fall into the evening, which it is. >> yeah we have about 20.8 inches right now. we only need about six and change to beat that record. it will be the number one worst storm here in boston. only about two inches shy of becoming the worst january snowstorm. so this will be in the record books in one way or another. and we still have several hours of snow left to go before this thing starts to taper off. at least through 9:00 maybe
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midnight. >> have you all -- have people for the most part, you know, really listened to the travel ban? you haven't had people heading out, any stranded cars? i know that has been an issue in years past. >> no everything has worked pretty well. the mayor declared an emergency parking ban, so most of the cars -- most of the people adhered to it so the plows have been able to get out and move the snow. we really haven't had anybody trapped. the citizens have been very cooperative. everyone gets that this is very serious. everyone is abiding by all the advice that's been given out. >> we'll go to scituate massachusetts, in a minute, guys. just tell me if our crew is ready. let me do that right now. stay with me because i want to talk to you about that. we have alexandra field in scituate massachusetts. tell me what you're seeing. the coastal flooding downed power lines. is it getting worse? >> yeah it's actually amazing. we've been out here a couple hours. the wind has picked up so much.
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the snow has picked up so much. when you look at all the water that's already out on these streets, what we're dealing with is just -- thr while you're looking at someone's backyard you're also looking at salt water that came in when this water breached the sea wall at high tide. it's really cold out here. you can see where this water is beginning to freeze. you've got ice and slush and chunks of debris that are floating through here. then you have all of these homeowners who know in just two hours we're expecting high tide here. that's when they could see some significant flooding yet again. the majority of this damage was done between 4:00 and 5:00 this morning when the high tide came in and it breached the sea wall. that sea wall is all the way at the end of that street down there. i don't even know how well you can see it right now because of the visibility. but if we look down at the street that we're standing on when we got here a few hours ago, this was just a ton of water covering a large part of this road here.
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you can see where that is icing over again. there are still people inside these houses brooke. we've seen people step out and look around. there are people who are telling us they're going to stay in here even with the high tide a couple hours away. on this side that's the harbor. you can see some of the snow and wind coming off the harbor. the really big concern is that water that comes over the sea wall at the beach, which is behind me. brooke i also want to point out the major issue of concern out here. a downed power line you can probably see it. that happened while we were out here. that's because these winds have been whipping up so much. we're talking about wind gusts around 30 miles per hour. parts of scituate they have turned off parts of the power because they want to prevent the situation from getting any worse. they don't want an issue where you have electrical fires and where you have firefighters who can't get to people. at the same time there are people still in their houses and some people on this road say they do still have power. when you see these downed power lines, you have to be really
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really careful about it. we're also seeing people who are still out on the roads. this is not the kind of thing that police want to see right now. we've seen the national guard out here. we have seen police in high-axle vehicles. they've had to help people. they've had to help to evacuate people. we've also seen a lot of cars that have come down this road and realize it's frankly impassable so they turn around. there are people though who have been going to the beach, made their way down the road. they've gone to the beach. they tell us they're seeing really big waves. we have to see what happens at 5:00 when that high tide comes through. that's what everyone is watching right now. >> that's the hour we're watching for, for so many of the hours. alexandra field, we'll stay in close contact with you. stay safe. that's obviously a potential fatal combination with the downed lines. thank goodness they thought ahead of time and cut the power off. with high tide at 5:00 what are
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we talking about in terms of waves and the flooding getting worse? >> absolutely. in the next couple hours, i was looking at a couple charts and they're forecasting possibly two feet above flood stage. then you have the winds coming in on top of that with the high seas and everything. we can expect more flooding. that's going to be the story until the tide relaxes. the flooding has stayed there, even during low tide. there was still flooding out the day because the high tide happened this morning. then it's been there all day. now the next high tide is coming in. so it's not going to get better any time soon with the breach of that sea wall. it's just adding insult to injury. >> jennifer gray thank you very much. commissioner i appreciate you. you have a big job. dana as well thank you so much. we're getting a heads up that the mayor of boston will be holding a news conference in half an hour from now. i'm sure he'll update some of those power outage numbers, snow totals et cetera here in
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boston. tom, you've been watching all of this. it's been incredible that the snow just has been falling and falling it and the whipping winds in all different directions. this could set the record here in boston. >> it could, absolutely. in fact about another eight or nine hours of snowfall. we only need -- i think we're at 20.8. we need to get just over 27. you just need about seven more inches. that'll break the all-time record. that can happen with eight additional hours. we're starting to see some dryness. that's good news. you get into western mass and parts of connecticut, we're in a bit of a dry slot. the center of the storm, believe it or not, has still been intensifying. up to just an hour ago, every hour it's been getting stronger. this machine is purring. and therefore, the winds will continue to be quite strong and gusty, but the problem is all the coastline that are facing to the northeast. this is why we call it a nor'easter. these winds are north-northeast. this is where we're seeing a lot of the flood problems.
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we've seen it not just in areas to the north, but to south too. boston for the most part when the storm is moving up the coast is protected here. of course by the peninsula. now that the winds are coming in this is where we're going to have a problem. again, as jennifer mentioned, it's 5:00 p.m. for the next high tide. right now our tides are four to five feet above average. toss in high tide and we're going to have an issue here. then you get a little bit more snowfall. this is where we're going to have issues as well. again, the heavier snow the more weight. the more weight the power lines most likely will go down. maybe some roof collapses. all the water that's been moved into the area once the winds shift, not all of the flood waters will move back out into the ocean. so any water that's remaining trapped in place along many of the communities will freeze as we get down to 14 degrees overnight. you can see the winds. now, that's not going to do anything to help dry this water up. that will become an ice sheet in
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many locations. windchill should get to 1 or 2 below zero tomorrow. here's the center of the storm lifting toward the north-northeast. with winds still this strong and the weight of the snow continuing to get heavy, i think we're going to have more problems. we call this heart attack snow. reason for that and you all know we've been reviewing this for every storm, one foot of snow on an average one-car driveway is kwif lent to moving two tons in weight. so the heart is already beating faster to keep the body warm. then you have issues like that. there it is. 20.8 in boston. quickly, the record for you, 27.6. not much farther to go. back to you. >> not much farther to go at all, especially as it continues to come down on us. tom, thank you so much. we keep throwing all these numbers and data and historic records at you, but you know what? none of that mattered for a little baby in nantucket. you know how that entire island doesn't have power? yeah that didn't matter. we have mom and baby standing
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welcome back. we're live here in boston. i'm brooke baldwin. one of the biggest stories so far in this massive nor'easter we've been covering is the island of nantucket. not too terribly far away from me where i am in boston. they have been and still continue to be off the grid. no power. so knowing that imagine being an expectant mother who in the middle of the night with a hospital running on a generator has a baby. that happened. they're calling this little baby
12:16 pm
boy a blizzard baby. i have mom with me, danielle smith, and the doctor who helped deliver this precious little baby boy. the baby's name is kaden keith moore. danielle congratulations. >> thank you. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. it's definitely a lot better here than at home with no power. >> is this baby number one for you? >> it is. >> wow. so can you just tell me the story of when you knew it was time and how you got to hospital and how you had little kaden. >> well i actually started having contractions before the storm hit nantucket, so i came to the hospital to check to make sure everything was okay. they said welt you're only
12:17 pm
about three centimeters right now, so you could go home grab your things and come back just to be safe. so that's what i did. we didn't expect anything to happen so soon but it just happened so quickly. >> so thank goodness those contractions came early. you were there already. doctor can you just tell me what was the situation like when the snow really started? at what point, you know, did that generator kick in and then at what point did you help deliver this baby? >> well yesterday we tried to prepare for the storm, so we called all our moms who were close to term to offer them boarding at the hospital just in case they didn't have vehicles that could get them through the blizzard in their time of need. so a couple of moms took us up on that. when danielle came in she was
12:18 pm
contracting slowly but with the weather being so bad we encouraged her to stay. she took us up on that. it was a good thing because all of the sudden labor really kicked in. we see that sometimes happen when the barometric pressure drops here on nantucket. and so a little after midnight i think it was, our power went out. so we're on generator for about four hours before danielle delivered. it's been nice and toasty warm here. we had a few lights. danielle is a superstar. she did this all naturally. >> woo! >> yeah. >> so doctor i hear you're mentioning how you gave the heads up to these different expectant mothers. in fact i heard you just came into the room to be on cnn with me after delivering another
12:19 pm
baby. >> exactly, yes. we just had another mom come in a couple of hours ago, and she moved along very quickly as well. and so now we have a little boy and a little girl here in our ob floor. but they're families. so we have a blizzard boy -- >> i'm not quite sure if i heard -- a blizzard boy and a blizzard girl. i can't see you. i wish i could so badly. i don't know if kaden's in the picture or not, but how's he doing, mom? >> he is in the picture. he's doing very well. he's such a good baby. he fusses but he just wants someone to talk to him or touch him for a second and he'll start smiling. >> he's a little shy. >> there he is. >> so cute. so great. i hear baby voices in my ear.
12:20 pm
that just made my heart smile. so danielle thank you so much and congratulations to you on your blizzard baby boy. you will have quite the story. and doctor, sounds like you may have other moms to be to attend to before this thing is over. so ladies thank you both very very much. i really appreciate it. >> okay. thank you so much. >> and with that jennifer gray is rejoining me because we talked so much about nantucket and how, you know, they don't have power. how long potentially could they go without it? >> who knows. it just depends when this thing starts to die down which should be tonight into tomorrow morning. then you have to worry about the flood waters that came in getting crews out to restore the power. hopefully it's only a day or two. it's cold. the temperatures are only supposed to get colder. >> how cold is it? >> it's very cold. the temperature is about 15 but it feels well below zero.
12:21 pm
about 2 below or 4 below. it will be colder as we approach this weekend. so hopefully they will get power very very soon. >> all right. thank you very much. i appreciate it. but we're not just in boston here. again, just a quick reminder we're waiting and watching for mayor marty walsh here in boston to give an update on the situation here in boston. we also have crews all around the northeast, including a crew in montauk. this is the far east tip of long island. flooding issues there. lots of snow still falling. you're watching cnn. we'll be right back. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪ ♪
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all right. we're coming in on some time-lapse video of just the snow accumulations over the course of hours there with the statue of liberty. let me tell you, that is new york. this is boston. it is cold and getting colder. just take my word for it. the wind has been whipping. the snow continues to fall. this could be record setting. we will hear any minute now from the mayor here of boston, mayor marty walsh, on any updates as far as power outages. just talking to the fire commissioner here in boston, power outages haven't been that big of an issue because the snow is so light. because it's so cold it's such a light snow that it hasn't so far really brought down too many power lines. we're watching and waiting for the mayor of boston. we're also watching some of the flooding situations along the south shore into the cape
12:27 pm
nantucket. we just talked to a new mom. no power there. a sea wall has collapsed in scituate massachusetts. we have crews there. huge issues there being flooding and the rising of the tides. watching for that in just about two hours. we'll take you to scituate coastal massachusetts. but new york definitely feeling some of the brunt of this especially when you head all the way down in long island, all the way out to that eastern tip of montauk. that is where ana cabrera is. she was up very late last night riding this out. she's back with us this afternoon. ana, what does it look like right now? >> well strangely, the weather seems to be deteriorating a little bit from what we saw earlier today. a little more reminiscent of what i experienced in the midnight hours. we're here along the beach. we were watching the coastal flooding possibilities. that seems to have passed for now, that threat. high tide here was a couple of hours ago. not exactly a day that you want
12:28 pm
to walk along the beach. we're still seeing the pounding snow wind gusts in the 20-mile-per-hour -- steady that is around 20 miles per hour but gusts around 30. there are people who are taking advantage of those winds and the higher water and big waves. in fact we talked to a gentleman who is a surf photographer and was expecting a big group of surfers to go out in this kind of weather this afternoon where they were recording the heights at 16 feet. i want you to look at the interview we did this gentleman, who's a real surf enthusiast. >> well we're really hoping the winds will switch around a little bit and maybe for the snow to die down just a bit. swell is about 16 feet at ten seconds, which is a good thing. >> yeah i mean do you think we'll seizurer ifs out here?
12:29 pm
>> potentially. i know my boys are pretty much suited up and ready to go. >> are you planning to surf too? >> i'm planning on swimming out there. going to take some photos. >> most people would call you crazy. >> most people do call me crazy. >> we had a little bit of fun. since that interview, james texted us to say we're getting in the water. we couldn't get video of that but he promised to send us some of his footage. if we get that we'll turn it for you so you can see those people out in this kind of weather. dangerous for those who clearly aren't the professionals to be out in the current, the continuing snowfall. it's still a somewhat dangerous situation, especially for people out on the roads. but the good news here no devastation so far in montauk or most of long island. >> i tell you, i sit and listen
12:30 pm
to that i'm shaking my head. i don't know how many wet suits that would take to get into that frigid frigid water. there's no amount of money you could pay me to do that. but i'll take his word for it. you can share some of those pictures if he does brave it. ana cabrera, thank you so much. so from ana in montauk to rosa flores in new london connecticut. rosa, how much snow are you seeing where you are? >> you know brooke connecticut has a lot of work ahead of it. take a look around. you'll see that there's a lot of snow. some communities here officials telling me they received up to 24 inches plus of snow. so you can see that the roads are being plowed. these are the main arteries in this town in new london connecticut. some of the smaller streets, they haven't gotten to those because they need to make sure they get these main arteries first. as a matter of fact you see some plows working right now. these are two of them working in this particular street because of that.
12:31 pm
mayor tells us that two things worked in their favor. first of all, the winds were low enough to allow these plows to work overnight, which was key. he told me look rosa if these roads are not passable then we're in big trouble because of emergencies, brooke because people wouldn't be able to get to the hospital for example. the other thing that worked in their favor was that yes, the snow kept coming down but they were able to continue to plow all afternoon. i'm going to get out of the way here. we have some vehicles coming through. but brooke the other thing i wanted to mention was i just got off the phone with state police. the other good news is people heeded the warning. they stayed home. they had about 15 accidents they responded throughout the state. but he said these were actually doctors, ems personnel that were supposed to be out on the roads, even with the travel ban.
12:32 pm
because they get an excuse. they're going to a hospital so they can make sure that those emergency rooms are staffed. so that's the good news. the other good news brooke is i want you to look at this. this is powder. powder snow. that is the other good news. people here were expecting that thick snow that's heavy, that pulls power lines, that pulls and breaks branches. that didn't happen. that's the good news. we count our breszlessings in situations like this brooke. >> yeah we have the exact same kind of snow here in boston. that is a wonderful thing when it comes to potential power outages and all those lines and the tree limbs. rosa thank you so much. bundle up in new london connecticut. when we come back one of the huge huge stories we've been watching is the coastal flooding along coastal massachusetts. the south shore and in scituate. we have had a crew en route for the last couple hours. coming up we should be able to see live for the very first
12:33 pm
time. the sea wall has collapsed. we are just a couple hours away from high tide which will only make the flooding worse. we will take you there live. also watching for mayor marty walsh here to speak any minute now in boston. it is coming down. 20 inches here and counting. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back.
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accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. all right. let's take a listen to the mayor of boston talking about the snowfall until at least 1:00 a.m. he's saying. >> tomorrow city hall will be closed for anyone except for emergency personnel. part of that reason is to keep
12:38 pm
the roads clear as we go out and continue to battle the storm. in other words, we're still very much in the middle of this storm here in the city of boston. safety concerns remain a very serious concern of all of ours. it's not easy to stay ahead of a storm this size but we've been able to use all the city resources and workers to try to do the best we can. our emergency operations center remains open and will continue to do so through the recovery. we have out in the street right now 700 plows and pieces of equipment out there actively clearing major arteries and secondary roads. we're using snow farms. i ask all the residents of boston to be patient with us as we get out there. this morning we were ahead of the storm pretty well. around 11:00 when the storm picked up our roads got hammered again. so we're asking you to be patient with us. we will get to your roads. the next stage that we're working on is snow removal. we're working in our priority
12:39 pm
areas and around schools and looking at the possibility of closing our schools on thursday depending how progress goes through the night tonight and into tomorrow. as of 3:00 today, the mayor's hot line as received 1,328 phone calls. we have 100% answering of those phone calls with an under 30-second average. if you have any questions regarding snow or any questions regarding what's going on in your neighborhoods, please call 617-635-4500. also i'm joined today by the fire commissioner and police commissioner. we've continued to keep additional personnel and police fire, and ems to make sure we can handle any calls that come into the city of boston so we can make sure anybody that needs help will be able to get the help. the boston public health commission has reported our shelter facilities were able to remain at an adequate capacity for demands. our outreach teams continue to
12:40 pm
identify individuals in need of shelter. i know police fire and ems have also picked up homeless folks and brought them into shelter to make sure they're safe. if anyone sees anyone out there, please call 911 so we can go out and get them. the storm is still going on and it's not over. some of our emergency services are also still remaining very active. but with everyone's cooperation to meet this ongoing challenge, it's not the time for anyone to relax or be complacent. we're not doing that here in the city of boston. people should not drive. if they're not emergency personnel or have an emergency circumstance. so i'm asking you to not drive your car. some of our streets still aren't plowed as people are going down i saw myself going through the city today. some people trapped in the middle of the street because their car couldn't pass it. people should be careful and should not be walking on the streets unless for emergency reasons. we've had reports from snowplow drivers that have had close calls with pedestrians walking in the streets. people wearing hats and headphones and not paying attention to what the
12:41 pm
circumstances are around you. you need to pay attention when you're out in the streets. we've seen a lot of people walking on main arteries and skiing. be very very careful. a plow can't stop. you're talking about on snow with ice. be very careful when you're out there. i'm also asking people not to shovel snow into the street. we've had circumstances where we've had plows go down streets and then we have had people shofling the snow into the street. i know it's difficult. there's not many places to shovel the snow. i'm asking you not to put snow back on street. that's going to cause a problem for us both a public safety problem, and also an issue with us trying to get plows around the city of boston and resources in other neighborhoods. we're also asking you as you're out there shoveling, please do not forget to shovel your hydrants. if you have a hydrant in front of your house, shovel it out, help us out. in the case of a fire, that could save a couple minutes. also if you have an elderly neighbor or someone that's house bound that lives next door to you, we're asking you also not
12:42 pm
to forget them and to help them with a pathway in front of their house as well. the city of boston has issued 26 violations for private plows pushing snow from the driveway into the streets, and we're going to continue to do that. if you have a plow company that comes in, as they're clearing your driveway that doesn't mean they can take your snow and put it on the streets. that's causing a safety issue as well. we're going to be out there watching for that. people should make sure also to continue to clear the snow from exhaust pipes and heating vents in the case of drier ventilations. make sure you shovel out of that and also around your cars. clean the exhaust around your cars. we've had one person being treated it right now for carbon monoxide in the city of boston. we've had no fatalities -- >> we're going to pull away from that. you've been listening to the boston city mayor marty walsh. a couple of the headlines that jumped out at me they may have schools shut down here in boston through thursday. he said at the top, we're still in it. the snow is still falling. it is 20 or so inches of
12:43 pm
snowfall so far. he said the snow could continue until 1:00 in the morning. so again, just quick perspective. the last and biggest snowstorm in terms of snow totals was 2003. this could eclipse it. when we come back one of the big, big stories we're watching for you is all the coastal flooding not too terribly far from where i am in boston. we'll take you to the south shore. we'll talk to a state representative. there are huge huge fears. flooding. what about the downed power lines? what about the whipping winds and all the people who could be stuck? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:44 pm
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this storm very much in
12:48 pm
effect still for parts of new england, especially massachusetts. there are rescue teams forced to evacuate people from homes in coastal massachusetts after a nearby sea wall crumbled. we're still awaiting high tide here in about an hour and change. joining me now on the phone, we have jim cantwell a massachusetts state representative representing that area. he is there. first, we're going to bring in brian todd. he's on his way to marshfield. tell us about this brian. we know a sea wall has crumbled. there have been buildings damaged, and there are certainly others being evaluated at this time. >> that's right, brianna. and mr. cantwell is one of the people who has been kind enough to give us the information. he says they did have a sea wall breach this morning. officials there telling us that it was between 40 and 100 feet in length the breach of the sea wall. several homes received structural damage. possibly at least nine homes
12:49 pm
receiving structural damage there and significant flooding in the town of mansfield because of this breach. several people had to be evacuated from their homes. the fire department apparently had a hand in that along with the national guard. as we make our way there, just so you can see a quick picture of what we're going through, we're not too far from marshfield. but it's sloging through here on the roads of massachusetts. we're on an interstate heading toward marshfield. we'll switch out the front camera of our vehicle. it's almost a white-out situation here for us as we try to make our way along interstates here in massachusetts. so in marshfield as the people there try to recover, try to get people safely out of these homes that are threatened this is also what they're dealing with these really tough snow and wind conditions in the town of marshfield and elsewhere, brianna. >> yeah and you can see the blowing snow as you guys are there on the road. really with no one in sight other than yourselves. all right, brian todd thanks so much. stay with us. i want to bring in now represent rif jim cantwell who represents
12:50 pm
marshfield. representative you also represent the area of scituate as well where we've seen flooding. is that right? >> that's correct. i live two towns south of boston where we typically -- we're kind of the tip of the spear for storms. almost every time if there's a blizzard or a nor'easter. as you correctly heard brian reporting, we have a breach of sea wall in the bay area of marshfield. these sea walls, is really is a canary in a coal mine for the issue of coastal infrastructure. in these sea walls go we see some devastating property damage and the concern of any loss of life. right now when we make it down with brian, we can show him already 11 homes that have been damaged. two of them moved off their foundations. it was not that long ago, just three years ago, we had a similar breach in scituate where the water rushed in and it comes
12:51 pm
so quickly. you've already correctly reported that between 4:00 and 5:00 we have high tide again. what happened three years ago in scituate is the water came in so rapidly that it was able to come in and hit the electrical panel of two homes that burned to the ground. our fire professionals were there, fire chief john murphy who's doing a great job in scituate was saying they want to avoid those types of situations because you could not no if you have live wires by you. >> i understand they've shut down electricity there on five streets in scituate. yet, we're seeing power lines coming down on a street where we know that they have power. so what are the precautions being taken at this point to make sure that just doesn't turn into disaster? >> it's always a difficult thing because you can have people -- if people have generators for their homes and a power line comes home you have the reverse
12:52 pm
effect. power is coming to a line from a generator. we're always stressing to people if you see any line down presume it's live and call it in and we'll give you -- i can read to you the phone numbers. throughout the northeast, if a line is down presume it's live and call 911 if you don't have the number for your utility. we have the added worries here. we have a great deal of water coming in. clearly for folks that are risking electrocution, we're telling folks to stay indoors. governor baker has already issued since last night at midnight a travel ban, which is why brian is making it along his way without much traffic. we also when these things happen have people that want to come for sightseeing and see the damage. we need people to stay away. >> yeah stay away. very good advice. we will let you go and link up with brian todd. we'll bring some pictures in there so we can see what's going
12:53 pm
on there in marshfield. thank you so much, representative ca inntwell. this hour you see things in massachusetts there, especially in the coastal areas, really tough going, especially as we await high tide. but in new york things are slowly starting to get back to normal. laguardia airport, at least in new york city i should say, you have laguardia airport that's getting back on track. the first flight left just minutes ago, bound for sunny ft. lauderdale florida. i bet those folks are so happy to be on that flight. cnn's renee marsh joining me now from laguardia airport. what's the latest there tthere, renee? >> there's still thousands and thousands of cancellations today, more than yesterday. as you highlighted, we are starting to see signs life is coming back to airports. when you look around it doesn't look like much is going on but you just mentioned that first flight spirit flight heading to ft. lauderdale scheduled to take off just a few minutes ago.
12:54 pm
we are hearing from many of the major carriers. they are saying they will slowly be resuming operations at jfk as well as newark airport. they have limited operations. we also know by wednesday they're hoping to really get back up to regular operations. of course we'll have to wait and see, brianna. >> all right. renee marsh at laguardia. thank you so much. more special coverage of a quick break.
12:55 pm
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president obama today paid his respects to the family of the late saudi king abdullah. before he arrived, mr. obama speak spoke with fareed zakaria and talked about saudi arabia and why the u.s. keeps close ties with the saudis given their poor human rights record, despite the blogger who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes. >> when you speak about the blogger, well -- >> i think on this visit a lot of this is just paying respects to king abdullah who, in his own fashion represented some modest reform efforts within the kingdom. but we have maintained a sustained dialogue with the saudis and with all the other countries that we work with you
12:59 pm
know. what i've found effective is to apply steady consistent pressure even as we are getting business done that needs to get done, and often times that makes some of our allies uncomfortable. it makes them frustrated. sometimes we have to balance our need to speak to them about human rights issues with immediate concerns that we have in terms of countering terrorism or dealing with regional stability. but the prim line is one that i will sustain throughout the rest of my presidency and that is to make an argument to the friends and allies of ours that if they warrant a society that is going to be able to sustain itself in this age, then they're going to have to change how they do business. >> you can watch fareed's full interview sunday morning at 10:00 eastern.
1:00 pm
that does it for me here in new york and for brooke baldwin in boston. "the lead" starts live from new york with jake tapper. women come to "ed lead." i'm jake tapper. i'm live just across from central park. the blizzard of 2015 may not have been as bad here as predicted, but farther north and east it is still going strong. officials in new england are very concerned. high tide is just minutes away. floodwaters are rising. storm emergencies are in effect and millions of people are delling with a real disaster. long island got more snow than noishg city close to 30 inches but new england is ground zero and it's not